The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 30, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 30, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, JULY W, TflW McMath Edges Cherry In Missco Balloting in the governor's race: M (-MATH—5,390 CHEERY—3,JM MUBRV—1,250 HOLT—7!T TACKETT—«35 In the »ttorney-general race, Barton led county voting-with 3,9«9 and Gentry followed closely with 3,2*4. William Furlfoy polled 890 vot» '«nd Bun Reed trailed with 443. For state land commissioner, Mississippi Counltans cast 4.055 voles for the Incumbent. Claude A. Rankin. Ira Golden finished second with 2,112 and C. C. Smiih polled 1,544 votes. Noble Gill swept county returns, receiving 7.B3S. Paul Chambers, who received 611 in the county, took the Commodity And Stock Markets- N«w York Cotton Open High Low Close Ocl 3750 3795 3745 3795 Dec 3740 3775 3740 3775 Mar 3730 3765 37f9 3769 May 3716 3148 3715 3143 N«w Orleans Cotton Open High Low Close Oct 3753 3794 3750 3191 Dec 3733 3115 3133 3114 Mar 3732 3703 3730 3163 May 3724 3752 3716 3147 stale lead, however!. Rable Rhodes polled 213 Mississippi County voles and Dan Cowling, Jr., received 179. In the senatorial race. Mr. Wyatl led In Blytheville. Sen. Beardcn carried Osceola, Lcachville and Dell and Mr. Hoyt carried Manila. In the judge's race, Mr. Bradley carried Blytheville and Mr. Deer carried Osceola. Bl.vthrvllle Vole Voting in Blytheville went as follows: Governor — Cherry. 1,101: McMath, 522: Murry. 351; Holl, 318; Tarkclt. 83. Prosecuting attorney — Partlow. 2,373; Spencer: 205; Meadows, 84. Senator—Wyatt, 1,277; Beardcn. 965; Hoyt. 385. Judge—Bradley. 1,404; Deer. 182; Shcdd, 40J. Demorratir rommltteeman —Gill, 2.131; Chambers, 204; Rhodes, 65; Cowling. 54. AMorncy general—Gentry, l.rifjG: Bnrton, 459; Purifoy, 223; Rccd 152. State land commissioner— Ran- !cln. ar>0; Golden, 602; Smith. 667. Tn Osceoln. voters cast 360 voles 'or Cherry, 241 for Molt. 155 for MUIT.V, 10(1 for McMath and 19 for Tackett. Partlow received 763 Os- crola votes. Spencer 102 and Meadows 20. Foreign Aid Cuts To Hurt Defense, Acheson States WASHINGTON W/— Secretary ol Stale Acheson said today conisrrs- slonnl cuts In foreign aid funds will have the effect of stretching out or slowing down military production in the Western world. He made this B.iserlton in discussing »t a news conference the tiirn- down of French requests for a Increase in American purchases of arms in France for Atlantic Alliance armies. Achrson said the French government, had laid before Hie U. S. the list of purchases which the French desired to have mnde In France and | thnt American officials went over the list In the light ot funds they had, and have now told the French what this 'country can do. Soybeani Sep 3.05-\ 3.03^ Nov 2.0215 2. BO 1 ! Jan 2,B5'4 2.92*. Mar 2.9S14 2.94 May 2.05-S 2.93V New York Stocks A T and T Amer Tobacco 3.05 ',4 2.02 '/I 2.9515 2.0614 2.95-M 154 57 5-8 One Minor Action Is Reported on Korea Warfront SEOUI,. Korea W—One minoi action was reported lodny as rain drenched (he Korean battle fronl tor (he sixth straight day. Ma'nly ground contact was limited to brief exchanges betweer patrols. But on the Wc.slerti Front, near Sen. nearden polled 4S7 Osccola I the shelf-ripped hill Old Baldy Anaconda Copper 4fi Beth Stee! .. Chrysler Coca-Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors .... . Montgomery Ward N Y Central Jnt Harvester J C v Penney Republic Steel — Radio '.... Socony Vacuum .. Studebaker . Standard of N J .. Texas Corp Scars t> S Steel So Pac 52 3-4 78 7-8 113 £1 1-4 5!! 