Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania on February 5, 1946 · Page 10
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Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Chester, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 5, 1946
Page 10
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TUESDAT, FEBRUARY S. lt CHESTER (PA.) TIMES COUNTY CAGERS ALERTED AS ACTION NEARS Old Timers to Dine and Pine for Old Times at 'Y' Township Meets Prospect With Top Rung at Stake " The annual Old Timers Sports . ; Committee Banquet will be held :: Ridley Township faces Prospect 0HEVSH0L0M Thursflay, kco. i. at bju p. m. m. PENN STEELERS Chester ymca. ? :ie noDular affair has been a MEN'S CLUB HAVE 1 I , J , t the"; uburban Basketball flfiri mf f TCTAN sellout for weeki. una the lucky 21b . who will be lnattndance are look - ague sec action. LjVUl J IV i Iti non - sectional names, ic if 1 Clifton AWARD NIGHT Lhe Colllngdale - IIPIPUTC 70 ,(0 tng lorwaro to a gaia evening. The food will start to disappear ; at 6.30, but none of the diners will disappear until they have heard all Heights and the Chester - Coalesville I jHjfl 1 iJ t i)mL10 A soortine event which is to be .miwiiifM anitallv had its incep Rldlev Township can Ji known for their after - dinner abll - itv with the words, 'Seated al the head table will be President Judge Albert D. MacDade, ; tion Monday night wnen me .nm a Club of Ohev Sholem Synagogue L..iL , nn hnttln hie 1 i - .sc on nc, ; ' r, ., 73 ,o 43 setback last r.i Baseball', annual fun festival in New York touched but oneny on Waldorf - Astoria ballroom tables there wan n air of optimism that haa been absent in the last few meeting. I easues thai have beer, idle during the war year had Ihnr on hand and from CI... to major, a ar confident that prosperity far (he grandest sport of ail just around lhe corner. ,i. nitt an old friend of ours, jconriucud a - SprUs Awaret I i ik c - it IrM I L u t haTtml'Da!tir!.i'Jis' a harrt job. al - j woods, former South Catholic at e P Lou Dallett was chairman of the I committee and presented Sam Ru - . I " " t..l one tio.f I'll. Itaipn f. sai is, nincu John Ogdeu. Walter Layer. John Siet.ser, State Representative Ell - - mm - .. wood J. Turner, iouiuy v - uiiimu - sioner Clarence L. Conner, Emery Among me mmui " . ... .i tn t;. j ,amP whlch prominent members of the Phila ' the content Jwd .Hi,,h mainstay, was a close second delphia Eagles grid team: Jack Fer - Nelson, 'toasimasier Y;! V Lark in, Newt Myers, William J. rho.tortmvn Md. home and accepted the presidency of the haatcrn - "completed on the Prospect ranle. Ben Ktsn, anu uarry t;aieiii. with fifteen. Bis Lec I - oil an w; the locals with a me ShK. t mime one of the resurrected circuits: floor, row - iure tin the court pre :; eleven point Ferrante accepted the guts anc in most pleasing manner relate! in :i half was played cidents in his SDorts career that, were Burk. F. Farwell Long, totate senator Weldon B. Heyburn. Gordon MacDonald, George L. Alston, and wjiham B. McClenachan. Awards will be made to a dow;n ouusianding local athletes whosa Accompanying Kibler Lt. Colonel Harry Resell, former president