The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 15, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT m.YTTTEVFlJ.E, (ARK.) Hayues Scores Upset Pastime Avenges KnvlitT Dcfeal .by Speeder Team Knhhvnn .. Tfrrv .Ark-Mo . Liberty .. Illljiiirs . lilS.1 Alt. I* Tel. IJ I.OWI II ').<I(M II l.OM I .MO .SOU .OOfl .<il)0 .011(1 Hayiif'S' Men's Simp nntl Pns- llmc- sttnieri Uic scrond hnlf rae* o! llie OomiiH'idiil .soft l)^]| loii^ut? iui|u'c*oive!y IIIM nluljl. Ihiynps in (in upset defeated H. I). IliiftiiM compnny. 7 10 2. niul IMMlim- wrm over Liberty, fi to 1. Tlie oiUMamtiug fcnuirc of tlie main's panics \v;is n triplo piny, the exmitrd in sofl ball cnm- lielilioii lii-ro. The play uns performed by I'n-ilime. C. l/-<llx>u<r, third b.uomnn. ciiugtlii u fly. touched third to double n runner off third nnd threw to Smolher- mnn nl fln.i in I'ulcli mini her runner. Kinclig. 1 Ins ni"; hiirter. luvnwl hi Ms best performance ol Ihc .wison by lioldlni; llut'lics to tin re lilts .\'e kept the 1 OPIKVOUK Clothing Imwlcutli'd most iif ihe way. nl- lO'.vinu one run in ihi- tliiril rum one in the- sixth. Ilney. Hti^hc.s .soiillipiuv. \vns touched lor six blows, \vlnch combined with four Ilup.lii'.s rrrors. lirod.iH.Tcl uvn :UIIN in ihc third and live in un eventful Mxtli inning. \Varrln<jlon hurling lor I'.isllmc gnvc up eisht liiUs but innnn^i-cl to keep them i.cnUercd. The liilllnrd lenm {jot lo Scmsijs. lust bull pitr-her, for 13 blows. Pastime scored OIK-C in Ihe first innliv,'. throe times in ihe third, twice In the fourth nnd six limes In the fifth. Libeily got one inn in Iho second, two In Ihe Ihlrtl, one In Ihe fourth, two in tin- sixth ami one In (he seventh. Box scares: First flame Hut lies Marshall, u Whittle. M Barker. 2b Humphreys. 'J!> Iluey, F.. rf W. Lutes. K Kinnlnghnm. ll> Hticy. 'I'., p App.eunum, ss Bunch, :ib Maxrpli. e.' All II. II. K. :i o o [i n n o i ^ooo o n u u a ti o i o i 0 0 Hayni'i ' John Smollimnnn. ss .lack Smothennan, cf C. lirogdon, cf Isaacs. 2b Crockett. :ih Beone, i e Blr.ckwell. Ib Curler, rf L. Applebniun. i,-; L. Smotheimun. II Klndip, p 2200 2 0 0 (I 2012 21 2 3 a Ah II. II. E. :i i (l o 0 o o 1 i i i i o I) 0 3 1 t 1 1 0 u n 2 i e 3 i o :t i -i . _ _ _ _i •3 7 n c' This Corner HY ART KRKNZ -V," '" '(I;" : W""'"' l "<* <" •' K"'l in- jstyned by the New Vurt: C'.iams pro ».dc JO '' - -, ».dc a I.JOO . invetly will d? (iresenled ' e.ike of ice. 'l'.:e , K rid ten,,, YOU'RE MI LING ME TE A Detroit newspaper Inr, received a Idler from an old Tlg?r fun of 20 years' slandlnn . . . wlin «Tltes to reserve seat. 1 ; lor the 1D34 world series fn Detroit . . . even though l-.e now lives In Dallas. Tex. . . . He thinks Mickey Coelinnie's phil-jsopliy "they'l bent us" will kick Ihe Timers in. . . Firiw Mni-borry. 'ngcr pitcher. B ot t:;ree. nils ill a , recent game with the n,.- s „ •j M .| X >i 1 ml one of lh-_- University of Mldilgim'j former ijiid (jivais? . . He's (jolng i;rcal In Chicago now ... as a lawyer. . . . Knuckles Doyle. 