The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 3, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 3, 1936
Page 3
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 3; 1930 El! FULL New Square Silhouellc Also Popular Wilh Sports Designers By Kosirrn; HAKCKOVK XKA Service luff Curresixmilent PARIS.—The new .sport ensembles are decidedly gny ""'-I comfortable. The up-to-the-minute silhouette is square. No question of streamlining here. Topcoats, usually (hree-cmaiters or ssven- clglitlis In length, are inclined lo be excessively full, swinging out about the figure (torn n yoke task nnd front, giving a broad-tis-long filed thai is emphasized by lo-.i 1 . or hcfl-lcis shoes and boots, Often couts arc shown over H tivo-piecc suit with ths jacket hip-length, seiui-fUted and fastening ratlwr high U> carry out 111? new raised waistline effect. Skirts are .straight and slim, with kick- pleats at the front, back, or both for greater walking comfort. Cnlottc skhts are seen rarely— probably because they have become altogether too popular. The few noted in the collections are more like wrap-over skirls, In tiny case, they are confined to the active sports type of suit for shooting. golf or bicycling and will not be - ^cen etscu'berc. 1'loats Are "In" A°ain The all-around pleated skirt Is making a bid for favor. Molyncuy uses a good deal of pleating and ft new form of creasing in the all- around effect or only at tils back of the skirt, A charming red and navy pleated tartan skirt has a snug fitted jacket of navy blue. Another attractive ensemble shows a seven-eighths topcoat, swinging from the shoulders hut moderately wide, over a pleated skirt of browii, beige and brick cr.eckd wool fabric. This I 5 lopped by a jumper blouse of fine brown jersey. A scarf of the same fabric as the skirt and a brown felt hat trimmed with brick- colored grosgraln complete an ensemble suitable for a morning in town as well as country wear. Lucien Lelong favors monotone two-piece suits under topcoats of bold check or tartan tweed. A medium-weight rust brown suit w ith slim skirt, a double-breasted, belted jacket with white pique collar and revers and the new cutaway front goes with a comfortable brown and beige knee-length coat with stand-up collar. Chanel often combines Jersey with plain fabric for a dress and coat ensemble suitable , for the country and traveling. For the coat, •lie favors n heavy lainage, something like the, pilot cloth used for men's Qvcrto'afs. ( for Fullness The Woman' who can afford to wear extremes of fashin nwill find AHx's collection exactly suited to lier taste. She has a spsrts ensemble composed of a seven-eighths coat of a huge navy and white check over a navy blue jersey dress. The coat has two immense godeU back and front and the dress has a. great deal of the fullness massed nt the front. With this are worn heel-less, Robin Hood suede boots in navy blue, and a wide-brimmed "bravado" felt. Roert Piguet also has striking color combinations to offer in his spectator sports clothes. A long, flared topcoat of navy blue plot cloth is lined with Eu-uscnn red lainage. This is worn over a. dress, the front of which is iravy and the entire back Etruscan red, with the side seams i;icc<l In vivid green wool from underarm to hem. A navy hat, trimmed with the red. and red gloves complete this unusual outfit. Coals Vary in Length Pigttct favors bold checks and tartans for simple dresses worn under long or tlirce-quarters rcdin- golc coals. Blackberry and a <Iser> bishop's purple, dark green, rust, rat-an< a new range of browns arc the newest colors for sports clothes. Dark grey and burned colfee—Vcra Korea's color for the coming season—arc also good, and vivid tweeds in checks, tartans or Hecketl designs are the latest for topcoats. A few have touches of fur al thi collar, but the majority are madj with necklines buttoning clos= to Ihs front or lapels that can" be ^>slcncd ncro-s the front for projection. •Scarfs arc still seen, but, as nearly all blouses have high necklines, BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ER3KINE