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Newbern Daily Progress from New Bern, North Carolina • Page 2

Newbern Daily Progress from New Bern, North Carolina • Page 2

New Bern, North Carolina
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The following from the Memphis Is LOCAL MATTERS. LATEST JfEWS. DAILY PROGRESS. W. IL Seward and Judge Campbell.

We adopt the following editorial from the NEWBERN PRICES CURRENT. C5" It should be understood that our quotations generally represent the wholesale prise. In filling up full of good sound sense i COTTON AND COURAGE. Single Copies AFFAIRS IN MONTGOMERY. Petersburg Etprett, denunciatory of the mean contemptible course pursued by that villainous Biuwi utuvia, uiugi twm If (( paifl.

We read, in several of our exchangeAj some real and more fictitious correspondence from Ot the Progreu may be had at tho counter every morning at 5 bents each, te sure to bring the right change however at we cannot 90 00 Mohtoomert, May think that the loan bill, authorizing $50,000,000 to be raised by bonds or Treasury notes, will probably be passed to-day. No ijifect tax will be laid at traitor Seward towards the Confederacy Com hewbebNi iv. c. Aatbarlaea The tallowing gentlemen oris authorised agent to caiva dvrUMDietrU od subscriptions for the Proerest: THOA Wall street, Rfohmond, V. CUAS.

H. CRAFT Baltimore, Md. 8. M. PETT1NQILL 4t Naesuu Jf.

York ft Iv. 6o 4 BxcpCatvls, missioners, and Judge Campbell simply be Europe, which- the ommpotonce or cotton over European Governments is tho sole position sought to be In one ol this this session, for want oi necessary information 6 79 8 00 change notes to get 0 cents. Important Notice. cause it shows him up better than we THE PERFIDY OF SEWARD. Tellowdp 90 oa- Hard.

0 00 Tar bbl 0 00 00 In order, 0 00 90 0U Pitch 00 90 00, 00 90 00 Do No 8.0 00 90 110, Do No 3. 00. 90 00 regarding the value of property in the differ morning we are told that the people of Eng darrsls, ops. i ea. 2d 25 0(1 00 00 -3 00 PlMMTl aV TX land are afraid of the South, and wish to place it in a "funk that it may grant coneeitiont I ent Stats but there will be a pledge to pass such a bill as soon as Such information can be obtained.

This pledge cannot however, be Our Daily subsribers are hereby positively MONDAY MORNING, MAY 20, 1861. It will be recollected that the Southern Commissioners who were sent by. the Montgomery government Sn March last to Washington for the purpose of negotiating with the Lincoln Without at all knowing what a funk is, we are Spirits Turpentine, notified that the paper will be stopped in all instances wn'ere subscription bills are not paid redeemable under three or four months, by 0 Tf which time the necessary information will be 00 when presented. We are forced to adopt this Cabinet a recognition of the new republic and 18 2S 0 2i 20 18 00 sorry to see so much of it and i'eter thrown around the holy cause of liberty for which the South has armed. It is time we had learned that Peter won't do to tie to, that England and France existed before cotton ever grew for X0A1LS, lb Cut; 4 89 a treaty of amity and remained there for weeks under secret assurances receiv VJ'i'ef fj nr.

i Tallow 14 9 Sperm, 45 'A Corrii, ffi. Java, ......18 17f St. Domingo.OO 9 Cottow, Ib.IOiw Cotton Baooino, W. 12 Rope. tb.

7 9 course to enable as to meet Our current 'expenses: IMPRB your property In the NEWBEKH ed from Seward through a third party, of high obtained. Strong efforts will be tpade to modify and lesson the rates' 6f the present tariff, will probably succeed. 1 Many of the members" are crazy to' adjeurn this week; -t --r EiefcT p. it It is probable that a verr Sat them in South Carolina, that no one article of character, of the intention of the President to evacuate Fort Sumter. Kelvins upon the sin MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY, whiob may be done by application to the diffrrant Agents throughout the State, or to the undersigned at the 15 eerily of the assurances and the good faith of Oils, Gallon, Linseed, rawi)0 9 09j Boiled do, 1 00 90 00 V.6P 9 Kef whale 100- Ot Lard 1 10 91 PiaNuts, 100918a bushel, 00 9 75 Irish 00 91 SOt do bbl.O 00 93 50 Piovisions, CoKN.bbl.

0 0t3 00 the Premier, the Commissioners' quietly waited for weeks in expectation of their fulfilment. jmu9 vi mo W.O. SINGLETON, 8ey, Newbern, March 11, 1861 41y. commerce ever was, or ever will be, of such importance that the soil it grows on shall be a conceding soil to the rest of the world. The old constitution the stars and stripes, the glorious fourth" of July 'were to overspread the earth while their mandates made tyranny tremble, and yet both constitution and Union have been shattered with greater ease than any constitution or federation that ever isfactory tariff will be passed by Congress to-' morrow.

