The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 14, 1945 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 14, 1945
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT ' JJLYTHKVILLK COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, FtiBKUARY M, 1915 Welch Brothers Win Tag Match Subdue Eddie Malone In Rough Arena Show, Roy Flattens Knox ' He may not heed It, but Eddie Malonc, fhe smiling Irish wrestler, learned a valuable ring lesson Monday ntglit. Eddie learned, perhaps to his sorrow, thai it Isn't healthy to get too rough with the Welch brothers, unless you arc qualified and sufficiently fortified to do something about It. .•..''. Malone tried his hand at this business of getting double-rough and tough with Hoy and Jack In the tag match feature of Promoter Mike Meroney's weekly ring show and failed. He not only was 'unequal to the task, but. came out of the torrid battle with a busied beak and a whole flock of ribs dLv located and torn-loose from (heir moorings. In fact, he did not come out of the fight. He was -bodily carted out of the ring, on the shoulders of Promoter-Referee Meroney, taken to the dressing room but was unable to come back for the third-and deciding fall. Injury''is'Cllmax It was a climax to Ihe most bruising match in llic history of wrestling hero; a slam-bam affair that bore strange resemblance to a typical bar-room flght'.as'deplet- ed in the movies. Only, tills light was waged in the center 'of the ring, on the edge of Jhe'ring, and .even outside the confines of 'the square^ circle, .much .to.the. satisfaction and thrilling experience of art overflow" house ~6t" "customers who jammed the small arena expecting such an affair . ' ; And the quartet of feuding giants didn't let them down'. FYom the opening of the Initial nialch between Jack Welch and Malone, uiW HI Roy Welch pinned the shoulders, of "Bad Buddy" Knox, 'it"yi;as ac-l tlon in the rough; action that'did* n't resemble a fist fight! but .WAS a fislic brawl throughout. ' • . , Even though-the.rWelohcs/were the final winners of Ihe hiain event tag mutch; they had no : easy time of it. Quite the contrary, they had to call on everything, they had. to subdue their large, and '.determined foes after having b'ecn'beaten In' both the preliminaries. .,, • Welches Are Pinned • : -•Highlight, of course, came during the scrap for the second fall. Malone had pinned Roy,with a double Jack knife and Knox - subdued Jack in the first fall, described by the oldest and most qualified' fans its the grandaddy of the rough "matches. Then the' storm .broke. •The Welches, their Indian ire aroused,'went to work. They singled out Malone as ylatlm No. 1, mainly because Knox, leery-of., pic glenm in Roy's eyes, voluntarily refused to tangle Into a free-for-all though brought Into the fray by torce. Roy '.. started the rough' stuff with M«r '• lorie with the' dreaded body slam. : Twice Roy popped him against the ' mat. The next time he rushed to ; the southwest ring - corner and slammed the already woozy 'Malone. across the turnbucxle of the top strand of rope. Roy could have pinned Malonc .then and there. But he had other plaits. Evidently,.he figured that Eddie needed'a lesf»n. Deer Trapping Project Teaches Game Hunters Much, Exploding Popular Beliefs On Feeding By N'EA Smlce DEVOTION, N. C,, Feb. 13.— Game hunters are learning n number of things In connection with the most successful deer- tnipplng experiment in the south, one being that the deer Is an Infallible long range weather prophet, according to Lyman Deberry, leader of the project. ' Dcborry clnlms he can predict Ihe weather 24 hour.s in nclvinice by the number of deer he catches. When deer move around and pass up the tempting apples in his tra]vs, they arc looking for cover and it means Ice and snow or cold winds. However, If they gobble up Ihe bait, the'weather will fair olf or stay moderate for several days. In a federal-slate project, proximnlcly HO deer have caught In traps .set on the up been 7000 acre estate of