The Wilmington Messenger from Wilmington, North Carolina on August 7, 1903 · Page 6
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The Wilmington Messenger from Wilmington, North Carolina · Page 6

Wilmington, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Friday, August 7, 1903
Page 6
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THE - "WIIiUuG-TON ilESSlSl G-iiiTi FliiDAV. AUGUST V. UKUi. cupFims NORTH CAROLINA. Monroe Journal: The eight new rural Ireo delivery routes laid off in this ifii Aifpnt Knicrht last winter will be' started on September I..- Dni-mo of i To c t v nn last Saturday received orders from the postoffice department to open up the service oit that date. The carriers will be namett this month. All of them will receive S00 per annum, except carrier for route No. 6, who w.ill get $500. Gastonia New?: The" colored people ore leaving1 here-regularly mostly on th' night trains. They are going to Oklahoma. Agents are in the county ju w taking them to Oklahoma, and i i;,. .-'.juth-rn railroad is at work to li.'Kf number in the fall to go . .,,1; on their grading for the double i:.. k. It is expected that a large Tin m her will leave in the fall? for the railroad and many of the farmers ill lrv lacking farm hands to gather their ci ops. Salisbury Truth-Index: Some time .ago the revenue .officers seized nine barrels of whiskey in the country and biought them here, where they were ..c'- n tho warphouse of E. Clark & Sons for safe keeping. Friday night some parties entered the building and took away the bug juice. Nothing In the house was disturbed. Government filcers are at work on the case, but so far have been unable to locate but one barrel of the missing spirits, and that was found near the old fair grounds. Charlotte Observer: Mr. W. -Drum-rnend Marrow, consulting electrical engineer and contractor, has been selected by the commissioners of Laur-inburg as, their consulting and supervising engineer to prepare plans and specifications for and to install the electric light system for that town. The plant will be strictly up-to-date In - every particular , and will cost, coqj- Dlete, $10,000. Mr. Marrow has also re- ceived a contract for the electric lighting of Liumberton. Monroe Journal: Jim Stitt, a young, ninrried negro was committed to jail lust night on a charge of having assaulted a fourteen-year old negro girl . Sunday night. The negroes live near Waxhaw. The girl's family .-went to church Sunday night and left her in the house alone. It is charged that Stitt broke into the house and eom-rritted the deed. The negroes were ver much disturbed over the occur- ence and some of them said that . he would have been lynched, but the lead-ers failed to get up a crowd. Charlotte Observer: Professor C. C. Van Deveer, of Newark Del., has been engaged to come here during the fair and do-about in his famous war balloon. The professor writes to Secretary Julius Harden that he will need a. few things to help him along with his ascensions, and he wants Mr. Harden to arrange for the purchase of the articles in Charlotte. Among other things the aeronaut says he will need; plenty of gas and water, 4,000 pounds -of oil of yitrol and 3500 clean cast iron turnings or fillings from machine .shops. The balloon is a big affair, and pictures HJi. 11 Sliuvy mai il --i -- -of passengers. Charlotte News: A bright light to the west of the city at about 3 o'clock this morning startled the residents of Charlotte. The fire proved to be the large barn on the Wadsworth Model tFarm about' 1 miles west of the city. Owing to the fact that the building Twt.s a frame structure land the consents of the most inflamable kind, the Hames quickly consumed both. As to the origin of last night's fire no one seems to know. Mr. J. W. Wadsworth sstates that he nor Mr. Cochrane can rgive the remotest idea as how. the iblaze originated. Some say they think tt must have been the result of a rat .trad a match while others hold to the theory that a tramp in lounging about the place struck a match and ignited the hay. v Asheville Citizen: The beginning of the trial of Zach Doane and Henry mice for the murder of William Lytle "was characterized yesterday morning Xya sensational attempt to "fix" the Jury by Z. T. Doane the father of the prisoner Doane. Just as the case was .bout to be called yesterday morning in the superior court theelder Doane lianded to Sheriff Reed a paper con taining six names of men with the request that when the regular panel of jurors was exhausted the sheriff ehould call these men to sit on the Jury. The request appeared to be signed also, the solicitor admitted, by J. AI. Doane a brother of the prisoner. "The sheriff promptly gave the paper to Solicitor Brown who prosecutes the case asthe representative of the state. The state's action was prompt. A bill 'was at once drawn and sent to .the .grand jury and after examing Sheriff Heed! that body in a few minutes returned an indictment against the two men, Z. T. and J. M. Doane, for obV jstructing Justice. When you want a physic that is mild and genle, easy to take and certain to act, always use Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets. For sale ly all druggists. Save the Children. , Ninety-nine of every one hundred dis-eases that children have, are due to disorders of the stomach, and these disorders are all caused by indigestion. