Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 30, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 30, 1896
Page 6
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Is the Wail of the Nerves for Food. People with Weak/Flabby Hares are the Ones who Suffer. They may be Relieved by Building up their Nerves with a Nourishing Nerve Food. An Interesting Interview with a Prominent Physician and a Case in Point Cited. GAMETTBEAD. Ex-President of Baltimore & Ohio Passes Away. From the Journal, Kirksvltlc, Mo: kneed individual." Tbe person referri-il to ilnl,. nulecd, look fiokt-n tli'Wii, dispirited, ami lifeless. "\Vlmt is the niuttor with hhn?' "I scarcely know. .Purinp (ho eool weather he seems to be all ri^ht und to Imvc •oinc life nnd a little ambition ; hut tlie mo- merit tin 1 bet \vcuther eomes be simply wilts down (inci seems to Imvc neither strength nor j i Thut explained tho case. The man wns in n generally run-down condition with not enough renervo force to resist the enervating flllcets of the seiison. ill's nerves were weiik, unstrung iis we s:iy. The fond be nte only partially reinforced his strength. Tho result •war, be hud constantly drown on his reserve .force so IOIIK t!mt hi.« nerves finally rebelled and Ni>tni'l«l tlie Ron;; for him to stop. If tlie sif,'iml be hewleil and he tftlcc ste]>s to refresh and build up his nervous system, he will recover; if not. ai.l! the strain trots on, nothing ean save him. "Il'sneh'n ease betaken in time will tbo dse of gcoil, \vholcsoino food and plenty ol rest rcston? tlie patient ? " . "If tin." patient have n-nnliinilly ftron? mnstitution' it possibly i::ay, otherwise, no. What is needed is u iocxl wiiie.li is specially adapted for the nerves. Sumiitliiii;,' winch contains the elements tiiat £0 lo make -•"•••i'"- Inns since experienced from tlw uso of Dr. Williams' Pink Fills far I'alc People. She wiiJ sbewiiiitcd everybody to know what a prcnt medicine these pills urc, but us xomivny people nrc praising- them iiow-u-clnys, she innclcstlj- doubted whether her testimony could add unytliiiiR to what others hud ttl: vomlv said of them. Her only rf-nson for counties nn'qlil bo convinced, if nil)- doubted^ that oft-published testimonials concerning I'inlc Pills were penuiuo statements from the lips of persons who have been benefited by tlie use' of Ihcm.. Speaking of her own interesting experience, Mrs. Gelirkc siiid: " A htilc over a >-e:ir ngo I was completely broken down. I'hud been taking medicine from ft doctor but prow worse and worse until I co-old scarcely go about nt nil. The Ion-it exertion or the mere bending of my boflv would f;uisc me to liuvc siiiullieniig spel'liif mid -I'.ic sufll'riu.i! was, terrible, i thought it was eiuiji-d by my liea,-t. « hen cverytliim; else bad failed to relieve me and 1 hull siven up nil hopes of ever bi-ini; any- thiti" but a he-lphw ir.yulid, I cliiinced to rend' sonic testimonials in lh« Farm, Field (!:;(U''irCfiilc. nlsoiuthe Chicago Inter-Ocean r.n'l tlio siiil'eriiis of the people who inado slMtcmeiils were so nearly like ll:c "' r o ni'ike tierrnns Hie slnrciiu'iits were so n«m.> »<\<: u.-. «"•- rt mil-it be a 'umi not u. tutlc; u ferinir I had cndr.rof! ih.it. when J read that "fr™ not a ,&,&." I they were so f^tly l-cm-nted by t he u«; of there anythiLg specially adapted to | Tir.^ hJiiiina 1 iiiU 1 "^ i<;r I ^ «W^i this pun>f>se ?" "There arc a good many tliin.cs ,^ - acmleil for this juirposc. .But the trouMu -iritb 1o mi . . ith nearly all of them is, they are only ni(K or stimulants. They nppni-enliy bi'ti- etit, but it is only -fora time; then ttie patient is: worse thnn before, lint there is one food for the nerves, 1 am litijipy to say, in wine. i 1 htive the greatest eniilic.'ence. which J.s in re- ulity, a food.. 3t contains just those vitalizing principfcii wbieli impart new nerve force; it IniiUs ..'ii-p the nerves, and by impnrtmt; t« them; new; strength KriidiiiiHr CiiAXKS tliciii tticP to • IT normal, licaltliy condition. They arc fortified ai-iiinst