The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 15, 1945 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 15, 1945
Page 4
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BLYTHKVILLE COURIER NKWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS OO. H. W. HAINE3, Publisher SAMUEL F. NORRIS, Editor JAMES A. GATENS, Advertlsln( Manager Sole National Advertising Representatlvea: Wallace Wltn» • Co:, Wew York, ChlCftKO, Detroit, Atlanta, i.--.-mphls. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter Bt the post- OJIlce at Blytheville, Arkansas, under act of Congress. October 9, 1917. Served by the'0nlt«d Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the city of Blytlievllle, SOo per week, or 85c per month. By mall, wltliin a radius of 40 miles, J4-M per year,-53.00 for six months; 41.00 for three months; by mall outside 50 mile zone, HO.OQ per year payable in advance. : Victory Preparation Amoriej'ris' t l ie speclacii- . lar Fussiiin ndvaiice on Berlin has been notably dif/erent from their reaction to ; the lightning liberation of France by ; our forces last summer. • 'I he reasons can lie summed up best ; in "once bitten, twice shy." We have • acquired a higher estimate of the Ger• man army's stubborn power since Gcn- icral Palton's summer blitzkrieg. We .'have remembered the sorry aftermath ' '. of our optimism as it affected war production. We have been given to under- ;s(ami that the fall of Berlin probably • will not mean the fall of Germany. So the term "V-E Day." has scarcc- -]y been heard. The.burning, (juestion of ; 'whether the nation's bars should he .opened or closed on the day of victory , .has not been revived. The rash' of military-and civilian plans for V-E Day ;has failed to break out again. But it seems to us that there is one ] item of preparation which might lie 'undertaken.'For, while it'appears' that the war with Germany wjll drag on 'Tor several months, some unlooked-for development might possibly be a tremendous release of emotion Ihrough- Jnt the Allied countries., ;•• The preparation, then, might take •the fern: of a plea to the whole country to fcecp eelc!n-aliou within safe ami i-easona'ble bounds when Hie time conies. It might come from the President, the 'i8 x goyeijiprs, or some other 'govcrn- ..ment or military leader. And it could ; be bolstered by extra .safety prccau- • lions in offices and plants to snpple- ; ment regular police protection. • : Considerable damage was done !throughout .the f.oimtry on Armistice '.Day in ILio. Full metal waste paper •baskets v.'are dropped from office win;do\vs. Various missiles were thrown ; through glass panes. Cabs and auto• mobiles were tipped ovqr. Desks and ; other office fixtures were damaged. We cannot afford a duplication this U'? 1< ::. T!lere >s another war to be won after Germany is defeated. The workers,-materials, tools and records needed to carry on that war are loo. .valuable and scarce, and the'time taken to replace them too costly, to be endangered by uncontrolled high spirits. The potential; danger' of such destruction is greater now than in 1!)J8. Our war industry facilities arc vastly expanded, and hence more vulnerable to ,the threat of careless damage. So it might be well if an appeal were made to all of us to make up our minds now that when the time for rejoicing comes, we shall'think of the job ahead and guard against hysteria and havoc. John Nance Garner gave the Vice Presidency a somewhat humorous and