The Lompoc Record from Lompoc, California on March 20, 1880 · 3
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The Lompoc Record from Lompoc, California · 3

Lompoc, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 20, 1880
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LOMPOC ECOBD. i 5?M'JuckeS r-aod Z2&Pu O IM! Count j Ol W. Chsae, Milton Wason E. U. Heacock. A. B. William, Lis. E. Sherniaa, J. H. Kincaid, U. Yudart, Leijrauci Friel, leial Itireetory Senator Assemblymaa District Judge County Clerk Sberffl District Attorner Treasurer Surveyor IP O C U. K Thnrmuai SnDcrinlca Jent of Sckoula J. U. Finger, Goroaer & Pub. Administrator. TEMPERANCE COLONY. ! inson: Mr. and Mrs. Warn; Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Tucker; Mr. Henry McClurc; Mrs. A. Miller; Mr. and Mrs. Edtlingtou; Mas- j BS? ter Char, ani Eddie Eddington; Mr. and j Established November, 1S74, in Santa Bar- Mrs. Thos. Robinson; Master Austin bars County. California. Town Ofareeaary. j- Justices of tbe Peace Constables. W. W. Broagntsn i J. T. Monroe ) J. Friel, I!, n. Uimbert, . J. W. Webb, 1 ' - 1 T D. T. Truitt. J Irving P. Ueatmg, Deputy District Attorney Sefcaai Trustee luireli DimlHT. Tbe ehnreh of Cfcrlst meets wery Lord's day 'in j at 11 o'clock, and 1 -n. ra. In Dinwiddica Hall. SumUv school at 1 o'clock. Prayer meetiug at th school bouse every Thursday evening at 7 oWoek. Let all at. tend. Usmc tcbuc Li bkart isopencverv Saturday si ter. o ii Mosthly maiit'i MrVe ij cts, active mombershtp t2yjQ per year. , BerHiali Office buurs from 7 a. m. to 8 p. ra. Sm-dsTs.fcwm 12 ca. to m o letters re turad after $ p. sa. . F. Tccwait, P. M. Warwick; Mr. C. B. Johnson: J oil n son. Mr. John j LOCATION AXD DfiSCEIFTIOX OF LAXDS. , Bogus gold $5 pieces are being circulated in Sacramento. The coin has the right sound, exact in weight and size, very finely executed, gold plated, of the datea 1844, 1847 and 1875. These pieces, the Berord-Cnion. says, are the prod net of a company which executes its work in ships at sea, originally off the Sp.iaisb Coast. The composition uf tbe pieces is an alloy of platinum sr.d silver, heivily gilded. French and English ca is ilea imitated by the same parties. Socio ti Lowrnc Lo we. T J. 0. F-. Meets overy Moudav erealag. 1sliiag bsothers specially nvited. U. C. Harris ikg, il-tt. P. Ti i Rose r Lourac Loses. l.O.C.T Meets n the Sc-bo bouse every Saturday night, at 7 o'clock. J. W. VTiBB, W. C T. J. 0. Bctcb sax, W. 8. l.nuHK1 lluivaL Mods T-a 4V-c school - fuse Ml I o'eiwek erery alternate Saturday. 1 A. I.AXSDCI.L. Sec. Lompoe. Saturday, Mar. 20. 1880. The Lompoe Colony lands embrace an area of 45,65-1.49 acres, or about 71 square mites, and include all the lands of the Lompoe and Mission Viejalde la Purisima Rancho. Title: U. . Patent- They are situated in the western part of Santa Barbara count v, bordering for six miles on the Pacific ocean, aod extending hack from the coast about 11 miles. The Santa Inez river flows through them from east to west. Of these lands, about 12,000 acres lie in the Lompoe Valley, contiguous to the Santa Inez rive?. Having a rich aUuciol toil, they are finely adapted to the cultivation of aii varieties of Summer crops, especial !y jKtatoes, beans, beets, onions and others vegetables. In short, no finer vegetable lands can be found ,kj. i,.;0'invwhere; as high ,700 pounds of As I am retiring from Dasiness beDa ver'e upm a sn,,e I must readiest all indebted to me : of this land the past year. Barley, to and ttte to. sy Mh ? 