The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 15, 1934
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JUNE IB, 15S4 BLYTHFA'II.LK, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ft: SEVEN SECTION $ Wants CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rme per >";e for corusecu- Jva Insertions: tfcTve average »oios to » line) One llui« per lino Me Two limes per llnrj per day .. Me Three tlmea per Itni per day .. C«fl ill) tlmea v.r line per d»y .. 0(0 VnoUi r»te per line Me Minimum cbkrge We Ails ordered lr>- lliree or ux uiiiM and slopped before cxplra- I'nt, wtll he ciiar«na lor tiie nuio l»-r of Unvs the »d appeared »no Hrljustincnl of bill made. All Clasiinca Advertising copy «iil)uiilr«l by porso'is residing outside ol '.lie city (rust be accompanied by cash. Kates m»y be ciu-lly computed from above table Mo responsiullltv wul be laten mi more than one. Incorrect In- tertlon ol miy clas-:tfled ad. Adverllsini; ortiiita lor lrre»u- *r insertious uiki- tbc one Um« rule. AUTOMOTIVE' S»ve Ttae'ud ifonty by u>in« our, twnpfelf muck u( Aulu HeplMcmcai l*aru . iiuubwu u»tfl»»te I q. Auumiuuve 1M|H. - - fkwie 416 . - d-CK-'Mi 1KKJS, PETS ln« complaint filed against tlif!n, T i i n • by SI. Louis Union Trust company. ' eleplionc Operators .. *"">!*. m V . hurt us . clerk and C I «/„„.-_>. Callii-riiii: Median, w'.'.oso nu k-k nuicil Miss clni'ii coiirl, tliis HU ilny or June, 1934. R. L OAINEd, Clerk. By Elliott SurtHh), Deputy. Ucid, Evrard & Henderson, Attorneys for PlalnlilT. 15-22-29-ti Read Courier Nev.s Wuni Arts. For sale: Red Persian KITTENS. 13-oK-lB t(JK KfeiNT TIlitEE Uouin inifurnished inoni, 122 East Uavis. O i \\i 1 1 •/ llllllKllla and IWSlSlCllCC rustlcf Saved Woman s Lite MI-.;, j^.m UK-M-. -n>. io cuuieu iwslslcncc rushed I . llC.-,;m:il illllT slK' All* [Uillltl 1111 CINCINNATI, illl'! ' ' yosul tin- liiii- t>! :ii.:_v ::ii UK p.u; j ol Iwo sUer>, lull; diM^inrv ulo-• Tin- woiiuin'.s cuiulitln was dls- nlinc ajKiiilur:.. ])r<ibnbly savoil ; cuvni"! sibi'ii slu 1 fulfil to IIIIMV<T I lie lili- "I :i nwiil lii-lcl;'. Tlisj utl'T p!.idiii; n long ihM.uiiv mil sislors weic llii 1 MK-CS ul'iru LiniU'.o :i t-iiull Illinois town. T..u p.ul.v : Hi;; irom iwisi'ti. Tin- woiiuiii'.s In Illinois bueiniie uLiimal and cr.itor, who tailed lid- sister-, Cirlli- rriiu 1 . supervisor. 'l'l:i> .sisters [mind tin- Jimlinr of I the billlilliv-:. who (onvd Ills way Intu lliu yumit; \M>iir.iif.s apartment ;ind will lii'r tn a huspittil. OUR BOAKDING HOUSE iiv Alien. 1 IJSED CARS BUCH COO!) VALliK-i, LIBERAL TKKMS A TKAUK-IN ALLOWANCE 'J9 KOKI) Tl'llOK. flood Hub- Room With lUtli, $.50, $.73, $1.00. Or $2.50 up lo $3.Ml a week, k'ta- bMly liotrl over lien Franklin Store, Main and Broadway. KNOW 7rV SECTION VOL)RE IN«(' MAWFEKS. V ^-VEH-OL' TUPXC.V ^ w _ < v, TMC5SLNS— HE WENT ] WAS <X MOUNTWN { > BUT TINS' V\\S ') B-ck-1-ii! FURNISHED 5 room house, servant nouse, garage. Very COO1., shady yurd. Mrs. H. O. Wlckham. Call 280. 