JOHNSON-GEORGE SCARBO Stop Chls and Fever? Rid Your System of Malaria! Shivering with chills CUD moment an J Inirning with f cv cr the next—trial's (ms of Ihc cffccU of Jlabria. Unless checked, .Ihc disMEC will do serious harm lo your fcc.iltli. Malaria, a Wood inicclion, c.ilLi lor two things. First, destroying the infection in Ihc Hood. Second, l/jHdii'" tip the btoocl lo overcome Ihc effects of Ihc tliic.isc and to forli!y against further nllack. Grove's TaMclcss Chill Tonic supplies' l>r>th Ihc-c (ficcts. Jt contains taslclcs3 ^luininf, which kills llic infeclion in Ihc J'loorJ, and iron, which enriches ami «i«ltb u|> Ihc blood. Chills .intl /ever soon stop and you .ire restored lo heallli »n<l cnmforl. For lialf a cmliiry, Grove's Jasleless Cliill Tonic has hrcn sure relief 'Of Malaria. It ; s j us [ as useful, loo, as a general Ionic for old and young. P!ea=ant i?v. rf-M 11 ' 1 "Solely harmless. Safe lo snc children. Get .1 bolllc al any drug li S, ^ . Uvo ^«s-50c iinil 51. The e cpntairo * Film Family's - v — Busiest Star .All seven children of Sidney Johnson, Hollywood auditor are in demand in 1| lc movies! But llic busiest of all is 13- year-old Carmenciia, above who already | );ls nppeared iri 4J idles, arid now cams' $150 a week. Steclc-Cooter Society — Personal guests of Nulntin Jones and family. Mrs. A. J. GuUirlc has returned to-her home in Lake City, Ark., after a visit wllli her daughter, Mrs. fluih lAwhon. and at Poplar i lilurr with « sou, clmrlc's Outlirlc I mid family. I Prof mid Mrs, c. E. Miller were called to SI. Ixmis Tuesday morning by the serious illness of their brother-in-law, Mr. Juiimr. at u hospital, in Unit city. Mrs. Jnnmr, who Is n sister of Mrs, Miller, has been a lr«iitcnt visitor here. Mrs. Ralph llutchlnson of Ca- ruthcrsvllle and Mrs, J.<w. lieno of steele were visiting Mrs. T. S. Cooper at her homo hi Cooler Monday, Mrs. Cooper'who was returned from His Memphis Methodist hospital last Friday, is aboul tire fame. Mrs. nuy Jones and small brother. Paul urown. are sick with ma- Uiriti at the horn? of the former lu Cooler. Miss Rubyo Ashley led over the week-end lo spend several weeks with her parents at Swift. Ark. 1'aul Eugene Mllbrcdt returned lo his home in Joiner over tlie week-end after several weeks visit here as guest of III* motlier, Mrs. L. C. Spencer. The little son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Wyatt Wallace of the Crockett community (., suffering with nn eye that he stuck a stick into Sunday night. The stick went Into the corner of hU eye mid n pliyslclun had to be called to remove It. It is.not believed Hint lhi> child will lose Ills eyesight. Mr. !inu Mrs. lloy Patrick of l/juisiaim nrc visiting Mrs. Nancy Patrick of Cooler this week. Mrs. Ladd of Ctnrksdnle, MLis., Is the eiirat of her son. Qeorge Ladd and family. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Russell of Dyersburg, Tcmi., and Mrs. Emma Hunter of Cottouwood were visitors liere the first of this week Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Urlggancc, Mrs. Ida Burns and Glenn White were visitors at Hornersville Sunday. '" PAGE .THREE their role is one of adornment rather liian necessity. Molyiienx finishes on the necklines of many of his suorls <iress?s vcilh thick wool robes complete with tnssel. • Road Courier News Want Ads. There were 10 members present nt the regular meeting of the Wo- innil's Missionary sociiy when they met at the Methodist church Monday afternoon for a regular bus! ness meeting. Among the Uilngs that were done was plans made for the society to serve the Oom- mrclul club bnnqticl Tuesday night. Mr. anrt Mrs. Vcrnon Casey have returned to their Jiome in Memphis after a visit here with Mrs. K Casey and daughter, Miss Vallie. Littie Mary Ann Tucker, small (laughter of Mr. rmci Mrs. Cleo 'Hicker, who has been seriously ill, is very much improved. Mr. and Mrs. b. E. Cooper and son. L. E. jr.,, arrived home Monday night after a week's visit al Hot Springs, Memphis and Eleven Point. Mr. and Mrs. John German. w ho' liaye beenjvlslUng relatives at Kansas