The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 14, 1945 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 14, 1945
Page 3
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FEBRUARY H Landowners W^' BLYTHEV1LUS COURIER NEWS Vote On Feb. 17 Soil Conservation District Proposed In Pemiscot County The Soil Conservation Commit tee for Pemiscot County, Mo., hns °' " K ' arranged lo hold an election the af- dl l know nny Crashes Famous Harvard Club NEW YORK, Fob, 14 (U.P.)-l Ycitcrdny, for the first'time In tliu 80-year history of the Hnrvnrd Club,. a woman wnlfccd in Ihe front door, tip the [rout slnlrway nnd snt down in Ihe bonrd of directors' room on Ihe third floor. The ° of Feb. nth, nccordlng to an announcement by J. I. Builison, chairman. The county wns divided into four sections as provided in the law and polling places selected for each community. Section one comprises the townships til Little River, rjutler. Godnir Concord, Oregon and Gnyoso Poll- Inff places will be: Warrtcll at Citizens' Gin; Peach Orchard, School building; Hayward. School building- Netherlands, Gin Office; Rowland's' Gin Office; Black Island, School building. Section two is made up ot Pas- coin, Braggadocio and Hnyti townships and voting places'will bo- nragg City, Tilman's Gin Office' I'.iscoln, School building; Decrine' Recreational Hall; Braggadocio' High school gym; Huyll. City Hall Section Three includes Little Prairie and Pemiscot townships and voting places will be: Caruthersvillc Courthouse; CoUonwood, Theater- Mieola; Inman'.i Store. Section four includes Virginia. Holland and Cooler townships They will vote al: Denton, School Building; Holland, Samford's Store- Cooler, Holly's Gin; Sleele, John Park's Garage; Hermondale, School building; No. Eight,Cranford's Store. The Farm Bureau is sponKoring the organization of this Soil Conservation District and plans to provide voluntary election officials for each polling place. It will be necessary fo get tin expression of nt least 25 per cent of the landowners, which Is about 750 and Iwo thirds must be in favor of the proposition if it is to carry. Nations Cities Seek More Of State Revenue CHICAGO (UP)— Through legislative programs and resolutions adopted by state leagues of municipalities in the closing months of 1944, Ihe nation's cities this year are working toward four principal objectives. They arc: 1. General revamping of stnte fiscal systems to allow cities lo develop their own adequate revenue systems, also calling for increased sharing of state collected revenues. 2. Retirement, systems for municipal employees; inclusion of such employees in the federal social security system. 3. Slate assistance, financial and otherwise, for preparation of post- wnr public works blueprints. 4. State urban redevelopment lejf- islalion. -^ IS List Five Taxes Municipal leagues of 13 slates asked for increased sharps in stnte-c collected revenues from liquor, motor vehicles, tobacco, gasoline and retail goods taxes. Norlh Carolina cities favor allocation to localities of one per cent of the state gas lax for construction and maintenance of roads Florida citie.s propose a state cigarette tax of four cenfs a package, to he redistributed to communities where cigarettes are sold. South Dakota cities want to share revenue from Ihe State's 10 per ceiit gross tax on liquor and Texas cities want the Legislature to increase city revenues from auto Hcease fees. Oregon cities recommend that the federal government establish a national: planning agency 'to Co- orrtinsle.:ijlans;of. the .federal ;gpv- crnment with state and locarageh- cies in postwar projects. Ten states have called for prompt completion of postwar plans. Need for a retirement my old- age assistance plan'covering all public employees was expressed by municipal leagues of Minnesota, Michigan, Oregon, Tennessee Pennsylvania, Texas, - Washington nnd other states. Urge Airport Allocation Cities of three states — Florida Minnesota and South Dakota — may approve plans by which local, state and federal governments mny share costs of construction anci maintenance of aviation ground facilities for public use and Texas cities urge allocation of the state tax