R, J. Reynolds here. Of these more than 100 have been transported safely to (he new Uwharrle Game Preserve In Mont- gomery'county. Four deer were lost in (rapping and the others were released because they were too large 'to handle or too old for stocking purposes. PROJECT SETS liKCOHI) When the project was set up, it was'estimated it would cost 510,000 and. take three years to gel it functioning. It's now apparent that the goal of transferring 125 deer will • be reach«1 In one .season at a cost of only about $5.000. n record unparalleled in projects of this sort. Ten years ago GO head of deer were placed, on the estate and they h(iye Increased to an estimated 700. The tract, composed largely of abandoned many old DOPE ! BUCKET Trapped, Uggcd . . . and ready for freedom. farmlands, contains apple orchards which still bear some fruit. ' The .deer trajw, of the Wisconsin pole tyj>c, arc set around these old orchard*!* and baited with apples. It; Is necessary to keep fallen fruit into the at both ends and tripped by a wire lightly triggered, which releases doors at (lie open ends simultaneously. Deer are removed early In the morning and transferred to a truck cage In a specially built transfer learned l.s that, contrary to popular belief, deer are not more easily trapped when .snow and Ice conditions make food scarce. 'Hie herds drift back Into the mountains and seek cover in this kind of weather and arc not inclined to feed in (he valley till the weather moderates. Trapping has been best on warm, sunny days. While (he traps arc set for deer, other animals sometimes find their way Into the snares. Once Delicrry found a cow in one of his traps, but the biggest nuisance is the rabbit. One night in n single trap a dozen rabbits were Imprisoned. But Debcrry has a record of 23 deer taken in a single night. Sometimes a deer gets balky and won't Icuve the trap voluntarily. Worried and frantic, they have been known to lie down nnd try to die "just for spite." Indeed, Dc- berry relates that once a deer actually dirt that very thing. Aj J. P. IMPROVES GEOGRAPHY . . If the Naval and Army and Marine recruiters are ring wise after this war Is over, they will capitalize on the spectacular geographical experiences of the boys—and girls—In an effort to get and keep their enlistment quotas. Take for instance, the thrilling travel narrative as revealed by Lieut, (j.g.)' Howard Moore.. . . For a fellow who hasn't been in the Navj two years yet, Lieut; Moore has come in for his share of the new faces nnd places on the Eastern side of this world. . . Stationed now back at Fort Pierce, Fla., where he received his amphibious training Howard has Just returned from ; M-monlhs cruise aboard an Auxll Itiry Destroyer Transport, convert*: from an old stock four destroyer. . Here arc a few of lib outstanding experiences: spent eight months In the Mediterranean as an Amphlbl ous Scout Officer. . . Took part In several scouting missions. . . Worked with the French Commandos In the Elba landing. . . was attached to a group of U..S. Army and Canadian Super Commandos during the Invasion of Southern France. .. Was ordered back to the States In 'No- picked up to tempt deer traps, which lire open atop the the deer cabinet is opened, uiul Is lagged before being placed In the truck. The tagging Is done 1 by clipping a small aluminum las; onto the deer'.s ear. ONCE CAUGHT A COW ...It's only a two-hour ride in the truck to the new Uwharric game refuge, and when released the deer streak for the first cover in slijht. Long ago this section bad nil It. 1 ; deer hunted out. but this rc-slocklng will make It preserves one of in the the finest deer south. Another thine the trappers hnvc which Roy claimed lie didn't hear. Buddy hammered him from plllai to post without a letup, then pinned him with a body pin after the violent nssaull. Roy was so infuriated that he Insisted on going right into tlic t«i: match without a rest, and begged for Knox to oppose him. But middy wisely avoided the clash until Roy "cooled off" a