The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 15, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE POtffe BLYtiUrvILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NftwS FRIDAY, JUNE 15, I93=i MODERN CojxJilrtwl for this ntst-snappr In lh« Intfrest nf It;, women raiJprs hy rfrngulzcfl aiilhnrlllrA on nil plmsps nf home making. Fkrace Brobtdt, Editor _ Mrs, George Thurn, Associate Editor lisa REIMS Various Types of Bread Lend Interest to Sandwiches (or Light Meats Casserole Service for Informal Meals FRUIT PIE TIME ' F"*h. Fruits in Sumner Salads ftlrnds in ^^ So many requests conic M me; for various types of bread. And' now that hot weather and sandwich lime Is here, this unusual rye bread mny be doubly welcome. But remcmticr that (he bakers of today carry amazingly varied assortments of bread, and to enliven the cookery schedule, indulge the family In bought bread as often ILS you give them the home marie varieties. Surdisll live Bread One cake '.omprcssfd yeast; two cups water; two" tpasixxms salt: one fourth, cup dark cooking molasses; one fourtii cup dark table molasses; five and one half cups flonr; '.wo and one half cnps medium rye flour; two tablespoons shortening. Raisins If desired. Crumble yeast into bowl, arid the vater which has lx?cn scalded and cooled lo 80 degrees P. (This is just cooler tliau lukewarm). The liquid mixture should be at 80 degrees F. When yeast Is dissolved, arid salt-, cooking molasses and table molasses. Sifi flour once before measuring. Add all the flour at once to the liquid and work in thoroughly with the hand.?, "working in thc fofiened shortening at- the same lime. Delicious Pastries a I House- j wife's Command During! Bt'iTv Soasou • [ «'• can't MTU- too m:\ny -i'-llcioi.s plea nnd inns tisln^ i. lii-:il!hl'u! fords. ,h,-;L Ir, nml:,- MIIC ynn know how tn rnni'Ofl a lie- lltion-i pastry, tills m-li?? is Kiven :it;aln. II. enough for n two- en^: pie. ; T-*n cups flmir; our. icaspoon .s.tli; U'.'o llihd.s cup .slHjn.-'iiijis; six ; 10 ci;;liL tnblr.'.;jmn]is wiiter. : Kilt Hour nml .'all (ngr-ilicr. work in I. .0 Miorknln!; until all is criim- hold the mixture together. Divide tin 1 (10113:1 Into two parts and roll f'.ir.!i cut separately. Line the pic di the other for Hie top. After nil es a.uM.Uuc d of sliced bananas, straw- niiis (or garnish. thoroughly Mended, return to the' *"£ "'"jr.. ^ " te (0 f wU " " with one sheet of dough, keep toil nnd cook for one or two mill. K " MMm ID ^"l*"- mute! and allowed to .dissolvs in [he foundation mam before freezing, an even color Ls produced. An attractive, mottlfd effect, is .obtained If Hie candy Is rather coarsely crushed and artilrd In the. I'irnii) mixture just. .Ix-fnre frce?.- Ins. Then- will \v bits of iindLs- solved candy which retain their color .sprinkled IhrflUfih the fawn mixture. Following ai-e (wo lia'le B I C||H > S v.-hlch can l>e vai [rrl by ihi- u. c o nf iNffiMcm r'andUs. I'fpi^juilr.l fiiirk (VmH ' One poimi! red ntiil white |K>p- permint. .'.Lick candy, fi ni[>;. ililn creaiu, !•(! [eiif.jwvin sail. •Si-iilil cretin In .double Inilcr. Rrmovp from hcM and add sail itncl finely crushed candy. Cool and ' tinii inlo free?.er molrl. P:ick .in -i\ pans ire. to one pan iff- cream ••flit and let stand seveial hours, ^rve plain or with hoi choco- •:)(<' sauce, as preferred. If you want to use this irx-lpe in a mechanical refrigerator, stir i tablespoon softened eelaline in- 10 the sealrlinf* hot cream, stirring until gelatine is thornui;hly dissolved. Cliocolale coated molasses chips '.vitii a fork to allow the escaiw of I Four cup? cherries, stemmed and i slcaju during the baking. ;ston:n; nne r-ti;> su»ar; two tnhle- ; ii n n - . SJ:ODII:, llou:'. j cop" llou'r'"™!- tenspoon' , Mlx sll " ;11 ' and llollr ><>aeiher. . .