Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on March 5, 1942 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1942
Page 6
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Six ...«»n« PAH* HEW° .-~Hmi «*»°° % »« aven, Of Will Meet Central Bridgeport Friday Today's Sports Parade of forly-flvo pointa fan aggressive stylo of uyvvhlol, mukoH ihoia a very coi- ball- b . nducd to S. ! Pat, Off.) Si-'r Pali;, Off-.) WITH 46f$ et In Complete Command Throughout play of .Iho '(Hy UJSON) - f riu nl U (1 I" > iwlu-blli 0« Hi noil ' .'ACJK 1'M'UU Muroh i; OPoyh'oiinrlH oolo Vftlluy NlWlil" luvon Aiuum or tho . (.wunli p llrf \Vl'Ht fHjll, lit tl.H M.U.O.HI nlwht (li'onby H«'»MIH'«I ' o . Uu U. u«ompU'l;; , kul MnnnlM»Htoi- Ul-M hi 'the llnul I'ci'lod, ^I. In nn uml U }'rol»- -owd Jit Mto l. ami \M™* HMMI Hia o-l,» of Hi" 'ntl.or miniyy r. - SVMM nol-.ln ..Uiu dilnK im N " and lln.Hby Hay.'d a iM.lo'- ii.1 linproiwlv.. bnuid ut l.uskvl-. ljft ,|!,Yo ruuM HUW 'NiU^at.Uc-k'M hlKh irlo or K.'ank Kiirs. i«l« 'H«\i' ,1V IM Uio larK«'Hl, , -n.y thi.M-r.u-. l»ra t mil whlr.h IU.M MHriano'wlH.broiJMlil tho oval in, iim court svlth aumfclHK rain 11 " '. I T ,,! nrmumH of cioopurutlo.i (im.bliuMl with HOII.IO brlllu.vt and u . lime* NonHutlonul Hhoo.tlny guinouci fill tho (lanu-t and, Orov array a svrli (inHci'vni.l victory, 1,'nmk Furs wllh u douhUilon In started HIQ off on llu'lr Hcoi'lng .ram- ivllly svllh his unoi'tho- lwn<l'*rrt nlnng with HOIIU.I ,„. Hlmotlw on tho part ol hi,nn rnablml thn (ii'o.y- l l(imu |M in ««l off on Llui fool I,, n, (1 |r lU-'rt tourney duhut. M u. Hm-oUKli lad* Hut a lon-Hl on Hldod win oiu. , . ,.H!.H imnri WAIT > U N » » U I i lilt I 9 N (« f ft "fr'nw -funks Anil A till I' baok l,s l,,,Miilitutnil tlu»y wi-rn on Uu» (,,,,1 of u |y.-D count, [|, I* HlKiilllimiit to nolo lhal out of llm 18 polntH Karnured by 1-n.o i;,,: !,„„„ In Lhu HPHl liuir, 17 wore m-urcfl by the abovo I, lo, Wi- now huvn an Idua of the lm- role that llio.y playncl In Ih j Until MWK«U»N» HlOSMMl tin-it,- (irnt i.oriod pttw J IH fN j;;; f " iiL wlum Naugatuok oulHcjonul MUVIMI by Mm score! ol Mix to to lead at haU'-tlino by tho ol' IM-II. *.l. MaviMi ntlnnpUul to gut lii tlio bftirgttiiw with n hoop lixxm-ald but ' NuilKuUlok i'«- tullal,ul with a llnron aooonc m U alliiok wliloh not tod tlu-in 1 1 polnlB 111 HlK'OI'MMloil 10 \*ll l-tH> gUIUO ll Ihn Innl.nx rlgtil Minn and tlwo, wouhlu'l hftvo bunn llm U;ast bit surrlHod ir tho loo bunoa h tho Hiirfaoo wan molting foi Hluplo reason tho flarnot and Mi-cv i-fLin'Huntatlvi'H wnro having a hot nr should I say vory HUCCOHH- I'ul oviMilnx. 