The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 16, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 16, 1934
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JUNE 16, 1934 BLYTHEVIU,K, (ARK.) COURIER NKWS PAGE FIVE CIASSIHEDSECTION- • s Wants CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D»Uy rate per one ror CODMCU- •Jre Insertions: . (Five average cords to a Uae) One time per linn lOc Two Umcs per line per day .. Me Three time* per llrn per <Uj .. Ola Clz times per line pet d»T ..Ota Vonlb rate per line Ne Ulnlmum charge Me Ads orUcrcfl to- tnree or six umes and slopped before explr»- t'on will be chargcc (or the number o( Umes the id appeared ana adjustment, of bill made. Ml claimed Advertising copy wibmltted by pereoun redding cut- aide ol the city uust be accompanied by cash. Rate* may be cwliy computed Jrnm above table no responsibility »m be taxeo <m more than one Incorrect to aertlon of »uy classified ad. Advertising oruetta lot inegu- JT In&er turns tako th< one time rate. , Pi., Bewt By Locust Horde Hardware IXM. -' - I'kttw 471 6-c*>7"t> HOGS, PETS ,7-yc»r Jocus^ are cllngins lo slinjbs and vines, and developing appetites wlilcli residents fear will mean tlic end of their gardens and shrubs. for Sale: R*d Persian KITTENS. 1'edigreed. Mrs. C|»rlt, phone 151W3. FORKUNt APARTMENTS: FURNISHED i loom upslans; UwtUKMbHEU •t loom downstairs. 1013 W. Walnut, pnone affii. Room With Bath, f£», $.15, Or KM up to $3.5* a week. Pen- body Hottl ever Ben Franklin Store, Main and Broadway, flock in tlic uss-.-rliim of tcicntlsls : od from ihi-lr nmli-rgrumid ••i-cl- that the Av.ilon lo.-usl ts mdvly j loplmm- nrn|i|ilni;<>" nnd arc linni!- a Bolshevik urasshoiiner. They fan 1"S in clusters on ;ill nearby vcgc- iviiicinber :i drvn'.irine liocde which; UUIcn. AVALON, Pa (UP)—The local desmiiird on i.-e town In 1917. undl -In 1(11X1, mid llii> rcsldentb, MONTROSK. Ciil. lUl')-Sei-k- . . olnlm HHTC WHS an lnvnsV:n In 13B:i I ii, !; | 0 i-nrourai;!' wlilrr usu of (.11- Jiibt \\liy this vk-lnlly ijhpuKl sill-; VIT, olltclals ot 11 hiivitwarr fiiin- fer when'till' I-PM of ilu 1 country-1 pany Iwiv recently p.ilil a Mil (tuc |s!di- .wins immune, no one smiis'u «Imk'saliT with a stuck.oC silver pcoplc ot Avalon tuke little | to know, bill llw Uisetls liavo c!lnib- ! i!ullurs wi'luhhn; 210 iwiinds. ' llv Alien? OUR BOARDING HOUSE Post Office Spy Galleries Have.Signal System KANSAS CITY. Mo. (Ul'r— A new Klgniilllnr. sysli'm lor ilio -IB lookout BHlImi's ui the IK-W past oIlliH) hnt reicinliios mi iilriwit on 11 dink nlclil. Small l«l liijlu.s |.|0',\ In the nil- ALiMBYlion " llBlilcil corridors, IndlcalliiK plug- In for hand telephones led oy li!5|>cclois they enter tlic galleries (or observance of i Inl employes at work. Hy telephone tlw tnsiicclor . can i'0nnnunir:i(o ullh Hie central of- llcc wlien he sees nnytlilii); iimlss In the hanillliiK o[ Itw imill. The galleries iro connected by secret corrects. TUe entire sys- leni covers two miles. Read Courier News Want Ads. HUONTY'S IN A(iAIN! By 8-ck-1-« FURNISHED 5 room hous% servant nouse, garage. Very COOU shady aid. Mrs. H. G. Wiukham. Call 2W. 7-ck-tf USED CARS KUCII GOOD VALUES, LIBERAL TERMS & TKABE-IN ALLOWANCE. IJS FOHD TUDOR. Good Rubber, Huns Good S 11 ' "29 CHEVROLET COACH. Motor A-l. Clean »' 2! US FOKl) TUDOR. Runs and Lookb Like New ** 71 33 CHEVROLET COACH. Clean as a Fin ***" TRUCK SI'ECIALS •K CHEVROLET !!