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The Jasper Weekly Courier from Jasper, Indiana • 5

Jasper, Indiana
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1 i iwa C. ECKERT. J. ECKEUT. A.


Grant is getting better. lie was 63 years old last Monday. Dress goods In endless variety. Eckert Bros. cheap at K.

Co's. ANDREW SCHERER, 5 0000 co cc co co 00 co co cooo 00 oc co co 00 00 ca fTTrMr. J. B. Junker moved his family to Jasper Tuesday, and occupied their new bouse.

Welcome. FIFTH STREET, JASPEROIT USPERCOUilIER, White frost Weduesday morning. New and choice embroidery at Lehr-lurger, liahn Co's. Mite at Mr. J.

M. Pleasant's to nlgbt. I Junker has Just received a large assortment of all colors of Cashmeres, Wheat brought 90 eta. a bushel at the Jasper mills this week. Boots, shoes and slippers.

We show' the best line in the county. K. Co. ft-TTh fine weather this week has Lecsinp- the historian, cava that tin nne OPPOSnR THK TOBACCO UOL'SK. can tell which of the Bahama islands Columbus first set foot on, 00 00 OS CC CO CO 00 00 11 Mills kg? JASPER, IND 9 For Rf.nt.

A good business room on West 6th street, formerly occupied by a photograph gallery. Has a large sky OFFERS his services to the public wanting first-class home-made boots co do 6s co 00 co co 00 co ca 9 CO CO CO CO CO CO CO cc and shoes. He will make any style de sired promptly, and at reasonable prices Having supplied these Mills with the LATEST IMPROVED ROLLER MA- and hopes by having good workmen light. Inquire at Courier office, tf. Tf-The railroad company begin on nest Sunday selling tickets to any station at one fare for rooud trip, good tor Sundays oniy.

and good material to receive a liberal enabled farmers to plant a good deal of share of CUlJi-tiix, we now mate none oui iua jldi daahio Fancy and Patent Process Roller Flour I which admits of no eqnal for familv nse. TO TRY IT 18 TO BB -SATISFIED WITH IT. REPAIRING WILL ALSO BE PHOMPTLY AT (ty M. A Hermersheim Co. received big stock of goods of all kinds this week.

OCT We will sell you clothing for 20 TENDED TO. HIDES WANTED. I will also pay in choice patterns from 4 per cent less than any other house In the county, as we manufacture our own goods and can guarantee you satisfaction. K. Co.

1 (KTThe attention of taxpayers is di the best price for dry or green ANDREW SCHERER. Aug. 22d, 1884-1 y. to 6 indigoes cts. at Lehrburger, We advise everybody to Iluy the Best it Is alwy the Cheapest.

liad I-lour causes doctor's hills' ESS rected to the notice of the meeting of the CURED IN ITS VARIOUS STAGES. Desire for stimulants entirely removed ITS Seethe adv. of the Johnston Harvesters. TThose.inuso in this county have given eminentjsatisfaction. The Binder is a model of beauty and strength.

ftirFor a good and cheap sewing ma Kqiializal ion Board in to-day's paper. Don't have them, add to the assessed value of your taxables, and then grumble because you didu't know anything about it. WHEAT "WAYS PAY THE HIGHEST MARKET PRICE IN CASH, BY WAGON or CAR LOAD. Tlome treatment Medicine can be administered without knowledge of patient, ECKERT BROTHERS 60. December 31, 18S3 ly.

chine, call on Leo Spavd and puachase one of the renowned Crown machines, by simply placing it in collee. tea or any article of food. Cures guaranteed. WINTER STOCK $100 WILL BE PAID For any case of drunkenness that Golden Rev 8. F.

Anderson will preach in the M. E. Chnrch, in Jasper, on Saturday night at 7 o'clock, and Sunday morning at 10) o'clock. Sunday-school at 9 aiclook. Rev.

W. T. Wliitsett will preach Sunday night at 7J o'clock. The public are respectfully Specific will not cure. Circular con-taing testimonials and full particulars which for durability and good work excells all others in the tf.

Thousand- Say So. Mr. T. W. Atkins, Girard, Ivans, writes "I never hesitate to recommend your Electric Bitters to my customers, they give entire satisfaction and are rap-Id sellers." Electric Bitters are the purest and best medicine known and will positively cure Kiduev and Liver complaints.

Purify the blood and regulate the bowels. No family can afford to be without them. Thev will save hundreds sent tree. Address COLDEN SPECIFIC CO. 1 S3 Race Cincinnati, O.

June 6th. 18S4- ly. sjever before have Dry Goods and Clothing been 10 CHEAP. For a enpar lively small sum now the bead of a family who buys hit gooda of iKTOne of the small cases in conrt this week was a case against Adam Osborn for running from a bailiff. Mr.