on aviation gasoline to cities for airports. Leagues of several slates went on record favoring: co-operalion with Federal Surplus Properly board nnd three—Kentucky. Oregon nnd Minnesota—want priorities in the purchase of federal surplus goods and equipment. Among other interesting features of programs adopted by municipal leagues in 2C states is Nebraska's petition to the State Legislnlure to amend present zoning laws so municipalities may exercise health and police protection for a distance llnee miles beyond city limits. Minnesota cilies favor legislation requiring tests for drunken drivers and for pedestrian obedience of iraffic signals. Ohio's cities want existing slnlutes amended to require (he stale department of highways to be responsible for construction and maintenance of state highway routes within city limits and Washington communities want civil service extended to local governments. be carried by rockets, nnd n letter ing from New York to London would arrive there in one hour and cost one dollar lo send, lie also pi-L-iUclitl that lit 10 or 15 yours, passengers would ue flying — over the world In rocket ships woman was Joan Younger which would by that lime be con- Unllcd Press, who snys she trolled so they wouldn't explode She wns sent lo Hint address to cover would take off slowly but would travel at n .speed of approximately 3.COO miles mi hour, -so Hint you could' if you wished, Junket to tendon simply to take a book out the British Museum and l>p of a story about post .. Nobody told her, she snys, that Ihe club admits women only by Ihe back door, niul only 'on spccinj occasions and that no women ever arc permitted above the second floor. The first indication Joan had that she was trespassing was in the lobby which, incidentally, is a very nice lobby with n cozy fire burning under n picture of Wood- -- -•-• •" ""» 7 <»<•" »» mi- row Wilson. A mini with n goatee lll " i " O01 ' ; lllnt even'cleraiing men id stared were uswl so (llnt t!| e rules would be violated. He said It wns unfortunate that such n precedent Imd been sel." "I nsked him," she says, "why there wns such a rule, nnd he said Hint it wasn't because there wns lowered his newspaper nt U.P,'s gal reporter. Another man told Miss Younger that she was not permitted in tlic lobby, that she mutt leave Immediately. But Joan showed him buck in three hours. Then, says Joan: "After the press conference, a member of the Harvard Club staff (old me solemnly I was the first woman ever lo linvc been on the the invitation to the press conference which said "Board room Harvard Club,'- very clearly on it and said nothing about women being thrown out. That did it—she stayed. The press conference was held by Louis Bruchfes, an expert on aircraft, armament. He predicted that within five years mail would State College Teacher Accepts Job In Brazil JONESRORO, Ark., Feb. 14 (Up) —Miss Hirol Shnll, a teacher at Arkansas State 'College, will go la Brazil toon. She will be engaged as an Instructor for a firm that trains personnel of the Brazilian Ail- Forces In the operation nnd maintenance of military planes. i Ration Calendar CANNED AND PROCESSED FOODS. February 1-Firsl day for blue stamps H-2, J-2, K-2, L-2, and M-2 In Ration Book IV. (Blue stamps X-5, Y-5, 2-5, and A-2 through O-2 remain good.) March 31—Last day for blue stamps X-5, Y-5, Z-5, A-2, B-2 in nation Book IV. April 28—Last day for blue stamps C-2, D-2 E-2, F-2, and G-2 In Ration Book IV. June 2 — Last day for blue stamps H-2, J-2, K-2, L-2, and M-2 In Ration Book IV. MEAT, CHEESE BDTTEIt . AND FATS. January 28—First day for red stamps Y-5, Z-5, A-2, B-2, C-2, and D-2 in Ration Book IV. (Red stamps Q-5 through X-5 remain good.) Mnrch 31—Last dny for red stamps Q-5, R-5, and S-5 In Ration Book IV. April 28—Last day for red stamps T-S, U-5, V-5, W-5, and X-5 In Ration Book IV. June 2—Last dny for red stamps Y-5, Z-5, A-2, B-2, C-2, nnd D-2 in Ration Book IV. SHOES. November 1, 194-1—First day for Airplane Stamp No. 3 in Ration Book III. Airplnne stamps No. I nnd No. 2 continue good Indefinitely. SUGAH. November 16, 1941—First day for Sugar stamp No: 34. • February 28, 1045-Last day for Sugar Stamp No. 34. February 1— First