of the Sho' loop who is still in the Air ?orce. Harry was a. nm)M f Colonel Kibler'! - at Washington College. ( neyr ,r Ridkw Tow m - 1 , ip, whih - Slosh - lanicK! was tutuicr kk with nine. Joe Mine Miller iiiid Walt Manchhi relayed stellar roles for Uie local fSloel:ne:i, but to hit'h v ttmilMnt. klsh ana caoeu: llli 'the Rflide to';'' i,, - .' l ),,.,., 1 at'aitim Town - an outstanding high school player will be made later. I ship's Joe Howan.skl in tonight's clash and the winner of individual rolled unheeded alons; the scorlnif names nave not ye; oeen It is known however, that almost, every sport will have a representa - This program was piaimea to make awards each year to either Kibler ia still connected with Washington, although he i now Dean of Men and not officially a coach. Torn .till keep hi hand in as advisor to Dutch Dumscholl and Hen Camntoi current Washington mentors who were also Termer pupil of the Colonel's. Utile Mike Miller sent the local: .honors "111 in all UKeilliooa oe . ... r !:K !;::;,r second Ob professional or amateur competitors. ThP fihesrer Hieh School cheer Into the lead in the early seconds of play, and after Art Spector, Clif - ,,' "o'h1v.v To v. nshin. can make A mouon picture roouuciii uiijji - rs of 1945." was exhibited and also leaders and the Ladies' Auxiliary of lhe YMCA, will serve the dinner. i.,, Sirs'. elm e a three. - way anair oy reels of the Army - Navy game. The It was old times for the Sho' League prexy. In bis youth!. u ,la , ' , pl, R,0Vy J'"1' thisafteniooi - s noinier to tie the count, the Clifton team started to hit ' - he ' bucket" with rapidity and accurac y and disputed touendown piay in me .Notre Dame - Navy game was shown Tom Dlavea for t,hicago ana sl. ioui.s m - - - . on Z .." , ' once before this so; Piano music will oe supplied oy uen McCabe and rases will be presented to the oldest Old Timers present The Rev. William H. Aitdermitlll of the Providence Avenue MeihodttTV Church, will offer grace, while the winch appearea aennueiy as uu touchdown." The rlnh announced that an in - lOMille the dnail cv.:. slice .xxv, Penn's Johnny Ko.nk fr.e scoi r Delaware County to play for Frank Millers up ana army., l' It n a hectic battle. Anything can I company with another Eastern Shore product, Frank 'Home linn Raker. h n lhls ciash, and probably Wj.wn Ogden. back in the big time again tra - mural program in all branches benediction will be given by the Rev. of sports will be conducted at the Adolph Baum, principal of St. James for the Uoston Braves, nau a une. un,.BUi.,. . , on one ol their uony bimcis pu High school. Goodman. Tarroll E "Tim Oitdeii, the John Bergdoll s Uatner ana boh;, 'or: nances, the fryeimen 1 l - :erre.shinent.': were screen M THE BIG GUY IS BACK THREE GAMES IN Close and music was rendered by NP REC LE AGUE t the final Section IV lilt in an nit to net OTi'i - the .500 mark , rnmncH'ton K'j:;irl. iiiuoi e FOUR GAMES IN CITY PIN TITLE Arthur Davis' orcnestra. The next open meeting of the club will have Eddie Gottlieb and his Spha.s as guests and a court game will be played for the mem - Three well - played games featured suffered some tough luck this s Catea and