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The Herald from Jasper, Indiana • Page 4

The Herald from Jasper, Indiana • Page 4

The Heraldi
Jasper, Indiana
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Corresponbence. i Dubois. i tatest Spring Styles I fj STONEMOF tl COMPOUND i ll ry a oottie or our Hot Springs Blood Remedy, It contains certain salts, combined with standard organic remedies employed by Physicians in the treatment of RHEUMATISM, CHRONIC MALARIA, BILIOUSNESS, SPRING FEVER, and all ailments aris- It -1 'A. 11" 1 1 I.Tl! "TIP VhT 3 FOR MEN AND BOYS. 5 i it a 1 0 hioe ing rom impure or im ooverished blood.

We guarantee every bottle to give entire FOR satisfaction or your money will be refunded. Agency for Miss Ida Potts was at Jasper, last Saturday. Much gardening has been dorfe the past two weeks, owing to the nice weather. Father Hoing visited at Jasper, Friday. Robert E.

Eckert tried the teachers' examination at Jasper, Saturday. Miss Mary Seger returned from Louisville, last week. Miss Celia Rademaker is at home on a short visit. Since their school closed, Misses Blanche Line and Sibyl Robinson attend school at Jasper. Mrs.

Houghland was at Jasper, Saturday, shopping. Miss Agnes Humbert came home from Indianapolis, Monday. TThe rock-road election failed to get enough votes "for" in Marjon township. The piece of road to the depot was also voted down in Harbison, while the other part carried. The vote in Marion was: Upper precinct, for 63; against and 5.

ballots were thrown out lower precinct, for against 97. This makes a total of 65 for and 128 against. It' Is thought the town of Dubois voted solid for the rock roads, but as it lies in two townships, its power was divided. Several of the strong rock -road men were very much disappointed and suggested that the town should be in one township, but this can not be so easily accomplished. Rev.

Charles Bilger of Celestine and Rev. Richard Hoing of this place visited Evansville, Monday. StRaphaers parochial school began, last week with a large attendance. The enrollment this week is in the sixties, including children of ready located. They are taking courses in 1 harmacy and scientific study.

John Jacob! mysteriously disappeared from his home, between here and Ferdinand," about a week ago, and has not been heard of since, although diligent inquiries have been made. Mr. and Mrs. John Pund were called to the bedside of Mrs. Pund's father, Philip Durcholz, at Ferdinand, who is seriously ill.

Basil Schaffer is suffering with a severe attack of pneumonia. We wish him a speedy recovery. Cuzco. Farmers are done, sowing oats in this locality. i The sick folks in our neighborhood are convalescing.

Wm. Nonte went to Huntingburg, Monday, and bought a carload of tiling. Mr. and. Mrs.

Riley Clapp of Crystal visited the latter's parents, Rev, and Mrs. Nicholson, Sunday. 1 Mr. and Mrs. T.

K. Mynatt, Mrs! Wilson and Mr. Harmon visited Mrs. Baggarly, Sunday. Grandma Milburn is on the sick list, this week.

Charles Nicholson's school closed last Friday," and Charles started for Chicago, where he will attend the art institute this summer. John Line of Dubois will invoice the store of Al Nicholson, this week. O. P. Beaty and Frank Wineinger have taken aeon tract for ldg-haul-ing from S.

Wineinger. Rev. T. G. Stallings of Eckerty filled his regular appointment at Cane Creek church, Sunday.

He Is an able minister. Rev. B. has accepted the work of the church at Elon. Our school closes Friday.

Mrs. Dillon and Miss Laura Milburn aff the John Krodelof Kellerville is keeping a41ne horse at B. F. Nicholson's barn, this Better sigh for The Herald. MEN, BOYS, LADIES AND CHILDREN Hats, Gaps The Ohio Truss Company FLICIC PFAU AND DRUGGISTS Jasp.r, I nd.

Spayd Bleak. Men's Furnishin gsf A GEORGE J. SCHEPERS Suits made to up Oyer 500 Samples to select from dealer in JOHN A. SERMERSHEIMl CLOTHIER AND FURNISHER five different townships. and Furniture Tinware, Stoves and Ranges DUBOIS, INDIANA rV' All Kinds of Pumps, Roofing, Fencing and Fertilizers.

Pittsburgh Poultry Fencing I It Pays to Investigate, Ferdinand. 4-foot, 36c; 52-inch, 3Sc; 58-inch, 4OC. ,1 The class to make their flrstholy communion, this, year, consists of eight boys and three girls. Miss' Anna Fischer returned from Louisville, Tuesday, to visit her parents. Herman Theising is proving to be an excellent precinct committeeman.

