Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 5, 1977 · Page 27
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 27

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 5, 1977
Page 27
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. Oeletmn urn The Pharos-Tribune, Lojanaport. Ind.- TVKEY O — WTTV—Indlonopallf. 4 en Cobl» C£—WMAQ—Chleogo. Net On Cobl* O— WUTV—Indipnopolii. « on Coble .7.—WIS—Chicago. Not On Coble O —WISH—Indianapolis. 10 on CebU O — WON—Chicago. » on Coble ID—WTTW—Chicago. 11 on Coble ©—WTMR— Indianapolis. 13 on Coble (D—WNOU—South lend. 2 on Cable <D—WIN—lofoyett*. 7 on Cable ffl—WS»T—South lend. S on Coble QD— WSJV— Clfchert. 12 on Cable. Television Highlights 7 p.m. CDT. CBS, Good Times. Willona anxiously awaits the adoption board's decision. NBC, National Championship Playoffs. ABC. Eight Is Enough. PBS, Nova. "Bye Bye Blackbird." 7:30 p.m. CDT. CBS, Busting Loose. Lenny Is attracted to Vinny's girl friend and finds that the feeling is mutual. 8 p.m. CDT. CBS, Movie. "Mary Jane Harper Cried Last Night," starring Susan Dey. A mother with psychiatric problems vents her frustrations on her daughter. ABC, Charlie's Angels pose as stewardesses to help Sabrina's friend who is being terrorized. PBS, Great Performances. "The Marriage of Figaro." 9 p.m. CDT. Baretta investigates the kidnaping of a topless dancer. WEDNESDAY 12:00 Q[) OQ NEWS (7J ffi O ALL MY 4 : oo. J aozo FRENCH CHEF GONGSHOW HERE'S.LUCY (EXC. UR.) Archies (THUR.) Zl AFTERNOON SHOW 4:30 12:30 If JIM GERARD SHOW B DAYS OF OUR QODffi AS THE WORLD ffl MOVIE 7 MQnik«' (MON.), 'The < Magician' (TUE.), 'Summer interlude' (WED.), 'Wild Strawberries' (THUR.), 'A Lesson in Love'(FRI,) 12:58 (TlABCNEWSBRIEF 1:00 O MOVIE ^dge of the City' (MON.), 'Green Mansions' (TUE.), 'It Started With a Kiss' (WED.), 'Sand'Castles' (THUR.), 'For the First Time'(FRI.) 3D ffl © 120,000 PYR AMID Q BEWITCHED 1:30 ®| 4:56 ROOM 222 MERV GRIFFIN MY THREE SONS FLINTSTONES GILLIGAN'S ISLAND ELECTRIC COMPANY GILLIGAN'S ISLAND r XC.WED.| Big Blue Marble (WED.) ~ BONANZA STAR TREK THREE STOOGES NEWS- ROOKIES IDREAMOFJEANNIE SESAME STREET I LOVE LUCY GREEN SIDE OF .RDENING ANDY GRIFFITH 2:00 ONE LIFE TO J GUIDING LIGHT LOVE AMERICAN OD'JD ANOTHER WORLD (EXfTwED., FRI.) American League Championship Playoffs' (WED.), National League Championship Playoffs (FRI.) Q ANOTHER WORLD O OS » ALL IN THE THOMAS 2:15 flD LOWELL REMEMBERS HOSPITAL GENERAL 7:00 1. M. BO YD Few people ever taste toothpaste 2:30 O FORMBY'S ANTIQUE WORKSHOP (THUR.) . § ffl) ffl MATCH GAME FUNTSTONE6 SESAME STREET HNED IN PROGRESS) 3:00 Q MICKEY MOUSE CLUB Oft GONGSHOW A CAROL BURNETT AND FRIENDS EDGE OF NIGHT ~ TATTLETALES IIES BUGSBUNNY _BATMAN ' 3:30 fi COWBOY BOB'S iRRAL gp ROBERT YOUNG, FAMILY DOCTOR Q MIKE DOUGLAS CD MOVIE 'Blue Hawaii' (MON.), 'Charro 1 (TUB.), 'Roustabout' (WED,), 'G.I. Blue*' (THUR.), 'Girl Happy'(FRI.) S DINAH NEW MICKEY MOUSE us 8 MISTER ROGERS MOVIE BRADYBUNCH. ANN LANDERS NEWS iAMTLY AFFAIR EMERGENCYONE _ ABC NEWS 5:30 O ODD COUP ABC NEWS CBS NEWS •HREESONS BIG BLUE MARBLE NEWS 6:00 O EMERGENCY ONE Q NBC NEWS Qfflffi ffl NEWS DICK VAN DYKE SHOW .AS WE SEE IT Chicago, student returns to his native Mexico, exploring his feelings of alienation In 'Where Do I Belong?' In Miami, high school students film the dilemmas of a 'Cuban Dropout,' ~ &GUNSMOKE FAMILY FEUD MATCH GAME ODD COUPLE ' MACNEIL-LEHRER PORT O TO TELL THE TRUTH 'T- Q (B NATIONAL LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP PLAYOFFS Game two featuring the winners of the National League