'H»" Koloyinon out- H( M,n:d their run, l« to 8 In Lhln I'rmno, l.o HUI-KM ahoad by tho score .of al-ll) at tho thruo ((iiarUr mark, Tho fourth and nnal diiartov found both HVOM battling on ovon tiiniiM «>H (mob ciulnl-ot added ,1-t to thnlr total to bring about ulllmalo roHiilt which \VRH on NaugaLuok nldo of, tho ledger. A ol' \\Vnt llavon laclH by tho of DoHt and KlUgorakl paood HH UiHt dlloli clrWo avallod nothing. H was ,|UHt ( ,r too much (Munblmul with b Wbun thn lli'oworkfl'woro Nutiwutuok' luul aiimaMod .u bovH won't go utalo from. Jack no.HOonrjr %akp. thc>;- will ha.vo baok/^Qi ^ su Us olt han Lliom on Smuldng or oddities: one or : tho last, teams to; h Rnrnoy lH\tha first/ to, play,' In. P I ar \'puntl. They 'arc 'dotorrn- oUl.0 Pr task by UiKing Into camp, , , . ,; . , ThP trio o.C Bufldy punn, .M ' and B.l 1 1 Hal.lly .featured ; on onWn while Captain Marlanp roiw Thursfo.n --bxhlbltod npinc clufonslvo' Piny., 'The box score o gamo Is balow o drourlh'ot-'l'hmaiHlsoriav^on'taelvg- ' U B. fly an Tl minion iiUioolo '. Marl ft no" I . o D, .a; 0 o 1 P. 0 17 2Jt 3 fe D,o Gray ClVago' . Host Ig Solmfl'nlt Mlchol' Soh.oiuloU D.ol'alnui If rl 13. 'F, . 1 '.' 1 ,;T? ., 0 , 2 . P , . • 2 . 0 . A. P. •2 U 12 ''0 7| ',0 '4 -o "0 Crack The Blue; j y illgli, .of'' \Y.a tor 1) u i;y, u psc t pre-tourncy '/dope; last; nigh:t;;;by. , lf r »• sunn.osddly. Gi'0sij,v thO pt'C~ ("."«i ". v . i ,.•"-"', '/r 1 .•" — > >. *••'•,.•.. 'vr v trimming Manchester, a su.ppos.O.dly: loading " contender for the .CHY,,-,^ plonshlp tiUo, by., a 'iscorp of 'shur-wlth 17 points.'and l\ 9,1.13. l/i' ror Bill Scho.neld's combine; onualled the -total score of tho" Manr ohcstcr five, The score LONG ISLAND U BEATS CROSBY Fish or .., ; ... Fassanolli .. Kulttslsdn, rf • IVAgostino . Kelly, c .... Botts Betanger, Ig Bp.uoher .',.,: iuiynokls,. rg Gonlon '-,..,-..', ' 'Totals ..., -.I 1 .!-. Klcin.schmldt'.'-rg: B. Brown, Iff .. n, 13 r own,,' c .... Ttn;k(ngton .... Chapman, .rf: .-./.• HamaHls, If -V ; ,-;;;; Totals, -.,.;?%- Scoi'6 'at Manchester' .10, and Dlssingcr. i. ,0.. n ().; 2 0 0 0. o o. ! 0 . 3; o,-. 'a, -"O. 0 '.-•0- :; o rli NcSv York-, : MV-O' 1 .- 1J .~"^ F).— In . "Iliesc- day's of streamlined news re- 'porting a-,scoop:; Is 1 rarer than, a" roc, •a.',,tax' rebate .:or a woman who •cloesn'l Insist : o^i ,tho. last word-, ; but; !tbday you ''may gaze upon one that< ; Is' v ft : 'idandy after a week of- ^tcady re^eanch-'l have;>uncoverGdy the mo^l, aiionymous^ .miaiii-.': ;in,' 9por,ts, ; -Ihe. •rtain'c'.'iH Sammy Angott. ilmiw^Samm'y.Angott is llghtweiglU •Wivliiiilon-- 'of tiva" woi'ld. -Tdmortow ri¥. Ma'd'ison- Square Garden: he goes '•tbvthcVtfbs'U'pr- thov.flrst time since c hV^b;riiiV ; title,,,Mo;st :of the scats ••iack's'M,he" k feverish overtones norm- ii'll.yr;i'0.served 'for an'' event-.olf 1 such, 'pugilistic 'significance. . 