The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1945 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 12, 1945
Page 6
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PAGE SEX BLYTIIEVILLB COURIER NEWS MONDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1915 Welch Brothers Face Tough Pair Strong Knox-Malone Mat Team Expected To Extend Brothers The fnmous Welch brothers, Roy and Jack, have been In light spots before, but when they face "Bud Buddie" Knox and Smillii' Eddis Malonc tonight'at the American Legion In-the all-star tag match feature of Promoter :Mike Mcro- ney's weekly ring show they may be in for one of the toughest battles of their illustrious careers. Making their first appearance here as a two-man tag team, Hoy nnd Jack, expect to carry.on In the same successful manncr'as the Poy and Joe combine which, rates M one of the most formidable ever lo craw! inside a local ring. :' . • But rasslfn' faithfuls expect one whale of a battle before ihc (l)liiB is finally decided over the two besl-falls-of-three route, with a 90- ininnte time limit, and they;arc due to storm the turnstiles and pack (he limited arena space long before the opening gong which Timer Arch Uiidsey blasts promptly at 8:15. Tack in Fans With no exceptions the Welches have proved the bcsl drawing, cards In Blythcvllle wrestling hlslorj and there U very good reason. Th« always give out with a good show win or lose, and there have b«n very few times that they have fin ished on the short end of the score In fact, the last time they wer here was on Christmas night when the three wrestling brothers', noj Jack and Joe, gave the .mtanlcs Bill Canny and Red Roberts, «h< Staff Sergt. Chris Bclkas, subbln for another villain, Bardri Vo Ijiidwlg, a (borough working ove iii a slam-bam, rip-snorting ball! that thrilled approximately 130 fans who utilized. almost ever available • sitting hiid :Btandl« space to see the first -six-man la match ever attempted'here. . It was a thrilling show, fn.ste more exciting with added ac.tlo with the half dozen competitor Much of the time the entire si were milling in the ring at tl same time. : ' Though there will be two • le performers on the card ; tonigh this tag match and .pair, of p?e- llminaries should satisfy fhe most critical customer who demands,super-action. Everyone of tho.quartot, with porsibie exception of Jack Welch, Is well known to the fans. They are big, iroiigh, and double tough; each" one a highly skilled mat artist with years of experience. Jack Proves Adequate ,-Jack hits shown 'only once .here but his fine showing that Christinas night was enough-to'convince all preterit that lie ranks -with his two brothers. He is unusually tall built along powerful lines 'V.'Hh hi? shoulders and arms'that pack plenty of TNT. And that he wasn't timid about throwing those dukes was reflected in the .torrid battle as he hammered all foes, especially Roberts, Into shmibcrland. Jack opened up several times with fly ing tackles that found their marks He was a big hit and lustrumenta in tlie victory march of his 1 team. Malonc and;Ki\os. arc, certain t< offer plenty', q{ ippVosXtloii' JTor th gklahomans.JTriej' jire- ju'sf; as big p'ack'-.avmlich'jipoundage! an'ti -pew. ?r >n"d\lii«ye' Oil?!•'VMuibliJ.' rifi tr-' 1 '* Jt A Mittful ,f ^^ Veteran Houck Fought Greats, But Two Bouts With Tunney Were Extremely Pediculous From Blylhevllle Airport Little John McDowell, two-year- old son of Mr. ami Mrs. John McDowell, South Highway 01, Is not so sure now nboul this aviation business. Until yesterday nftcrnoon he could have been classed as a youthful enthusiast, but that was before ho made Ills first flight. Everything was fine when Little John, his clad and Johnny Fields climbed into the yellow Cub for a spin. He was all smiles. Hadn't lie been lookin K forward to tills very moment? Everything was lovely imlil the motor roared, This was Komcthlni; Little Johnny hadn't counted on, all that noLse.Thcn when the Cub raced down thr run-way and look off the didn't grow liny less, didn't sound anything like the motors do whet yon hear them awajr off in tin sky. So Little John's enthusiasm cooled otf. "E wanna go home." he announced In positive terms. Thus, his first plane ride was a brief spin mound the field and a quick landing. Soberly, he .studied the .situation fact.