Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on May 7, 1951 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, May 7, 1951
Page 5
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-s &tt, -Highland ave- fity&fed the prom, Frtday, the gueaK-of Thomas"" SVeeman NaugatucK, tf senior at th e nniver- Over 60 couples were in attendance at the seventh annual "Night in Poland" dance, Saturday aight ,in Falcon hall. A buffet supper wan served during the ev.nmg, and Henry Clealewskiwas chairman The Central Avenue school Parent-Teacher association will hold a card Twrty^ Wednesday in the •chool all-purpose room at 8 o'clock Proceeds yrUl*t£ used for the Good Citizenship Scholarship and enter tatnment for the June graduating class ,.- \',^ ^>*\ t Ramona.C6uncil, No 43, will meet ay-^ven'ii^lni^id" Bellows! at '' ' sloies Sk Francis' -. .; The Catholic -Youth Organization meets tonight , at 7, ;o'clock;> and a ^rehearsal lot /the junior.: choir will be held -Wednesday, evening at 6:45 cfclqck. .-_' ' ; :." .-,;.'. -.,--...- . , • ' Kennedy '.Circle, !.. Daughters .of Isabella, will /receive VHoly ' Coni- muhion Sumiay morning at 8 ' .o'clock, ; following -which a communion. breakfast will be held in th« i .fNaugatuck Lodge of Elks -rooms: ;-•> The Holy Name, society /'aUw 7 Will receive Holy Communion Sunday, "at the 8, o'clock Mass. . ' .Saturday, will be a fast day in observance 1 ptfthe Feast of the Eente- 'COit.'' ••"••:<•;•£•;•'•' -. . ;'• -. •*'••"'•••,•••'-:': The first' communion class will receive /Saturday morning at 8 B'cSoclt; .following which a cora- ^iriunion breakfast , will be held, : ~pjeda Council, ™rf ***>**»- ^WL • - -**y v ""J cut* v^vuilUll, ; K^ght^>^^C61u;imbus. .-_•'.- j,,, •?^ A vtecjn^hS;;1nnipdi --Mass, will be -'celebrated: Vftdifty: morning .at: 7:30 /o'clock : fqrv ,QeriSudjB.ljQ/BrJen,- and a^- 8 q'clock.S'ffi^fiirstv "anniyersary Mass win l^t iaid- fopi-fohii Murphy. , Cathotfc Y^thf-Organizatiori Study-clubipieetsj^orilght »t ;; '6:45 o'clock,;aM^6yb ; tipns:,tij^ Our ;Lady of v ::f he rMiraculoTis ..Medal >wi!l be held. M+T:36?iMcM^;' ;£••;•,.•....,:,. , The Children.; of. ..J^aiy' Sodality '.rehearsed Ja^sV-nigneibr.the crowning, which will,'be held §unday'eve- ning' a^TiiW';^!*^'^—----'!'.- The Altar ^ society/^UK'hoid a regular business me.e;HJri£v Wednesday/ evening at Si-o'di&kv^^ The .Holyy Name, society; will receive .Holy Communion at the* 7:30 o'clock Mass 'Sunday -morning, following-which r a communion, breakfast will be held , in the church basement... 'All men of the parish 'are invited to'attendi ...'.. -•; Saturday the Vigil of Pentecost will be observed, with.the day being one of fast and,abstinence.' Saturday morning at- 8 o'clock a requiem high •. Mass will be' celebrated for the;, late - Mrs. Emma Rykowski. ' . St. Hedwig's May devotions' will be held Wednesday and Friday evenings at .7:30 o'clock. .' Instructions: for" public school children will be -given Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Denounces Britain ' For Sending Rubber To Chinese Commies Representative James T Patter- 'son in commenting on the official disclosure by the British government 'that 120,000 tons' of ;-ubber have been shipped ..o Red China said, "I cannot denounce too vigorously this practice of trading with the enemy." He said- that the disclosure "has shocked the. members of Congress," and added that although Congress was aware that Britain was continuing to sell rubber to "our co*n- mon enemy," .that the. great amount had not been disclosed. He said, - "Even the staunchest supporters of administration policy cannot justify this conflict in objectives.' The weapons of war which are transported on rubber