Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on May 8, 1951 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 8, 1951
Page 2
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8, 1951 Votes For Fellows, Firemen and asserted that his campaign pledges "wUl be k-nt •• £.?»« J?%? e *Z ptesSe ? his thanks *° th " v °^^ tn 14 minutes after the pteoe ZZ^^nJZ.S^J?* 0 ™ Cl8ction was broadcast with- , s shovm passing circular to JOS- 78. Naugatnck voted "yes" by a large majority. News Photo-Anderson Firemen Win Campaign For 56 Hour Week; Only 339 Vote No Election (Continued From Page 1) Naugutuck voters said "yes" yesterday in the biennial election to the question, "Shall > the average work week for permanent paid firemen be 56 hours per -week?" The question was carried by a majority of 2,114. Although only 2,792 of the 1 5,867 voters cast ballots on the question, if was given 2,403 affirmative votes and 339 negative ballots. It is not believed that the remaining 3,075 voters were necessarily opposed to Ihe question, but rather forgot to ballot on it, as usually occurs when a question appears on the voting machines. Reducing the firemen's work week from 72 hours ito 56 will, require the appointment of three or four additional paid firemen at 'a cost of between $10,000 and 512,000. The new work schedule may b» put into effect at any time the board of warden and burgesses determine, although fuh'ds must be provided 'for the required additional firemen at the adourned anhua} .freemen's meeting next Monday night. Uniformed firemen were stationed near the polls yesterday distributing reading matter asking voters to cast an affirmative ballot on the "yes" or "no" question. The result: Beacon Falls (Continued From Pnge 1) Ward 1 Ward 2 Yes 954 2453 Question carried by 2114. No 134 69 136 33d Nenry Building Naugatuok, Conn. Michael Ko'rninski; assistant secretary, Raymond Doiron; treasurer, Louis Esposito; and assistant treasurer, Edward Bea. Arthur George was welcomed as | a new member; and three men were placed on the honoiary list: Louis Clark, Theodore Brann and John Muroff. JEJflilSil $750 Damage The financial report ,was read and accepted. Chief Benz reported that there were a total of 21 fires during the last fiscal year, with a total damage of $750. The company then adjourned to the Community club for a turkey dinner, served by Rep. Clara O'Shea and her assistants. Card playing and a social followed. Approximately 65 members were in attendance. Company Commended First Selectman Frank W. Sem- plenski .today commended the entire company of officers and personnel for their fine work as a volunteer company in Beacon Falls. United Church News The Ladies' Aid will meet Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the church. A pot luck supper will follow for members. Vacation church school workers will me'et at the church with Miss Winchester at 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon. The Naugatuck Valley Association will meet at 3 o'clock Sunday at Oakville. Anyone interested in attending may contact the minister, Rev. Donald Bartlett. The Loyal Daughters will meet Ma 14 UrCh ° n Monday evening, . At 2:30 o'clock Saturday afternoon, May 19, there win be a Sun- H 00 ', P^nic in the church Should the weather be inolem- Wm be held in the LOW DOWN PAYMENT terms for the ohcurch this ^are: Mrs. Leon Campbell Mrs. Sarah Malone, Mrs Thomas Mo.ore, and Mrs. Henry Smith tow Sewer Bid Accepted • The low -bid of $79,630 by the W«f Z 1! ni Oonst "iction company Waterbury,,was accepted by the Sewer Authority at a meeting last evening in the town h "l 1 The contract will not be awarded however, until the bid is approved It a special town meeting * First Selectman.Frank W. Sem- Plensk, stated this morning that win T 1 ™,f Ung *° act on tte bid will be called in the near future 0 ] her com P a nies had sub- rhP hM dS> The amoun ts of the other bids were not announced. Grange Tonight tonight R i m ? on Gran ee will meet tonight at 8 o'clock in the bid Sab'iTnfT in Pin «»"-idg e , Livia e>apia, master, has announced All members are requested to be present, and voting 'on'chamBnjrthP meeting night will take pltce $ - See this newest of tank cleaners; •with Controlled; $uctjon,-"Lit- ter-Gitter" Nozzle-and disposable paper bag! Phone for a home showing. No obligation. tou7/be happier with o Hoover CARLSON'S FURNITURE Church St. Naugatuck I 107 SPRING ST CNIOSr CITV TEtEPHOmE 2651 WESTDTOHOCSE TELEVISION Gerald's Appliance — New tow Prices — FLOWERS All MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP I» BtJBBEB AVENUE TeL 0220 for political office, congratulated the Democratic victor, Donald Cowan, and added, "I found it was a lot easier being nominated than being elected." Warden Harry L. Carter was just as gracious in defeat as he has been in victory the past two elections. And he .seemed actually pleased to have been relieved of his off ice... "Don't feel sorry for me, he told a newsman. "I'm happy.; 1 toh had C0me bustling- into The News office with the pression "I'm tree, I' m ** wasted no time in hustling the newly elected warden *o the town hall, where he promptly swore him into office and tainted over the keys. Secoi-d Ward Burgess Bill Hado CD) was at the polls most of election day... and prior to .the 6 o'clock closing stated that if the Democrats took the second ward Final results in the second ward' were announced at a smooth, rapid pace by Frank Ma<lden, custodian of voting machines. tears by the result of the election. ...Presented a photo taken yesterday of him at the polls, he said, 