Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on March 6, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, March 6, 1942
Page 1
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The Weather Rain Ending Lato Today, Beacon Falls Bethany Bristol Terrace Circulating: In ^ Cotton Hollow Middlobury —' MillviJle Platts Mills Straitsville Union City If It's News You \ ; Can Find It In , The NEWS r 0 l. XLVII, No, 54 NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS, FRIDAY, MARCH 6, 1942 Price Threa Cast* apanese lohn E. Caskey Named iRDNANGE WORKS WILL BE IN PENNSYLVANIA Revolt By The Filipinos "' '' •*-*-> fill Bo 'Operated Under Di- rootion Of Naugatucjk Ohomioal Division PHE UNITED STATES CrOVEKNMENT WILL FINANCE BROJBOT U, S, 11 Will Operate Plant On A Oost-Plus-A-rixed)- J'oo Basis SCHOOL BUDGET MAY BE EXCEEDED BY $10,000 HERE Increased iSalartes, New .School Bus Route And Rise In Costs Blamed SlnlOH iUihhor oompany awanUul u oontruot hy tho ,,ir ni-j.Ul'lllHMll 1-0 OpnnUu U MOSS 1 nil 1'iir llm mumifiioUii'o of Irlnl- l)liiluoii<', oommonly oallod TNT, ' WIIH announced today by I 1 '. B. vis, Jr., ppnMldunl, Thn plant, to Unwind lii •'iMmnHylvaiili'i, will he usvn an Pdiuigylvnnlu UiHlnaru'f lorkx, • .•••'-' (Hiiiipiiny will consult v,'(th 1 " ' ••'• • (M* and oon- , udeijimoy of and construe|>n, svlll limpnot Insinuation of locluotlon luiulpiiionl, and will liln l«iy pi'i'Honnol, In addition to •tiling Ihu iui\v ordnance I'uull- Tho Kovurniuunl will Itiuwcio pi'ojoof. aiirl tlio oompany will i tl .. ' ,t t, ri /i \ Itlllkf 11 _ I I t 1 /"l / I _ «lo it on a lummotilliiK on Uio . now ontor- l-lsr, Mr, imvlH-,frwl(f; "WiMU'.o' wlll'- U (ind (?)»gcr tn'-'do any .Job. the •I'MiiK'nt wimlfl UH to. do, no I op hosv far romovod it muy ho hit tluj nihbor luminous," [Mr. f'mvlH lumoimuod Hint tmJ 1-w I'lanl -will ho operated undiM- |ii'.viioii ol' Iho oompuny'H Naugii- •k (llii'mlcal DIvlHloii, John ' K, iki-y, aHMlwlanl gunciral uuUiuH'f'i' NiiiiHaluok ClhumliMil, IIUH bnon ,.vl». mmuiKi'r of (ho TNT plant, In luldltlon.lo lliw TNT pUiiHrMu.' jiiiibi-r I'.nmpany In 1 operating an |riln:mc.o plaht In tho mhUll.o W^Hl. lir llu 1 marlufuoUit'o of small arim» Inimimlliun. ' .. URENCE JONES TO TALK SUNDAY ft. , chairman of tho ,,, , „ r.ounoll, will iiU- Hid 'Youritf Pooplo.'H Kollosv- ...... ol' the liciiWUKatlonal f«iiuroli in Sunday ovonlOK, Marnh H, Mr J'mi-M.hiirt a UinrouKh knowkulgu ol' li'.' hlslory 1 and I'uturn 01' the l^- Cnuimll In llm oounlry, Iho and tho borough, and has an •sling plolui'o to prtiHunt Lo tliu jHiopIo who ara cmyor to bo If s.-i-vico In UIOHU dayfl ol 1 omor- l-'iicy. 