The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 24, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 24, 1931
Page 8
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sr /:; .•• ; i~ ' (AKK.) COUKIKK NRWS BRUSHING UP SPORTS Laufer But Luxora Boy Gcls'Glory ; •..-: In Great Comeback; ' Fine Card a I Armory. Tom Plvac, Si. l-ouis light-heavy, won n close d'Msion over Stanley McHac ill n hretic fluht ut Hie Armory Ifst night bul lo iho Luxora mauler went credit lor staging one of Hie iiw:,t como- backn ever wilncsscd lure. The bnltle uelwe?n the cxjKi! 1 fenced • and powerful Plviic am the Enme Luxora puncher cllmuxi'i one of the best fight ranis <vci put on here, In the ssml-wt'.idiij Big- Boy Blanclianl, VJlythcvlll' light-heavy, won n neat di'dsloi over Steve- Mnrce, slablo m:»io u Plvac. !u a ball!e of much bl.xid mostly Marce's cilmson. snonlhii, from a. cut over Ws lell eye. Durcc Klrkcmluw ami Kk Hmllh fouqht to a tlr:iw In four icimd give nnd take bou with bolh lioys throwing glove all the way. A snappy balll royal In whlcrl Kid Hear wealli'n: the combined attack of four nlhe negroes and then battle^ to draw with thc remaining othe sun Ivor opened fli? ear;!. . In dcfrnl McRae ihowcd (lie be? fight of his career in a locn arena, nut for an unforlunat Injury to his right hnnrt In li final round the Uixom bntll might have boon -the winner via the. knockout route instead of tlir loser-by'q disputed decision, in .fact the only, way Hint Promoter Crate will be able lo settle arguments over thc merits of the two hen vies will be to rematch them for another bout- Saved by the bell nl Ihe rinse .ol the second round after Referee bnnehower had already tolled tilf the count of eight nnd WMlherlnK! n terrific bcntlng in the third round, the Luxor a boy cnmc back strong to nil but knock out his I opixjnsnt. McRne wns clipiird on 1 the chin near the close of the second round nnd fell sprawling. The eighth nnd final round wns enslly the most cxcillng of the tout. • McTir.e hnd fouyht with ever Increasing confidence n(trr the third round, and the crowd stcincd to feel that somelhlnr - would hapner, In th= final round. El;hth ' Rnliml Furious . •'Pivac nnd, McRne lore cut ol liiclr corners with McRnc np- parentlv 111? frc.sher. They swan- pcd blows In the center of the rin" 'for a moment. Then Mcfinc bncked Pivar Into McRae's. corner nnd -pounded Pivar. with fur. ions lefts and rights, lo Ihe head. McRa 1 !-kept piimnine his. left into Plvac's fare. : Pivac wobbicJ . on the ropes, his face n mass .of blood. The referee broke n clinch and Pivac stnijgercd. lhrou«h the rmurl with McRnc. nnparentlv well spent himself, looklnc tewlldcrccl nnd pcrolexcd .ns how to finish his opponent While thc crowd mended for n knockout. Tl wns disclosed after th" bout that McHac .inpirrd his right hnnd in Ihe -round- • A draw verdict would have bern pornlnr wilh' Ihe. crmvd hut'j, earlv mnmln pave him o rlna? "'" 'clslon. Tho St. Louis fish'.er WIF the nzirr-'ssor thronih mnsi nf Ihe bout nnd up 'nolnU in the _\VEDNKS1)AY, .PJNI-: 24, i<) Nats Stay On Heels of Champs; National League Leaders Are Idle. The Athletics divided n with ih 5 St. I.ouls Drowns pair yes- w 7 RCUS ir-aue FIRST TCoo S6S - A TfJir-LP UJffik 'A EM w P^'e w> A HOMER mill ' / '• •:> t- '~'W@? Jinclmiali. Mlrkey Heath, with a raciured arm, wrnt an Ihe vol inlnry n-tlred ll.-it, Dan Ilowicy ut him on first base, And what Id old Harvey do?-Just hit .400, hnl's nil and ltd the league. In HOW ITHEY lllrtnlnghain Mliniln .'.'