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The Jasper Weekly Courier from Jasper, Indiana • 4

Jasper, Indiana
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JASPER COURIER Thousands Hare Kidney Trouble and Don't Know it. Neptune Sa For Constipation, Liver and Bowel Troubles ATKIl THE TOWN SOtOHS MEET. Mr. Fraak Joseph is Re-elected School Trustee for Three years. How To Find Out.

Fill a bottle or common glass with your water and let it stand twenty-four hours; a lily White Sulphur For Liver. Kidney, and S.omach Trou. sediment or seS tling indicates an SUVA r-rk4 Leo Spayd is Elected Trustee to Fill the Vacaacy Caused hy Ph. Quckes' Resignation, aunneaitny conai- tion of the kid jvsper, nrvois oountt, Indiana neys: it stains 1 your linen it Is evidence of kid-Bat trouble too Fourth. Fifth and Ninth Streets Ordered Graded.

BEX ED 1H Manuring Editor. ARCH c. kOank Aaaoelat Kdtaor, f'KASK L. Stws Editor. frequent desire to pass It or pain in the back is also met The Board of Trustees last Mondav night.

Product of the Famous WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS Crawford county, Indiana, sold by HERMAN H. CASTRUP, Agent, Who has a large supply on han 1 convincing proof that the kidneys and blad- BataraoailBa Poatofflea at Juptr ledum. fw taiMieo through tat Bail aa aacostf cla matur, Reports Of Various committees der are out of order. were received and approved FRIDAY. JUNE L6, 19 15.

The engineers report on 4th, 5th and 9th streets was received and accepted. See adv in another column. On motion Mr. Leo Spayd was unanimously elected as trustee of new, or 1 through If 70a hav any iria want any printing. t'U ni the Courier Pbone.

13-S. For SPUING and SUMMER. 'The TT has orHpwl rhp tne za ward to till the vacancy What to Do. There Is comfort In the knowledge so often expressed, that D. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills every wish in curing rheumatism, pain In the back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every part of the urinary passage.

It corrects Inability to hold water and scalding pain in passing It, or bad effects following use of liquor, wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant necessity of being compelled to go often during the day, and to get up many times during the night. The mild and the extraordinary effect of Swamp-Root Is soon realized. It stands the highest for its wonderful cures of the most distressing cases. If you need a medicine you should have the best. Sold by druggists in 50c.

sues. You may have a sample bottle of this 3 Russian vessels in the harbor! paused by the resignation of Mr Pfh A. Guckes last month. of Manila to leave or else tie up. We guess they'll tie up and Russia will have at least three cru-siers after the war is over.

Men' jsaJ Scncb Uallorefc Clotbes wonderful discovery and a book that tells more about it, both sent absolutely free by mail. atafTakahira-boom-de-aye, the Jap Representative at Washington, D. C. is busily engaged these days instructing President Roosevelt in regard to Japan's peace terms, but he has a hard job because the Japs havn't decided just what terms will be Mr. Frank Joseph was elected school trustee for 3 years, to sue ceed himself.

The following allowances were made: Trustees salary. $10.00 Vonderschmidt, marshal, 40.00 A. J. Berger, treasurer, 14.00 J. H.

Judy, clerk, 6.67 H. Berger. civil 17.55 Joseph Roelle. as'st eng. 4.50 Joseph Hoffman.

4.50 Henry Kraft, 4.50 J. J. Sermersheim. work, 50 W. C.

Binckley. printing. 5.50 Jas. D. Whitten, teaming, 19.50 Fred Krodel, 7.20 aacress ur.

Mimer lioma of Swains-Root. Binghamton. N. Y. When writing mention reading this generous offer in this paper.

Don't make ny mistake, but lemeui-herthe name, Swamp-Root, Dr EiMtar'a Saramp-Root, and the addreay, liiuJiaiii- ton, N. 1 on erv bottle. a. Mrs. Mayme Poe has filed suit in the Crawford circuit court for divorce from her husband.