Howard's Potlslown automobile partner, Leu Becker. Oftden and Gates were reminiscing on (he way of .lark Dunn's Baltimore Orioles. Dunn, spectacular minor league showman with the hiKh voice, made a special paKe in baseball history book. His development of such star ax Ogdcn. (tube Pirnham, Lefty Bob Grove, Georg Earnshaw, Tommy Thomas.. Mai Bishop, Jot Bole', Fritr. Mainel, Jack Bentlcy, Babe Ruth, Ernie Shore. Chick Fen.ter and nthers earned a million dollar. the Nether Providence Rec League games played on the Nether Providence High School floor. REC LEAGUE SOON ON BLOCK tier! intends to win the close ones Hnrr in form, thev may upset Tlie YMCA court team rolled up The annual A B.C. City Champion - . - ?7 W(. on ir. a 'ship will hc - ir. at the Pcnn Recrea. WOODLYN STOPS ROYALS IN DELCO Miimerre.a :;cxsen out u. C. c A. 20 - 19, with Billy Burk leading the Winers with seven points and A. Powell having 10 for the losers, the dope and spill the Indians to - A( .".:.. ' - t ,i,.i, ,i ,. ; tr. - i - 1 - . r hVhiiiarv i ami finif - i Rolling merrilv alone; in the Delco I South Media Crusaders won over Vh woodlvn Warriors won . .Timiors 24 to 22 Moat was too from scratch. , h . section V, travels to Sharon L n l,a!.rlni.'hp" Jnhn fWden saiil. "and 'mil w'lli Clifton HelRhUs foi another basketball game last, night, man for South Media, with eieht. this time from Royal Billiards, 43 - un and Sakers racked up eight for the t' i d tnV i f' " , 1 , 11 " lntrnVn 18 points Mid John O'Malley had 17 Iter, with ah support iwing throv,n lor Bttekman In lhe senior league behind the title tourney. Uptown downed the Barons 34 to I Evcnu include 5 - man teams, dou - 29 and Douglass nosed out Lloyd jbles, and singles Mid bowlers may ' ranks with such screwballs as Bus Raymond of the Gianla and Ruby tl, lh. U,!" - 'Waddell of the Athletics. Dunn would fine P&rnham for breakmK L,e wUh tcUe clifLon HeiKhta. and Dick Sheldon ana uon ftnicias ieu .losing team, the Warriors to their second league Notre Dame won over Navy, 14 to triurnpn in two nny:; as iney sit - ppiiu ,. trining and the Rube would pitch a double header on hunrmys 10 Ki - i - idrop the Owls into scconu. . . ... mm j f;i.i,, i I, r. In li - hu Murn R - Newtown II ind finished the Rlchtlk - Marple - .Newtown mnilm from their Dark Horse role into that jvcj.A 'M,,; the fine back. He won a games, lor u in wnnLs tci win this one badly and will . ; The YMCA ftve of the . la 1' laic section won over the All - Stars, i jn ,..w:h event a real threat tor mm honors. I n,1.111'.'. - ,,',',' - he works tonl'tli In a preliminary tut, me wooaiyn I 'siriey!SiC;i .ind Yeadou. lied for Reserves trounced the Royal Re - , 1 v n n'nC , , n , 7 . season broke . The Phillies were in full force al lhe haiupiet beaded by thoir vouthful President. cx - SerL'eaut Jlob Carpenter. Bob is 1 1 i OnlKlu. 'third place, meet tonight, uoin nave serves 40 - 17. jLornrvx g 2 0 4;Qa'tv; g 113 s - - il - 0 I will collect awards. Many teams llmk""n, Ci, F f - X,'tL, , ri - ai planning or. the National Tourna - 11 ; , 1; to 1 in Buffalo ill ( iVv'vij ' """ ? : ,'Liri.Vb'i! r.c 'fx :e ser tnc Cite Championship to tune - 0'MaUcV.o 6 0 12:Eiory.g 5 0 10 .... .t. ntscc; nii.'