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure is just as good for children as it is for adults. Chil-4rtn thrive on it. It keeps their little stomachs sweet and encourages their growth and development. Mrs. Henry Carter, 705 Central St.. Nashville. Tenn., says: "My little boy is now "three years old and has been suffer-' ing from indigestion ever since he was "iorn. I have had the best doctors in Ttfashville, but failed to, do him any good. After using one bottle of Kodol "he is a well baby. I recommend it to all sufferers." Kqdol digests what you eat and makes the stomach sweet. Sold ty R. R. Bellamy. i Winston Sentinel: An old clock in Dir. N. D. Perce's store, near th Norfolk and Western depot? began ticking M-cnday afternoon after a rest of seven years. The owner thought it had stop per never to go again." Theold time piece ticked all night and was still running this morning. Mr. Pearce-says it started to running alone. Puts an. End to It All. ' ' A grievous wail oftimes comes as a result of unbearable pain from over taxed ' organs. Dizziness. Backache, "Liver complaint and Constipation. But -thanks to Dr. King's New Life Pills they put an end to it all. They are x gentle but thorough. Try them. Only "25c Guaranteed by R. R. Bellamy, druggist.' " FROM STATE PRESS. In adopting the amendment we thought we were getting rid of the negro as a political factor, but now there is considerable talk of making hm a natioyi issue. It seems impossible to losV Sambo. Durham Herald-More sensational reports regarding the contract of th General Manifolding Companv with the postoffice department might be forthcoming were it not for the fact that it involves tho speaker to-be. Representative Sibley, personal representative of the Standard Oil Company in the house, and numerous "other influential republicans. Tarboro Southerner. If Booker Washington, addressing a meeting of educated Boston negroes, doesn't represent the colored brother at a point where education and culture have done most for him. it's hard to find such a point. xYet a meeting of this very kind in Boston last Thursday night was nearly broken up in a row in which razors sliced ebon skins just like at a southern break-n. Monroe Journal. From reports in the papers the eastern tobacco planters are discouraged over the prices of new tobacco at some of the owning sales. Some of the weed does not average up to what it did last year this time, it Is true. But in the first breaks the planters do not put o their best grades and perhaps this has something to do with prices. There may not be much demand for common stock. Durham Sun. There Is no doubt that Gorman Is one of the shrewdest political advisers in this country. He has hardly landed here on his trip from Europe before he says that the race -Mestion is a good issue for the democratic partv and that the republicans ought to be forced to . approve or to disapprove of the president's policy. And any one who has kept u- "with public Opinion in the orth knows that 'the Ohio idea would be a mighty popular one to run to earth. Charlotte News. The commission of which Gen. Gomez is chairman has just completed its duties in making Out the pay-roll of the Cuban revolutionary army. The pay is the highest in the world. Privates get $1 a day. the non-commissioned and commissioned officers all the" way up to 510,000, and Gen. Go mez $20,000 for the two years and. a half of active service. The war pay of the private soldier of the United States is about 50 cents a day half what the Cubans got and they are higher paid than any others. But when it is remembered that these soldiers had to dodge about in the cane- fields and swamps for nearly three years, and live as best they coiild. knowing that if they didn't win out they would be lucky to escape with their lives, losing all else, the pay is not high, and then, too they have been waiting quite a. while for it. Charlotte Observer. Already six wills of the late Gen. Cassius Mercellus Clay have been offered for probate, and there is notice of yet more. Dora Richardson, the girl wife of ithe Sage of Whitehall, divorced to marry WPv Brock, a lusty county lout, now deceased, we believe, has put a touch of romance into the legal proceedings by filing the will she held, which the general gave her, telling her to keep it and not to break the seal until he was dead, and which furthermore, is said to