-Ciurjiori') Mucal>;iMi|<. H'.ii-yc'ai'-old Filipiim, hiis a couple of niittfuis as he- dons his first pair of boxing ^lovos lo bc'Riir .workout for til's on I.rylu Island, who an; tc'achinu younn Kili- Jpihos-buxing ami baseball, and fiiicliii|j limn enthusiastic pupils.. DOPE BUGKET from the safety of grand- •s j. r. FBIKND IIAKD;I.UCK HUGH •'. 'if ithe 'luck of Hugh (Tex) Ilar- ert 'continues to run n. B., he in change his nickname to "Hnril uik" Hugh . . . Overseas for n ecoiitl' hitch Hugh rclntc.s how he as" come close, to meeting with ome of the fellows from the ole oriie town, but not actually cn- ountcrlng miy, though he hnsbecn :ro'K.s the Atlantic for Severn! lonth's .now. : Tl''.will' be recalled that Stnff e/gt".v Harbert served almost two m the Middle Gust, during /time he was able to gel in onsiderable ' gridiron und diamond x'peH6ncc, just ns he clkl here vhilc •'pciforniing with the nlythc- ville .High School Chlcknsiiws nnd "Tex" no! ^ije^valw'^s/y'inairlb^MSo'^rt'hi; l^en/jVwcuyiy^^ii^andjb'ifijWXre cent matches here 1 ; Mb.lcanien wit Stan Buresh, the bushy headed Po lish boy. to rack up three succes sive victories, one over canny an Roberts, the same pair who fell be fore the Welches. Now, "docs lha suggest anything? Temperatures ' High Low Atlanta .61 50 Augusta 75 56 Birmingham 54 49 •Charleston 10 55 Charlotte 68 13 Chattanooga 56 21 Chicago — 30 Cincinnati 43 — Denver 40 31 Detroit '. 35 — Jacksonville 16 58 Tallahassee 74 5G Kansas City 57 33 Macon 71 Memphis 57 Miami 14 36 Montgomery 63 56 New Orleans 64 58 New York « 33 San Antonio 54 53 Savannah 19 y. Tampa 75 5! Washington . ...' 53 3( Dallas 65 41 Houston 65 5! Jackson 63 5 Little Rock 56 3 Shrcveport 52 ,fie. Lilies outfit only was able to successfully coin- jpte'with fellows with college am Luijyer.sity records, most of then 'roiii'hls native Texas, but was selected on the all-Pyramid l«r{je leflhi"selected at the close of th icnson .. . . His hospital learn [in [shed-in second- pi nee In. the eight teairi 'jeaguc;.;. '. Ilugli met am played against 1 an •ex-Blylhcvtll Giant, -Tqiviiuy. Gqrmniiv, .-the big jefllVn'tidcr';"' 1 --'''-'- 1 -'-^ 1 ' "•'-'• "'-"-• (tii e.. tooytheiisl A rk nw,si>S found Recce Woolen and Charles Abbott's names in the hook at Wanninister England;' Charles Wright's i)nme in Glasgow, Scotland. I had several others but I misplaced the paper on svhich f hart their names written. Oh, yes, Roland Warrlnglon's name in Uinninshain, England. I still wish I could have found John Charles Bright. (Don't look for. him over there any longer, Hugh, for he is n ttic ATC and stationed at the s'elherlnnds East Indies.) I 1111- lerslnnd Russ Mosley is over here but I don't have his address. Right now we have a half foot >f snow outside bill it Isn't too eoirt, thank goodness! Give my love to your fnmlly and my regards lo my friends In BlythcviUc. 1 Uiink of them so mother's arms while she and other spcclnloi'K watehcd the oilier planes like off and land. 'Ilicn some smart guy addressed Mltle Johnny: "Let's go for an airplane ride." "I DID go for one," was his reply. And that was final. • * • Friends of Lieut. (J.g- 1 Beit Lynch Jr. and his wife, Janet, need not. Ire surprised to see them fly in for future visits in their own plane. They're definitely interested, they said yesterday when they visited the local airport with Lieutenant Lyiich's father. B. A. Lynch. The naval ollicer and his wife were lyre for the weekend before they return to llarrlsburg, Pa., where he is .stationed. If they do buy a pleasure plane, both will probably lake Hying lessons, Ihcy indicated. • « • Another prospective student Is Miss Neal Luckcll. daughter of Mrs. J. A. Luckcll of Dell, both of whom visited the airport yesterday. Miss Luckcll inquired about lessons and said she would "decide hi a lew days." lly IIAHKV OKAVHON NKA Sports Eilllor NKW YORK.