'Angott is meeting Ray Moniigom- (M-y. a 11 eb o n y Ph i 1 acini, ph i an who i'n'l orci 'no 1.1 b n - th an an . i rate. finU'" altiliough the title v^'ohM. 1 ' ; -be" at stake the. ; contest slYd'nki 'b'e' 'mombrablei Yet;, appar- (Mi'l-lV not- rnoro" than 200 people real- ix;eV.h : at : Angott, is v a party' 1 to the af- "Ta-jr and'all arc hotting.against him- '.^^"an--JJ-D-.i'ate of exchange. ;' ' . . > . .Now, Jl-rj is a ; terrific overplay in. any bout v 'i'nvql.ving' 'a''n^ .no' Waiter'h'ow aged .a : title-h'oider' may grow,'Ari'd,-.Ang'ol;t isn't aged-at all.. Hp has.- his teeth, his hair ; and no .Wrinkles;; As well, .ho' scored a- de- Vision over Montgomery .last time they^ met. He is .an underdog for the'oHlinple reason-..tlial.-lie- is : ob"i-ioiiBC: Why Is ;lio.'-obscure,?- ,Ali, 'no\y.,5- , ;/ , /.:'.. ' .'-.•••' I- ."•'• , , -"'''Th^' reason Angott-happens to be. N-ir. >\nbhymous Is .that' in boxing the Wages of virtue are notoriously low Angott is .a'nice boy, so. -' ^• i -.attraction.- It'is a...sail state Island w, on .CVB)-^9 n £ 1 * 4 X I - • Dunn Starts Naugy Off To First W« a ove iui- ,• ••_.--••• , •tfPolyclmlo one/of tlon'^leacHng.-scours-;' " .• Gcrber• vyas '.taken : iiospj taj;' yestoVday wi^h • a. leg . U faction,: several' hours.- UiU/,, beioi IG/uS. 1 . fans at 'Madison inisuccess.Cu\v attemp.t .,_ : -.•.-.- nVice; In.-,', the =....national Invitation tournament. ' . , . , , „ • Toledo,' witho.ut its star, led it-M ?^®i%^^^ Sank. Renders " : and ; Dick l-Jplub. LtU,' were' .high scorers wil,n, 3-> jib hits each, ''___/ Naugy's "Shooting Circus 1 . i> CJ V ^ ^ _^ ^^ ^ Gave Great In First TEX"!0'B.n.!l?N>: - ester l,o ' Camp Briefs • •March-, o _ '.McCarthy was Increasingly vindlgnant .today ngalnst-'-'-sK--': l^y ... holdouts . Avhps.e ala'sVnce 'has 'mndc inlra-camp 1 prac- .ti'cally • impOBsiblo.' 'The Yanks open exlilbiUdiy/ play 1 /. P^da^MvitlAp^l '' " vC action. ncfcrccs:'- ••"Petrlho UlHl . whloh Totals ,,.. 1 1 1 >. • Scorn ai,' halt'- time Wont Haven 11. Hol'crotis: |).Gri«lng;or-Malln9, Noxt tournpy opppnonl: D poi-l Contra! on :f33 18, 1 '- : ' J - 1 - PI-CBS) Navv Mi Oathpl.lo y n \VCI- i U ' 41? ' TolO'ilo 38; •Poxd. Y. U, nO; r i^in6(3ton'G2 1; -Pcnri i 31. • ' ""' (]ly Unltpcj ' ^^MpWftS«ii*~xw now TCIlly niirkbr.Naligatuck'H own oji tho 'golf I ink's and former Nati.onal- Opon 'champion,:. was. ' only 'vqruv, stroke 'behind Byron Nelson,' w,l\0* • inri 'MIO' fin'rl ' ynslRt'day., ,.a,U S!