the hot weather, the man weoTcrs- his energy, his force, and bo walks with an eliistiostep. We drives his work with will where- before it drove him. His spirits to him. • . rise and cvervthin:: looks brig This food is DrI Williams' Pink Pi . ight to him. s oo s Pills lor Vale Pcon76- which are now known and used the •world over— in North and South America, • Enchm'l anil the Knglisli provinces, Caiiailii, India, 3o. Africa, France. They arc so widely known and their excellent cllcets in r.crvc boildin" so much talked about both here and •broad, that )i is not nceessary for me to cu- ttrco further on the subject. But I can as- anre-you the medical- profession everywhere «re very Kind indeed to avail themselves ot this nerve food, so scientifically compouii'lcd, and that they use it very largely iu their ^Thi8 was B conversation recently hnd between our reporter aml't noted local pjiysi- oUa.-whoso opinisn is very highly regarued iu •cdical circles; and it furnishes a clue for Ihointtnds who are nuflenne during these jammer, mouths from weakened nervous To'ahbw the results of this nerve food on a •xoittl case, to prove the poinM above made, mr reporter made the following interview :— Henry Gehrke is a thrifty and prosperous «hrman farmer living, four miles south of Bullion, in thift (Adiur) county Mo. Mr. e has a valuable farm and he has been ol the connty for years. He is very n hereabouts and well respected he » ^ nova: Ij y* w £ cl f 1 «l lort<; ; stopped nt Mr. Gchrke's and imrna so . »Mlc there became much interested in Mrs. tccount of the benefit ih«had not I u-.u nut m-Miim- to g<> »<• W " ntl * -,-.I two boxes. 1 took (hem accoriiinu; to <ti- ' reetio'ii and before the first box wns used I felt a ijood bit better. liwdly tl'B lirst dose oriii-inml in? Unit it wns a (.-rent, remedy. Jkiorc the two boxes were used up 1 sent iiiv husband after three more boxes, so I would not lie without them. When, I bad usetl thfsc tlirec boxes I felt, like a diltcrent v.-otniin nnd thought 1 was almost cured. "Since thut time I have been Inking them whenever J bemm to feel badly J\ lion I begun takimi Pr. .Wilbnms' Pink Pills for Pale People I weighed only lla; pounds and uftt-r 1 bud been usini; the medicine for nbout six months I weighed 122 pounds. I have bad u i'ood appetite ever einoe I comwiieeii takiii""l'iiifc Pills and instead of miiicmg n!om,-"pickii!csueh food as I could . eat even with an effort, I eat most anything that comes on the table, lam not the invalid I wns. I do not have lo be waited upon now as if I was n helpless child, but I work all the time, doing the housework and ironing and working in' the garden without that dreadful feeling which • comes over a person when they are afraid they arc going to have one of those spells that I used to have. "Work don't, hurt me any more. I non- ostly believe -tJiir had' it rot been for Dr. •Williams' Pink Pills I would now belli in* THEY LEAVE COURTESY AT HOME •Bamc«oitoin»il .Fr»nkoea» of »n Writer. A Iriencl ot mine baa just returned ftom a Long sketching tour in parts ol •Irauce and the Netherlands, and luis -told me many nnd curious things about tlio way Englishmen and Ihlnps are ooriiridcred by people who have had no •foanceof aiirat-handacqualntanccwith them. In tho course ol conversation I nkc'3 him to name the English artists .who- were most talked about, nnd the names, he gave were startling. I quoto 5i* -vi-ords: "The three artists whose -work is best known ore Walter Crane, IKoven Hill nr.d Aubrey Beardsley," I -Jried hard to convince him that he had siitumlerstood the public taste, but he •wu.as positive as the mendacious little lieroine of "\fo Are Seven." I quoted trtlat alter artist who might be pre- •nined to appeal more powerfully to the foreign mind; he absolutely re- ftwed to withdraw his statements, which were, he said, founded on most careful observation. Isn't it a curious romblnntion ? One can understand the presence of the first two named, but Bcafdslcy— lenvingr his work itself out «t the question— is