folksey touch, and Henry A. Wallace was anything but obscure in the job. But that's about as far its if ever went. Now, however, we have hopes. They arose as we looked at the picture of Vice President Truman scaled at a piano, with the sultry Miss Lauren Bacilli half-reclining atop the instrument. There, we said, now that looks like something Victor Moore would do —Victor Moore; who has spent the recent y«ir.s of his professional life practically cmolheral by beautiful girls in every one of his shows. , We hope'that Vice President Truman will not 1'ijjd Iho duties of his new office so burdensome that he will renounce these occasional touches of pure ThrolUchollom. I'orhap:; it's an expensive luxury, but wo rather like the idea of a little conscious clowning in official Washing!on now and then. 11 ought to be a nice change from the unconscious variety which we frequently get from the bureaus and Capitol Hill. Not to Be Sneezed At A Xcw York .store advertises handkerchiefs from 925 fo $225. That puts them right up in the unprocurable luxury cliiss with cleansing tissues. IL tlili column ul •ttuc terat la th» fcol 1> u uknoirtedfRMnt at M- I he Size of a State Highway Commission Tiie eni.irgod irii;!iwny Camnilsstcn willi a meinljcr fioui i>a:)i oi [he ten inaiiii.oiinncc di.s- lilcts iiu-tcnd of (he seven ccngrc&sioiml districts, can lie an ngcncy for mnklns the fairest mid best use ol .stele hlalnvas' I\iuis, b'.it u bigger commlsslcn k In itself no guttnintcc cf Unit, etc-'ivnble icsult. <\ cair.inis'ion with a comjwrnllicl.v large membci?]!i|) mislu b^ contrallcd by u combination nir.ciig certain nic-mters. it. will ciisily be iippiireiit that il the Hlghwny ComirU-ilon lm:l n mcnbrr for cnch 0113 of the 75 coimUet,, or even ;s members, it could be <i ciiHer of horse lru(Uir a ', U i^es'iis logical lint the smaller n commis- -•l™ C:o nictv (nnc-dcabh It [•; To,- n slnte to build a comprehensive nud co-oi<iiin;ie.'l highway sysicm, v.ith tn:nk road-s ami tcccnaary nnrt connecting reacts. Thr !:lj;ger the commisslDii. the more likely it will b? that hli-livvny bnildinsr will te pulled this «;].<• and llml way in rcaiiotisc to cfrtnin iM-of-iiirc. Or Hie money inny lie sprem! .•o tl-.ln that no properly iihnnert s;slem ran be inoil-lctl. Wht-n Ml'-sDul was about to launch its highway program the legislature wanted viork te beein in every couniy nt the same time. At the other c.vlnme is New York, which hns in ils state commissioner of Public Works a one- man fommlr-fion for road bullcilng and other construction and ir.iuntcnance. We have in the plan for the Arkansas l:iel:way system, sncl hi the surveys that show what fiicilitics nre doniinntctl by nctiial traffic, n G«U!c lor highway building thai should always cor.trol, no mailer whether authority rcsls in a couuiiisslon inrue or small. —ARKANSAS GAZETITE. The Throttlebottom Touch .Victor Moore, as ThrottleboUom in "Of Thee I Sing," brought the office of Vice President of the,United States out of obscurity and invested it with a good many endearing qualities. No real- life holder of the post has approached Mr. Moore's double triumph. I an: not going to make r.ny prophecy about the end of the war in the Pacific, but I can say that it is going better then expected ami that, wr are irorc than satisfied.—Adml. Sir Bruce Fr.iSfr. Ilritish I'.tcilic Fleet chief. • • » The coming .of tiic enemy to Manila is exactly what cur side waited for, and our bleeding t.icllc.s, which arc our aim, will now enter the rcfitUc stngr-.