be the very last will. The old man seemed to have absorbed himself in his last years of. life in writing wills. Thus, a scrapper from Scraptown during his life time, he took the very best methods to leave the leeracy of scrappinsr behind him. for if just one will can kindle silch a big conflagration of litigation as it generally does, what will 'steen wills, or even more, do? Cash. Clay had fighting in his bones in his life and he evidently wanted fighting over his bones after his- death. Charlotte Ghrinicle. There is no room to question the pertinency of the warning sounded by Judge Jones, in the opening hours of the Superior court yesterday, ?ainst the spit of lawlessness which begets lynching, nor is ' there any doubt of his statements of a fact, for the resort to lynching is universal, even as the crime which leads to it is universal. There will be those, however, who will doubt whether the warning sounded by Judge Jones or from any source, will serve as a deterrent. There are very few men, perhaps, who would in casual conversation defend the crime of lynching, and there are certainly very many who would condemn the crime on the part of others. Indeed, they, would even be very lod in the condemnation, until the crime which, causes lynching is brought clos home to them. It is then that they cease to reason and to sermonize on the majesty of the law, and of the importance of its being upheld. Lynching will continue1 so long as the cause exists, and the frequency with which the cause is being repeated is not" 'conducive to a decrease in this method of summary punishment. One j seldom picks u a paper without read- ! of one or more criminal assault cases, j Asheville News. ; Patent Pill Pleasure. The pills that are potent in their action and pleasant in effect are De-Witt's Little Early Risers. W. S. Philpot of Albany, Ga., says "During a bilious attack I took one. Small as it was it did me more good than calomel, blue-mass or any other pills I ever took and at ( the same time it effected me pleasantly. Little Early Risers are certainly an ideal pill." Sold by R. R. Bellamy. What do the milkmen want to sell germs for? This isn't Chicago. Atlanta Journal. Eat all .You Want. "Persons troubled ..with indigestion or Dyspepsia can eat all they want if they wHl take Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. This remedy prepares the stomach for the reception, retention, digestion and assimilation of all of the wholesome food that may be eaten, and enables the digestive organs to transform the same into the kind of blood that gives health and strength. Sold by R. R. Bellamy. 'Tis better to have camped out and recovered than never to have camped at all. Atlanta Journal. The Death Penalty . A little thing sometimes results in death. Thus a mere scratch, insignificant cuts or puny boils have paid the death penalty. It is wise to have Bucklen's Arnica Salve ever handy. It' the best Salve on earth and will prevent fatality. wnen Burns, Sores. Ulcers and Piles threaten. Only 25c at R, R. Bellamy's, drug store.' OMR CURRENT GOMMEHT. Admiral Cotton and hi3 men are having a high old time with the dagoes at Lisbon, as they had with the Germans at Kiel and the English at Portsmouth. The ships of the European squadron may be in good condition, but the officers will! surely have to be laid up for repairs after all the rounds In which they have been engaged during the past few weeks. Charleston Pest. ' With Russia wiping out whole colo- of Jews, Turkey bending to the work of Armenian extermination as op portunity serves and the United States shooting, hanging ! and burning negroes, it will hardly surprise the world to see Persia taking a hand In this in ternational carnival . of persecution. The recent massacre of all the Babists Kho could be found by the populace of Yezd is In strict uP-to-date line with the various atrocities that have been and are being practiced in the coun tries referred to. If virtue was i only as Infectious as barbarity, intolerance and cruelty; what a model world we would be living in! Bostm Transcript. . The legal case against Congressman Littauer, as set forth in the opinion of Judge Advocate General Davis and the memorandum of Secretary Root, is conclusive as to all the matters of real moment involved. There Is still a technical question as to what demand for a refund should be made under the law, and this the department of justice must decide. Section 3739 of the Revised Statutes says that federal contracts wherein members of congress are interested, shall! be voia, and that "whenever any sum of money is advanced on the part of the United States, in consideration of any such" contract or agreement, it shall be forthwith repaid", and in case of refusal shall be demanded, and sud! for, etc. Whether money which was" paid over on the delivery of goods was money "advanced" in the strict meaning of a