The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1961 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 23, 1961
Page 2
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/iTtusVTLLK (ARK.) COURIER Another Victory For K In UN. By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press Newt Analyst .WASHINGTON (AP> - One of the troubles with sending a boy on a man'* errand it that he doesn't have long panU, This may be the ''rouble in the United Nations in picking a successor 'to Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold, killed this week in an African plane crash. If the successor isn't given hi* full title and full authority, or It choser in an unauthorized way, he may feel too enfeebled to act when action is needed. Such a result .would be a victory for Premier Khrshchev who has sought to intimidate the secretary-general and even abolish his Job. Yet the U.N. members may feel such a condition—a temporary compromise to postpone an Amercan-Russian showdown — is the only alternative to chaos. Hammarskjold acte'' so quickly with U.N. forces during last summer's Congo crisis that he frustrated Russia's attempt to get its hooks into the area. Khrushchev's reaction was Normal Life About To End By BOB THOMAS AP Mo»ie-TV Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) - Dick Chamberlain, poor lad, doesn't know what he's In for. He walks around like a normal human being, happy with the world, well-adji.sleil. All this will change next Thursday. Chamberlain, 26, is the 1961 Dr. Kildare, alarring -in th« TV vers- lion of the hospital stories beginning next week. That means he inherits not only Lew Ayres scalpel and sterile togs, but all the stale jokes as well. "Calling Dr. Kildare." Remember al! the gags thai started that way? "Already peoplg are coming up and complaining of a pain here or there," the actor admitted. "It geli to be somewhat of a bore. The only answer 1 have Is to pre- icrihe a Mediterranean cruise." Chamberlain is a Ixw Angeles boy, son of « manufacturer. After Army service In Korea, he stud- led voice and drama and landed a few roies in TV films. He starred in an MGM Western pilot film lhat failed to sell, but (hat didn't stop producer Herbert Hirschman from tapping him for Pr. Kildare. The movie series ran to 13 features and helped spawn such stars as Red Skelton, Van Johnson and Laraine Day. "Calling Dr. Kildare" (1939) was (he most famous of the films and ihe till* became a national phraso. "We're being careful not to use the paging system in lh« TV it. ries," said Hirschman. "Whenever Dr. Kildare geU a call, it's on the telephone. fierce «nd quick. .First, he wanted Hammarskjold fired. Then he wanted to abolish the job of secretary general and replace it with thre« secretaries- general. This had such a gimmick it took gall to propose. Under this plan any one of the three secretaries could veto anything the others wanted to do. And one of the three would have to represent the Communist bloc. So, in any crisis created by Moscow, the veto would render the United Nations helpless to act. Hammarskjold not only refused to bow to Russian pressure by quilting but continued to act with speed and determination whenever he thought necessary. The United States bi-cked Ham- marskjold. opposed Khrushchev's plan for three secretaries-general and insisted there should be only one. Nothing happened. And nothing was expected to happen until April 1963 when Hammarskjold's term would expir and his job would be open. So the showdown was postponed. Hammarskjold's death with two years of his unexpired term remaining made * showdown immediate, U Russia wanted it that way. That they want it was indicated Thursday in New York when Russian Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko spent four hours with Secretary of State Dean Husk. When the meeting broke up reporters were given to understand, that Russia intends to press for three U. N. secretaries. From the moment Hammar- skjold was : killed there seemed one possible way to postpone a showdown temporarily, provided Russia was willing. That was to pick someone to serve out Hammarskjolri's unex- pired term. This might involve a compromise to pacify Russia temporarily, at least. For instance: The new man, instead of being given Hammar- skjold's full 'title as secretary general, might be given a diluted title, like acting secretary, director or something else. Some U. N. members, particularly Ireland and Norway, got busy, on that idea Thursday. But, of course, there was a problem which had been there all along. Under the U. N. Charter the It- nation Security Council must recommend lo the 99-nalion General Assembly a man for