11 I'ciinsylv.inla coal miner. |,as |, re u By Harry Gray son •• nnnrfng While soxl . only n nil inst season . nnd he colleclot! I'dsch tutted . i-vim- . when i:p hrofee nuo the mrtjors. . Who wi'iii-.-, -he nni.hli'.sL li:illir;ib!-5 All-Slur Local Team Will Play (lanilhcrsvillf An nil-star uame between ])icked lentils represenliiiB Ihe local Com mercinl soft ball lea«ne anil the Cariuher.sville. Mo., soft ball league will be payed at Ilnley Field Jierc Montlay iiifhl. Thr ppr-'ovmcl of the (earns has not yet l>een annotiin'c-tl. hln raiment blind: 'rommv, Onu female herring will as many a.s 10.MO c'StR. 1 ;. ighl Slopped in Mil) Afler Ciiniera I'loorttl I I 1 lines NKW YOHK.--Ma.vlr- U.IPI-. new I 1 . cro-Aiird plus hoy champion 'of ihc world's hi-iivya-riijlit boxer* njul HI Hie PI]».,• iVicr-s had pi;. ,•(„..;,:, today tri ccii'ln'tue. It was last nl-j!:t nut on 1,9112 i,- laisd ll:at Music plucked or r : itl,r • knocked Hie crown Iran, lhc'h..,,l of Hub's i;ii;anilc J'riino Cnrm-ia. Inr-'esl mnn ID evc'r hulrl (Th ti;;r- ien llofriec Aitlnif Honovuii rl -' fidcd Hint ivinid hud ulwu-i,. ( j ^h pmiiHliiiieiiL ,.vrii f 0| . a M ci] .Moi.ntaln. The flghl a-a.-. one of the mo- 1 •v'-mful and hceilr In th e hlsioiy "I" lioslnu with ihc gi!;.inlic Car- m-rii be-In;; tlonmi ' n liim , s ', liai'i'.s slcaiiiini. blows before the lls-l was .stopped. OnL of th- moke of baltle slcpjx-;! flacr, with i playboy .smile un Ins [nrc to vanli. over i|,e lilulu-.M i-j]>e of the rinR incl show [ho that, lie dl<| it ill without, ove-r-cxuniun. Also out of the cxcllenienl and tens.-m-ss of llie taut was born mow admiration for (Junior;, a.s : , mitcn champion than he ever reei-lvcd w.ille on Ihe way to l lie lop or after he arrived WHS almost unbelievable Camera look llarr's besi.- Sunday pinches IJ.splayln^ a brand of roitrngc Dial time anil i)|;.iln nnd linnlly wenl out on his- fret when the referee deckled to Intervene. The ughl mlglii i,;i vc endc:l soon<Y had Baer el.rtcd to push the 'Ir all lilt way Instead of tnbbi- me le.irl only in spurts. As it was U:«T barked away froin the clinm- Plun mcst of the nine e.wept when .'e elected ( o leap in and throw punches Inslead. when lie d ! d lh- Llvermore liulehjr uoy swayen Camera from the top of his im- pii'srlbe height to !!•,. Ijouom C f I'i-, boat-like shoes. In tin; first ronntl. asaiii in (he second and nt interval.s ihurenflc'- Uacr Mopped backlni; lo .smash into Camera ami topple the glgnntie ciiamplcn' to t::e floor, in between times Ihe Man Mountain arose to shove Ills li-fi hand in| o Bnw'j fnre perslitently but failed !o barm the laurhlng challonftcr. H is ill ting that ciiiirl •i-hriimer. u native son. iw "I the .s?«md dlvLslon. iNi'."i'/i Theiv aie not enom : ii r.cunf inwn i Is too ilxiy.i tt'lili tt)«n ,.|ni, Si .iiir<,ii_/ ate fewer [ban u •' niv, h: ! he wns pike. ilailinji Leader ;Nn Spilns naljy 1 Ami when lt'.r> r,ppn. s l!