7-clc-if FURNISHED Apartment, 108 West Kentucky, Phone 683. 5-k-7-5 her, Ituns Good S 117 >,!9 CHEVROLET COACH. Mo- lor A-l. Clean S 1 - 4 Uii K01«n TIIDOU. Huns and Looks Like New s ''' 'i3 CHEVKOI.ET COACH. Clean as .1 1'lr- * 41 TRUCK Sl'EClALS '32 CHEVROLET l!i TON Closed Cab, Dual Wli«l!>._ •32 l-'OKB CLOSED CAB i'lCK- UI-. pi ice Body, liraily iu Oi) * 32; NABORS TKAILEU. Single Wheels. A Keal Buy .'30 FORD STATION WAGON. D»ny or Him 'liuck 5 SEE THESE BAKGAIKS 1OOAV! iNSi'Kcr THEM: I-lnnislicd BEDROOMS. Mrs. Ed Hardin, 1017 W. Walnut. Call 102. ick-tf MODERN 3 room lunilshed or unfurnished apartment over KirbJ Drug Store. F. Simon. Call 764. I 30-ck-tf BPCTTY—-TMOUCoHT SO«T—-WENT HEfsD ON ^N^•TH^NCo IN TROW WM /—YKH—^TWAT TERRITORY YOURE' IN HAS "BEEN SONE OVER UKE ^ "BABY'S TWUMB /IN T-ACT, tVERY •> "PLACE IN "THESE PAKTS /-^-. ^ \ —- I vSUST PAN AftOUT^g liciicl Cuurler News Wiint Ad-i. Moscow and Leningrad .' , Police Get New Uniformi MOSCOW. (HI 1 ) —Tile i>ollco of Moscow and lxnlni;riid (they're rnllttl mllltlH In the Soviet Unlpu) now life the envy o| t/.".elr cciin- rudos In other Ru>s!siii cities They 1mvc dropped tlwlr dull olive draft juniromis for spflglitly no*- cosiuiries coiutstlnj of grayv' blue trousers iind a snort daf^-l blue cost, 1 soiiietlilng lite thoM of tlie French "ajciin." •• Meanwhile, the police In to |»qV- Inccii, not so fortiimito as tlielr V[ban brothers, continue to wear drub olive. ALMOV 0()l l HOMKWAKI) HOUND! OOP, VC'JU. llAnA\ / WHOOPS. HV DCAR? TAW; ciiMK)iu GIKCR.U roozv \(, WUCXJPIIV WHooooO.' AH 1 1 ARK TOO IKJNGl'l) OP IO IRVl^ IW FOOtV, TH' 7" 10 mxApTunc wno 'IUNK reoin j 1 \_ GENERAL, f HOW. ll'LL W UP TO VOU . ' ~ 10 on in' ixPtomoN A I WARUORO < \OF MOO// 5 6" Nicely furnished APARTMENT, private bath. Lights, water Jrce. G15 W. Main. Call 332-J. c k24 UNFURNISHED 5 room apartment 1013 W. Walnut. Call 303. 5-M c kll 4 room liousc with balh. Nicely lur- nished. Vacant June 1. Ill Division. Call 650 or 968. 22cktf COOL BEDROOMS. REASONABLE MRS. WEBT, 212 W. MAIN. FUUNISIIED apartment, 305 Dougan. Phone 870-J. 18c kir Nicely Furnished BED ROOM. Mrs Nolen, 310 West Walnut. 30c k6-30 CLEANERS, TAILORS 6-iy- OT PROSPECTS. TROM AM OLD "PROSPECTOR BOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES THINKlNt; IT OVKH! By Marti;. PHILLIPS MOTOR USED CAK LOT Curner 1st i Walnut Sis. I'lioue 810 - 811 We clean and store winter clothes and bed covers. Moth-proof, Ire- proof Taults, Fay next lall. Vnlij»e Cleaning Service KEAlTESTATE UUSlNErta DiKECTOKY NOTICE TO t am nai-K in tlie Hide and Jin busmws ia US B. Street MliYEP- urtu formerly omwsllc l-Tisco Station 80 