Elijah Poe, and asks for $10,000 The Board af Review On Tnur9dy out- 8th, BooflMi towns rlpa iHWitti at wm cons oVied, and it til 1'itlfd that the asi'Hsiurnt on horses and Mach. Works, plumbing. 39.56 I he Board then adjourned. Dubois Circuit Court. State vs.

Herman Knipper, S. cattlr was too low so Uic further consideration was postponed. On Friday ad. son township was considered and a a sunstantiad tfa had L. W.

L. plea of tniiltv, fine $10. Bernard Bickwermet vs. Anna been made the township was paaaod Saturday the consiilt-ratioa of Balltbrfdge township bei ijc next in order its asstsMnnit Beckwermet, divorce trial by was compared and passed for tad pr On Mondav Marion fowuship was court, hnding for deft, judgment against plff. for costs.

ered. fa assessment found and th teat, on sid tow ami btate ex Gertrude Sch wartz vs. Jasper Abel, bastardy Relatrix admits provisions for alimony and the custody of their children. They are both well-known here having formerly resided here and their friends are greatly surprised. WHoosier women to the front.

A Mrs. Conrad is building a bran new town up in Newton county, because she does not like the town of Lake Village. She has a whole lot of good hard sense; for of all the onery, no account towns in the State it is our candid opinion that Lake Village is the worst. We've been there. aa.King Bill, of Germany, is credited with blowing off his mouth again, to the effect that the war between the European Countries and England and the United States is inevitable.

We admire the erratic Willie's nerve; ahip passed for the present. Tuoday ualt tow aablp was eoiiM-. passed Jefferson township's assessment pared on Wedaesdny and 11 be a a maintenance of child to her satis rk Mar ncr. I dered. was faction and she being over 21 years of age this cause is upon her motion dismissed.

state ta con iu til satisfaction aften th the on and oxfc the State ex rel. Katie Bauernfiend vs. rlenry Keetner et ai, dam ages, dismissed on plffs. motion. State vs William Schott, man Clasiag Exercise.

A most delightful and interesting program was rendered by the pupils of St. Joseph's School in charge of the Sister's of Prorid- slaughter, trial by jury, finding License Xotier. not guilty. tlia citizen! ol OTICE i hareby itivam Jl naiiibriilffc State ex rel. Mary Cummins iwaslup.

DulMi UNE is the month of Brides. All Brides it, lu4iAna. that uin.lernigitti.i ence. It consisted ol well selected music, recitations aid songs. he wants a job on his hands when vs.

Sylvester Witsman et ai, ior he goes at it and it is dollars to All exhibited good taste and careful training on the part of their pretzels that he finds it, if he aialecitizmi of ins I Kited "tatea. will apply to tbe County ounii iwainners of Humi outlay at their nwxt ragulur aeaafon in ly. 11105, for a licence to retail intoxicating liquor- beer and wine, and permit the same to be drunk on the premises, under the pro visions of the laws of Indiana governing hunts for it long enough. He respective teachers. The Comic damages, dismissed by agreement at cost of defts.

State ex rel. Nancy Oxley vs. Sylvester Witsman, for damages same entry as above. Several other cases were tried says he has had an inglorious soner rendered bv Miss A. Schuler suell license.

must have I NT You will find a large and complete assortment of over a hundred different varieties at El TE INK AMP'S JEWELRY STORE North Main Street. ALSO JEWELRY WATCHES IN GREAT VARIETY. reign, rie may close it lgnom- 1 4-U nU-Jr, ll precise loeat ion here such 1 if) uors ur anu luc vjui lowaiKj i. in win tin- irroun.i lousiy. trip Class of 'OFi deserve snecial tiooroia two st.M-y frumo building located rnerof th west-hall of on the norm by the Court and taken under ta-The Southern had another mention.