... Memphis ... ,iil!e Rock .. New Orleans Mobile Nashville ... Snullimi T.raguc W. and third rnuM that Mc- roi'1'1 hardlv hav^ overcome .with nnylhins less than a knockout; Onr» jud^e voted for n draw, fnr Plvnc nnd the rsferse's .score sh'ee^ showed rivnc Ihr; winner- b' n point" mrvrjin. The writer's scori sho't pave Pivar n Ivn point n:i 'vantage In the ighnlnllon. Thc Blaiichard-Marcn bcul \vn n frory nffnir. Blnnchar:! oprt'H u'n n cut over Maren's eve In th second round rind rinncd blows to Marco's injure:! .nolle nnd head lime and n»nin through thc remainder of,the six rouiHis, Mafce'r. hc^d Ixibbnd bark often as his chin wns Ihe target for Dlanchnrd's ripht iiDBercul. Thc St. I<iuis lioy was earnr 1 and in line condition. Ho finished thc fight apparently as strone ns his opponent although he failed to.frore ninny hilE against thc long-armed local bey. 1MIIKY IIKNIIKICK bis first 141 times nt bal he inn'g out ,'.3 lilts. In only four of his first M Raines for the H«!s did Hcndrick to without n lilt. The tall buy from Tonne-wee, uflcr ye.irs of nuing utility anil piiu'h-hltting roles, hn.s been assigned tD,a regular Job In his 30th . rhlladelphln Waslilnijicn New York Cleveland Boston nclrplt fit. Umis Chicago Nallunal l.eajue W. I,. St. Louis . ........... 37 20 New York .......... 3-1 33 Chicngo ............. 33 21 lloston .............. 30 30 13rooklyn L. .. 17 24:'!' 31 :tij 32 33 31 M 35 32 37 ai 3D :!5 43 League \V. I,. -l-l 15 .13 10 31 25 30 30 22 34 .. 20 3D 31 JJG 20 3fi ret .GO 2 .551 .4115 .4114' .426 Red Hose To Helena For Series lerady while the persistent Senators won twice from the Tljiers' nnd cliini! to ihe heels of Ihe 1 Macks In the Americnn gallop. ! In Hi? National league all Barnes I were mined out except at Boston' where the Uraves were twice victims of thc Cincinnati Reds befor; Hie deluge readied floston here. Bob Grove rjnve the Browns but two hiis in the flMt game anil 11 ••>. Macks won In shutout fashion, :i to 0. In nddllton lo his pitching univc sot three liiLs In the second I name Blnchoklcr nnd Klmsey best| ed three Philndelpiiin hurlcrs in n 1'! inning pnn;.? s to 4. Schulte's sinftle pushed across Storti wilh the winning tally. The Senators trounced the Timers twice. The first game WILS won with crs; 10 to 3 but In thcsecoml gnm •_• the Nats hud a close struggle before triumphing In 10 innings, 4 lo 0. Uhle uiul Mnrberry hooked up In a hurling duel In Ihe second name. Neither team scored until llw tenth when the Nats batted around to send four runs across the plate. The Cleveland Indicjis shutout thc Boston Red Snx twice nt Wevcland vaster day. The r.oore.-. were 13 lo 0 nnd 10 to 0. Brown was the winning liurler in the first and Hndlin in the second game Brown limited the Sox to five hlt.s in the first sam? but Hndlin limited the Hcd Hose to one lilt, a single by Webb. In the nightcap Averill with seven lills out of ten times al bat tel the Indian batters. Tlic New York Yankees blasted out n pair of triumphs over the Chicag'o White, Sox, The scorns were 0 to fi anil 9 to 4. Johnson and "Wells were the winning pitchers. Babe Rulh knocked out his 14th homer in the first game. Gehrig got flvc bits. The Cincinnati Reds beat the Boston Brnves in a twin bill at Boston. Red Lucas limited thc DID YOU KNOW THAT— One of the niosl promising heavyweight prospects In these old United Stntes Ihls very minute -seems lo be Stan Por*da, . . . He's a Polish lad of 22 ... with a darting left . . . and a very nasty right . . . especially when he swings it as an uppercut. ... He can throw It up, down or sideways. . . . You are going to hear plenty from this fellow. . . . Frank Flournoy Is guiding him around, . . . Flournoy wanted lo put him on with Risko as a r.?ml- wlndup to the Schmeling-Strib- llng thing . . . but Jawn's side wanted ten grand. . . . "I'd have let him fight Rlsko before that crowd at Cleveland for an old straw hat," says Fiournoy. APT KFF.H7. Is the explosion shot the only »ay 11) [et out of traps' Rome star players rely, solely on Ihe explosion, yet iherc ore at k iree other cood ways to get on I a trap. If one has a fair knowledge of hip shots off the fairway, he may ve himself many strokes by ap- The lilytlicvilt? Red Snx will in- vndc Ilt'Ieiiu tomorrow for n three game series wilh t!ic Helena Sea- porters. Tlv: local scini-iiro ball club hns :nrnvcs to tnree llits »' » pitching been winning fairly consistently O fi d " clwltl1 Sherdel in thc first gnme l«te iifier n slow start this senson > nn(l thc Rctl5 . (v °"_ 2 to °- In the Uicl eX|M?cl lo give Ihe Scniwrters ? ecollcl some slrcnuous opposition. The lloro be rc-lnforced Hi? Reds were leading 8 to 4 at the close of the sixth the game was called be- Philadelphia I'itlsljurgli .. Cincinnati 3'i 40 IVt, .140 .COi .551 i .sool .303 .311 ' MR .357 IVt. .G19 .607 .57!) .500 .