bit. But he loo paid for his ruse before the thing was over. Sports Scandal Will Be Aired Open Hearing Slated !n Brooklyn College Basketball Bribery NEW YORK, Feb. 14 (UP.) — Judge Snmucl Loibowltz lias agreed to nn open hearing on the Brooklyn College basketball scandal and related mutters. Leibowilz ordered the hearing on recommendation of Brooklyn District Attorney William O'Dwyci nnd at the same time atljournct the trial of Harvey Slemmer and Henry Rosen for two weeks. Rosen nnd Stemmer are the two alleged gamblers accused of bribing five Brooklyn College basketball players lo throw a game. O'Dwyer asks for nn "investigation of the widest scope" on ground that his office hns discovered certain crimes, hregularities and conditions injurious lo the public welfare In certain athletic contests. 'Hie district attorney ember lo be executive ofllccr of he Bcout nnd Raider School, Am- ililblous Training Base, Fort Pierce, Fla. LOOKS FOR SIGN During these various operations loward tcok advantage of every op- wrtunlty to get some look-sees at he historic sights and places . . . For example, there was the Rock of Gibraltar ... "I went to see If here really was a Prudential Life Insurance sign atop ... it must lave been removed during tlic war. Took a trip from Oran, Algeria to Sldl Bel Abbls, home of the French Foreign Legion, and. on to he Sahara desert, Algiers, Blzerte, Tunis, and the ancient city of Carthage. ... In Italy I visited Vesuvius at. Naples, Pompeii city, destroyed by Ml. Vesuvius. . . Lived a month In a castle of a Spanish prince In Santa Maria by the sea, the birthplace of Columbus. . . Visited the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte in Corsica . . . Had liberty in Sicily, Sardenla. . . . Visited the Isle of Monte Chrlsto off the coast of Italy and also the Isle d'lf In the harbor of Marseille, France, where the legendary Count of Monte Chrlsto lived ... Went to the Isle of Capri to see If it was an apple or walnut tree under which "I found her." ... It was walnut. VISITS BILL GODWIN In this same letter to his parents Dr. and Mrs. L. H. Moore, Hownrr reveals (hat he visited Bill Godwlr ... The ex-Chick and University of Georgia grid star was in the has infirmary' with a turned knee which he suffered during the final stage of the last football season with tlv crack Fort Pierce team ... He said that It was not serious mid was ex peeled to be out right away BROKEN LEG—Scrgt. Dick Burn Nelson Winner At New Orleans Open Golf Tournament 1 Won By Toledo Star __ After Six Failures NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 14. (UP) — fter falling six years in a row olfcr Byron Nelson finally has won New Orleans Open Golf Tournament. Nelson, who tied Harold "Jug" MeSpaden Monday for first money n the 72-hole event, fired a bril- lant 65 yesterday to win the play)ff. The red-hot, Toledo, Ohio, shot- naker went out In 32, five under Mr, and blazed In with 33 strokes, wo under for the last nine holes. McSpaden fired a two-muter 10 but it went for nothing as Nelson thrilled the gallery by sinking pul from all corners of the greens. Lord Byron picked n|> a m| over $1300 in Win- lionds for work while McSpaden settled $933. Following the playoll most golf's brigade packed their bags Oulfport, Miss., where they tune up for the S5000 open that gJ underway there Thursday. S. RHEUMATIC PAII With i Kedlcin Ihil »HI PIOYI Iliilll If you suffer from rheumatic paC or muscular nchcs, buy G-2223 todl for real pain-relieving help. OOc, f Caution: Use only us directed. Fi| bottle purchase price is refuncl if you are not satisfied. Get G-221 came out of his (Irst entanglement with the Nazis in Belgium with a fractured left leg ... His wife recently wrote Mother Bertie that, she has received word from Dick's C. O. that his left leg was broken during the battle but he was progress- Ing nicely and not to worry. . . . Dick was with Co. M In Alaska nearly four years. . . . DIDJA KNOW that the Blythevlllc Army Air Field placed two of, the five all-Eastern Flying Training Command players? . . . They were Lieut, Harold McGuffey, sharp-eyed forward, a.nd John Garrard, stocky guard who stole the tournament spotlight. . . My, how Garrard reminds me of Byron (The nipper) Walker, though on a smaller scale. New Theatel Manila'i Finest OPEN 7 EACH EVENING MATlNliKS SATUKUAY ANI)| SUNDAY .AT 1 O'CLOCK Buy War Bonds (In Our Lobby Anytime) Ami Keep Them! services and Iheir relatives nlerc.slcd In knowing how men fit !or strenuous athletic; activities could have obtained release from lie armed forces.' 