acres, 20 cleared, near Wilitord, Ark., I spntip, small house; 5,UW) lo 6,000 red oak ties on lano. _ • t • WTiHttjB, 3 mites «f Hardy.! house,' 8 to Itt arres cleared. Near aiinnE Kiver. Each For Sale*:—Vrice $300. Small Cash Payment, BaLince, Very hiisj lirms. J. C. CIIAPIN, Manila, Ark. How would yon like a home ol your own In the beautiful Oi MKS U H. BUKNETTK announces tnu oiKiiilif ul bummer classes lu ijpins, sliorthuuil, Call »21-»V. • IllJ i arks'.' A 40 aere l*im, 16 minulei 11 cm town and IS minutes Irom i good tlshins ho*, good house anu plenty of fruit trees. Can b: ooujnt CHEA1'. Small cash payment, balance easy terms, rt'lli HMWM«~ ? uow COULD BUT GOOD ONUV 6OC\\ REASON ^ V\WO WHO WTOOOT. l\ HONORPB\_E ^VV . iO"bT B vow& \o ova VWF\V6 ftttW »N B1WO 0 \- • — l\Rtq Of Bt*JG COKi^KVSMX OF . Wt W POUHS ViE€> TO 'Sov AVVOW TiVtM- TO TO £\AV!O OV5 MV QWKJ ISN'T WHW VOG WERE ; «$ \ './': TO THE COv.0 Vf,CT-TV\P,T Wt'O GROWN UP TOatTHtR ftNO OO COUNTS 7 WO11KERS UNION lor men and women over lli Dues, *1 per year 24pk '6-24 lip Covers Approvt'd"'hy" «jood Housckecpinj. Clioke ot toed materials. Fit r.uaranlccn—Si Usual Trice Mis. C. U. Oray, agent WASH TUBBS f f -/EAH.ttlE CHIEF PHOMED ME ABOUT VOU. GRiDY. PAT QRADV. 6LAP TO COOPERATF. ANV WAV CAIJ. (• — r~— consider Iradine for mercbandlst stock. J. C. CIIAPIN, MANILA, Ark. See me for 3, 5, 10 or 15 acre tracts fronting on Franklin Street beginning at Missouri Avenue, north E. M. TERRY Phone 617 or 346 SALESMKN WANTED Se7ond llBnTToMBEtt. M old Cieamery PacV.ase Co. Oak. Gum, Pine flooring: hrick; tin roofing. Kcc J. Mcll Brooks. C. M. fliixtcr, or Oily Engineer L. K. Tull. 12-c-k-ID TWO MEN WANTED Capper's Farmer introducing neu but wcll-lriert sales plan in Arkansas. Mcll now using declare the best ever. Car required. References. For details write H. B. Pigraan, Dcpt. -1534, 8th and Jackson, To- pcka, Kans. Second h^irt fnmiliire bought and sold. Inquire I'arkliurst Co., IDS E. Main. Blythcrillc, Ark. 4c-k7-J 1IARUAIHS ill good, clean, used ice boxes Everett B. Gee Sales Co. FURNITURE CHEAP—25 acres growing alfalfa near Blytlicville, Everett, B. Gee. 22ckfi-22 For Sale— I good used Delco light plant, 1 ballery radio set, 1 used eicctric refrigerator, new used electric fans. Everett B. Gee Sales Co. 22 ck 6-22. REPAIRING LAWN . CHAIRS Untipaintcd 51.85 Painted $ 2 - 5C THE AHKMO LUMBEH CO. 2o-ck-6-25 TOST \ r 'O(JEER CASE. LOOKS I.IKHA ?ET-UP, AT PIRST, BY THF= IW/, . EVER- HEAR OF A Mrt'J NAI-1ED F5AVMONP POTTS? ,- v •^ ^p) riiE LAMQ'S FELtA VVHO WASHED HIRED MAN. / TH'FUKJER PRINTS -^ / CPF THEIR SAFE. ( \ 'HiS NAMES JOE \ \ TUCKER. MY EYE? YHAT'S POTTSr 1 EX-BOOTLEGGER.THE <3A1- AT TELEPHONE DESK IS POSITIV5 HH ON LANe JUST BEFORE THE MURDER. . ^T SALESMAN SAM SAM HAS CONriDKNCE! By 8»U White Rat Terrier, black spot