The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 3, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1949
Page 15
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I*HURSPAY, MARCH 3, 1949 BLTOTEVTUJC <A*K.) COUKTEE NEWS PAOT UT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople FRECKLK0 * HIS FRIENDS R r MERRILL BLOWS* Die In Cast . MfcRTHAf r40 TXXJBT ^ VOO'Re CURIOOS ABOUT THIS QOAtMT PACkAGE/ •~*-ITS T^e. •*—AH SHELL OF A M£ 1 D BASU ME /g) GUAOALVPTOS GOURD FClEMD, A COLOMEL MERRYFIEU3, IT F A GOURDE APPROPRIATE/ IT LOOKS / NEVER MIND Jv VOUR TROUBLES \\ AMD GET A POST t CLOTH--1 WISH RELATIOMS WOULDN'T ' BE GIVING U THINGS BEFORE YES, IT'S THEM--1 SAW 'CM GIT OFF TH' IMTERURBAM AM' TAKE A HACK FOR HERE' EVER TRV TO BBAT A HACK FEE TWO MILES OM CEMENT WITH tee. SKATES ON? WORK—A tOAIHSOME wort YOUR HfcAt>, SOT IT'S OFTue FAMILY/ 'Hie BODY SAYS * NO! eor THE WALLET SA.VS *VtS*/ It* AFFIRMATIVE BORM THIRTV VEARSTDOSOCN "I'm *orry, Jones, but <ir«t Political I Announcements Subject to Municipal Election Aniil 5, 1949 For Mayor DOYLE HENDERSON E. R. JACKSON Fur Alclcrman First Wiird RALEIGH SYLVESTER JIMMIE SANDERS Second Ward WALTER C. GATES J. W. ADAMS Third Ward -JENNINGS BAILEY LOUIS G. NASH Fourth Ward (Two to be Elected) J. WILSON HENRY LESLIE JOORB At DREIFUS TUB STO 11V t Ji>hn ll*-nry nntt Sin Ctm uver, rncmiltinliijc at * ovank rrnorl, tv|tnr*» Ihe driUk of • m vaterJou" kinn nil i tied Hitnirr AnfiUn. l.Blrr I Le Conover nuiir- lrr» wre nri'uiilrd bj rnyr Jordim, under the (trrltjcr of a r«*M«rvBtIun nilxup. mid their I 11 K K » K * in find n rfitfirr iiivimnic^ (n n wir- rririiiiL-nl tiriirll (but AntcllH P"< I" .lohttn>'M vm-kei l.efurr b<- dii-d. flellevInK ihry knvc hern mU- inkrn (nr mini cuiic rlmr l«-crtu'if they h ti v<- Jfcrn vtt ll(*il **3f r. and Aim. Jimr-ft," Juknn? nnrt Kin trj "in ((iir- Ihr illu ort. *il» !• mid net lo ' by Salmon Rubuttnm, ojr'*f» F*rr iniifH Ji,hn- KiinilillnK ranch where WOVA "*>/2/r^ $ * M^S n> ta * J nil n 11 y nuddfnlr find* hlm*rLf In nimpnnr vclth Mrutrnnnl l.njr> th* puller officer viho IK rnvr-Jitt^riuliijc Johnny bnjiti't fold nil br kneivn. • * * XVII 4i ]\ fOR^'N^i" Jo^n Henry rc- plied shamefacedly and seized the rye. Faye had aLrcad> clowned hers and was regarding Lay with interest. She asked, "What's your racket strnnger?" "This is Lieutenant Lay of lh Azure police, Faye," said Job: Henry, digging an elbow in he ribs. She giggled. "I like policemen "Well," said John Henry ner vously, "good to have seen yo again, Lieutenant. Now, if you' excuse us—* "Don't run oft," said Lay even and his tone made John Henr sink back onto the bar stool agai "I haven't seen you playing out Ihere, Mr. Conover. What could you be doing here? Here, of all places." "Go ahead, Johnny," Faye urged. "Tell him." "It's very simple," he said, "I don't know." "See[" Triumphantly, she downed the second ahol glass of rye which the barkecp had quickly f«d. Tax Incl. lilJcd, After a moment's consul- iition, she also drank Ctmover's esh jiggciful. "You wouldn't be figuring on 'Hawing up AnRlin's killing, on Id you?' 1 asked Lay. He toyed .. . — „ ..-,._,. vjui iUJJiciuijj^; ith the tall glass of hcor that she whispered. litited before him on the bar. Faye's soft shoulder. *Come on! lie gritted and propelled her .nway from Ihe lablc toward tlie door u the fur end of the casino. No one wns plnyitig the slol mn- chines. John Henry halted there spun (he girl sharply around lo face him. "Now snap out of it, Kaye," John Henry grntcd. "You hncf a reason for bringing me out here. What WHS it?" Faye's sleek b raided head nodded slowly, "Gotta have words. Gol something I wnnna Icll you," my wife asked mt for ft rai*» thU mornl^gl" John Henry's pulse raced. Why? Co you Ihink this is Die lace (or itT* '1 didn't say that. 1 was just 'What is H? Kaye Jordan looked around eati- uMsty. '"J^oo miiny people. ICvery- body's lislcning/' "Okay. We'll go hack to the car." Still holding Faye's left arm I till. Ollll IIIJ1U1II& 1'M.Vl.