Sugar and spirits at twenty-nine fcrcent. are too Silks fifteen per cent also probable that the Commissioners Xatest News from the War! IPH0GKESS OFFICE, Newbern, N. ft 1 Aprfl 80tb, 1861. la order to accommodate the mails and afford parson in the country an opportunity to get the Terr latest news tonccroing the progress the 1 0 A 1 REVOLUTI 0 How going oi-we Jbaye determined to open maU book! for Daily, Tri-VTeekly, Semi-Week-ly and Weekly subscribers. Each and all of these editions will give the verg latest nowsby WAIL, EXPRESS and TELEGRAPH up to the "ery latest moment, r-y- informing the Montgomery Cabinet daily in EF The members of the Committee of Safety COR buatie), SD Domestics.

9 Eoos, doi ..00 9 FiATHtns, will be instructed to treat on. the basis of a tar me meauuiuo waariguh i ever, they found themselves most egregiously and villainously imposed, upon by tho unprin si) 20 121 85 aie requested to meet at the Court House on Saturday, Hay 11th at 11 o'clock. A. and everv sub. iff not to exceed 30 per cent, for the recogni- sequent Saturday at the same hour aid plaoe until uon our lauepenuencet, In Congress to-day Mr: Smith, of Alabama.

It 13 a Bacon,) Bams, 00 9 Khouldera.V.OO 9 1,... na a existed before them. Don't let us continue in the South the braggadocios which have made the North the laughing stock of Europe, and never did make tyran further J. W. CARMER, May 8d2w Seo'y of Com.

of Safety. offered resolutions for reference establishing a Dintrir.f Pnnrfc in Vlrmnia 1 cipled Kunip concern tvua wnom mey were dealing, as was test i find in the Clandestinely and stealthily organized naval expedition to victual the fort, and thus change the tttity which they had pledged themselves to maintain. A grosser and meaner actof perfidy was never recorded, its sole object being to provoke (Western Bacon,) Fi'H, bbl. Mullets. 00 96 00, Shad 13 00900 00 9 0 00 N.

00 90 00 Floor Boards, 4 fsWfn An-. SUBSCkiBEB COXTINO'eS BIS Mr. Keitt offered a bill for the protection of 00 00 miuuiings, uu 0 9 NO 000 1 8UPPLY OF ICE. 14 tne Indian tribes south of Kansas. Ho other business of importance was trahsacted.7" ny tremble at all.

cotton or no cotton, tne policy of France and that of England towards us will depend not on what we say but what we do. and for ourself, much, very much, "IIij ICE HOUSE being located on an arm of the 00 tho State ti Mtrike the first hloVS Congress will probably adjourn on Satufoay planea, 8 00924 00 A A. A A I wew jo 9 Cheea.w.l3' 9 30, 2f next uaui kuau inn piaee, ne win torward in my quantity to perjooo thA Kail ftoada eon-noctinK with the-A, N. C. K1i Ho ad, free all EXTRA CllAIiOES exeept Parknfe.

and would wc rather owe the recognition of our independence to the fact that our own right airm had bravely won it, than to' an" accidental com ow and then take advantage of the miserable trick, "4.00 if it succeeded, to rouse the Northern mind 8.00 with the cry of outrage upon the flag. Their 2 00 PurPose WM accomplished. The bombard- MowiaOMKRV. May 13. 9 p.

m. It is be lieved that the finance bill (to raise funds for Freights. T.JEKK.INS.. Nowbern, March 57 dawCm TERMS: Daily Progress, one year, Tri-Weekly Weekly, Daily Progress, six months, Tri-Weekly 44 gemi-Weekly" Weekly trieui oi rori ouuucr laniiiiieu uil-uj wuu the war) was passed to-day. The tariff -bill will be passed Wore Congress adjourns.

The 5.00 ICE ICE HAVE KOW OS HAND' A pretext which they sought for inaugurating a civil war. and forthwith they proceeded to avail larire aunnlv of hn-a Aortnem, ddm SltyMeaabfl 00925 Otf i 00. 00, 19 00 Do Fulton Pouu-av, Chicken, "pail' 40 9 59 dead, 30 9 40 Tork.v., llll 001 24 patent right bill will be laid over until next tctki the counUy earefiliy paeka.d' on the ears Ihemsels of the excitement with which they 2,00 1.80 1.00 session. I hardly think that Congress will adlourn mercial necessity. This clinging tc cotton, in lieu of courage this dependence Otf others supposed needs, instead of one's own heart, won't do.