'tSJbSS J . t i.r lit iy u j Mississippi wants Chinese lah'vers. Notice. ty must soon become very valuable in a region surronded with such vast avenues to business and wealth. The Telegraph Co 4s Line of Coaches passes through each way daily, eon-necting with the Southern Pacific and other railroads throughout the State. The passenger Steamers land regularly at Gavioto, and Freight Steamers and Schooners land at our own wharf. FROM I-OMFOC To College Rancho 18miles " Las Cruces i Gaviota 22 " Stmtit Barbara GO f Los Alamos .14 " (iuadaiupe 28 M Port Harford 60 M San Luis Obispo 60 " La Graciosa 22 " Pt. Conception 14 Pt. Purlsiraa 13 Lompoe Wharf 12 Proposed Whart 11 (near Pt. Arguello.) The Daily Mail, Wells Fargo & Co's Express, and Western Union Telegraph Co. afford ready and rapid communication with all parts of the civilized world. The business of the town is enlivened by the busy hum of a fully equipped 5i horse power steam flouring mill There are four stores engaged in selling general merchandise; also one for the sale of hardware and manufacture of tinware; oue drug LOMPOC DRUG STORE. iToprietor. E. c. nmocK- (t t Notice. insr Ltftds. the Southern s v,. .iM-.u n.J'ich the noted Cam . . ' "r.'i? t 1 1.T " j 7".T w-ZiZZL. ; ,ir ! situated, contains many liae. for a rnasnatle ca4iimission. liuri- SU1 eighty bushe; the acre is not anislore;one paint shop; two milliner uueeifluron yie d. Wheat, corji and Uptofes; one barber shop and bath rye also yield well. Of the remain- hOUse; One commission house; two ncss from distance rrroinrKly attended to. Ht and reuittanced jirwaiptlv made ubeu cl- j have affowleil let tea. I RoTers fcv r.ermisiln tk frtJlow'ms-; E H. TIeic-k. -Superior Jtdg liar tnuetv; lo iloherts, r L. Cu- J. C ,i.-' &C9B, iuerrti.ants; J. kV n Hotels; one Restaurant da tfomUt Vafc;er shop; one shot iy thousand j bhu;ksmith shous: one resof the finest grazing lands in the one butcher shop; one ixrk ate. In the dryest seasons they curing establishment; one rich ana aounaant uastura?. while in the drv seasons iKl-c Santa Bar-! of 164 a other iwrtions of the State j are two Justices of the Peace, Pnesideca l. P. ufierad .severe. y front the get&ral two constables, one lawyer, two ana u unuiiiir arouin, it is :ui esiau- BB.IEF ITEMS. Auctzan tolay. Mr. Alkn, of the honda U tnklag fine quality of Uniter. Mr. StanWlniry expects shortly to be , . a. - t . . . . f l . .. L i- ..... ; , , i r . l i t lrtitt aVi : umrde pasturage for tens of thousttnds Every ' ..rf'ttT .j nri iIrrda!,i,. i of head of shcepatitl catt:e wnicit i fnjM fnr IRON DUKE, j tiou. Ivor are these remaining lands! jdimited to grazing purposes alone: j interspersed as they are by numerous ! -articfe tf cheese -all attend. tn-uwrrror at M. E. Xet young and d sheltered by flowing i - j e a a- a . s alilc to give the people of Lowp.c a line , Kr.A o.Akcm's stable, ijmn"; ttve Wei- I springs of pure, soft, cold water, with ; am f t:t- tai-. stt tw- MAuaLaiB raiK-n o Xt Ciur.V l:r riuieis uw mi; . uhxim uadersiucd, kaU way brtweeH Lus;wc au& imd Ir-sn Dalit- is s feaautiul da:V iw2i-'Tt cars old, It; bands h!sii d weiefc i500. He was si-sed by T- biake's t-fcoroe srtebrod i ? l KoiWI AOU x shop; two blacksmith shops; one livery stable' c and bacon ring establishment: one lurmture :i!ul c:ihinet maker's shoo: one soari ur.v bv-.taoiia , fiu-tory. anu one lumber yard, there ana doc- ttu-s and one weekly newspaper. MPEKASCE CLAUSE. contract, conveyance and the sale or leasing of lands must contain a covenant to run with the lands, forever prohibiting the manufacture or sale of any malt, vinous or spirituous liquors thereon LQMPOC.TEMPERANCK TEXEt . In the inception of the Colony, it was wisoty aetermineti to exclude 1 1 .rodaoeat market psioe. It A GRtWEVLL. Los Alamos Again Nstr Gtds. Ged Good?