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ft i p4 THI 051T TLT It IV KIW WHICH PUBLISHES TBt fCll AfTEE.5003 JUTS XIOHT AS80CIATtJ PEISS MSFATCHM. Morning Democrat Vol XXI. Ic 101 Morning Journal Till, lo. II. ALBUQUERQUE, N.

U. SATURDAY M0RKIN6. APRIL 27, 1901 iWkoIi 8,483 U. and B. R.

Copper conipanies, un- leara particulars, in th vicinity of VICTIMS OF EXPLOSION RIGHT OF WAY DISPUTE DIES ON THE GALLOWS thi' folluiwlntj letter to President Mc-Kinky ililK morning: "Sir: livln nw at the town ot Clay tun, oiMukliiK my execution bet fur ibis Jay. und realising the importance ot the liberty of other nven and the Out 1 conceive to be Incumbent upon myself, landing In the presence of death, whore human- aid cannot reaeh me, I dentr to communicate to tju by means of thU IrUer fact Uhut I deem -would be of Interest -to tht peoplu, their lei-i Vm, und perhaps be Btie -mean of liberating Innocent nu n. There are now three men In mi' Santa Ke penitentiary sentence for lobbery of the ('lilted mull at Skein's prass, In lv.i7, viz- Leonard Albertson, Waller Huffman und l.lll Waterman, and they ail- mm em of the crime an an iiiiSioin i in- n-Hines of tftie men rt lio roiiiniH led the i lme are Dave At-kiir', Kd 'uliin, Will Carver, Sam hvtclniin. liumvlio HIJ and myself. I've a ii mi orne) in Clayton the mean iiliii'li a I lakni In said robljet'jT mi) he urn I rthi n- ie lnd theni, also the muni's of Wilm en who live In that ii Inliy ho will lextify thsit mywlf and iiik were in nelxhbofliood tnt 1m -ion and the roblxry.

The f.ut that these men arc tnnormt I surferlnK impel to ninke this While )ou i-nnnot help and W-lllle I l-elllze Unit illl effort to i-iu-e ity a i iiinnitiiatlon of fentence have failed. 1 wish to do this in tile of Innoi Mnt men. who, as far as I know. tu-er iMiiniltted a cilme in holr livw. 1 make thin lak'inenl, fully iiii in I is in I i inn-! i i MKiii meet my ik'- -v re-pe jfiii'v --hit fervant, Wood lake, about sixty miles southeast of Valentin, many ranch- uffered i lose or tnuidtnga.

The rrport says tjh fire aearted about 4 o'clock Thursday afternoon and at 10 o'clock last oight are still raging, and ore traveling rap-Idly northward, under 'three head's four cuflei apart. A high wind- tonn prevailing. pawdB FROrOStAjX iNew Tk. April Trlbuow says: Dr. ftrmi iMarttnei Sllva, mint- tw of foreign affairs of Colombia, ft as received from 'Bogota the official accept ance of peace proposals made by General Rafael Urlbe-Urlbe, Icaxk-r of the) Colomblun Insurgents, Urlbe-Urlbe is to send one of bis aide at once to CoIomMa with a manifesto addressed to his followers, urging them to lay Vwn their arms ami submit to the government.

DARIN ROBBBRT, Anaconda, April 21-Two buraja. lars entered the Alaska saloon la this city at the main Btreet door. Picking up a 300-pound safe they loaded It on an express wagon. Driving outslds tb city limits they broke the life open anil secured $10,000 In gold. There Is no clue.

DEFENDS MISSIONARIES Miniiter Conger Pronounce A Pal th Itorie of Looting By American Mis iouarie At Pekfn. San Francisco. April 6. In reference to the accusation of loot 'ray triad against mlasloiiaides, Il-nlted 0t'ss atla-Ister Conger, who arrive! here last night, makes the following statement: "The American have a larger Clumber of missionaries out there than, any other nation, and I am frank to say that under (the circumftances there are few thing the missionaries have done, if any, for whlo hthene nee bo any apology iwha lever. Storle of their looting are false, to my knowledge.