|nii lhe FlrowiLS. needed n mnnnner In An- fii-il-. IIVHih'li nil-Ley, ihe liraliti of the Cardinals, lo whom in. reur.rt- FRIDAY, JUNE IS, lo tie Ihi? score, mnr.e up for hLs tahole by si-nrln? Ihe v,inmni? ruij I In the Ipinii. --ore wlm come under ULS lii-atlrju. ,-ien thoi,. ; |, ycrtl looked after it* own 11 '/'*• . iii*. m.ii.uCS'.i.i^n's .0 runny lr-ni, j-eai.-i. ,nnld , in wv his liiilt, In I nnmc umbia lo,, C ailv l>hy. 01 the . nf !: ;• Indian'., . Wil.-.on. criK-IU'r-inanascr. and Piilllrs. ol ihi- I'UllliM. ivhn is a res- ld«'lll II' ClirardVllle. !>;,.; Tc'liy (;i;;-. of tin-'un-i' lien- b.ssi- ; llonwby rr-Vaidfd, -l,iile i fietthij l)-,r-l; „, ne!irln--er '-iml !"'L'> H'N-r,! to bnu-, ,l,/Am',i?-,n 10 ofriiand-Cn- . J-fiWio clouting io Detroit. Pord!,.,,,, «r the lirst lime ,ince ,027, T1ie Yanks an:l Oiiiiils. repiesen- ' , n a « !"<l>|..v Harry llellim,,,,, ,„.„.,,, Ul( . ; .„„, ' Of 111 ih= 0 oily, marched Ani^i'ican erl of ihe Herts; I!!li Wnliicr. of j llis "injor leafiie nvcragi ilic- (Jiirdhials; .sbanly llo^an, n| ti:e llr.ives. and l|:i| Bciunnacl'.er, ol llie CiUinls. wlio reylstei's from Dol- . ijevillp, in iip. !: iiiti' New York, wliidi i !.'. eiiDiip.h. i 1 Iliou-hl much ,,f (he sloj-y IBM)!: \ siull we hlie to nnd in spiiru was; laktn cut of liot.i elubs wlieu ihe i •in-ci 11 " '" "i-" n'iii;ii ....,- ».u, Mi, the hiiMlin- .S-A-OIKI I yi-sterdav and er.r-o .seoieil H u.i.,.ninn in no :;ense can \K re - ! toi"; Itarde, nS a sp,i,, !; aehi'iiw- Th( , vnnl .^ c , Mn , ,„ er .Jiiu-ely can he rxiXTfed tr, innlnfnlii liU ciirront .-100 ellp, l,m ! Softball Loop Now Has 12 Teaou TV f. -„„ - : , " : " • fnm '' r Missollri ; llollVP ' « sl' Like most " by West. lyei'S.iout 10. ll n'." a noih1m, lhP iP < l' < i i !' '' l "' ) lil ' '• ' l<nf ' C 1 " 1 ' 1 ' 1 " 11 ' 1 Imlians di-feated oi nolhinu. „],, Ito |, !)y Vraf:h i j,,,, p],)!^!,,,^.!;, A ,iilelies 11 lo 7 n? him lip on thr- .snndloi.s. ,111. Phlladolphia. The Indians fin- h ^ re n ''t diamonds in the roiujh isl'rd firoii^ win, twn boniers l,v . .swapped ila^hy rrankic i »l Ji'c fee,, of every majnate. All i Ti'Os'ky dr v in g ' ,„ ,, v ri m ' M^I f^cl, ,o the Cards for lio ge , s «e has to do i, ]ook around. ! Harder was ,he win, In, i c;-e Imnsby durm, the winter or ISM., Ami there's ,,011,1,,,, f| ,,ite so vo- i The Washington\Senain.f^une l-rls:-li, Porrthain University';; most '''"''roils as a m-i,,'lilw,'::(iod roolinu led the Chica"o White Sov'ni \vnsi """ »thl«!c pi-oauct, was-and ; w : Un ".. :m<l smjieliow professional iiigion. The wore was 5 to 1. Monte flill Ls—a Ke.v Voiker ihrou^h and t i!:rcii!!li. He performed the le-' mai'kable feat of Jumping from ihc rumpus io a pemiam-seekinr.! out- lit, and tnippliiiitiii,. SUL-II ., vono-jni- i-:l .-.I'Caiul b.iv.'imin a.s Larry Un.vic-. St. I.nuis I.oveil (lie l!-l|al>. h'alllls anil All il<irnsby was—and still Is—ns i'lo.-:e to n 100 per cent St. Loiiisaii a.s :t chap torn Cil t nc pi n ii V , or v.