- srtjtcart-i! preaH jtjrkst?a e crapl For Cash, Out wrnrhy wstclimakeT. Mt. '1.aTn-'lierlaio, has rCtursttf an4 can he scea at 'lis oKi stnwd u be rc he k prey;:ired t Ao work as usti! andive-sstffaiitioo. fiee ""ad" elsewhere. The M. E. 0.arr.h srrcnt'! w-. a oiSed j NsnecCM " well as -a. grand aSTxiT. A ' great 4ei f ppvt w:r ttfoixltsa! ia kc ; .ile f weeklies aniu ti mr. I M"r:iig rf: -the ladies. The Charade vut Jtrao wll j jilaywa-aud apyrceiateid iv the aU?ece J The cast f citrrfCTrs ai!:r weft Chftaen. i . After he d-je & ' --the entertainment tttj I 'ie hsUthe anliencaTeircl tt4 - chorcti ' .. here refreshatttse wire serv-d Ly Xke ' i ' -i a . . .-.riiliea ATTofher slwwcr"hstTF:cs5arTi:t T"e-oesd ty, aceamwretS with sleet mi knii atnenoi the ie.faU- 4 1SA jjciw Mhc seasn ' J Thafi f.-Cr ccnjts "ffcls uecr;-; .'. 5-een qi5 hackward awiag a the "CoAtfl xreather ei5 frt. goneritliv, T'.te a- . Iier 3 bow tsaaderatir'-, we itujoe. and jrop-s t.i:e fftt rftste. Wcfcwii The ffetre l week, of a de rMj.'htftH trip HJid Btnd .Mrs. It. T. JtveH, JonwU It irHo. Their 4twMe s ?: stcd i .i the mis of ifertila alk?y--se .-rounded lyehrfc- ing hi'U vk nrvry siile. Oar visit ea a j qienMt ud we coy Id nst hul regret j tH'ht w lot ual not beon east, vhafu aej . T.v forever in GoJs rwrs air and i'otton nnd Trimniinsa. liens !itu.s from the trade winds, many ;ehicf-loe3ttionscan Ije Rmnd for growling Bwetar vaiiety of fruit, for which PvKern Karma -suifiow Oapt. Thomas. ! C 'lUKuram is so celebratea. Already Dans Iron t)ak samss stack, teasaii ml Unm of our -colonists have Quite till M-oaucKr r. Aniil lst.e;'. J uiy tt. t-SSO. Tt-irn ,.,tpRciw orchsrH insr intmihp- into aaaoiii-&WOeoUpeybhfinHiari, . Thtl. ;,.;iPnlv -fmsl 1 KntetSif t6'.s5 of Los Alamo fc- 6. cur-rou:f4i::is iV!fy t call and poet ay itOrk H?frtvr t?amf itsewheiii. ft fcliili !c rayaiw in 3le future as iu it,-t -ps.i i kerp thj Best Quality oT :oo-l and everillijujj usually Ii;ad in a 4rt-t las couutj-- hSore .iui at Ll.fNG P2KFS. My Ui k tins bson KtVectci with ?Tcat rare and is now beios opeue-J onL Ic ci:i:sts in io. iudir.sf dresood3 from a 10 yard calico, tv ? hulithiy extra vaauce. . -nough in ther-e hdls to cause the i trees to sited tlieir .leaves. Flowers ! bl(M in the garden ail the year ! round. ' . I Jt is well known that Lompoe is witiia What is cabled the Meitt Iielty" I fe'.td nattintl cause's operate to exempt iiUe Colony lands from the periodical j Srouths which occur in other portions f -the State, and therefore irrigation tif-ed not te resorted to. However, "wrtild irrigation be deemed advantit-i'jpeons, a libera' suppl of .4 rteinn water as- :-tay be obtained in the Lompoe Val ey jat depths varying from 75to200 feet. Mr. Mitchell wHb3e farm is near the center of the valley, obtained a fine flowing well of pure and soft water at a deptit of 75 feet. the sunoivisioxs ' or Lots are numbered from 1 to 1G3 beginning at the N. K. corner. In the Valiey and on the Means (Table) many of the Lots are half a mile square, containing 160 acres. The other Lots are irregular to suit the valleys, roads or natrual boundaries. Lot 163 of rive acres is set apart for a PCJBLIC PARK. Lot 1G3 of 11.24 acres in the N. W. i corner of Lot 08 is for a Cemetery, j The Middle school house is near the X. E. corner of Lot 4 . The fOwer i School house near the N. E. corner of the tvostcrn half of L't 61. Ocean - i n v i i ; iv--s in ii jv i 1KB ititir the surrounding I HirPfmm tlP mannfftchiw and salp of all intoxicating liquors. The resolution of the colonists to maintain (this tenet inviol ite, is as firm to-day its in the beginning. While we seek additional colonists we do not desire or invite any to come who wish in ai;y manner to engage in the manufacture or sale of alcoholic spirits, pel ter that our land lie idle and unoccupied then to produce fruits to fill Everyihine usually ffiRnd in a Drug 5 ore euii be got at this establishment. Every article fresh. No old stock. Omars. Toilet Articles, Chemicals. in e utiles Patent Medieiuc. variety . Physicians prescriptions carefully com pounded at all hours. March 22d, '79. tf All persons who bare let