—It requires no great .trotch o[ the Imagination, says tub bumper Jim Coogan of Peiin State, .o picture Leo Houck In tlie center ;l an Iceland Army barracks, cigar n his battered lips, telling the toys what he thinks of war, sports and :ils own boxing career. The Lancaster veteran, who has been leaching boxing to college boys fur 23 years, was one of five spc dalists sent Into the north by the Special Service Division. A stranger might find it hard to believe that Houck, with hi: Miuvcntrs of 200 battles, would fit lliittencd nose and well-worn ears, into the academic picture, but his homespun philosophy and sly hu :noi- niiikc liltn one of the most frequently quoted men on the fenn Slalu campus, where his polysylla bio admonitions have become a leg end. lie likes lo look up expensive words and use them for a laugh He rules the hoi stove league a the corner candy stove, squelchini argumentative and boisterous stu lenls with a soft warning: "Now lon't get obstreperous." I'KKSTIIHCITATOK HOUCK For a long time, cantankerous was his favorite word. He started olf the new year by prodding the raucous arm chair strategists about jrowinK entirely too irascible. Asked how ho turned out successful learns without experienced boxers, he explained: "I'm a preslidigllator." When Steve Hamas matriculated at State College, Houck persuaded the versatile athlete who once beat Max Schmcling lo try boxing. Inexperienced, Hamus entered the Eastern Intcrcolleglates in Syracuse with trepidation. Puzzled about what to do when he entered the ring. Hamas was given the Doctor's magic formula: "Keep your left In his face and when you gel a chance shoot Ihe right." "It somutcd too darn simple," Hamns saltl afterward, "but it work- menl of Houck's career that he was never officially recognized as champion in America. He defeated George Chip five times, but when Chi]) kayoed Frank Klaus to become champion, he avoided Houel:. Leo thrashed Johnny Wilson twice before "The Cheese" became champion and likewise snubbed llouck. Among other Houck triumphs woe those over Gunboat Smith, Fraak Mantcll and Bob Moha, Modern fans, scanning the Leo louck record, probably are more iiipresscd by the two no-decision tattles with Gene Tunney, who re- ircd as undefeated heavyweight hamplon. Dul not Leo. Ihosc fights," he whispers, "were vliat you would call extremely ped- culous." was born in California where he started his journalistic career as copy boy on a Ixis Angeles newspaper. He moved to Tiew York in 1901 and from that time on sarvcd in the sports department of one of Ihe metropolitan's leading papers. Tgo Is survived and four children. by his widow l.en llouck . . . his polysyllabic ^ v.-or;!s arc fi legend. • from Harry Lewis, which carnc Jim the European championship. It was the great clisappoint- Mrs. Melvin Halselt didn't particularly object to her husband learning to fly. but when lie soloed Saturday afternoon and the gang al 'Spring' in the I'anhandle AMARILLO, Tex, (UP) — Even nature was fooled by the recent good, weather In the Panhandle, rc- porls an Amunllo woman resident, Her violets arc In bloom. Death Claims Sports Writer At New York NEW YORK, Feb. 12 (U.P.) — One of the nation's bcst-knowi boxing writers, Hype Igoc, is dead He was 67 years old. Igoe, who has been covering box ing and baseball events for th past half century, died in Ne\ York last night after an illness of several months. Tlie veteran newspaper reporter very often. Those memories mean a preat deal lo me, I'll write again soon and give you my complete address when settled. An cvdi 1 , HUGH. cd like a charm." CHAMPIONS DUCKED HIM At 50, Houck is in perfect physical shape, but, respectful of expensive gold 'fillings, he never lx>xcs Some 2000 youngsters, including Billy Soose. have been taught to box by the Doctor. Out of this mas, of raw material, lie has developed one world champion, lour nationa tltleholdeis. 