—To!:yo t.ulio. • • . They were fed up wiih Hitler's lies and plenty worried about the SoMets.-S-Sgt. Fred Makcl of fteno. Calif,, intcrviev.ins Western Trout prisoners. inq House with Maj. Hoople Our Our Way THURSDAY, FKJWUAKY 15, J9J5 UDICUNCO BY KEASCRVICE. inc.- T.M. REG, u. s. PAT. OFF "Fallier can'l find liny .shoe coupons ;md bo swears lie's going barefooted as soon ;is the snow melts—l never did _ . understand liis sense of hum or!" THIS CURIOUS -WORLD K, ON THE MOON'S SUNt-J-l FIND TEAVERATURES JlSO OE6REES B£L<3V/j?g/ZC> It Ought to Penetrate Pretty Soon, Now CAN A PERSON BE POISONED BY POISON IVY wjiHour ACTUALLY TOUCHINS IT COPS. mi BY KtA SERWCT ;\'C T. H, R[C, U.S. FAf. OFF Announcements The courier News has been authorized to announce the following candidacies for the Municipal Election In April. Municipal Judge OEOHGE W. BARHAM (1 you wani to oaj more W»r Bonds SELL OS THE FURNITURE VOO ARE NOT USING, for enshl Abo liberal trade-In »Uow»n« for nld furniture <m new. Alvin Hardy Furn. Co. 1 E. Main i'bnor 1311? Visit Us in Our NEW BUILDING Located at 121 E. Main St. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler Dealer - Parts & Service 121 E. Brain Phone ZI22 ALAE&E INDUSTSY HAS BEEN BUILT AROUND THE GROWING OF' ; FOUK-LEAFCLWe/SS, \ MOST OF WHICH ARE SHIPPED i TO THE UNITED SrATE5. : ANSWER: Yes. sensitive s'.cins. 8-IS 'si,«S?A f - Smoke from burning poison irritates NEXT: The toll of shoplifters. e in Eloliywocd i get wiiul of things ami announced |Jiunly: "Ko .•••oji of mine is getting JiV ERSKINE .VOHNSON NEA Staff Correspondent i- - - - - - — o- .-> HOLLYWOOD—Press agents. \ v o t mil r ricd '!> a No!) Hill mansion as have decided, arc very unlucky' 11 publicity stunt." anuieiT uut to hotel people. They nr c forever going Hie dog house right no happened in San Francisco other day. It wasn't the poor fellow's fault at all. Ballyhoolng the oiienini,' of Love a Soldier," the press ayenl arranged a legitimate wedding between a loenl soldier and tils girl friend in a Nob Hill mansion. 0 it URO occasion, and the ake to the Sail where Sonnv cut ! everybody a l>i<; Mice—without hcn- -(j efil oi" !!i;ifrimw}v. THIS y. \. -KETIItKI)" Down in Kan Diego they'll never foi'Bct the o.rciiinu' of a Charley Rny Dicluir. "Dynamite Jim." man. I Things went along tine until the day before the biff event when the soldier's father, an aged Kalian J-R. Williams Whole sole your irorn footwear for Winter iiud obtain sturdy wet resisting soles, greatly lengthening? the slice's life. GUARANTEED TIRE RECAPPING! 24 Hour Service •\it-.p—Vulcanizing and Tire Kep»ir WADE COAL CO. N. Hwy. 61 CEILING PRICES 1'ho^ 2291 BUYING LOGS Oak — Pecan — Cypress — Cottonwood —Tupelo BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Phone 2911 Blylhcville, Ark Complete Super Service Station! GOOD GULP GAS AND OILS .... GOODRICH TIKES . . . WASHING . . . LUBRICATION . . TIRE' REPAIR . . . ROAD SERVICE. We arc never too busy to appreciate your business, AUTO AND HOME SUPPLY 421 W. Mam pll(me g2g BLAN HEATH to REMEMBER i&rtjfrffi^*. td b, KIA SIRVICL. INC. Till) STOIIV: In isn'j I'nhiml I, i-llll ninlor Ihr Iliixsinn j-ukr, lirr vcn-inul* nrr rhnluri] to a vii-iouK (riulnl Hyxtriu mill nt\y itri!uin«lrntlim tor frri-iluiu l>< {iikinrillntrlr !>!