•!9J .430 .404 .341 number of Memphis hide; '• cn " 5c ot . rain - B «iton was the liemk-nl stars for the series »l Helena. Gore and Weine. two rrnillipiuv stars in Memphis independent circles for .several vears will nccompanv the locnl club,' according lo John Smith, business uian-.iyer. Tlic Hose piny llclenn Thursday. Friday nnd Sunday nt He!2na. A gnme with a Mississippi tcum will winning pitcher. Stripp and H;n- drick led the Cincinnati attack. Beraer hit his ninth homer of the season in the filth inning of the second game. probably be arranged for Sntur day. Manager Smith says he i making an effort to bring the Os ceola Indians here soon. BEST MNEX , year. Helping l!ic Reds go on a victn;-y nimpase, he has bccoiin! n liero In Clnriunali. Reilland fans' love Inkeu new hup.> In the duvvn- i trodden team. U'hy, Uncle Rohliie! Just why Hobble prrmHlctl llcn- drick to get away Is n little hard lo explain. In loan Harvey wn<;. Ihe most valuable player on the i Icnm. D'.irins lint season he played four positions nn the Hub nnd played every one of them well. Robbie started him nt third base. Then he was shifted lo center lieol. For a time he led the leasnc ' YEOVII, fSomer.^eH. Kng. iui') — in hitlinr; with a marl: of .-110. .After SO years. Henry Uroivn and Playing n hunch one day, rinhliie; Alice Russell, childhood s«vi-l!ioni shifted him to first. Banrrofl and have Lxs'n married. Wright suffered Injuries drick filled in nt short. Hnrve-y has o:v? o[ teni|iernmcnt.s in the Trail to Heroism Memphis hnd Harvey Hendrick II years neo and sent him to Chat- tansoga. Prom Chattanooga he was sold to the Red Sox. Promptly they shipped him to Galvcston. GAMES TODAY Sillillicrn T.caeytle NnrhvllJe nt Memphis. Chattanooga at Little Rock. Birmingham al Mobile. Atlanta, nt New Orleans. American T.tMgur New York nl Chicago. Philadelphia at St. LauK M'nsl-.iiiyton ;M Delroil. l!o.-.lon ut Cleveland. N:itlon:il F.cngtic Cincinnati al Boston. Clileiign at New York. St. Louis nt Philadelphia. loves to piny and Is willing to his stuff anywhere en the diamond. "I'd like to pilch one liic noUns." lv lolrl me one clay. ! "and catch the next. Then \ would have played every job nn the club." Wonder what Hobble thinks about when he reads (!-.o:,c balling and Hen-1 — ARGUMENT the finest ! i-.aiiie. lie \JJHEW ~m BALL HAS A FAVORABLE LIE A, SHMU3HJ TRAP 4 Barons Win and Chicks Add Another Victory to Their Winning Streak. SOU LEAGUE— The powerful nltnck of thc Barons. Dixie leaders, wns on display yesterday ns the Birmingham batters pounded oul n 13 in 0 victory over Ihe Mobile Marines. The Barons combed the offerings of three hurlcrs for 20 hits while Welkin: limited the Marines to seven. All the lilts were of the one-base variety but lor a double by Siisko. Baron first sacker. Tlic Memphis Chicks chalked up their fifth straight triumph with the Nashville Vots on the losinj end. The score of n closely contested game wns S lo 5. Three runs in the eighth Innlnj gnv? th» Tribe victory. Roycc Williams' home run nldcd the Chick cause. Atlanta's Crackers walloped New Orleans' Pelicans, score 11 lo 3 Tne Birds got 13 hits off Kotfor but fnlkd to bunch them .successfully. The Crnx secured 15 bingles Barnes Sheehan and Powers lilt hard The Little Rock Travelers be.-il (he Chaltanooga Lookouls 4 to 3 in the first game nf n night doub!'- header. The Lookouls copped the second gnme by thc snme score. 4 to 3 Ncwsom was the winning pitcher of th.