The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 18, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 18, 1934
Page 3
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JUtffe 18, 1934 (ARE,) rOt.ifjJBR NEWS THKEE The Gospel of a Supreme Affection for Good J Mole: The following Is a con-~|1n ll,s covers men and women have :cookhnoks In our possession which tiensalion of the lectiiie delivered been restored tn purity and lieitllli, conlaln rpcli>es for many <letecl- nl Hie oily Auditorium ycslciday ' ...... ..... )jy James o. nowell. JA.MKS fl. ROWEM., C. S. lit Kansas Oily. Missouri MeniUr Mir Ilonril of lectureship of The Mother Church, Tlic FlhCt ('liurrli or Christ. Srlfllllsl, In l| u -.ion. Mas ClnlsUfni KcK-nii 1 im-nls dial Clod, divine Mind, is ilio only ere- ntor :inrt Hint His eieallon is like Tllm; Umi Is, spiritual, Imrmonl- nnd eternal, [lie kingdom of busiiie.'ses haw 1 been reestablished'able ciike.s. We iiuiy rend a cake on the ljn.sU of service lo mankind', m-lpc -ilirmifih five or even flfly broken homos have bom niKdejtlmc.s. bill not. null! we hove done mppy ugaln. nnd life lias been what the recipe demands, may we made worth living lo thousands of our fellov.- cieatnres. Ciel a copy of tills lionk; own nne of youV n-.ui; you will really more and more how precious it Is. Study n In connection with llie'inid Health can lar.c Hie place of expect to Ije able lo liuve .any cake lo eal." Is It rea- H'lmlile to expect, llml Ihe. mere readlni;. of the Jjjvs ami nilrs of eternal Life revealed In Science |Bo/-,i: of books, the Bible; pracitcc j ' <vh:it you Icimi In your study. The' Inilli these two tiook.s contniii will meet your human need. heaven. It jeve.ils Hint ihr- human : Let as turn, for Instance, to page rnhul, the supposed niler of the kingdom of this world. Is not- nn 34fi of Science and Health. He- member, now, u p e looking for originator: Hint h merely counter- rules to be used In practice. We fells (hi; crendon of Hie one per-'rend, "Material beliefs must be ex- ffel, dKine Mijitl; and thai every' pcltrd to make, room for spiritual jnmoi hil object und concept, every j understanding." Here we have u "cherished" belief nnd practice | mast important rule for solving (Science nnd Ilriillh. p. 141) Isjour problems. On pane 201 of Hie iliem Into practice? Ho |W*vrfnl Is Taitli Ihal many heal- ings do resiilf from the rendlni: of this hook. Indeed, the last one hunched pages of Science nnd Health arc Illled wllh the leMi- monies of ]te;sons who were healed simply by rending Hie Kxlbook. These healings were brought uuuiii. of course, by u transforming of the readers' Ihougln, bill, if fear. Ignorance, or sin persists I" spile of the InpmirlnK of Hie (ruth of "per- Imt :i counterfoil or an opposite,' >:uuo book, hcjdiming with line 17,|feet Ood and perfect man" (Belli dream. :i iM-rverlcd sense of some! we llml: "The way to extracl error c-nce .and llraU.ii, p. 'J59) Hiroinjh real, eternal Idea or Ideal in di-j Horn mortal mind Is to pour In'the pages of the Bible ami of Scl- vine Mind. Christina Science shows truth llirouijli flood-tides of Love.' to htinmnily the way whereby' No\v lei us do Just what we arc lake, distorted, mogul Ijellefs or lo!d lo ilo. We must, follow our rule carefully. Let us seek the specific truth with which to replace concepts may l>e translated back into their belter originals; in other words. Christian Science shows the ihe lie we may he entertaining. v;ay by which monals may ex- This truth may be found by re- chanso llieir fleeting, fnlse, and: