The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 24, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 24, 1931
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY^ JUNE 24, 1931 BI.YTIIEVrLI,E, (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADS Two c*nta a word tor first Insertion and on« cent • word 'or tech •ubsequent Insertion. No gdvertUemect Uken tor leu tbm SOc. Count the words «sd fend Phone 306 -;• FOR SALE FOR SALE—Ripe peaches, excellent tor iiickllng.-Sl.5U per bushel. Bliscoc's Orchard, I'hono 58 01 81. 22C-K26 FOK RENT FOR RENT—Furnished 3 room flat 700 West Walnut. Oc-t FURNISHED Apartment for Ren 305 Doujjan. 18P-K2 FOR KENT — 4 room furnlshe apartment, 209 W. Kentuckj Call after 6 o'clock. Mrs. Sijk. 22C-K1 l-'OR RENT—7 rooms, 1133 West] Ash. 4 rooms, 1218 Holly. Doth modern and in good condition Phone '100. E. D. Ferguson. 23C-K20 Will Speak at Fanners We.ek WANTED POULTRY WANTED— Market pri. ces, any quantity. Marilyn Hat- trjery, 210 S. Fourth St. 8C-TF \.'ANTED — Family washings or general housework. Mrs. Dora 2207 18th St. TF to bale. C. G. , 827 or 1502-P2. 6-6C-TF '.v.'i \VJv85;!5f>.ti'ia\n and fancy 4-- J v'-lttpUiisV^l™ Crawford, '' sew- 1236 ble white womim - small child and c'.o -general housework. Call between H and 1 'o'clock Wednesday. 325 N. First St. 230K25 ORDINANCE NO. 376 AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING CERTAIN LICENSES, FIXING TIME OF PAYMENT AND PROVIDING PENALTIES FOR VIO- liATION AND OTHER PURPOSES. . BE IT GSBAINEU 3Y THE CITY • COUNCIL OF 'HIE CITY OF BLY- •'•THEVILLE, ARKANSAS: c:ciion 1. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation in the. City of Blytheville to engage in, exercise or pursue any of the following lines of business, vocation-or profession, without fir$t haying obtained and paid for a. City License therefor from the Gity Collector the amount of which whicn licenses are hereby fixed in this ordinance. Section 2. The licenses as provided in this ordinance are hereby fixed, defined and established under the several Items AS follows, lovlt: Item 1. Abstract business, $25.00 per annum. Item 2. Accountant or Auditor, $20.00 per annum each. Item 3. Attorneys, $20.00 per an• num for each Attorney. Item 4. Brokers, agents or sellers MRS. ELISE A.LAKE, h. - HUT <ioottur.< * It ED. SALYLRi LITTLE. ROCK, ' 3ov. HARVEY PARNELL ••• *• V- . : C, M, HiRST i LITTLE ROCK, •• STANLEY ANDREWS i LITTLE ROCK vehicle mound a turn—anil there uie n'miiy blind turns—Is apparent. " It your irln takes you through inuiiiHuiniMS u-rrlloiy, moreover, soo uiioii'timid liml the mnor Is lu puicct condition and p.irlluiilnrly ni.t. me u.'.uos are snlp-slmpe. lij'.ikcs, however, should nut be relic;! on solely lor keeping the car In I'lK'ULvc coutrct UOIIIL; up ur down ti steep hill, Blsns in me toils ol Icmi:. step hills today warn molur- ! li'.> to yo luio low, and ti:i'se Mgns S.'.imlll IK' I'CSIKClCll. l-jw gear mnkes Hie compression ol the motor act us uruke lor llio c.u un long <!nu|i|;riulcs. i'1'ho Ism- ncii itt'llch shoiilu tc kept on. but U:L' throttla should be ut idling pj- siiuii. It's dtiiijjcioiib to const, except where you know your ground, iind inn is sr.on mid In full view, costly to linn oif Hie ignition, Hii.l duiiB.'i'oiis. Even \viin tne ig lion oil, ana me nsotur being luriiej over by the rcur wheels llirouuli be hi!; kept In gear, lucl would couti>: to u^ pumpcil into die cylinders mi} ,vny rjici \ionlrt not b; bi.i'neil. UK- re.iiili \voulil be Hooding ol - .