.irs Tonight, the wooaivn oovs wu. i, . - snson j u i ; uirr s o Ix gunnin Uw then third ighi Powell c S 0 10'Hunur g 0 0 0 each the JiUO marK. simiii! - ,.H n - n - lhe '.I'M enccunlcr he; wnen mey iravi i lu h Wr','". s - '. T ,U1 7 4 I8iTotal 8 3 19 the Sun Oil A A . hols hv .'..even pomi.s, ana i!.e to 'battle - lack Krllv's Oilem . Mewha. Ech Eagles are screaming for revengi still hoiinc - minded despite hi diamond alliliations. "We're KoinK to have norne hip 1im shows at Wilmington Park". Boh said, 'and we'll open about the middle of June. We'll have some nice spots for your Chester boya". Carpenter's two great young fighters of pre - war fame. Lou Brook; and Al Tribuani won't be the attractions nny more. Lou's carcei The game tonight will start at 6p. m. noUnni,g 2 l SEdear.g i o m Def cnding champions In the five - 1 No?hinple I o 2 man division are the Automotic Nomu.iKicn i Ivcnding entries, who rolled 3188 last Totnis 16 s 37i Totais is 4 year. Last year's Doubles cham - Score ey periods; pion.s. F. Scluiflitmrm and Bob Van - inuchnnan 10 l - i 5 3 "idevcr will roll again this year. VMCA 3 11 12 C . faailic eri.s I who net ted a 715 to ileferees n. - .:r.p)in :r.u I - sskui ; ... .ir,: vear will be O. F. P.i i 0 fi'Em Nether Providence visits Upper Chichester. Despite the ract ina .nrlaH Bhmntlv with a bad eve. Trib was wounded in France and has Frank Centos, upper uni ace, i leading Die Section in sconnt;, How I entered again. Jce Pcdrick, Sun Oil 0 Hininui'T s lev;, nice en a lame arm. Bob had hoped to guide this pair to world titles. It was our own irood fortune to sit with one of our boyhood her hi. Nether Providence, on 0 2 l.K.Uir f 3 1 .Kill V.CIC Win; the all - fVClltS ROVERS CRIPPLED p , FOR FALCONS GAME .fir;;;., f 1 also be on Die other hand, litis won only twice Cv Perkins. This still vouthful looking veteran has had - one of lhe i the last tourney, 3 hi; Losing their entire first. v ':f. in seven s'.ari. - .. one ot the vtcu les a two - point nun - gin (ifTalr over this t!,m Tinner Cbtchestcr crew. Na - Thp tourname.nt will be a Imndi - sr,s 2 the parent Rangers, the New Voik i DAViQif.i cap affair, with the duffer having baseball's unluckiest career?. He broke in with the A's in the glon cellar years before 19il2 and wore himself out catching the wi. pitching Connie Mack coralled in those days. Cv is coming back to Philadelphia again as a coach with the Phil "inrnlly enough, the Boothwyn lads , 2: Shields, Bra wt the I 1 1 the Arena Wednesday night. Tne Deadline for entries is Friday night at a. Blanks are available at would like to reverse me st.orc unt evening. I Chester ticks to Coatesvllle to - Iv.ichl hi n j;in - sectlonal game. Tin He'll be a big help to the Quakers and a mighty nice guy to 9 5 23 Totiili Falcons, who took me i - t - c - ci omii., Toisti . i i ...Ah, . I II'1 O'm 1! member or the committee will be at the Penn Rrc every night this week mt - o camp by a .1 - 2 score m men .,r(, b last - Philadelphia meeting. r. - Tr - looking lor their third victory o: i - .e , ,M)tl,., :l Coatesvllle quintet has won only two gnnics in six starts in strong Section HI