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Jasper, Indiana
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For Rent. A rfsidence in Jasper of WiWTint At once. Local ana trav Overcoats in all sizes and grades, at KIRS. T- ERJHY, ileent for JASPER COURIER. 8.

Kuebler's. tour rooms. Apply at Cockier office. Snu-on's Coas will immediately re lieve Croup, Whooping Cough and Bron. cylf you want a good likeness now fgtk TTi TT In the time to it at F.

H. Uunion USE! chilis. 29 in Jasper. Any style and all sizes, to tf. order.

ALSO A FINE ASSORTMENT OT Worth Knowing1. Mr. W. H. Morgan, merchant.

Lake New goods, new patterns and color atS. Kuebler's this week. Remember, Hunton is "the boss," When you want a first class photograph. Go to 8. Kuebler's for clothing, flannels, blankets, etc.

-nnn't hnv anr fall and winter 4 CONSUMPTION BUBBLY CUBED. To Turn Editor Please inform yonr HEATING eling agents for our goods. Liberal commissions, or salary and expenses, to competent and reliable men. For terms and full particulars, address J. F.

LeClabb, Nurseryman. 4u Brighton, N. Y. Card of Thanks. To those who gave me their votes and time at the recent election, I wish to return my most heartfelt thanks, and assure them my heart holds their names and kindly acts in dear remembrance.

Though not successful this time, I feel that I have made many pleasant acquaintances and genial friends, of whose friendship I feel prond. Respectfully, Jacob Bdwgeb, Jb. City, was taken with a severe cold, Httended with a distressing cough and running into consumption in its first readers that' I have a positive remedy for the above named disease. By its timely use thousands of hopeless cases have -AND- stages. He tried manv socalled popular cough remedies and steadily grew worse.

iroods before yon see the large atock at p.nnYTTn been permanently cured. I ehsll be glad mm wo bottles of my remedy rn to any of jour readers who haTeconeumptlon If they will moo me their exprasa end Was reduced in flesh, had jolilncultv in 9 I poat-omce address. Bespectiuiiy, ii idi 1 at Wrt Tort. breathing and was unable to sleep. Fin ally tried Dr.

King's New Discovery for B. iUeblers. trr Again we rise to remark that natural gas wonld be a big thing in Jasper. Why don't the company go ahead T. a.

aLAJ au Marriage Licenses have been granted TINWARE, HARDWARE FANCY LUMPS, BIRD CAGES to the following parties during the past week: urMr. JoseDh Buchart received a uousumpiion and round immediate relief, and after using about a half dozen bottle's found himself well and has had no return of the disease. No other remedy can show so grand a record of cures, us Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, guaranteed to do just what is He Had Salt Rheum for 20 Years. A.

Manvell, Ass't 8upt. G. P. Agt. Thomas Wuetscher and Caroline rra Samuel Schoppeuhorst and Anns Hammer.

Edward W. Grice and Josephine L- LV CUTLERY, NOTIONS, a R. I. R. writes "For twenty years I have been nfflirted with Sail ine stock of rubber boots and shoes from Chicago this week.

ftCrTbe man who attempts to make a corner on corn will have his hands full this season. The crop just harvested is estimated at two billion bushels. claimed for it. Trial bottle free at Meh Smith. Rheum in a most serious torm.

ringer Bros. Drug Store. 4. Bargains on Demand the winter season, my hands have been In snch condition that I was unable to dress or undress myself without assist A traveling man. stopping at the Lee House, Campbelieburg, on learn In the campaign just ended Capt.

W. R. Myers, Democratic nominee lor Governor, made a very complete as well an a very able canvass of the State. He traveled by rail over 6,000 miles, hv boat, bv buercrv and stage about 1.000, and Fo Salb: Fonr 'short horn bul' horonchbred will be sold ance, and I have not had gloves or band ing that a lady in the village was suffer East Side lublio Square, JASPER, IIVr ages off my hands for about 'four chaaD. Address John T.

Con. ing terribly with cramp colic, gave the landlady a bottle of medicine, which he had with him and requested her to take Jasper, Ind. uutit 1 c-pgan ueing rspuion extract of flax Skin Cure. I certainly 9-6w. made, over 100 speeches, never broke down and missed no appointments, ex think it has cured my nauas." large bottles only $1.

5. rvf-niir nnmilar Sheriff. Mr. Ferdi cent two or three where connections it to the. sick woman.