their bills run over 60 days without paying anything thereon, will hereafter be denied credit at this establishment until back bills are settled ; no matter how urgent the demand, you will be refused. J. M. Hixaox. Chas. Jcsti. W. D. Dtxsox Hix&OB, Just i & Co. General Commission Merohants For the Sale of Grain, Potatoes, Onions, JBeana, Money, Frttit, Poultry and eggs. Live Stock, Hides, Tallow, Wool. All kinds of business promptly attended to. NO. 403 DAVIS and 204 Washington ste. A VALUABLE INVENTION, r THE WORLD RENOWNED FREE WILSON SEWING MACHINE in workmanship is equal to a Chronometer Watch, and as elegantly finished as a first-class Piano. It received the highest awards at the Vienna and Centennial Expc sitions. IT SEWS ONE-FOURTH FASTER than othe machines. Its capacity is unlimited. There are more-WILSON IVIACMINES sold in the United States than the combined sales of'-all the others. MENDING ATTACHMENT for dosn WITHOUT PATCHING, given FRE AGENTS WANTED The WILSON ail kinds of repairing. with each machine. WILSON SEWfNG MACHINE CO. 837 & 89 Broadway, New York; New Orleans, La.; Cor. State & Madison Sts., Chicago, Ills.; and San Francisco, Cal. LOMPOC IE3I LAS CRUCES O T IE our prisons witn criminals and our almshouses with paupers. Better that our town lots be unimproved, than that saloons with their attendant evils nameless dens, be erected thereon, to corrupt our people. , There are three enterprises now engaging the attention of capitalist Which in the near future will yeild remuneratively: A new Wharf, a Farina, and Beet Sugar Factory. The proposed whnrf, 8 J miles east of Point Arguello and about 1 i miles southwest of the town of Lompoe, by the road proposed, would accommodate and bring into a high state of J cultivation thousands of acres now idle for the want of shipping facilities. The owneis of tne Lspada Kaucho upon which the wharf is to be built, have aire tdy made liberal offers to capitalists wishing to build the wharf. The healtfi of the vicinity is not excelled by auy portion of the State chills and fevers are unknown. No miasma, no malaria. The ocean breeze purities the atmosphere and regulates fhe tempetaiun The thermometer rarely risos above 80 degs. or falls below GO degs. during the day. At night it rarely falls below 40 degs or rises above 60. The climate This hotel is most favorably located in n eharminsr valley about 4 miles from the sea coast of Uaviotn, and about 20 miles from the town of Lompoe, on the route of the New Stairc Line. Being surrounded by hills on every side, it is protected from harsh winds, making the climate very mild and equable. In the hills a shorf walk from the hotel, is a Hot Sulphur Spring Which is at the disposal of the guests free of charge. Board by the week 5. Extra, from $7 to $12. Anyone wishing rest for a season, or seeking health, with moderate means, can not do better thau to visit these springs, which, for Medicinal Properties. Need only to be tested to prove equal to the most noted springs on this Coast. The scenery in thlsjQcmity is most delightful and picturesque The KAJOQn FALLS, Near here, are described by Prof. Lemmon. as fallo "Amid all the illimitable grand-cur of the Yosemite, there is nothing that excels in beauty and enchanting attractiveness, the Najoqui Fall." JullStf K. J. BRUUGIITON, Propr. PACIFIC COAST STEAMSHIP CO. Goodall, Perkins cv C., General Agents, SAN FRANCISCO. Time Table for Feb., MVh and April, 1880. Steamers of t.Ms Company will sa:'l between San Francisco, and the under-named Ports as follows: ST'KS. leave (go ins; soul h) a f. - o a X such at ihii ! ahy aj vavs winsuinc. - good A :.i --- wlmhrtill, chsap fr x-ash. For further lait;clnrs cn.ijnir at this offic. Mis !v P--ek Is w.pard todo jilal MWlqg. Jress cutting and fitting, at tlu; . ypsidsai-a of O. Peck, Feb$l Frank Miliars nrepsred