<v. :petcrsburg ( .Pla,, 'in thq'MH'st • round-of ihc 72-.nolo $f>,OUO SI,'-Petersburg. Open at , the", Uikow'ood'' Country Glub. Nelson Hnis.hcd with 34-3ri'oiv •IV G.8 M'or.' a four under par.; • . '• ;" Ru'rke, rnproHnn-l.lncc. the .Rpl.lair,- • V 1 u. c 1 u b m I s sod a 30r i n oh" .P ut.t on the, -J8th hole for wliat wqulty have .been a birdie and a; tic for "the lead •position. .; 4 • »'. '...: Stocks of tiros in,!' the .hands; of- .distributors totaled' 15,502,000 .units, on January 1, according t'o- the Dopa rtmcnt of Go m me roc.. , ; •# LOW^P^OST •*<( Wkt f* ?' " h i I! 1 tbit nearest Potttiaq V $ ^ *a\ detfler'Jor booklitgivt •^m , tiondnPrW { t W ' ' . .Water Street.;-: ,;, •• DAILY I)i||!|EES, and • LUNO»]|pV>. •:- •'••'•"' ANDWIGllll ^t»F ALL KINDS A!; i|lClALTY , Ftill ; Liquor ' of ^fah^r but "That is ''the" : way ,ib has been for/years;,, l.he •cash -customers -prefer, .their, llghteus •mean, illiterate and full of: the (jual- 'i.Ucs.which 'comprise a ham. "- :: Arigb'tt-Ts : none 'of these things, He :: is' affiibre, ; intelligent, modest and iopurteo'ujM-lo is''a clever boxer, has ft'-Jalrlsli -punch." and ;knows : all. the tvlcks of his .business. He W_ Whipped-; just about every' eligible 'in'his cUv.isibn/and. done remarkably tnorough .ibbs.'bn many of-them. Yet-.he lacks Unit indcnnablc spjne- wliiclV we v kno.\y' as; color. 1 ;, •'on "the Rcirl'-'luk: side; q.f the 4'l.fe one -the paying -patrons, o\ii-A'ngolt isn't much. He nliver fla's bceti.-involved in extra curricula^'brawls,'he doesn't:cut In li'ight clubfj, ho docsn 1 turtle'.neck, sweater's and. he. is^ In no way the typo; of outic at which the- fplks like to gn/.c, -.grin and •guIjT-uilmlringly, "isn't he the one, •""VhT ifij Q-g os t 1 "' Sa m my h as-. 1 co.nie, to .public disgrace was' 'during an mci- 'dcnt near his home .town, the o-her tlu'y He picked, up a- f couplcv oi- iffifch-iiikcrs 'along the road.fMKl;al- ; tor driving a a few miles was hailed •by-tho coppers, Tt seemed that his 'new friends had pulled a stick-up 'jbb'Angott had trouble idcntliymg IH.niself. Nobody would believe he Was' tlic champ. •''Actually, he has been ^champ on .i'o'r almost .two ycavs..;Ho-^yo.n the 'NBA -claim to the; crown .from Day'ey '..Day In; Loui.syille on^Derby up la-"' , Jenkins^aVHhc Qarden. ^morrow. He .makes; h is vflFBV.Bta.rt. •as,u,ndis]Hi.ted : champ, but the'title wilj : not,^be; at' ; stake;:. . .'-..-•.-„• -'^brsonally, I 'und; no reason for. :i 'no^h4tri-|6-'--"nghts-- : -.\vhon' : -'a::cha.rnp.iori- ^is'Vinvolved.: But-;' there. ar6 ,few . anv provi' • cpmpeUtivC; action. Still, unsigned: aro -Joe DiMaggip ; Ioc Gordon, Bill .Dickey, Charley . Keller,. Red. Huffing and Red Rollc, Havana,'- Mnrch^ 5-(UP)-Tho Brooklyn. Dodgers Avere- smarting. today 'ovei; lUeir -.n.rst . Grapei.rmt league defeat: after two victories over the plants, Tlic Cuban , AH- Stars jolted the <?o.cky .National league' champ.ions, .2-1, 'yest^day and- to make .if. worse, the losing piloner 'vvas: 1 K-lrlD-y-- 1 Higho, a 22- game ' winner, .last season. The Dodgers outhit 'the Cubans, seven to ' 6s#^'*3a ! V-s: «n<l ;.