Osborn THE OLD RELIABLE MIIJIEIBILIBIE testified that he did run, but he went after some rails to put on a fence be was building. The Judge found him guilty and remarked that lie went after the rails too fast O-boru tliioks be was fined for working fast. Spring Seat In Jasper, can cloth his entire family fashionaoly and comfortably. I have takes, advantage of the low market and bought extensively, and will girt the best bargains ever put on a counter in Dubois connty. Wallpaper, Wallpaper.

The largest stock of wallpaper ever SADDLE brought to this county has just been re FASHIONABLE CLOAKS ceived by Jacob Gosmann at his Book and Stationery Store. Ranging in price of dollars in doctor's bills every year. Sold at fifty cents a bottle by Mehrinsrer Bros. Jasper, Ind. 3.

B. Junker has removed opposite Benkert'g blacksmith shop, whore he is prepared to sell goods as cheap as ever. 0rThe new store of Friedman, Scheir-Ich Co. is now filled to repletion with the largest stock of paint, oils, doors, eash, and builders' hardware, of all kinds. and carpenters', tools, ever brought to Dubois county.

Many articles never heretofore obtainable in this county are found in their stock, embracing all the latest improvements. An idea of their stock may be had when you know that from 8 cents to 30 cents a roll. I have NEW MARKETS, RUSSIAN CIRCULARS and others at low prices, that sake ladies look lovely. COME AND SEE THEM. also an improved trimming machine, and THE BEST wilt trim an wallpaper tor mose wno wish it.

Also a large assortment of i i window shades at trom fl.25 to $3 00 a pair with fixtures complete; also the SADDLE AND HAHSESS SHOP! OVERCOATS, BOOTS and SHOES, NOTIONS. Aurora spring bilance shade rollers. QUEENSWARE, GLASSWARE, GROCERIES, CLOCKS, JEWELRY. OF Please give me a call and convince yourselves; Jacob Gosmak.n. JOHN TROXLER, tTINE CUTLERY, in great yariety.

they ju3t received an entire car-load of nails and hinges of all kinds. They alsoi have an unlimited supply of lumber of North Main JASPER, IND. ALWAYS furnish" lh very best well I te stylet of HARNESS and SADDI.RS. Thankful fo Feb. 13, 1885 -4m.

Huntiiigburg: Hummlugs. The shelves of all our stores are pack II tirades, and builders can get or tnem uakI t'Avors 1 solicit and am prepared for a laree trade this. frr COUNTRY PRODUCE of all kinds taken at the HIGHEST X1ESST PRICE, on the South-west Corner of the Square and Sixth Street all necessary materials for houses, or 'son. particular al'ent on airtn to BUGGY TKlX-r ed with new spring goods. they will contract to build any kind of ana eoon it lock ol material on band.

March Kb-n JOHM TROXLER home desired and furnish all materials Call and sea them. KUEBLER, Jasper, Ind, Dee. 1884. Twenty-nine trains a day arrive at Huotingburg now. Toot, toot So Mr.

Fisher has received the at JASPER LIVERY J. H.FKIEDHaH, H. SEitUERSHBlH. BJrFor the largest assortment of cook pointtnent for.postmasterhere.' Well A1D- an MI the excitement is over. tores and garden implements in the countV and at the lowest figures, call on Quite a number of our citizens walked to .1 nsper Monday morning to attend Jjeoepayd tf.

ALE STABLE LIVERY, FEED court, on account of the change of time CLOTHING Personal. Mr. N. J. Ofoerst went to Evansville Monday on business of the on the Air-line.

lumber trade. To-night (Friday) the democracy of liuntiiigburg-will meet in mass conven Mr. Dan. Miller went to Washington AND DRY GOODS! tion to nominate candidates tor town this week, to see abont some machinery 11 ABU Trinii for Friedman, Sscheirioh uo- offices, and transact such other business as may come before the meeting. A full Dr.

T. Wert started last week to the attendance is expected. ftnnnal meeting'of the American Medical Largest and Best Stodc in the Co. Mr. Louis Hildebrand's new shop on Association at New Orleans, and of Fifth ssreet, near the depot, will soon be course will take in the great Exposition.

completed. When you are in need of SALE STABLE, Mr. M. B. Dillon, of Bloomin.ton, boots or shoes, and want something that wno is attending to extensive landed in is hne and wen made, give Louis a call.

terest in this county, gave us a pleasant ECKSTEIN! SIITn 8TRKET, EAST OP COUBT-HOrSE, JTaspe'v, Ind. He will please you. Sermershe im Go. can Tuesday. Dr.

J. Hazlewood, of Evansville, Mr. Henry Moenkhans, who recently purchased the entire stock of groceries. Persona wishing donble or sin pie risra or spending a few days iu Jasper, and talks HAVIW purchased the Jasper Llrary Stable, have furnished It with a-nad lock, and are prepared to of Mr. J.