tires will continue to bear the trade mark 'Made 1 in Britain'." The representative asserted, "It gives clear evidence that our present policy of not attacking the Chinese Reds in Manchuria, and of maintaining the bl'ockade of Formosa, is a product of British minds. How ironic it is that American civilians should be required to purchase cars with no spare tire attached while the rubber we need for our own defense should be shipped by an ally to the enemy." Mr. Patterson spoke of the MacArthur probe, and stated, "I sincerely feel that the future security of the world is dependent upon the course we take in the Pacific. Weakness there will demonstrate to the Russians that their present pattern of conquest will succeed. There is every evidence that the Communists wish to have us continue the stalemate in Korea." . The representative also commented on "another type of inadequacy in our national administration," which he says has "been shown up by the Kefauver Crime" He said, "Not all the^blame can be laid at the door of'state officials as'there was no conclusive evidence that federal officials had made very little effort to cooperate in stopping criminal activities." LOOKING FOR THAT SMALL CAR?—Here's one that ougbt;to be small enough for you, though the price may be a'little more, than you'd expect to pay. The working-model, eight-cylinder auto .cost $20,000. It's 14 inches long, built oh exact scale of one Inch; to'one foot, and runs by'remote control.' ; It is''befrig admired bjr-'i- Pat O'Neil in Chicago- Announces Formula To Determine NSLI Dividend Payment Mrs. Ford Wulfcck, director of •the Naugatuck Service for Veterans office, said today' she received some unexpected information from Washr ington abp.ut the .National.Service Life Insurance policy dividend payments now being mailed, out by the ..Veterans! Administration. Payments are made on'the average of 50 cents per thousand dollars per month from the ; r.nniverr sary date of 1948 to the same date in 1951. The maximum payment on term .insurance will be S180, she said, although men over 40, with higher premiums to pay, and veterans who converted, will be eligible for a slightly higher average amount. The first dividend from the NSLI was computed at 55 cents per thousand dollars per month, she pointed out, which will result in lower payments. this time. YICA Offers Broad Program, Services, Herb Brown Reports The .. Naugatuck Y.M.C.A. is a bee-hive of, activity from the", time the doors open until the building is closed at night according to a statement released today by General . Secretary Herbert E. Brown. The broad program and services of the Association provide wholesome activity for all ages from six READY TO JUMP—All hit the silk with the para-medics «t the Far Bart Air Force's 3rd Air Rescue Squadron to Dozo, two- tnorilh-old mascot of the unit. Dozo models-• special parachute tiggtd1>r the medics, to fit her canine contours. (U. a Air Koree ' " photo from NEA-Acme.) FOR THE VERY BEST IN TELEVISION Yon can always do better at LINCOLN STORE WaterburyV Largest DEALERS • BEST SERVICE • BEST GUARANTEE • BEST .INSTALLATION* EASIEST TERMS • LOWEST PRICES x •BIGGEST CHOICE ; ; .;.. Free Trial . : % Choose from 15 Best Known Makes Lincoln ( r > Store WEST MAIN Step Up Search For Abductors Of Racketeer's Wife HERBERT E. BROWN years of age up including .boys and girls,'men and women: It is truly a family Y.M.C.A. in which brother arid' sister and Mother and Dad participate. Healthful recreation is ah important ' part of our' program in building sound bodies and developing skills through .swimming,,' gymnasium classes, basketball; volleyball, gymnastics, boxragr bowling and.many other activities. Hobbies