statute of a penal nature, Is yet to be determined. New York Pest. Three days of grace, so familiar to all debtors in this country, will no more be allowed In the state of Georgia. The legislature has enacted a law against the custom, and with the Approval of the governor the old habit of putting off for three days a busl-ihss matter that should be promptly settled according to contract will be abolished. The passage of this law Jsy our legislature will undoubtedly 'be construed abroad as a financial advance. The three .days of grace allowed by the old law meant nothing more than sticking to an ancient custQap. The old law really favored neither the debtor nor the creditor in the end, but on the other hand, delayed the machinery of business unnecessarily. It should have been relegated to the rear leng ago with thos eother customs and laws that disappeared at the advancement of the science of finance Atlan-ta Journal. j A question that ought to be of some moment to republican leaders is, whether or not they will put their party into the presidential campaign as the perpetrator of a palpable and gigantic fraud inja matter of interest to all the people. The Dingley tariff as it was propertly called in its infancy, but as it cannot now be called with due respect to the memory of Nelson Dingley, contained in itself the promise of a very early reduction of sundry schedules. That measure included the Blaine reciprocity scheme, to which the republican party was committed by every possible form of commitment. Mr. Dingley and his republican associates on the ways and means committee believed in reciprocity and Imagined that all republicans shared that belief. Not doubting that tht-ir bill would soon be revised by reciprocal agreements, they naturally and properly placed the rates at such a height that they would not be too low after the intended and expected cutting down. This is history despite its aerial by gentlemen who should havr been more careful. And, as we have said, the placing of 'those schedules at a height which left a margin for reciprocity trading was just what the occasion demanded was an exercise of sound, practical business sense. But the retention of those schedules at that height is a fraud. That uglyj word is-the name that fits it. It is a fraud on the great mass of the American people perpetrated in the interest of a comparatively small number. It j is a repudiation of republican policy aiid pledges and the reverse of a compliment to the memory of Blaine and of Dingley. To use the reciprocity scheme in order to put the' schedules at an unnecessary and unfair; altitude, and then to repudiate reciprocity and keep them there is the dangerous game which the stand-patters are playing, not in the interest of protection, but to pander to -the greed of monopolistic combinations. And it Is the avowed intent of the leaders to go into the presidential campaign with their party's record thus decorated ! -Washington Post. j ' Dysentery Cured Without the Aid of . a Doctor. "I am just up from a hard spell of the flux" (dysentery) says Mr. T. A. Pinner, a well known merchant or Drummond. Tenn. "I used one small bottle of Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and was cured without having a doctor. I consider it the best cholera medicine in the world." There is no need of employing a doctor when this remedy is used, for no doctor can prescribe a better medicine for bowel complaint in any form either for children or adults. It never fails and is pleasant to take. For sale by all druggists. M A Delaware youth got his enemy in shape to fight him by holding him against a circular saw and trimming off both his arms. Atlanta Journal. Snicide Prevented.' The startling announcement that a preventive of suicide had been discovered will interest many. A' run down system, or " despondency invariably precede suicide and something has been found that will prevent that condition which makes suicide likely. At the first thought of self destruction, take Electric Bitters. It being ai great tonic and nervine will strengthen! the nerves and build up the system. Ifs also a great Stomach, Liver and Kidney Regulator. Only 50c Satisfaction guaranteed by R. R. Bellamy,. Druggist. ' ; , Eczema, scald head, hives, itchiness of the skin of any sort instantly relieved, permanently cured. Doan's Ointment. At any drug store. HERE AIID THERE. Mrs. Kampus- "But how came you to decide to send your son to Yale?" Mrs- Green "Oh! I thought Yale would, be more appropriate than Harvard because of Reginald's blue blood." Puck. Mr. Citlman "Never been to New York, eh? Well, it would surprise you to see the business that's done there." Farmer Elderberry "Yea ; and It sur prises me to see some of the folks that helps to do it." Puck. i . , First Workman "Wot's it say. Bill, on that old sundial?" Second workman (reading deliberately) "It saysi Do- to