scarcely fledged. His work lor John Lixnc, whose books •elt largely on the continent, is the only «qrtnnatfon I can find lor his popularity. • On another point, and one, I venture •to think, 'ol Interest to intelligent trav- ;«ters r my friend was very strong. He told mo that country people in the parts Jic Tithed regarded the Englishman as aome uncouth monster with plenty ol ancraey nnd an. utter-absence ol manners ' ar taste. This' feeling In one I have also d, nnd It undpubtedly rUes from y crave. I still have what the doctor calls bil. urns colic but the Pink Pills have made me much beder and the spells are not to frequent and are nothinR like as painful as before I be- rrnn to use them. ; would not be without the Pink Pills lor that disease alone under any circumstance* to say nothing of the other air- cases for which they are especially rccom- merded. I take pleasure in telling my-nciBh- bora the benefits I have received from Dr. Williams 1 Pink Pills for Pale People, and know of several who have taken my advice and have been creatly benefited by them." Dr. Williams' Pink Pffla for Pole People contain all the eleraentfl'necessary lo give new life and richness to the blood and restore shattered nerves. They are sold In boxes (never iu loose form, by the dozen or hundred) at 50 cents n-hox, or six boxes for $2.50, and may lie had of nil dri!«rl»ts or directly by mail from Dr. Williams' Medicine Company. Scb> ucctudy, N. Y.- the. curious way in irhicb. our country men leave their courtesy at home when they travel. I have seen the mildest mannered man who ever did the Bond street crawl, in the London season absolutely transformed, a few months later, when I met him on the continent in the tweed suit and offensive cap per culiar to tbetraTClingEngli.iBman. At home he may be n thoroughly good sort; abroad he speaks loudly, acts vulgarly and condemns nil men who have not the privilege, o£ being his compatriots. H in Paris lie will go to the wrnlL JHSEASE9 OF THE SKIK Tbe intense Itching" and smarting iucJ Ant tu eczema, totter, Bait-rheum, and other ,H*m»«»ofthe skin is instantly allayed by . Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Many very bad oases have been Berromenrty cured by it. It 13 equally Ztoaiisntt&t ftchinR piles and ft favorite rcm- aiy for sure nipples; chapped, }<andfl » chl1 ' Mmnsv ifl»t hites.and chronic sore eyes. '.Set.talv by drusgfatsat 26 cents per box, . fW» Condition Powders, they iisliMB horse needs whch in bad condj- Toric, blood puriDcrond vermifuge. coat and opera house lr> a' morning g-aiters, he will curse waiters and by a dozen pieces cf carelessness offend people around him. H he did such things in town he would bo voted "up class," but he honestly believes .that such behavior is nil benighted foreigners have a right lo expect.- International con- presses and journalistic courtesies and the friendly meetings of representative men of the nations can never increase the en tcnte between ourselves and our continental neighbors until the great body of our countrymen will treat foreign prejudice with more consideration. If the.fn-.ilts proceeded from, bad breeding onO'notlve barbarity they would be beyond control, but, as they are only the result of carelessness and thoughtlessness, Jt behooves men to reflect. The good opinion of a country Is worth having. — London Sketch. • Am«Hc»o DollJkit In Mexico. A man may get b meal, and when he puts flown an American dollar in payment will get back an change aMexlcan dollar which contains ell grains more silver than our own. He gets a demonstration of the fact that it is'tbb credit of our government which keepfl the silver dollar afloat »t 47 cents more than it» intrinsic value, just as it keeps its paper notes, which -have no intrinsic value at all, at an equality with a gold dollar, "Free, unlimited nnd independent coinage ot sixteen to one" would mean dollars worth even lc*s then Mexican silver dollara. . . Are you on officeholder with a fixed salary? Vote for free coinage and you vote to reduce your nalary 50 per cent., for under free coinage the. game, number of dollars will purchoec only half a* much at at present. _ __ Had Been in Poor Health Many Years — Sketch of His Busy Life. Baltimore, Hd., July SO.