Nothing but the courage of its men and the virtue of its women freed the colonies from England, ani-nothing but the same elements in its people will force Europe to recognize, amply and fully, the new confederacy, which basis its right to exist, not on itslcotton or in barrels or Hogsheadtand forwarded promptly- Ice furnished free of (U Extra oharges except Pacaages and FrerghtS. let Kept on (an3 aft the ytaf. WM. Kowhprn April 11. before, Saturday, although an effort will be made by tome members to adjourn sooner, in order to evade any action for the present upon the tariff bill.

A bill for the protection of certain Indian tribes and the finance bill occupied the attention of Congress Unlay during the se growing, but on the eternal right of man to Do dead, tb 12J 9 00 SHEEf bead, Larubv ,.1 50 99 00 7 Mutton, ..1 75 93 00 Salt, Alum, be. 00 1 LivMinAnl 9- nak. choose and make his own government. How absurd to tell sensible Southern peo NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. stirred up the North by their false declaration that they were guiltless of aggression in the matter to call out 75,000 troops for waging the war.

Thus, by a duplicity unparalleled in its baseness and by a trick which would pale the laurels of a thimble-rigger, did the Lincoln ad ministration first deceive the Southern Commissioners and then cheat the Northern people into the belief of a stupendous lie. Language contains no terms of obloquy sufficient strong to be to conduct of those guilty wretches in this transaction. Perfidy and fraud of the most despicable stamp have been their instrumentality for effecting the wicked scheme which they concocted of plunging the country cret session. SEIZURE OF THE ARGO. a No paper sent until the money is received.

The Weakly will bb sent to clubs of six or over to one office, one year, for $1.50 for each copy No clubs taken for less time than a year and no deduction in price on any but the weekly The PROGRESS is a political, news, miscellaneous and commercial newspaper, devoted to the rights of (his South and all the great interests North Carolina. 95 9.1 00 .1 a r.n nn ple that France and England, are afraid of a confederacy jnst struggling into existence: that all manufaeturing Europe can be tubdued Richmond, May 17. The British Consul, at 8coARAeT IS, uvaju rLOBK.N.C, 4 7 5098 50 Gtva, IB. ..15 9 18 Gumki 20 Guano, Peruvian, 9 o5 9 $00 Robinson's Manip. 153 .45 9 M0 Super phos.

Lime 49 Lard Plastir. Tbbl 50 900 Graih, buabel, OaU 50 9 75 peas, 80 9 Wheat 25 9. 00, Rioe, clean, 5 9 6 Hides, 0 9 41 Dry, 9 10 Hat, 100 IBs, Eastern, 10 91 25 Ibor, Tkt English, asa'd3l9 00 Sweed'href'd5 9 6 Lime, bbl 1 25 9 0 00 F'ut store, 1 50 90 00 Ship Stuff, rough edge 8 00 10 00 Molasses, t1. Gallon, Cuba hhda.25 9 30 Do 9 33 9 50 Liquors, Gall, (dom'c) 9 25 9 45 Gin, 37 9 40 Brandy, ....45 9 SO Apple ..5 9 80 Peach do, ..85 91 25 Naval-Stores, (Turpentine 00 tts) Ten Weeks School THE PRESENT TERM IN NKWBBBir ACADE.7IV will end on the 31 at of June; but, at th raqueat of rono 10 10J Loaf and 4 121 9 10 9 121 many patrons, an additional Quarter Torui." will aorlolk, saw the Commodore ot tho blockade yesterday, and says that the Argo has been seized and made a prize, and that all without rexpect to Hags, will be so dealt with. Will shippers allow their property by the Mia-watha to go thusf The British Consul.

hero gots the letter from Mayor Myers. be opened on mat day, to oontiuue a weeks, to Au Unto an intestine war. gust 3rd. This i in order to hare the vacation in Aaguatand September. Pupils entering bow will pay half term fees, aa per advertisement, alxayt in Soaf, 0 10 Bhikoui, Significant.

Confederate Con cress cave a luminous exposi TV. n. DOHEKTY, Principal. 9 9S DW 1 SH 93 00 May Mtli', 18fil dl tion of the faithless, disgraceful course of Sew Staves, ard in the affair of the Commissioners. He referred to the aaeiiev of the parMwho- cted as CHANGE IN THE EXPRESS COMPANY.

Adolsta, May 15. I learn from good authority that the Southern stockholders of Adams' Express Company have purchased all bbl. 13 009 If OV ROhhd. 10 00918 00 Aahhead.1300913 00 intermediary on the occasion, Inrough whom The fact that" the Lincoln government is to the necessity of manufacturing jisw eaths to be administered to his hirelings be-" fore venturing to place in their hands the arms of the government for its defence is very significant It indicates, first, that Lincoln himself is an insincere' and treacherous man, and that his government is rapidly changing from a Republican to a Despotic form. Second, that tho crafty Premier's peaceful assurances were transmitted to the Commissioners.