2, as shown or advisement. til original map or plat irr. Uuboiu uitv. I ml. WlLUAM ti.KKS.

tile town of Jas Juna 'Jd,".. The following were the gradua-1 tes: Misses Nora Sprauer, Tillie Kunkel, Frances Gosman, Fidelia i Civil Actions. P. T. Clark and Oscar Cooper Judy, Laura Gramelspacher, Vic admitted members of this bar.

bad passenger wreck near Golden Gate, 111., Monday night, when the engine jumped the track and ran down a twelve foot embankment taking with it eight coaches which were all over-turned The fireman, and a man and a lady Baldwin Pianos Schukz Organs Singer Sewing; Machines 1847 Silver Ware None Batter. Notice To Noo Residents The State of Indiana. Dubois County. In the Dubois Circuit jurt tobw toria Urich, Anna hckert, Helen Dupps. Term, 1905.

Shadrach Hobbs vs Mays O. Cummins, for damages, motion by plff. for change of venue, granted and sent to Pike Circuit Court. Wage Murphev vs. William Murphey Complaint No.

JHoO. passenger were killed and the engineer seriously injured. One Notice to CuBiracterg. Notice is hereby iyen fhat the County Coiumisfiioners of Dubois Count, Indiana, will let to the loweet and best bid- Now conies the planum, bv Kerr Travlor her attorney, and tiles her com of the men killed was a relative Shadrach Hobbs vs. Charles Cummins for damages same entry plaint herein, togevher with an altidavit of N.

B. Cummuiskey of Jasper, ler at the Court House on MONDAY JULY 3d, Km. that William Murph is not a res nt as above. and Mr. Cummuiskey attended at 1 clock p.

be. the contract tor the Anna Nash admx estate of grading and construction of a Concrete his funeral in Huntingburg Wed nesday. Geo. Nash deceased vs. Southern R.

for damages, con pavement on each of the four sides ol the Court House in Jasper, Duvboig Lemingtrn Items. County, Indiana, according to plans and specifications now on file in the Audito Weather is fine people are busy of the Stave of Indiana. Notice is therefore be eby given said Defendant, that unless he be and appear on the 1st day o. the UclolierTerm of the Dubois Circ lit Court tJ beholden on the 1st Mondav of October A. D.

HK at the Cou-t Ifouse in Jasper in said County and State, and answer ordemui to said complaint, the same will be heard nd determined in his ab-ence. In Wi ness whereof, I hive hereunto set my hand and affixed the Seal ol said Court, at Jasper, this 30th dav tinued. C. L. Adams vs.

Nenian Dillon on note, dismissed. ofhc 1 cf stid County. plowincr corn. DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, NOTIONS, GROCERIES. The best stock in Jasper for the Price.

Cutce to FRANK ECKERT'S Eckert Block, For Extra Bargains. Several of our people attended Theresia Encrlehart vs. Estate All bids must be accompained with a bond for the faithful performance of the contrac, in the sum of And a of Margaret Boehlein decease! the Children Day exercise at Portersville and reported a very bond the work for a peiiod of five veara. trial by' court, finding for plff. damages $400.

The Board reserves the rieh. to reject Jacob Uebelhor vs. frank any and all bids. By order of the Board of County Commissioners of Dubsis County, Indiana. of May A.

D. 1905. Ions P. Hither, Cleit. Kerr Traylor, Atty.

June Hoing, damages, trial by jury, good time. Miss Ona Traylor was the guest of Miss Alta Lemmon Sunday after noon. Elmer and Earl Breidenbaugh visited at P. J. Schnarr's Saturday night and Sunday.

finding for deft Given, under my hand and seal at the Court House in Jasper, Duoois County. 1. Spring 3tick of (iimdg. Indiana, this nth day of June, 1VMV. M.

A. Sweeney, John Dowdy vs. Willis Beadles, from Pike motion by deft, for change of venue, sustained and changed to Warrick Co. Virgil Dugan vs. Wm.

Nickey The commencement given at Auditor Dubois Indiana. The Board will on said date receive this place Saturday night was a sealed bids for all the old biick and e'irbing around said C)urt House lot. et al, damages, motion for new Money to loan on Farms 5 per cent, for 5 years, or special M. A. Sweeney, A.