fmlng Hie lie which has deceived cnce and Health. Christian Science reveals the fact that these errors of ihougln cannot remain in human consciousness when truth practiced In the daily life. Somelimc.s. caught napping, even, the mast earnest Christian Scientists full lo prnclicc rules whirr .suffering concepts for the king- reverses Hie false testimony of Ihe |they know perfcelly well. A molh- dom of hcuven. ihe icign und rule'us. On page 120 we nnd, "Science ! er trying- to bring up her srmill »! unchanging, divine intelligence. > physical senses, nnd by this re-'son as a Christian Scientist., rc- w Christian Science brings to light' versal mortals arrive ut Ihe funda-jfers on. occasion to certain laws Hie fact that there is a spiritual mental facts of being." The truth land "rules to be found in Science supply . present [or every human j we have found, made strong with'mid Health.' Slie often says need. :i solution through spiritual divine I.ove. will heal as. But if!-Thcre Is a scientific rule by whicr understanding for every conceivable problem; in other words, ft divine law present and available for all who strive lo understand it. From her healing. Mis. Eddy | Is Coil, we do nol find our freedom in- 1 to our thinking on ihi: lenincd Hint she had had but. need all her life, and thal-'icaixiit siantly. let us follow the rule given subjecl You will find it, son, on ..... -- "" ........ ' ' .so of the textbook. these references am this way his understanding o Christian Science and acquaint ancc with our teslbook are i;row 3n page 417: "Maintain the facts' pane so-nnd-. r>: Christian Science,—that Spirit He verifies thai what therefore cannot be termed matter :;irk: that all causation uctiiic IhroiiBh spiritual Then huld your ground with yon ufts to understand spiritually the nature of God and His availability to mankind thiough Ills laws. Siie. saw that the answer to this one great need had met al! her needs and would meet nil the needs of others. Therefore. Mrs. Eddy set;able Ijook the sincere seeker will herself the task of revealing lo all, find slated the divine laws of Life mankind the nature of God ami! and ing'. One wintry day. when th thermometer was low, this yotiii Hie iinsli9l:"ii undevslnndinf: of'.student was about to i;o out I v.'ill jphiy. -Billion up your coal, son. salrt the mother; "mother is afrai On every page of this remark-1 to have you go out with you chest so dxposcd; you might calc cold." Slartled, he turned aboi His ever operative laws, and explaining just how Ihe individual may consciously and scientifically benefit by their operation. These revealed laws of God Mrs. Eddy named ChrLslinn Science. TIIK TEXTBOOK for their establishment and without thought of being in: in daily living. He will find, too. Hie fals<- laws of the human mind exposed and rules for Hie reduc- pmlcm or desire l<> I* smart, In with a twinkle his eye aske He's No. 7 to Pick '''Georgia Peach" The: first 'sjx miirrlaRes are always the luui-.lii'.sl. And just lo make sure'her .seventh Is going to turn oul. all right. Virginia Overslilnei and her new • husband. Arthur J. Cogswell, hnve agreed tn leli otic another everything ihey do when they'll' The iniirryliit; Georgia Peach, who becan her marlinl career uflcr winning a bi-.iuly cmi- lest. in Atlanta..Ga.. Is here shown with No. 7, n New York engineer earnestly. "What page do you find lion of them lo their nutive no- that, on,. Molher?" She took her Search Ihe pages of rebuke with gratitude., and now.all Science anil Health for these laws {that anyone in