1 Three of the five Brooklyn Col- f-^c phiycrs who are alleged to have accepted (he bribes arc dis- mrHces from the armed forces. The Coast Guard Women's Reserves, the SIKH'S, took their name from the first letters of the Latin —Semper Pamlus and its English translation—Always Ready. ;sault. until Refferee also t|ues- Itoned the wisdom of permuting college (cams to play in Mudison Srjuare Garden. He concluded: '•Men nncl women in the armed of no avail. H e was put lite a Brit-' ish blackout. ' '.. Malone Carled Off Meroney and Knox dragged Erf die to the edge of the ring, hoisted him across Mike's broad shoulders and took him to the dressing room for an examination'. He was in'no shape to continue so Mike.offered two plans for choice,.declared the match forfeited and go'home, or select one of the Welches to oppose Knox. The fans decided it for him. They called for Roy to hook up with the blond bad boy. . Roy then brought the : exciting evening to a brilliant'finish by a\- erpcnvcring Buddy in 14 minutes of extra rough milling.''He'turned a back breaker inlo a crab hold sis a clincher. • Malone and Jack gave the fans a good Idea of what was In store as they squared off In the first preliminary and hammered away at each other lor . 19 long, bitter minutes before Eddie won with a double jack knife. It -was a corking good match. Knox stole a march on Roy to take the second prelim. Hushing from his comer wllh thi gong. Oil for Biggest U.S. Airline ^^^i^ --£=*. ***•* Save 50% OB TRUSSES Steel and Elastic STEWART'S Drug Store Main & Lake Phone 2822 FOE SALE . CONCRETE STORM SEWER ALL SIZES Cheaper Than Bridge Lni&ber Osceolo Tile & Culvert Co. Phone 691 OiccoU, Ark. WOOD and KINDLING Barksdale Mfg. Co. South BiMdira j LaGuardia Field, N. Y.— Sinclair's unique oil-jccp drains and fills giant American Airlines' Flagship with Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil. American Airlines, Inc., biggest U. S.. Airline, relics on Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil exclusively to save wear on its costly airplane engines. Now that your car needs all possible protection, give it the same protection given these planes. Buy Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil from your Sinclair Dealer. SINCLAIR PENNSYLVANIA MOTOR OIL B- I ALL _ Af«t « Bjti«ill t , Ark. 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CLOTHING Stetson & Ma I lory HATS Arrow & Manhattan SHIRTS Fiorsheim & Crosby Square .. SHOES Alligator , RAINCOATS McGregor SPORTSWEAR Interwoven & Holeproof .... HOSIERY Paris & Hickok ACCESSORIES A PERSONAL MESSAGE 1 just got back from the first real vacation I've had in about ten years . . . Been visiting and loafing with my wife's folks down in Lafayette, Louisiana. That country is all right if you sr>cak French, and the food was really good— but give me Blylhcville as a place lo live in alid raise my family. It's good lo be back on the job. Come on in and say Hello! The boys have been unpacking a lot of brand ne\V Spring hats and suits, too, since I've been away—and a big shipment of Florsheims should be here most any clay. I am home again and at your service Thursday and Friday "MAYOR OF 44th ST.1 with Gcorsc Murphy and Anne Shirley PARAMOUNT NEWS & GOMEL THEATRE LUXORA 'PaiD^ OF THE COMMUNITY" Open 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 Oscar Bailey President MEAD CLOTHING CO. n no RADIO ri<mnitt,«C; News of Ihc Day Shorls.

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