•; flruvn liy ihr. ROldlrr.i of (lir C».nr. l<-rr<ltrli: I'hoiilu I... rj. hn., Kalnril <lis<lnc- flon n.i n |ii.inl.s( in lits filmic vlllngo of '/.rlntitwn Woln nnil In rn \n Warji^^T. Tin- nj^ht li iilnj- at Oinil n-nil-tlnnlt srr, I ARE 4TU880RKS 'vJU | rJE^^L^D/-<-^TO DATTE M.V Et-PORTS TO OUST piKE AMD HIS Ef^R-pUMlSHIr-Si i CHKTTER HWJE MET ' RE80FP/ —UNV.'Wn^'- TM& (viEKT PM^E IK OFFEMSNE i 1 ^^^30R,I LfvU-Tl-IW UVKtf.S.'-^OKSCl.e CLEO DESIRED TO VAMOOSE HIS WIFE'S MM<AF\, SO \\c FETCHED HO\\E A 6UP- W REMDERc-D 60UR X'a -^SUE 6OT GCW INJT DA.VS — LfvUs^^E WE < BLOCK VA.C/XNJCIED "O l-\k{: CM.' GCOD H,A!M'T -iOU M' CWCUOH E CROWED (.i|e>i ^.'" ^ />" ' // BUT MY FATHER X ITHIMK. THE O' - W* THIWIiS, VOU { IS RIGHT-1 DOMT SHOULD LEARM \ w,\MT TO BE LMJ--^ ALL THESE 7H!MGS| AT AWV S\QR E ^ WHEW YOU'RE j 51XTY THAM AT SIX VOUSJG,ASWEV /TEEM/ MF\CT i •XRE VEEV DIF- \ THIWK IT HL/ef'i PICULT TO LEAKM ) VOJ ' WHEN YOU'RE /SIXTY.' OLDEE; ,/ THERE AWT AMY \ /y- HORSE5, EVEGV- I // '' " WILLWAMT/'/ _ A PASSIMG FAMCV .... 'l'lV:H."lnX vie. the p v r s ii'-'enl huilt n phony infrinsl inarhine, complete with a linhiiu: rlnrl:. and planted It In (he cdiloiia) iiHim n[ a Han Die iifiv.spancr lc', v -:iti'(l nil the lower floor of u >'ix-a!oi-y buikliiifr. I' wasn't l;inc before someone yrll'ri. "Ovnnmlto!" Void wi's passed around Ihe t:ii|'Idin r : within a [c-.v 5eronris. re- M'llitK' in liic worst case of nia.^ hv.^ffi'in in ilip riivV" history. l\iM(v fin.illv nirived. cave the Infernal m:i.-hinf a dnnklnt; and tlicn di^'-ovc'nci a niece of mncr in- .Tini." The I.-M usent confessed . The- mo-' - Iriul a fin-rot mertiiiy of rrt-iilti- ItinmrlrN Iicfi>rc the rvrnl. l-'rrd- rrlc hrnrw nlnnit Ilic nnv "liniiK- ni!in" Kiivrriinr Iho C'znr lin.i just fteiit to roliinil. » * 4 X AT COUNT WODZINSKI'S TZABELA viewed the dinncr- concert at Count Wod7.inski's through the pantry door. She was wearing her new dress, of course. t>he pushed the door open a few inches and stood on tiptoe to get a better view : . She had never seen such splendor. — It \vas not to bo described. The dazzle actually \vas too much {or one pair of eyes. Everything, from the great tapestries to the TVtCOLAS CHOPIN took out his watch, returned it to his pocket, looked at it again and again returned it to his pocket. Ife shook his head. Ho called his wife's attention to the hour. "Nicolas, what can we do?" They could not imagine what was keeping Frederic and Professor Eisner. Tiic minutes passed. It would soon be Frederic's turn to play. Mamma Chopin tried not to think nbout il but she could not help herself. The Major Domo, tall, robust, fussy and petty, with n powdered wig and clothed in %-clvct and salin, ornamented with gilt braid from neck to knees, came in from Die corridor. "Not here yet?" Nicolas Chopin bowed. "I'm sorry—" "—You're sorry?" Nicolas Chopin smiled a fawning smile. "I can tell you noth- smallest valu^. Irinkct, spoke proud —•*•'" ~'.. ; J Rend Courier News Want Ads. - » Cdunt Wcdz.inski was a cold- Ol:n" l.iiri an ege — eyed mail of middle years and so mart rverybodv middle slature. He we're a imi- | form. He looked shorter than his average height, almost dwarfed, as he sat sliftly in the high- backed, gold-trimmed chair at the dining lable, even though he sal on a pillow. Ladies and gentlemen in the richest dress sal elbow to elbow, chattering, praling. laughing, while flunkeys in gold and lace wailed on the table and a yovmg woman at the far end of the room raised her voice in song to the accompaniment of a piano and the clattering of dishes. Izabela said: "Oh, Mamma, how elegant!" Mamma Chopin said: "Bo careful you don't open the door too far; they won't like it, then they won't let us even stand here." —It was exactly as Jo?.ct Eisner liad said; they were in the pantry, the tp-vn wa-, r'avoo Ii"n;r. AVrvniK" IN THE nor. When the "ttbrl; I^i-ion" open<y) i" r<v Air;.'