day's work to day.' " First workman" 'Do two days - work today!' Wot O! Not me! Punch. i s Information Wanted. Dollie,Ohr Granny, do the heathen savages wear trousers?" Granny "No, dear. Why?" Dollie "Well, then, why did pa; put; a trousers button in the collecting bag at church today?" Pick-Me-Up. ; Tom "I had my fortune told the other day and my fiancee broke off the engagement." Jock "Why, is sW a be liever in such nonsense?" TomVNon- sense nothing! It was told her by a mercantile agency." Chicago , Daily News. s Mrs. Tidey "Every housekeeper must realize that 'cleanliness is next to god liness.' " Mrs. Famley "Unless she has several growing boys to track mud all over everything, then she realizes that it's next to impossible." Philadelphia Press. v Ascum "I see there's some talk of having the people vote at the next state election upon the question of abol ishing capital punishment. Would you vote to abolish it?" Fogie "No, sir; capital punishment was good enough for my ancestors, and it's good enough for me." Washington Star. (V, ' It is just as well to remember in J. Spearpoint Morgan's favor that he gave fair warning to the lambs of Wall street in first mentioning the undi gested securities. But the lambs just kept on eating indigestible things and were taken after a while with financial olic. The poor dears! Charlotte News A motor car on the London j and Brighton road passed over a dog, but did not apparently hurt it. The driver, however, stopped the car, jumped out, and gave the man with the dog-a sovereign. "I hope you will accept1 that as a peace offering," he said. The man pocketed the coin, and, as the car ex ploded off on its course, he muttered, "I wonder whose dog it is!" Glasgow Evening Times. Our sultan of Sulu may leave us. He has gone to Singapore on a visit and is having such a royal time in tne Straits Settlements that he is said to. be considering the establishment of a permanent residence in that British .col ony and letting his subjects in Min-unsir. inric nfter themselves or be looked after by the United States. May be we shall fare better without him. J Charleston Post. .. Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity. The two leading papers of Au-smsta atp wine with each other in their fight against the corruption of the city. The two leading dailies of Char-lntto i rf nth advocatiner the bond is sue. We are expecting a prophecy of the millennium from Elder Banks. Charlotte News. V The New York Press remarks edito rially that the discovery that the ora tion by which a student at Brown . University won a gold medal recently "was the same as one delivered by a gradu ate of a New York college two years before, "is chiefly of importance in calling attention to the fact that a certain firm in a certain city does a flourisn ing business in supplying essays and orations to college students. During the fiscal year ending June 30; 1903, the United States imported more iron and steel than in any other year since 1891 and the figures among the largest in the country's history. The total importations of these commodities amounted to $51,617,312, against $27,180,-274 in 1902, $17,874,789 in 1901, and $12,-100,440 in 1899. From 1850 to 1903 the only years in which' the value of iron and steel imports exceeded those of 1903, are 1872. when the total was $55,540,188; 1873 $59,308,452; 1880, $53,714,008;' 1881, $60,-604,477; 1882. $67,976,879; 1883, $58,495,246; and 1891, $53,544,272. Atlanta Journal. A sentimental Kansas girl, addicted to writing alleged poetry, ; grew indignant because her father opened a letter containing a poem which a magazine editor had rejected and sent back to her. She didn't go out to the barn and hang herself, as the romantic exigencies would seem to require, but dressed herself as a man. ran away from home and hired but as a farm hand. This was a decided improvement on the old style, and it is hoped her experiences may cure her of the poetry habit.. Poetry, especially of the girl kind is a drug in the market, while brick masons are in strong demand in Durham. Durham Sun. ' DeWitt is The Name. Wnen you go to buy Witch Hazel Salve look for the name DeWITT on every box. The pure, unadulterated Witch Hazel is used in making De-Witt's Witch Hazel , Salve, which is the best salve in the world for cuts, burns, bruises, boils, eczema and piles. The popularity of DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve; due to its many cures, has caused numerous worthless counterfeits to be placed on the market. The genuine bears, the name of E. C. DeWitt & Co.. Chicago. Sold by R. R-Bellamy. WouldT the lobbyists prefer to be leased, or put on the roads? Atlanta Journal- " Peach Seed Wanted. We will take all the sound, ' solid peach seed that we can get up to September 15th at $1.00 a bu3hel and pay freight, ourselves. Write us If you have large or small quantity Continental