1-2 61 1-2 • 20 1-8 35 l-K 60 1-2 42 1-4 2fl 3-4 38 1-4 38 1-8 80 3-4 SB 1-8 57 3-4 41 83 3-4 votes. Wyatt 178 and Iloyl 174 Tn (he Judges rare. Deer rrceivccl 554 Bradley 200 and K'icdrt 156. Sen. Bertrdon will now complete a four-year tern; he foepan two years nco. A reapnortloiunent of slate senatorial districts ordrrcd by the RimrPtno Court last December forced all state, snnnlnrs to run for re- elfftlnn. This Is the senator's second term. He will hi; one of three senators | from District 24. comnoscd of Mls- stsslnnl. Cralchend and Polnsett Counlies. A "gentleman's agreement" between coimlle.s provided lhat voters In each of the three would pick a senator fronl their respective county. Run-off Is Aue. 12 County Judpe-elect Deer win begin his first term when he takes olflce. He formerly was county supervisor of schools here and for a while served in the. State Department of Fducatton . The Mississippi County Demo- crn'ic Central Committee will meet al. 0 a.m. Friday In Osrcola to certify the election returns, Tn rnccs where the number of candidates 1ms hecii cut lo two. voters will select the Democratic nominee far that office in the runoff nrlmary Aug. 12. In.all cases except governor, victory In the A\l(!. primary will be tantamount to election. The Democratic nominee for povernor, however, must rim against U. N. troops counterattacked a sec ond time against an advance po sltlon KCizcd by 200 Hells earl; Tuesday. A thunderous artillery barragi and Allied Inlantry charge earl^ this morning failed to dislodge th" Reds. The U. S. Eighth Army said I had no late report on the secon attack. Except for night B26 and B2 bomb runs on front line targets (J. N. warplanes were mostl; grounded. Naval Reserve Members Sought ENTRY (Continued from Page I) 20. Thirteenth District: 112 of 111 >xe.s Bruce Bennett 12.992, H, H. eace 2,079. Hugh Wharton 7,466. Stale Senators Eighth District: g* of 6* boxes ack Clark 5611, Russell Crlner '52, Laury D. Wllburn 294. Ninth District: fu of 119 boxes: oy Milum 5074. Ernest Nicholson :53, O. T. Tlppitt 121, M. F. Walts Fifteenth District: 81 of M boxes: psition No. 1 Dr. Edwin Barren 222, Max Unwell 23797, Phlrd haris 1000; Position No. 2 Ellis M. agan 18269, Herscl Medlock 2981, Irs. David Terry 10716; Position o, 3 Artie Gregory 16912, C.F. enderson 1132, Boh Hlley 14332. Seventeenth District: 108 of 109 oxes J. W. nest 2513, Mason Ellis 145, Tom Logan 3853, Dr. C.D. Ibbels 2036. Twenty-fourth District: BO of flo oxes position No. 1 J. Lee Beardea 471. Henry K. Hoyt 1633, W. H. Vyntl 2)24. Posillon No. 3: 34 of 34 boxes: jouls G. Minion 221; John S. Mosey 2080; Fred H. Stafford 2843. Twenty-fifth District: 67 of 73 oxes 'Position No. 2 c. E, Bell 7M. Carroll Durham 1615, Lamar L,. Rodgers 2719. Army Wife Found Guilty of Black Market Charges WEISBADEN. Germany (JP> — Mrs. [Catherine Reed, 44, wife of > U. S. air force colonel, was convicted today on five black market charges and fined a total of $3,982, She wa« accused of selling toffee and gasoline coupons and making Illegal currency exchanges on the German black market. U. S. Judge Dcvdlt White set her bail at $1,000 pending payment of her fine or an appeal. SIDELIGHTS (Continued from Page 1) victory for the people, (or no one for me except the 10 Missing, One Dead from Rains TOKYO (fi'i— One person Is dead nd 10 ore missing as a result of ic-avy rains last night on Southern lon.shn. largest of the Japanese Islands. Kyorio News Agency snld about 1.000 homes and 1,087 acres of 'armland were flooded. . it is a 1 had people "I think the people have definitely repudiated Mr, McMath and his dmfnistration by an overwhelming lajortly." Asked if he had received any ledges of support from the three nndidatc.s who were eliminalet a yesterday's preferential prl nary, Cherry Replied no, but add d that supporters of (he defeatec Ivnls had kept htm on the lettv hone since 5 a.m. pledging theT 'otes to him. He said he may resume cam- Eiigning tomorrow with a radio alkalhon, the new political gimmick to whtch his second place Inish yesterday 4 has beirn attributed to a large degree. Driver forfeits $777 Drunk Driving Bond C. S. Fiisby forfeited a $111.25 rash bond In Municipal Court thl morning on a charge of drivinp while under the influence of liquor In other action, Hosle l>ee Cook NeRro, WHS found not guilty on charge of driving while under th influence of liquor and his hearin on a charge of reckle.wi driving wa continued until Friday. He WR,S arrested following an ac cidrnt July at the intersection r Main and 16th Streets Involving h car and one driven by J. B. Harvey of Roseland- itv« stock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, III. (ft— (USDA)— Hogs 