The medicine relieved her promptly and she believes saved her life; it was Chamberlain's nand Schneider, retnrned Wednesday conld not be made. N. Albany Ledger, from wither he nan Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, the promptest and most reliable medicine tdbpn Anna Baumert to the Insane 03rFor a good and cheap roof or guttering, yon will find L. F. Spayd to be Asylum for the Jncnrnnle.

in use for Bowel Complaints. Sold by Why will yov cough when Shiloh's Cure will give immediate relief. Price 10 50 and SI 28 Kosaiuond Hippies. Hall township schools are going now with a good corps of teachers. the cheapest, considering quality, tf.

ur. J. r. Salb. 4v.

ft-rTndlana stands down toward the Anna Dickinson must believe that sneech. not silence is golden. The re foot of the class this vear in the potstoe yield, the average being 75 bushels pr acre, bnt she is away np on corn (35 bushels to the acre) and politics. "Money makes the mare go," also publican campaign committee gave her, 3,750 and all the dresses she needed for DRUG STORE Corner of 6th and JAckson Streets, JASPER, IIJDIArJil, (GBAMELSPACHKR'S OLD STAND.) I have opened out at the above place a fall assortment of FRESH AND PURE DRUGS of all kinds, to which I invite the attention of Physicians and others needing them. I will give careful personal attention to filling all prescriptions.

PAINTS AND OILS, PATENT MEDICINES. CIGARS and TOBACCO, of the BEST VARIETY. Toilet Articles in Great Variety, her campaign talks. Her dresses were more of a success than her addresses, and elections. Miss Cinda Jacobs, who has been vis.

king here, has gone borne. Hssklns bnneht fortv- one head of cattle dnrlng the pant week the committee refused to pay her the 5.000 that she says was promised if ROYALKSM Rev. Woods, of Velpen, came here to have a good religious revival, but has made a complete failure. Cause, politic lie offered 2J cts. gross hefnre the election, hot since the result tins become known, the same parties sold him the cat Harrison should be elected.

Indian apolis Sun. and whisky. At this season of the year people can Those who bad large sums bet on the not be too careful about keeping their tle for 2 cts. per pnnnd ryl have concluded to close nnt my ntiro stock of hats, velvets, and other trimmlngrs, dnrinsr this and next election feel blue as they empty their bowels regular. Bilious and malarial purses into those Of the winner.

Gen diseases are often brought on by allow tlemen, take my advice and never bet. ing the bowels to become torpid. An month, and will trive purchasers extra JOHN P. SALB, M. D.

Hoping we all will be benefitted by Oct. 16th. 1885 lj occasional does of St Patrick's Pills is all that would be required, and might "Protection and Free Whiskey," I'll Inducements. Call at once and get the benefit of iowprices in milllnprv. Maggie Kdebler.


J. OBERST. P. B. prevent serious sickness.

For bale by continue to stop. Fbisky. Dr. J. P.

Salb. 4y. Tn The trial of Mr. Wm. Grunt Sleepless nights, made miserable by The Crawfordsville Journal says the for cnttlnsr Forbes, the night of the Tan that terrible Shiloh's Cure is the following ticket writen In ink wss cast Tuesday at one of the precincts of that ner Rertnhlican spree at Huntinehorg, was hsd before Enq.

Zoellerat. the Court Remody tor you. 38 Town Board bonne Saturday, and he was hound over city; For President, Belva Lockwood: for Vice President, Grover Cleveland fa) At a regular meeting of the Town for electors at Ben Harrison and Board, held on Monday night, Nov. 12th Dan Voorhees; for electors of each dis trict, the Congressmen who now repre' at the Council Chamber, the following business was transacted to Conrt in tl.OOO bond, and not giving It went to jail. Forbes is recovering.

ftfrTt will he gratifying news to Mr. Charles Mears, many warm friends in T)nbois county to learn of his election as "Prosecuting; attorney in (he 49th jndioial -Circuit. Charliells a hustler and a social sent the district; the entire Democratic Absolutely Pure. Petition for fire limits was discussed State ticket and the entire Republican Tbfi powder never varies. A marvel of purity County ticket.

and for further explanation was con tiuued. ALLOWANCES. strength and whnleaontenem. More economical than tbe ordinary ktndi, and cannot be sold in competition CTWe this week printed Sale notic8 for Dr, E. Stephenson, who proposes 1 with tbe multitude ot low test, short weight alum or gentlemen, and we are glad to note bis pnospnate powoers.

bokd oxly lu oaks, kotal uakivg J. Gier, 330 brick at 7 per 1000, ft 3.25 success. Wall St X. Feb.X4. 1KMS 4Ht.