East and West Divisions. The game will be played in the ball park of the Western Division team. i EIGHT IS 6:30 • 9.30 7:30 'Double Trouble' Problems develop whan Tom and Abby break up and he tO'OO begins dating Ellen Manning, a divorcee. O 00 ©GOOD TIMES Willona anxiously awaits the decision about her pending motherhood from the adoption board and thinks the odds are In her favor, but Bookman's secret scheme may stack the decR against her. QSTARTREK 'A Private Little War' io-30 8 NEWS , NEWLYWEDGAME O fD © BUSTING LOOSE Lenny is overcome with guilt when he is attracted to Vinnie's girl on a double date and learns the feeling Is mutual. m INTERVIEW Guest: Gov. James Thompson. 8:00 OMERV GRIFFIN Guests: Dick Van Patten, Jerry Van Dyk'e, Jackie Vernon. JoAnne Worley. m m m CHARLIE'S ANGELS The Angels go undercover as stewardesses to find out why a friend of Sabrina's is being terrorized Into hijacking a plane. O CD © THE CBS WEDNESDAY NIGHT. MOVIES 'Mary Jane Harper Cried .Last Night' Susan Deyv Bernle Casey. Rowena Harper is a deeply troubled young mother whose serious psychiatric problems lead her to take them out on her daughter in this drama about one of the nation's most 'serious social problems-child abuse. (2 hrs.) Q. MOVIE The Streets of San Francisco' 1972 Karl Maiden, Michael Douglas. Detective Lieutenant and his sidekick try to discover who murdered a young girl whose' body is found floating In San Francisco Bay. Chief suspect Is swinging young attorney ' who is being framed but good. (! hrs.) m THEATRE IN AMERICA The Prince of Homburp,' The Chelsea Theatre . Center of New York's production of Heinrlch von Kleist's 1811 play stars Frank Langella as a 17th- • century Prussian nobleman whose attack on invading Swedish forces against .orders saves the day but arouses a tense conflict V between duly and heroism. 8:58 OHABCNEWSBRIEF 9:00 CBtBODBARETTA . 'It's Hard But It's Fair'Tony -, Sarelta goes undercover as the trainer of a burnt-out former welterweight' champion to trap a killer. NEWS GUNSMQKE 0CBO&OD HUTCH WEEK STARSKY 11:00 12:00 LOWELL THOMAS MEMBERS -'Wendell Willkle' Filmed highlights recall the career of Willkle, who switched to the Republican parly and ran for President against FDR in 1940 but served as an envoy for FDR during the war years. THE TONIGHT Carson. Guests: Gabriel Kaplan, Florence Henderson, Thalassa Cruso (plant expert), Ann-Margret. NETWORKS , AND STATIONS RESERVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE LAST MINUTE CHANGES'- • 'A Prayer For Cross Mothers' Is A Help F*w people ever rtilly lasie the toothpaste they put in (heir mouth*. Or m U. S. Navy researchers contend. Wlion sailors at . M* ran out of toothpaste, they were given c.ake soap to dab on lh«l» brushes. Nobody complained. And that led the military antlyuli to run further tms from which (Key concluded (hat toothpaste flavors almost never actually,gel back to the tante- budi. '"• One sort of feminine coaiurot, and only one, has been in continuoun faahlon for more than 5,000 yean, certainly far longer than any other. Can you name it? The sari of India. Moat ftcent surveys indicate that If you stand S-fctt-4 and figb 132 pounds, young lady, you're exactly average in those Iwo aignificant statistics. Conviction rate in the crime of arson nationwide only runs «bo«t I per cent. A MILLION DOLLARS Q. "Louie. I've tried your lift two ju||emions about how I could make a million dotlan. Neither worked. Wliui next?" A. Simple. Design a ael of motor-driven, circular, suction brualica that cling to the sides of swimming