10,000; barrows and giHs all weights 50 to 75 lt;w,or; active At decline; shippers and butchers taking liberal share of run; bulk choice 180-220 Ibs unsorted for grade 22,50-22.65; popular price 22.SO; up to 22.75 paid -for moderate sprinkling; choice packers top 22.50; 260-300 Ibs tin- sorted for grade or weight 21.0021.75; choice lftO-110 Ibs 19.5Q-21.25; 120-140-Ibs 17,50-19.25; SOWS 25 to &0 lower; bulk 400 Ibs down 18.7519.25; heavier sows 16.75-18,25. Cattle 2,500; calves 900; slow; . a few steers and heifers about steady at Tuesday's decline; average and high choice light mid medium weight steers 32.00-33.00; commercial to good 23.00-2fi.00; the }atter price also for good and choice quality feeders; a few utility and commercial cows 17.0020.00; caimers and cutters 12.0017.00. Republican nominee Jefferson W. Speck of Frenchmnn's Bayou In the general election Nov. 4. More Rain Seen For Arkansas More rain wns forecast for drouth and heat-plagued Arkansas today, Twenty cities reported rain yesterday, from three and one half inches at Jonesboro to n trace elsewhere. For the most part, temperatures rernained high yesterdny — and like the rMn, the weatherman says the current heat .wave will continue, Arkadclphia had the state's temperature yesterday with Others were Newport, Ozark Pine ' Bluff. 103; Morrllton Representatives of the Naval A Reserve unit at Memphi.s arrive here today to interview applican for enlistment in the unit, whic is locntcd at Milllngton Naval A Station. Chief W. T. Craney nnd Pet Officer R. N. Foster will he at tl recruiting office in City Hall tomorrow nnd FYidny to explain the reserve training program lo potential enlistees. Members of the reserve train nne weekend each month In the aviation field of their choice and go on active duty two weeks each ycnr. Uniforms are furnished and pay r /* r I T II ranges from $10.40 n month for re-P oft <-°°' ' O'KS U. of A. Alumni Group Honors Dr. Caldwell Twenty-five members of the Blytheville University of Arkansas Alumni Association were present at a dinner meeting in the Mirror Room of the Noble Hotel Monday night honoring Dr. John Tyler Catdwell, new president of the University. Oscar Fendler presided In the absence of LeRoy Huddleston, association president.' Guests Included H. C, Knappenberger of the Mississippi County Rural Electrification Administration, and Mrs. Vir glnla Martin Bishop of Annapolis, Md. J. Louis Cherry. Mrs. Elsijane Trimble Roy and Byron Moore were appointed to a committee to make nominations for officers for the comtng year. Dr. Caldwell addressed the group briefly on the state of the University at the present time. He was accompanied by Bill Good, public relations director at the University. ELECTION (Continued from Page 1) ceded their elimination early today, all with expressions of thanks to their supporters. None Indicated whether he would he would attempt to attempt to attempt lo Influence his following to work for one of the remaining two candidates—or If he did which one It would be. McMath Leads 3} McMath, carried or was leading In 33 of the state's 75 counties. Obituary W. S. Hanley, 76, Dies; Services To Be Tomorrow Tackett headed the ticket in 17. two more than did Cherry. Holt was ahead In six «nd Murry in three. In Randolph county, Cherry and McMath tied for first with 1126 voles each after all the boxes were reported. Cherry ran strongly In his chancery district and some other sections of East Arkansas and picked up heavy support In most of the .state's more populous counties. JONESBORO. Ark. fin-Chancellor Francis Cherry's hometown residents cast a record number of votes yesterday, in the Democratic primary, in which Judge Cherry placed second. 