The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 18, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 18, 1934
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Served by tlb United BLVTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS I—•»» THE: DOlfiNAWT NEWSPAPER OF NORTH»AUT ARKANSAS AND BOHTIUtAOT MI88ODBI ^ , .• - . - .. t| ..... ,,,,,., v,, .,. .<£ ..evllle Daily Newa Blythevllle Courier ... vimimm i n >nr> > >..> . > ..« ., """~ ~ VOL. .\\.\I--NO. i!< _ . jp .^ipm valley i*adei niytiwviiie iterM l>m lll'A'll.l.K. ARKANSAS, .MONDAY, ,)UNR IS. iillVi SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ADJOiNMENT TONIGHT GOAL OF CONGRESS j First New Bale Tagged i Under Bankhead Law As Thousand- Cheered llr, Rural Rehabilitation Project Selling Pattern (or Others Elsewhere. I HOUSTON ITIll: liist l;:i:.- i.l rulUj I under Ihe B.niW,i-:-.d <-o I was tagged "Eold" in ;i warehous.- iml.iy. It lllsil W.IS III!- ll|-,l uiiiikriid iiuywlu.jv Irian Chl.-M'd :i.i "Mik-l lii Mapb". IE v.ns rfili.-iit Irr (nudity 1h:iti tin- bale. EE GE1S OSCEOLA. Ark.—The new rural rehabilitation colony at Dyi-ss, southwest of Wilson, is alirucim;-. | visitors l:y the hundreds, inrrir-u- ; larly over th: 1 wrr-k-riuls. many! r>f them* sightseeing and not. a' few) i •Iildylne dr-velopmeiii of Hilt, first project in rural rehabilitation wiih a view lo duplicating it in other states. Visitors lust w:'fk liirliukd llie state relief arlmini.stiaiion of Wr---.i Vh-glnia and the rcvionul director of relief for the .southwest. ' i.- onirr senator R A Arkansas was chosen for p.Mab- p.,,,,^ ^ M lnc Comuy Tnx ,, av . hshment of il.p firM colony be- ,'.,,' As , Mlrilkm , jn 5 ,. ocm >, • cans., of I!,-: ,,f w. R. .: |)0 , 1MI ,. |n[ , 01 . ^i,,,, ; , proposal j to initiate a county salary Will Report to Taxpayers Association n! Meeting! Nexl Monday. Dye.\s, stair ridrnini-liaini-. und his conviction that such coionic:. were the solution to at least a part of the widespread unemiiloy- n:ent and migration fioin the farms to the citie.s. "The success ot the colony is dependent upon Ihe hii-hly selective niann"r in which (In- applicants will U! chosen." Mr. Dyess said heie yesterday. Only the applicants who arc wr-li versed farm practice and have nt OIK- time been self-siistaininf: larniers. but who now are unable lo retain their faimsteacls bfcati-e of late depression and mil because of lack of good management, or who. living on .suli-inari;iii:il lands, are no longer able In mate ihc lands pay, will he considered, Mr. Dyes- 1 , said. .Local colony administrator:; ha/ard?d ll^c guess that not more than 50 . families iu Mississippi county would qualify. Applications are. open only io rrsidents of Ar- Observations Thi' address with which Howurd wrt o|;ened hl.s;!!) tor governor in Phip Ilhiir Satiirdiiy ilvlil concilns. proml.v that IILS "'', ptMlion to CiOvi-inor Kutivll":- i-:iiidldiii-y for n srcniul term will II':IM .serve the nselul purposi 1 iTiiti'rlii',' public attention uix>n rnmlilioti.s In our Malp guverii- ni'-nt-thiti cry for correction. Tlie l'iilu-11 administiatlon Ims t. 'en 11 .sad disappointment to many who enthusiastically supiioii- ed the governor in hU raca Iwo years ago. f'erhaiw In Ilielr en- iliusias'i! for whin wns heralded as 11 new dral In Aikansus pol- ItU-.s. tlu-y exixM'led too mueli. THey ihoiiiihl they were voting [ur n ' disinterested. cnllriiU-ned mid practical Idealism In public .'crvlce. What they got. for the ninst pint, was Just a new sel of politicians—belter tliiui Hi lei. nn douliL. lint no iincertiiln decree of llu 1 fallings. Decision Will Cut RcveiurO of State's Pact Finding Tribunal. LITTLE ROCK, June IB. (UP) —Revenue for the Arkansas fuel (hiding tribunal will be "mulcrliil- ly reduci.l" by a supieme court decision which dllfprentlutpd between "gross rctvlpls" und "grns-j earnings" of utilities taxable fur maintenance of Ihc tribunal. The high court reversed und re- munilrd a Inn county clr- preced- j cull