^ s ^ d1 ,: 1 S;/,lS S ^/Mariano foul Crego. again replaced Dcdruy West Mavcn;. Reilly fouled aUl'and Frank missed. Furs cut th •lioop'20 feet 1 QMt-with a clonn sho 31-13. Mariano'-fouled Schannii a n the ShorenSan. ml.sso.d both tpj c Schalfnit's'long. pass, to Pilxgora was good- for- a hoop, 31-15. Ci-o nls'o -scored for the/ ShDromon, ;M- oii a side'shot.-" Schaffnii stolo Naugatuck Pass', drjbblcd down t court. and.. scored'. 1 • as' t he pepj ended, 3;i-10. Nrtugatuck 1 had four, tnos nl i hoop Furs' ami. Reilly bolnj? in scrininTftgo 1 - under the basUiM ] ' couldn't" break the' Ice. \Yost ] 1;| , von tried a Jong shooting gumo an. itMtfe'nraki'in.r'cfl- '.one fi'Oin mid-enur lo-make ;: 'it 33-2:1'. A fow second laior : \Vest - Maycn. carried iho al {igii'bi"an.(V i ncst registered to o.iil HI harnf-l-load,"33-21.^' Furs nddod !\v Joints, for the I OroyhoimrlR, 3r>.«: •ind TJiurston: heaved the loathe in' : .fr0V under the '}™w sliortl plenty of.action.imd-scoring in Hi snacc'"of two."minutes.' Gr^'go-passed" to- .Post and th rangv Shoreman' made good on short shot, 37-25, : 'but Kurs followo ' with another ' bnsUoi for th '.-•line, passed scored on a to , straight bo -the foui up -. wn-n , .anui-»^ •-' and Buddy ? 6,lcyi>v™;; U), v ™*? ' " try from 10 foi .ay i stale log :by ; -plas^ririg ; the : mentod Kow',Tonkinsai' thQ ' By Bond p L^. TOD A Y : 2- and m& m >i-lv>*« i^ mm •V>! Or.hmdp, -•--..,—-----.- .... Trade talk found its way intp yvr- \Yashington Senators^ training-. cajp,P li<3 f i'e" : 'today as Dutch Leonard /can- .tfn'uecl liis y ''''pro:tract«?d . 'holdout Three.' of tlic D.o.trbi.V•Tig-ers'; crop; oJ n.on-signers,;^BuQk; .l^ewsomj vfiWty. ing mentioned!' -;haTtihgly, ,a^'-possible figures in a swap involving the v big ..righthander..-Owner Clark G'riffith• •''said,, though,.^ that ,ne "never trades a holdout'/' , . Lakeland, Fla., March 0— (UP)— Manager Del Baker .today .sent-h IP. Detroit Tigers through long batting prnctlce and extended infield- and outfield, drills in .preparation tor their first game of the' sP, 1 '"^ training season. The Detroit cub will play it's Beaumont'Farm club tomorrow. San Bernardino, 1 ' Gal. 1 , March. 5— (UP)—Vlncc DilVTaggio was to- fti-pivc at the Pittsburgh Pirate training .camp today.; and was expected to be signed up tor the 19/i2 season -before the day ends. money which is supposed' to accompany the second most imnor-. tarit- Bauble in; boxing. If he .bloNVS to -Montgomery*. tomorro\y,; • he can got another bout easily enough. ; 'It should bo a fight well .worth watch ing. 'Sammy is at; his best at long range while Montgomery, a real crackc.v-.Iack, dotes on infighting and is/a very rugged' citizen. I • have.