Miss Anna Rasche passed through town, Monday, ort her way to Jasper. Mrs. lYank Matheis and Mrs. Clamor Nordhoff were at Jasper, last Wednesday. Misses Delia and Katie Castrup of Jasper were the guests of Miss Melia Joint petition Marion and Harbison Precinct 1 101 48 Precinct 2 16 82 117 130 Total vote for roads .644 Total vote against roads ...608 Majority for roads in 36 By the above figures it is seen that the Shoals road carried by 12, the Lick and Jasper road by 12, the depot road lost by the Haysville andJaser road carried by 43, joint petition lost by 13.

It is doubtful ifany thing can be done toward buildingHhe roads as the result of this election, and no doubt the whole business wilthave I offer some real Watch Bargains I Just received new goods All Bargains. 1 ElMe Bel Thimbling, Tuesday. Ireland. to be re-submitted to the vote of the. (0Ur people before any company will bid on the bonds.

A very large line of Graphophones and Records for those interested. um hi nn Joe Wendholt of St. Henry-is very ill of pneumonia. Mr. and Mrs.

John Heilers are the proud parents of a little girl who arrived at their', home, last Sunday. Congratulations. Robert Grewe fell from a scaffold about 15 feet high while werking at Joe Daunhauer's new; house yesterday morning, but escaped injury. Born: To Mr. and Wm.

Wirtzberger, last Saturday, a girl. To Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Krampe, last Friday, a girl. To Mr.

and Mrs. Frank Uebelhor, last Sunday morning, a ll pouad boy. Congratulations. Joe Barth, Ben Knust, John Stall-mann, Mike Olinger and Andy Voges made a pleasure trip to Jasper Herbert Muller was at Jasper Sunday. Martin Hoge, vho visited relatives at Jasper, came home Tuesday evening.

Frank Gehlhausen came home from Jasper, Wednesday, mil 1 mm Rumors of Marriage. Earl Toops, who has beeh at Jasper for several months, is here visiting old He leaves tonight for Montana, where he has a position and where he expects to make his future home. It was hinted today that he was married to a Jasper girl Saturday night and that she is to join him in Chicago tomorrow. This rumor The World's Best Mrs. James L.

Norman and sons, Hugo and of Bloomington are visiting friends and relatives here, this week. Miss Anna Schitter has her spring stock, of millinery goods at Miss Klein's dress making shop, andls ready to show all latest styles and accommodate hei' many customers. Dr. F- E. Woods andfamily of Otwell spent Sunday with Mrs.

Emal-ine Funk. Dr. L. li. Johnson left, Tuesday, for Marengo to visit his father, who is very low with pneumonia.

The doctor returned Wednesday, VJohn F. Gray and wife of Petersburg snent Sunday with Mr. and "EINER1IR: J. E. SI For Sale by dealer in w'as1 neither confirmed nor denied by Mr.

Toops, but the fact remains that he is accepting congratulations from Everything Musical and Everything In Jewelry. iGM3. Sfceinhapi his many friends on the strength of Troxler Building, Jasper, Ind. Miss Tillie Lindenschmidt returned the report. Princeton Clarion-News home from Jasper, Wednesday.

Mrs. Ralph Stewart. Father Alphonse of Jasper, passed Wedding cards are out announcing IRELAND, IND. ATTENTION, $aaper College BUILDERS! we are ready to supply you with JASPER, IND. um the marriage on Easter Sunday, of Miss Bessie DeMott, daughter of Dr.

Otwell, and Dr. Omer Stewart of this place. Aunt Malissa Greene is very low at this writing. Lizzie Morgan visited at W. G.

Morgan's Otwell and returned home, Sunday. Wm. A. Wilson attended to. business here Wednesday.

While driving home from church, Sunday, Ward Glezen had th misfortune of breaking his arm. The horse he and his sister, were driving, became frightened and turned the buggy over, injuring Ward, but he is getting better. Joseph Ell And niece, Phrona Ell, spent Sunday with Mr. Sherley and family south of town. Edward Dishinger, son of Joseph Dishinger, living east of town, is very ill.

Cecil Kelso will leave, Monday, for Bloomington, where he will attend Indiana University for some time. through Ferdinand, last Friday, on his way to St. Meinrad. John Schreiner was at Jasper Tuesday. Leonard andGtistav Roth of Louisville and Louis and Theotlore Roth of Dubois, came home Saturday night to see their brother, who met with a terrible accident Saturday.

Miss Cornelia Beckmann returned home, Wednesday evening, from a two Weeks visit at Evansville and St. Marys, Ind. "The Heroic Dutchman of '76" will be presenf at the school hall on Sunday evening, April 18, by local talent. 1 uIt never rains, but it pours." This can be very well applied to the situation at Ferdinand last Saturday. A summary of the accidents in and near our town shows the following: Orville Roth lost his leg.

Peter Werne, head and back injured. Tony Greulich of Fulda, arm broken. Hubert Quante, finger mashed. Frank Anglade, ankle hurt. The Ferdinand News.