-JiLine ED inai, when the switch uirsK'd on again, the ovcisupply o: nii-1 in uii- cylinders would prc- u-iu ignhlon, many n time just at ;i crudiil moment when lull cun- tiul of -die car is essential. Ado|i(ion of fiTs-wh;cllng in au- twiiumlcs nccetsualcs .1 lutihi-r \\.'.i:]int; iog:iriliiig thy ojieration uf c.iii wiin ti.cli Cevlccs on sleep lulls. Tin; Is that ir.e frcs-Hv.ielini; ac- vits; shoula not be icsarled to in fiiidi cases, inc special genr control, wlicilur it be the button at the lop 01 mi transmission lever, or tha IL-VCI at j'uur loiil, depending on wnicli tyj)c ui 'tree'nT.eehng. Is used, 'uUl be locked sii'jthat the car (ilWiiys -in eeai;, ; j' , ! i]is';i*ehmtio]l^wll\ 'prevent 5 , any -liple^.V^rpriblCi, cauecuilly while ili-sciMidllij!'-ri'loi% hill. Wlillc the lwo most approved forms of freewheeling are so divls^d that the is are kept in mcsn even while lice-wheeling is ' In operation, the added precfuilion of switching into positive gear control makes n long hill descent uteoluiely foolproof. OUR BOARDING HOUSE By DRAT; i-r,AL.v/i/ki, wiiv PO toU COME IM Aki MV ConiC&ri-fRA-fio NQllR BAWUIfid ? ^- CQ*iFc>L!MP \~fi .^ERE VoiA/B BRQkfekl UP MV "fRAlM OT THOUGHT OM A HIGHLY SCIENTIFIC SLJB"S"ecT OT" • COSMIC AMD GMtS&A IKS -ftte s-ifcA-ro SPHERE AII-S i? HAP To |,V L ou 1 scHerauloOse-Tb GE-TTM' MAtfaR otiT , or FIFTH GRADE \\ UNIVERSITY Q/ ARKANSAS <- —- COLLEGE qf A&RiCULTURLJft,- FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.— 'flic annual Farmers' Week to be here. August 4, 5, 6, 7, by tie Uni- speakers on its general program,; College of 13th | Banks Fail." held The general program Wednesday Closing Stock Prices Arkanras through her \vomai r; Henry II. Naff, president 5,'will be foci'.urcd Mid-South Gotten Growers' Asso-l I'crslty of Arkansas College ot addresses by George H. Cade, elation, will speak on a master riculcure, will feature 11 Arkansas | director of the Training S;!icoi, farmer's experience with cooppva- Edncalion, University tive marketing; Charles G .Henry, men and women prominent in tlwjof Arkansas; Win. Johnson, a-jri- affalrs '.of the state. ; cultural editor of the Arkcinr.f.s , -^ Community,, Four-Square" is! Democrat; tijid TSsv.^Jolm' M. A-- thf-subjcct of 'Mrs. E. L. Salyers/ bell. pastor of the First Christhn president of the Arkansas slate' church. Kvyeticvillc. On the We-;l- General manager, Mid-South Cotton Growers' Association, will speak on 'Things I Have . Learned about Cc.—.crative Marketing;" and tin: closing adrcss of liic program will council of- home demonstration ncsuay evening program C. M. be given liy Governor Harvey" Par- clubs, at the Tuesday, Aug. 4, mor- Hirst, state sisvcrir.teiu'OiU &f edu- ning general program. She will be cation will speak on Arkansas' followed by Dr. C. C. Fichtncr, dean of the school of business ad- schcol pioblems and their solution, j Thursday morning Mrs. Elise A. | ministration of the University of l Lake, president Arkansas Arkansas,' on the subject, "Wliyjtlon of Women's Clubs, will spc;ik! Aug. 7. nell. Tile decline of the country *nu-i> will be discussed by Stanley Andrews, editor-anct publisher Farmer, cr. '.he morning program Friday, Insurance, $20.00 per on- ot Fire num. Item 5. Advertising by vehicle and music, $5.00 per day. Hem 0. Advertising by billboard, $3.00 per billboard per annum. Item 7. Blacksmith shops, $15.00 per annum. Item 8. Brokers or buyers of Cotton or Cotton Seed, $25.00 per annum. Item 9. Dull dins and Loan Associations, 550.00 per annum. Item 10. Bottlers of Sofl Drinks. tA) Each person, firm or cori>ora- tion engaged in the busincc.