'HUBERT FLAM, FRMER RESIDENT, DIED YESTERDAY funeral Will Be Held Monday From Late Home In .Woorisooket, E, I, I'lanto, (M, o I'oflldont of I'or 10 yearn provloim to . til> hlH rdHltliinoo In -Woori•l, li. I., Mix monthH ngo, dlocl nlay iiNni'iinon In NYoonHOoUol .t lininu on SayUw Hlroot, Un '•laiiluycd linpo In tho Unltoci •< Hnlilicr (loinpany. , is Miirvlviid by lilH wlfo, I'lanln, and 1'oui 1 ( AUni Harnrd and Mra, Lon liolh nl 1 WooMHOOknl.; Mi'^i llniiatid and MPH. Ooorgc , both of Naiigatuok. I'nncral will bo hold Monday lilH l/ilo 'homo, (ntonnont wllj r °m i, Maroh 0—(UP)—Hu- MmHolland, Instniolor . fit. U finllcKo, today wnn ^P• . vLsllliiK UiHtriuHor In hyi'lK.lniry «,l WoHlfjynh Unlvoi!,-'.. " lv t'nc tin. nMiialndor of Uio' ao«- r'ol, who IUIH lioon Klvtm a loayp of piistmcr. i~ jn«(.H>pl. HH' appoliM/inonli o iiMyohologlHi. al '(Van'- I, TCXUH. A prorllotlon thnt tho hudgfil. of Ilio NaiiKuUiok soliool do- par tin nn I. may ho oxooodod hy %\Q,~ 000 lx»roi'« ihf) oloso ol 1 Uio ,l)or- oiWli'H llHdiil year on Maroh 31 was inncln hy Supt, of Schools Harold ID, ClilltoiKiiMi ut tho mooting of tho hoard of mluoal.ion nt tho Tuttlo Hohool -yiVHtorclny ai'Lei'noon. ooHts In Hiihool mntorialH which • oooiirrod lifter the hudgot for tho prosont yonr \vns made up last yimr would result In at toast a ?r>,(K)0 fiollolt for 'tho year', Mr. ChlUomlon told tho hoard, Hut- Mils amount would bo'almost doublod, Jio .said, an a result of tho Inoroaso in HulurloH grantocl io tho tqachors duriiiK thn yonr and tho cxponsb ln- ynlvyd in o.stal)l!shlnK a now school ijuH i-outo to thn Hrlstol Torra'oo HooLlon lust. Soptomb.or. Mr. Chltton- clon advlHod tlio 'board that tlic In- oroaBo In ,.Uio'oost or materials will liav.o to bo figured In arriving at a fltcuro'for tlio Hohool budget.for tho noxt' • No'.dd/lnlto ti'mount'^can. 1 bo namod For-thLs 1 torn "and tho board 'moinhors will ho 'obliged -'to KLIOHH al Iho Hguro, lie said. Tho hoard \van unanimous in tho opinion 'that .tho qoal supply for the SO!IOO|H for^hext year should be puroha'sod and dollvorod as soon as posslblo. Mr. ChHUmdcri was hi- • fCohtl'nuorl on Pa*o Threo) Newest Weapon To Fight the Dive Bomber icGenonir Motors, Pontinc Division;j»Ianl, ^Q'^Hvhy Chnvics'McDnrmott aml'ISImcp ich Mie.Ui'Mifih .Navy, i)iiliuvf;s> is (ho iniswcr' ; tlic 'diyiv-.bomlxji 1 tHi'enl. -The TJuj f/«in Ixiliifl ns'siiinbh'jil nt'the Sj)uuldhiri IsUK; Oorlikon, .which , -., - , Urltisli-Jot (jon'li'tu'fs i'or-lho lua'iuil'afiliii'c of Jhis .f/un .to -Swiss:.-firms! who..reriuiriid iilinost. a ,„ „-.. Into prodiicHon. . Gen«i'nl. Motors minimi hut : s«ven months to start turning them out, nllh'ouqh,-iinrnn)iliui) \yilh, j;tii) prodiio-lion. HODV imcNTiriii:!)' ManasquaiV, N, J.,' March' ('»—(UP) —TJuv body of JOrlwin P. -Davis, 23, ol' Now..' Bedford, MUSH',, third on-' glnocr \vho (.Hod wlio'n Hh'e Standard .Oil •: lunlcor - 1 H. P. :Resdr'... wna. ( - tor : idon tlflod -today hy ,1 ol i n .<') •••ForHdal; 'bno ol' tho- two- 'surviving crew mornhcrs, .H -was'- bno-'oT ilvo.'bodies bro.ughI, afih'or'c hy . a -coa's'L guard boat yostorday. , ' ' ' :; . ' '.' • Crude rubber procluctibn has become Llio basic economic activity of Liberia, the Department ol! Commerce reports, . , ',; ; . •'•......••, Late'News Bulletins SIGNED BY PRESIDENT WASHINGTON, March 6—(UP)—Presiclout Boosed, volt today signed the largest Appropriation/Bill,in.the nutmn's.justory, a measure carrying-' $32,762,737y000 for pvosocutlon of the Avar, • .