and special interest groups provide fun and instructions in photography, skiing,'singing and music, and other hobby's and craft groups. Clubs such .as: ;Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y, Gra-Y, Y's Sten's. club', provide opportunity for wholesome fellowship, make possible a better knowledge of government thorugh Youth and Government programs, State and local. These are training groups in the development .of good citizenship and service to others. To some the Y.M.C.A. is a home away from hoine, as; the "Y" dormitories serve to house men working in our local community. . Our youth are guided in the formation of wholesome habits and right attitudes. These young people .are the future leaders of"our community life, its organizations and its civic affairs. Beyond the 1300 members served through the Y.M.C.A., many hundreds-of people \vho do not have memberships enjoy prog-rams and activities- in our local "Y!'. Broad use of the Y.M.G.A. is provided:'- for community groups and organizations such as the schools, churches, .>.Red Cross, industries, oivtc ^organizations, and' many others. •-•'-"' • ;-.-' ••"-.Youth dances, socia.1 . program's, Little 'Pro boys 'basketball, leag'ue, the' men's chorus are examples .of the non-member ,'programs^ which are open to-the public.-: . - The . 15. per' cent of .the .Yai : .'c.A, budget which'Is sought through the annual .'financial,, campaign'-'.is '-a small -investment- to make iri bur youth who 'are' ~the greatest asset we have in Naugatuck.. : ' . . - Wit-.h^. everyone's full. support we will continue "and improve these vital services to .the enrichment of the lives of our 'young people. BIG VIRGIN FOREST^ NashviUe—About 260,00 acres of virgin, spruce and hardwoods in the ^rcat Smoky mountains national park .constitutes the .largest forest of its. kind remaining in the U. S. Only'once, since ioo has Easter Sunday fallen on -the earliest date possible, March 22—in 1818. Miami, Fla, May-' Tr^. iff;s ; deputies' have 'Stepped 'up tneir search for the alleged abductors of a Rhode Island racketeer's wife. Officers are searching ... bookie joints and report ' hotels for the men sai'd, to ..have kidnaped the wife of Louis Rosenf eld, '. .former rackets boss ; in Providence, -Rhode Island, ..• . . ; " Sheriu Jimmy Sullivan says he expects a break .in the . case .but adds, "I can't say when 'it ; Svill come." , ' ... '•'•• Mrs. Rosenf eld told officers.; Jshe was placed on • the f loor of . a car — blindfolded— and was driven-. 'tq,. a house 'about an hour's .ride., away Iro'm "her -.'Verietiain. .-, Causewiy apartment. After a $30,000 Vrajtspha." was paid, .she said, her; -hands. and feet . "were tied and she", vga.s droppcd.:"behind a. he'dge. ; in:"a\small :-pa'rk on Miami Beach," fo\ir.'i'days later.' ' ' : . >: ", - ' "' '. .'' : 'V.,. - -' The .Rosenfelds are scheduiefi. to appear before 'a . grand jury; tqmor- ipw. They . are' under .changes,/ -of compondirig-'.a felony '''by SVithh'old- ing. information*, onj the- kidnaping; Rilroad ProSe Calk For Higher Nailing Rales To Offset R0 Losses Increased postal rates ire necessary to compensate, for increased pay of postal employes, 300 delegates to the 10th annual convention of ifhe Connecticut State Branch of the National Association of Postal Supervisors were told'in meetings held .yesterday,: and last night .at The Elton, Waterbury. Hugh S. N'oonan, assistant general superintendent at the Boston Post Office, principal speaker at the affair, said the increase must come "or the post office will be trillions in the red." Opposition to the possible rate iricrease ?on third 'class matter is spearheaded by publishers, he said. But he felt-that second and third class rates should be increased to more nearly coyer the cost of these services. « : : : - .