% of manufacturing, bottling and sale of carbonated or mineral water, Coca Cola, Root Beer, and other or vari- *- ous kinds of sott drinks and having a place of business in the City ol Blytheville, Arkaknsas, 550.00 per annum. (B) Each person, firm or corporation engaged in th cbusiness of manufacturing, bottling or sale ol electrified or treated wator, \-ar- bonated or mineral water, Coca Cola, Root Beer, and various other flavored so't drinks and having no regular place of business in the City of Blylhcville, but offering their products for sale in the City of Blytheville as direct from wagon,, truck, $50.00 per annum. 'Item II. Manufacturers of canned products, 525.00 per annum. Item 12. Dentists, each 520.00 iier annum. Item 13. News paper publishers $100.00 per annum. Item 14. News paper agenls, $12.00 per annum. Item 15. market, Ircsh meats, $15.00 per annum. Item ,16. Miniature Golf Courses, $15.00 per annum. Item 17. Machine Shop, $25.00 per annum; combined with blacksmith shop $30.00 per annum. Item 18. Garages, repairing and storing automobiles only, $25.00 per annum. Item 19. Games of Skill, S5.00 per day. Item es under this ordinance shall be made to the City Collector, in writing, upon blanks furnished by the City Collector, stating the kind and character of business, vocation or profession engaged in and such other information as will enable the City Collector to classify such business, vocation or profession anil issue license ihcreior in accordance with the provisions of this ordinance; such application shall be'by the person, member of lirm or proper offlcer of a corporation making application for license, before the City Collector, ar.d at the time of making and filing such application with Ihe City Collector, each applicant shall - r.cp&ait with the City Collsctor an amount of money, in cash, sufficient to pay for license applied for. Section 4. The licenses provided for under this ordinance shall bo issued by the City 'Collector for a six months period, such licenses shall be paid foi 1 in full anil due and payable January 1st and July 1st of cacii year respectively; provided, Hems No. Eight (ti) ar.d Twenty-three (231 shall not be written tor less than the per annum rate, and provided further that items with a per day rate s!;a;i bs written for that iwriod where the per day rate is paid. Section 5. Any person, firm or corporation violating any of Uc provisions of this ordinance shall te deemed guilty of a misdemeanor nnd upon conviction shall be- lined in any sum not less than $5.00 and not more than double the amount of the fee provided for the license hat the offender should have paid; ind each day the violation is continued shall constitute a separate offcrsc. Section 6. Sho'.iM any section, provision or Hem of this Ordinance be declared invalid, such section, provision or Item only shall bo void, and the Ordinance otherwise remain In full force and effect. Section 7. All Ordinances an:l parts of Ordinances in direct conflict with this Ordinance pro hereby repealed; provided this Ordinance does not repeal or revoke any Ordinance requiring a licenso fee A. T. i; T .-knuconiia Coi:per ... Auuuin ' tjaf'jrpillcr Tractor . Chrysler Cities Servico CDC.T, Cola Coniintntn! Baking (.Uncial Electric ... General Motors ... Montgomery Ward . New i'ork Central . Packard Rodin Corp Simmons St'ineiard of N. J. . Texas Coip U. S. <3icc! fes ICE.