- ' "•/-••/' ••'.-":.:.; This.measure brought to about $85,000,00p;00q--the amount of funds voted for war purposes by Congrdss; since tho Pearl Harbor attack DecembeiV?. The total since be- ginn'mg of tlie so-called Defense program in June, 1940, is about $.145,000,000,000. -N^'^-':-; . WOULD RAISE'DEBT LIMIT WASHINGTON, Marcli G—,('UP)— The House Ways and Means Committee by unanimous vote today reported 1 favorably a bill to raise from $65,000,000, $125,000,-.. 000000 the statutory national debt-limit. .The. committee acted a few minutes after Secretary of 'the Treasury. Henry; Mprfi-ontlvmi, Jr., m'ged immediate raising of. the debt, limit to faciJitatc tlic war. . '; ' : • - : •":'''['•**'' ' '' ; BILL APPROVED V WASHINGTON, March G— (UP.)— Tlio-House Appro-' hrintioiis Committee today approved •expenditures of: *350 (550,826 for War Department civil; functions m the; next'fiscal, year, including funds .for river channel im, provoTnent flood control and work at the Panama Canal, considered osscntia.l to the war effort..- : • SENT TO JAIL ' ' PROVIDENCE, B.' IV March' 6-(UP)-John W, Ssviatkowski, 26, of Pawtucket, florist truck drivor,for his Father was sentenced to 18 months in jail -when lie,plead-; Gd o-uiltY in U' S District Court today to failure to obey; hislooaldraft board's order to report for Army induction. Swiatkowski objected to military ^service ; w)i.eii: he. was I led i:A on grounds he Was /-about to become- a mem- of the Ohakei^Church; He subsequent]v was admitted ho to-the Quaker Church. GERMANY'S CtAIM BTMWJN; March 6-(UP)«-German Broadcast London) — A'special Germr- T said tod a v that .German 3s»fk r^diti^^S B^B^ll^l^^! qoypri large tankers, in Nprtli aivcl Central Amer-: PVS It was added ithat\during these „,„„„ .,..l--icai...,dc S tvoyev / M'as : .s U nk':an C l^o:.s ships w?ra damaged by torpedoes. . I; Veteran; L;a bo Served 23 Years In Prison; Was Granted Pardon 'San Francisco, March-0—(UP)—: Thomas' 1 '.]. Mooncy, voLcmn : labor figure who 'served 23 . years . in .prison on ohargos.:. of , riynamlLIng • Llic Preparedness pay parade a(,,San: .Fraiicl.sco in J9.1G, .died al• .S'ti-'Lulco's 'hospital early, today aTl-er a long ; illness,' • . •''. •'', : ':'.'••; , i .Mooney',- 58, 'undcrwenL. a. major abdoiiiina! opcral-ion .JasL Monday,; •his fourth'\sinco ' h'is..release J'rom. Sah Qnentin prison on Jan, 7, HeUiiiB been in -the .hospital ,) ol - Be;; Held 'Saturday, April j 25- At NeW ; Haven Club- . : \ Th c-' Nfi u ga tuck .R o l,u ry ..- . . ;U)e ^represented with' n ; JargOv .d'ele- the time, since he-was pardoned.hy ; ^ a y on - $ Hs members : andV,th;cir Gov. Cuibert L. .Olson of Calilornla, ^voin^'-Anris-;-al;- -the', third' conference 'of .the" Al John • . . his bedside wer.e his.-brothcr,: and his sjster, ' Anna Mooney , His IVIcncis In U;ie labor .movement — |.he American Pedci'aLion of Labor, the Congress of .Industrial. Organ-, 'laiUions and th(V Railroad Brother- Moo(ls— win makc'ai'ningoments for-. the fu-neyal,. to .. be .held, \vltli.ln tho; ,h ex I. .