!•-.•; another notr- wriUii': vri'sv :><;cnt landed ill the doc Itpusr. Wi-ek before I he nrc- H'iore he .-iliifffd n siiiloav fill! of Hank shirts an ! Hark masks and Mtach^d =' fyewiitfnn note. "The J'lnrk lei'ion is coming!" He parked lh" 'I'l'i'iisr* in the lobby of n downtown hotel. Srimrcnf finnllv onrned it. called the r.p'.icr and the FBI. The flunt was ii.iTd lo ilio Warner. rt\!dif> publicity department and! tlin FBI swrnf. Iwo days checking, all thp Ivniwriiers nt Ihc studio! tryiiiB lo find the villain. The note • w'iis ty)i"d b\- the nrcss agent on jits cousin's typewriter. | '—You have already told me nothing." The Major Domo waved his gold-headed cane close to Papa Chopin's nose. "Maestro Paganini plays next—then your son. I soy nothing more. But if you know what's good for him—he'U be ready." * * t VLUNKEVS rudely pushed Papa and Mamma Chopin aside without apologies. A dozen lackeys were constantly on parade between the pantry and the dining hall, each carrying huge platters of roasls and delicacies so arranged as to sharpen the dullest appetite. Exquisite music, at first faint, then louder, was heard above the talk and tinkling glasses and clinking silver. Suddenly there was a flurry of excitement, and an angry voice said: "Can't you look where you're going?" "—Teh, Icli." Jozef Eisner, it seemed, had almost toopled a lackey staggering under a lieayy tray ol foodstuffs, "Frederic! Paganini!" "Paganini!" —Niccolo Paganini, the most celebrated violin virtuoso in Europe. Frederic would have flung open the door wide but for a watchful flunkey who prevented him. He put his ear to a crack. "Beautiful?" Ixabcla whispered. "Exquisite." The Major Domo appeared from nowhere. "Well, at last!" Ho coughed. "Be ready, please!" * * * ]?REDEfUC crossed the room toward Die elegant piano, scarcely noticed by the diners. He seemed not to be annoyed by 'he chatter nr Ihc noise of shifting plates and platters, or the tinkling of glassware. —The idea of Poland being governed by a hangman! lie could not get the thought out of his head. Who next would swing from the gallows? What new unconscionable terrors would this tyrant bring? Damn the hangman! Poland would be rid of hangmen! But once at the piano, once his fingers touched tiie keys he v,-a; rele;iscd from this world. The notes of his own fnnlnsic—Im- promptu began to fill the room. Frederic was in good form. Let others hammer away. Let others delight the world with their thumping. That was not for him. He had his own way. He would be content to piny, to make the piano sing, not howl. There were a thousand ways to go about it. Ho had his own way. Tonight he had the feel. He knew exactly what to say and how to say it. He looked up and saw lo his surprise that some of Ihoso at tl'c table had actually put down the r forks lo observe him. Tiie Impromptu was finished, the last note struck. They applauded. Not each and every one. That would have been too much. The applause nonetheless was rcspcclablc. But Count Wodzinski's mouth was stuffed with food as ho showed his lace from the side of his high-backed, gold-trimmed chair. "Encore!" ho shouted. "Encore." (To Bo Continued)

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