that, family has in of Christian Science jdo to rebuke an error is lo ask, Many years later, afler she hud prr.cticc. Mrs. Eddy docs not al-|"What page, please?" If the liUle tested find verified, them. Mrs. Fddy gave these laws (o the world with Key to the Scriptures." the ways say. "Do that." that or "Avoid but her hook make.s clear desire for .spiritual growth wltli Key to the Scriptures, the. and an earnest affection for good textbook of Christian Science, fn i ivlll enable Ihe seeker to find these this book are found, nn every page, Haws and rules. Then, having careful, scientific rules which. 'found them, he docs well who puis when understood, obeyed, and Ihem inio praclice. practiced, bring most desirable re- i One can readily sec what was .suits; belter morals, better health, I v, rong in the case of (he woman beller business, happier and more {who complained that she had rend . l .lives. m i.el us o|ien this Iwmk. Gratitude Compels us to do it reverently, lor through the truths contained with- Science und Health through five (iines and yet had nol received her longed-for healing. A wise friend explained: "We bolh have had becji belter acquainted wiih the laws of God aft revealed in our Lender's writings, he could have read lo his mother from page 240 of "Miscellaneous Writings," "Predicting danger does not dignify life, whereas forecasting liberty and joy does; tor lliew: are strong promolers of health and happi- nc.iv" if nil of us would learn to help'each other as did this mother and .son. Instead of condemning one another when we err, we should enjoy more of heaven-here and liow. •'•',• • From Postal Clerk to Cabinet Aide THiT FIT This sauce shoulci be vevy cotrt 1 when served, and is delicious on cake or pudding. Caustic Judge^ Out for Senate ~7 -K .7litr(y-!,ii years ago Smitli -A'ri'.rdiJ.m lieson lib postal servi N.ts a railway mail clerk. .You him hcreai Washington as AssisUml Postmaster General, ono uf Ibe tew ever lo rise from the r;iuk« to Hie position. lie confn from iMarvland. Apricr>( Cream Sauce Two egg yolks slightly beaten one fourth cup granulated sugar; one fourth cup juice from cooked. dried apricol-s; grated rind ol one half lemon; one cup cream whip- 1 ped r.ilff. Mix sugar, juice ,-cnd rind and beaten egg yolks and cook until thick. Chill thoroughly and com bine with the whipped cream. Mini Syrup This is delicious on fruit ices or vanilla ire cream. One cup water; one half cup white table syrup; green coloring one half Icaspoon mint flavoring one cup sugar. Combine the one cup of vvnler. sugar, synip and cook over moderate heat until the drops of syrup flow togelher in a stream from the spoon. Remove from the heat, add green coloring j and when cool add the flavoring, j Caramel Saufe ,_ I Tills i.s delicious on plain rice I jc g pudding, plain cake, or ginger-1 sea < brc:1( I- I Two thirds cup white table sy- ; rnp; one and one fourth cups t may secih like boloney, but this is a horse. Piirl'hcrmore, he's one f Ihe-most'popular horses in Idaho, because when his child jockeys all-off they haven't .far to go. ii has been suggested that he be sent acravs-lhe sea as :i mount fnr lhe Prince of Wales, bin his owner, -e'lei J Anthuny, -of. Anthony. Idaho, with him. wouldn't ihtnk';of jVirtimj with "Shorty ih? Dachshund." Symphony Music and J138 Placements Made brown sugar: three fourths cup I One of the nation's most colorful' judge?, austere.' caiibtie- toiiKiiert fieorpe M. Hourquin. above, has reslened from the U. Cool nnri then beat for five • minutes. This recipe makes two Comes -rom Burdette CI " K ' Second Cotton Bloom .evaporated milk: four tablespoons i ., ...n-h'ta M.T, ,-ar D,. A u' jbuiler. cook oil together in a do,,- ^\ t £ ^nl'a a ' u^nt I hie boiler for three quarters of an Wl-|c4n A Urror , o )i(]uor Af teoiaitt IB dry days, he vas •clrf.rtr fcli l»»inc.uce «illi ind hl$ motto WQ?. fc»r b« in cn-fr. but £i. to doul>t.' nd Seriicfes (or fcfrt. C. D. Rvriffn Sexton farms 15 aci-cfi ol col ton.'water, add the bullcr. syrup, boil- Mr. nnrt Mrs. Walter Lunsford renting from C. \V. Afllick. south-j Ing water, su'car. .stirring con- and-daughter, Kcll, -Mr. and Mrs. Criiicr, accompanied by Mrs. The second cotlon bloom to ihU otlicc was grown by ll's u Horse and No Boloiuiy The Secretary Does a Write Turn 1. G. Seal Withdraws Action Agninst 1 Vlfplione Company. T. <i, Seul, fonucr chief engineer of "the Arkiiii^uK-MUxourl 1'nwcr company, Ionic u \oluniary non-suit In his J2IKK) uclion .lUiilnst (lie finiilliwesk-rn Bell Telephone company In circuit court nl ll::in o'elocl: Uils morn 1 inK, A Jury had Iteen sworn In try 11 in case and leMlmony of Mr. Real und iinollier wllne.w hurl lifc lii'iii'il when |ieriiil.-vslnn lo withdraw wllhoui piejudlfe was pia i-il. Si-iil Illed Mill apalnM. Hie tele- ihoiu 1 company fur diiruage, 1 :. He illeiic-d :is (lie biusts fur his aelloi hul tin' company hud wrnnpmlly •(.vented nn Hnnnivvd sititeniem if his prlvixlc long distance Wo- iliinift bill lo the (Kiwer cominny. This re.Miltcil, he charged. In Mil nniEiiiiry 'dlsii]|s.siil, ]iower com- >' uniy o^iclnls iippurently conciud-| What's In n nnin?? rienty, lo 4-11 club visitors nl the capital. 'nt r fi-nin Inforinnllon furnished by :he telephone company Hint •I company. At the lime of Mr. Val'.s dismissal there wns cotisld- •nilile friction between high rarik- IIIG employe.,; of the company and Ihe receiver over policies of the receiver, which It- was claimed caused nn expense oul of proportion lo lhe management rendered. Oilier eni|>loye.s and officers of Ihe company were nlsn iillluinlely dismissed In lhe general "eleiuislnii" of lhe firm by lhe receiver of InlereMs unini'.on- Islle In his policies. Later a court attack on nllcgcd exinmgiint reimbursement of Ihe receiver for his services was Malted, which is Mill iM-ndini: in federal conn. Revelation by Seal thai he had compromised a claim for three months salary (for iH.sinl.ssnl without cause!, alone with other claims, for fl.'JflO. left, him with no measure of damancs anninst the telephone company contained .1 clause .staling iliut he could be dismissed with |hr.'<! months p,iy wlthiiiil. rmiH. or notice. Jnmcs Kenrns tleft) of Dunconibe. la., nnd Florence Meier, of Farm- ersburis, la., smile (heir delight us Secretary of Agrlailliirc Henry A. National 4;I1 club enciimpmeni. caiXInn hereof nnd answer the ,liy 31. i/>u!.s Union Trust Company, complnlnl of the plaintiff, Peoples Ixian As.','n. Dated Hils 15 day of June, 1IB4 R. lj. OAINES. Clerk, ny KLMOTI 1 SARTANfl, n. O, WAIlhTIN<: OHIIKK In the Cliiincerj- Court, Chlckn- snwlin Dislrlcl, Mississippi County, Arkansn.s. I'eoj.les Ihilldliu: *, l/ian A.WII., 1'lnlntlff, vs. No. W.t'2 E<l M. .liilinsnn, el nl. rVfcndahl The di-fentliiiit. Kd M. .Idlmsnn warned lo npiiear v;lthln ihirly days in (he cnurt. name<l In ihe Wllucss my nanii as cbrk nnd Hie seal of ;;:il;| rourl, tills l-lt:i day or June, ItWl, It. L. OAINIK. Ch'ik, Hy Klliolt Savlaln, [Vpitly. Pd O-in-23-M-l j.lield, Kvram & llendeRion. i Attorneys (or f'ltilnlllf. 