-two. or three days. ''. Moontiy and his companion, Warren K. Billings, 'were regarded, .as "labor inarhyj's'! .to' rnilLions. , ••• '•• . They were convicted 1 of first dc- grco imirder-for allegedly "throwing a bomb into the. Preparedness Day parade, Len persons were . Killel .riinl . 40 liui-t. ..'-.. ' ' •; ' ' '(Continued'on Page Two) • FIRST liCTUKEP 12 • AM Public Urged; To Attend -Meeting -{Ait Children'si ; Library: At ; 7:45^ P,M,; The-..first of the spring,.'lec.turos. .and meetings on Victory Gardens has been" announced Cor. March 12, ,7:/ro' p. m; in the story-telling room iof tho .Children.'s-- Library.; .Mrs. Clifford A. Teeple, chairman of the. V'lotory Garden division 1 ' 6ft-j-tlic.-D'c.-; • reuse Council.' urgps'. thai,"ihc-,- gen-, 'eraI-'public•• attend..tliis;^meeting, nt .which .'Robert G;' Hepburn, -,- nsso-, .cvlnlc.^ agent for tlie- Ne.w- ;llaven : County Rar'm .Bureau will;..spcfik. on the Org'nnlJtalloh',. purpose and. plans' of I/he • Victory '•Garden division,.-,. NVarreh ' Brocket!;, New. ; Haven county agent ,o,f the ./i-MIgh. club, will give nn' -illustrated-, .-lecture on; •Victory Gardens to' pupils, of tho sevcnlli hnd .eighth grades of . the. public'and parochial schools, and all high, school .students..;This.-, meeting will :be••'hold? at- the. SiilenY. school at; T .30 p'm. March 17th Girl Scouts will nlfend In a^group ,is they pljuij In conduct* garden projects this spring. .'annual Rotary plubs". i.iv the. 2Qpl,h clislricl, which wi'll v bcV'h.ckl at; the. Now; -Haven i n 'Now" M a ven on. Satur- April 25; ; .Thc M'ilf.Ord. club has jieeii clesisnat'ed; as -;lhe. hdst clul) 'for.''.-tile.''conferbncc with Dr.'. Carl. •. W. Muddpcks', ol' Mil ford'," as. : chairman. •••"' .'•• ". :•' ' •••• • ••': . NaugaUick is qno. of, the- twonty- nine 200th dislriot-of Rotary'•.• International. •-. There -,,-arc •ap.proxim.aleiy 'l.fiOO Rpl.arl.mVs in ••.thls : 'dlsti'lcL ' • :•"••' •' Dr. yinlpi.i•-•.••lenkins' 'of Danbury, -governor of. the ,200th 1 .' district has announced • that ' tlvoV'.••..conference .program'--.wl 11'•••o;pen.-';\ylth a, break- .fnstv ; bf:. the •'. club •lott'icors •'ShdV-oom'm'lttop cliairnVpn'; .' •. • :;.<->A ^business iinceting, is : . sphcduled i;or Jp:30 a. 'ni;.i.'61 lowed,by; ii Iunch 7 con.. ; - ':•..- •. '••••• • -' •• "•';."•.-. . •'•' /•• •'. -i, '|-'.Thc-afternooiv program .will oonr' •sis'l of a." symposium, the • liliemp : of which'' is, „ 1 1-1 o.w.-.Best Can R.otary Serve." ' ' ..-.'' .-'A' dinner will close the conference. Outstanding, sinkers will address the ( luncheon and ••dinner- meetings.. . . • Wives of RoLarians in nttcndancc at : the, spring •'oonftii'ence.' \yil.l J)0 :6ritorliained ^by'; Rotary-A'nns of New Haven; ' ..•• ', >'•• -. ,^ .- . -...', ... CORPS TO SERVE '• Tlie . office-'ii ff.. ,of ; ; Nuugatuck' i olio pier of the American Red Cross : :yvi-!l be, augmented in the future by an : 'additional" member., each Jifter. T •noo'n'of-tlje 'wcpk- of;the newly op•• poi n terf: s taff - assis tii nce cprps-, 5 fc was ^announced at tlie. diapter ..meeting '••liolcP yesj-erday;' • a.fternobn-,=. -This igroLip-.wilV : '-be '; directed -.'