Commercial, Scientific and Preparatory Courses HENRY FRITCH Manufacturer of Wagons Dealer in Carriages, Buggies, Plows, Harrows and all kinds of Farm Implemements. CEMENT AND HARD -WALL Open to all, irrespective of religious persuasion. Arrangements most modern. Perfect fire protection throughout the buildings. Hot and cold baths.

Rooms and halls well ventilated heated by steam and lighted by New gymnasium and bowling alley for indoor exercise. Large play grounds for out-door sports. Close attention to the students in every respect. For special terms, appty to RECTOR REV. F.

BERNARD, O. S. PLASTER in any quantity Agent for McCormick Binder and Mower. Horseshoeing and Blacksmith Repair Work. rr ii North Main street, Jasper, Ind.

T3 Rock-Road Election! The rock-road election was held in Harbison and Marion townships, last Friday, and part of the system carried, but part was voted down. The town of Dubois is located on the line between Marion and Harbison townships, and it Mas proposed to rock the streetand road along this line to the depot, half a mile north of the town. This necessitated a joint election of the two townships, asjialf of the road was on either side of the township line. Edgar Traylor mmmimmimmmmm If Jasper, Ind. When you need anything in the following lines call at the HARDWARE STORE and we will try to please you.

Marion township a goodfn1a-jority against the proposed improvement, while Harbison township was not unanimous for the roads, as the following returns will show. HARBISON TOWNSHIP. Road No. 1, Shoals road: I hr CbillGd i Pious I St. Anthony.

Ben Wibbels was at Xouisvie, last week, on business. John Sternberg and Henry Loechte spent the fore part of this week at Louisville. Anthony Troxler, who has been seriously ill, is at the present writing somewhat better. We wish him a speedy recovery. Brickmasons are busy, this week, putting in the foundation for the new residence of John B.

Hochgesang. Grandma Dockemeyer is very low and her death is hourly looked for. Lucker and Fred Hollman of Louisville visited here, Sunday. Hoffman Troxler will receive a carload of buggies April 1st. Ready for the market.

Come and take your choice. 38. Jos. Loechte, after a two-weeks' visit at Louisville, returned home, Sunday, well pleased with his visit. Ed J.

Kunkler closed one of the most successful terms of school taught in Ferdinand -township at district No. 1. The patrons and pupils would be highly pleased to see Ed return to them again. A roll of hofior was granted to Henry Gunselman fo perfect attendance. Ed will leave next Monday, for Terre Haute, where he will make a brief stop to visit his sister, Mary, and brother, Dr.

Jos. He will then go to Valparaiso to enter the university, where his two brothers, Taul and William, are al Acairtst For Precinct 1 .1 07 Cabinet Hardware, Horseshoes, Plasterers' Tools, Glass and Putty, Blacksmith Supplies, Fishing Tackle, Sporting Goods, Butcher Tools, Hoke and Lawn SprinTders, Weather Strips, Lawn Mowers, Oil Stoves, Shoe Kails and Soles, Washing Machines, Tncubafors, All kinds of Hoofing, Cream Seperators, Churns. Hnilde'r'a Hardware, Carpenter Tools, Machinists1 TooIh, Cutlery and Plated Vjm Tin and (iranite War, Wooden arCf Kope and Twine, rumps. Agricultural (foods, Bicycles and Sundries, House Furnishings, Guns, Ammunition, Building Paper, General Hardware, Factory Supplies, Stoves and Jfanges, Saddlery Hardware, 70 Precinct 2 LooK good, ere good and play fair with the pocKetbooK. You can get more vrorH and mora satisfactory results from en OLIVER 0I3ILLED PLOU with less expenditure of money end physical force than any other plow made.

Oliver's Chilled Metal means perfection tn weartog end scouring and no other material can approach It these 131 ll) Road No. 2, French Lick and Jasper Id ths fall and winter worth barrel la ummer. There' way that seldom fall to fetch eees when tbey'ra wanted, and that's to feed one. a day in a warm maaa loosior Poultry Ponder Precinct 1 100 characteristics. lot Georrje P.

Wafjner, Jasper, Ind. RnM by dragelste at SSe a package! 6 for 1 $1.00. Oar booklut "Hinti on Poultry Keeping" tell all about it. W. will lend Precinct 2 JW- 11 133 121 Road No.

3, Depot road: Precinct 1 08 40 Precinct 2. 15 82 113 ii Road No. 4, Haysville and Jasper: Precinct 1 1)8 ft) Precinct 2 52 Jj7 Number One Field, Garden Poultry Fencing Steel Picket and Wire Lawn Fencing. Repair shop for Tinware run ia connection. Let us have a chance to figure on your requirements.

it, iree. WELLS MEDICINE LAFAYETTE, IHD. For sale by L. H. Sturm Hardware Jasper, Ind.

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