The last M.I-..20 00940 Tallow, 4 ft IS 9 00 1 tha Jmthn the Peace at the Camm-X IT Craft! I You are hereW notified to meet at the Court Home Id the town of Newborn on Monday tha27tb of May to hold a Court for the transaction of bueineaa ol im-portanoo requiring a majority of the Juatice. A. f. JERKINS. NATH 1R 8TBEET I.

DISOSWAY, C. WOOD, JXO.D fLANNE. May 30 dfitwlt XosACCa, ID, the property, privileges and interests of the Company in the Confederate States. The new Company will organize in a few days. The business will in the meantime continue uninterrupted.

Common, 12191a Medium. ...25 9 -Fiue, 45 Charleston Me-rcui-y contains another communication from PresidentDavis to the Montgomery Congress, oovering.docuraents w.hich place Seward's rascality beyond all doubt. We now learn that no less a personage than Justice Campbell, kite of Uh S. Supreme Court, was WOOL. w.

he' believes his people inaincoae, dishonest and A SIGNAL May been FREIGlltSi- by cotton, such absurdities are only equalled by the Northern idea, of starving the South into or whipping it "back into the Union. All such exaggeration injure the parties or countries that make them, and mean less than tiothing. Cotton is a useful article of commerce, so is sugar; France made sugar when war cut off its importation, and fought and conquered twenty years without it England will have Cotton if she wants it whether the South does or does not send her another tliread. The new confederacy will have enough to eat whether Cincinnati refuses to sell ornot, and whether Prentiss stops every hencoop sent down the river. The South will manufacture her own books, her own clothes, bcr own arms, if she can't get them elsewhere, and whip the North with thein, too so will manufacturing Europe do in cotton.

It will get itt and will never fear either North, South, East "or West" about it 'T-Z -r Let us free the Spulh 'as" the Swltzor freed his land, not-with cotton but with courage not by-commercial trickery, but by manly bravery, and never were they exercised in a more just or a more holy Besides, the recognition by Europe of the-Sou thcrn confederacy is not at all a necessity of its existence. Tb sun exists though the blind See it riot and if we cannot maintain our own freedom With our own right arms, let freedom go. A freedom protected by others is the Worst of tyrannies. NAVAL AND MILITARY MOVEMENTS. The Midshipman of the first and second classes on beard the Constitution, had been ordered to sea.

Detachments of them were yesterday dispatched from Newport to Philadelphia, and New York. About four untrustworthy i and third; "tho intcrmediitry fcetweee be Seertar and the. TO NEW Y6RK TJndr deohr On deck OSSce Allllc Pl.Ct Itailroad NtwaiR. N. May 18, IMbk, issued.tixlhe.effect.tbat the rapid.flringof Jhree gnns and the ringing of bella.are to be a night signal for the encamped regiments to march to Turpentine and Tar, Northern people feel and know that they are engaged in an unholy ahJ" Devd- 30 30 ,30 I i ii jiu jii'-i the ti eight Train wiil run tWiS-ii-g the followioii Schedule QNCE 69,.

00 the city. A ti.tK, a IhIiowi, until runner notice, LEAVING NEWBEKN TCESDATr-TT daring war, Even Gen. Scott, that vile'sT6f all traitors, has voluntarilly subjected himself DRUMMED OUT. 60 00 0 00 00 00 00 60 9 30 9 9 Of 0 9 0 9 Spirits Cotton, 16....... Cotton gixxU, Flazseert, Ground Peas, to the humiliation of taking this oath three 8-' 8 8' Liati.

Arrive. Newborn. M. Morehoao City 3.15 P. M.

Morehead City 4.80 P.M. Newhera, 8.00 LEAVING NEWBEBN WEDNESDAY. Newbern 4WA-Kinton 73UA.M Kinaton 8.IH) Moely Hall 9.00 Oil 0 9 of the 5th New York Regiment were drumme'd out, of the city yesterday for refusing to take the Lincoln oath. heal, 0 00a.5 0O 9 6 00 Lumberr-v TO PHILADELPHIA. Moeuly Hall 9.20 Ooldaboro 11.00 CoihmiKsionersuuringTO.e resKiencfl' ot tne Jat-terJo Washington, and that be had the authority of-Seward for every word that he said to the Commissioners as to the evacuation of Fort Sumter.

the documents accompanying this last message of President Davis, isVlftng and minute statement, over the signature of Judge' Campbell himself, of what passed between him and the Secretary during the period of tho negotiation, which completely unmasks that arch-hypocrite and traitor, and exposes him in his nuked and innate depravity. The statement is addressed to him with a view to afford him an opportunity of explaining the violation of his pledges that Fort "Sumter would be evacuated, and with a request, in fact, from the writer that he would furnish an explanation. But Seward, conscious of bis guilt and having no sense or principle of honor to LEAVING GOLDSUOUO THURSDAY. A FIGHT EXPECTED. Harper's Ferrv, May 27.