dny for Sugar Stnmp No. 35. June 2—Last day for Sugar Stamp •*o. S5. Book. GASOLINE. March 21—Last dny for No. gasoline coupons In "A" Ratio Sea-Sheik when He they landed, aid that -the rocket anything there that ladles shouldn't see; it wa.s simply because Hnrvnrd men liked n retrent where they were sure women wouldn't follow " • Finally, the reporter says. "Ifc bicortcd me to n service elevator (it the back of Die building nnd I rode down with a can of Irasli. I went out the back ctoor. where crates of ice were belngr carted in" Coast Guardsman Carl P. Martin, QM/2cl., of Benlon, III., I looked like a sea-going sheik 1 recently as he went about his ; work aboard a destroyer escort in the Atlantic. He wore the novel head-covering pictured I above while using a spray gun ) on a paipt job aboard, ship. ( Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On Creomulslon relieves promptly because It goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel pnn laden phlegm, nnd aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender. In- K; ^ r ? 1nchia \, mucous mem- i hSt?; T ?", your Resist to sell you a bottle of Creomulslon with the un- mrf^w n ? y °H. mu5t llke «ie way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money bnck , CREOMULSION forCoughsXhesrColJs. Bronchitis TERMINIX .TERMINATES TERMITES Don't rely on makeshift methods of termite conlro). Let the world's largest termite control organization protect you afainst costly damage. Free inspections on request, BRUCE TERMINIX CO. Licensee of E. L. Bruce Co MEMPHIS SINCE 1927 «««rds Mrs. s<|ii'Ht. '" Will Play Leachville Girls and Boys Teams Meet Tomorrow Night; Ferguson Returns The niylheville Chlcknsnw cngers •nterinlji Ui C ],cfichvll!c Lions tomorrow night In tin; local BS'm In (he first of « two or three. IK: series of the Mississippi County "A" Division lournniuenl, It wns mmouiiccd toddy. The girls' mime. will be the opener, beelnnlng nl 1:30 o'clock, but the girls will not compote for the toiirimiurnt rating. Tile boys will ])lny the second contest Friday nlBhl on the Lrneh- ville court, if each team wins one snine I ho deciding I' will bo played here, if the Chicks come throiiah ns victors they nro olnlcd lo comix'lp In the district tournn- ment at Joncsbmo. 'Hie Crhlghcnd Ccuntlans will Invnde Blytlicvlllc Feb. 20. • Blythevillc hns met l^nchvlllc twice thus fnr this season and emerged victorious in bolh con^ lest.?, (he inst (jinue being only by four points, however. The Chicks were bolstered In n practice session'Jnsl nlslit with return of Joe Ferguson, regular guard absent bccnuse of Illness. Conch Arvil Cireen, whose .quintet hns won five out of six games. , will be ready for the Lraehvlllo Kyjits 21 IJons nnd'the Joncsboro Hurricane Coleburn 20 .. starting Hilly nnd Motion Ony us forwards, "Cotton" fid lien Lancashire us MX) Lynn ici'ctcli ill cciilcr. Cuwn. mentor of Ihe Rlrls' will stint Doimko Hall, 11,111«!«', nnd Dorolhy Conlry as [inwards and Crete Moody, I'nt Cjoim-ln nnd HIICI scny nt (he P.uni-d positions. Wilson Girls" Defeat Luxora; Panthers Win The Wilson tjlrls dofented the Mixorii uirl s litst night, 51-20, nnd I"*' l.uxom boys won over the Wll«>« boys, 3IJ-I7. In entiles played nl Slurring in (he girls' gninc were uiirgston for l.uxora, who tallied \'i points nnd Colchurn, who scored 26 lo l)e high point maker lor Hie Wllron UMIIII. In the boys' dime, l(i point* were milled by Ileunctt of Luxorn 'ami 1C by Gentry of Wilson. 1 uxorn will piny Closncll Friday nifilU nt Gosnoll, It wns announced. Lineups: lAixorn (3G> Allen 11 Dennett Hi Drown 0 linker HOYS Pos. Wilson n I!. Rlslnndcr Hale -I Gently 10 Elslnnder lloylcs *-• 1>UVI(;^ .Substitutions: lAixorn— Hannah; Wilson, CuminhijiS. Larue, 3; Lsiy- ton. Wilson (51) GIRLS Pos. P Joiner Gunner Completes 50th Combat Mission IBtli AAI-'IN lTAI,Y,-.siiilV Koii't Thi'odorr HI-HWIT, 19, of Uoute '|, Joiner, Ark., aerial yimnc'r on n isth AA1-' 13-IT l-'lylnt; Kodtvss. ri'oi-nily How his iiOth ImiK-riuiiji. 