liirncssnll. al-o axle gTBaac for sIe at .'jus harness shop. Standard sewing msehines and organs! for sale at great baxgains. Call at this office. .v Aug30 ly and I3oya Cletliiiig, Over- '.V ... . and : dress shirt, TJ2TDEEWSA3, corner of ijoni'MX" is 32 rain. 2S min. Lot 153. Tiie town of dtuated in latitude 84 dg west from Greenwich; T. 0, IN., It. "4 W., Mt. San Bernardino I M. It i-i about 12 miles due north of ; Point Conception Light House. The STKKETS i are laid out at right angles: those run ning norm sunt soutii are named i I alplKtbeticaily from A to O inclusive: a H uKiei liasni HUist qu.u.foj ilJii), A full i those running east and west are z : Hii- of Hobart Wood fc Co-" College, Maple, Laurel, Chestnut, 12ooi and Shoe, r,ijige growing ! Widnut. Ocean, Cypress, Hickory, ! Olive, Locust and Willow. The (Streets are each eighty feet in width, extent Ocean Avenue which is 130 laud H St. 100 ft. Agato Ware, Tin Ware. jarj .yj ft nj;t' ;;;t!l v m . . . , ,, .. . iea-'t and west, including an alley 20 , HaU of erary .tyis. A full ha o ft runnh)? noh and ,nuth j through each, except thouse on Ocean Ctbckerr and Glassware, New style There will be prcachipg at DinitJ- 1 Qvot'erjos flHtl Provisions, Avenue, in which it extends to withes Hall to-aiort at 1 1 a . m . i in 150 ft. of the Avenue and connects IJ.irti'prilw with an alley 85 fi. m width extend- imni ! i:ig paaj and west through the block. View School house is near the N. W. necessarily cool and equable owing coineeooimg mnuence oi tne mtirine currents, during the summer, and North: longitude" 120 dg. 1 wsrrmer in the winter owing to our j the Japan current of the Pacific. ; Kainfall this season 9J inches; last ; year 27 inches, Population of the i town of Lompoe UK); of the Col nv : lands 1,400. The Price of Valley LanSt ' from $10 to $40 per acre; the i from 50 cents to $10 per acre; the JSu (turban Lots $20 to $100 per acre; the a Lots $o to $250 each. There is such a variety of soil and locat ion that all can be suited. Bo-sidesthe lands offered by the Company there are many fine and desirable ranches in the vicinity that can be purchased on easy terms undoubtedly. ( )tir Terms of Stile are one quarter down and balance in five equal annual payments, or full payment and deed UiXinedinWy. Interest, ten percent, per annum. nstiujt ri-on ... Coutnn Orlxaba Conxtanl neon : rtsaba CoiiRtaH neon .. Oonasta't Orizaba. A neon ... i onsta'i ' 'razab.t CnnMll'l Ancon... Coostta1 rs!7..ib;i au "n (Ortsta't F'nl9 " 2:1 " :e 'bit' "29 2i M'hAhtt'h 4 ' 4 F'b20 M'bo 9 II U IK 19 24 25, 29 i IS: IF' 020 I-'b24l j - 27 ' 9 Mh 5 Mil ; , " 101 A Hundred or Ifore Cheap.Hcmes for: Sale. The following desirable farms are now offered atjthe low prices annexed ea h bearing the map number and the number of acres contained in each tract. If desired, tracts will be divided to suit the parses. $307 40 714 00 984 50 3400 00 500 00 1400 00 1400 90 1100 00 836 70 1434 80 1950 00 1500 00 800 00 3374 40 1200 00 1400 00 3000 1320 700 03 2800 00 1400 00 3112 85 2400 00 1878 00 850 00 8200 00 3914 10 60 00 4081 40 4218 00 3184 50 3450 56 4120 40 675 15 2603 02 3300 73 1200 00 408 00 830 00 1386 96 960 00 960 00 960 00 960 O0 960 00 1117 97 1072 03 835 80 480 00 960 00 2473 36 739 88 2195 35 3697 90 709 89 1099 63 In addition to the above the Companyihas Eighty Suburban, and Seventy-five Town Blocks Containing 40 lots each, varyingan price from $5 to $300. Besides these there are many choice lots in the? business portion of wn, and detached lots fot esidences. Interest 10 pcf cent, per annum. w TEEMS -Twenty-five per cent down, Balance in Bfannual payments. T."- f nnmnmci t, . , . TE ACT NO. 1 70.91 ACRES ivALXEY LAND SCHEDULED " o 88.00 r " " " 8 9&45 " i M 11 80.00 " " 18 50-00 " u u 10 40.00 " it iU " 24 40.00 " " 25 80.00 11 " " 26 83.67 " " 27 95.62 ' 44 I f 28 130,00 " " " '35 53.00 y 11 47 40.00 " 14 " " 48 154.98 " " 49 40.00 " it ( " 53 40.00 " tt it u 56 120 00 a ' " 5G 0G.00 " tt u " . 