— ItobenGar- rett, cx-|>rcsldcii't of the Baltimore & Ohio Kuilrond com puny, and head of the widely known bunking lioiwc of. Uobert Gnrrett & Sons, dityl \Vedjicscliiy irorn- ing at Dtfur 1'nrk, Mel. Mr. Oiirrutt was seriously ill for only about IS hours. When lie left "Uplands" for the mountains n little over a month ago, although quite wen If, liis uppctitx! was good »iul lii* physical condition bctU-r than it has been for some months. The mountain air grcutly benefited .him, and his family and friends during the first two weeks of his stny there were very hopeful of his complete restoration to liviiHIi. .At times hu wus very despondent, however, uiul, :il- though he drove out frequently, nothing coulil relieve him of lliis melancholia. J-Jf saujfht no society niul saw only mem burs of his family nnd very intimate frit-nils. His ful her, .'elm H'lnvtt. died at Uwr Pnrk iiiu'k'rsiuiiliircirciiin.staiices not r|itil<; J2.i-oiii-s iig-c-, Mr. Giin-cit hits been in since lie ivlin-:! from t ho p: the- ]j. & 0. .-v-iU-ni in ISS7. \ears he bus ''.',-n iiientn!!y. as.well as jinysically. ""lit to r.i'.rlii.'ipnte i" nnj" liiisiii(.'.W:iinl hns si-hlnti: been seen in public. His siskT, Miss .Miiry Cdi-tvtt, tincl his brothor. ll<-iiry. ure> now jhii only <liri-('t siirvivnrs of .lohn \V. (1:ir- i-ett who for m:uiyyi'it:>-<loi»i!iiiti-d the ]iiiltiiuoiv& Ohi[>Xvs:'-!'i:iiidharvesti'cl •in etuii'iiunis forlum 1 llv.'Wfrotn. Mi-. Ojirivll. went to l>i'i- Ptirk about >ix wi-'k-i :i"'0 i'-'" 1 oi-i'tipii'il the co'•V"e [oniiorly owiu-rl by llnrrison Cm- •c'tt. Mrs.. Giinvlt niiil i'1l"'r relatives v.ere'iit f'hi- b'-ilfitle wluin dissolution oamc »f thr.-c ,,VU«-li. Tlie wm:iins will prob:iblv be bi-oi.-lit to TJaltimore nnfl intei-n-rl in (lit- fiurrett plot in nuii'l I'l-ini'tery. Kii'lirrt c;arretl'» Cnrecr. fRotK-rt Ourrctt was horn In this dry - •*••<>'•' healt.li i-sidi>ncy oE In irwnt BUST OF M'KINLEY. tHo r.iU.l'more & Ohio. succeeciInK Gen, rtobf-rt I! I'.CP. Tie- bi-cume third vlcnprw H°nt of ino Baltimore & Ohio company In 1 £71 Mr Gnrrett became Idcritlllcd with the m'unv local and ou.tslde cntprptls.es. He waft on incorporator of the American Union Telegraph company. 'whlcn was eventually fold -to the- -n-CKtern Union when tlie A an- derbllts reilreJ and Jay Gould became the controlling power In the t*l«*™Ph b u ?'"™» of the cauntrj-. On July .13, 1SS1, Mi-..a<"- rctfwas ek-rted first vice president of. the .Baltimore & Ohio, and Samuel Spencer, now rrwwent or the Southern railway was at tho same Umo cho.sen third vice president. Soon after, John W. Oarrett died In 1884, nnd Robert become pr'.-sldcnt. In (llrcctlnpr -the affaira of the railroad. Hobcrt Garrett enlarged upon the policy outlined by his father by endeavoring to combine under' his management ix tele- Kraiih system and oxprens and parlor and SlccpiiiB car service. These proved .to b« expensive adjuncts; and alonjf wltn other experiments co.it the Baltimore a Ohio treasury millions o£ dollars. Under Mr, Garrett's direction, tho Baltimore & Ohio secured an entrance Into New lorK and acquired the Staten Island rapid tran- «,lt system. It was about this time thu* the nnanclal world was startled by the statement 'that the meteoric Henry S. Ivea *ad secured an option on certain of tn« Baltimore & Ohio properties, It became apparent early In 1857 that Mr. Garroft's expensive policy of conducting things would have to.be chanced by lop- pins off the collateral undertaking to Increase the stft-onKth of tho railroad business proper. Mr. Qarrctt went to Europe and sold $10,000,000 of Baltimore & Ohio securities, wherewith to pay off the [loatinR debt ot the company. Tho Baltimore & Ohio telcKraph system -was sold to the Western Union TeIoRr.