City, art expected home today and are to be accompanied home by Mrs. H. V.'Wilson of that city who will be their guest for several days. Mr. and Mrs. L. Barger, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. McCann and sons, Charles and Ray, and Virgil Hale arrived home this Wednesday after spending several days at -West Plains on business. Lonuic Jordan spent last weekend in points of Tennessee with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Jim McClure arc moving to Denton where Mr. McClure is to be employed in his son's store. Their home in Cooter is to oe occupied by Mr. and Mrs Archie Edwards. Mr. and Mrs. N. Johnson spent Sunday at Dyersburg, Tenn., as From the ponlu of North Sweden, the sun ctin be seen continuously for six weeks. IN THE CHANCEKY COURT FOR I THE CIHCKASAWDA DISTRICT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. The Georgia State, Savings Association of Savaminli. a corporation, and Henry ulim, Trustee, plain- vs. No. 6228 W. H. Stovall, Administrator et al Defendants. ' WARNING ORDER The defendant, Mis. Homer Burns, is warned to appear in the Chancery Court within thirty days and answer th e complaint of the above plaintiffs. Witness my hand as Clerk of said Court and the seal thereof on this the 12th day of August, 1930. H. M. CRAIG. Clerk : • ; ' " By A. P. Smith,- D.,C.-~ 13-20-27-D-3 WAIININC OKDKIt IN THE CHANCERY COURT CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI' COUNTY AR. KANSAS.. • ' [ Albert- Jolley, Plaintiff, • . ' • vs - No. 0253 Klsle .Marie Jolley, Defendant The'defendant,'.Elsie Marie Jol- Icy, is warned to appear within thlrlv days In the court named in • the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plain- lilf, Albert Jolley. Dated this 27th day of August, H. M. CHAIG, Clerk, -By A. F. Smith, D. C. J. Graham Sudbury, Atty.' Ad IJtem. VOTE FOR WINDSOR ON THIS PLATFORM! .Windsor iatlsfifl die public*! taite and r*. sp«cts the public's purse. That ii why tcxtiy,! it u * leading cindtdatc for the post of "America's finest low-priced whlskty value !' 4 NVin with Windsor! Buy K bottle today! You're bound to like it t ' WINDSOR 93 PROOF-STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKIY NAT,o N Ar. ^QDUCTS CO.PQ^T,^ SMOOTHEST WHISKEY AT THE PRICE! KROGEfc MGGLY WIGGLY STO RE S S •, Juicv -K''. Illit), ily. "ill.' Mi'il, Do/. FRESH BREAD Lemons HXKMMHHSOH^HM Lettuce Bananas Country Club Large Loaf 2 for 15c les LIMES Yc'llim- I'Y Do/.i 1 n While Ponnil ••Mi '¥ O'/.Cn i) Oranges 288s, Air/. \!V t .'Mis, Ooze11 Potatoes Fancy Hod Triiiinpiis Pound Cabbage New (il'OCII Pound Cauliflower 12!c 97° L( . Life. 2'/ 2 Ctin 19 l CRACKERS 2 .,.,. ,„„ 15" C01{NOTIiF A ™: r 17' : v ire Can lu C. C. I'iincake 1TC . 2 Pkjjs. U TOMATOES Kr t, 12 DOG FOOD L ? f o r 15 c SUGAR Pure Cane 10 I As. COliNED '!gJ r ! A g' If VINEGAR Hulk •-ir( Gallon It) Stuffed OC Ijirc Jar utJ French, Lli. . . 20c C. 0., IJi 2, r ic Jewel,' LI). .. I7c Jewel, :j 1,1). . . ,19,. •MM Angel Fowl CAKE "•II-BC i;t K KK Pineapple Avondalc Lire. zy z Can Tomatoes Mackerel Lard "CATSUP I.He. 2|/ 2 Can Kadi No. I TuII din 2 Kw liiinilio, S-Lh. C.'irlon Hiinikii, .|-[,li. Cili-foii Hilo, 8-1,1). Cln. !lf>c; 'i-lli ti Vi Mi. SALMON Chum Tall Can Ifj ID PORK * HEANS Can Avomlale I'ondale IOC 1-arjro Can \L ONIONS L,,, CRACKER JACK L 10° c. c. lintllc AnnrC BROOMS Special Each PICKLES. S(>ur " r oS 15° MATCHES ,H,,.,10 C P. & G. Giant Size 3 for lie Litllf King M-L1). Sack .. 82c 18-1,1). Sui'k 5L60 SPAGHETTI^-' TOMATO • IU T^ MOPS Kach 10° K SPREAD Q , Jnr 25 c Domino 25-11). BEEFROASTc.Qrib.l9cc^lb. 15c LAMB Hind - ttmrter Ib. 17Jc Fore " arter Ib. lie Bacon Slicctf Sugar Curcil Pound Ground Beef, fresh. Ib. 15c Liver Cheese, pound - 25c Snow \\ ! lii(c Cnnipnuiul Pifi>ic Hickorv Sinewed S lo 10 1,1). Av. Pound Beef M63KS Knuiul or I.oin Pound CATFISH, LI) 25c SPANISH MACKEREL, Ll>. 17'/-c DIvKSSEI) HUFFALO, Llj I5c Weiners and Franks, Ib. W/ 2 c Butter, C.C. Roll. Ib "l)c Salt Meat Strcak- O-Lean Pound COTTAGE CHEESE •Bulk, Ib'12%c GlassIflc

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