eourl Piling which had upheld Hie tribunal's claim that all gross receipts of llie Fort Smith Gas company were subject to nn drouth Area to Send I Cattle to This County l.lTiT.K HOCK. June 1H (UP) — Designation- of counties Ihul will] receive Ihe 20,000 cuttle from I the drouth slides of the north) md northwest wus made today uy VI. ft., slule admlnlstr.i- lor nf fedenil emergency relief. Three thousand head will go lo llsslsslppl county. Dye^s Inslrurl- pd WiishltiKton Liulhoritles, Shipments ot barbed wire were sent lo 15 cnunllos today by Ihe relief administration. Tlie whe Mill be used to fence p.isiuir Innd for the cattle. HOOSEVELT BILL FOR OSCEOLI1 LIGHT niTTp P nUlrS S ImlLu u Hucy Long Wins One Man Filibuster I o v Far in Bankruptcy .Measure; WASHINGTON. June IB (UP)— s|>ed toward adjouriunenf (oilay ILS ihu .senate passed Ihc • $1.750.rjlK).000 emei tency-dellclene.v | bill, un hiiiir und 'Jfi minutes utter I convening, and the house adapted inn adjournment resolution. Mississippi coiuity wns referred lo a cnmniUtec by the association in .-i'.ssioti al OR-eolu this morning. C'. C. \an^ston. of Number Nine. [ I.. Ci. Hjerley, of Lcaclwillc. find (Jhnuncfjy Denton, of Whitton. were named members of the coiu- millc-e to Mudy the prniKiml measure. It will reiKirt next Monday. No salary figures were Included 'The eyes of Ihe world on them. Adolf Hitler Ucfl). Ocrman Chancel 1'ossihly those who are most dls- iir.MTSinenl of $2 i>er $1.000. In Its appointed Imve chiefly themselves j decision the supreme court said blame. When the votes were] llie company could l>e laxed only difference between for gas and wlml counted and Piilrel! was safely in. his disinterested friends, or most, of thrill, were content to return to their own affairs, leav- Im; the governor pretty much al i ttie mercy of men who were for on the it paid turn received Amount of pending on wius hill from what It 111 consumers. nctiml revenue dc- UiiK pavtlculnr cusp. few hundred dollars. him lor wlial there wus In it for j However, It set a precedent which 'themselves. Whulever the cxplun-' probably will '-' "' '- "' :ulian. the resulting situation In .dollars from Hale affairs has certainly not t been un allngclh?!- happy one. i r.Oo Into-' the tlioiisintb ot frlbnnnl's In- 111 1 in ihc wriuen form as turned over o ttie association by Mr. Nelson nd it is understood that the committee will report on the prr,- posnl without .setting salary ftg- ni'es. Such action would be taken later if the association decides lo irt-ulate petitions whicli would nave for theii nbjeu placlny ol the proiHisrd act on /he Inillul lor. Uie ; November election. U. S. Debt PasscTpcak Reached During War Time come. That K dtice" that will "materially body's revenue re- wn.1 II is no hick, therefore, for Mr. | llw only comment Chairman P. A. lor. and lienilo Mussolini, Italian Premier, stand dramatically at at- Kce j Io „„,, wrak s| , nls ,„ nielLaslcy of Ihc Irlbunnl would make, tention after their eiMch-inakins meeting at Lido airport. Venice, administration's record. They arc (lie made nn estimate of llie' 11 Dticc welcomed his fellow diclator. Hillcr, was applied ulilltics. Nor Are Now Lowest in Arkansas, With Two Exceptions, Is 4 Clairn. OSCECTLA, Ark—Osccola electric light and water consumers, beginning with lhc current month's billing, will enjoy rates lower than In any other municipality In Ihe except Joncsboio and North Little Rock, Ixilh cities several times (lie. slin of Osceolu. The city council Friday night passed resolutions endorsing a sweeping reduction in rates under which residence consumers will pay seven cent.s per klllowatt for Ihe first 40 klllowatts. us compared with nine ccnls for the first ! On? obstacle to adjournment 'was blasted out of (lie way Ijy inent nf Us .sponsors to withdraw a 1 disputed bunk bill. Sonalor Huey P. Long (l>in.. I.a.) resorted to a spectacular and amusing one-mnn filibuster to beat, down the leaders' tlon lo u hill to relieve Insolvent Ilury Wln.1 