-i.ph company during Ms absence. Mr. Qarrett at once • resigned the presidency of'the Baltimore & Ohio, and, acting under tho advice of hla physicians, started on a tour round the world, accompanied ,by a number of relatives and friends. The death by drownlns of hl» brother, T. Harrison Qarrett, whoso yacht was nunk In tho Patapslco river, 'brought Mr. Garrt-tt home July 15, 18S8. Since then, Mr. Garrett has spent most of his tlmo in retir?mont at "Uplands," his country seat, 6? at hl« residence In Mount Vcrnon Place, Baltimore.] War^on Cl(,'arotles, fond du Lac, Wis., July 29.--.-An ordinance restricting the sale o' cignreitcs and providing for lic':nsr,' to sell the same has been pnsse'J by the city council. The selling of cigarettes is prohibited unless a license of $200 is given. The smoking of .cigarettes in. a public building In the city is a violation ot the ordinance und punishable. Scheme Maj Fall Through. Louisville, Ky., July 29.— The committee of distillers appointed to secure signatures of distillery owners to »n agrernent to suspend operations for cightmon'thsmetngnin at noon 'VVednes- ,!ny and reported no progress. A final meeting- ivill be held Friday,- It looks as if. the scheme, will fall through. Too Toun§ for 8c*ift Frlion. Columbus, 6., July 20.— Goy.Bushucll hat, transferred Charles Gilbert, a 15- vear-old boy, to the state reform school for boys. He was recently convicted in Tnyette county of horse stealing «nd sentenced 'to the state, prison for five! years'. He is saM to be a most precocious criminal. • _ • • tiatl Klre ID Iilund ot; Junkie*. : New York, July 20. — The Herald's special from Kingston, Jamaica, aays: A flrc started in Port Au Prince on^ Wednesday last and burned until Friday. More than 100 houses ivere destroyed. The lofw will reach at. least $1,000,000. • -. • •-.: Appointed bjr the FmUlant. Washington, July. 29.— The president has appointed Johii- Sheridun, of West Virginia, a government director of the Union Pucifle Hnihvny company, vice Fltithugh Lee, now consul general »t Preitoiitod to Him l>y ll«pul>H«»u Club ot Uulvcnlty of ClilcHgo. Canton, 0., July'20.—The republicau rlub of the University of Chicago had the honor of being the first college or- er.nizatiou to call upon llnj. McKinley at his house here Wednesday afternoon. A committee delegated from the club nnd consistinpr of H. L. T.ekts, president of the club; 0. W. Axelson, managing editor of U. of C. Weekly; L. Brent Tang-hn, ex-president of National Republican College league, on behalf, ol the club presented u. life-size three- quarter face marble bust of the major. President Ickcs made tho rpeceh of prese-ntution, r.ud as the folds of two American ting's which crowned the bust were drawn npnrt the spectators who witnessed the seem; broke Into a prolonged cheer. Mnj, McKinley ic-spoiidod in a few appropriate sentences, nnd the. Interesting ceremony was over. The bust is finished in American 1'nrinn mnrblc mounted on a mahogany linsc. It, wirs modeled by tho noted .-.ciilptor, Hans Hirsch, of Chicago from life, und a counterpart of the bust was presented to px-Gov. Forultcr at his nomination of SrcKinley at the St. Louis convention. HERBERT DISAPPROVES. Set« Anlilo the Sontonco of Cnuit-Miirttol In CIIHO of Wvbuter. Washing-ton, July 2D.—Secretary Her- l.ert \Vcdnesdiiy disapproved, with a qualification that J:e must not do it :\g-iiin, tin 1 Rer.ti.'nue of th'-'court-innrtial held 'it Mare Island, C;il., i" tlie case i-,f Assistant Paynuu'tpr Webster, United States navy, who' wus court- martialed for conduct uiibccoiiiing- an olliecr and g-cnf.Ieiiiiin, involving the ;;iil.uru 10 return money which he had received fjom his clerk, W. J. Tobin, n-^ a bond. The court found him guilty und rccouiml'iided his dismissal. The I'ecrctiir.v in reviemng tho case points out errors of the court in admitting fvidonce. The secretary, in disapproving tho llnding <>f Uie court-innrtial, is im- ])cllcd°i.o say th»t t,he transaction was, in nny sense" in which it may Vie vicwod, ili'sgr'arcful to Piiym.