-by,, Mrs. ••Kenneth. Johnson. '• • . • ,/" - v'--r John-'W': tlayesy'Sr.,,wlxorpresiaed. M? : th'o absence 'of Chairma'n.;Carlisle B-''T,uttle, .also' announced that' Miss. i)oro thy; v Moss ..• and. M rs. , J oh IT .:\V. .Uayps, Jr., will bo, the Inslruclor^ for^lhe nutrition classes- which -will soon start their sqssions, Invaders Order Natives In i ed Areas To Surrender ; • • '' x • . '...'•' Weapons They May Possess DUTCH FORCES RETIRE POan .To Ma3te Last Stand There; Situation In Burma Is Very Grave ; By 'JOE ALEX'' MORRIS '.> . : ' (United Press Foreign $di : tor)-, Dutch, forces today; fought a-. grim retirement back.* into the 'mountain 'ridges' of ' Jav,v -where the}' hope to make' a last stand emulating that 'of •Gen'. Douglas 'MaoArthur oiv Batoian peninsula: t - •'-•-•- ".'••' •'- • " : -• • .Japanese troops -appeared to have o ecu pied iSatavia, and . were- pound- Jritf •• nearer .-:tp ."' Socra'baja navnl iDasc, aided by ''ovcrwhelmln'g 'air support Which .' plastered.; "'Wui-cli , forces \vb ereyer v they' 1 • con c'bsira t^ed for a stand! '' y ' " " ••'.'••••••/i" - K ; ' Artillery Are' cou^d- 'he 1 ' licard In Bancloe'ng, 'mountain- military lieatl- ciuarters " of 'the 'Dutch; -ami a -Japanese' oolumn -reached Jdkjalvartrij •only., lOpi'mlle,* e/ist, of /.TfJt^Jnpj .only igaci'iiy south-'coastt'^iava 1 - seaport.-; ; '' " UEUIMaBOURNE MARRIED TO MISS mm AT STORRS Bride : -Is'Daughter Of Prof. • W..F. Cheney. Of .Uniyer- , sity'Of Connecticut • . 'reported! 1 'on '^dhcloehg, Dutcli ' mill- 'idry lie^dquarticrs' , in i'the -,1a«vif m bun talk's -which,, may b'e'.llip center of tjje •KisV^fcii //Jcfcnse ^r.pA which the p.Utch v r hold. : •>' : The 'Dutbli^ ndmitte'd 1-haf they now have no hop<?, that the forces on -the flglUlng ground in Java cpn be reinforced an^. tile speed with which the . Japanese • were , overrunning:- the ifilantt seei\Jdxl. : .J.b make If, doubtful ' that-' even: the inner defense rings would provide «n- •Qltoolivo barrier against the superior attacking fnrees. ... • The sltD'ationyin; Burm'a.'.WAs .only a degree- 'less-, grieve'' th (in'" ' that 'in Java. '. . " '.--. v •'•' Tolcyo reports said Japanese forces', are '•within- 14 m M e £ o£ Ran- _ •' •; ' ' : . •'. '.' '.•''". : (Continued oh - Page - Two j . ' '•'•" "' ' NEW HEAD OF Gqjman Deegaiv has been .elected president' of thq;Thirl,y Club of St. Francis 1 church to succeed ' Leon- ard,-Cpnlln who resigned the office' when he was .transferred from the local plants .of the U: S. Rubber Co. to their Woonsocttet, R. I. plant, Mr. Docgan . was ^vice-president 1 of- ; the club and'John^Hcalcy has bepn mimed to that office'. The club will .assemble at the St. Francis Parochial school at G :45 a. -nr. Sunday morning a.nd-'.