'Hie 1950 record total of 3.141 votes wast left far behind in yesterday's balloting. Incomplete returns showed & total of T453 votes. Einstein ignores 'Flying Saucers' I.OS ANGELES (,T| — Physicist Albert Einstein is serenely unconcerned about /lying saucers. Evangelist Louis A. Gardner wrote Einstein at Princeton to ask his opinion. Einstein Raid: "Tlir-.iB people have seen something (underline'!. What it Is r do not know and I am not curious to know." This was the extent of his reply. heading the ticket by sizeable margins In Pulaskl, Jefferson and Uni Counties and others. He beat out McMath by a few hundred votes in the lalter's old home county of Garland (but not in McMath's native county Columbia). The McMath slrensth seemed equally distributed throughout the state. Tackett was especially strong in his old Seventh Congressional District and was leading slightly in Sebastian County, the state's second most populous center. Holt had his customary Ruiiporl in his :mtive county of Boomi and other Northwest Arkansas Services for W. S. Hanley of Steele, Mo.. Rt. 1, who would have been 76 today, will be conducted tomorrow 'morning at 10 a.m. in Holt Funeral Home Chapel .by Dr. A. P. Pogartie of the First Pr«. byterlan Church In Jonesboro, assisted by the Rev. James Rainwater of the rirst Christian Church here. Mr. Hanley had lived In th« Blytheville and Steele area for the past 25 years. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Maude Hanley; a daughter. Mrs! Dixie Crawford of Jonesboro; and a son. Jack Hanley of California. Pallbearers will be Marion Williams, Otho stanfield and .T. C. Ellis. Sr., of Blytheville; Robert Patrick and Jim Reeves of Jonesboro; and Sims Mlchle of steels. Burial will be In Elmwood Ceme- .ilcry. Holt Funeral Home is in of charge. Murry took his native county of Dallas and two others nearby. Cherry led in first return* received last ni#ht. but after a few hours dropped behind McMalh. For a time H .seemed that Tackett had a chance to overtake Cherry for second place, but the chancellor gained steadily to insure hii areas, runoff spot. SAFEWAY Lions See Car Film The Lion's Club yesterday was shown a film on "The Future Car" in their weekly meeting in the Noble Hotel. The film was presented through the Phillips Motor Company. cruits to $-12 for chief petty officers. Veterans of any branch of service, non-veterans between the apes of 17 nnd 18'-i and women between the ai;es of 18 and 28 arc WASHINGTON f/T) — John L. Lewis reportedly has begun talks with a major part of the soft coal Industry, probably to lay the groundwork for full-scale contract negotiations, LITTLE ROCK '£V-Gov. McMath •said he would resume campaign- • Ing for a third term with a state- j wide radio address tonight. ! Having led the 5-man field in yesterday's preferential Democratic primary, the governor predicted lhat he would win renomination over Chancellor Francis Cherry in the Aug. 12 runoff. He said he would remain in his campaign headquarters here tomorrow and then hit the road Friday, making radio addresses every night from various sections of the state until the runoff. Friday nlghl's speech probably will be mnde in southwest Arkansas, he said. During the daytime between now and the runoff, McMath said. "I'm pr'nT out to 5-"! the people." he will conduct, the governor said: program. The majority we receive in this* election cannot be overcome by the opposition. The people f of Arkansas want a continuation of i the constructive program that we] now have in operation. We will win a great victory on Aug. 12." Be Sure... Shop Safeway! It's easy to plan summer meals with Coke 105. and and 102; Ft. Smith, 101; Dnrdnnelle, Walnut Ridnc. Camden, Little Rock and Texarkana, 100; El Dorado and Fayettcvillc, 98. and Gilbert. 97. In fact, Coca-Cola almost plans them for you, because it suggests so 7tiany foods quickly prepared and greatly relished. the sign of AT YOUK FOOD STOIUi He knows who has the cleanest, freshest wash in town . . . who is satisfied with halfway, old-fashioned methods. How do you rale? Do you know our delivery man? We (hink you should ... for h« can help you to a new way of living. Let him take washday drudgery out of your house ... let us show you th« results of professional laundry service . . . and 3'ou'll look forward lo his visits every week! Blytheville Laundry-Cleaners Phone 4418 SPECIAL! Safeway Has a Limited Supply of Deck Style Lawn Chairs-These fine chairs regularly sold for $ 6.98! NOW ONLY *2.98 SAFEWAY

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