but will be playing at lo assist m tilling out tne entry blanks. campaign over nei Sports Calendar :,,.,:r,c tonight. Cltester lias nccu no LITTLE BOBS WIN FROM PHILLY FIVE The Rover line of Carl Gardner,! ene Tnidell and Church Russell it .ell of late, looking hel - 1 jj FIRST TO ENTER 102 Ptinahoti High School of Honolulu 'was the first nun in the Penn a ' , Relay Carnival today, and the first, ljs5edj Hawaiian entry in the famous meet ins ii t. leading scorers in lhe La.s'ernif j HASKKTIiAl.h 7o To - , stSMEDLEY RAIDERS ijTRIM UPPER DARBY Thft St. Rotier I Collingdalc. surprise winner over nnrbv isi Section Two Friday night. r SchOOl inrthlrt.rm I01 O Phila - West Ghrstn League are now ai ."iw' m.i - .i form and will play against Chicago ; basketball team journeyed t and defeated the! w virK!i Wcdncoftay. '.mo torn delphia sunaaj 4 Smedlev Junior High defeated 4 uoncr nnrbv at Upper Darby, 33 to visit.'; Clifton Heights in another I non - sect lonal mulch - Lou Bonder nmv have found the answers to lhe Colls miseries and a win tonight tne jrionoiuians win compile m four high school relay events at the r.Ouil running rtl lhe annual games, April 26 and 27. Ray Akana. St. Francis Xavler quintet, 42 - 27. Middle DtVito and Pierce, with 21 points Srrtion CHANGES MADE IN SOFTBALL RULES 1R. Jimmy Embert Smcdlcy guard To make room for then newcom - I . n 'I Totals 11 1 24 1 between them, were hlgn lor St. would almost prove r p'.avrd a grar.n all - around gamt viiiile scoring 17 points. This wa: i Ni:w York. (INS 1 The offensive Robert's. The t time. 25 - B. Hawaiian mterscnoiasuc iuu - ana 220 - vard dash champion, will captain lhe Hawaiian squad. "C " T wi..PC WLI'djO , ' i Chrton en is in' j tx ran ,11 r ) u i h i fc V 2 8 s - 25 ! lUrslmw 0 1 .S.V7 r M O l 3 mei'no montl to he trilled with as t lmy j . a nilhu s nlavers to then Pen,: - :V,V" - :, ' s s 3 4 22 ! will be speeded up to provide more .Hemic, s 1 mt pan: - as ne win ue m - eli'itible for the rest of the season. re tied for Uie lead in Section Five. scoring, miner rules anoprcu uxijj hv the Amateur Softball Association Punahou last appeared m uib Penn relays in 1029. , Kellet. U. D. forward, scored 13 of his teams 13 points. mi lent: i:e leaders n v.m f TPrellar " 1 I ft ( 1 I lent ll huLe to be - n,ev are Mnr. ay" ' Patrick. BUlj crccs oilllJe; ' Mulrlne f 1 1 3 wills, f ' 3 o B Coulcrencr beaten. Juzda and Ales Shibicky. ....... ri,, i vllsurs The association ciosed a two - day session by making four changes in CHESTER MAJOR Upper Darby, imneieniea in oct - tlon IT, moves over to the Lans - downe lloor to do battle with Stan 1 " offensive and provide additional ! ;.,, Kleckiirrs classy qtiinir - .. T'8 ? I ss WfiSr VS) kni'i's1 : ;, ; former cardinals l& I ? ifer, I ? iSv - i h Cox Plumbing took three from 520 Grill and Local 107 won three from El Rancho to tie lor first place in the Chester Major T.cngue. They were: l The tenth Dlaver know; short fielder. ' had 'been eliminated.! ;rv. - Joe s omosr oeiii oj - r. from Imperial Hotel, while s Service took "three ftom 3 v'lliu ivas tlie crnet.e elnsee. o b; 2 The length of the casein. e was Totals - nim Ti T21 ,,in r , v : ,. ,; m,;, ', ,v 1,; rnlI1panv. Winner of ah Ib'.ug 1 ' - , ; l.. hv " ' I 1 . 