\VJI1 march in a body 1,6 St;. Brands' : cliurch where! they will attend 'the. 7 o'clock mass. . , . SPECIAL 1EETING OF"VEtilONIGHT ; A-, special .meeting;, of. Crusader 'Post, No. 1946, Veterans of-'Foreign Wars, has been ^clilifcft-for 8 o'clock tonight, .al;Mti_4' 'Ipost '"lieadquarters oh Rubber " nVenuc; .Business of great iinp'qptnnbo Ho-'ihp''post will be transacted ,is urgent that 'every member, attend. TREASURY BALANCE • . ' G—(UP)— Government expenses and receipts for the current naciftl year through, March 4, compared -AVJt/ ha year ago.; ; •• .. '•''••.- .'••.• :: . : '- :.••'••.. ••', -THIS YEMl^- -LAST VEAO;•.•••. .'...'-•.- .-!'•':• Expenses , ; .. : ".' $17,207,6^8,7^.01 ;. A , $7,536,000,501.38 War Spcndhur •.'•-•i2 1 830;704',244;52 l '. : -;:v.'.' : '." 3;Oi8,G83,025.86 .-.-"•.'•' '.- .' ; . • ' . •Receipts ! • • ' ;' • • 5,650,211,120.60 , ; 3,893,376,252.96 • , • Net Deficit i/,83,099,32/, 38 3,599,468,488 42 Cash Bftlnnce- - * 3,337,572745.71' , 1,670,319,58297 Several Nnugaiuck rcsirtonts at.- lemied Hie, wcd.ding Wednesday ;U Btor,rs,*C'oun.; of. Jvioui. A'rl.b\ir.J3ur-; Ion Melbourne, ,U\, son of-Mr. and :'M'rs. Arthur• 13,-rMoVbourne, of/Na-u-; 'galiuok ' to' Miss' SI,. Clhlr jClix.abcUi 'Plieney; daughter* of "Prof, aivd Mrs. SviVliani' Fitch' CheYie'y, Jr., 1 instnvc- tpr^'in -'highmv m a thftm allies.. at^tlio ;aJnf;ycrsh-y--of;GbhnecU.cut;rai.;Sl'orrJ3iS .Among the oul,-of-lown • guests at-- •lendlng \vcre Mr,' and. Mrs. Arthur •'B.-.Melbourne, Sr.,' .their daughter, Htixoi; Mr. and Mrs. ISdward Mol- hourne, .their daughter Mar.jorle and son E'cjwaril, ,lr., 'all of Nauga- Luclc and Mr. and WlHIani P. Cheney of San Francisco, Ca), The ceremony was performed In J,he' Cheney residence by Nov. •'• 'Garland Waggoner, a member of the University of Connecticut faculty. The home was prettily -decorated with spring flowers,, Tho bride was given in man-Inge by her father. She .was attended by Miss Virginia Shaulis of Boston, Muss. Howard Anderson of Naugaluck,- officiated as best man. The bride wore a biuo orepe ensemble, with a corsnge of white orchids. She, nttcnbed Jackson college- in. California for two years, later was a student at Tufts college and was graduated last ,lune from the University 'of ConnectfcuL She wns a member of Sigma Kappa sorority at Jackson. Lieut. Melbourne was graduated from Naugatuck high school, cla«s of i?33 and from the University of Connecticut in 1938. He was a member" of 13ta Lambda Sigma. Following the wedding Lieut, nnd Mrs. Melbourne left for Washington, D. C., where the officer is stationed. ' • -. ;•.• ^ , ^A'mi HERBCOCKROFT EECTED FOREMAN OF HRE COMPANY Department Voted To Purchase $250 Defense Bond Last Night Herbert. Cockroft was elected foreman of the Naugaluclt 'Hose and'Hook and Ladder company at the annual meeting of the Ore'de- partment held last evening in the Maple street flre house. Other officers elecled were James Hennessy. first assistnnt foreman; Raymond Deegnn, second assistant foreman; John Joyce, third assistant foreman and Edward assistant. Alex Calvin was of the Hook, and Murphy," secretary; treasurer and James Gavin, Frank Mulesk Calvin, fourth named foreman Ladder; .lames William Worid. Pcttl t, -Tcrc Max Len- liardl; and Charles Lodge were elected .trustees. . The company voted to purchase a $2$) Defense 13ond from, the funds from