Fight was B"lns? Senate Nfajorlty Robinson gave In. where H Duce welcomed his fellow dictator. Hillcr, in civilian and trench coin, had come by plane lor political discussions. This photograph was llown from Venice to Berlin, telephoned to London and then radioed lo New York. rilling Mr. Heed's | amount that would be lost when I J*' wo|] l rt jply lo additional current, with tren a little more .sJlcctlve In hhlhe comment on the possible con-; simila1 ' "-diic-llons lo commercial there fnr nil to see. cCMiuiicialion- of them might have I the gained In effectiveness if lie had I und fanners. The galleries were chuckling their approval, Wll5ll Lender Joe T. He promised Long the senate .would vote on the farm relief conference report. One major bill remained, the administration's $1,000,000,000 housing program. Hoiisp, leaders sought the speed-up of adjournment machinery and .summoned the president's marine bund, whicli walled dolefully far Into Saturday night under orders lo play ao- attack. He would huve had plen- | sequences of the restrictIni Ly of ninie.rlii] lefl if he hud been j tribunal. generous enough to acknowledge Karl Wiseman, state of ' • a .and "19JU deal of wlml B in Arkansas ii| lia's been beyoiiB has tile Comtruelinn of the ( of th liomrsir-nds will begin July I. and will preyed at the rale of Itl per week mini N«m>iiiln-r I. • The Ihst families will he moved ii around August i. One able hod ied member of each family will he employed at the icgtilar scale in colony development while | others are engaged in cleiirint; the iiarlii-nbr tract|;iir-d to llie family. Ill Al nx [in- .Mnst Twenly )-.:-r cent of the SW fainilie.s will Iv plac-ed on 20-aciv. li-ucus und a\ pr-r cent cm -lo-ai-rel°'- v - liacl.s. The clC':irin<; Ix-ill^ d,)nr on ihc colony nov. 1 is onlv foi the purpose of securing c-iiouxli lumijer to build the honiesieacH find control, and fair enough WASHINGTON. June Ifl. (UP) -The grass public' dchl nf the' tlnitvd States government reach- L)r, r.l'tlSl ctl an all-lime record high of ¥-'?.- : l!00.000.000 today, siupassiii^ ihc I ivar lime ]:eak of sai.MMOl.fiW, 1 i cached un August 31. lOlf). I S i i nrrinrnp' inn ni BTrnnii • Lm " roi -" n<i " niu "°"8" H IT Huh Hlh I fl III nm"" on n '" 1 "" K '^'•iain 1C liues m nas""a II Ul I IULIEU IIIU I Lll I I Uillll i <nnl oi substantial atrompllsh- Harvarcl Reunion. Legion Meeting Tonight New York Cotton NEW barns r.nd the administration|coito; ai:t! to clear site.s for July these. - | lie major part of (he cleaiiir; will be lefl for the colon- Oi-'. Dee Jan March Mav ,. i\CW isi.s. They will be required to leave n fourth of their land in •'•ocds and pasture, Mr. Dyess .said. lo Insure tire wood and pasture fi.r the sloe':. H is cMimated r.ow- ihat the cnrjKjraiion wilt lw able lo sell, the colonists their land al an uv- cniRe pri ••> oi $20 per acre. It will be sold at ill? actual cost of development, (he rorpornllon. or- ganised reccnily under the laws of Delaware, retaining till? to all the property until the long time anini [ballon loans are fully paid. A hatehery. wine baby chicks •*lll If. halt-lied for sale" to Ih tclonists. Is one of Ihe pror,o>:ed i!eveit|iincnls. wl-.lch include- churches, schools, a swimming po: 1. (.Oiiimiinlly hoiLse. park, arlilickil jDcc 1-iltc. :nd business and adrnin-,-'an irl:ation buildings. j Km nin; Water. Elpelricily i V.ouses will be wired for VORK. June closed steady, open liigli r.'co law \'f!a 1225 1235 1235 1-2-10 Hi 'Upi — low 1100 1SI5 1227 H43 1252 Spots closed (;iiiet at r_M5. 126(1 1240 last IM dost- ll!13 1213 123S mi; 12:18 Itll- C I -IP I r ,- i . "i AOA ' ' lnv(v partirnlarly In iiiind Ihe rail?. :X>ClgWlck LrOWCl LslmiatCCI at /,UUl)if.enr-ral nnunclal .sliuatlon of Ihe Hanfslacn^l Arrives for Hears .Candidate al Pineal i*'"!^ h^'b';, ".ISiTy [^^[{.' : : ' improved. Two ycnr.s nso Arkim- ' 'His was \vrll on tht» rond to bank- h,!; [he •-and Is gradually paying off buck I {bills lefl hy the preceding adtnln- Islrution. That is somcihliiK fun- r, i c, ' w damentnl. if Governor Futrpll has Reed .