sell some young horses of mnch promise The Dr. Says he is not able to attend to. FRIEDMAN, SCHEIRICH PROPRIETORS OF 1THE ECUPSE PLAMG AND SAW MILLS, JASPER, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL MANUFACTURERS 15 OF ROUGII AND DRESSED LUMBER AND DEALERS 15 ALL KINDS OF BCILDINQ MATERIAL and BUILDERS HARDWARE. MONEY SAVED IS MONEY MADE I and snch is the case with those that buy their Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Finishing Lumber, Moulding, Brackets, Stair Rails, Newells, Balusters and Trimmings, Doors, Sasb, Blinds, Frames, Paints, Oils, Glass, Putty, Common and Steel Nails, Steel Wire Finishing Nails, Casing and Floor- ing Brads, Locks, Butts. Hinges, Bolts, Screws, Galvanized Wire and Staples, Sash Weights, Cords and Fasteners, Lime and Cement, Plaster Paris and Plaster Hair, Laths and Shingles.

Also agents for PATENT IKON HOOFING. All our goods are FIRST CLASS, and will be sold at ROCK BOTTOM PRICES, All those contemplating to build or needing anything in our line we cordially invite them to call and see na and examine our goods and learn prices before purchasing elsewhere, as we are prepared to furniBh a complete outfit or bill for houses. Mills, Ware-rooms, Store House and Office, 2d and Jackson Street; Near R. R. Depot Thanking onr patrons for' past favors, we solicit a continuance of the same and will endeavor to give entire satisfaction.

We Remain, yours respectfully, Friedman, Scheirich Co, A. bcEsieiu, hauling brick, ftc, 1.25 Kasper Hatter, monthly salary, 35.00 Cbaa. Soliga, quarterly salary, 15 00 and develope the same. frTThe milk of 400 cows could be easily obtained for a dairy within two miles of Snch a manufactory We predict that he who is luckv G. J.

Jutt, monthly salary, 6.25 Ot. J. Jutt, express and stamps, .10 enough to get one, and develope the same, will have a prize of no small value Those wanting such stock, would do. Ordered by the Board that John Zim would prove a profitable investment, both for the owner and the farmers. Why don't some of onr able and enterprising farmers start the dairy merman be notified regarding sidewalk well to attend the sale.

in iront or lot No, 117 and aUn that millinery, go to F. Mehringer be notified about filling nj; For bargains in Mag. Kuebler's store. pari ioi jx o. no.

tty There Is a gooa chance for some active and trustv men to secnre paying it-r viw urnered by the Booril that owners oi Worth Its Weight In Gold. work at once of James K. Whitney, nor lotaNos. 113.133. 141 and 156.

on the East side of Jackson street, between 6thJ Albert Emminger, Covington, aeryman, Rochester, N. Y. to sell Ms warranted stock. Outfit is free, and the and 8th streets, be notified tu fix side. was afflicted with Catarrh three years, -work steady.

Experience is not nec walks according to town ortlinauce with' in 30 days of said notice. He says: "After trying every known patent medicine which 1 saw advertised, essary, 9 13t, none o( which helped me, I tried Papil Treasurer Soliga, in making bis aoar terly report has a balance of $137 85 on ion extract or nnxj uatarrn Cure as a fty Require Vent has sold hl ty on the crrner of Clay and 4th streets to Mr. Jesse Travlor, of Boone town last resort It has made a complete uanu. FKIED5IAN, SCHEIRICH Ac" CO. Town orders are all redeemed with cure, and Is worth its weight in gold.

April lOth.lSSJ-ly. ship, father of Hon. Wm. A. Travlor 0 the exception of $30 00.

will give you other refereuces from parties who have been cured. It is no experiment, but a positive cure. Large That hacking cough cau be so nnicklv Mr. T. took possession of said property -and moved into the same

Mr. Vest now occupies Mr. Mike Sweeney's residence on Clay, between 7th and 8th BE SURE AND TAKE THE cured by bLiioh Cure. We guarantee Ooffman Honso B. COfFfllAN, Prop'r.

bottles 81. 5, 28 streets. boy's overcoats, at 8 Hen's and Enebler's. Don't swap. Already offers for votes have beeu reported to us IIAYSVILLE, IIVD.

Ague can not be permanent? cured until the system has' been thoroughly Home Economy. Leave all such trades to the editor of tbe Birthday party last Friday Ilome is woman's domain, and she is Independent. He trades, but Democrats (LomiTtui, HvAwtmL ix Sr. Loon S't.) WHEN YOV GO should not. Don swap.