An attack on 55 9 00' 35 9 OO 60 9 60 IB 9 10 Ooldnboro 4.30 A M. Moaely Hall 5MA.B. Turpentine and Tar, 00 Rosin 00, Spirits 50 Ground Peas, 0 Cotton, 0 00 Cotton goods, cubie 0 Lumber. 4 astosise. 0 0090 00 MoaelyHall 05 Kinatoa 7J)0 Kinaton 7.30 Newbern 11.

DO this post is daily expected. Virginians, are arriving to, numbers and every means of defence are available. Nowbern 18.00 M. Morehead City 3.00 KETURNING TO NEWBEKN THUItSDAY. TO BALTIMORE settire of TORArnn Morehead City 4.30 P.

M. Newbern 8.IHI p. M. Extra Freight Trniue will be ran if a gulSvient amount of Freight ibould accumulate. Alexandria.

Mav 17. A lot of tobacco from 0 00 96 00 35 9 00 35 9 ro 60 9 60 00 9 J1 00 9 8 009 8 5509000 r. nr.i i May 17 dtf SuptrintendeHt of Train: Lynchburg, bound North, was. stopped here last night by the military authorities. Turpentine and Tar, 00 Rosin 00 Spirits 50 Cotton, 16 0 00 Ground Peas, 00 Rough Rice, bushel, Lumber, 5 00 0 00 embarrass him', said, not a word in reply, being teen arrived here' last evening, and reported for duty to Commodore Breese.

Vessels different times withialegs tlian as many months for fear' an unguarded momont, his sense of justice and honor might get the better' of his Hellish feelings of ambition, avarice and' A more flagrant insult could not be offered to the brave men of the South than the requirement, 6a the part of their rulers and commanders subscription to a test oath to defend tho government of their section and the flag of their country. And we venture the assertion that touch as they love President Davis and admire bis subordinates, if they were to attempt to es-stablish a Despotism of the kind; or eieti to aint at an indignity so Insulting, they would be beheaded in less than a week. Even the free negroes of the South are volunteering in large numbers, who, when called into'service, will ba equal to tho same number of Hirelings North, but they don't require any test These are all significant facta and will hang with a leaden weight of disgrace upon Northern character in all time to come. FROM ALEXANDRIA. Alexandria, May 17--The picket guard on perfectly indifferent about what the world might think of him in the affair.

The Judge, preparing for sea will have a proper number supposing that no man would allow himself to of these junior officers detailed for them this side of the river was driven in last night the federal forces. by rest under imputations so seriously impeaching the exigencies of the service necessitating the rp the VOTE KM OBiVES t'OCNTV A Gentlemen, I beg lea-re to announce myself as a candidate for the office of Clerk of the County Court, at tha Election to ha held on Thursday the let of August next. Having devoted the laat three, yearn to the duties of that offire, (to which I was elooled by the Justioea of the County,) I flatter myself that lb a ve dujoharged the saino to your satis faction. r7 If I should be elected for the next four years by your suffrages, the time shall be devoted to your 0,000 tk. BACON.

Lard. 2110 bbls. Flour. 2IHI hacks do. -s postponement of theoretical studies tor a THE N.

SEVENTH REGIMENT. while. H9 Bales Hay Thero is. a report current in naval circl'os to his integrity without an effort at least to Vindicate himself addressed to Seward about a week afterwards a second note, in which he more particularly, urges him to an explanation, and threatens him with an exposure if he does not give it But a profound silence was the only Now being roceived aad for sale by May 10, 161 JNO.F.FOABD. services as a publio oliioor.

the etlect that the squadron duty abroad must, for some time be performed by sailing vessels, and that alUhe steamers in commission' will Hopiuc to see as many of you as pomible before 200 ncSUEl for sale' by M. W. H. SUMRELL, Agent. the election, I remain Your 0t.

Servant, response, a he Judge then, thoroughly Con be recalled to the coast Annexed are the May 3 May 18 1861. WM f. UKYAN, vinced of the man's utter destitution of hoiior vessels propelled by steam doing active duty and probity, hands over the documents to Presi Washington, May 17. The New York Seventh Regiment will return home next week. TROOPS FROM KANSAS.

Washington, May 17. The Administration have accepted the services of three regiments from Kansas. THE LONG BRIDGE. Wasotnoton, May 17. The long Bridge as far as the North end of the draw was occupied by federal troops to-nignt MORE TROOPS.

-Washinotok, May 17. A large-number of WUEKK STATI-'NED. LI.TIE, CALCINED PLASTER, II A I It, CEMENT and HAIU, always on hand- VESSELS, dent Davis, who transmits them to Congress, -Blockade fleet and for sale by W. U. OLIVER CO.

tJUNS. 12 40 44 and they are now for the first time made pub- do. do. reo xi att uc. Ready, for Com.