15-2a-2<l-(; WARNINC. OlHIIJt cn It. Croeketl, Mary P. Crockell. Mrs. M. E. Cox nnd Uhnrlc.s. J. Cox tire wnrncd to np- ivnr In Hie chancery Court loi Hie 'Chieknsawlm Olklrlet of Mississippi Comity. Arkansas, within .hree inonlli.s afler Ihe <late hereof, lo answer n cnmpliilnl filed agalnsl |hem liy Peoples Uullding 1/oiin Assoehnion, of I.Hlie (tuck, Arkansns, Ualccl this Rill ilny of .lune. Ifr.H. li. L. CIA1NKS. Cl'll: nitniat Chillies M. Clreenc, 'I'homns I). Greene. Anna G. Kollock. l.num .1. I'endnrvls. 'rheoiloie Greene, T. .1. Mmrlscy, Muhel James, E. N. Rynlls, A. 11. C.rrene. .1. C. Greene. Julia 1'cguese nnd Susan Baldwin nre warned lo appear in the I'ro- b(it(- Court for Ihe Chlcknsnwbn DWrlet of*||ipi County. AH:- IIIISILS wltliln Ililrly tlnys and nirs- wei 1 the peilllnn Died by I.nttle u cue. us widow of Wlllinin H. id ik. u. *_ir» j nr.o, 01- J i. i _ . 1*1 . Uy Elllnll Siirlnin. 1). C. c '™ 11 '' (1 ''™i s ed, lor dower, h.imc- Reld. Evrard .V Henderson. p 1 ™ 1 "'"' olllcr "»nwatici-s. Daled Allntneys for I'hilniili'. WAIINISC OIIDKK A. S. Thomason; Kalhleen 'rhcm- Him- 11. 1M-I. i l-'ird Moonum. Clerk. ! field. fi lletiileisnn, Atlys fnr IVIItloner, l^-ld-'Ji!-: O.scar rendlcr. Ally, [id fjltem nson; Tlie New Enplnml Securities Compnny; Josephine S. Hall: M. S. Olbson; Hurry Hnsl nnd Mis. Hurry Rust, are warned lo uppf-nr in the Chnnccry Court for Ihr- f;h!(-k- asawlin Dlslrlnl. of Mlsilsilppl • Counly, Arkansas, uilhin three months niter Ihls dale, to answer ! the complaliil illed against Hhnm I DELICIOUS l \Vi:iith(>r Kiioci WM'K CAT ai KIlOt'l'K Beer Cheer Milwaukee NflLWAUKEE. iUP)-Symphony music and beer, which renewed heir bid-time association in a by Employment Service The Mississippi county office ol I lie United Stales Re-einploymcn'. Service, at Osccoln. made 138 Forty-four men ' assigned i | ,._ .1: I crowds to the summer concerts of Ihe Milwsukee Philharmonic Or- chesira. Weekly concerts, at popular '• 10 . lhe ci"«Bcncy' iclief works (11- prices, arc held in a clubhouse i n - sl<1 "' nm[ 94 '" I>WA J"' K - T!lc which has been traastoimed into I "^'ened lo the works division o palm garden : wcrc !l11 lak(1 n from relief rolls. The concerts' draw the ma^s : ^'L^ "r™ ""' '" and Ihe closes. Society folk Inj^w^i evening dollies rub elbows with _L_1 " v " common laborers, students and allj],;i ( | v |.' c ]( v tenm mfl: " K - types of music lovers. Mnny persons who would not sit through a j formal symphony concert auend | the summer series. Beer is .served at tables with bright-colored cloths. Listeners drink their beer, munch pretzels and keep lime with their feel or fingers and are nol stared inln silence by haughty neighbors. Frank Laird Waller Is the conductor of lhe orchestra of about 70 men. Special soloists are imported each week. And Nol So llcsllcss After She Took Omltii cast of Burdclte. land has only bed for several years. The cut-over I stanlly. Finish cooking over direct J. C. i in cultivation! heal, boiling llireo minutes. Cool.'natlii , -.-Alie Hownson of Lake City. !Add vanilla. Serve hoi or cold, if went to Riptey, fenn.. Sunday for — "• stands too long and becomes too ! thick, heal over water a little. De- Lost Cane Baby Dies i licic "s to dress up plain cup cakes. Hie funeral of Mrs. C. n. Ruflln, 41. who dicrt at the Memphis Methodist liospiUl Saturday. MANILA.—Mildred L. Flowers, IS months old. died Friday noon ,11 the lilytheville hospital from colitis. Funeral services were held here Saturday and interment was made al- the Manila cemetery. She lived al Lost Cane. ;or to lop ice cream, or a )»rfait. | The deceased, who Truiaj Gibbons returned to n Montana ring—but not in lhe vole of a lieavyweight title con- lender. He served as the third man In Die rim; her? May 25. on Kiie us survived by her father and | the Montana Stockbroker.; 1 Di.i- mothcr. Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Flow-: mond JuL\\c figrlt card ers. E. M. Howard nnd Co., was _ Wf\ charge of funeral arrangements, j Read Courier News Want Ads. lived here ... „. i until six years ago. was critically lummy Gibbons Back in Rinff til for 15 weeks during which CITi. Mont. (UPi -- time i. leg was amputated. When here'She *»s active In affairs ot the First teftpU*t;c-hureh. Stsides hfa-- Husbtnd si* Is survived : by el«ht sons and d«iigh- Krs. her f»th«r, who Is sheriff at Rlpley, - h*r . mother, three brothers and five tisters. Mrs. Lunsford Is i iisttl;. «nd Mrs. J. C. Crintr Is a OLD FOLKS LIKE THIS LAXATIVE Tired. fiiuiinalivr . organs r*ed the "full" :iction. prompt. wry movement pivrn lt\ 1'Von-n-nmjt. tjin JtlixliUul -ta^lin,; fin-wing pim la™. live llial contains a Imalivp in^rcilirnl rrgiikrly im-M-rikil bj phy-iciflri". Ola folL^e^pdrially urn! modem Kmi-a-niiul, llfMU'i-. by lliruiug. till- l»!ulive 1-i di- tril>ute<1 uuiformly into H.e system aii'l Uius Joes nol short-, irriliie. iior strain. Prompt. thorou£li-acting Kceu-».Diiiit, *hil» p , l lo tjtr, conbim no ricb- -i 1V0111( , t , , 0 lvc . lk „„„• cnllM „„, r j, at lack n-ould ache to much. As .^con as i began taking Cardui. I would irM. belter and feel so much M longer, and my tack would Mop luuilng. i highly recommend Car- <iui to OIIK-I- ladles."....Thousands of women leslify timt Cartlui relieved their pains at mrnstru.ition time, and ihrtl by continued us; if it for n icnsonablc lenglli of time, ilicir strength \ ns ) x -. cn ra . nr-wfd and gejieral health improved. Of cniir-vo. if Cnrdtil dors nol Ijcnefit YOU, consult a physician. SoM at druj .stores. —Adv. 3C1MO nustoirpstlyouratomicliordict Wort lurdmcd old foils like Fcco-i-minl MCIUK ila mow modern notion cliim- oalcs nny necei>ily vif (.xpcri-'iicing tli^t j delay llul starts i»ison« K-cping into Iht | j>-«tfOi. . "Deity" ii dtngtrou»— ch?» rt«-«-iniiit for cocitipttioa. lie ud itipttioa. lie ud tic Hi drafiuU •vtrprlun, Mrlorj- Anllioriwd FRIGIDAIRE SERVICE Genuine Frlgldaire Parts Kictorj- Trained Mechanics Reasonable Charges nav C7 -riione- Xl(tht 4!« Everett B. Gee Sales Co. 407 Mtin St., TO BUY BUY TO SAVE READ this headline forwards or read it backwards— it pives you the same, sound advice. You have certain fixed living expenses—rent, food, clothing, light, and other necessities. You save money every week,so that these hills can he paid at the first of every month. Whatever else you buy must come from surplus savings, over and .above those set apart to cover living costs. To make'those savings buy .the utmost value for the money is the essence of true economy. Save to buy—then buy to save. Know what you need before going to the store. Know what you can afford to pay before you start out to make a purchase. That is the one.sure way to get the most for your money. Make it a habit to read the advertiscmoii'js in your newspaper every day. By doing so you will learn where to buy the .things you need and where your dollar will buy the greatest value. The advertisements will show you where ,to purchase better food, tetter clothes, and yet save you money. They will help you live better and enjoy the good things of life. They help you to buy in order to save.

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