-i.stor IVebstcr nnd to the navy, nnd would serin to have l.ccn :i violiition of t-he'spirit if not of the Ictlor of section 1.7S1 of the revised stntules. ' A SAD SCENE. Funeral »t Wllki'Hlmrre, Pn., Over the >Jntombc<l Minor*. Wil'Kcsburre, I'a., July 20.—A solemn mass of requiem w.is celebrated Tuesday in St. Mary's Catholic church at Pittston. for the repose of the souls of the Twin Shaft victims. The chunjh, which has n seating capacity of 2.HOO, •was crowded to the doors and hundreds of people were turned away. The fu- nerul sermon was preached by Itt. if«v. Bishop O'Hnrn. The nnn! absolutioa was ffiven by -Kt. Kcv. Bishop O'Hara. The sermon otBishop Hobnn was affect- Ing'in the extreme, nnd while lie spoke, the relatives of the entombed minors broke inlosoijs. After the mass25 of the widows, accompanied by many of Iho orphans, went lo the Twin Shaft and gave vcr.t to fhi.-ir sorrow. DISASTER IN Koport. «» to l)..m.i*o Done bj Cloud- burnt CoiKlutic to 1'oor In. Noblesville, Ind.. July 20.—Stories of ihc widespread, ilistustcr of Tuesdays cloudburst- north of this city continue lo pour in. People »r« moving to the 'inlands; slock is drowned; fields of pr-iin are wiushwl away nnd highways and railroads .ire"badly damaged. White river nt this point is the lugh- c;;t since'August, 1S75. The American strawbonrd plant is lomple-tely sulimcrgcd. MorcUncl Gots Tlirec Venri. Pittsburgh, Pa., July 29.—Ex-City Attorney Morcland, who'plend guilty to the charge of embezzling city funds, was Wednesday morning sentenced TO three years in the penitentiary. W. H. House', ex-assistant city attorney, convicted of aiding and abetting City Attorney llorelaml in embezzling city money, was sentenced to the penitentiary for two years and threa'niontlis. THE MARKETS. TWO GREAT STATES. Ohio and Massachusetts Have Produced Great Men. tiraln, , Etc, Chicago, July , wHEAT-Moderately active and ursct- !ed July, WSSKTKc: September. ^>*i® ber, CO'/iiffClc. -roneer No. 2, 2J@24 : !ic; .No. 2 necember, 2B@35»c; Mil)-, 27 ^ OATS-Falr trading and hlpher. No, 3 'cash, iSfiUSVic: September, l.«ffili.«.c: May, -iw «?!20'X,c Samples steady. No. ., ii'nW is»® No." 3 White. 18®Sle; No, 2, isg-isfec; No, 2 White, 20«(ii!2c. BARLET-Old Barley salable and steady. new not wanted as yet. Thin quotable at 5^!e; tolr weight, but o« color, Good color, fair to Rood weight, choice to fancy, 30@83c. • MESS POHK-Market fnlrly active arid nrlces steady. Quotations ranged at Jb.OO® 6M for cash; «.02WS>6.1» for September; KM@S.W& for October, and J5.77'A(ff6.SO tor January. • •:• . LAKD-ilarket moderately active and prices easier. Quotations ranpcd at 53.05® 307'A for cash; $3.10®3.;s for September; «315ffl317tt 'or October; $3.25@3.!7V5 for De- comber, and J3.WSPJ.45 for January. BUTTER-Th'e market Is ruling quiet, with quotations at 10®14c for creameries and 0@i;c far -dairies. • New York, July 2D. FLOUR— QuI'it, unchanged. .WHEAT— N • 2 Bed moderately active; •teady.' Scptembur. CSMifflesytC; December, -. CORK— No. 2 quiet, firmer No. ie- September. SO 3-16@30V4c; October, . OATS— No. Z'.dull. firmer. tV'estern, IStt 29i4c ; "September, £214c. BEEF— Quiet. Extra- Mesa, JO.OOS>7.«I. BUTTER— Steady, moderate demand. •Western, Dairy, 9®JSc: Western do;,'.ll!4@. 15c; Blglns, IBc. • CHEESE— Firm; iJ'Jlot. Part Sklma, 29 60. EGGS— Quiet and steady. Western. 12V59 We. • ' _ _ . Live Stock. . '. . ' Chicago, July 29. CATTLE— Market steady to stronger. Fair to Boat Beeves, »j.Wfin.50: .Stocker« and Feeders, j2.50®3.T. r ); Mixed Cows un4 Bulls, tl.40®3.60; Texas. »2.50@3.00. ' ; HOGS— Market DC lower.. Llg-ht, JS.OO® 3 30- Rough Packinfc-, S2.BO®2.6ii; Mixed and Butchers', »2.S.',g>3.20: Heavy Packing and •Shipping. 't«.7ffia3.05: fife, J2.7f.