HestctieW Bliirra JCST AT BAND AND1 iFor sale by Niagara Minnesota Wabash San Jacinto-Lancaster Brooklyn Hartford Richmond African squad. Pacific squad. The N. Courier and Enquirer of the 15th nov 6 JASW CARMER, Dmggtat. 13 23 -25 18 14 inst says Blockade tloct.

East Indies. Military Notice THE COiiFE DEBATE BARIIER OV FASHION." IS thewly place where you can geti yettr nlr cut and your Whiskers shaped in the latest military style and taste. While yon are pieparing for war don't forget to have your Hair cut and Sliampood, by J. H. WILLIAM 30N1TJC, (Middle next doot to Moutanua Segar Store,) Newbern, N.

C. or by HENBY C. PEEMPEKT, (ij-iawojuii Hotel, Goldsboro', N. C. Remember II William Boniti's HAIR- DYE is the only Southern Home-made, and a suporeuiuient article to all the Northern Dye.

May J6 dim DB. Z. m. COFFIN, Snrma Deatiat, Mediterranean. Pormaneutlv located in the town of Of- additional troops Jiave arrived here.

GOV. ELLIS. i do, MEN. 400, 400 400 800 92 300 800 800 800 820 300 100 100 100 105 162 100 100 "A despatch from states that the Governors of all the free States from Pennsylvania westward; have obtained a pledge from President Lincoln that no compromise or cessation of the war shall take place until the See on tfoutli Front tftreet, opposite the Gastoef Blockade, House. Pacific Governor Ellis, of North Carolina, (who has Dec20-wtf African squad.

BIANEETS! National ilag floats over all the prop erty." Pacific. Susquehana 15 Powhattan 11 Saranao 9 Mohican 6 Narragansett 5 Iroquois 6 Pawnee 4" Wyoming ft Daootah 1 0 Seminole 3 Mediterranean. been for two dnySin Kichmond city,) Tuesday, in company with Brigadier Bonham, reviewed the South Carolina troops, now encamped near that city. The two brigades, under the command of Cols. Kershaw and Gregg, A GOOD STjpPLY wilTBesold cheap for cash' by J.

M. V. HARRISON. Blockade. Pacific.

Feb 9 East Indies. were brought in review, and a finer body of Then, no sensible man in America or the worDl; Who knows the relative strength of the two parties will hesitate to decide that compromise and concession will never be. made, for it's as impossible for the reckless and insane Twentieth of 9Iay. This day is tho anniversary of thoindopen-d Jnce of North Carolina and the precursor of American' frwdbm from Britain's yoke. This day has been held in sacred remembrance by North Carolinians-for nearly a century on account of being-" the day -that brought forth tlie first Declaration of Independence, in Mecklenburg county, that ever was formerly proclaimed upon the American continent, and whirled to all the' glory enjoyed-; by this country for so taany long years.

day baa been, selected, this year, on which to make our second declaration of independence independence of the Northern Autocratic government administered by one- W. H. Seward, through the agency of one ignoramus, Abe Lincoln, and is, of all daysj-tbe most suited for so glorious a deed. We hope the tp embers of the State Convention will all be in their placet to-day and that the declaration will put ere they close their eyes to sleep, by a Franklin B. Harrison, JoDesCouLty Court ofPleae' Brooklyn.

-RECEUITS' WANTED THE NEWBEKN LIGHT INFANTKT will receive 40 more recruits. The Company is now located in the Town of Newbern. All persons who wish to enroll will please leave their nam at tha PROGRESS OFFICE. Arrangements will be made in a fow days to Six purchased gun-boats S2 guns, 450 men, citizen soldiery conld scarcely be found within the Confederacy, Fete. Ee.

COMMENCEMENT. EXERCISES. vs. ana iuerter oensions ataren Joseph J. Forbes.

Term. A. 1861. ORIGINAL ATl'ACHMENT. -It ameaniiir to the aatufsotion of tha Court that 4 blockading, 2 on African Coast Total now rump government at Washington City to do the thing proposed, as it would be to pluck the on blockade list 10 abroad 12.

If the- entire fleet were concentrated it would consist We are requested to give notice that the Commencement Exercises of Concord Female an attachment has Issued t'lies the complaint of the plaintiff, returnable to JirMa Term, I860, of Jonas' fjourfty Court againtt the! defendant, and the same baa boerf returned-to Court, endorsed, levied on on pair of Horses, Buggy and Harness, one Piano moos from its orbit College at this place, will be opened on Tues of 22 regular naval vessels, carrying 248 gang, and manned by 4,147 tailors and ma arm and equip them for servica. May 14 dtf NEWBERN INFANTRY. 1 Rifle sbarpe'a latea ia sja araer and for sale at i. E. AM YETTS.

may 17 day night 21st instant, by a Sermon in the the The Petcbsbcro Express, on the authority Presbyterian church Irom Kev. U. V. Mc- rines. k.

t. ARM FOR THE Pherson and will close on Wednesday after of its Norfolk correspondent, say that there are three hundred Indians at that point and that noon, 22nd, with an address by Kev. B. S. thev come from the countv of Cherokee.