1 . rfTZ - ? - r;: 5i,?:;,;:; r !!4!:;.i;!s.u:,('r,1,,e. vnmeVok - - - ';;;,;;: - - - ' - ;hc M - i:; s Szi'31"" ' St. PraJu 9. i. , ' iZ . ' ' - i',. j,,,, lor, ,,,,,, - h lor .1 an Gih.i del s Atus - St. l - Oi Ls Ca' anials , . . 1 4 i ! to 55 feet between u. reduced irom Automatic Vending. JJ - J' each base. is done in baseball SUN OIL LEA KIjE STANDINGS C' f I ?T , i a , S2 I f fond O ' fee by A fe.. fee! i L,TH,., - e J IndlnSaSt. Tchk 60. Murray St. 4B. ' 0,1 ' 1 r . 0,1TR,.f. QLIVL ,M losl three with the b.winrocKs p f1"1"' 0 F. P. f ! . Pl"t'S' 4 i Lloyd A. C. 9 61E1 Raocho 2 13 - The batter's box has been ed one foot closer to the pitcher - The batter's box has been ArJiw P'nt 12 t'Laoor s a ;,.,Jme" Mll!'kln : Co?f5!n" ' J , I , , iV - Hi Vi ,.. - season, wyiw.ek. a :,;ve - iv si. - toot. - CO!.)H., : a 0 e.Nurycu t 0 1 . - 447 ju n Thp batter's box now will extend REZ BOWS ON COURT The St. Michael's Grammar School basketball team defeated the Rr - sur - T ! - l - ;Cftr , - I t,V. Mi - - . ,p;SM,3i. IU, il'll'be on upset. Uif Co,''1,? ,'WU pld of t&$ZV 0 I 1 I ' ' ' ' 1 1: ' from two feet rjetund to lour leei,1 front of the plate. Formerly tne measurements were three by three, recti on School five yes tern n;.. mm - :.. Sm. 2 1 Mr NiVlnt 10 Kcatuoly t - s). VnnctcrlUK 37. American Association in ltf - 0. - jo - i'l 0 1 S'Lli'.e e 0 I ' - T:;i:i;r ! nam,;:, ,. iiucn, i. upper fS - SlSo 11 SITreatlnp 6 10 - 1 f - vl:.brldKf NTS 40. Camp U 44. . y iSTI.It - sCUOOI. I.KAGIT. General Manager Herb Pennoct V Conner R 0 0 0, j Darby, 1 1 . Kv.ict S. Ft.jdawnn, 4; ouTiV.mtfr 10 6 Low Pressure A 10 I - iuM - : spue M.HIUMppl 3S. L ,nrnll, .Icffrlra also rmnour.rrd the receipt of a Stilts O 0 0. .rii - !. !; M.icNf.l. 3: Ros, 1. j is pom; t. - .s. ;o c - m.ivnc,c r, :n K i '' ' OTP O V - sicncd eonttnc: front Pitcher Krnny, . '.j ., 'T Tlie association awarnea us na - ,s n... c mimm , Re?, led. lional v h nil ennet clnr.o far Stan .01 54G. 22 - 20. at halftime. YOU CAN GET A S?Ler s ; (p!Clmve, i ml r, J V', ' ,Z! r" 1, m - i - nZ'1' o niimtn't o n n'frnm Sir :i;ive. .,ch 'ma sorw i Tlie Hawks nosed out the Hornets - - , p . . Tr, A2 to 41 in a leal battle in which aecouo. - .um 9 m - eisme ;mt,a!lis r nam h"T5S! o 0 orvnuy.K o o 0 cs i.n TRA - MMIALS .cocjune 1 ; o - h - S Q , - n;orlns:. Yair.' center, was high neW i:Guir?3" 0 Norr'lown 16 4 .80OC - tvl.1e IS 8 579 M Z. ..3,Hnr" 1 US 0 F P Km r i 0 ?'rh I 0 Z :nni: wuh 18. P. Trainer led the .ootlocluo, tor .anu.a l SSfe 5 12 , ,Ti' 5 1 T , 3 Davison ? 1, ' ' V - t " - U'i i J O HoetS 22. nry 28. 1. IWovnc 13 8 .6 1 9 Up. Dm by 4 17 .190 V IT 0 2 3 7U .rcs0, , J, ' p r,r'n - - n 4 Jae.r.tek r 4 1 s Kobiason R t 0 2'"s Cl F p :Horncw GFP Sr"sj - ssu alKSTJU, 3 - iz; - Z 'iz "'"ST - 'nlE'Hl M HsO,;n. r. mimm, S .plepnermim m M - n !Vrint - lin l..llkin T.n,, "i'Z'n Ta - .Ms 15 4 42 ' f! P f VSt""K " 2 cire""'' 3 t 7 1 IF YOU CAN REPAY 6.97 A MONTH No endorsers needed Up to 18 months lo repay that provides cash repay sooner, if you prefer. The sooner r - an - Si; i;r - eeiF srnirfrr 00 - ; ... ,.. A n t o e.el 11 .t O O k;:.t..i " - G F". F Q - r;""" " I f, n mp r 0 1 1' . .. TTERES a service you repay the less your loan costs. Payments shown in table inclurla principal and charges. At our monthly J I !o repaid ivx o H Sr" - .r.naiur. m e H M - m.ccn v JUO ,n Provide r.c r ot Ud Chlclie. - r - 7 IS - ,""T1 Z i n ii"rV - Zc 0 0 0 'nelucalo ; .;."""'