Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania on March 13, 1940 · Page 8
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Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Chester, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 13, 1940
Page 8
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CHESTER TH.ISS, CHESTER, PA., WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13, 7940 iSocIafl and Personal Happeeiegs of City and County Residents Gossip A bout People You Know Home and VAu b Activities EjiageoienCs, Weddings Mrs. Joseph J. Summerill, of Rose Tree road, Media, is spending several days in New York City. Johnson, Mrs. Thomas Cromptfin, Mrs. Eva Elerl, Miss fsnbellc Uteri, miss Anna Mngmre. Miss Isabel Maguire, Mrs. Victor Bematier, Miss Miss Rtjbye Ruckor, ot 12 Wst Grace Gulbrnlth, Mrs Hww Mr, bers of her bridge hisi evening. Charles Elerl. i her home. ! AnV.ur v.'oi thdia - ion and Mrs. Ed - ! gr Bancroft. Mrs. David K. Gallagher, of 312 .Swortfuwire avenue:. Ridley Park, will entertain thi - members ot her luncheon club at her home today. Mr. and Mrs. John Heard Hunter, 2d, of "Pmetflp ." Novtown u:iiv iv Uf leave nit i.u. vf.e'K for a. trip throu A meeting: of the ftlio Sigma Sc - wity wot, JtJ or, Monday evening at the home of Mrs. Marion Burton, in ibis city. Members present were Miss Doreen Randal, , '' l i 1 inc Ai Pirn V':ii:irt': MiU'ThKm. - ; Heat,'.,' aun - ii ,VJvS fllU - ;. lilnKl: BEAUTEOUS PORTIA Mrs. Edwin F, Rulan, of 711 ! next mr - l MR son avenue, urnxei nm, win - tertain the members ru her bntlre club nt mncneon m nor i jihls elty. M! , liotsot, Mil l.Hvc the' Mr. and Mrs. M. Roy Jackson, of "Kirltwoad." Newtown Scpi.irs - . who have been spending two weeks at Boca Rot an, Fla., nave returned to their home. Mrs. William S. Blakoley, of Twentieth street and Providence avenue, entertained the members of her bridge club ai dinner in her home, last evening. Miss Ada Dcerinp, of Thirteenth and Potter slrtd.s, viH entertain the members of her bridge club at luncheon today at ihe Pcnn Athletic Club in Philadelphia. Mrs, S. N. Lyman, who has been vlsltlne her dauphtnr, Mrs. B. A. Thwmjrcn of M kite' - ' T'.vcmv - third to her home in Syracuse, X. Y. Joseph A. Ashby a student at W. P. I. Reading. Pa., has returned to sdua - ao ntier . - : r.ciini: the weekend wtth his pa en is. Mr. a nd Mr? J. A. Ashby, of 1027 West Eighth Mrs. Albert - R. Grange: "Clovelly," Upland, will hare ; guests today for luncheon bridee. Mrs. Joseph H. Colli VA - tinewoo.!; Mi,, Hash - It O. Hall. I r,hdy; EN OA CEMENTS Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Wilson, of I.anmi'.i'.nn - , nnnnunte the engagement (if their auKhter, Miss Helen L. Wilson and Ravrnond M F.uist, son of Jacob M. FanM, of Phlln dolphin, and the tat Mrs. aiarriTgeTicense applications Tim following applications for r.wriint; licenses wfi e ir.ntte ut the oftiae of Wir.nekl W. Crawford, rr:B - istcr 01 wins iu Media.: Howard C. Hull, o(i, and Iva C. Boone, 23, both of 135 East Twenty - second street, Chester, Frank N, Stafford. 