40 Eastern Intercolle giiitc champions uncl seven chain- j pionship tennis. Houck fought 200 Tights from 1901 to 1923, was never knocked out, was floored only three times, nnd won more limn 75 per cent of his bouts, lie started as a' feather, but gained his greatest prominence as a middleweight. Louving Europe in the hangar cut off his shirttail, that 1012 nnd winning a 20-round baltle was something else. After all, it was a brand new shirt. * • • J. C. Ellis Jr., is getting the royal muz from his lellow fliers these days. Every time they greet him, they mention something about Kcn- nelt nnd accompany the greeting with raucous laughter. It seems the joke concerns some problem of navigation. We don't know. What we do know, however, is lhat-a fellow can't .really call him- .. -^. ',in . 1038'..-: Tif was'"'h'ls' home inn' with one aboard' that helped defeat Gor- nia'ii's nil-star outfit in a special the first baseball game ever pfc'cd in the shadows of the Nile before'10,000 wild-eyed natives ami English 'servicemen, along with the Yanks; '. GE^S >TKXAS Illlintt :.-Aftcr returning to Ihc Stales. jugh' ; look time out lo join the o,nks.j)I. Ihc Benedicts by saying II-Do" with a beauteous Lubbock. Texas, lassie ... In a very short lino he was at Tort George Mradc. Vlcl.. where he cncounlercd Capt James A. PuckcU and Col. Ivy W. Crawford before uoing to and Scotland, serving wilh a field lospllal unit . . . His last lellcr, dated Jan. 21, follows: Dear J. P.: How's the family? I hope everyone Is well and feeling fine. I wish I could hear, from you but the mail really has been messed Up and will continue to be. until We get settled working. T am in France now but we'll be moving on where there's work to be done. Can't say where as yet but will let you know when I can. SPOTS MANY NAMES I was In England and Scotland for awhile. I was on detached service for a few days traveling all along the British Isles. I would stop in the Red Cross nnd check on the State Keglslcr Book, l Daddy's I.asl Letter 'HOUSTON, Te.x. (UP) — One- mpnth-old Sylvia' Ann Pnlnicr had a little dog once, but ahc .will never see him.. She lilso,- had a father once, bin she will, never see him either. In the last letter that'Lt. Herchel E. Palmer wrolc before he was killed in how lie obtained a liny rat tcrrlor from a French family, which he Intended to give lo his tiny daugh WRESTLING Legion Hut, Monday, Feb. 12tb, 8:15 p. m. Lowest Admission ot anj WrtstUnj Arena in America. Adults, Kc, Tax 9c—Total, i5c. Reserved Scats, 12c, Tai 3c—To- Ul, 15c, Ccildren'i Beati IZe, Tw So, Total, 15c. Reserved Seats On Sale at the Legion Arena Erery Monday from 6 p. m. on llilliuiith I.oaf of BOSTON. (UP)— Halhawaj erics. Inc.. recently baked 1,000,000.000th loaf of bread. Relief At Last For Your Cough Creomulsion relieves promptly bo- cause it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen nnd expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous mcm- - .•• ------ ----.. branes. Tell your druggist to sell you self h pilot until he has been lost, a bottle of Creomulsion with th'elun- Charlle Hose says many's Ihe lime derstandlng you must like th'e : *ay it he was up he .didn't- know -where', -quickly-allays the cough'or you are Oilier local.Illers-agicc-thal'it:s not : to hjwej,'our money;back.' . • .;• j; so bad-to become lost as long as f? D FQMU LSlf) N : ill)' where you wanted' ^• I **"V"V »-«*l-WI.T It's HARDWARE We Hare U or Can Get It If It's At All Obtainable! HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. "25 Years' Continuous Semce" LVBRI GAS Expels carbon. Improves ignition. Gives more power by eliminating friction in