•nit; one citp slwrteiilng; n little- lhm '» lx «''•••' ' ll(1 cherries. Place n-atcr '' "' pie disii lined with unbaked' One Chfrry Cusiard I'ip , tablespoon line dry bread ' Silt salt and flour together ami'J 1!15U '- V ' m ' e . r wlt1 ' lc l>- ll:U:c in a '• cu: i/: chci-lciiing into it with i»n- 1101 °™"' m tlc 3 rMs '''•• f°'' illwi " : knives. When well mixed divide IOT » l 5-n™ minutes, j into two parts. To half add pnotir>n • water lo make a still paste. Roll : on', on a (loured board to one quar-; crumbs; iwo cnps cherries; one , i tor inch thickness. In the center • fourtii tcaspnin cinnamon; one cup • ;?;j:ca(l il:e other half or tr.e mix-' .>nsar: one tahli'.sponn covnslaiclr I |tu:e. -•••-[ nice', ill? center 1 and rcll oui gently, mill!. - to tnnkc one quarter inch KITCHEN BY MAUY E. DAGUE XKA Sfmce Staff Wrilf' _ , , -. 'i'? cram for dessert! Thc chil-1' IUO Fold over the four edges o one egg: t-.-ree fourths cup scalded j Urcn shout lite gleeful news and 'parts ice to one ! dishes. Walnut Brittle !<;<• Ori-anl i One poutid walmiL firiltle. 4 ORBS,. i 1 cup whipping cream, -1 cups I milk. I like to use black walnut brittle when I can eel it. Beat ecu yoll-i slightly. Scald milk nnd heat inlo efig yolks. Cook in double toiler, stirring constantly until mixture coats spoon. Remove from heat and add cnish- icc'i brittle. Fold in whites of eggs j beaten until sliff. Cool and pour freezer mold. Pack in eight part ice cream thc w]lnlo t | ini , r , i vfu ih c si)n- When beginning to freeze thick-; I.lnc a pic dish wilh pastry. s|>rin-' ach. .shares in the glamor"of the! "round Hie edges, stir in cream' . klc the Iwtuirn with finely ground i i.ieiit In .stoic. So why not setvc j whipped until Him. If I slamt scv- . I This summer luncheon table is laid with Italian drawn work mnl.s and runners.-The chinn Is yellow When the dough is thoroughly land yrceii. (he tilass clear crystal, the bouquet Ls of Cosmos. mtxcd. kneed it gently in the bnwl or on n \s-ct floured board until il is smooth. (Rye dough has a tendency to become much softer tlittn other dough, but the softer and more pliable it Is, the more lender loaf it, will make). Round up dough nnd sot 1C to rise in a well greased bowl at 80 degrees to 85 degrees P. It should double its bulk in one and a half to l*o hours. (Depending upon the temperature of the rooml. Punch the (lough by putting thc j closed fist in center and folding dough over with the hands. Turn the dough completely over and let, rise to onj and three fourths Us bulk-about one hour. forty-five minutes to An attractive casserole is part of the ser- Recljie.s for cnsserole menus: arc given elsewhere on this page. .. Fold over nnd roll again. Rc|K>nt 1 bread crumbs. Put tn tli: cherries i IliLs liapjiy ending often since yoi! !frl)l l - • - - - ..... ' ' several times. Chill in ihe refri- and .sprinkle them with cinnamon! cnn do it these days without mak- gcraior i-'.cn shape into shells | and linlf of tr.e sujav. ulend .tt:s! ins extra work for yourself? using small pie pans or'muflin' vest of -Die sugar with the corn- That is, if you .make delicious l>nurs ljcr " rp pans. Prick the surface with a: March, fork to prevcni blistering in llie :1 To this mixture, ad: nnd ho: milk. I'our nntl simple candy ice cream you can concoct all .sorts of different flavors us easily'd make a rjxxms of mixed cinnamon and 'dissolved. Add salt and ccol uu- •ugnr. Bnkc in a moderntc oven, j til mixture begins lo congeal. 