'I'm sure my mother would love to .have that." Burgess Bill R a do predicted .when voting machines were being j opened in the second ward, "If-we take -this ward we're in." With only two machines in the second ward, the tallying was completed early, and the Democratic burgess i-ushed : to the first ward and conferred with Deputy Sheriff Dan Callahan while figures were being taken from machines in that ward. discuss plans for a clinic to be held here June 11. .. ! Democrats held their victory party at Linden Park last night.... There was much discussion of who would get - .what job,.. Looks like George Fellows will be the fellow to decide that question... Naugatuck and area listeners of Ihe News radio broadcasts knew at .about 6:14 that George Fellows and the Demomocartic ticket Kbd been elected in Naugatuek:.. That s the time Ihe official bulletin was put on the air through The ''ews microphone... "You'll have plenty of head-," the ex-warden told'the new warden in The News office last mght .."And here's one of them" said Mr. Carter as Second Ward Burgess William Rado joined the group. .."He'-ll want favors you'll never be able , to give Sim.". To which Warden Fellows replied "Bill Rado is my staunbhest supporter.". ..and Mr. Rado added And we're d?u, the same side of the fence, '- ~':- " • Objc-ct of much hand-shakine was Democratic Town ChafrWian Joseph ,£.. Dinneny, who directed workers in the first local' victory for his party in four years. A last minute rush developed in :he.first ward as 15 minutes before the polls closed a long line of men. extended,-half way'down the town * , co " ndor - The voting concluded about 'three minutes before the 6' o'clock deadline. Mr. Fellows that lie is a lot of headaches." faced with No person relishes suffering a defeat, but Mr: Carter wii not toio anxious to be renonitnaitea aiid retrained from "ihaltiivg 1 'atty' aii- ntfuncerncnts as to Mis iiftentions until the night he was noVnAialied. iji6 said theh;thiit lie'only took th'e job because thijie' vifaS' iio' 'btne> person seeking"fi, an# pointed oiit lie wouldn't "electioneer." Talk about election predictions • - -Harold T. Dillon, News circulation manager, p'icke'd' r Fellows to defeat Carter by 138 votes in a sealed envelope eoYrtest conducted 'by ye -ed.. .".Fellows wob by 139. Third ward supporters of Warden Fellows were oh hand in the town liall just'before"7 o'clock last night as Warden Carter administered the oath'of office. Treasurer Donald Cowan and Burgess, Cresio Klimaszewski were among those present, as was his bro.ther, Clayton . . . The Warden and the ex-Warden were in The News office when Sir. Carter suggested to Mr.-'Fellows that he irrimediately take over. ' to be interested -in -the position. ; - Martha Hoads ' (Continued From Pae« 1) providing the annual m'eetihg provides the Donald Cowan, elected treasurer, had to take some time put from oampaigTiflng- 'yesterday afternoon to meet with Mickey''McConnell . and ot her -Little League officials to Donald MacVicar, although a third ward voter, appeared in the t 'rti ^f -, j " s ^ beforc 6 O ' cloc k with his daughter, Gall, an eighth grade student at SaleJn school <he youngster was seen taking down the vole for the various candidates as the numbers were called off by Harold Stinson and Cvril Tuohy. Mr. Carter, not showing the strain of the election campaign;, as he did two years ago, appeared extremely jubilant arid when he took to the airwaves he gave 'his best wishes to his Democratic opponent; thanked those who had supported him in his quest for a third term; stated that lie was glad to relinquish the office and cautioned A SPEC5AL OFFER FOR FQW DAYS ONLY WED. - THURS. - FBI. - MAY 9, 10, 11, 12 partment, 'rcemen's funds. Rado Welfare Supt? After the welfare board members are appomted by : the borotfgh board, the board of public welfare in June will then name 1 a superintendent of public welfare. J. Rudolph Anderson,-- Republican appointee, is expected to be replaced by William C. Rado, who is said ..... . Borough clerk Charles F. Daly and Mrs. Teresa Wllcpx, ' assistant borough .clerk; '*re 'ejtp^cted to be rcap'oiTrfced,^ as \Veli~ as Borough jneey Charl/es Ourl is. Harold Murlha is . expected • lo ' be named fcUfcerintendent of streets, unless GOP board memttefs'-' get together •and one Democratic burgess votes to retain tieo J. Brdpiiy. Burgess i-tado has suported Mr. : Brophv in the past. '. , Borougii Atty. Atty. Mar.tih .L. Caine will replace Atty. Joseph E. .Talbot . as borough attorney, , and ther<» is a Possibility" that 'retired fere Capt. James Grant " will be apponted as fire marshal to. succeed Edward J VVeaVing. ' ... ... . ," •••-•• Building Inspector Paul Rosa will be replaced by 'a • tXempcrat, , although no one has been mentioned as interested in $)e post. Prior to Mr. _Rosa's appointment, the job was held by Andrew Bentley, who is'now thjrd'war'd -Democratic member of the public Welfare board. Major J. William Johnson ' was appointed to a, two yea'i- term, as assessor and as senior assessor for one year, VVVhen the .term of Mr. Mariano expires .Democrats will Warn* an assessor and may appbint nim as seniot assessor for two years. What will happen as to appointments of commissions coterminous with the warden is the guess of anyone. They are honorary positions and have no compensation. STEA?*, XO SMOKE Naugatuck firenVt-n were 'called out this morning at 1:55 o'clock to the home of Mrs. E!' P. O'Brien, South Main street, where a leaking steam pipe was thought to be a fire. 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