<3aiiirdiiy| no , m;ll . n|ly f|nn| , e(1 , ]is ))vomlsf> Ion- j noSM'ON. June 18. (UP)—Whiic: PINE Tll.UFP. Alt.—Ofjenlns j two Jewish detectives guarded Dr. campaign for governor from i Ernst Fran/ Scdgwick (Pulzl) :carne plalform from whicli The Dud Cason post of l!i» Ilaiifsiaenal ajjaiust threats of opponent. Gov. J. M. Pntreil. Aiiicrican Legion will . meet this anli-Na/i outbreaks, the fence livered his opening address evening. 7.3fl o'clock, al the arm-; around Haivnrd yard, in Cam- years bridge, was. einhln/oned lodaywith nitiht l.old type posters at Inching him. "Give htm a degree: make him 11 masicr of torture." "Make him a mnsier of sterili- 7aiion." "Drive Ihr Na/i butcher out." These were lyiucal of lhc slogans posted by "l'h? "lio-slon Committee. Victims of German Fascism." Six feet three inches tnll. weighing 2S6 pounds. Adolf Ifltler's Nazi lieutenant, here to attend the 25th reunion of his Harvard college j class, rcimrhot! that "they'll; just ., LOttOn imp a mile fnn )tle '" igo. Howard outlined his plalform b-- 1'i-owd estimated :,< 2.000. , |0| , . , , ]n M:,Jnr points in his pro :: r:im foi- | ^ ? .,; hln 1.—Rci^eal of the ]X)!1 ia>: law. criisiderin ' :i.--Coiisol]dLitici[] of all »i:rieiil-! luriil aelivlties In u state dep.ui-1 m?ni wilh an elective head. 4.—T'ari-inutucl bptlitig on lior.sp races if aiilliorixed by Ihe sta legislature, but not otherwise. 5.—Aiwlilion of loll bridges. (i.—An $80.000.00!) R. !•'. C. loan for llie purchase, at a discounl, of highway Ixinds. 1.— Keduciion in the stall of llu tvith, comptroller's office and limiting ' of its work to fact finding. 8.—Take (he FETIA out of ]»1- commLssloner, hgulnst the., payment on brought users, and on combination rates. Tlie rent on bolh light and wu- enue |ter meters also Is lifted by the Uw-. Miit'fW" 1 to force] "Per 1 * ~Ot~tM.-\," 000. The company offered to |my| B "' " K Aldcn rent """ Balcer, superintendent of Hween what il paid for the gas]-;" ™"^'; "'Iff 1 , "'twi'riH [° id what It received from cufl- [?"*. 3«'M«lay. called attetlon to Ilia free service enjoyed by resl- denlfi at the expense of the plant. oil some $200.000—the difference bet anil toiiiers. .liLsiler C. J. Johnson wrote a v¥llll:ll ,„.„„,, llcr „.„,„ nllll „,.,. dl£.sent In HIP «»».___ He^sppte nllT ent. for 12 churches and three f.chonls. current for. four sewev whlnh provider free water and highly of Ihe tribunal's work and of a rcrenl 10 per cent reduction "^' V ~ K ' (h e "iir"e'st'aTion!"i'nO fi'treet. ol l crc lJ >y ,"". C ,"'.' !J',,f, 01 "! )a " y .! 0 i li B | ' ts . "'"I « whlteway lights, *""'" "' "" " " pays practically Ihe entire eit- liense of the fire deparlmenl, maintains llie .sewer syslam, pay- over 200 Arkansas cities as a suit of an Investigation. He said: "That is nn open confession of the utilities that the Arkansas consumer lias l>epn overcharged for services rendered to tile ex- to lake Mat<! expenses bark to Ihe j has al least br( (he stale's in a bad piece c.f tent of 10 per several years." cent for Ihc past ' ing n regular Inspector and furnishing him a truck, and In addition has retired and dollars worth several thous- of standing against I he system. bonds out- old sewer oOo 'Offices in Courthouse To Close on Thursdays All offices of county officials The Futrell administration has its good points and Its bad ones. But 11 Is not the record of the -.administration alone thai is on {trial in this primary campaign.. What Howard Reed must do. if I announced today. Manila Youths Freed in Cotton Theft Case Donald stuurt and Russell I'lee- ] man. Manila youllis, arrested at the courthouse here will be. closed |- Mem hL , , t fc h „, on Thursday afternoons starting dMcen<1( , d ou a noiKe KCUI>led by Ibis week for lhc summer, it was a 11| , mt( . r of formcr Manl||1 ^^ Ii2 ex]>ect'. lo lind himself wliprr he v/anLs lo l>e after Ihe ballots are ciiunled next August, Is nnl only to bring lo lishl shortcomings in (he Fulrell record, which Is easy, but also to satisfy :i of majority of the voters that lite election would be an improvement. c'k'Clri.