secretary- general. Then the assembly must approve. But—this but is a beaut— the United Stales and Russia both sit on the Security Council. And both have a veto. So either could prevent any recommendation from going to the General Assembly by vetoing any recommendation. That's right whore the chaos could begin. To get around this, sortie of the smaller n»lions are thinking of hy.passing the Security Council by having the assembly itself ap- orove a Hammarskjold successor. This is treacherous ground be- cause there U no provision in the charter for anything like this. The charter says the Security Council recommendj to the assembly first and then the assembly approves, if it wants to. Therefore, anyone chosen this way—even if only temporarily and wilh such a half-baked title a» acting secretary or director, neilher of which is provided for In the charter—would be in a kind of sick position from the siart. This would be true, ol course, only if Russia opposed but was outvoted in • the assembly. • Any Hammarskjold replacement, unless picked with both American and 'Soviet approval, may find himself a helpless nobody unauthorized to do anything except sign his staff's paychecks. MICE AID HUMANITY WASHINGTON (AP) - A huge army of mice are taking part this year in the battle of medical science to conquer such diseases as cancer, cardiovascular ailments and mental disorders. An estimated 30 million mice have been put to work by medical schools, research institutions and pharmaceutical firms in their never-ending search for new drugs and methods of treatment, says Medicine at Work, publication of the P li a r m a c eutical Manufacturers Association. Mice are used as basic test animals because biologists can inbreed (hem lo produce strains exhibiting precise characteristics —mice which are highly susceptible to cancer, others that are highly resistant, fat mice or thin ones, In lesser numbers other animals have been enlisted in the fight against disease, says Medicine at Work. These include rabbits, guinea pigs, monkeys, pigeons, alligators, cattle, reptiles, goldfish and even the giant squid from Chile. Be Tactful tgalf I/an WAnNING ORDER Ja the Chancery Court, Chicka •awba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Billie Gene Wright, Plaintiff, vs. No. H91S Edivord J. Wright, Defendant. This defendant, Edward J. Wright, is hereby warned to ap-| pear within thirty days in the! court named in Ihe caption here-' of and answer Ihe complaint of the plaintiff. Billie Gene Wright, Dated this 1st day of Septem- bsr, 1961. GERALDINE LISTON, Clerk By OPAL DOYLE, D, C. Guy Walls, Ally, for Plft. Ed B. Cook, Atty. ad Litem. (SEAL! 9/2.9-15-23 DEAR ABBY: I am 14 and have a problem..My mother and I disagree about correcting peo- ple'When they make a mistake In pronouncing words, or use them in the wrong place. My mother Bays It is wrong to correct your mother or father or any elderly person in privaie or in front of others. 1 «aid I didn't think thert: was anything wrong with correcting people in a polite way in private or in front of people. .1 don't think anybody ii ever too old to learn. Who is right? "PERFECTIONIST" DEAR PERFECTIONIST: Your mother Is wrong, Honey, but she is >lill your mother, The pride of older people suffer* when they are corrected by children, even U the correction-Is offer** politely and in private (as It should be). So drop the prictlc* and remember—you m»y have a "p»rfeetlool»t" of year own lome day. DEAR ABBY: A rather irate woman wrote to tell you that a child today can name all tnbe players on the Yankee and Giant teams, but ask him who God is and he doesn't know. If this remarkably well - informed lady will tell me or anyone else just who God is, she will have answered, a question that has remained unanswered for thousand* of yean. Sincerely, LYNNE DEAR ABBY: Recently my brother passed away. He left a wife and two step - children (when he married this woman -she was a widow with two children). She had been married to my brother less than two years, but this is what she did. She had him buried in a plot next to her first husband. When my parents found out where he was being buried they almost went into shock. As though this wasn't bad enough, this plot is a family plot for HER family. We wanted our brother buried wjth HIS family. Did she have a right to do this? Can we take legal action against her? UP IN ARMS DEAR UP: Calm doiyn. There fg nothiug you can do. CONFIDENTIAL TO E. F.: ALUMINUM PAINT Best Duality—Satin Finish In S Gal. Cam - $2 Gal. IB 5» Gal. Drum $]. JQ °» 1 ' Borksdale Manufacturing Co. THEATRE Osceola Box Office Opens 6:45 p.m.