Speaking of the siege, Conger said: "It took every white man wa Lad to rtand by the guns. Without th missionaries the legation -would net hava been raved, and the nattva Christian none of us have been saved. The imlsslonarle were not th prime cause of the trouble; they were only one of the causes." 4 Rev. W. S.

Amenl of the American board of foreign missions of the Congregational church, whose collection' of Indemnity for damages done by tht Boxers in China has caue! considerable discussion, takes vigorous exception to criticism made by (Mark Twain aml others as to the alleged misconduct of the missionaries. STORM EV -(Little Rock, April 26. A rpociat from Sellgmnn. iM-o pays tlat terrible rain and h'' ttonm Arkansas last nlht. Six trestle-- "n-t four miles of track on the St, Lou' A Northern Arkansas railroad! are t.

Wire and rail connections wPh Tiureka Springs points eart are severed. Great destruction is reported. BOIBBED UP AGAIN. 'Pekln, April 26. The Chinese regular who retired beyond the great wall have reappeared at another point within the International area.

Strong representations have been made to the Chinese plenipotentiaries In regard to the lie-' cessliy for their Immediate retirement. The French forces are in readiness tj renew operations, but have been ordered to await the result of Imperial edicts. FLOOD SITUATION The Biver Stationary At Cincinnati Much DUtreu Among Poor A a a Beinlt of High Water. Cincinnati, April 26. The Chto rive? has been stationary here and soma distance below Cincinnati since 9 o'clock this morning.

The local forecast official say tonight: "I look for trhe river to remain stationary until tomorrow morning, there may be a perceptible fall." Favorable weather 1s reported throughout the Ohio valley. The conditions on both sides of the river, here tonight are quite serious. Many sick have been removed from Inundated1 house to hospitals. A relief committee has been organized In many places above Cincln- noti, where there is great distress. It Is estimated that SCO residences nave been inundated' In the east end of Cincinnati and' more on the wet side alone; MIH Creek valley.

These do not lnolud i the flooded districts along the frontago of the Ohio river, wthere tenement houses, as well a business interest, suffered. On the Kentucky side, from Covington through Newport, Bellevuo an Dayton, the situation Is equally distressing, thousands being out of work here and up the valley, but moat of them will resume work soon. ROBBED A TRAIN. Macon, April 26. The express car on the Central Georgia roltroad was robbed early this mornin; by two men.

who boarded the train Macon The iu 'uie tun -ienn uion wnicn we aeaj will be made are fully disclosed to Jtockholdfcr. The application far1 the Injunction Is slgrwd by Calvin O. Qer, owner of 104 shares of the AJmalgamat- ljel Copper company. FUISCO EXTEiNSJON. t.

louis, April will be given out 4n'a. feiw days by PresKlent and General iManager Yoakum for the extenlon of the Texas line of the St. Louis San Francisco system. The ga between Sherman and Fort Worth, estalHlshmg direct connection with the recently acquired Fort Worth Rio Grande line, will receive first attention. A short line connection between the Frisco and Mednphls lines, from Miami, I.

will likewise be conrtructed at once. In Texas tho Intention I to extenl the Frisco syetern In an air line from Rrow nwood the iHio Grande lorder, looking to direct connections vlflh the chief cities of Mexico. i CUBAN DELEGATES cuii Political Relation oi United State and Cuba With the Secretary of War. April 26. There was another conference with uV Cuban legates at the war department this af-tfnjon, lastliilTTfcore than tHiiee hours.

lot only political ejailjjbtrt-vveen the United StHtt's aini'vuha' were discussed, bLt niuch time was consume! in eco-tvmlc questions, such as the possibility if the reduction of tariff on sugar and 'the general reciprocity arrangements between this country and Cuba. Tomorrow Cubans will be a'ialn escorted to the WTiite house and say goodbye to the pres-ldi'iit. There will be no further conference -with Secretary Root umtil Monday. This was determined upon by (Ihe delegation after the return from the war deportment this afternoon. No statement, oftleijilly or otherwise, could be obtnlivcd from the delegation as to the progress imade during the conference todny, nor the diele-pafes po so far as to pay that tlhey were f-pt'sfled.