N. C. 7A CYPBCS BitDltELS RVRITF, Krider. The public is respectfully invited to and under the skillful training of Gen. Jackson, We are gratified to learn, its we do from the Nashville Banner, that a vessel arrived at New Orleans from Europe, on Mondoy the 16th instant with 250,000 stand of arms for the IU SO barrels West India Sugnrs.

MITCHELL 4. SON. For sale by A. At A. a distir.iiutshed-meruber ot the North Carolina Newborn, May 14, 1861.

d3t unanimous rota. Senate from Cherokee, are now ready for immediate action, attend. Iredell Jbxpret. Special Dispatch to the Charleston Courier. WHAT ONE TRAITOR HAS DONE.

Richmojid, May 12. The Northern journals generally are crowing lustily over ttiS subju Confederate States. This is-the same vessel whose arrival has been expected for several The only errors find in the above state Ttujrxs or Scspexsios. Walter Dunn, days, and to which attention has been repeat ment are' first that the Indians, are not irom Editor and proprietor of the Kinston Cherokee 'second thatthev are not under the edly called in the sheets ot tne. xitue unan and old Squint-Eye.

After all the earnest en MOIiA8ES. 80 Hhds. St. Ititt's Molasses for sale from wharf, A superior article, war-rauteuno sonr. BENJ.

ELLIS. Harness5 Makers MnerieaA Jdeoeate, aertonsly contemplates skillful training of Gen. Jackson, a member of treaties of the Times and Herald, that Old Abe weuld keep a look out for her, she has reached the JNorth Carolina benate, and third, that we don't believe that there Is a man of them'doWn gation of Maryland, and attribute it to the moral suasion of a large and overwhelming force. They anticipate an equally easy victory over other State The traitor Hicks (let his name be cursed to eVerlastingjnfamy) has done mors agstnst a toto! ueuioire, instriiBienis, books, i rnnas, uuest, 4,0. Aad it further appearing to the Court that J.

Forbes the defendant resides beyond the limits of the State i It is ordered that pnblication be made in the Weekly a newspaper printed ia the' town of Newbern. for six weeks, notifying him to sp pear at'thvnezt tertn of said Court to be held for the comity of Jones, at tho Court House in Trenton, on' the fourth Monday of June next, then and there to' answer said attachment, or judgment pro confeita 1 will he taken against biin and heard accordingly. Witness, Ben. Askew, Clerk of our said Court at' Trenton, the 4tli Monday of Mkrolrr 1 BENJ. ASKEW, Mayl4 w6tPr.

Adv. 89.35 LOST. 4--EA RGB BLACK CARPET SACK, withoufc any name attaffliodwas miaplaced and lovr. between GoMboro' aud Fort Ms eon about three weeks ago. No mark on the outside It contains the necessary ariie'es'for a eamp life, to some of which the subscriber's name is and some other articles which I am crsiroua of regaining.

If any one has found or can find said CA8-' PET SACK, I wilWe under many obligations if it Is sent me at i ort Maoon, (Guilford Grays.) N. and will willingly reward such, person and pay air expenses. J. B. COLE.

Guilford Grays, May 14, 1861 d2w Fort Maoon, N. C. suspending Bit- paper and joining the army in defenoa of bis couatrys believiog that be can -r do his country more substantial service in that at Norfolk. here safely, and landed ne cargo, we learn from the Banner that fifty boxes of guns and other munitions of war reachrd Nashville by The to-called JutialnskaHiSouaves would JT. aV T.

H. capacity, at this time, thao by the publication Appljrto" Mayl0j2w 909 KlHf 9 Klag aireet, probably number about two hundred fighting men, the whole tribe (a branch of the once great railroad last weesv. CHARLESTON, 8.C, -efbis paper. Well if so. if must baso.