-a"suspicion that Angott. vyill win, but whether he does' or not T hope he gets enough publicity ou.t of the venture to convince ;peo,ple that he --actually is a lightweight—, and "not -a' phantomwelght. , NAMKD CAPTAIN North Hold, VI,.,. March. 5—(UP)— Wrtit : Domina of Kc.enc, N. H., .lunjor laH'back and Ht.tle' AH-Amcrica selection, lias been elected captam of the Norwich university- football 'ca'hi for-19-12, it was;announcc'd to- iay, Milton, Bavel'lc' of Malonc, N. iT., was named, alternate captain. m mi Ji^l- l»MttK(MMl**i« WITH COtt IF YOU WANT to keep your cnc in proper ^—, operating condition over u longer pcciocl ^^.''•'•'iil thq 1'owost poaalblo cost-lnYcatignto ,^.M , ..L^Vc 1 ; ; /Q^^i^atcd by tho PontiucMotor omoncrni ^oww nncl offprod exclusively -I'onrmc doiilors,. It makes nvaUublo to all cm* ^S- U-bonofita of a modern, ^ow-cont mftln- I hin, Stt-cumllned to the tlmca--bused on th^fWHlW'-of U -ftpochil VME exam nation ot each IndiSl cur hy n trained technician, Prescribed irHmuumi>« ; ,{ tsel , iou s problem confcontmg tlon Come In today-find lenrn ****&**«**&**&£ ^^ lBiW*BPiW****^***** ^^^WW YOU SAV9 MOHiY Yjutc** tt A THA1NKV M» *• (More* YOU PAY ONLY JO* WHAT YQU NttP WHift V6U Hit* IT ydiux CAM iif* i L. P. pel |S ^? /i-ti^ril b^'r^^ 000 High Street SCRttS kiOH^ If*" goal for the Garnet, v'en raced up, tho QOI ball and. Dunn recovered for the Foleymen, 11-4. tossed one in from the; side •West Haven, 11-6- l' ul f , 'ftost-nnd the West Haven boy made ofnc of the two trios,' U-7. I'ogarty replaced IVeilly in tho N lineup. Hcmy, returned to. . after' one pla^Schcmlcl^c netted hp.o.p. frorn-'the side oou.i.l •i'l-O The pace slowed. down 101 a moment. Schendell fouled Furs n the act of .shooting and Frankic made one as the period cml.cdy Naugnluck leadinR 12-0. Second Period inunn. stole .the hall from Sell on-dell' -' in; mid-court,, hut Reill> missed' the lonff'-henvc under the hoop. West Haven cut loose' with •an attack-huI, couldn't scorer-Km;? made'Mt 1/.-9 . on.n pass; from. Thurston. -DeGray. dribbled clos^ to the •''basket''find scored for.' West, Haven on a side- shot, 14-11, Nriuga- tuck came back, however,. .as Reilly raced under tho bask CM.,, too ,v a pass from-Dunn and scored, 10-11.; The Garnet took the ball from thft West Haven board, -worked 1 it''up the court and''.'Furs, made-H 1.8-H on a neat pus.hHip try. .. Grego replaced:'DeGray .for-West Haven 'at left forward; West Haven had a "half dozen scoring; opportunities ' under-''the'-basket, . but couldn't 'click in' the next -.four minutes while' Naugatiick missed four' ; choices with 'wild heaves at the hoop. The. half ended, Nau£<v- tuck leading 18-11. .-.