1 i-omuni mission In lh<> MedllernmoaiiTlu'n- llT. SevKcunt Brewer c-iimc wri-sens Aug. a, IBU. ami iH'Kan i-iimljiii (lying AIIR, 2-1. with an iitliu-k on an airdrome at Pardubice, Unmuny. lie nniijod over oiiior l;ir«r(,s in ]j_ «ly. I'rnnco. (in-mniiy uiut the 1H1- knns, flying hi* soiii ims-iluii Jan. I!) HM5. to bum!) the nillroml y, u .,| s u ( llrod, Yugoslavia. He wiW llu> Air Medal with two Onk l,c:if dmlci* and the KAMK Thculcr ilbbou. lie received liff, wings Fi-l>. I. |<in upon comptellmi ( ,f mimicry wlmni lit VOKIIS, Nov. Unuuiriled, lu> Is HIP .sun uf MIV; Maude lliewor, of ,lr>lni<r. It has been cstlumlcd Mini privately owned lunomobllcs imve carried 15 per cent of the nmnlry'.-; local essential tnmsporlallim loud during the l\ml throe yours of il u . war, and ulwi Hint tin- family uir has curried four out uf evi>iy tivc war workers, thiouish Ihe im'illn »f cur pools nnd such, lo their Job* in essential wur work. Cloblo 1 Hayncs Uussey P O O O Austin Thompson . Cinvrlscm PAGE THRBK Keeping Up With The Men In Service Kei'ijt. I'nul Cicniinn of stcelp who left wllh the National Guard In Kill, has rclurni'd to duty nftcr hivn wounded In ncllon In now is on ,-*SV~ F" 1 * / 9 I'l-lilHi.' liif.t AllRIlst. II the Cierman frcini. Tins nan nl Mr. and Mrs, J. L Ciomuin of Kli-i'le, lu> h innirled and hln wife, lhr> (urniei- Miss Susie \Vllltiims, iitul ihcli- son I'nul Wayne nlso main' their hinnc In Btecle. I'll, Oin'll iiai-tics nt Ktcolfi has iv|ii)iled ti> Von Mtudv, Md., for r e - nv,l(.:imii'n( Jiftcf K|iL>ndlni! a live- ilny wllh ills fulhor, O. linrni'.s and cither relative's. Indncti-d inii) i|ii> Army Otl. It, I'rlvuic HuiiH-i bus been stationed ill C'niiiit i''imnln, Texas. Muilni Cinlliihi'i- of l-'iiriilliersvllio ret-ciitly was imniwlcd to thiu rank trotii Kt'rKeilllt. Ilu lihlitped overseas lo Join the 'ici-oiul Muilni! Division In AiiKiisl, niul now Is srrvliij,' us noii- liiMlciiicd officer In charge of nnel fur his regiment. iit. Mnurice Mnlln of Cnruth- crsvllle. IHKV is wllh „ unit of the Combat Uni'lni'iTs iiltuclied to the Ninth Army soiiieivhcix 1 In I'^ancc. Two hrolheis. Hmi;l, Charles Mnlln, n mess siTnoiint. and Lieut. J. n. OTS5EBH5B3S3 Stall' tiergl. Milbm-ji vv. Mnlln, a pllol, al«> are In the European Theater v or " ' Operations, wiillc a third brother, Pvt, Glenn Malln, Ls stationed In India, where no-Is back with his outfit after being hospitalized for several months from-n'fever. ' ' ' • • ' f Pvt, cicll Adklns, whose wife makes her home in .Caru^hersvllle, recently was traraferrcd from' Ke.vrter Field, Miss,, to Milwaukee, Wise. , ' ' * V * T-l Jack Lowman of Leachville, recently was promoted to that grade from the rank of private ftrst clasV" nt linrne.s General Hospital, van- couvcr, wash., where he Is serving" I" (lie Medical Department, inducted Into'the Army Ih'Fe'b-'' '•nary. 1941, at Little. Ilosk, T-i-' lawman received his bnsle training^ at Cum]) Uoblnson. " ' -- •• "•• Ills brother, David Lowman, lives; In Leachville. •-,,,. » • • .,,:'. Thoirtns M. Ty'wlM, son'of'Mr'.v and Mr*. C. -Mi Tovylcs of • Ma- iilln, Ims been proniotcd to • the") Bi'ade of innslcr scrgd'nnt at Mu'rda' ' Army Air Field, Cnllf. '-,, A graduate of UelMilgh School,-. Kcrgeant Towlcs O|x>rated a gin be^' fore entering the Army Air Forces'' In Jninmry, IIMU ' . ,'; He .Is stationed al the Fourth.. Alrforco.Installation ns base Kerijc- ntit major., ' --••••. Try Our "Owh Ma.le" ICE CREAM Die Hickory Inn Aero* From- High School . .. We're proud to present a BRAND NEW showing of Pre-Easter fashions from the salons of the leading fashion stylists of America. Our Mr Campbell has just returned from New York where he was successfuMn obtaining complete new stocks of smart coats, suits, dresses and accessories . . . They're all here now, in plenty of time for an early Easter showing . . . Visit our store Thursday, Friday or Saturday of this week! Same Old Captain - Same Old Crew The Good Ship, "Miss Whitsilfs Shop," Sails Proudly On... . . . You'll find the same competent force as always to help you make your selections: Miss Era Wright, Mrs. Gage Clark, Miss Tabitha Sudbury, Mrs. Vela Taylor, Mrs. W.l A.> OoByns,'Mrs. Essie Cherry and Russell Campbell. Not Hc.idy To Buy? -A small deposit will hold nny garment. "See What's New At Whitsitt's" 'sShop

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