A SPLENDID SUCCESS. Washington, 'April 26. Rear Admiral Evans of the naval board of inspection telegraphed- the navy department today feom New London, that the torpedo boat Bailey had proved a splendid success." cabinet Wing. Devotei Almoit Ixcludvely to DhcMsion o. the Visit of the Cuban Commission Will Have Good Beiultt Washington, April 26.

The cabinet meeting today was 'the last one before the president's departure for the Pacific coast, and was occupied almot exclusively with the discussion of the visit of the Cuban commission. Secretary Root told the president and cabinet af the objections the commissioners raise 1 to the 'Piatt amendiment and of some mis-understandings regarding It under which tihey seemed to be laboring. The general feeling, as reflected in the exchange of views today, was that the result of the commission's- visit could not be but extremely beneficial in removing erroneous invpressions, which, It Is said, are entertained In the conwtl- ttitionvTt convention regarding the pur poses im United Shltes. THREW STONES AT KING. i Bucharest.

Anrll 26. There no truth -the -report ai attempt i ad been i male on the bfeof Kin? Charles. A tim.1flp T-eeeiTli- lliV-me r. window on the ground floor of the e. but w.w firomptily arrested and has ('n in an asylum.

SHAH 13 ILL. Berlin. April 26.6 Tlho Colore Gazette's St. Petersburg rorr spon lent tel- egra.phs tCint tho condition of Phah of Persia becoming worse. AiDEIiRMRT HAY RESIGNS.

Washington. April 26. Adelbert Hay res-ig-ned United States consul get rral of Pretoria. YESTERDAY'S BASEBALL AMERICAN LEAGUE. Detroit 0 0 1 0 Milwaukee.

..0 2 0 2 Batteries Owen, Siver Garvin and Leahy. 0 1 0 0 and 2-6 C--5 Buelow Washington ..0 0 0 1 Philadelphia ...0 0 0 0 1 0-3 0 0-1 Diatteries Carreck and Clark; Frazier ani Powers. NLVnONAL LEAGUE. Philadtdphla ..1 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 3 Boston 0 1 0 0 3 0 to 0 04 Batteries (Donahue and McFarland; Plttlnger and Klttredgei Chicago 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0-7 Cincinnati 0 0 4 2 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1-5 Batteries Hughes, Menefee and Kllng; Newton and Peitz. New York ....0 0 3 0 0 0 0 05 Brooklyn 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0-3 Batteries 'Mai6thwson and Bower-man; Donovan and McGulre.

Baltimore ....0 0 0 1 0 0 0 fi 6 (Baitteries MoGinnity and' Robinson; kellum and- Crlger. Des Moines ..0 0 0 a 1 0 x-6 110-4 Con well: Minneapolis 0 0" tH 0 i i iBatteriles-l'ollIohow ami Parvln and i Eighty Bodies Recotered From the Ruins ot German Electro Chemical Works. CHILDREN HURLED INTO THE RIVER MAIN Drowned Before Aid Could Beach Them Fear of Freeh Kzploaleci Drive Away Betctter. Frankfurt. Germany, April 26 JUy 11 o'clock this morning elgtity bodies hail been recovered from the debris of the elect4o-cluMnlcal wok neir Grelsheim, but there are still many misblng.

Abcut 1DU persons were injured, many re-rlously. The work of lighting phe name proccedenl throughout ihe entire night, ohoug-h of further explosions was resardixl nvtsted at jnlUuiight. A r.umber of hildren who were hurlel by the explosion into the Main river iveic drowned before rescuers colli 1 them. Several firemen arc anions the victims. A special train wl.h relief llrem.n, additional dociors anvl nurse was fent the the this morning.