«f 3.30, Soltllurit »mi stat»»m«n of Hlxli IlonuwB ' In. l'o»«o und War, A.l»o Some of the IfonMiiont Llttunttoun of tho A£«. Ohio as the mother of great men becomes possibly more conspicuous in war than in pence. The number nnd character of the men who were leaders on the Held between 1801 and 1SG">, whose birthplace was in Ohio or whose early training was there received, ara preeminent. Among them were such conimandcj-s us McDowell, MoThcrson, liuell. Cox, liosecrans, and aJ«o Sheridan, Sherman and Grant McCJellan went to the war from Ohio, and wus first appointed to the command of Ohio troops. It is only not to be forgotten that Hayes and Garficld won the title of "general" long before tliut of president. But these names are to me liardly so significant as the fact that one- eighth of all the federal army of the great war came from Ohio. The similarity between Ohio and Maine in having its great men political loaders is striking. .The delegation of Maine in congress, like the delegation of Ohio, has always been one of preeminent ability. George KvaiKs and William Pitt Fessenden, Lot M. Jforrill, Hannibal Hamlin and James G. Elaine —not to mention men who arc now in congress—illustrate the character of the timber which the Pine Tree stati has sent to Washington. An Ohio governor was the rivnl of the great Maine man as a candidate for the republican nomination for the presidency in 3S78, and four years later a like condition prevailed. The Ohio men won both ;n the conventions ami at the polls. Lnt tlie contrast, between the vocations and avocations of the great men of Ohio and the great meiv of Massachusetts is most striking-. One who visited Boston 20 or-SOycai-sngo wanted to sec literary men—Longfellow, Whittier, Kind-son, T.owell and Holmes. Sunnier Jld not a.ttraet the public notie-; thnt Longfellow called out, nor W.ilso;i tint of Wliittier, nor WinU'i-op that of Holmes. There are two exception;-. One. Daniel Webs-tor. Xo man probably ever filled the public eye in any state as did Webster in Massachusetts. J have he.-u-d Col, lligfg-ijjjioii say that when Webster, walked down State street,' State street seemed to stop its business, look out of the windows of counting rooms, cease its walk and turn round in order to look at the great man. Men oii(4 boys said, in bated bi-eath: "There, goes Webster!" The other exception is Wendell Phillips, great orator, who thought he was a statesman, but who helped to make the events which called into service t.he greatest of statesmen. —President Charles F. Thwing, in Harper's Magazine. SHARP .ANIMALS, gome Crcntni-on Which Feign ' Po»th to There are many of the lower anjmals that feign death when it serves their purpose to do so. Creatures as low in tho scale as microscopic ajiimnlculca will, when surprised by an enemy, pretend that they are dead. There is a fresh-water worm which when approached by a giant water beetle makes use of this stratagem: It will be swimming nlong when suddenly it will hang limp and threadlike, the s'port of the currents and waves. The reason for this peculiar action is t.he approach of onc of the beetles. After the beetle disappears the worm comes to life- ' ' ,. Grubs apd caterpillars feign death. A iKitoral 1st watched « caterpillar »nc dav which accidentally fell into a. little sandy pit. livery time it attempted to climb up the side of the. pit it fell back, dra-ging with it a quantity of sand. It tried all uidcs and finally when almost up dislodged a corn cob, which fell into the pit, dragging- the caterpillar. The caterpillar thought the. cob was an enemy and curled up in a tight ball, lay "dead" some minnU-sand fina.- ly cautiously came to life and.success- fully erawlcO away. The black viper nnd tree moccasin snakes have the habit of feigning death. A wonderful piece of acting- was >vit- ncsscd by a. man who *as- teasing a black viper. The snake suddenly rose, bent over, bit, itself in the bade, shuddered and stretched out for dead. The man sat down and watched it- Ijl about 35 minutes it woke up nnd scurried nwny. This snakft is called the suicide snake by 1'arraers, who insist that it poisons'itself. ,: Ants play "dead" and the opossum s tricks in this direction arc very well known.