—Show starts 7 p.m. 5af. & Sun. Continuous Showing from 2:00 p m SUNDAY And MONDAY Continuous Showing Sunday From 2:00 p.m Monday at 7:00 p.m. And 9:00 p.m. LAST TIMES TODAY Double Feature "DONDI" With David Janssen And Patti Page — AND — Randolph Scott In "HANGMAN'S KNOT" YOU CAN'T BEAT HEAT with the all n«w mi SAVING, HOOR HEATING CUT FUEL BILLS up to 50%! fw It e«w—fr'i row vttr mr mn Blyfhevllle Propune Co,, Inc. SOT N. « PO 1-2MI Gentlemen traditionally prefer . blonde*—but merry brunettei. "Are things rough?" Let Abby help you solve your problem. For a person*! reply, enclose • lUmped, a e 1 f-addressed envelope and send to Box 3365, Beverly Hills, Calif. For Abby'i bookie 7 !, "How To Have A Lovely Wedding," send 50c to Abby, Box 3365, Beverly Hills. Calif.. ON MIXED MARRIAGES CAPETOWN, South Africa IAP) -The Methodist Church of South Africa has issued a booklet da- claring that "racially mixed marriages, provided they are securely founded on common cultural attainments and spiritual ideals, are not contrary to God's law, and man'j law should not prohibit them." The booklet condemns the country's apartheid policies, and says "ihe only hope of preserving civilization and Christianity in South Africa IB an integrated multiracial community." GOSPEL BROADCASTING GOAL MILWAUKEE, Wis. (AP) The third World Conference on Missionary Radio, meeting here this summer, set a goal of doubling Ihe. number of'missionary radio station* around the world in the next 10 years. Representatives of 29 missionary radio stations that broadcast in 100 different languages on six continents were present for the meeting. CHURCH BUVS FARM SOMERVILLB, Tenn. (AP) — The five - million ? member National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., (he nations largest Negro denomination, has made the final payment on purchase of 4 400-acre "Freedom Farm" here lo resettle Negro families evicted from their tenant farms last winter, allegedly because (hey had registered to vote last fall. •CAOULL COMB BOMB EUGENE, Or*. <AF)-CUt«ac« Riines (topped a Human* Society truck in this city some 80 milts inland from the Pacific Ocean and asked the truck driver whether he had uea • Kigali. • The truck <3id * -esguU, the Raines family pet. Tilt bird had been picked up while waddling down a lidcwalk in Eugene. YOUNGEST BISHOP MARYKNOLL, N. Y. (AP) Newly consecrated a biihop, the Most Rev. William J. McNaughton, at 34, ii the youngest Maryknoll priest to become a bishop. He comes from Lawrence, Matt. Read Courier Newt Classified DINNERWARE English Ironttono 5-Pe. }SO Pfoc* Sitting.. . J 59-Pc. S«t Oven Proof Color Fast . . BROWN'S 524 No. 6th N. Hiway 61 . One Block North Of National Food Stor« DOGWOOD TRAILER PARK South Hiway 61 The First 2 Applicants Will Be Moved In Free of Charge Chlorinated W»Ur Concrete Patios large Playground Natural Ga« On School Bus Route High and Brr Join The Group Of Happy People Now Living. In Dogwood Trailer Park Phon« 3-9734 After 6 p.m. ELIAS DRIVE-IN MOVIF Hwy. 61 So. — OsceoU ••••• •• ••••......*....,. LAST TIMES TONIGHT Double Showing Wart Diiney presents Hay/ey Mills "THE PARENT TRAP" —And— Stevf Reeves "The Giant of Marathon" • SUN. •MON. •TUES. Double Feature IF YOUfcE IN THE MOOD FOR FUN OR ANY- THINfiLYOUVEJUST 00Tjqei!MB ABOARD —AND— HOW BACHELOR BOYS GET THE GIRLS! The most surprising proposition a wife ever had,... 6 Could I borrow your husband- for a tittle while! Ite .RIGHT : , Approach *•"••»••• '^^^^^^ClNIM // MH MM- MT, -PAINTING- R, J. 'Buddy' Conner Phone PO S-«T2« G«t the Gas wltK th« "N«w High" in Octant CONOCO SUPER GASOLINE V Moft Power — Mor* Miitagt —WITH TCP— CONOCO SERVICE G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. "I MLl THAT STUM 1ATURPAY, SEPTEMBER », 1991 It W* Can't Gttlt — ff t Not Worth I B ARAB INC LO 1.9953 • NiU And Sunday 3-2541 CA^L COLLECT — OSCEOLA, ARK. Come To The FAIR Northeast Arkansas District Fair Tomorrow Is Last Day! Tonight 7:00 P. M. Second Annual Charity Horse Show Top fli»Kt hor«»« from seven «tat«i, including: hor'aes from four different loc*l itablei. Admission $1.00 • Phone 3-7404 For Reserve Box Saof s — $2.00 Sunday 2:00 P.M. Quarter Horse Racing Horses from six states running in two divisions: !/• mil* dash 1st prize $100.00 V4 mile dash l $ t pr i M $300.00 Will run four horses at a time. General Admission $1.00 — No reserve seats, * Monarch Exposition Shows On the Midway — Bigger than ever! * General Exhibits Including Fallout Shelter if Fireworks * Free Parking GATE ADMISSION: 50c & 25c fie Sure to Attend the Fair Officially closes 4:00 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 24 The Best Shell Homes Are In Town N, Highway 61 Niglits—LE 2-5910

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