near tail and black spots on ears, about Thursday morning. Reward for return. Phone 72-M. dhll FOUND CAR KEYS IN" JOB ISAACS STOHE. owner may liave same by callin? at Courier and paying tor ad. NOTICE Annual meetlns of stockholders of Blythevjllr Cfllton Oil Mill will Free Hamc Loan Estimales Roofing. Painting, Repairs. be hcM »t iii:30 A. M., Tuesday, THE AKKMO LUMBER CO. j, mc 12 ;s34, at otllca of W. A. 10-ck-7-lO ciago fc company, Falls BuildlnR, Memphis, Term. Among olhcr matters lo be considered will be proposed change of By-Law providing for amendments flf By-Laws by eliminating thererroni necessity for notice of pruiwsea cnangc. W. E. Gage, PresWen! I. H. Fleming, Assistant Secretary. 8c-k6-12 KEEP YOUR HOME IN GOOD REPAIR When il needs n prescription rlmnc E. D. Fergiison. 'The House Doctor." Phone 100. Tennis Itfstninj: Overnight service, 4 grades llubbard Hardware Co. 6-ck-7-6 EXPERT Typewriter and A«4tn» Machine Repairing. U. S. Blank- enshlp, 116 E, Sose. C»ll 163-J. I'OULTKY <« KGGS Mllit ffd I-'RYERS for sal?. PICK- ARDS 3to«. 10*4 phlckasawba. !7-'ck-6-17 THIS CAT isM'row TH' KETMT, uow,rr ISN'T (OORTH M; MT AS A TRfllLCR-DOtOM Of- FISH-TAKERS-UJtTHOUr- , FAVI M ' r _^_--_~__---1 ^iU == =^- * •'• I /'•- - .'jt~' " - 0 - ^:s,y-=-Ar:i_/^_ O. ^ & flEV,U)HER6'STH'CAT\ ( TRACKIM' D«UM SCX-C f ISH THIEU VPKIM 1 1 W SAMM? /tCATS OO PER FISH, Vfl KNO(oi , SAMMV? / IT MESB6 7HlS'M PCH-I'T LIKE 'EM/ THEM UJHAT2 DOUJM, GP£AT MOUS6R! MOBODY BOT A (TOUPLn RATS STOLEN TH' FISH ? FRECKLES ANTV HIS FRIENDS ROUND ON 1C! By WARNING ORDER A. s. Thomason; Kalhleen Thorn- ason; The New England Securities Company; Josephine S. Hall; M. S. Gibson; Harry Rust and Mrs. Harry Rust, are warned to appear In the Chancery Court for the Chick- atawba DlsMct of Mississippi' County, Arkansas, within three months after this date. f -° 13 HE POSTMAN LEFT SOMETHING FOR FRECKLES TODAY THAT GA,Vt HIM A PLEASANT •SURPRISE, HOT DOG! AN INVITATION ) I HC AR r> TO WIG'S MASQUERADE } CRASH" DAVIS PARTY... SME V.WNTS ME .'SAY, A WHILE 1 .- • *j I'lC . To COME AND BRlUG A \ FRIEND.' I WOIIDER V/KO ) PARTNER <MLL 8E <? /4CO, THAT SMB WAG MIS GIRL If ; Vh'/T1 J HELLO, £^^' DID s ,tl . kHOvj [ V.'A'S COINC , TO f-flGS PAF?jr ? | Af-K> 1O TOP IT OFF, . AT DINI1GR I'M GOK.'G TO SIT ON HER RIGHT.' .'.-.O I'M CO1XC TO V;EAR A PERIOD COSTUME", MOUKBY ii THEhJ I OUGHT Tt> DOT \tXJR 6YSS TO MAkE TH6 COMPLETE.' WHY DONT CRASH.TtHj'RE TOQ "<txj V/RAP A i FRGSH *"*• 'rOW FENDER I 0 -"" G0 <»' VbOVE AROUMD Y(X« V ££N A5KINa F°R NECK AMD J1WS FOR A .LONG GO AS A { TIME ....AND PEDESTRIAN ) HERE'S WHERS J YOU GET IT.'.' R?SCkL6S'MEAHr VWHAT ARE YcxJ GOMG TO WEAR TO TVS PARTY, CRASH I WAS' GOING 1W A PER CO'• COSTUME, BUT MOV I THINK IXLCOAS A BLVV-FACE COMEDIAN !•' '

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