20, 2511 Providence avenue. n:vd Kvelvn C. Hum - ling, 19, 814 Els In ore si root, Ches - ,"V .SSf a, - Tatnsli, once erf at U';tt Med :od(d D.V.. .1 I: Mr. and Mrs. PeVev Thayer street Ridley nave nwi: ::peod:n( .v - vcral 'tod::, la. Miami Beach., Fla., have relumed to their liome. Mrs. Kane was the guest of friends on North Bay road, Miami, before returning home. Miss Man E. Hinkion. of l?fi East Fourth street, and Mrs W. W. Moss, of Swartbmore. will entertain the members of thn n,d;uvnrn County Chapter. D. - m.ehiera of the American Revolution, at the homo of Miss Hlnkson on Monday after - Miss Sarah Guyer, of West Eighth street,' t!;e members o: her club at her home on Monday evening. Other members present were Miss Mar,taj u Copper, pp.:,., Ruth Conn, Miss Elizabeth Nethery. Miss LoU Charnock and Miss Helen Bouiden. Mir - vs Copper will have the next ruaeimm Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Knabb, of 303 Purce!l free;. Rldiey Park, will entertain informally at dinner in their home this evening iludr Vni' - sra will be Mr. mad Mia .Tomes W. Lukens, of Woodlyn; Mr unci Mrs. Daniel S. Morse, of Swnrth - anu .., an,1 ;r - Piuro M Lockwood, 23, U15 Nortii Lun,e M. - eet, ami Marie Mtllaa, 20, 2l.a North Olive street. Media. William P. Enehus, 31, and Dorothy E. Carr, 23, Ixith of Morton. Robert. W. Burke, 24. 132 North Cedar lane Upper Darby, ami Elizabeth V. Stmigii, 20, G13 Feme avenue. Drexel Hill. dole. T. .Smith 21i Holds. N Y land Alice M, Flnuegan, '2i. Richmond Hill. N. Y. i Curtis G. Johnson, 24, 4062 Mcr - emie. t - nuaoeipnia, and U';i' f ' ""' VV ! 1 a "" ?l' M:' ,.,.ri street, and Ernestine Burton, 22, , hhOl Soad: ColoiTiUa ...Jnaa: piudi - of i dclphia. - tunes, k tiray. 22, r a Ire lev,', N, J., and Muriel II, Hairics, 22, Hartford, Conn. Hernert J. Ramsey. Jr., 25, 2M Soiitii Fiffy - flft!) .street, Philadelphia, and Edith E. iiefitelinaer. 22, Ridley Park, were granted license to wed, nt Philadelphia, yesterday. Sweeney, of Ridley ParM Mrs. Ernest L. Noom of Dreel Hill; Mrs. William W. Bohmu. of t.nvil Ui PA. CIO BACKING GUFFEY CAMPAIGN Harris tmrs, March 13 (INS) The state CIO today officially sw - an l:.s simpru - L vadiind the candidacy of U, S. Sen amr Joseph F. Glllley, who eks le - eleetlnn on the Demoora'la ticltet, re - atrirmdm' t.he sauami li. took In th.e bitter 123d pri mary ea;npnlgn. A formal statement belied hv John A. Phillips president,' and Lester Thomas, secretary, of the Pemasvlvrmht pidust i ial U n o u Coin ml!, termed Gi;!Tev "a friend of nil th.e wrtker.s of Arr.eidea and an oiitstsmih - .i - liberal m lr.s support ( New Deal legislation." The .statement said the P1UC represenled ti20.000 organised wage earners in Pennsylvania, SON WOULD AMEND THE WAGNEU ACT admitted to the bar of Allbcuijrh fees - aa an art helped pay her vvaj school, she said vei fort'olton that beauty title iy i CHESTER HOSPITAL DAILY BULLETIN i amivt's meeting of n - o.aia.y .MeClflU aUfd In In: J urn of Cncster Hospital, - - !, - : - - f.n. the Vem aa ri,., - . - Pa i , , - , , - a i , , , , 1 , . t 1 1 " 1 i . II memben prUr m, ' 1 of 1 1 1 Jr., Mirr, Beiim Metvin - lonr ronn or roveim" t , . " RobcnaltiV - ;;:3 ! and a 9n & Lamont ar.d