At noon today there was a fresh out-iwak laii.oiig the ruins, revived and after the explosion ihe great reservoir, ot 11 1 a. this morning, onlvrs were issued nit every one in the village and vl-. inity must vacate, forthwith. Kven tliemcn, ralvages and- soldiers left the eiie of disaster. MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE.

Pueblo Bcbool Teacher Miesing Bloodhound Track Her to thi Biver Bank. Pueblo, April 1:8. 'A local sen-a-lion wxs caustsl by the mysterious dls-apiea ranee of Mrs. Mertie Duergtrr, teacher in the East 'Pueblo sihools, and who lived alon on Eat Fif'tih Btreet. lOverjihl-ng in her little home was in oiler.

Bloodhounds followed the, trail from her house to an end under the Fourth wtrett brldfee, over the Fountain, and on leing given a second trial went over exactly 'the painc trail. But Fountain Is only a shallow stream. The Arkansas river, some distance further, is not deep, but very swift. It has been dragged for some distance. Mrs.

Buerger had taught school here twelve years, and hful an excellent reputation. The affair has created great excitement, because the last case of the disappearance of a woman proved to be a cruel murder and 'tthe( mystery has not been fathomed. RAIN IN 1s1ANSl4iS. Topeka, April 26.1'he heaviest rain on record fell here itihls morning, the precipitation in one hour being 10.0 inch'S. Lightning tore the German Evangelical church and killed John C.

Cooper, a gardener. At Anmony, in.) miles south, three inches of rain fell within two hours and congested all th-! streams. SUIT FOR INJUNCTION. April 26. John Mm-Gin- nls.

to F. Augustus lb inze of llh" Moii'tani Ore Purchaslmg cmnjiany, and Daniel Lamm, stockholders the Minn llHQtl Kill! fOf HnillMCtilin similar Unit brought in Jersey City by the Butte Boston and Bosn Montana In which an. injunition was granted. REVOLT IN AF1UOA. Algiers, April 2fi.

Natives broke out in revolt today near the town of Mil-lanah, in Oran province. The deputy administrator of'the province an li some miilive horremen are report to be prisoners of the rebels. A Spaniard was killed and the village of Marguerite looted. Several perrons were wounded. Troops have been ordered to the scene of the disturbance.

BUBONIC PLAGUE. Cape 'April 26. Eight cases of bubonic plague ar ereported here today, four of which were Europeans and1 four colored persons. Two Europeans and three colored persons died of plague. 6-ENERAL LUDTjOW ILL.

iManlla, April 26. Owing to Illness the appointment of Brigadier General Will-lam Ludlow to be military governor of the department of the Vlaayas has been The board of surgeons report that Ludlow suffered an attack from grip and1 localized) congestion, which developed Into a dangerous case of tuberculosis. Ludlow will return to the United States by the first transport. FATAL OPEtRiATTON. New York, April 26.

Francis N. Beard, mlllfonalre horse owner, died early today at" his home at Lakewood, after- an cltta. 'INJUNOTION GRANTED. New York, iAjwil 26. The Herald say: A temporary injunction was giranted bwSvtee Chancellor Pltmey of Jersey Cry istralningj the 'Amalga-mated Cojjpet company, from purchasing the' control of the stock of the B.

I Too Ketchum, the Notorious Triln Robber Meets An Ignominious Death At Clifton. DENIES THAT HE WAS "BLACK JACK" Lut Act of th Condemned Mn Wti To Writ Utter To Preeident McKinley To lav Alleged Innocent Men. la) April 2C. Thumai uUa.t lllack Jack." the nuto-i ions my who ft nil Izcd souih-we-i for ihf past fifteen veam, was hanged heic ibis afternoon for the last it many ii1iih-h un his head was eveiei ficai his lody if a gul Hemic. '1 hrlu-allesH trunk pitched 1 uid Uic sperlutom una Wool -1 uimll 111-411 st tllf tHSlffold.