poo)» as they tweep away the algae. Make royalty check* payable to tliK byline, please. No hurry. Send them annually. x Q. "Is there any company in the world that manufactures chMllty belli?" A. Know of none, anymore. Couple years ajo^ aucli a Brit- lah firm, named Ann Hugesxen, closed down for lack ufisale.i, Q. "What's the body temperature of a turtie?" A.'Same aa the «it temperature around It. or pritncar. CARTOON • In Italy, early arttsti drew their preliminary sketches on pltCM of puteboard. The Italian word for pasteboard Is "tar- iont.",ll'« where we got our word "carton." And "cartoon." •Our Language marl aayt some word enthuiiaits like io think the flrat cartooniits wcr* ao named because they executed their •rt on Uftover cardboard canons. But that's not quite how ii wa*. "Cartoon" cam* lo be a rough translation of "pasteboard drawing." , r>t store owners say they, too, ha»e an accurate economic Indicator. When rtiinesione-studded poodle collars fail to sell, a raceaaion is in the offing, ih*y believe. Understandable. Incl; dtntally, not everybody readies (he original poodles weren't simpering lap dog* but rather fairly fearless hunters with a knack for working in water. The name poodle came from Ihe German word for "splash," , Dear Ann Landers: I am a young mother who just had her third ch 1 ^. Several years ago — at leaii^ix or seven — you printed a prayer thai I keep under the .glass in my dressing room. That prayer by Marjorle Holmes helped.me keep my sanity. 1 am not exaggerating When I say thai. My copy is gelling yellow and It may fall apart any day now. Will you please print i( again, not only for me, but for other young mothers who may never have seen it? It's a beauty. — Content In Detroit Dear Content: With pleasure. It's one of my favorites. Marjorio Holmes's book, "You And I And Yesterday" i Published by Morrow), has ihls lovely piece and many others. A PRAYER FOR CROSS MOTHERS , ' ,. "Oh'God, 1 was so cross to the children today! Forgive me. I : was discouraged and tired — and 1 took It out on them. Forgive my bad temper, my Impatience and, most of all. my yelling. 1 am so ashamed as I think of It. "1 want to kneel down by each of their beds, wake them up and ask them'to forgive me. But I can'l. "They wouldn't understand. 1 must go on living with the memory of this awful day, my unjust tirades.- - • i"Hours later, I can still see rVvwnrt LIVE MAINILOKTER the .fear In their eyes as they scurried around, trying' to appease me — thinking my angcr^nd maniacal raving was their fault. . "Oh God, (he 'palhetic helplessness of children! Their innocence before -the ' awful monster — the enraged adult. • "And how forgiving they are. hugging me so fervently at bedtime, kissing me good night. "All I can do is slraighten a cover! touch a small head burrowed in a pillow and hope with all my heart that they will forglveme. "Lord,, in failing these little ones whom you have put. in my keeping. I am failing you. Please let your infinite patience and goodness replenish me for tomorrow." . .; Dear Content: What a beautiful prayer! Every mother who reads It will see herself, In : behalf, of the;, millions of mothers who love their children but are. alas, less than perfect, I thank you for requesting a rerun. '•-?".."• ;.-. ;.