—Chicago, yews. A Do»'« PMJport In China. • From Foochow Owney sailed to Hong Kong, where ho was unfortunately delayed and prevented from making- a' speed record around the world. He \ isited the consulate, made a round ot visits to the rich ted and silk merchants, nnd received many curious pieces of Chinese money, which were strung- to his collar. From the emperor «f China Owney received a passport bearujgr the roval crest and dragon, permitting him to" travel in tlie country. But Owney did not go beyond the city, and so much red tope was employed on his depar.- lure by the peninsular ami oriental steamer that Capt, Panton, of the Victoria, finally decided .to tnlic the dog- travclcr back to Kobi, Japan, from which port he finally sailed to New .yo"k,«s the guest of Capt. Grant, of the steamer Port Phillip.-Cliarles Frederick Holder, in St. Nicholas. Strength of Piano Vf lr«. A' piece of pianoforte wire recently tested at the Watertown arsenal shewed the extraordinary strength of £06 tons per square inch in diameter; large sizes gave a tensile strength of 13,1 tons and upward per square inch. The metal •contained O.Si per cent, of combined carbon,—S. Y. Sun. The Advantages of Prepared Mince Meat should be honestly considered by every housewife. It / has great advantages, as /jj one trial of &L NONESUCH MINCE MEAT will prove. You will nnd tliftt "'' It Is cleun-it could not bo moro BO; tliiil It Is convenient—always rc'.-itl.i- nnd never spollx on the shelf; [5 thiit it Is economical—» JOc. piickHgct; nmkes iwo Inrgo pics, fruit pudding, | or delicious fruit cnko. Get tbo gen-1| ulin:—tiiku no Kuustltuto. Si'nft your mldrpiiR, n^minn thin pt- p,-r, nnd ' The COAST LINE to MACKINAC TAKE THE-I—{— TO MACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY CHICAGO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers TlicOrwrtMt Perfection yet attained In Bv*t Construction--Luiurloun Lqiilument. ArtlMIc Furnlining, Decoration and Elliclenl Service, insuring the highest degree of __ COnFORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. fBUR TRIPS PER WCCK BCTWCDt Toledo, Detroit ^Mackinac LOW RATES to Picturesque Mack.nac «o« Return, including rieal» pnd Bertht. From Cleveland,, »i»5 from Toted., Jig; Irom Detroit. »IJ,50. EVERY EVENING Between Detroit and Cleveland Connecting nt Cleveland with Earliest Train* fornll poim?Kast, South.and Southwest and «t Detroit for C U point* North Bnd ».orthwc»t. Sundiy Tripn Junt, Mi. *uuint and Sipl«mb»r Onlf. - EVERY DAY BETWEEM Cleveland, Put-in-Bay jf Toledo Send for illustrated Pamphlet, Addreaa A. A. eCHANTZ. «. K «.. P«T»OIT. »OH. REV. S. P. KI.OTZ. PASTOB C. B. CHORCH. warenoo, ind., Sept 8,1898. Pepsin Syrup Co.: ....... Dear •Sir:-!/have been afflicted over twenty years with Dyspepsia or sonr stomach. I have tried different remedies without much benefit Finally I bought a 10-cent bottle ol Syrup Pepsin and found that It benefitted me. I am convinced that it will do what It la recommended when taken according to directions. I have taken nearly one bottle and feel llfce a different pewon. S. E.KLOTZ. For sale by B. F. Keesllnf. , g ! How is Your'i»lyer? | ! TAKEAPILL. HI Or, Hotta little iK«Mhlfciii16rlM.HHj . Fit- thor- •ielui ud drnnl>u. rri««, ONLY 10 CENTS A VIAIL^ ' JoTsnl. in LOGANSPORT, IND, by Ben Fisher. 311 Fourth St. and John.F, Coulsoo, 304 Market St. Pneumonia. Mr*. A. J. I^wrence, .of.Beavtr, I*,, •ays: "Brulliin Balm brought ne oat ot * teren attack of pneumonia in splendid shape. It Is a wonderful remedy for conghi and lung trouble*. Alto for outward uu, for; burnt, cold acre* and chapped bands-and face, it cort» like magic. It it invaluable in the family." Typhoid «nd Scarlet P*vw. Taken in time Brazilian Balm prerenti tvphoid or tcariet f«»«r. Alio makei these diteaaet very .light and alTayi prerenta deiafneaf and. throat troubl«t, which tcariet fever and meatlet »o ofte. leave behind. Always keep on tanfl. Toslah Bacon,'conductor on the, P. .W. &-B. R. R., tay* "Brazilian Balmcnred me of inveterate catarrh which_I had for 6C yeari." Braiilinn Balm lullt w» satorh microbe, making • r»uZr*l cur*.

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