58 35.00 " tt a 11 59 80.00 " f. tt ,t M 61 40.00 " it - " -m G0.3.r) " tt u M 65 80.00 " r u tt f 66 75.12 " ti u " 67 43.00 u tt it " 68 160.00 " . tt lt " 01) 130.47 tt " 70 2.00 " ' tt " 71 204.06 " a u 74 233.00 f Ut u 75 ' 318.45 44 44 tt " 76 245.05 44 tt u 44 9 3 2 06.03 44 tt tt " 98 135.03 44 -Grazing Land " 102 371.86 44 rl a 44 1 08 5 50.12 44 44 tt 44 113 100.00 44 ti Mesa Land " H7 80.00 44 H a a 118 80.00 If I 44 1 31 181.16 44 44 ii 122 160.00 1 t 44 . 155 160.00 14 W t. t 124 160.00 . . 44 125 160.00 " H tt u 126 160.00 .. .i 44 127 160.00 44 " fti 128 178-00 44 129 83.85 " 44 m ISO 80.00 44 1 31 160,00 44 " lit 133 618.34 Grazing Land 134 493,25 44 " 13t 439.05 44 " si 139 396.79 44 151 1219 77 4t ti tt 159 733.08 ft " .'5 " 26 piT a ii 2 20 ... 25 ... - Wj pi pl 2 ... y 12; D .... 14!-... 28 lti GEO. ROBERTS, President IRVING P. HENNLNG, Sec. M me i Moiitcioy leav 'S S;m t- i: nciseo every Ma nrday t 8 a. ii., reach -.nt.i Cruz mid Monte ev same d: y, p. m Keturninc leave Mouterey a. m., and Sunt ruz 4 v. m. . eveiy sund-ty. Arrive San Franciscf ev -ry .Monday, ft., m. CaH of Thanks, Mr. and Mrs. F. N. Kleckucj return j thanks to their many frjend, for the pres- ; ants presented haui at their Crystal Wed- J ding. AH Interested to bacupe K. of P., are reqaeatad to meet at the drug store, on Friday evening next, March 35th. Business of importance to be trasnactod. Bt C. Dimock, Sec. ' and farmtJiir Implements, .alt9 ana rope, TOWN 1,07 i drusrs. sua uu-aiemes, wines ana nquors oi 25 x 140 ft e cent tliose frontimr the best qua'ity, Joba:c C;gar3, Etc. on cx-ean Avenue, u-nicn are xo 125. Including College Avenue on the north and excluding the irregular . ; Widow Avenue on the south, the MlteM I 'er,Sth of th Town proper, is S840 ponaca. Still ft or over one mjle; inciudiug A br Liirdeslinz and giving eood as low a price a can be bad e , n i, - . , .( MIM r affect for the Americ an Sewlmr machines of j St. on the eat and O St. on the west m Vbich specimens In working order arp in tlie store. Resppvtf'iliy. A. LESLIE. Hurprfita Party. The many friends of Mr, and Mrs. F. Nj-Kleckner. gathered at their residence last Monday night, and gave them a jrrand surprise ia honor of t lie 15th anniversary of their wedded life. Many of the gu '-t brought valuable preset, ts, ami some seat them who were unable to attend, as tokens of their esteem uf the honored and happy pair. The evening was passed mt delightful!? with game, in ;-h plays, etc.. father Tncker aood humored. y offi iatiug in thi absence of au Elder. Tta guests parted at a late hour with many good wishes for the renewed cuple, and with their own hearts over- j flowing with mirth and good hnmr. 1 Following Is a list of those present: Mr. and Mrs. McOee: Mr. and Mr. ' Powers; Dr. Johnson t Mi Ea Clyd; Mr. and Mrs. Hendricks; Mr Archer; Mis Emma Handricksi Mr. and Mra. W. H. Peck; Mr. Chas. Irwin; Mr. Cyrus Tncker; Miss Laura Eddington; Mr. Mr. Xegus; Mr. W. W. Broaghtoo Mr. i ' A LESLIE, Notary Public, Ios Alamos, Cal. Notice, j the width of the Town proper, is 15400 feet The town Blocks begin i with JJo. 1 in the X. E. corner of j Town and run through the intermediate numbers to and ineludmgNo. 1 140; each Block contains 40 lots. The centre of tho Town is at the intersection of Ocean Avenue and Mist, 9 miles east of the pacific Coast line and 2J miles south of the Santa Yness river. A strip of land 2553 ft in width on the east, 21(0 on I the north: and north of Olive Avenue i 3,563.93 on the west of town is divided ! into fi CCU RB AS LOTS beginning with No. 141 at the common corner of lots 40 and 11, and running through tho Intermedi-te nu rubes to iintj including No, 3fS. They are generally 340 by "54 0 ft. after deducting 89 ft, for 'surrounding streets Too great importance cannot lie attached to the location of rse town ofLimrxy. It is surrounded -bv To tii' publk- f Lompoe, Santa Rita, IjOS Atamaa and Ttei-.tlly. Having taken out an Auctioneer" lieensit. we are prepared to sell, hare or anywhere in the Comity, on th.