-ity and piped for water. The Arkansas Power company is alivady extending bifih power liii.-s' i ( Ho tl:e area and artesian wellG aro i.i'inj driven. llc.w.'.ixl Ickenliiiuiii, administration architect, was here Friday nii'l S<Htirday completinj working drnvincr.s oj ih: houses, which are of lliree. types, containin? Unvf, fo»ir and five rooms. By SD^in? Ih? lumber on the site ii will he po.istble io construct i lie \m\ises for about half what they vculd cost If ihc maicrial wi-r: louglil, Mr. Dycss said. The avcTapc estimated cost per houso is SflOO. 1'cur oilier colonies are to be located in this stale, one of which will l>e exclusively for negioos. Only while applicants will IK- con- for the Dyess colony. traveling over a Id-point during 111" session. o.;en hish 1103 1193 1218 1220 123! 1231 1247 1257 Spots closed steady .Inly Oct March 123} 1231 low 1102 121S 1225 1231 chanced. at close na.i 1217 1229 12331) — 124-i — 125-1 mo. un NEW ORLEANS, .lime 18 (UD— '"--'ivily guarded on his artval Unfavorable wcatlier report, hadi'™" 1 Ncw York . Dr - Haiifstnengl! itics. no m:r.surabln affect, on the C3l-l n:ll ; lc " most of Hie police last O.-nisclui-ge 100 employes -, At ... „,,„.,,...,- ,.. H -...,,....,,. ten market today and prices clo-.ed \ m " hl n "<! vnnishc-d. He said on-i state revenue department. Return Allcr Bil slc hluc hn<1 mudl worsc one to two )ii)int.s liinher after! ly " lnt llc w - ns "g°'"g swimming i of auto license- fee collrcilon lo range n 'ncn Ihe waler is good and cold. 0 ! sheriff.-;. Today it wns learned that he 10—New penitentiary policy, spent the night in the seclusion' 11.—Support of all schools from of the estate of his classmate. I kindergarten to university. Belter Uiuis Agassi/. Shaw, nt Ueverlcy' salaries for teachers. Free school; I arms, on the north shore. for 12 grades. More federal aid The two -Jewish detectives. Ben-: money for Arkansas, jamiii Good man and William " — ion'""police'" h C Suarlcrs th racHcaj Memphis Evangelist The closing is nn annual practice followed during the summer nionllis. II probably will not uf- fcci the county agrie.ulliiral apenl's office on the first floor. position on the sales lax.equally clear. dents (o hold Ihem as alleged members of a cotton theft ring, were released soon ufler they were taken Into custody. Friends here at Ihe time of the arrests, whicli involved nine Manila residents, said they antlcl paled release of Stuart and young Flceman. believing they had been of the poll mcnt of a governors Ihnn Fulrell and Ihe [ Reed's declaration for lieople recognize thai we mighl have a worse one again. To do f>fr. Reed jusllre. however, his address did contain more thnn n-.ere criticism of the administration record. Also worthy of applause was Mr.llaken into custody simply becau.v; One of the things that appealed to me particularly In his talk i was his forthright and unequivocal Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK. June 13 «UP> — Traders today awaited adjournment of congress and appointment ot the five commissioners who will rule under I he security cxclianpe act of 103-1. A.s a result volume was Ijghi and prices fluctuat:-d rratieally. From a firm opdi- ng thj market declined wilh net points. IIS 3-fi IC 1-8 30 1-4 headquarters radical' .squad, were lo accompany Dr. llanf.siaengl to Cambridge. . i i n. ,| 10 Lake Mreel declaration againsl tax. He failed lo state sales explain where An evangelistic meeting will bo- gin at the Lake Street Methodist ' church Tuesday evening. 8 o'clock. i he proposed lo gel the money lo ' provide 12-grade elementary schools for the entire stale or lo do some of the other progressive things Chicago Wheat open hi°h low close July fl3 1-2 95 93 3-8 f!4 5-8 Sepi D3 7-8 D5 5-8 93 3-4 95 1-8 Chicago Corn open high low close July 67 5fl 57 58 7-8 Sept 58 1-8 60 3-8 58 1-8 CO 1-8 [wo -13 o?.se.s ranging lo A. T. and t. ... Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel Chrysler : Cities Service ... Coca Cola 12C General American Tank :v> General Electric ..'. General Motors Internallonal llarvpstor Middlewrst Utililie.s ... Monlsomery Ward New York Central Packard Phillips Petrohum Radio Corp Simmons Beds 17 1-2 St. Louis-San Francisco 3 Standard of N. J Texas Co ». S Sltcl , . - 21-2 21 1-8 33 M 1-4 28 7-S 32 1- 10 47 1-4 25 5-8 Kc<-i; it in your uiinil, spend l "rip for nmtiry. I'.vrry trans- arlinn is fpedirs your neijih- r.or's baby. with the Memphis, Hcv. Hubert evangelist. Allen, of abolition tax and cstabllsh- reglstratlon system. "thereby guaranteeing to every citizen the right to vote without paying for the privilege or com promising his citizenship to any politician." Our own county this year furnished an excellent, example of lhc soundness of Mr. Reed's position on (lite point. Without block buying of poll tax rc- celpt.s by candidates or their friends Mississippi county would have, il seems safe to say. not more than 5.000 qualified voters. which he advocated, but at least) We actually have 10,000 or more. he put himself squarely on record) That means thai half of (he _ against the worst form of tnxa- j voters in Ihls counly will be Under The Rev. W. J. LeXoy. .uastor. i lion thai is likely lo be suggested, j obligation, direct or otherwise, to has extended tion. a general . imiia- j II is to b,e hoped that rofore long '.some i Governor Fiurell will make his light candidate to vote. for their very Pacific Coast Nudists l^an South Sea Island Paradise SAN FRANCISCO. Cal. lUPl— i nuts, mangos, gnava, pineapples Utopia, a naked, languorous para- and breadfruit, Allard ,5,-ild. He disc on a tropical isle, beckoned jsaid II is owned by a South Seas today— available (o all good nudists I prince, who has Indicated an in- Ists arc telng provided for. i treasurer. It Is the latter who Tho little nudists. Allard explain-[ nlll collect, safeguard and disburse lor Sl.OOO per mid;. iclinatlon to sell it. cd. enter the plclure quite dcfi nitely, Inasmuch as all members of the colony must be married. In And as soon as they have raised The Vanna Vamin group have it! lermarrlage between Ihc succecd- ITicicnl funds to purchase the i figured out Ihal there will be twice, Ing generations Is part of the island .and a small steamer at the number of persons necessary to scheme, so ultimately the island least ICO San Francisco nudists ' ' will be on thpir one-way trip to Consequently, they'll beggar the I to discard civilized ways allogellt- ;NRA by requiring only four hours': er. the number of persons necessary to work pineapple and coconut plan- will be ixopled with a race of su- tations. products of 40 years' ml-. per-nudlsts. tlvation. Bui Vann.i Vnnnans don't intend Paiadise, according to Maurice Allard, president of the Nature's Rccrcalive Association Allard disclosed the group in-[work a day from the inhabitants. I Recognizing thai even in Utopia tend; to lake for their tropical re-i "Money?" Allard remarked. "We!there may be divorces, alimony, parties and other mailers tney were found nt the 'vhen the raid was made. II was fhld that the yonlhs were motorcycle enthusiasts and distrl bittors and were in Memphis lo trade a used motorcycle. Slibsc investigation by Memphis officer.-, appareht'f/ Vilslniiiiatcd the youths' statements. Other persons arrested known. are still i held, so at the far a. One of Four Arkansas River Victims Foum companimenl to the swan song of the 73rd congress. After wait- Ing awhile the red coated bandsmen were dismissed until fi P. M. Jeopardizing adjournment Is Ihe possibility that some other senator., mpy ctv.-iltfppt-eiLrjbx .under-take Long's successful strategy to- force n vote on some measure marked for discard. The first 1 adjournment obstacle was blasted away when Sjnalor Robsrt, Built* leyC Dem.. O.) moved to withdraw the bank bill which blocked adjournment. Saturday night. •' Demands Kail Labor Bill A determination to press for enactment of railway labor legls- - lallon, even at the risk nt delay- ' Ing adjournment of c-cmsre.