••., •Dunn took Reilly's tap-off, bul-, missed 'after dribbling nil the way ih. "Dost passed to Schendell under,'the Shoremen's l^oop.v and it wns good'ifp.iv-a basket, 18-13. IlUt on"a driving rush an.d ReiHy scored under the hoop with-a book shot, 20-13.' The Garnet got another, when Thurston intercepted- a pnss niid Hred from 'the side to.put "the' 1 "Greyhounds o.ut In front, 22-13. Mariano- blocked a sure Held, goal by' covering Scliendel.l under the hoop -and'on 'a .iump.-ball piny the Garnet •'moved-up the floor fast. Furs tried a shot,'it rolled around^ and fell back into the field of play' but .Roilly caught Ihe. ball and dropped it in for another goal, 2/i- 13. '' The Shoremen took time. out. Dunn stole the b.all'-from DeGray in mid-court, dribbled to the basket' but was fouled. .Dunn made one of the two trios, 25-13, and tuck was. ,ginning in a brcc'/.e; A fine passing play, Mariano to Dunn to' Furs resulted in another Garnet Held 'goal, 27-13; After breaking up the out of bound play by the Shoremen, Dunn heaved in a one- handed hook shot to make it'29-13; four '-minutes; of- ))lay romainin? Kil'/g6rakl made a foul, M-W, Duni scor^d : -from v tiio;-,side on a Nauga ofboiVnds play Jin«l Kin neat book '.shot, for h\- h 3-261 .Dest hoavod i a'foul 1 'try f,or tho' Slioromo.n, -'i:^,,i bxit Furs'sent'one. in clean from Ihc side, '45-27. Dest scored on ^a IOIIR Naugatuck lost Iho. hall in mid-court Dest scored again, to cut down the Garnet a. Fouarty replaced „ Thurston for Naugaiuc-k, but came back in aflor a few'plays. Fo ley sent in for.Furs and llyan for Dunn in llio Garnet lineup. Fogarty ^camc Dark, subbing 'for Mariano. Rucoio \m\ Reilly 1 ^ place at center foi tuck.' Th'e game ended a fw omls later""Yyilh Naugntnck \yiniier; -Vo-3;j. GOI^EU .JOINS AU.MY • For.t/'Devcn's'v'M^^M March fT]pji_l]3(imuiid. Hurke, a menihor oil Rh'bde---]sland' > s leading golf family and • professional ' at Oslorvillcs Wiano' Golf club, was in tho army today at bis military post. Hiii-ko, who' entered scr.vicc yesterday, ro- VeaVed that/his brothers, .lolin am Davki; are classined A-l and ftxpccl calls : in'the hear, future. SOf. Hid I™ • ^ -J^ ; ; -Fn.-Sati •4>M tlft conHc -'strip cmrtdbi CHIC YOUNQ 1 SINBlETOH* LAKE * SIMMS ~~^~'i'^:-:' ALSO/—. '"fUDEHS 'OF 'THE "WHEN AJN'AIItHAII): STHIK1CS" und bnnd from Chi- sparklinu rhy , ; JwiM» : 6nly : : Nmv "' . SSc . IHV HIN'I/ and His Tliiu'<J.^ ; CA8A ' Ailih. • :Wc-4dc OUCH. Chiries Boy'er ^and>Mai^4r^ S u U^ya^ ]:•,¥:'•••;;...^ v ; .'•: Also :-•'/Moonlight In Hawaii'! FRI. ; - SAT. — : v ' Wild ;Bill v Hicfcpdk Rides " r>.Mv-t» •CAN' YOU USE $10« ? in P YO.U -(nA X, • PER MONTH EMPIRE LOAN . ROOM 22fl j<.. N'>. j':,

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