H. shaefer, lias sop Have just opened the largest and beat saddle horses, can be accommodated at any or all times. plied his shelves with everything usually auoud to all calls ipon tatm. ttff-Soecial attention given to com found in a first-class Goods or locating here. Mr.

C. First went to Henryville Tuesday to open a shoe shop there. Messrs. Isidore Schuhmacher and Jos assortment of Merchandise, of all kinds, erer brought to Dn-bois Connty, and will sell gooda Regular Hacks for French Lick fresh. Place of business corner of Fourth mercial travelers wlshlna to visit and Main streets.

CAN BE HAD ON SHORT NOTICE. Kroft went to Louisville this week to CHEAPER FOR CASH 1 Rev. P. Scheliha. of thn Lhtheran points In the country.

April tf. 'SS, tf. 95-Persona desiring to purchase, tell get machinery for their new brick-yard church, and Mr. Fred. dele or trade horses, will tnd it to their THAU AST OTEKB E0UBI IV TBI CO0BTT.

Notice of Application for Liquor interest to consult us. a iuii nne oi xjrusseia and ingrain gate, are in Cincinnati this week, upon attendance at the Synod meeting of the scond district ofth? North American License. carpets at Lehrburger, Kahn Co's. Horses Boarded by the Dav. Week or 'VroTIC1! s'1 rHn Jssper Month, call anci see us.

Evangelical Association. Kit Kar. LOOK AT OUR LATEST 8.TTLE OP C3TA new lime table went into effect on the railroad last Sunday which is very XI and Bain'jritlfre townsnip. uuneiacounry.inaiana. that the nmlereiirned will apply to the Board of County Commissioners of Dubois county, at their June term.

1SSB. under the provisions of an Act, entitled 'An Act SERMERSHEIM FRIEDMAN. July 18th. 1R8-Iy. inconvenient, for Jasper The rmitte license the sale of spirituous, einoust.

A press of advertising compels us to cut down our interesting Huntingburg Gentlemens' and Boys' morning train in and the afternoon train and malt and other intoxicating liquors, to limit the license fee to be charred by cities and towns, and to repeal all former lawh regulating tta sale oi intoxicating items this week. PORTEBSVIUE CKAMOH STORE out are taken off, so that persons having ousiness in Jasper are compelled. to stay Clothing, liquors, and all laws and parts ot laws cominir in conflict with the provisions of this act, prescribing pen A Walking: Skeleton. 11 night, or come in their own convey-ances. As a consequence a great many for SPRING and SUMMER wkab to all Mr.

E. of Mechanicsburgh, alties tor the stolanon tnereoi, ana ueeinriii au emc--cucv." nassed br the Leaislature of Indiana, in 1S75 JOHN MEHNE Claims to have the champion store ol furi'liivRMK seltsoiritnous. vinous, and malt liqnurs. writes: "I was afflicted with lung grades, from a $5 suit op. norseg ana Duggies and wagons were seen in town this week, as it is cheaper fever and abscess on lungs, and reduced to a walking Skeleton.

Got a free trial in quantities less than a qnart at a time, to be drank on the premises, for a term of ona year, Th precise lo cation where he desires to sell is in house situated and beinff nnon the East-half of lot Ko. sixty -six en to mre a Horse than to pay notel fare. It the county, at Portersville, for fair dealingand CHEAP PRICES. bottle of Dr. King's Ntw Discovery for is also inconvenient at regards mails, giving us bnt one mail a day; and that the corner of 5th and Jackson Jasper, aa shown HANDSOME DRESS GOODS, Conanmption which did me so much good that I bought a dollai bottle.

Af at 4 clock in the evening, too late for upon the original map or plat or tne own ot jasper. Dubois county, Indiana. JOHN 8FRACKK. April, 2b, 1SSS 3w. orders received that day bv anv of crtfr ter usinjr three bottles, fonnd myself HE HAS JVST KECKITED A FCLL STOCK OF Fall and Winter Goods! NOTIONS, factories to get them filled for shipment once more a man, completely restored to Notice of Application for Liquor IIARDWA RE, next day, as the freight leaves at 4:30 in health, with a hearty appetite, ana again License.

the morning, -thus delaying the filling in flesh of 48 lbs Call at Mehringer Bros, Drug Store and get a free trial bottla oi oraers lor 30 Hours, besides the iucoii- AJST GROCERIES I renience of not knowing what Is going on or this certain cure lor all Lung Diseases. "VTOTTCK is hereby riven to the citiiens of Jasper slid Bainbridfre township. Dubois cuumy, Indiana, that the nndersiejied will apply to the Board of County Commissioners of Dubois cwinty, at their June term, 1SH5. under the provisions of an Act, entitled "An Act to regulate and lioenve the sale of spirituous, vinoua. malt and other intoxicating liquors, to limit the license in the world for 12 hours.