'Phi- lion took pU'v in a 1' stock- Mint for the o. aMoii. 1 mi Insure a ci o.v4eJ. it ii' hu Iiik D-ori admuted When at l.K a- Hie iuiii la- aftold n-- I i. wu pa.

l. A lei'l load ihg oK a lc.n;: 1 in. in I he his hi I 1 1 I K. us tills ih mo.ii Ki 1 1 1 a in .1 I i. i i I I ,1 i.

1 ii 1IOL fa.l. a- i i a liri J--i k. ail-1 a 1 I 111' Ii llie i ii tat- Hi- h. I' ll in: I re 1 in nil'' 1 odll 1, ipll 1 1 druppeil to h' in 1 hie, in- an 1 1 ay. unable to endure the siKlit.

Kor a f-H- seconds lnjdy vi us allortt-d to here, half up on t'ie rlg-lvt -lie. rtit'i blood issuing In an ii' ream from the Kcvened an'Iriea ai heart kept on with Its mnv-hMil-i-a: beatintf. Then inn cries of con-Mi nation i'a- olll ei rushed from i he an 1 lifted the l.oJy iai like ground to the a. knort that he planned and led his R.iiif In niany robberies, but thai he not tae milnil Kl i-'k Jack" and said I hut outlaw iis still alive, an 1 -nJoiin libei-t). K.eicliuai mil Frank Hi-rrinjj-ton, eoiidurloi- who -liot film, caiiidntf him to lose his riifhl itrin, and Nick Coi the WelN-CarK" detective, and W.

11. Ilcno. the Coloiado speeill aip-nl rt ho effeclel his cap- ii ill he killed rt ithin the He intimat. thai ha I niv-ii in-tio I ion ha I efl -1 lay ton. April huai mounted 1 at I m.

Tile was j-prunif at 1:111, lit- rope It 'he fall bis head. off. At 11 Kei. hum asked 1 io! In -a I iiuila rt sent Kl-lellll- II i hour rt-i' i-i: oi who met him. I le IT.

1 of I in A i -h I. hut 1 in- 1 i hat h--a iimn. and sh akli'tf. but muse-, out i -i a nil il rtus con- 1 el i-l- kill'-d inc. He all 0- a "I :l.i--k and that live I.

teliuin of his friends 1 ha 1 1 1 1 1 1 i I I'll 1 to tin Mill at liberty. Kei, liuui was very pib- be niotin'texl the olalf irin. but "-'bowed no fear. A stood by liis -ide. lb- declined in ike a sjpeecli, and merely niuttered: 'Ci-ooi bjo.

please dii? my Kravc very and finally, "all rlgiht, liurry up." His b-Rs trembled, but his nerve did" no'i fall. When body he trap the ihailNlnoh rope severed his heaii as cleanly as If a knife had cut It. The body pitched forward, the blood ppurtinp from the heirless trunk. Many spectators turned away In horror. Dr.

Slack pronounced life extinct in five minutes. The drop of seven feet was too great for so heavy a man. iDenver, April 26. fpjclal to the Times from Clayton, N. says: Keitcli- um a qulot nlgh't, ete a hearty breakfast, 'took a bath and put on a new suit of clothes this morninig.

Twen ty deputies were on guard last night. A priest from Trinidad was with 'Mm from midnight till dawn. In an Interview with John li, Guyr, his attorney, yesterday, he asked htm (to write a letter to President MeKinley, wWch done. As his attorney was leaving he said1: "Say, tell Harrington I'll meet him In hell for breakfast." Harrlngiton 19 the conductor who shot his arm off. The town Is well guarded and quiet, Ketchuan imade a frtratnee request that he be burled face downward.

Upon awakening this morning "he remarked hat nUce-aw asked Sheriff Garcia hurry up with the hansrlng so he could' get hell for dinner, h': LRTTER TO PHI0SIDBrT. Denver," April A 'special to' Denver 'Post from: says: Thomas E. KejtcttMim, ll to, be tvangwd here at noon' mailed, i Forces of Senator Clark and the Harrison Interests Come Together at Uvada. THE STRUGGLE LASTS FOR TWO HOURS Both Force Agre to a I rocs Folding Action of ConrU A to Beipecti? Bight of Claimants. Kult Lake, Utah, April 26.