• Closed Cao, Dual TON '32 FORD CLOSED CAB PICK- ur. nice Large Jhwy. Kt-ady tu Go ^ NABORS TRAILER. Shisle \Vbec». A Keal Buy — » * '30 FORD STATION WAGON. Ki.ii Bany cr mm irucn $1 SEt THESE BARGAINS TODAY i:>SI'ECT THEM! PHILLIPS MfflOR COMPANY LlbKLI CAR LOT Corner 1st i Walnut Sis. Phot* 8ii> - 8H URNISHED Apartment, 108 West Kentucky, Phooe ««3. 5-k-1-5 \nnlihed BEDROOMS, lir». Ed Hardln, 1017 W. Walnut. Call 102. Ick-tt 1ODERN 3 room furnished or unfurnished apartment over Klrby Drug Etore. F. Simon, Call 784. 30-clc-U Cicely furnished APARTMENT, private bath. Light,',, water free, lli W. Main. Call 332-J. c k24 COOL BEDROOMS, REASONABLE MRS. WERT, 212 W. MAIN. FURNISHED apartment, 305 Dougan. Phone 870-J. 18c kt( Mcely Furnished BED ROOM. Mrs. Nolen, 310 West Walnut. ' 30c k6-30 CLEANERS, TAILORS We ckan and rtere wlmter cMhe* and tut covers. Motb-pcwt, Ore. proof Tanlts. Fay next faUL Cleaning Strike REAL ESTATE IDEAL FOR COUNTRY HOME 5, 10 & 20 acre .tracts on Highway 61, close in. PRICE RIGHT. J. W. BADER 20 acres on Highway 61. improved 2 miles Blythsville, north, $2500. E. M. TERRY 617 rhone 346 UMECTORY NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC I am now operating tne Bijthe- viiis inac i>nd Jims <-u., at rear or oirf .aaacs' ito M icrts, JO cleared, near Will ford, Ark!, 2 sprirt* small hmtse; 5,800 to 6,*00 red oak. ties on land. * * • S* *tm, 3 miles of Hardy. Small hqnse, 8 to 19 acres cleared. Near Sprint RiTer. Each For Sale:—Price *MO. Small Cash Pajmtnt, Bali nee, Very Easy Terms. J. C. CHAPIN, Manila, Ark. .,. lormenv opr.osite ITISCO otation ams. I.. M. BURNfcTTE announces tnt urxnine uf summer cuss» In typing, snortniinl tall «a»-iV. COUNTV WCKKERS UNION lor men and women over 18 Dues. *1 per year itplc 6-34 Beady-Mate Slip Coven Approved by Viood Housekeepint, Choice ol *ood materials. Fit GuanintttS—14 Usual Price Mrs. C. 1L Gray, agent your own In the beautiful Oi arks? A 44 acre farm, II mtnotfi rom town and IS minutes from a T ,wA ftshhir hole, good house and plenty •( fruit trees. Can xjugbt CHEAP. Small cash payment, balance easy terms. Will consider trading for aMrchandist k. J. C. CHAPIN, MANILA, Ark. FOfc SALE Second Hand LUMBER. At old uieamsry 1'ackage Co. Oak, Gum Pure 11001 ing; uixfc; tin rooting Bee J. Men Brooks, G. M. Baxiev or Guy Engineer L,. E. Tuil. i^-c-K-10 How woild yon like a home ol FURNITURE IJIWK CHAIRS Uunpalnted Painted THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. 2S-ck-fi-2! PERSONAL LINCOLN HEAD PENNIES WANTED. Will pay up to »2.00 each if over ten years old. Certain Indian Head Pennies worth S49.00 each. Send lOc for catalog. U. S. COIN CO., Milwaukee, Wis. FOUND Second hand furniture bought and sold. Inquire Patkhurst Co., UK, E. JUin, Hlytheriite, Art. 4c-k1-i CAR KEYS IN JOE ISAACS- STORE. Owner may have same iy calling at Courier and paying or ad. BARGAINS lu good, clean, used ice boxes. Everett B. Ge« Sales Co. CHEAP— 25 acres growing alfalfa near Blythevllle, Everett B. Gee. ' For Sale— 1 good used Delco light plant, 1 uaucry radio set, 1 u»ed elecinc rclrigcrator, new & used electric ians. Everett B. Gee S»iei Co. 2i ck 6-23. REPAIRING Free Home Loan Estimates Roofing. Painting. Repairs. THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. lO-ck.