° first game nnd Hulvey of the second. French of the Pels hit a homer In the second contest lying his knowledge to shots oul f shallow traps where the bal as a favorable lie. The only dif- erence in the two should be tha n shootiiis from the trap, the us f n more lofted club is advisable The ball be hit a descending low, taking is hit. sand after the bal Youth Spends Restless Night With Copperhead OKMULCEE, Okla., (UP) _ A ight's sleep' with a snake caused a seven-year-old boy near here :io injury other than fright. Awaketwd early in the morning iy Ihe frightened cries of her son, ileading that there was something in bed with him, Mrs. Weaver: arose and went to llv? boy's bed. She took the boy up and quieted .ilm, thinking that he had had n sad dream. Then she laid him back in bed, where he slept until breakfast. In removing the cover, while making the bed, Mrs. Weaver was starlled when n large coppprhead snake dropped to the-floor. It was belicvc-u the aTmke had crawled into the house In search of warmth. Easy Chair Boys Will Gel Hoi'in Checker Toumey COOTER, Mo—Thc easy clnir 1 sport champions will have ihc| r dr.y In the Ihsl checker Iniirna- menl to be staged here In a long ilini' tomorrow on Hie lawn of thc L-. L. Rushing home. The tournament, billed ns the fiist anii'jol district checker tournament, will find local' play:-rs pitted against visiting plavcis from Ctmitliersville, Steele and Uentun, About !G plnyeis are expected to participate in Ihe play. T. F). Hri^ans as chairman, will Lcj in charge cf Ihe tourney. Courier News Want Ads Pay. • OLDEST CLERGYMAN- 103 EMSCOTE (Warwick). Eug.. <Ur> — In celebrating '• his IHrrt birthday, the ( Hev. Denham n. Norman, oldest clergyman in England, advised the young men of 60 and 10 yoars not to stay In bed too long. ItlNfAVOR-OF Pittsburgh Knot-hole Gang Find New Seats PITTSBURGH. Penn., IUP) — There are no more knot-hole spec. "tors al Fortes Fii-ld, hcme nl Then the Yankees cot him. In I'he Pirntos. but Ihe Cr.' 01 Learning, new being constructed will provide plenty of worry for Barney Dreyfuss. The Cathedrtl is 500 fret hl,-'.i and has 38 floors. The \icw froi-i Us lop to the Forbes FiMd bal! park is teller than from any nt Ihe knot hol"s plu;prxl up to prevent non-payins fans frc:u see games. two years In the outfield with the .Yankees he played in only 77 games and never balled above .273. So New York peddled htm to Cleveland. The Indians used him in 25 pames in 1525. and he hit 286. Cleveland turned him over to PTovidenc.-!. He further enriched the railroads by Ivg-ning up next •in New Orleans. Ho played a full season at first base nntt hit .211. So Brooklyn bronchi him up. He I Xear-SulrWr t'lniicril MinJ played the outfield and first base I WALTHAM, Ma's.. (l)pi—Aft-->i for.ttv! Robins Jor four years, tak-! swallowing pulson. Eric Gellorstcdt. • ,._-. ,_, .. ... . 4 . decided he didn't want to dlv! alter all. So he hurriedly proem- Cii a dictionary, found the propur log an occasional job at third. • • * ««Mfty Agate 'This year: Uncle r Robbie decided t* kt Ww (to—#>ira th* river to pntjdolo for the rrcoycrcd. |;oi;on. lock II, \Qr2-T.4 • liow every Sntnr clay n:tht over llic Celnmbfa Uroad. caating Syitcm The established reputation of the makers of Bud. weiscr Barley-Malt Syrup, who have been in the malting business over seventy years, is your guarantee that Budwciser Malt is "the ten money can b«j)." Untiring devotion to producing only quality products accounts for thc superiority of Budweiser Barley-Malt Syrup LIGHT OR DARK—RICH IN BODY , —FLAVOR JUST RIGHT U O C « K| It pays to buy t/ic bctt Use quality producttjrom <!ie Ifouse of ANHEUSER-BUSCH •T. toun „„... Putting Em /«— From a number of marvelous streams in the cool Jemez TToun- tains of New Mexico. An Angler's paradise yet only touched by our guests. This is only one of the many sports at this $800,000 palatial ultramodern mountain resort. Ride—Hunt—Swim every known amusement morning, noon and night— Masked Balls—Private Theatricals — Moving Pictures— Everything you enjoy! Season —May I to Thanksgiving Day. , * Jenez Spr.ngs, I lev/ I-"exico Writ* for full information to IU EAST SUPERIOR iTREBt CH1CAOO, ILLINOIS • Thursday Tuesday, Wednesday and Also Fables and News. Adm.—Matinee nnd 10 and 2ae. R1TZ TKEATEll Tuesday- Weilnesilay Thursday Sec nrvrim P1CTUW Also Comedy nnd News. Atlm.— Alatincc— 10 and 30c. Coining — "D/VDDY LEGS" with .lanct anil Warner liaxter. — 15 anrijlOC'__^ 4 "D/VDDY LONC,']

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