350 degrees F. for fifteen lo twen-| Rinse a square mold in co!d wn- ly-flve minutes. Serve hot. : lev. pour in a lltin layer of Hie Snowballs jelly and decorate with ucppers nnd One Imlt cup shortening; onejotiicr vegetables. Arrange the pei up powdered sugar; three cu|U ( thickening jelly, chicken and vegc- Pollct Collect r»rkins- Fines KEENE. N. H. <UP>—To nvolrt I one third cur> sti(;:ir; crowding of court dockets, parking law violators may pay n line of 50 cents to thc police in lieu "Of up- oven. Hake In u hot oven 425 de- j over the o.Jcrrica. Hake in a :'hoi tiroes F., until delicately golden. • oven. J25 derji-ces F... for aboutiten \ plain""iiiiikct" or c^'tard'WdinY llaspherry Cream 1'lr minutes. Then reduce the heat to j Any favorite recij>e cnn be used U?c previously raked puff pas-I ;1 moderate oven, 3f>0 degree:* F..! for ihc foundation cream. Junket, try shell for [hi .spic. Have ready : ilml bake l<"' thirty to forty "\in- 1 ciiftartl. mousse, parfail, ice' and one eighth I " ics " m 'l <>>e custard is set. • | .sherbet mny be flavored nntl sweeU THIS recipe is excellent, lo use in a mechanical refrigerator, loo. * • • For a envy of Sister Miry's new volume. cents lo -s" send tfn in court. flour; three teaspoons baking ix)\v- tables tn layers and chill in the dcr: one hnlf cup milk; whites of I refrigerator. six eggs. i Unmold on n Ijed of lettuce te Ulend shortening and sugnr nnd and garnish with parsley nnrl sal- bent thoroughly. Sift the flour three times with the baking |x>w- nd dressing. Six servings. <lcr. Then add to the fat mixture' On Punch dough down again and let 'Stand for twenty minutes, until il "comes back." Divide dough for three loaves, mold each loaf separately and let rise in pans to double In bulk—about one hour (If rnlsias are added, use one-half cup for each loaf nml add them when molding dough into loaves). Bake forty-five minutes at 425 degrees P., moderately hot oven. Threo bread pans two nnd three- fmirllis inches deep nnd four and one-half by eight nnd one-half in- ehe.s across thc top (or deep round nans) may be used. For a quicker process, two cake's of yeast, mny be used. For soft Crust, brush loave.s with butter when they come out of oven. Cover with towel. Col* Slaw Two cups chopper] cabbage; two tablespoons vinegar; one egg well ' beaten; two tablespoons mayonnaise: one teaspoon sugar; one teaspoon baking powder; one tea- ulternately wlfh the milk. Fold in stiffly beaten, egg whites, tlnvor with one teaspoon vanilla. Flit cus- tnrd cups rubbed with .shortening, one hnlf full. Set In a shallow p.n> of hot water. Place in a moderate oven :1SO degrees F. and bnkc thirty-five minutes. Serve with trull sauce or soft custard. . Orange' tlisciuls Two cups flour; lour leasiwoiix baking jxnvder; three fourth* cup milk; two Udilespoons shortcninc; one half teaspoon wilt. the shortening and Hour Jewrl Salad tablespoon gelatine; one which has Ijeen .sifted the bnking powder nnd tall. Add milk ami mix well. Turn out on n floured board, roll lightly and cut. Make furth cup cold water: one fourth cup Ijoillng water; Iwo ihlrds cup pineapple syrup; one lablesjxwn lemon juice; one fourtii cup mild vinegar; one fourth teaspoon salt; one fmirlh cup sugar; one cup cucumber cubes; one cup canned. muhKt pineapple.' • Pour cold watqr In bawl and j.sprlnkle gc.lnt.iiic on top. .Add boiling wiiter. pihe'ajiple syrup, lemon juiee. vinegar, snll-nnd sugnr and stir until dissolved. Cool-and when mixture begins ( ( , thicken, mid i-u- rumlx'r cubes nntl crushed ]iine- 'apple.' ' I'our Into molds that have been rinsori in cold water nnd chill In t/:o refrigerator, when firm, CilAflDON. O. years .seldom deter Miss Mnry Morgan, nf Moiilvllle Township, Irom walking four miles to church, each Sunday. She lives atone. lea'pooa salt; t/.-.rec tablespoons| com starch; two cups scalded Deep llmklfhenry Three cups huckleberries: one milk; two eggs; one teaspoon vn- \ cll l> si;gar; twc (ablesjXXHu flour: nilkc two cups ripe red raspberries:: 0 " 5 irnspeon lemon juice. ;cnctl with the candies. All the hard varieties of candies, chocolate coated or plain,.can be nscd without, additional sugar, .but some of Spr.rU) Service Bureau Koom 305, 461 Eljhth Ave. Nrw York. N. V. Tomorrow** Menu BREAKFAST: cereal, cream, muffins, milk, coffee. Baked rhubarb, scrambled eggs, .