.' i i MeGechJia S 0 1 ! HbU 4! 0 O 0: """" ' ' I A J. when YOU need It! OU may DOT - V v S(i,5V e - S f i'iiiico o np.Fiorv4nti 2, to 14 . row quickly and prtcly - your Z. tlZZrZZ - ZZ nfr ;,mr, dim Rers 2 o 4 j oempsey a o ia Maonf o o o . . "aTg'Tot.iin s .v ' . salary, car or furniture - and repay ra - J"" - ""' ct - i i roatwin,. - - - 7 - : Daviiii 1 0 0 o Gru.ce r ., o o o,'. 3Jr..I'a,J lh I ' monthly instalments. To applv for ' 1 mumniim - n rurton Helfhts. Tntals 13 ft J Total. 4 t b, h CIRF FRAPES i $100. SCOO DO or rrore, mn tot ; ::s ,1 RAIDLRS RIP RAMS ; Upper tirirV. - a: Ljnjdcwnr. Fnjc!ln J ..i ft ,4 T(,.,., TT O F. F , . . "llC COUttrCO ilttle at ut com t ar,t Znm ,oh and Rtdir y Tcwnsnip mmoro Hire Kseen:"o ': Z rZiZZn .1 C - r t'mpire. Carney1 Re - ciccs - R.uv.n.ln arrl Htivlr rhofer. iZ.! , 0 ; ; L.'.v.d ;' ' l 2 4 E31DNIQUFII ANI1 1 Choose a paymcnl plan (sec below). V i ' r U1 n, in ,t : ,s sr:, , V.gjJ t 5 2 . F U ll Nib H tU AW U j Noendorrs. no mature, of out - , r P Nfvo,z!ii:i:,;v;;a,r, ,..1, rr F.;;d. m erected ;;oext. nohcc ,hat y0u may S:P - : :d4 - ; "I ri m! - ZZ:;:.:Z AZrUn !T,K"' Wair' S'W5 - l!,rimf " T 3M.acheH.vf ft O 0 Oikson.t o ft 3V,er: 0 3 Mar: tn S 2 .0J - according to state and city ! take up to IS month' to repay. Or F - Vr'v'f o UiZ - i - o 5 "o K.1HS.;., c i r v Ri.iso; sminv: ;.so. Oer. - 'J:";" J ? shu" r. f o o o r,h: o i o uoZTZ .1 1 7 rotat - - is 3 M, Tow: 3IT requirements. i , AllxrepaTEl"l bi i vm ; o is.: ;l - s s; - - r f - c r. o , pi Pns for fSSq of S;i L IS. costs only S - 1. - 58. Household has no ot'tier charge. You'nay no ftvs or othi;r etr.'is. . 'Loans for certain purposes still limited by Government Regulations to shorter periods.) APF1.Y BY phone! Next time you'ra short of cash, phone or visit. Household for quick relief. If you telephone first, we can have your loan ready when you call at the office. Hr"" " : ' r:;'zz(; - ; z:v - J"? - : '":'r sSVhg I I 1 , NOLAN Btm - i F1ND here the cash loan you need j TWpavnfn.,i:,. FuVizz I !7 zAr - z - ":z;z s : :T2T"VU 3 J7i7 nzV - z;,, - 4 n .:;z;zvr,c ? : i SaJ M"rkrlr:j,tone :7U cs cr n r,, yQM, won,hiy poym.nt hCr, ' , - zz:;z'z:z";z:'zz Total. IS 5 3'. Pals 6.; e - ;' : ' - e,i Bf, :,r Bee.t: :e. I B0. p.r : rrrf ,T Carr. Umpire: lacona V ; ci ;" " ' V (!L717'?. ? - JTJ.fg.1 ?7"TJ' f7'. "YVlZZZZ - wlZlZ 1T MnK S cirm" 'Laj . D? V u - 1 - 43 Ch.caRO ,Bi '.yj.l eshl) Toi Krstlir: w.Z Re:?rea: liv.Vhn. iT5 & 1 " TW ' ''f l - M 1 - ' T.r;! PernMny UrmSkcr5 ,.nle al :t,c YMCA. ' - .yZ; Dillon star forward for the SS.lkr, f i g 5 MenenmZ '? 1 3' 1 111 II If , .,a . i 50 147.93 V6.6S 62.34 52.SlJ HOUSEHOLD FINANCE Loans above $300 made by HOUSEHOLD LOAN SEE? CO. 614 Edgmont Ave, 2nd Floor, over Lincoln Store! Phone: 8191 Chester

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