-;•.'•',' Mayor. Raymond E.'Snyder welcomed the group to the evening session: _'.; ' All officers 1 •were reelected. They are: ••- ; ; : '. . "•'. . ••, . • ' . State Association president, Samuel R. Merr.itt, Bridgeport; Jirst vice-president, R. Fred Rubion, Torringtpn;:"second vice-president, William Cosker, Hartford, and secretary-treasurer, William H. Muray, New Haven. State officers, Ladies' Auxiliary: President,. Mrs. William Cosker, Hartford; vice-president, Mrs. Frank'Adams, New Haven; secretary, Mrs. William Kearn's, Bridgeport, and treasurer, Mrs. James (Jarey, Hartford; ' ' ... Waterbury Branch, president, John J. Slattery; vice-president, Joseph Oleskey; - secretary, Patrick Slattery, and treasurer, Harold J. Blacker. Frank Buodo of Waterbury was elected president at the 55th annual convention of the United National Association of ; Post Office Clerks at Bristol. last-night by. some SCO A resolution calling for a. 17 per cent pay increase and restoration of the two-delivery system was adopted. In Bridgeport, all officers of the Connecticut Federation of Post Office, Clerks .were reelected to new terms. Ronald. Croke of Hartford frill again serve the state group as president. Wasbingtori, ,May 7 . .r^jifc") — Hearings, in a- : Seriate invesffgation of the New Haven Railroad.X' start-.May 28.. .',-.';,.•.,' ,, : ; ; '#jS," Chairman ---Brieri- McMahbn^ feays the; inquiry is .designed, to • f-iri^out whether the New, Haven's manage- .'nent ."has been and 's :-naintaining the road in a,,safe operating-condi- tionJ' , .He" 'says . his subcommittee intends to find out "just "whab the situation, is.". • ' . -' ,' ' Other members of the subcommittee are Senators Tob'ey bf':New Hampshire and Brewster of Maine bond for court appearance" 'today Captain William Kidd, fanied pirate, was a well-known, citizen ol New York and lived at Pearl anc Hanover" streets when not at sea. NAPGATCCK NEWS (CONN.), MONDAY, MAY 1. 1951—PAGE 5 King Farouk Weds (NBA Radlophoto) WiJi the roar of a 101-gun salute marking the marriage of the .King of- Egypt to 17-year-old commoner NarrimuriSSadek, King Far- r ouk and dignitaries contract. From left to right arc: the Aga.Khaii ; (bare-headed); Prisico Mohamed Ali; King Farouk; and JPrinco Abdel jMoeim. In keeping with custom, the bride did not attend the marriage .ceremony, and only the thunder of the guns notified her that she had ; become Queen .of Egypt. • Five-Week Training For 43rd Div. The 43rd Infantry Division, including Naugatuck's Co. F, will undergo 'a five-week training period this summer:*at A. P. Hill Military reservation ,aO miles southeast of Fredericksburg,- Va.,' Second Army headquarters-- at - For.t Meade, Md., announced yesterday. ... The division will stay at A; P. Hill from ;a.bbut June 10 to 'July 16, the Second ; Army said. Division personnel have been in training for; the past eight months in Camp Pickett, Va. Its National Guardsmen are from Connecticut, Rhode Island' and Vermont. PAINT JOB : New York^-It takes 30 men working about 'four' years to paint the George Washington bridge, suspension'. span ; over the Hudson river in New. York City; Currier Electric Co. 6 Church St. Tel. 4164 Westinghouse, Norge and International Harvester Refrigerators Household - Commercial Industrial Wiring and Repairs. I VETERANS 1 {There's a TIME TJMET ON G. I. * Training. Register for June 23 i Term. } POST JUNIOR COLLEGE Ave.W'bry. r Tel. 4-8772 ; 3 DAY SPECIAL Mail Coupon. Below By Midnight Wednesday Send No Money DO NOT CONFUSE THIS MODEL WITH OLDER MODEL MOTH PROOFING MINTSPRA FLOOR WAXUC ^ PLEASE SEND DIRECTIONS: ACE VACUUM STORES ; Nome t DEPT, 289 TrumDuU St.. Hartford, Conn, i WOULD urn A ran HOME DEMONSTRATIOH of- n REBUILT ELrCTHOLUX. WITH ALL ATTACHMENTS Plaintiff In False Arrest Suit Faces New Driving Charge Meridcn, May 7 —(QP)— A Si- year-old Mcridcn man, plaintiff in a suit agra.inst -the Mcrjden chief p£ police and city constable, faces city court. in that .community f.or reckless driving and driving under the influence of liquor. . Police Chi'ef, Michael B. Carroll said John A. Walter was arrested yesterday and released .under $500 bond for . court appearance today. He is charged with reckless driving .and driving under the influence of liquor. . ... Carroll and 'Constable Abe Hurwitz are -defendants.; in a ,$5,000 damage suit brought by Walter on charges of false arrest and malicious prosecution; The suit will be tried at Waterbury Superior court Thursday. . .-. ... '.. II Itfs Anything for, Your Floor ' '' .. : v CaU ; - : ' • • ARK AY FLOOR COVERINGS 60 Diamond. St. ' Tnl. B9IS NEW TERMINAL New Haven, May 7—(DP)—Post office authorities are planning a new. one-million dollar postal transportation terminal iri New Haven. The new terminal is expected to relievo a bottleneck in New York city. The building will have more than 18,000 square feet of floor space, and more than 120 men wil be employed. Jetailers Urged To omplete And Submit Charts To State OPS All merchants under Ceiling Price Regulation No. 7 arc urged by Clarence Freedman, chairman of the Retail Division of the Naugatuck Chamber of Commerce, to complete and submit their charts TO the Office of Price Stabilization, 10« Ann street, Hartford, as soon aji possible. .•' " ' v The retailers have until:May'30i 1951, in which to complete thejt charts, but many arc being r«$ turned by the OPS officials be^ lausc retailers have neglected t)i follo\y instructions set forth tn Regulation No. 7. ' ••. Mr, , Freedman advises carefft checkinj»"o'f*Ehe' following* points: * 1. See that unit costs (Column 2) arc listed in order from the lowv est to the highest. > > • 2. Be sure to list invoice numbers in Column 5- .. '•• r^- 3. Compute average category (Cot umn .1). ' -- : i $ 4. State o^ the first page of your Pricing Chart even though ilS space has been provlde'di .'the ap^ proximate net dollar volume ot your retail sales covered by the rcRulations. 5., Be sure Form No. 3 accompanies your Pricing Chart. ' 6. In addition to your signature on Form No. 3, sign your name arid position on the last page of tlie Pricing Chart- TENNIS SEASON OPENS Naugatuck tennis courts are scheduled to open early next week Park Commissioner John H. Breer said today. ,It will be cither on Monday or Tuesday. • AtTON JLKWIS CO. Plumbing and Heating CnotnMton SA Yearn Experience T«J. Natijpttuck 62M For Immediate and EtflclMi* Swrvlcw V • FANCY ROLLS OFFERS YOU THE FINEST IN RYE AND I>UMPERNICKEI ' DEMCIODS. .PASTRIES ' CAKES FOB SPECIAL, OCCASIONS 122' Scool Street Dial 3985 Union City . Sfcif*. 5 DAYS FREE TRIAL GENERAL ELECTRIC'S NEWEST AMAZING LOW PRICE .Redesigned Better Looking Better in Performance BETTER Clearer-—Shafper— Bigger Picture Gets more stations- out performs any set in its price: class.-- CONVINCE YOURSELF—TRY IT FOR 5 DAYS FREE—YdU CAN'T GO WRONG LINCOLN STORE GI^ES YOU i Lowest Prices: • Better Service 0 -Biggest- Choice Easiest Terms :• • Better Installation • Better Guarantee • Exchange Privilege '-' • 5 Days Fre'e^Trial"'" . ENJOY BIG LEAGUE BASEBALL ' "' YANKEES DODGERS MttTON BERLE '- EDDIE" CANTOR JACK BENNY ED. SULLIVAN FRED ALLEN CHAMPIONS HIP BOXING AND OTHER SHOWS IN YOUR OWN HOME fft 9 ' 9 £ M| \ > '''' ; tf'V' Lincoln m Here 61 WEST MAIN ST.

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