- most reasonable' terms any rood, chattels, produce anirasls or implements intrusted to our care. Office, Geo. Roberts' ohl stand on I ......... w I. ....... .. uill ...1., ,.r.V itL-rnat Saturdar. Brins- aiour aiivthm ; tri-earer aricuinirai reerion than from a needle to an anchor, a hoz to an e!e- ; almost any Other town in this part of roStfOO A YKAll.nrs") to $20 a day in your own locli'y. No :ik Won.en o s weli as men. Many muke more than ihe amonn' sfutil above. No one enn full to make money fast, aiit one can clo"the w. Is. Yii can make from 50 els. iO JSan hour liy dFViitiiK your evenjug antl spare tim- Uf Xt- ho-int-KS Nothing like li lor moi P'.m kinE iv ufleretl br-fore. Busiaesx Biexfiai t and strict! v honora If. Keader, if y:.i: want lo kn w all abt.ut ihe hest oav Urn business b-ior- ihe publ e, send u your :.!!' antl we will senl yon fall par icu-txrnd priv !- term rrof, samplt-- worth V alKo ' e; you eau tben make up your mind for y urself Address Ueo. niinoii i'o,, Portland, Maine. The Fino Thoroughbred Stallion DEXTER, Will stand for the season at the ranch of the nr.dersisrhed. -jt TRR.MS. $10 for Uie Season, payable July 1, 18So. Pastoraxe for mares to tne horse, one month free with tbe best cf care. Dejc-Ut 9 a sorrel, S Tears old, 17 hands hijrh, and weighs over 1,800 pounds. Hii was sired by Patehen dam Owe Dale. A few gentle horses will be taken on pas-pnrasre at one dollar permontli. A ood pus-Uirc we!' fenced and watered. Pt. Sal. Mar. 13th. C. H. CLARK. LSavx soma north. u, "3 Ot I 3 X t, 3 2 a 5 . -1 I s 1 a a - I S I fc I ! T. a Ane n ... f. Kb 18 .. PblS : (Orizaba. ' 23, " Ml C-ns'x'l F'bJ! F'b.2 F'b2:t " ! I Ancon " 28 ..l ' 2f ! ontat ' 28 " 29iMh 1 fh I ! Orr.zaba 'Mb ..: " 5 I Consta':' Mh 7, " 8 ' 8 1 Ancon 1 " 91 j 10 Orizaha " U " 15 j t omi 1 " FSj " 14 " 15 " 15 1 Ancnn ,. Ij ; 20 , Cfnst .'t " 20 21 3" 22 " 22 i Orizaha. .; " 21: .., " 2; j j Anron. . " 2!)! " 30' Pont:i't "27 " 281'" 29f ' 29 1 O azaba Bpl Sj J.AL Anl 4 1 Consta't I pl 3 " Ar14iApl5 " 9 Ancon ... " 8j 1 ! ' 91 rris-a I " 10 1 ?' II " 12 " 12 Or zaba.. ' 13 ' 14 1 I III I CONFECTIONERY 1 AXD VARIETY STORE,: H Street. i.v.HPOC . J. JF. DINWinniE, Prop-. I Tlu ve is kcptconstautlT on hand at this establishment the choicest of I CANDIES, NUTS aud all kinds of GREEN AND CANNED PRTJljf. Also, a superior quality of TOBACCO &H CIGARS. g Coffee, Teas and Spices, all kin. A IT E A T L Y FURNISHED'5' C.F.BASSETTCQ., COMMISSION MEBCHANTSV AXD DBALER8 IX Wheat, Barley, Beans and Dairj PRODUCE. No.S04 DAVIS STREET, San Francisco. BILLIAR D H A L For the accommodation of the public. janl3t TELEGRAPH STAGE CO. Freight boats leave San Francisco every vi9ek for all Southern Ports, carrying freight Stock and Combustibles. This Company also runs iines of steamers from San Francisco to Point Arena, Cuffcy's Cove, Mcndocine, Eureka, Humboldt Bay,; Crescent City, Astoria and Portland. (Or'-n. ' For further particulars apply to M. Burk) Gaviota, or to S. L. O. & S. M. V. R. R., For ' Harford. ! Trees! Trees! AT IHE LOMPOC NURSERY! I take pleasure in announcing to all Coaches of the Telegraph Stage Company leave Santa Barbara daily at C o'clock a.i. for San Francisco, via Gaviota, Las Cruets, San Julian, Lompoe, Guadalupe, San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles Hot Springs, and Bjm Antona, connecting with the Southern Pacific Ruilroad at SoledacL Goixo Socth Stages leayc Santa Barbara a t 7 p. m. for the Southern Pacific