-sa, was expressed today by Chairman Clarence C. Dill iDcin., Wash.) of the senate Interstate commerce committee after u conference with diiilnt&tratlon leaders. Leaving this conference. Dill, aid he was prepared to force the abor Iwue on the senate with a lotion to lake up the railway la >or bill as soon as the senate lias cted upon the conference report' ni the deficiency bill. "' -This Is u good bill and I'm lot going to sec II Junked wlth- uit a fight." Dill said. "I feel that t wa.i put In an unfavorable • po- Iliou Saturday night and now "in going lo see that it gets fair reatmcnl." npnlps Agreement ' [ Hill denied Republican charges .hat his effort lo bring up th6 •ail bill, which sets up n board o.f, idjiislinciit to handle railway labor disputes, had been in viola- Ion of a "gentleman's agreement" to adjourn congress at the expense of tlial and other bills. "There was no agreement," Dill said. "My bill was .supposed to come up right after the banking bill and when other matters were Ihrown in at the lost minute i fell bound to get into llie fight." Dill's attitude Indicated that Robinson had not attempted 16 get lilm to abandon the rail bill. Tlie measure "has passed the house, is wanted by the federal coordinator. Joseph B. Eastman, snd is sat-' isfactory to Ihe administration. treat the royal island ol Vanna] don't need any. Th3 clothing till Vanna, In the Gambler Group. will be eliminated. There'll bs no The verdant island, 250 miles | butcher bills to fret about. Fish, southeast of Tahiti, is nine mlics i crabs, turtles and shrimps abound." 42 Msquare and abounds with coco- j Even the prospective little nud requiring judicial decisions, Ihe of pearl Irade, he explained, to get nudisls will elect a board of governors, consisting of chairman, vice chairman leader and secretary- the il.OOO membership fees. Steamers will touch the dreamy Islf only twice a month. Consequently, the Vanna Vannans will set up a radio station to keep ii touch with thctr friends. Allard said he once lived seven years among Ihe islands, which are under French protectorate, and is convinced o'f the scheme's practicability. Temperatures run from 80 to 84 degrees, generally, he said. And In their spare moments, the colonists will work up 3. mother CONWAV, Ark., June 18 (UP)— The Arkansas river today gave up the tody of Miss Mallie Calla han, 24. one of four persons drown ed here late yesterday. Drag hook.s brought up the bod shortly before noon. Plans were made to dynamlt the river this afternoon to brln up the bodies of Miss Irene Meeks. M. her sister, Maggie. 15. and Freeman Blount, 20. The four were on a swimming party. They were playing on a log on a sandbar when high winds broughl waves that carried the log Into the open river. The girls became frightened, They clutched Blount. He went down. They followed, one at a time. Miss Cnllahan's body was found 100 yards from where it sank. Mrs. Julia Gwtltney Dies at Her Home Here Mrs. Julia Owaltney, 68, pioneer resident of Blythevillc. died at her home, 1208 West Main, today noon. She had been 111 for 18 months from paralysis. Funeral arrnngenftnts are Incomplete pending the arrival of her only relative, J. W. M.orris ot Cetroit, Mich., a nephew. • a little pocket money. He did not explain, however, what they'd do for pockets. ELKO, Ncv. (UP)—What Is believed to be one of th; largest Utters of blue foxes was reported here. A blue fox at the Quidlcl ranch gave birth to IS pups. 13 of them art still living. WEATHER Arkansas—Fair tonight and Tuesday. Memphis and vicinity—Fair tonight and Tuesday, little change In temperature. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 81, minimum 14. cloudy with 21 of an inch rainfall, according to S»muel F. Nor- rls. official weather oU«rver.

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