-eii -fexas |»s.slbly could be. Un- i 'il UK; liujah was traded us a re- i ward iov i;uldh, i; 11,,. Ued nird., to | t.ii-ir first U.IK and woild title in ! the ;m years thai they had been '• •n ihe National u-nsiie, everyihlna i that meant anvthh,™ to him start- ! >•;! and finished in the Mound City. •IIr> had become an immortal there, six o! his seven battinj champion- *!:ips i::ivl]i[r bL'en won hvi-iy. There wns reai romance ... llornsby's return to his old Mump-. In;; around at the start, of the 19U3 wouldn't win so commer- jWeaver was th more of .. ] I. nn is loved 1-irn still. Tj!t-y can siy all ., Widi all hi., faults-Si. Pitcher T u r n s Bntk Travelers; Kclley Winner of Filching Duel The Little Hock Travelers were on the losin B end of a shutout at Knoxvillc. Scrjtt. rnokie lefthander turned Ihc Pohh!:s back with four , - o" 1 ,-,™. hlls lo l '^ is ' p ' i a 2 lo 0 IrlnmpX I'.i Cn,'di,ni |Kola Shari« was on the losing end jof ihe liurllu;; duel. Doth Smokie rims wc-re scored in the second inning. The Memphis Cnicfcs defeated the lliey The distress planal. SOS sloiirt 1 for no words: ih,- imteis wore se^ lectcil iK'causn of their easy ilclet- tion when sent m code. about Sam Urciulon. president of j ihc Cnnllnals. but, his taking Ilonisby buck, afler the Unjab had 'been yiveii tin- nni-aromid in New I York, liastou, and Chicago, wa.s a iinlghiy fino.Kesmrc. Brendon found place for Ilornsbv (Te.spit . „ wimiini,' pitcher. He gave up but four hil.s. Karn- l^w»• was Hid loser. I The Giants blanked ihe Reds . wlii 1 .; Schumacher in the winning :inli:. He held (he Reds lo four .scnt- Jleroil hits. I-Ycy was the loser of ;the :i lo 0 Miugnb. '['lie Ci:ie;i:jn Cub> won over Ihe lo 4 nt Chicago. Klein. Herman and Hurst blasted out a trio of hcme runs to lead the Cub attack. They drove in all of Ihe team's six runs. Malone was Hie winning pitcher. Tre si. I.ouls cardinals walked over the Boston Ih-ave.-; hi a free- for-all flushing match at Si. Louij. The two teams made 34 hits, including three home runs, ueiween Iliem. Carieton K ol credit fo- liir vieioty. Van Mtingo. siwedball pitcher of tiro Dixigers, bested French and nirkofcr in a hurlinp, duel at Pius- bni'fiii. The score wa.s a io 2. I/•.-.lie, w!:r,sc ,-rrcr allo'.ved I>itfsbnr?h ClmttanoogA Lookouts 2 lo Chattanooga. The Chicks scored in Ihc si.xih an:l ei:,'lilh to give Kelley the ciluc In n Imrlini; duel wilh Barfoot. Krlley held the LonkoiiLs to five hits. f -- .... .,,.* ,,^.,, 11, OJ/ILV 111^ iiii.u JJ| Cn.1 Achilles' tendon and the fact th--l ' ICO.000,000. More than 500 toy factories in the United Slates' have nn an-1 nual production valued at- nearlv Don't Forget Caudill's Agency General Insurance Phone 797 T.lbcrly Ynrbro, c. C Lutes. Ib Forrester,' &s • Scruggs, p Crook, ss H. Lutes. 3b G. Payne. If Aycock. cf Thomas, rf Frnzior. 21) Srcfvml Game Ab K. II. K. ,1011 . :i n i o 200! 3 0 1 300 2 0 1 3 0 1 3 0 1 son 2 1 2 Pastime Barnes, If C. Ledbeltcr, 21) TiiomnKon, s. [ . Bevilis, cf Brov.