-7-IO Tennis Rackets Rtrtnmg Overnight ncrrlce, < grades Hubbard Hardware Co. 6-ck-1-6 KEEP YOUR HOME IN GOOD REPAIR When it needs a prescription Phone E. D. Ferguson, "The House Doctor." Phone 100. EXPERT Typewriter and AddtBf Machine Repairing. U. S. BUl tmhtp, 116 E. How. Catl U5-J. 32ck6-22 POULTRY & EGGS Mil!: ffd'pBYERS for sale. PICKARD'S Store. 1014 Chlckaeawba !7-ck-«-r COINS & STAMPS ilncoln anri Indian Head Pennies wanted. We pay up to MT.OO 'ach. Send lOc for buying catalog. Chicago Numismatic Co., Box 1213. Chicago, 111. LOST White Rat Terrier, black spot near tall and black spots on ears, about Thuisday morning. Reward for return. Phone 73-M. drttf "NOTICE Annual m«tin» ol of Blythevillf Cotton' Oil Mill will held at 10:35'A. M,, Tuesday, June 12,' )93i,- al otf.ico of W. A. Gage & Company. Falls Building. Memphis, Tenn. Among other mat- ters'to be considered will be proposed change of ByrLaw providing for' amendments. Qt'. ByrLawg by eliminating there from necessity for notice of pruptsea ctumte. W. E. G»je, FieiWenS I. H. Fleming, A»lst»nt aecrettry. SuUay BABNESVIUJ, Ohio Don't' d.ic In Barnesvllle. Bejtwsda. BeUnont.' Ceriftiryil!*, Somertoh 'or Hendrysburg, CWb, if jou want a Sunday tui*r»l.:«lnlft«t¥ of thow'. towns have voted not to con<i«ct ' cbseqults on the Sabbath. HEV. AU.EV/ wiw'S/OK THftT RUMPUfi? IIWE / IU SEW) OUT T IWi'SllGMED \ A DETAIL, SUMP1N "NJHWtDlftlELV H TO SEE.' W5T BE DOME -\ f/ / \_. ^ TEND TOIT.OH )\^.' 11V RUN.' / \ ' WHENEVER THERE'S » OtTWL X), VJE ALWAV5 TIC NECK.' VJHV DON'T THEV :/ "BUT, >-•' \T.T\M, \15 'I- SURE, I AIN'T 'POINT /—YOU ENOUGH P.OCK10 OUT OF TlAKHE FIND THIS SPECK OF- <3OLt> TI-\AT D KUN ABOUT A "DOLLAR TO 'VW TON \TLL COST ABOUT^20 TO CRACK UP A TON OF TH\S TURNfT IM TH % SUN ASi YOU'LL SEE SPECK ' YF AINT TLLTRIMVOUR J LAWN WITH. ^ /VW TEETH / SO -PKACT\CNU (3OLt> (SIVVr YOU BRONTOSAU^US./ lOltD TO COME THAT WAS ACROSS T(V CHASM ON THOSE VINES WE CWERON- M* .SPECK OF HOPE C-iv YOU CAN'T ALWAYS TKLI,— BOOTS ANI> HKR RUDDIES COMt ON, LET'S GO FOR A ' OME O? 1 MUST WATCH MY \ vr- S<b 6U&PECT \.OOV! . oo VOOR &OOO 10 6£t- VXiWOtR WOT ^smv^^ WOULD MEET L\V1E TO , A T\\NC- WOT bWu'O DO WASH TUBBS _ _ __ V Ifihftft HMIP M^N^uiFfH A A A REOL CLUE. I 5HAOV PAST ftKJD USIIJQ OK ASSUMED MftMtT, COMES TO LftUtVS Of (Kb SHCtitLV 6EFOKE LONE t'Ji MUMDEREP. /" f <3/>HQWftV[ Tii'-.. i^. r-v/; ; OWV OKI. ' ITS THE STRANGEST 1H;«Q. HE.At 117 THR-A UXM<SCEMED ^ERRIRLV UPSP.T OVt'ROAOtN'i OEATH, ftMD LftST WIGHT TH6V THEIR THINGS AND LEFT. WITHOUT EVEN / fr.ciiin. MI"". I -i.v i'. VJIIM VOUR HIRED " Til 10 KM) 01' THK TUAII,! SALESMAN SAM LLV, PGfcC THIMKS HGS A 8(-CODMCXJND- enviM' MEANS , OR. I'M OFF f , PER. GOSH SflKES, PERCY- HOLD UP f* MIMUTG I TORE MV P^NTS OCHM'OUER A FENCG? vnn'ii, RUM ME RAG6UD ' UJO'RG BOTH OF-T-fUIP IT'S ALL CWfS'- BUT -•^,- &m FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS i WANTCO 16 GO AS A. KNIGHT /W[> I ASk£D MR IF US HAD A SUIT OP MAIL ...AMD LIKE A' DUMBBELL, WE HAULS OUT A POSTMAN'S IM /FRAID MAYBE ALL .THE BOYS V/1LL DRESS AS CTOV/BOYS.,.. "EY USUALLY DO, YOU Vo'J LOCK GRAWD, SOM. I DO IJOPE YOU V71M "UiE ^AS THAT E Of-'LY , J.VE GOT HUSTLE... TWu PARTY WLL STAPT I GET YEAH ...ITS TWE ONLY THAT VAXILO FIT YOU AT 1JJ5 COSTUME 55 •2 HAD THAT WAS ANY GOOD! SET is ALL EXCITED > i v ?

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