Jasper Cour entitled to everything that can be added to spare her much annoyance and hard -cleansed of all morbid matter. Quinine and other febrifuges, will check it temporarily but it is sure to return unless the system has been cleansed. For this night, given by Miss Pbenie Friedmsn in honor of Miss Annie Gasser at the residence of A. Eraus was a delighted one cakes, candies and nuts; were passed ier. HAVING taken possession of this Hotel formerly tbe Beitz Honse, EAST or WEST! There is no man in the universal world labor.

There are many conveniences, which if brought in nse, are inexpensive, I solicit the public patronage. Good meals, clean rooms and beds and conrte purpose there is nothing better than St around and a good time was had in spite clearer oi me cnarge oi swapping or and will materially lighten tbe bnrden and labor of the housewife. Prominent iraaing votes than tbe Editor of the ons treatment, and good stabling for Patrick's Pills. They not only physic but thoroughly cleanse the entire system THE GREAT short Linn Uuntingbnrg Independent. The Cour.

or toe bad weather. The following were present: The Misses Phenie Friedman, Clara Sermersbeim, Angle Mengis, Julia horses, will be accorded my patrons. among these conveniences is the Wapa. ier knew he was publishing a malignant Give me a trial. April 13, '88-7.

-ana win, in most cases, prevent agne and like malarial diseases if used as kaneta Porcelain Churn, which is meet laisenooa lu his paper when he wrote TO ALL THU PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THF. BAST in fried man, Tberesle Friedman, Minnie Friedman, Theresie Jutt, Lena Mehrin- ing with such remarkable sale and suc the above item for his patrons to read MAKING DIRECT CONNECTION IT ST. LUUIS WITH TRAINS FOB ALL POINTS IB oon as the first symptoms appear. Bold by Dr. J.

P-Salb. 4y. lbe Courier should endeavor when it cess wherever Introduced. Who ever sees these churns will need no explana ger, Helen Sonderman and Frances Sonderman, Martin J. Friedman, Albert attacks a man to do so correctly.

Hun NEBRASKA, COLORADO. IOWA tion of the reasons for tbe great demand. MISSOURI, KANSAS, TEXAS. Sonderman, Joe Alles and Andrew Jutt, Personal. Hon.

Ernst W. Pickhart, of Buntingburg, was in the city last uuguurg inuepenaent. This churn is sold solely on its merits, Now we re caoght again We placed And th Great Wot mad Northweat. and we do this knowing that wherever NEW HARNESS SHOP ON MILL STREET. OPPOSITE THE CORN MILL, JASPERJND.

Lquib Trailer HAS opened ont a HARNESS 8H0P and solicits a share of patronaire, as he SELU CHRAP FOR batnrday. Mr. Pickhart was elected represenative for Dubois and Martin Cboup, Whooping Cougk and Bron too much confidence in Dufendach's it goes it will make a clean record. Tbe chitis immediately relieved by Shiloh's word I He told ns himself that he had following are a row or tne many advan last Tuesday and made very favorable Trln trrlTftif at Loaisvflte r. mike direct connection)! with trains on C.

A for White 8nl ohnr Snrlne. Richmond, Wawhlnrton, Balti unre. zti two or three Democrats pledged to swap tages conceded to the Porcelain Chnrn by all who have used them, viz. 1st, A impression wnue nere. snoals Demo crat.

votes, oy voting the Prohibition ticket it more, Philadelphia, Mew York, and all principal Pensions were granted last week to islam cluea. he would, and therefore he voted an great saving to labor. 2d, It is so con Geo. Friedman, Jasper; H. Leisman, St, open Prohibition ticket, hoping thereby Mr.

Peter who has been buying wheat in Jasper during this season re- structed that it absolutely can not leak TIME TABLE FROM JASPER-IN EFFECT CASH. ALL WORK GUARANTKFDTO G1VK SATISFACTION. A large stock of HARNESS, SADDLES, la fsct. Ton will find eeerrthing uuallr kept in FIRST- 10 eaten tne Democrats, by sel ing hi Anthony StillwelL Duff; G. Schwartz, Alton father of J.