A spedal to the Herald from Uvada, Utah, s-aya; The first clash between tihe Oregon i'hort line and' Senator Clark for jk-sestion of the disputed lah and Call-I'unila grade occurred today, when twenty wagxma loaded with ties were driven up to the right of way byjjrdr of Superintendent Young. The ftm team was inromptly stopped by the Clark forces. Sheriff Johnnon tdien re-mauaed tlwt tlw teams be allowed1 lo pass over tiie public road, but the Clark forces again to allow the teams to proceed. The teamsters then attempted to force their horses through, but the Clark nw.iv, heavily reinforced and armed with 'hovels und pick handles, rushed to the horses' heads and again stopped ttiem. For two hours the struggle lasted over the teaiiiKtrs getting by.

Finally the Clark forces asked for an armistice, and an agreement was reached whereby wagons are not to be unloaded and the Clark forces are to retire to their second line of defence, at 'the barbed wire trocha two miles down grade pendfing a determination In court of the respective ights of the claimants. This position, it la believed, removes the danger of a further ciash between- the rival force. NEWSPAPER MAN DEAD. New Orleans, April 26. Orth H.

Steyn. the well-known newsimper man, Is dead of consumption. In his 39th year. 6teyn for nearly three years has been a member of the Tlmies-iDemocrat tftaff, his chief work being the 'preparation of the "By-the-Bye" column. He lived for a long time In Kansas City, and' camo here from AtlarKta.

DENVER FIGHTERS. Denver, April 26. Alt the Colorado Springs Athletic association here tonight young Cassldy of Colorado Springs lost to Abe Attell of San Fran cisco In the eeond round of what was to have been a ten-round go. ClsHdy was staggering around the ring when referee George English stopped the fight and declared Aft tell the winner. "Kid" Kelly putt out of the game Bolln (colored in the thlrd round of what was to have been a flveround go.

and BlUy Stlft of Chicago and Jiack Johnson (colored) of Texas fought a ten-round draw. A GERMAN SPY, p0le Arrested in Pari Charged With Be- traying Secret of a Frenoh Arienal to Herr Krupp. 'Paris, April 26. The spy who has been arretted here charged having coni- vr the manufactuiv of guns at the Com mentary arms factory, Is a Pole name Ivanovitz. He was head waiter at th i Hotel Chatham in Tarls.

During an absence last winter he was at Commentary, where It is said he suborned number of employes of the Comme-nltary jarms factory into betraying for Krupp 'the secret in the process of the manu facture of certain motal employed for cannon and shots In the Commentary factory. Four of the factory workmen have been arrested. iMuch Interest has been displayed In the Pole's arrest, but there Is no excite ment over it, as tne oivuigea seare-is are Industrial and do not concern the state. HEAVILY FINED. Kansas City, April 26.

'Stephen A. Wei-tuner and Joseph II. Kelly, former president and secretary of the Weltmer institute of magnetic healing at Ne vada, who recently pleaded guilty to Indictments charging 'them with us ing the mails ito defraud, today each fined $1,500 by Judge Philips of the United States district court. They gave "absent treatment," their mall reached a tremendous volume. DARING BURGLARS.

Utlca, N. April men In the guise of workmen got aiway with diamond Jewelry estimated' to be worth $10,000 at the home of Henry P. Grouse in the fashionable residence district. 2 FIGHTING INDIAN 3. Janeiro.

April 26. from iMaranhao say that Indian attacked the Christian settlements and" that a flgbt ensued In whli 200 CJhrKUn were killed. 3" PKAfllR' Omaha, April specla4 to the Bee from Valentine, 'Nebw the southwestern portion of Cherry county 1 suffering; trow! effecW desolation, from flreS raging tJiere'ShV'cat-tle rancK bur )Mea fctvtlrel' IpeS 'iut and other ranch are hJreafeheA' i)e-taJls are meagre and It (9 Impossible to Tin ii Kl CRJCES rUNGIJEG l'orbio Hnnrai iii. Torrible Fate With Lpiuiumy Hia Crime From the Scatfuld ial Journ l.i.i u. i April L'ti.