-'•:•-. Dear Ann Landers: Maybe 1 can help the'' woman who wanted .to-be buried \vllh her cats. She signed herself "Together In! Heaven." .True, ZOUBUL'S FAMIlTHITIJfKWl Itwtai Ivwy W«*wi4tt Ml WOASTiDCHICWH $2.50 many people do not ' animals in ,a cemetery, but there is a solution and I found it. f have ho two-legged children - — only four-footed ones. My last dear pel was a Pekinese — an adorable, perky liltlc bundle of/ energy. She was only Iwo year.s old when she died. I'had her cremated and her ashes are now in my home. Recently 1,bought two other pets- and have ' arrangedly for them to be cremated also when the time comes. The ashes'of all my pels will be placed 'in the casket with me. My casket .will be sealed and no one can object. —Love My .Animals In Virginia : . Dear Virginia: Have you checked this out wllh' your : :funera! director".' Each cemetery has its own-con- 'stilution. Assume nothing,.dear. Gel the facts. ' ,. +-M- • ' ' What's the story on pot, L.S.'D., cocaine, uppers and downers, speed? Can you handle it if you're careful? Send for Ann Landers' new booklet. "Straight Dope on Drugs " For each .booklet ordered, send a dollar bill, plus a long, self- addressed, stamped envelope .(24 cents postage! to Ann Landers, P.O. Box 11995, Chgo., 11.60611.' Your Individual Horoscope , . •_ Frances Drake STAHSKY AND STERY OF THE AND HUTCH- 'Texas Longhorn' Starsky and Hutch have to move fast to catch a pair of killers before an "agonized widower takes the law into his owrv.-hands. MYSTERY OF THE WEEK-'Song of (he Succubus' The leader ot a rock group is haunted by a musical star who committed suicide. (R) O CD © THE CBS LATE 'Hawaii Five-O' Danny is involved in a shooting of a teenager and .public opinion, runs against him. 'See the Man • Run' 1971 Robert Culp, Angie Dickinson. Art" actor receives.a wrong number call from a kidnapper and starts scheming for his own profit. (R) O MOVIE ^ome Blow Your Horn' 1963: Frank Sinatra, • Molly Picon. Playboy, living in a luxurious penthouse, introduces his younger brother to his way of life and horrifies . their old- country "parents. (2 hrs, 12 min,) Ot MOVIE '• 'Wild Strawberries' 1957 Gunnar Bjornstrand, Victor Sjostrom. An eminent doctor becomes haunted by a recurring, dream of his own death. (1 hr. 35 min.) Q MOVIE The Mountain Road' 1960 James Stewart, Glenn Corbett. A WWII eight-man demolition team, led by an emotionless major,' is assigned to blow up bridges. (2 hrs.) CE© TOMORROW Host: Tom Snyder. 12:05 <D ABC CAPTIQNED NEWS WGN EDITORIAL NEWS _TOMORROW Host: Tom Snyder, (DMOVIE. ' 'My Favorite Wife' 1940 lren« Dunne, Gary Grant. 0 hr, 52 min.) S STAR TREK MOVIE . . 'The Sorcerers" 1367 Boris Karloff, Catherine Lacey. (1 hr. 40 min.) PERRY MASON NEWS FIVE MINUTES TO LIVE FOR THURSDAY, OCTOBER t, 1977 What kind of day will now make progress in areas tomorrow be? To find out what fxtsviously blocked; CM also the stars say, read the forecast capitalize-on new ideas. given for your birth Sign. VIRGO MtlA (Aug. 24 to Sept 23) "r^l. Especially favored now: ARIES *W-^ research, scholastic interests, (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) '^fr intellectual pursuits and Opposing views indicated in government projects. Some some areas. If no harm will changes evolving; will please ensue, don't battle them, but later, where you can help to prevent LIBRA wrong moves, STRIVE! (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23): TAURUS tt«C3? r Don't fry t° cover too much (Apr. 21 to May 21) TOP territory at once — a tendency You have a way with you now — but, with well-planned when your better self is out procedure, aim for top goals, front — which it should be now. Going off on tangents will only Day requires-patience and slow up your progress, stamina for the long pull GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) Mars influences indicate an excellent day, with more than " difficult or new type of job. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) 21) Fine aspects give a lift to your personality, help you to spur , Uncertainty .could offset the activities to a lively pace. It's a results of your best efforts, so ^ for achievement Just one be decisive. There are fine admonition: Be careful in devices and means designed to wnom you ^y fill your needs: Use them ef- CAPRICORN fechvely, (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) LEO iO/rGr 1 You roay t* surprised at now (July 24 to Aug. 23) **W* httle opposition you will face in Business relationships under quarters where it was expected. excellent influences. You can Use this advantage to achieve in some special way that will strengthen your hand. AQUARIUS H&& (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) -aBI- Splendid planetary Influences. Especially favored: ci eativity, originality, any activity which involves dealing TV Notes United Press International Rock Hudson, finally finished with his '•McMillan" series^ landed the leading role in "Wheels," the series version of Arthur • Hailcy's novel about 'Detroit's auto moguls. . Engelbert Humperdinck I stars in a Christmas TV special with "Slarsky and Hutch" star David Soul and pop singer Mac I Davis. Ted Knight, the zany I newscaster from "The Mary I Tyler Moore Show," plays a I guest role in an episode of the ] "Busting Loose" comedy series j which stars Alan Arkin's son, j Adam Arkin. Ted plays a guy I running an escort service. I- Dean Jones and Paul Sand jstar as Jacob and Wilhelm I Grimm in "Once .Upon a" ^Brothers ' Grimm." It's an Joriginal TV musical about the (brothers who wrote all those I famous fairytales. Hermione Baddeley. who played the maid for a couple of years in Beatrice Arthur's "Maude" series, is ihe guest star in an episode of "The tittle Housein the Prairie." with the public. PISCES KiP*" (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) ^ A period for some introspection. Through reflection, you will get a clearer vie w of the road ahead, to make plans for further accomplishment and happiness. YOU BORN TODAY are highly imaginative, productive and gregarious; are outstandingly fair-minded and have a fine sense of balance and proportion. You work with others capably, but are inclined to be "bossy" at times. In fact, .your tendency to criticize too harshly could alienate person! who, otherwise, could be mart helpful in advancing your interests. Try to curb this trait. Highly versatile, you could excel in music, painting, the theater or, along entirely different lines, as inventor, statesman, jurist or physician. Birthdate of: George Westinghouse, Amer. inventor; Jenny Lind, Swed. singer. (I wit tliw: Uia- Urvlii«(*M**11MU' - *rlni I«vc«: CeH«« ' MOON LUNCHEON IIUIHtM* the movie/ at ca//plago I C»!i SHOP. fUZf, »T.' 722-tJOO truoeur i »«O*,CITI;E« j DISCOUNTS {Sin,tH'uTliiifi.i.| T«B«T7i lit fill TMTOHTIO MrtoM :] CttMUND |MARCH I ORDQLftJ IMMUMkTS MOST COMMITI PACKAGE UCHJO* STORE 8QZ. T-BONE STEAK ENDS THURSDAY I Showf Tonlghl 7:00 « »:00 WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY INCLUDES: POTATO, CIMARRON ROLL AND (ALL YOU CAN EAT SALAD BAR) HAVING A PARTY? GIVE US A CALL) WE HAVE A LARGE BANQUET ROOM BANQUET FACILITIES AVAILABLE KOKOMO FRANKFORT LAWRENCE IMARftON 3101 Gtcrge Ph. 753-0317 IAPORTE W. LAFAYETTE „, .TUIS.IIAM NEW HOURS: . THOR. SUN. > 1 A.M. r. • P.M. To *I»M Ml ft SAT II AM To 10 MM

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