Hall, English 3d, The quality of the butter the inside Al'lUL 15th, 1888. CLASS SHOP to select from. turnea (0 Louisville, this week. lie informed us that he will be on hand parts being such as not to injure the vote ior meire. tie nadn then thought it anything wrong to sell his vote, it be WEST BOUND.

fj'Don't aak for credit, bnt please glT me a call and learn pricee. grain of the butter. 4th, the quantity of the butter; the construction cf tbe could get two to one for it and bragged next year again. Miss Mary Eckert. damrhiar Mr widow stallcop, Ireland and an Increase to F.

Meinkert and M. Jandebear, Hnnt-Ingburg J. Reid, Shoals, and a hundred other Indianians. Veterans bad better be AX. PM.

I AX April 13, 1888 IT. LOUlif I KUALCKi overwnaine thought his "sharp trick." Andrew Eckert, returned Saturday from 5.K!ll.0! AST BOUND. PX. AX. FX.

S.06 40 sss sa t.lU 126 SSI 14? TOO 11 S15 US. But now he denies it I Well. well, we dasher being such as to subject all of the cream to an equal amount of agitation, causing tbe butter to come very evenly, 7 56 11 45 hurrying up their evidence, as when -0 a mnch enjoyed visit to friends In Louls- Gen. Black goes ont next March, and PM. 13.41 lt.

jr xm A. immliuuM AB. UVOOLW gvAKSTlLUI aocaroar it. thereby producing more butter from a Dudley goes In again as Commissioner, ID on I 40 05 a SO given amonnt of cream than any other it will be a good deal harder to get pen sions unless you "stand in with the Tralni leartnc at 11 and 1 a. n.

maka connec churn can. 6th, The ease of removing the butter and washing the churn. The entire top of the churn is open when the tiona with trains (or Troy, Tall Cltr and Cannelton. gang." might nave Known that a Republican whodidn'nt prize the intelligent exercise of suffrage any more than to sell his vote, couldn't be expected to tell the truth. We are inclined io believe, however, from the circumstances, and what others tells us, that be sold his vote, notwithstanding his denial.

The Rev. Geo. H. Thayeb, of Bonr-bon, says "Both myself and Wife Tine and Hew Albany. Mr.

Jos. Kroft spent last week at his home here, coming from Owensboro to Tote. Joe is a hustler at an election. Messrs. Ignatz Eckert, county clerk, Post Master J.

F. Friedman, Dr. J. P. Salb and Peter B.

Scheirich, started on Sunday, with tent and camp equipments, for a bant and look at real estate Bene ws Her Youth. Mis. Phoebe Chesley, Clay Iowa. cover is taken off, thus giving abnndant access for removing the butter. All that is required to thoroughly cleanse tbe chnrn is to put in some hot water and give the crank a few turns.

In appearance, it would be an ornament to any AX. PX. PX. XAIH UNI. PX.

AX. PX. 8.3S S.00 4.15 lt. LociaviLLa i. 11:45 SOS en (25 4.40 inuun lt.

11 :) :00 S.40 PM AM 11.10 11.10 rnvmrntuf :50 1.46 PM AM 4.S5 4.10 err. Troon 1010 1 8.00 13i Ai. rr. Louta tells the following remarkable story, the trnth of which is vouched for by the res in trreen county, Arkansas, Lieut. W.

W. Kendall, of Hall Mr. Herman idents of the town "I am 73 years old, owe our lives to Shiloh's Consumption 28 have been troubled with kidney com room In tbe bouse. nuinert, oi nunungonrg, and one or plaint and lameness tor many years; To responsible parties we will give Trains marked ran dailv nmnt HnnAw- could not dress myself without help leaves Rockport at 11 a. m.

en Sondaja. BUCKL.ENS ARNICA SALVE. The Best Salve in the world for Cuts, this churn on ten days, trial. For sale by jnow 1 am iree irom an pain and sore ATl'KNTIOS of Smlrranta Is esoeciallT inrited te the ness, and am able to do all my own Friedman, Scheirich Hardware Store, corner 2d and Jackson near Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands. Chil following advantages offered bj this Line.

housework. I owe. my thanks to Elec- R. depot, Jasper, Ind. IT IS-SHORT LINE TO St.