Jts treasury. A social session followed the meeting, . . • + *^ FATALLY INJURED j. • , SJo.ut.liingl.on,'' Conn./ March G— (Uf>)—Kdward-' J. Brown, 78, died last night of .injuries ' suffered earlier" in Ulio day wlicn* l?y an automohilc \<'hile walking along the highway. , ' Order Extends Even To Bolo Knife, Filipino's Of All Work V The GEN. MiicARTHUR HAS DISLOCATED THE ENEMY PLANS j Japanese Activity In Philip. pines Has Been Negligible For 24 Hours X By (SVtittlCTT VL MOLLHS ! (United Press Staff Correspondent) Washington, ' Ma'rcli 0--(lJP.).4- Apparently fehrful « of- native uprisings, the 'Japanese ha^e", ;£fiU' all FHIpinos l.n.' occupied arcUs 'to surrender every weapon and , to,(H which might conceivably : he -elm- ployed -as a,' weapon, the \" .partmeixl ropor.tod' today,; 7 , - . ';• ! A - copy of 'Die "Japanese:, ordeh whicl» extended even- .to , tho 'bblo khlfe.i' the Filipino's* • tool '.of :ajl work, has reached Gen. Doujj'Ms ' MacArlhur-s.' headquarter^,?, the a^- ])artment's communique saftl. -"• ''j "Ge.iv MapAriO itr'-as InVl loailng I fiitt • the Invaders fcnv thA't the;lhcroiJi^ ing I'esontmcnt -of • the natives nmy, (Continued on .Page Two) . ! NUTRITION CLASS TOPR^NTPIAY AT ITS MEETING Will Be Held At 7:30 T,o: night At Office Of Conn. L, <fc P. Company ; The mooting o/ the nutrlUoji, under, the direction of MIs^ Dorothy MOBS, at the office of t)ie Conn. Light & Power Go. on Maple sl.root, will ho featured hya-play.-', led In which members- of. the class will l-aku part, The piny, which Js a, health piny on rural life, is en titled "Listen-in^- In." The cast of characters are Mel.tio Carter, played by Mrs. Willis D. Merrill; Minnie Evans, playod by Mrs, Dorothy Onles and .loo Winkel, l\ocp''r of the grocery store, played by Francis, Zvickow- sK-i, of the .Pulton, market. 4 . Miss (Catherine Brooks, of Naiigii- tuck chapter of Mio-Hcd Cross, Nvltl have charge of .l.h-e •properties. Miss lOleanor Droderlok, domestic .science Instruci.rcss in (he local schools, will give a cooking demonstration. The class will meet at .7:30-p. m. '' HELEN MORONEY TALKS TO LUTHER LEAGUE TONIGHT Public Invited To Open Meeting At .8:30^ At Salem Lutheran Church Miss Helen Moroney, principal: nt (he S.ilem- school, wJJl be • the speaker al Uie meeting of, the Luth'cr League at. the Salejir Lutheran church tonight. Miss MONO-'.-. ney who is one of the assistant chairmen of the Naugatuck -Clyl- lian Defense .Council will lolk on the work done by. the council ami Its, aims for-Hie'future. She Is well versed In her subject .and will un-; doubtedly give her audience much, valuable Information on the rneMi- ods to be used here should a serious emergency .arise, Owing .to the -; importance of the talk' and Its irn- . .porinnce" to every' resl'dent ;oC ; ^ Naugatuck the-league Issues an In-' ; vil.ation to the public to attend. ;i ; The. Icagug. >yl?1-- i^cet'a 4 t;-^. o'Ctlock :,, tonight an'd' ; I,lf6- o ; pei'/ : 'hVc%lJ?ig w\vlnr r > start at 8:30 p. m. '\-..\ : :',. : '.-'.'.'£$

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