I Plant Co., Kittrell. N. C. ' jiiU L ljud Io?oraan who uses 'Klcthtrt ttEzT need fear the snffrrmg end danger incident to birth; forsixthcTdGHtjhgrrcr" end insures safety to life of mother cnu child, and leavcaJierin ft condition more farorafilc to cpcsT recovery. The child is aiso neartny, strong ana n a tared. Our book ptherhood,w is worth its weight in gold toercry iroman, and will be sent free envelope by addressing a; CrcdHeld ReguJctor Co. Attests C i : BJ!i OAK EDP(GE 51st Year ISO. and for LIFE. Situated NEAR OREENS- BORO, N. C, over 1,000 feet above the sea level. In view of the mountain. Largest and Best Equipped Fitting School for Young: Men and Boys In the South. Rates : $125.00 to $175.00 per annum. f' 1 row BEAUTIFUL CATALOGUE. AODNCSS J. A. & M. H. HOLT - - - Oak Ridge, N. C. CAROLINA BEACH AND SOUTHPORT STEAMBOAT LINE. Leaves Leaves Leaves Leaves for for . t Southport. Carolina Beach. Southport. Carolina Beach. k- : . ; . i - - j 9 am 9 am 12 m - MONDAY .J.... .... 11 am 2 45, 5 15 pm 2 80 pm 3 30. 6 p n t 9 am 9 am 12 m TUESDAY I 11 am 2 45. 5 15 pm 2 30 pm 3 30. 6 pm - U ! 9 am 9 am 12 m WEDNESDAY .... 11 am 2 45, 5 15 pm 2 30 pm 3 30.6 pm . ! 9 am 9 am 12 m THURSDAY 11 am 2 45. 5 15 pm S 30 pm 3 30. o pm g am 9 am 12 m FRIDAY.. 11 -am 2 45, 5 15 pm 2 20 pm 3 30. 6 pm v i . 5 am 8 am 8 45 am SATURDAY ... 2pm 2 pm 3 pm 6 00 pm ' ! 9 30 am 9 30am 12 m 12 45 pm SUNDAY. 2 30 pm 1 2 30, 7 30 pm 5 pm 6 00, 8 00 pm Fare to Pier and Return on 5.15 Boat 15 Cents, j J. W. HARPER. Hi:. : - i I k - - f i. - I Wafer ! j - . ' WHENEVER BRANDED Can be depended on to have 46 pounds to the . bushel and of the best oualitv . FLQUR Carloads of it ! COFFEE Best and cheapest ! Sugar, Lard Grain, Hav LIME Anchor Brand. ! BAGGING AND TIESt THE WORTH CO WILEIINGTOIT. N. C. (Sreaf Clearance Men's and We have made up a table of 35 and 50 hats which we are now offering at 25a each, f We have a line of Panama hats which we sold at tt.000, nice clean pretty white hats. We now sell them at 65c. A big line of sample hats, this fall's style, just received. Will be on sale Tuesday at first cost. $1.50 hate will sell for $1.00. $L25 hats will sell for 75c. 50c hats will sell for 38c. $2.00 hats will sell for $1.25. There are about 500 of these hats to come inr Monday. There are soft and stiff hats "of all kinds. MEN'S AND BOYS' CI THING. On our clothing tables we nave hao! an unusually good trade this season, but find 1 we still have aarge stock on hand which we want to sell. We have a lot of wash suits for men, were $2.00 now $1.69. Also a line of summv coats. We have black Alpaca coat3 fit $L00, $1.50, $2.00. We .have a line of wash suits for boys that we are selling off for less than first cost, nicely trimmed! and well made at 4Sc, 9c and 92c. i - - Our coat and pants suits fcr men. wool miked, which we sold at $5.00, will now? be sold for $3.00 a suit. Our $7.50 suits, strictly all wool, well made, we will now sel for $5.00 a suit. We have a big line in men's and boys' clothing i and claim to have a better stock than any clothing store in the city. We have a nice line of men's WILMINGTON'S BIG RACKET STORE GEO. O. GAYLORD. PROP. And many other painful and serfona nil jfr eats from which most mothers suffer, can be avoided by the use of H r isGcdctixdtowoinencarijpr II them t&zoczrh their most critical u orfci idth csfetr end no pan. JUil-U hEkJ - 0CnI2FIITILJTE PREPARES for the UNIVERSITIES and COLLEGES as well as for BUSINESS, for TEACH- Gmund Meal Sale! Boys Hats. pants and the summer styles and patterns. We are very anxious to sell and on this line of light, pants we will give a discount of 15 per cent, off the regular jprice. We have a nice line of men's all wool pants worth $2.00 but which we will sell for $1.19 a pair, In our notion and hosiery department we will put on sale Monday a line of 15c ladies' lace hose at 10c a pair. . Our 25c lace hose we will sell at 19c Child's socks at 10c a pair. Men's fancy imported socks, seamless, worth 25c a pair, we will sell four pair for 50c. Line of ladies' pure linen hemstitched handkerchiefs at 10c eacfc. Our lace counters are well supplied with new styles of Cluney lace which we are endeavoring to sell at low prices, for 8, 10, 15, 20c a yard. We also have a big line of Val laces from 25c to 75c a dozen, also a nice line of white duck hats for ladies, of veils and veiling and an especial drive in ribbons'. Our trunk department Is on the third floor. Take the elevator up and ex- handle trunks as low as $1.00 a piece. Medium trunks both canvass and r.lnc from $2.25 to $5.09 each, and we are showing a big line of fine trunks that sell from $6.50 to $12.50 and $15.00 each. Before buying you will find it to your advantage to give us a call. We punch cards at all cash purchase and give handsome presents. : I - - i -m I " -

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