LOUIS trio Bitters for having renewed my youth, and removed completely all dis CONNECTS at St. Louis in Union Denot with trainn oi an roaos leaaing nest. Norm -west and Eoatn-west ease and pain." Try a bottle, only 60c. at Mehringer Drug Store. 4.

blains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and positively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 35 cents per box. For sale by Mehringer Who la WEAK, WEKTOTJB. DEBIOTA- TED.wliolnhtsFa.l.YaDdieNOBAJICB baa TRIFLF.Iawy his VIGOUof BODY, HIWDand HAM HOOD, causing exhausting draim upon the FOITJJTAIKB of LIFE, HEADACHE, BACKACHE, Dreadful Dream, WEAKNESS of Memory, BASH FCLNENSin SMM IETT, PmPI.E8upoa the FACE, and all the EFFECTS leadinir to EARLY DECAY and perhaps CONSIMP-TIOSI or I'SAKITY.

ahorild consalt at ones) the CELEBRATED Dr. Qarke, Krtablished Dr. Clarke has made KERYOl'8 DE BIL1TT. fHROXIC and all Diseasei of the E.ITO IRIVART Oreent a Life Study. It makes tiO difference WHAT yoa hare taVefi ot WHO has failed to cure you.

arlKIt 1.ES suffering from diseases peer. far to tiwir sex can consult with the aasuranoo tTeerty relief and cure. Send 1 oena pontage iX works oa your diseasea. -8end cenu postage tor CeIebrtJi Works on bronln, Nervous and Delicate Diseaaca, Consultation, personally or by-letter, two. Consult tbe old DoWr.

1 boaaaada rnrfd. Office and parlora private. SWTboee conteniplating ilarriare end tor Dr. Clarke's celebrated guido Mala and Fesstale, each lc both 26c. gampsl.

Be" conMinr yonr ease, consult r. CLARK B. A friendly letter or call may save future sony ring and shame, and add golden yean to life. -Book Life's (S.TeO Er. rora," SOe, (ataanpsi.

Ifeddne and aritina sent eteiiabeia. seen re from eiaesnre. Sunday. to 12. Addivss, F.

D. CLAEKB, M. D. 180 8a dark SU CSiCaVQO, Lul July 13, 1888-lv. ALL TRAINS ARR RUN SOLID between LouisTUI, and St Louis.

WITHOUT CHANGS. Day trains from LottUTilte hare elerant chair cars. G3rL. Spayd has the boss store tor Sicht trains have Pullman Palace sleeping cars. THE undersigned wants all the spoke timber he can get during this winter.

loth, 1838. 1y. two others preceded them the week before. They will have a Jolly time, and expect to bring home a load of bear meat. Deputy J.

Be'tz visited Cannelton this week, with the Senatorial election returns. Our esteemed friend Capt. Jos. Armstrong, of the Revenue department, was in Jasper attending to his official duties this week. Joseph is just as jovial as ever the same J-Jo-Jos-Joseph, and has no meroua friends in Dubois.

Dr. McCoy, of Warrick county, was In Jasper this week, the guest of Lawyer Honeycntt. The Dr. remarked to some of our citizens that be believed be wonld have to move to Democratic Dubois county; he, like all true Democrats, could not help but feel proud of the remit of the election in tbii county. Welcome, Dr.

stoves. The largest assortment in the county. tf. Persons wishing to contract for a large For rail Information call noon or write to A. M.

BENNETT, Agent. Jasper. GEO. F. EVANs.

AS. 8. ODIOMK, General Manaa-er. Gol Pe Art number will please call and get prices. ESTKAY NOTICE.

Estrayed from the undersigned dur For small Iota I will pay the following CLARK'S FLAX SALVE. Cures Piles, salt rheum, tetter, burns. prices, cash on delivery ing the month of September, 1838, a 2 year old heifer, described as follows, DISEASES OF ONLY Blood Faon.Dieuaaf Kidnen. Bladaerandntberoik Veaapowea. Nerroos Donili'7.

Lost aianhood. re- scalds, sores, wounds, infant's sores and chafing, bore nipples and eruptions ot the skin. Sufferers with catarrh will hite and red speckled. Anyone giving GUIDE A A BS8T $18 FEB 1.000; A 14 1000; 10 1,000. Spokes to split 3x2 with grak, and be information concerning said heifer or re joaiaareerwaaiiraiMi penDanentts eared.

Oon.a'ttion aodtrmt'iwtiwedbb7DaljL find this an invaluable remedy and cer DS. GEiSBH 171 W. UU 8b. Sew Xmtk. turning the same will be liberally re Sept.

11. 1RS8 adrs. let sc. tac cJ. warded.

30 inches long. tain cure. Pleasant to nse and perfect astisfaction guaranteed. Price 35 cents der box, Ftb. 8, Leo Spayed, Jsiper, Ind.

Not. 2, IS88-3w. Advertise In the CouRiH if you waoM Esmond JBeskert, OeU 'SS-iw. fraspsr, AdTertise ia the Jasper Conner. a "soem in.


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