-CREAM KSes secAtise lE-V REMfMP w GF TH' HAT He ALWAYS WORE BOOTS AM) HER BUDDIES By Martii SRH \V!U,JH! ,VX> -W 60WW VK S\XH\ [\ KNOT VV£KO Bi* ISHALL KI.KIX skill in motor operation that ha^ Science Etlilur, XEA Sen-ice "ot had to IK resorted to in the flat ! country. Many of the roads arc ToutiiiE for the motorist from the j sleep, narrow and winding. In some flat lands no fnrilis until ho . of the mountainous districts, tour- strikes the mountains. Tiieii. if ho : Ists are permitted to ascend only in isn't prepared and is uuacrnialntci | the morning and descend in the af- v.llli mountain rlrlvitij?, the tour-; trrncon, for the roads here arc one- 'sf's visionary thrills will tc only j way. Neio York Cotton NEW YORK, June 24. (UP)—Cotton closed barely steady. Open High Lo;v Close July 046 974 938 OG4 Oct 989 101G 97D 1COU Dec 1013 1042 1001 1032 Jan 1081 1051 .1015 1012 Mar. .;.. 1041 1070 1035 1051 May .... 10G2 1000 1055 1080 Sjx>'.s steady, 10 up, at 930. New Orleans Cotton inr:<!?ninl ID jame morn perilous physical Elifillo of keeping the car on the road. No passing is permitted even ou mountainous roads that ore plenty , For mountain drivins requires n wide enough for two cars, for the May NEW ORLEANS, June 2-1 Cotton closed steady. - Open High July ..... 949 975 Oci. ...... 067 1017 Dec ..... 1011 1042 Jan ..... 1021 1050 10-1(5 1070 1003. 1091 Low 540 978 1COG 1015 1037 1055 (UP 1 - Close OG8 1010 1033 1011 10S5 1085' of meeting an approaching I Spots itcnily, 15 up. at 068. 1 *• I / — ' A- ? i :>.'•.'>':'— ' A ^.;^f'f: ~^- KKRCKI,ES AND HIS I'KIENUS f 8oV? CUSTOMERS! Hy filossn i To 20. Physicians, surgeons, $20.00 per annum for each person. Item 21. Veterinary Physician or iurgeon, $20.00 per annum. Item 22. Loan business, dealers in securities, or buyers ot commercial pap;r, $25.00 per annum. ^ Item 23. Soft drinks, $6.00 per annum; No license written under this item for less than $6.00. Item 24. OstcopaUilc $20.00 per annum. physician, Item 25. Chiropractor $>0,00 per annum. Section 3. Applications for licens-' not herein provided Section 8. It is necessary to raiie additional funds to provide adequate police force and fire protection tM= Ordinance Is necessary for the immediate preservation of the p;ib!:c peace, health and safety, an emergency Is hereby declared to, and the same shall take effect and te in full force from and aflcr it passage. Passed and approved this June 0, 1931. NETLL REED, Mayor. Attest: S. C. CRAIG, City Clerk. 10-17-21-1 t HAPPY i! AVID r,\\ GOIMi U£PPY,ToO- yece owss OSCAR.,-nes IMS FIRST CMS rn. ^sx TO GO ' V1ITU K& 0? To MR. KINGSTON'S SU,Vi.V,ER PLACE,OH A >. VACATION 1 .! Tto iNVfTK-f "xbO Tt> eo WTH tt-~ up To PU\ BE SLAO TCI GO.— HI f&Y- TUSWv &ft ™ ew '' T=-V- f IPr 6UKS . AND SLIIA WASH TUHHS 6o\ils SOI[iS fbVISfl- HIS A"!"JT.-.A k l' SUW AM' VIICUES FtH-kS ARE TAKIM' TO CALIFORNIA ( "Eo RAD.. BUT "WAT'S JUST IK WAY IT IS THE hN CttftSING THE MUtrilERS ?£<J-.'.£. V!A«. THE Kc THK SHOWDOWN'! 5 COU MN«* f Crane LEMW RlfcTK KOW, WMSON, TH« I'M THE GUV WHO SETCFFT.rtKT FLA.RE. i Toi.5 vou rp GET vov), NNTj StttlPME, I'LL — VOU PER , SHOOPIM' STOOU • PUNMO f^ODT TH.KT. , DftViSDM — XOU'ttE Too OM Tilt PRftvJ. SOVit Olv \ 1 SEEN WNTINV # ' IW9 NOW TO SCORES, ^00 BUM 1 . (^ LOlvlCi TM6 FOR \8UT IT'S CiOl^iti TO eVWOOTvUT.^ »

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