D. tj. trial sustained by erder 01 Appellate Court. June 9, 1905 8w. grand success, there were eleven graduates, and six post graduates that spoke; they all did well Goldie Cox recived the medal for hiehest per cent in the township, Assigned for trial on the oth NOTICE.

Notice is hereby given that at the re dav of the next term and cause and Carrie Schnarr the medal for continued. gular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the incorporated town of Jasper, Ind JASPER COLLEGE. terms for ten iana, held at its regular place of meeting in the office of the Jasper Electic Light lhe lbth annual commence Terre Haute Beer. Company, on the lth day of June, 190o said Board adopted a resolution declar ment will be held to-night at St. Joseph's hall.

There will be an elocutionary, dontest for a gold years. Write us about it. the best oration. The grades on the oration contest is as following: Miss Ethel Thompson 72 Alta Lemmon 81 Jessie Cox 783 Carrie Schnarr 96 as Ona Traylor 74 Vinnie Dooley 71 The judges were: Dr. R.

A. Gray, Hon. Wm. A Wilson, Hon. B.

B. Postelwait. Mr. John Kirklahd and wife medal presented by Hon M. A.

Sweeney. Followed by a two act farce entitled "A Nigger ing mat it was necessary to grade the follow nj streets in said town, to-wit Fourth street from Anderson street to a point in said Foiirth Btreet opposite the north-wett cornerof Lot No. seventy-four (74) in the oiiginal to mi of JaSpr, Fifth street from Anderson street to a point in said Fifth street opposite the Boarding House." Rev. Burk- hardt will present the diplomss to the following graduates: Co Thos. C.

Day Will Bnnkman, W. Koehler, visited at Mrs. Rachel Brittian's Ralph Oliver, Joseph Ryan, A. Sermersheim, Wm. Gosman, A.

Sunday. Mrs. Kirkland's brother Jim 805- 812 Law Building, Indianapolis. On tap and in bottles at all saloons in the city. When you drink this celebrated beer you are drinking the purest and best beer made.

Try it once and you will drink no other. P. A. GUCKES Eckestein, Ed Ochs, Omer Rue-bier, Guy Bulleit, Oscar Salb, Alb. Fritch and Francis Kempf.

Brittian and wife took supper with her Saturday evening. Mr. George Harker, Mr. Havil The Collecre orchestra and north-wes'. corner of Lot o.

litty-ore (51) in the original town of Jaspsi Ninth street from Main streei to the corporation line the west side of said town of Jasper. That said s.reets should be graded ac cording to the estab iehed grade for said tDwn an I according to the profile, plans and specifications now cn file in the office of the Clerk of said town of Jasper. Notice is also given that oojections to said proposed grading he made at the office of the Jasptr Electric Light Company at 8 o'clock M. on the day of July, 1905, before the Board of Trustees of the town of Jasper. Aixiis Bkitkr, President of the Board of Attest: John H.

Jikiy, choir will furnish music for the lah Wineinger and Miss Carrie Schnarr spent Sunday afternoon occasion. with Mr. R. H. McLain and wile.

Blue Jay. hrTony Knable while working at the loiner in the Desk Manu John Casper, M. rhysiiian Stirgeoii. Ofpicb: 9th and Main sts. JASPER, INDIANA.

Hull, I'honea. April 20, 1905-ljr. Railroad Excursion. a Sunday rates of one fare the round trip begins good for the day commences April 10, 1905. V.

E. CXAYCOMB, Afft. Public Notice to Contractors Notice is hereby given that sealed bid -i will be received at Kellerville until 2 o'clock p. on the 1st day of July, 1905 for the erection of a School house in Harbison township at Kellerville, Dubois county, Indiaaa, according to plans and specifications that can be seen in my Office, the right is reserved to reject any and all bids. John L.

Hakder, Trustee. factory last Monday accidentally Jnnel6-3w. Town Clerk. i. got the ends of two fingers of his left hand clipped off.

The wound was dressed and he will soon be The Courier advertisers are let ting down the price bars into the field of bargains. working again. Dated June 12, 1905. 3w..

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