„ . _ . . .. LUNCHEON: Pan broiled liver one nip cream, wliipped. | vka.',.i anil sort t!:e berries nntl ttie crenm candies may require n sausage creamed potatoes new mm HP, mi M « «i?ar, .salt nml torn starch 1 <™" n ° ro "Shly.. Mix with sii-1 little extra sugar. , onions 'mid radishes, fig cookies, tur.) —HCI BQIioTrti,.,.. ,, mlr fealdn \ milk s]m ._ car and nour previously blcnderl tn-: Oni'-half ixiimrt of candy is jnilk. tea. enough to .sweeten and flavor one. DINNER: Stuffed lamb chops. ly ever this mixture. Cook, stir- E ring constantly until very thick. He-1 move from the sLove and stir in! the eggs beaten slightly. When' e ccllcr - Arid lemon juice. Pn; into a dceji-dlsli pie plate. Cover with nifT Pastry. Brush thc top tion mixture, will! milk or beaten egg diluted i If thc riunrt of custard or. other founda- candy peas in turnip cups, tomato and pineapple falad, walnut brittle 'ice thoroughly cream, sponge cake, milk, coffee. spoon salt; one pepi>er. Chop cabbage half teaspoon of nnd mix thor- i ! onghly with other Ingredients. Ham I .oaf One pound fresh ham ground: one pound smoked ham ground: eight crackers ground; one cge: one cup milk; one fourth teaspoon salt: one fourth teaspoon pepper; one teaspDon baking powder. Beat egg. mix with other ingredients, form inlo a loaf. Bake in n loaf cake pan rubbed with shortening and pour one can of tomato wnip over the loaf before putting in thc oven. Moderate oven, 350 degrees F., for one half hour. While .Mountain PiHlnc While of an egg; two thirds of a cup of sugar; one tablespoon •water: one teaspoon vanilla; one half teaspoon baking powder. ..Beat the white of the egg till stiff. Add sugar slowly, and continue the beating. Then add" the Vater. flavoring and baking pow- H der. Turn Ihe mixture into the up- U Per ]>art of a double boiler having ' ' plenty of boiling water in the lower part. Set on the heat and beat tin the filling is quite warm to the touch. Then stand the pan In coM water and continue beating till cold. Pile between and on top of layer ca!:e. This mak«s a creamy a depression In Ihc trip of each biscuit nml place in this n small I cube of sugar dippc.d in orange [ juice. Oralc orange peel over the lops and bake In a hot oven, 1W dCKrecs P. for twenty minutes. Raspberry l>uffs Two nnrl one hall cnps flour: two and one half lenspoons baking |»wdcr; one eighth icasiioon salt; one egg, separated: one tablespoon melted shortening; one half ettp cugnr; one cup milk; two cups, raspberries. Sift the -nottr with Ihe baking powder nnd salt. Beat yolk of egg with sugar. Add milk nnd inched shortening. Then add flour, beat well and add berries, four inlo custard cups rubbed with shortening and bake in a moderate oven 315 degrees F. twelve to minutes. Serve hot with iaure. —Mrs. George Thurn. fifteen hnrd on lettuce leave.; and serve L-irnL-Oied with mayonnaise R:x Cnldvri S:,l ;l i| One lablc.syoon gr-liitlne; one fourth cup cold water; one cup hot pineapple juice: one fourth enp sUfiar; one fourth teaspoon of suit; one half cup orange juice: ouei fourth cup mild vinegar; one cup 1 oranges cut In small pieces; one • and one hnu cups cooked pineapple, cut in small pieces: one cup raw carrot, grated. I'our cold valcr in bowl and sprinkle gelatine on top. Add l.oi pineapple jnicc. sugar, salt, orange jnicc. and vinegar. Cool, and »'!vn mixture begins 10 conceal. _ aclt] rcolccd pineapple nnd raw car- | Turn into mold that has been I riuserl in cold water and chill in 1 refrigerator. Serve on Icllticc pvr- ; nisiictl \vith mayonnaise. Six f'crv- * and crJIIngiare painted with thli new VltolliedOilpafntlYet ilcosM no more tou«e WallMde than ordl. niry oil palms. Come Beiutiru! high gloss PLASCO PAINT SuiliWe for intrrmr or f vrrinr surfaces. JELLIED DISHES Two 3tllkd Rouillun tablespoons gelatine: hair cnp co!cl stock; three and one'; half ctipsi-.ot siork; t Ten Contented Couples Give June Brides Rules SPRINGFIELD. Mo. lUPi—The , ten commandments for a June ! bride are simple, but are hard at i limes to fo'.low. Ten happily mnr- : ricd persons gave the following Misgeslions for lasting love: Trust >om' happiness, nnd rc- CALCIMINE, All Colors Per Lb... . . I2c PURE BOILED UNSEED OIL . .. Gal. . . $1.10 Quick-Drying WATERSPAR Matti: it easy tolirautii <voojxror!:. I>ricsin4 Irourj—one coil usmlly enough. H rich colori '/2*Pt« WALLPAPER CLEANER Each lOc wo tablespoons lucl "ber that love grows w urth teaspoon yo;lr of lnni ' ri< ' (1 life. tth each juice: on? fourth teaspoon j- - -paprika; other seasonings to Inste.! Kpe l > "'>• in appearance, and In- | Pour cold stock in bowl and I """"tunHy. : sprinkle gelatine on top. Then add Cultivate interrsls in common | hot sto:k, lemon juice, paprika and "''"" """ other seasonings, stir and boil about five minutes. Thsn arid two filling, smooth and light. O»ttee Cake Two ejgs; one cup sugar; one fourtii cup shortening; one half cup warm milk; one cup flour; one fourtii teaspoon salt; one teaspoon baking powder. Blend shortening and sugar. Beat etgs »nd add to first mixture. Sift flour, salt and baking powder tpgtthtr. Add dry mixture alternately with mSJk to the moist mix- lure. Beat wen. Rub * baking pan *1th thortenim and pour' in the batter. 6«w the top with little . nieces of batter rolled hi nour ^, then in draumon and sugar, Then £|. sprioUi cd top of all t*o UMe- crcamy egg whites slightly beaten. Cool, strain Kiroiigh double cheese cloth and chill until firm in refrigerator, serve with a garnish of parsley or cress, six servings. Jellied Chicken and Vegetables One tablespoon gelatine; one fotimi cup cold water cr stock: on: and one halt cups hot chlckeii slock (canned b:o!:^ or soup mav be used); one hall teaspoon salt'; one cup chicken, sliced or chopped; one cup vegetables' icook«d peas, strinj beins. bseU, carrots, asparagus, etc.); OIK> half piaii- ento cr green p;pper. Pour cold water or stock in bowl and sprlnXle gelatine on top. Arid 'ho', chlcktn stock and &iir until with one anot-her. Hold to faith, and to courage. Don't be be selfish and egotistical as (o believe that yon ,-iloue. can make him happy. Live within your Income. Kind whai your husband likes and do it. And always be polite to him. Don't be possessive. Don't discuss your troubles with outsiders. Be patient, be game, and have tile pluck lo fight it out. EXPERT RADIO REPAIRS PhiKpi Motor Co. By Horace Wakefleld . UTILITY SCREEN ENAMEL ... Quart... 70c LADDER Strong, o-ft. tiff with shelf . I 4 ' BRUSHES Sie I Wool Purebri»tt«, ,etln nftfer ' Emmel Brwh . . 20c WallBnl!l '- - - Cf,e Cilcimir.r Rmsh . l.r,n c , Pnns , w ,, A 1 pans easier! Quick-drying, clear WATERSPAR VARNISH Aln .liinWe. Tor !n'.fri« turn vrli^r. Dries (w. i 12-Quart PAIL 30c Each Hubbard Hardware Co. AUTHORIZED PITTSBURGH PAINT PRODUCTS AGENCY Aladdin'Maoc HE OLD ADAGE, "Man toils from sun to sun, but woman's work is never done'.' is only partially true today. Science has taken an interest in the home of ate years, and has done much to lighten the burdens of household tasks. Science has harnessed electricity to make it perform a sort of "Aladdin magic." It works for us, twenty-four hours a day—and its pay is low considering the labors it accomplishes. It furnishes light and heat. It sweeps the carpets and polishes thc floors. It runs the sewing machine and washes thc dishes. It toasts the bread and percolates the morning cup of coffee. It beats the eggs; it stirs the dough and bakes thc bread; and last, but not least, it furnishes the power for the radio to entertain day. and night. You learn of these, and many other time and labor saving devices through the advertisements. They keep you informed of new tilings and give you dependable facts on which to base a purchase. These are good reasons for believing a product is "better because it's advertised."

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