There was a Largo bottles 8. of all kinds, to which he invitea attention, and will be glad of an opportunity to show you. DRIED FRUIT WANTED For which he will pay the HIGHEST PRICE; also nil other kinds of COUNTRY PRODUCE. strong desire expressed by numbers ofj our people on Monday for a revival ofj For Town Clerk. Mr.

Jacob Gosmasn is a Candidate for fee to be barred by cities and towns, ana to repeal an former laws regulating the sale of intoxicating liquors, and all laws and narta of laws coming In oo Diet with re-election as Clerk for the incorporation VI I-AOT, A FULL ASSOETMira. M. A. 8ERMERSHEIM tc 00' North Side Public Square Oct.ii,i88i tf. jasper, nm.

me daily mail and stage line to Loogoo-tee, on the O. M. road, as that used to furnish us onr mails more promptly than of Jasper, at the May election. the provisions of fhis act. prescribing penalties for the violation thereof, and declaring an eiergenqy." passed by the Legislature of Indiana, in 175, for a license to xney are received now by railroad.

It is probable a petition will be presented For Marshal. Don't forget NIEHNE'S CHAMPtOft Portersville, Ind. Leopold Gutzweileb is a candidate 10 me r. u. uepartment next week ask sell spirituous, vinous ana disk uquvra, in iuwiuura less than a quart at a time, to be drank on the premises, for a term of one year.

The precise location where I desire to sell is In my house situated on the oorner ot est Sixth and Hewton on Lot So. 7. as shows upon theonginalmaporplatuf thetown of Jasper, ftalnt'ric'ge IiacYaow. In PptFrthnriF and for re-election, as Marshal of the town of ingtorita re-establishment. With the present arrangements on the railroad it WAtll A 1 1 I uacii lor s.uu.

Jasper. township. Dubois county, inaiana. un, pa. April itth, 18X5 THE undersigned carries the mail for the Jasper and Petersburg ronte, rnnB a good hack, and will take passengers at $2.00 for the round trip.

Packages of all kinds tarried at reasonable rates, and way places accommoda CALIFORNIA ElClRI0 AHSf.riTIM, WABXBB BHns at CBOSBT. JwsMyera. Monthly ex irstow Cal torn la. Cossrortaoie aa-tots imodarioas a' raac Spteedtd onponanttlea land seem vs. marls' a.

plr re and hewlh seeker. A ellmate for beaith and we tvelotta or Railroad and private laada far a nUltoa far-jiera. Lands for ertontas howiea, ateefe raislnc fro ft )alre aad laveatnw-at. ty For fnrl in'orsisrloo sail )n or address Wm aw 0ros.t Croasy. Ita Adasas Shfa-o end 802 Main Rt Los Anarlea.Cal.

Excursions leave Chieafto Feb 19; Msre.h 19: Apr. JA; Msraujnne i. Leave Kansas City Feb. March 20; Apt, IT; War 131 JMn tf; t7. iJ 8S BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE, passengers could reach Cincinnati from Jasper several hours sooner than thev Thi Bet SalJ lu tbe.

T.0 for 1 can by the Louisville route as at present Braises, bores. Ulcers, Salt Rheum, e-managed. The trains now leave Jasper ver itorea, Tetter, Chapped Hands. Chil-M follows: Local freight 4-30 A. M.

Iblains Corns, and all bkin Eruptions, mail and express 11 05 A. and getiaDd positively cures Piles, or po pay re-into Evansville some time that dav if nou'red. It is guaranteed to give perfect accident happens. Trains leave Kvans-l8ati8faction. mo? refunded.

Price ille at I P. M. and 5 P. arriving at 25 eentsper box. For sale by Mehnuger Jagper at 4:20 and 10:40 P.M.

provided Jasper. the soises don't bwsk down. Feb. Stta, OT. ly1.

MARRIAGE GUIDE t60 Page, tm 1 1 jKU 4 gin WiHtf son. menmf atajaM. ypr tm K. Tau book itvim avrf airttM, vlUkil tkfMitv wat atato. Itvrr diuM, (KW aa, tU 9Tfj fev twalai.

fivith. BMuty HpptaM, an fie a4 fcy In wit (Any aatvrTy vteMi, h)T Mdattl ftM, v.m HBWaamry broach aaM vrovAerfit rm rtotvnm tr iif. 8t MftHval hj tr. WHITTIXTt, St Lm1, MBWBlavaMalaW ted. LeaveavJasper, Mondays, VV eanes- days and Fridays at 7 o'clock a.

and Petersburg alternate days. Orders left the Post-office will be attended to. Gmwci w. ffrrrr..

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