-The of 'torbhi iHmi An. i -'iiii'tv tnurd'i-er. eonvlelel at llh -laot teem r.urt. took pJace in the Jail yard th. at o'clock.

A lain'- ciortd was present, as no id been at temple I. Shi-riff hd't the arrangements, wfitich were Jii'ifectly caj-lied out. The i-iii man walked to the scaffold a Kinn of fear. Hi was (inn and his fa.v -was He was attended1 by Puither 'n the scaffold Huerta reit-era-tetl1 the confession ivf crime ani.l1 said he was a raid to die. The placing of the black cap hid from the view of the epei-itators a face wreathed' In siirib s.

When the tra-i was sprun'gr the "--Ti-rt "l-rt mi an! till the was tauit. an-" then sprang lnu-kward with a cau-xsi liy heavy weight. The neck was broken by -the full and unconsciousness must lhave Instantaneously, but life was not declared ex'tim-t for several njilnutes. Huerta was defended by K. A.

who was aprointn1 by the court. Chaffee withdrew from the case nfter the sentence of the district court was eiwn. If the criminal -had been nf money there would hflve been an effort for a ww tnial and for reprieves eummti'tal Ion. However, ht deserved the fate which claimed him. PRESBYTERIAN CREED.

Cotmaittoo in Chargo of Reviibn to Uuanimom Report to the Ge Assembly. i -bio K. A i i -1 ill- iia.nnoiliuil.s by -liic on Uk' -tip ii i ari a I. -la i fr will iieeil oie l'resuj lei is today at the AIo-i uimiiimous i.iie in the at'ivvnoon ion lo tlie (fciiv-'ial assembly, meet a I I'liiladvlphia May Pi. Dev.

Dr. lleiuy Vandyke of l'l-mce- loii university, vvCien hani.lirjg the report the As-ocla ed 1 Tess depifsenta-tive, said: "Tfi' if'tion 'taken cunnot be emphasized too fiiontily, for it will have to en. lure coinen.t and criticism in every home and community in the I niled Slates. Ten members signed and we are assured that every one of the other four will attach his signature. It was the full connmlWee that met.

pr.1 no'i a sub-committee. -o 'WE MORE WON'T HURT" Date Bet For Fxecution of a Utah Murderer. -Ha Been Sentenced a Dezen Time To Be Hanged. Salt Lake, Utah, April special to the Tribune from Albion, Idaho, eays that "Diamond Field Jack" Davis, con-vk)t'di of the murder of Cummlngs and Wilson, two sheep herders on the ranges of Cassia county, in 1896, was today resentenced! by Judge iStewart, the date of execution being set for June 21. Da-via hat been tried' and sentenced' to be hanged a dozen times before.

At one hearing before the board of pardons two cattle herders testified under ooAlh that Devls was Innocent of the crime and they themselves had done the killing In eelf-defence. The board nevertheless refused the pardon. (Davis long fight for liberty Involve In a way the never-ending irl valry between the cattle and sheep men on western ranges. RBCKPTION TO. CONGER.

Des April Iowa e'xecytivifl: council jpassedi. resolution granting the cMIsens iowei me use of. ttt house for re-ceptlori. Jo, Edward HfCpnseR oanlter to' jChfna. who twiU wrriv i a feways.

car was going Xrom; Atlanta to fia- vannah, iSome time afte the trala 'V pulled out of iMacoii two men con- lV'; express, messenger, J. White. They bound him Stand and foot arid threw a saolr over tils head and went through Ms packages and secured -yn about 1250. hut left "a $1,000 package Ty- Ing on the floor. safe resisted their ivtetiifpti to bpontiu At jGorgoB, twenty mile frorrii Macon, the robber dropped oft.

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