Railroad -at zvewnall and Los Angeles, via San Buenaven tura, Saticoy, Santa Paula, Sespe, Camulos, mu .lcnuaii. Office with Western Union Telegraph Co. A. E. HASKELL, General Su)eritrtendeBt. Nov. 2 ELI RUN DELL, Agent f. P. Coleman. Agent, Lompoe afcaaLa steamboat to a plow Saturday. Sid day of January. lSSfj, at 2 o'clock. " Irftok out for the red flags and tbe bell, i X. B. Goods for sale should be brought early on the day of sale. Wc will also do a commission, real estate, general barter and employment office busi-dss- H you want to buy, sell, or exchange work, or hire work srlve us a call ; we believe we can suit you. W, M. TURPIN Co. De. 30.f First sale, tho Kfcir arwl mint with h j 1 -j rl pi'a ill jorrne cwonv.soon oeeomea thriv ing and pr speroa" business center. For sixty miles toward tho interior, through a fine agricultural and grazing region which with the outlet for produce this Colony affords, will be speedily occupied. - Lompoe Valley is the only outlet Town proper 0: A MONTH Etiranteed. S12 a aay at h- me made by the tadnutMotis. pit.) not r-qninni; we win nan von. cn.wo en, ooyf. anu cirifi. mafte money f-itr at wort ro a man at anvthingAlse Tbe work In ll?bt ni plea-ssrtt. and such as anyone can eo right at Th u who are wise who see Ibis -oitce will nd hIr d r -ses at onc and see o-themsetve. ''-. v on 11' arid term fn". 3 w I- the nm-. Those ali-a. It su work are laying np laiv sura - of mom y. Address TRUE & CO. Ansusta, Maine. old fneuds, ana as many new ones as ble. that 1 have just received a fine ment f fruit trees, from San Jose, Which I wonld like to exchange for a portion of the "Root of all e"il," consisting of Aspt rer 1'eacw I'lum Nectarines Apricot AImenrl Currants OiMvilerrin annl imbcrrlrii, together with an endless amonnt of Monterey and Italian Cypress, Pine, Carolina, Poplar and Locust etc. Thankful for past favors 1 respectfully so licit a continuance of tne tame. Jan. 17tb-tf J.P. ROgg I Witt" assort: J&S jfll JTk HAT" ftPKCiriC MEDIC I we. TRABS MARK The ti rent TRADE MARK . 11 a 1 1 m 11 krnni3r .An untaili- cme for Sminal We a k ne t a, Si't r ra ator-rl ea, Imp-len-y and all Diseases lhat BEFORE TAKINfi. s .juence AFTER TAIIM. tmil- bus-; as joss of Memory, Cniversbl lJisitu c, pain in the back. Dimness bf Vision, Premature Old Age, nd many oih-er lii:utea lhat lead to insanity orCop-snmption and a Piemnture Orave. a-ru'l p r:ieulai-s in ou - pamphlet, whih we d ire t iod free by mail tr every one. The Mpeeiric a edicine is sold by ail drnk asts t $1 par paokape, or alx packages for 5,or wt.l be sent free by mail on receipt itf the money by addressing TIIE QUAY HEDiriSTE CO.. i No 10 Meeh-tai-s r,lo-k, DaTRO T Micrt. 1 Sold In I., m pot? by x 11 drusgUls. KediDj-1 ton & Co., Sau Krneisco, nbolesate .ifteola. Jan. 21th F. W. FROST. IZA12B m Foreign I Domestic Bf Dry Goods, STATE STREET, .' K 9AHTA BARBARA - CAI- April 1 1878 WEKK la vorrowr tnvn n j pital risked. You can rire the bn. ess a trial wfthout exnoou 1 w best ODDortnnllr var iftAfi1 tho-e wllline to work. Ynu tini,i nothlrg else antfl you s-e f ryourseif what yon cai do at tbe . uslness we offfer. No room to explain here. You ean devote all jour Hmeor only your spare time to tbe business, and xaske great pay for eraiy hour lhat you work. Women make as much ? men. Hend for speeial private erms and particulars, which we mail fy ' -mat fine. Don't complain of hardtlms wnile you have such a chance. Addrssa H HalletA Co. Portland Maine. Important. All persons knowing themselves indebted to the undersigned must call and sett. All kinds of produce take. Shop open Tnssdsr Thursday and Satnrdsv. M V, "WEBB DRESSMAKING. Dre Z dfiie iu tbe Iatet stvl; atalsA ihe most modern improved charts "f. r sal hy MR8. AME3 STF.WA1IT. Per. 20 tf

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