We Two hundred and fifty thousand stand of Cherokee numbering souls. regret to lose bit paper from our exchange list but the country needs able bodied fight arms will 'place weapons in the hands of the entire patriot army of Tennessee and Col. Thomas, of Jackson, who has long been the accent Of this aboriginal remnant is their Virginia, and annihilate at least one million of ing men who will not flinch for trifles, and leader and advisor in all things. Col. Thomas NOTICE! Tke Caotsniaalaaera af rTcwfcera wjltpra.

ceed to elect the following offlcers on Saturday night, the 18th viarToara-Sergeant ami Clerk. Applicants, send in your names. may 17 d2t is something of a path-finder himself. Few xankees. ra.

fixprm. I NOBLE TENNESSEEANS. men kBOW the geography ot the Southern Appalachian country better, and he and bis Chero-kees would be invaluable in any mountain or John Overton, one of the richest men in Ten Hade. W. nalaaara aasl ay'raat Maryland tnan Bcottj Jirfs.

courier. CHANGE OF SCHEDULE. The Schedule being changed for N. 0. Railroad, the trains will run as follows, until the proper authorities shall see fit to alter it and should a change take placer hereafter, we will keep our readers They are due at High Point, as follows, viz: The Express Trains going North 2.02, a and the Express going South 9.07, The Mail Train bound North, 0.39, a and the Southern, at p.

m.Uigh Point Eeporter. THE KENTUCKY" BRIGADE. The Kentucky brigade will not be commanded by1 Major Anderson, as has been reported. One regiment will be commanded by- Colonel Terrell, and the other by Col. Guthrie, nephew featuring fnend Dunn pluck in newspeper warfare we doubt net bis valor on the battle-field.

hope be may return from the conflict all covered with rictory and military glory. NoTBCaaot.iaBaK!FB. The .44 Valorem Jmner, under the control of Frank 1, Wilson XV just received and fur sale for cash at v. Ti'n'rt' A i f. AM YETTS.

may 17 partizan warfare but down at Norfolk, amid the bustle of camprand'tHurider of great guns, the simple dwellers around Quallatown would Sots' who desire a good Overcoat can get iup nliAfl if annltiinn Feb 9 J. M. F. HARRISON-S at'Raleieh. lis chanced its name to North FROM THIS DATE, UNTIL- FURTHER notice, the price of Lorrillard's H.

T. Snuff will be C. B. 20 ots. Cash on delivery.

400 bbls. ia warehouse and for sale. A. MITCHELL it SON. Newbern, May 14, 186L43t be lost and perhaps worse than useless.

the name of a favorite Chief of the tribe, said to be in many respects nessee, considered worth between lour and nve millions, has writton to the Governor, Check on me to the extent of my estate, to uphold the bofior of Tennessee." Gen. Harding, of Tennessee, wrote last week to Gov. Harris: "Sir whatever I have and possess," with myself, I now tender- to Gen. Harding is one of the largest stock farmers is is a gentlemen of very large fortune. Such is the Spirit that animated the patriots God I.lver Oil asiri.liaemWllbor'e Cod Liver Oil and Lime, for Onsimiption, Coughs, Colds! Asthma, free from any unpleasant taste," for a geod roan, and who deserved well ol the btate.

NORTH CAROLINA IN THE I Wa understand that the services of thirty HATtltn TTANTED. Six' or eight good HANDS wanted to Work in a BICICKTYARD for the balance of the year. Apply to March 13 dtf B. WOOD. of the ex-Secretary of the Treasury.

thousand of the bravo volunteers of North THE CKOl'S. Carolina Banner and is published semi- weekly instead of daily and do voted to the of the day. -J'j ANOTHER PROCLAMATION. O'J Abe is death on Proclamations. He gives us a freah one every Sunday.

In all, he ti-amrles on some vital principal of the Consti. tution in the last, he orders his mercenaries on the cc-3t of Florda ta suspend the writ" a fowet axprwily confined it -J -a The creatuwr e.ema deterttine af '78, and, as they were so will the present generation of patriots, prove, invinci Carolina have bted tendered to the Governor We are gratified'to bear' the most flattering sale by J. W. CARMER, Druggist. March 28 HARTHHORIVM CURE ALL I 11 CXJNi quers all pain.

For sale by Nov: 6, '60. JASW CARMER, PraggUfc Spaaldlas Pirtav Grael Another sifppr' Ijustreoeivedby J.W,CARMEH, March 26 4 Druggist CHEAP CAHTPETinfWtf. A few patterts e' very handsome three irly super Tapestry Ihgraia' of There are no more" gallant and GENT'S, YOUTH'S AND' BOY'S FINE CALF AND WATER PROOF BOOTS Shoes and Gaiters. CUTHBERT. reports from the wheat crop in all sections of our A kind Providence smiles bene- hardy people in the world than our brethren of North Sunday.

12th inst, was the warmest day of Feb 1 ficientiy upon us. Let us take courage and mOTe fQntArd.ffighJPeint Reporter. the season, our thermometer at 12 markinsU nSILY BIVKCTIBw 30 Tons Reeses' Soluble Pboepho-Pernvian is becoming one vast camp, and men, women and children art preparing to meet the enemy on the threshhold tnd disputeevery inch the march vf invasion. 4-J. A A.

PijUlu, There were iixty-niDe failures: in Boston Refrigerators of til kinds will bt in demand. Vtrikur a ett LI tut and WaruOtimrs. or sale cuean ioTonen i J. last ttkr jv; lfc CUVEB v..

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