Mrs. Car! Ranck. ' ' Russia' and Kastl 1 Germnnv Miss Verma Whitbv. of Oadeiv Mlns Kitty Br.nvri. Miaa Audio - . - Rolanci, Mrs. Ginger Olllcnwaier and Miss Grace Eeth. of this citv s of the Jitterbug Club, n; - Fj a::i Mr - . Margaret. Pa: i aut street, Cohvm ruar,el!aa:a,j - :a , - , , - a ,a ivcntng in ho:. ot iriuehtaa of Mae P - Vpruae street. UaH.a, age to Gecii;e Cromp'.cn.' Today's Chester rlnapital bulletin lists the following eases: Sam Herman, Colonnade Hotel, contusion ot finger; Burton McQuade. Aldan; David Speriman, 72a Mary street; diiea n.i.vaon, G17 East Tenth street, sp valued wrist; Gertrude Siiedden, 541 North street, soralned ankle: Peterson, 25 0G West Third sua e: ja - .vralhuts id marm and rofi: - a rill ; Hobby Jorum Welsh street. burned foot; Mary Syfrlt, 613 Perm at: aet ; Jrtme.s (ilnvanl, 331 Banana avenue; Melvln Whlteley, Uphuid, abrasion or leg; Clara Srolt, 532 Cliarry s':'(et, drank kerosene, Donald Mnhlen. CIS West Third .street, toe injury; Frd Bent ley, 26:9 Ma:! - son street, laeuraled eye; Pearl V.uite, Trainer, and Putriek Stra.iu, Admissions: Helen Suchln, 524 West Third street; EssJe Newman, III i n I m:r, 3'el Fulton at rael , Mary OlOcti, 323 Ulrieh street; MarLmret Kt.sii. )102 Upland street; Johr. Stewart, Rosemont; Moses Parker. Booth - wyn; Frances llaydu, 131 Lewis si - reel - Mnrv DeMaltio. 312 West. Fifteenth street.; Lee Givens. 28 n 7 imrci street, ana pearl ware, ntsehai - aes; Gladvs Hlnes. Media - J bines oeott, Woodlyn; Marv Wells, 1009 Parker street; Helen Williams, SlelKhtnu Farm:,; Carrie Mllev '2102 Man, si i art: Prli - o, u Media: Billle Crowley, Woodlyn:' Fav id . mo M idem iv mi w Gross, . 2H19 West Thud Terry. 923 Centra) avenue; Ann Plleggi, 105 Franklin si.reet, anct i'flfitiiiis Navin, 207 Lloyd TALL CEDARS" GET INVITATION Chlcr or Police Harry Robinson, Grand Tall Cedar of Pcnn Forest No. 21. Tall Cedars of Lebanon, has received a coin - uiiratmn frnin Scctt K. Huffovd, oid Tcli Crdat of Praudrnvme No. 20, ot w ilm inp t on, Del , idling the band, rangers, stunt on and membi is of the local for - ' to attend the ceremonial wbmh NEWSPAPER THEME AT PLAYERS' CLUB l the Swarthmorn Pin v. ers" Club, and is bclnu Klven In slaccflto plus" style by a large east Hodge. "Tiie Front Page!" by Boi Heeht and Charles Mac - Arthur. came out several years ago and had career was :ts a movie ot the name, iiteejitlv It was revamned ad reunmad "His Girl Friday. - Put thai ever its incarnation, li remains brisk comedy of the newsroom. ,m ' - auras anct tin politicians, ecu through the eyes of a group lie life. HodEc has done a eood mh of the directing, and also plays the vivid" 'fash mm 'ddie I't - portcrs'r - Acl nam ,, presents a uiflcren: Chi cage jinper, alternately lounge about me press room m tne uriminai Courts building, shout over the for a rewrite man if news'! comes in, or engage in a never - ending game of poker. The room is dirty and shabby; the men unshaven and impressed as to clothes, are lazy and profane, but when a story breaks, they are whirlwinds lor acuon. uui one must, rememner is !.s a stage piny. Heart Interest enters as Hlldy ihiison. reporter