-nir.i;, c Sniothennan, Ib !. Ledbctter, 3b Bunch, ss Mcore. rf Warrington. p Totals 21 1 8 All R. If. 422 3 I '2 4 1 2 3 0 1 3 1 1 2 0 3 0 1 3 I 1 1 0 0 SUNDAY, JUNE nth GIVE DAD ARROW SHIRTS Sani'ord-Shnink Osceola Club Scores Sec-j oncl Slraight Victory '•. Over Helena Team The Osceola Engineers defeated tile Helena Senportcrs for tile second straight game wlien thsy won at HeJenn yesterdav. Tlie score wns 3 to 2. The Engineers executed n triple play in tlic eighth Inning to curb a Helena threat while a perfect throw to home plate b;- Srhoolej. Osceola oulHelder. nipped a runner In the seventh Inning. S«eet- 3and, first sacker, canglit n ny, doubled a runner OIT flr«t. or.d then EJ-.ot ths bs!i to second to cntcVi auo'.'ner ruiiusi to complete [he trl- Ke play. Tne Memphis Englncc-ru Kill piny the Oscecli Englixc.-s al Oiccrjln Sunday. An added attraction to tho game A Now Shirt if one ever Shrinks. •A Snappy Gift: An Arrow Shirt. Liaiulkeroliicl' Tic and .Trunks to Match New Tics 35c to S1.50 Sport 13oll> 50c - S] Wilson nnd Glover Pajamas Blended Shirts and Sliorls DOUBLE VOTES Vor (he World Fair Con- Icsl on All raid on Accounts D. Hughes & Co. 3 Doors \Vosl of Kit?. Theatre MANSFIELD TIRES At Mail Order Prices 30x4.50-21, Only $3.99 28x4.75-19,.0nly $4.29 Mansfield-Pioneer 28x4.75-19 - - S6.21 28x5,25-18 - - S7.52 .-1 Complete Stock of All Size* to EQUIP Any Car Ask f/.s- for Prices on Truck Tires Old Gold Tubes 30x4.50-21 $.85 1 28x4.75-19 $ ,95 I 28x5.2548 $1.15 fiUARANTKRI) 2^x4.75-19 - - $7.79 28x5.25-18 - - $927 TERRY SERVICE STATION STATIC LINE - - HIGHWAY lil . Mo. — The C:irii!hersi|]le softbuli leiif-'iie \vn.s this wt: <>iil.irj,v<l from I'l^ln 10 12 teams. TJ,,-. n,i w ii. llnis nrf , Pj . mijus r>|iiiilniet l | Sinn-, Peini..nii Oil Co, Sawyer's I'liai-iiiiicy. Coinl- 1:011x1 IMiin. Ollu-rs mi': Tnc lie- |iiil)!ii>,in. Trader.-! .\ff-re.\nlile fo Kolin's. nriiid nnx. Ha.\<V n iv' SlindP Nfoin,- co , r,ir'oin!w a barbers (IMIII. The new rf'hcdiilc. revised ( n t]. n f,,,,,. ; , lk | r ,| , (1-1|11S »? Mned Xfonday n i g ],i. ' T , Barnes will l )r , ]} \ ayfA nt . h n| , l( . Pluyiii" ni-h!,: |n Ix> Mnnd.iv. T,,e'-. ami Wrilnefthu'. T,,,. t rum nine lliioi|.;li Ansriist. Arlsinili- was llrsl I W; , s llrSl | n w mn ,,y iini^ror ° r W ''' 1 .'"' nn<1 ° r '"""'aiii "nt Weal her Succials Served Daily KI'ACK CAT COPPRR SHOI'I'K ''rices Iteasonalile QITJD Thursday & Friday s and MYJiNA I.OY in MANHATTAN MELODRAMA Odilily Comedy. "Nipuns" Cartoon "Buddy's Trollov Trouble" Comedy "TraveliiiK the Roarf" wt(h Alexander firev IJONUS NITE For World's Knit- Contestants n.OOO extra votes to contesi- «"ts lor each adult pcrsnn necompanying you to the liow- tonight or for those oming through your effort-: -'-ALSO , 900 Votos With J3a ch Paid Tonighf.t Saturday Only MAT. & NITE—lOc - 25< A Rip .Roarih' 'Western 'HONOR OF THE RANGE 1 -Slamng- Ken Maynai-d SERIAL - - CARTOON Sunday - Monday DOUGLASS MONTGOMERY Frtd Kohlcr, Aim H.le, MK Mink. Gt«r9€ Mt.ker, Mu,i«l Kirkl«fM», D.WW Jnningi, Hjdd, H«MWT. i^iVUri?*! 1 b r H ">» Frf»d.. UNIVERSAL PfCTUSE proudly ««; l «4. b » c "l l-.c«, m |«. A . ANK SORZAGt Preduclien. Paramount Nc\v s Musicitl Comedy— "Duke for a I)ay"

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