^ ItlV 1111(1 urpriscd to we you willlout your firmly, he opened the heavy door vifc. next to the slot mtichincj and "Convenient," said I-i.v and took P»«hcd her out into the dimness , , ,, ... , of the enlrance hall. The closing' s,,, of beer. He put his gln ss k s}{ced o( , , he ligh( Bn( , ,,^ own and ga/.ed through the arch- excited nionn of conversation willi vay at the midday turbulence in I one s\\ r ift stroke, he other room. "Yeah," he said,! * * • as if coniinuinK a convcrsuUon. JOHN HENRY put the concealing 'it's illegal, all right, Conover. Bui M drape back in place. The sud- n a hopped-up town like this I den clianse from glare to gloom here's some things a cop has to made his head feel funny, keep his eyes closed about. It's Faye had prowled away down not as if it was my department." 1 (lie long corridor. She opened the He looked at John Henry and door to wlial appeared a comuina- smiled sardonically. "Here's lo tion library and den. crime." He raised his beer. 1 "In here," she svliisucred. John Henry lifted his own Klass, He followed her in. The room saw that it was empty arid re- was stuffy. John Henry went mcmheret! Faye. The blnck-haired across to the open window thai girl was in the front row at the broke the wall of books. No air at roulette table arguing with the all seemed to enter the library, polite croupier. "1 better go over," Faye had closed the door and Conover said. | was peeking back into the hal through the keyhole. • —— ID pen An Account D n E i r t s 4% HOME.LOANS Elberl S. Johnson The Equitable Life Assurance Society Phone R22K Kvenlnci Handle Your Health With Care When Sickness Strikes, See Your Doctor - • • SCOTT ALLEY SIGN & NEON SERVICE Rothrock's For Prescriptions Phone Better Signs Better Service 808 North Franklin Phone 3203 . What are you looking lor?" he Aquatic animiils do not drink BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 "Arc all these folks getting loans from ERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION, or am I in the wrong line?" THE GR\\ES COMPANY l\l \1_TOI\S Real Estate - Morhiuno Loan»- Insurance- nsmi-ki^ Bninr\riu Phone 521 TUDEBAKER Cars & Trucks For Your Selection 1947 Ford Super DeLuxe, perfect in every w»y . . . radio, healer, new set of Jow pressure tires. ]93fl Chevrolet 2-door, radio and heater. 1939 Plymouth 2-door, a good low-priced car. 1938 Chevrolet, a good cheap car. 1946 Studchaker % Ton Truck, good body and mechanically perfect. 1939 Ford l'/i Ton Cab ;vnd Chassis, priced lo move fast. Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Studeb«k«r Denier* Railroad & Ash Phone 2195 TUDEBAKER By AL VKRMEER CfvN REMEMBtR WHEN WC FIRST GOT MARRIED.' YOU SAID MY HANDS WOULD NEVER TOUCH A MOP. 000 GO5H, MA'tEU YOU CAN'T EXPECT ME TO KEEP UP ALL THOSE. EARLY PROMISES. THERE/ THAT'S DONE' L O'MAIXEY and RALPH LANE AND BE1URK IT BIKMtl V 1 I'M sonny TO sftM SUSPICIOUS OF MY CAPIM-MATE, PURSER, «UT I KAVI SOMl VALUABLE M IIR LOOM 5 IK A WOOOEN BOX. IT HAS A HASP — WELl, IF FLINT CAN Gf T A PADLOCK THAT WILL BAFFLE THE BRAIN OF JAY HATHERS, I CAN G£T ONt THAT WILL BAFFLE MIS! YOU LCAVE THE SHIP AT VORK. • THI« 15 JI/tT WHAT 1 WANT/ By LESLIE TURNER WASH TUBBS MWOE VOUR.V6VTERG WEEEN'T ENOUC-H 1O WfcKE GIS <N\\M UP....»UT I PULV6D MO PUNCHEfr IN THM C^W-f! NOT IP I C*>« HELP IT! MOEE HPPE=B.U TO HEB FATHER,&O ICA61ED HIM...IN IHOT* HOW I FELT, NEVER. *P.VJ A CHILD WITH HSE HEMtT *O SET ^I6T COUIDHT TEVUW IT 5EEWED TOO CCL'EU 1 . MflTVTfA SMVlCt. me T, M- «£Q- V. 1. PAT, By FRED HARMAN BUGS BUNNY DON'T WORHV ABOOUT H-RUININ6 ' wau, BUGS... t ^A.S <:>o^l^l^ PUT K OOOR HERE B Still Chiimpion 6ONNA. GIVE IM TH' SO-'Si. EH ? WELL. I DUNNO t*A i BLA.ME Hy EDGAR MARTIN HOOT'S AND HKR BUDDIES

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