for the Examiner. Walter Burns' natwr. tries to tret. out of the slews paper game, many in.s ut - . - d heart Peggy and set out for New York where an ndvertisinc job Is waiting for him. At the end of act three, he and Peggy are on their way, but the audience realizes thai, the trick move which Walter makes as the curtain, falls, will bring them back again. l - Pmitmmom Ls imbed a - plenty as a condemned murderer escapes and mahot me ssraat, deb - ads aim mill hexjllfe. inrougnouv me tnrce aer.s, mere .as a noticeable absence of muses. promptings and other first - night flaws which sometimes happen. Hlah tension and hleh sneed never slackened throughout. Many were the laughs from ihe audience, as clever lines and situations followed . in a 1 i in u. i The reporters. J, D. Nnra.erth James R. Powell, Carl W. Peterson, Harry V. Bonner, Jr., James A. G. Campbell, Jr, (who played the. harmonica when he wasn't dozing), Bradford Rile and Thomas L. burdens. 3d., the latter In the role of Hlldv. were tons, one and nil Elizabeth H. Swan as Molde MaiMy, who tries to aid the murderer; June Atkiss, as Peggy Grant; Mildred j - ionn as Jennie, the cleaning . onian; Francis Porter MacMeil at; Ma. Sah lower and Elizabeth Mav Roberts as Mrs. Grant did excellent H . Lueders made the amah part, as Mr. Finals. Indeed It might be said that there were no minor roles, for such recognized favorites as Alexander Drvdan, StaiTord W. Parker, Irvln li, Mac - Samuel Evans, Jr.. F. IT WoatlrofTc. Jackson K. Matthews, Rowland K. Harrison and Alan (.:. ami aiPUm mahuuahv fn In,, amass of the evening. The laro.e audience exnrcssed its approval through applause and sev - SHE'LL BE MRS. HENRY FORD, II 81 Southampton, to Henry Ford II, son of Mr. ami Mrs. Edsel Ford, of Grosse Pointe Shores, Mich. Ford, a grandson of Henry Ford, Graduates from lalo 11115 year. Miss McDonnell is a graduate of the Convent of the sacred Heart, New York. MARCH MEETING OF PHARMACISTS ot Media and Mr',, Martin kt .' Kruda! ' Cleveland M'tri - ll 11 Vtilnl 1 . 1 i yueai Loutiy ior a " noroua i - aboa halat'm:,;, Caard and .. - - a. a'h vvli: be held F; iclae eierdue f'1 air v: am Farm". Clan Riddle: ou - nl i,l Ilea omymu Ac :a"aam Ih.audywd'ie J - Maasl , t h up'.ruic .Samuel C. Speuo - r. of "Oa.k - ha - haau, ita.hp, e,:,aa. Pa 1 ha - - - ' ra 'hut!, Arndtoithm, am the Pmpam nia - kmhr - and M'a. - . - MaHte MRS. T. F. LEES LUNCHEON HOSTESS Mrs. T. Frank Lees, of Movlan and Oakland avenues, Moylan, was hostess at lnneheon, vesterdav to five of her friends in Phlliidofphle After lunehen Mt.s. Tees and her enioyetl Ihe program pre - aar.teu pa a, i e m 'au'a at the Paouim - l - Phia Music Club at the Ih .h vea - S Ira I ford hotel. Those who enjoyed Mrs. Lees hospitality were: Mrs. R. Sternelle. of Drexel Hill; Mrs. E. StaufTer, of Bv - wmad: Mrs. j iPamP - rson tPmtfb ,1 The March meeting of the Dela ware County Pharmaceutical Association was called to order at midnight Monday, at the Chester Club, 511 Welsh street, with John Deans, of Eddy stone, presiding. i t e. - e Presto A. Paul, of Conemaugh, Pa., president of the State Pharmaceutical Association; OUbnrl, T, Hhnnrtt