upper cylinder walls and ringi. "Up to 25 Percent Extra Miles in Every Gallon" F. B. JOYNER Corner Sccomt A- Asli Sts. SERVICE STATION Plionc 2S11 Roy TAG MATCH & Jaek Welch vs. Knox&Malone 2 30-Mmute Preliminaries ,Roy Welch Jack Welch v». .vs. Buddy Knox Eddie Malone CH1CKASAW West Main Near 21st SU Sal. starts IZMS; Sun. starts U15 Night shows 5:i5 Except Monday, opens 6:45 Continuous shows Sat. and Sun. Last Time Today "THE MAJOR AND THE MINOR" with Clinscr Uojtr.s & Ray Mllland Universal News Comedy Now Open In OSCEOLA! (.lust North of Courthouse On Old Hallground) WILSON TIRE SHOP Guaranteed RECAPPING & VULCANIZING. of Passenger Car, Truck and Tractor Tires. (iRAI)K THKKi: TIKES, TUBES and UEUXEUS (No Certificates Required) Tuesday BUDDY NITE 2 Tickets for Ihc I'ricc of 1 "1 LIVE ON DANGER" with Chester Morris &• Jean Parker Musical Short BUYING LOGS Oak — Pecan — Cypress — CoUonwood — Tupelo BARKSDALE MFG. CO. NOW LOCATED 107 West Main (Nest Door To City Super Market) Foster's Liquor Store i WHISKIES—WINES—MQUERS . ITionc 2127 LIFE'S Little TROUBLES -CAN'T EAT- You don't ha?8 to worry «nd fret because CONSTIPATION or GAS PRESSURE discomforts won't let you eat. Instead of feeling nervous—blue or bewildered, take a dash of ADLER-I-KA to quickly expel gas—to soften and assist food wastes thru a comfortable bowel movement. Enjoy that clean, refreshed feeling that lifts spirits — rekindles smiles —ini- provesappetite.BuyitlTryitl You'll nevef be without Adlerika again. Caution, use only as directed. Cnl Aftlrttkm from >0ur dtutittt lajmy': RECAPPING and VULCANIZING All Recapping Strictly Guaranteed. Quick service. In Any Size Passenger Car Tire. Our Molds Will Handle Up to Size 700x16 Tires. ALL SIZES of RECAPPED PASSENGER CAR TIRES FOR SALE- RATION FREE! SERVICE STATION 12 Years At Main & Lake Street Call 965 For Pickup & Delivery Service LARKIN KIRBY BROS. DRUG STORES RITZl THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY NIGHTS Box Office Opens 7:15—Show SUrtil at 7:30. SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS Box Office Opens 1 Show Start* 1:15 Last Time Today 'SENSATION OF 1945"! with Eleanor Powell, Dennis O'Keeic,! W. C. Fields and Eugene Fallctte| UKO NEWS AND COMEDY Tuesday & Wednesday, ; "LOOK WHO'S LAUGHING" with Fibber McGce nnd Mo I He, Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCorlhy| RKO NEWS AM) COMEDY EMERGENCY!! Ulylhcville, Ark Phone 2911 Th« Nayy,Dept. ha» called upon Arkansai peopl* to construct, tha most important United Statei ... NAVAL ORDNANCE PLANT AT CAMDEN, ARKANSAS Production of newly developed and very etsential weapon of World War 2 ... "ROCKETS" TO SAVE OUR BOYS' LIVES! LABORERS Enroll NOW! WINSTON, HAGLIN, MISSOURI VALLEY AND SOLLITT (Prime Contractor*) GOOD PAY FREE TRANSPORTATION TO THE JOB ' v> ; Tim« and half for overtime. Food and lodg- - Inf available on the job for workers at $1.00 per day. Excellent working conditions . . , Help build tbli plant to vital!; needed by our fifhtinf force*. Hiring on the Spot and Free Transportation Furnished at Every UNITED STATES EMPLOYMENT SERVICE OFFICE IN ARKANSAS THEATRE LUXORA 'P3IDE OF THE COMMUNITY' Open 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 Monday Night ONE SHOW ONLY 'Stage Door Canteen' wilh Ail All SUr Cast uiul Six Grcal Leading Bands! 1'animounl News Short Tuesday PAL NITE 'Stars On , Parade' will) Lurry I'arks * Lynn Mcrrick Selected Shorts • y*i arc low •atntUt actlTlty »« •US, t» Ml appIf. (• u Men under tl muni h*T» nbwr'i rele*M form rigacd br muvah which eim b* «btOi>*d tt Kmil»r< •vent Offlc*. it ROCKETS WlL.L SAVE LIVES! j New Theater! Manila's Finest What have yon done today tha 1 some mother's son should die fo | you tomorrow? —BUY BONDS— Last Time Today "BRAZIL" with Tito Cuiiar A Virginia Bruce Vox News & Short Tuesday "NIGHT CLUB GIRLS" with Vlvial Austin >t Edward Norris Serial & Short

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