rf TM1 - d li hi, j i i u lit nil b urn i,ey a, tt.ich.uiti, oi Marnsourg, sec - i - elary - tierastircr of the crate" Association. Oihujr guestr were from the Chester County Pharmaceutical As - Mr. Paul outlined nrnh1pm: nf the - . tab .' - uet Cion and then discussed the icntalivr - m - wram f,a, - iUa state convention at. Pi't t.abiarph in une, ofilcially inviting the members t the Delaware Cmmlv AOT.i,v'm to attend and participate in the pro - Mr. Rhoads spoke briefly, outlining the activities of officers or the State Association. He stated that the of - Occrs had visited every county in the state nt least dnec and in many counties, such as Delaware, they have made frequent visits Lo asso - caa lion meetings. The chief address of the evening was delivered by Mr. Riekard, who spoke UUeiestingly of the professional and commercial phases of store management. He Illustrated ju.s aim m, means ot espeemdy pre - Open Thursday to 9:00 l " Lores, No'. ,9. of Mil - TVUA' L fnn! - will hold a eeiemonial 1 The Women's Commillee of Tully . j ttj 'ak i i :; "oi; a mu - i',P.auia - a (traintrv Clul,, hecam - p ivdl V UHV j as - ; 1 '"use ,pu.s aaanam: uup a del e pa ( mn ! hold their i.amlar mnufldv i'faeptir.n :' V7 - V 1 to C,C,';'1 k'aoars iroea penu Forest tu the eltiliheusa, atudav. 11:30 p. m. S - ' Ira i " 'Weat CheMer , e I ' SZh . AMONG THE SICK !;' - 'f:Vv.::';b w - 'edmm: WilYoZ FiJ"ye , :; - ' - - A I aiUUlHU l TIL JltiV ter. Fa., and the local Forest will T - W 'T ,?Zw,s V n - " Y - fx", ' ' ' I be represented by a lnrfje del. A t - . - ,fw ? - .,'), " Vl - V. - Miss Eva ye CulCerf, o at, "! bl. - mbers. f ' ""aUU Hwf X - kV'm'". ' - 'A ss plRns for h( - - ! J - v C0Lt.i;r.E play t V ,h "2a V M;.. VLV I Mns ..... , Seveulh and Barclay is, Row - XL n..nintm,,t VP Mrs. Harry Wt.llams, of Dicxel r. .''Vn llll - i'lP,lj!l!::i''1 - of . ..rc; Witilroe. : - m.'.i man nf ilu com - nnU - h v.uil entertain a, .llf;lleou .., ; - - ' . I MheUa. ol tba, mil . .and mam, Tu'.I (Palau - an.d PElt.MANENTS - Sl.95 Hp ts11 UoU C,,, r home today when ben eum - ls mi ' i ' 'V ' :o1'" 111 th'' ' Ul,'u' h - ;Vl nunle icaervn - HFAU l'V Aln ....... ,.;lch OTCtt V WClT OPVie 1 be curs. John Mcconnell, MranVi J Jr - " :K'1j.i,'1,L ! u,(Vn Hall. Hons tor this event. The follow - USADIfiJiri n hhuty - if,; plfvl'kkhC D,rM:'''d;yVor!'' Woodworth and William Poambe,,, 1207 ''bonE it - MK jf IMJ er : Mia,:"',:. T c : - - : - p p . ' ,to(p,?,, ! 61 NEW. - .a CREAM DEODORANT r HOis eri. of m l)riK Store tire now . . , . . F ' v ' 7 1if',,'":" - "r ohtttiunhlo tit 1 Which safety ii saV They'll ffo for the j mm. , STOPS w, PERSPIRATION 1 EJtH on, Miss Dorot liy ' Y.' - un' - p Miss 'm ' I - ' shall be pleased to strvr , ' ' .."sll I 'ange of lasts and sizes to assure 1. y a - Wm correct nt. KEED THIS TIMELY WARNING!! jj ' xZt:LSX"Z '' 1 ' - y) H 9.50 to .50 these ann6yW symptoms may bo . JS ; , T A',,,,,, ,K T , 1 J CmCm L fr duotofei: ' ' ' 1 j An'f - il Joj! of The Amen. - .Ul - gf Ttz. - z:L:l II I PROF0NnflvlLY amilinGT thru thi. "todngUmt."" . S jjtku ' P i'1 Arrid ha. bR.n 1d "The Home of Good Shoes" ' , ; m$ ARRID I Slater - Q overtaxed, Bnsitv nerves ar.l )cs. a chance to help Y0U5 i - Shoe Store, Tnc. kJ? "" .. C1U - STEH kolhuadai cated that the pharmacists of the association strive to theii - professional prestige in their communities, A panel discussion followed this address. The members enjoyed a buffet luncheon, and adjourned at 3 a. m., Tuesday morning. Letters to the Tieies Editor APPRECIATES AWARD March 12, 1040 Editor Chester Times: I wish to thank you for the wonderful award I received at the cooking school, the Sunbeam electric mixer given by L. A. Hackett store, I still can't believe my good fortune. Please consider me now more than ever berore a firm booster and friend of the Chester Sincerely, (MRS,) RUBY E. WILKES, o West Third street, Chester LOCAL TALL CEDARS AT UPSTATE RITES Lewis S. Worrall and Fred'O. Es - rey, members of Penn Forest - No, 21 Tal! Cedars of Lebanon, attended the March Ceremonial of Bethlehem Forest No. 61, held in the auditorium of the Broadhead Building, in Bethlehem, Pa.. Monday evening. Among distinguished guests present were Harry W, Di!linSer, Junior Supreme Tall Cedar of the United States and Monroe Hess, representative of District No. S. District Representative Worrall extended a cordial Invitation to the members of Bethlehem Forest and to members of the visiting forests present, to attend the next cere - EASTER CRUISE ; BERMUDA I 8 Days $75 Up i Sails March 22 Fnr JleservattDns Apply I Sweeney & Clyde I TRAVElv AGENTS J SZ9 E. Mil St. Phone 6141? monlal of Penn Forest tn hf held in Masonic Temple, Ninth and Welsh e - eets, Wednesday evening, March 27, when officers and members of Lhe local forest would have as their guests the officers and members of the Supreme Forest of the United States. Germany boasts that Ulm Cathedral has the world's tallest church spire, which rises 532 feet. OPENING BEAUTIFUL NEW AND MODEIIN BEAUTY SH0PPE THURSDAY, MAR. 14, IS40 CroiulBnole Whole Head Shumpoo J Machmless Wavt . . $3,00 Other Waves, $2, $3, $4, $5 Shampoo & Fingerwave, 50c EDWARD'S EES 624 SPROUL ST., CHESTER. mm" mmmmmm i YOU certainly can Every day, more and more people tire switching to Abbotts Ice Cream. It offers ch more in. flavor and quality because it's made from America's finest table cream. Have you tried Afcbotfj recently? KE CREAM y opening tomorrow THURSDAY, MARCH 14th 616 EDGMONT AVENUE Q HESTER'S Smartest Women will look to. "the Ellen shop" for everything new in Fashion . . everything fine in Quality a storeful of apparel priced to fit the modest budget. i St COATS GOWNS INFANTS SUITS DRESSES SPORTSWEAR CHILDREN'S WEAR QMART simplicity is the chic keynote in our exciting new collection. Step into Spring with enchanting dresses, suits and coats for Juniors, Misses, Women . . . cleverly styled to flatter and make the most of your figure. Here too, you can outfit tiny tots from the baby dumpling stage ... up to the "going - to - school" age. "YUR inspection is invited . . . - A a cordial welcome awaits you tomorrow, or tomorrow evening (we will be open until 10 p. m. for your convenience.) The btiur inc. 616 EDGMONT AVENUE

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