The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on August 21, 1960 · Page 15
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 15

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 21, 1960
Page 15
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N By GKORGE W. SAVAGE Continuing lor the balance of (W month, an exhibition of desert paintings by John W. Hilton, Tientynine Palms artist, author ad naturalist, will be presented to! the public at the Spanish Art C.allery, Studio 25, in Balboa Park, San Diego. The one-man exhibition opened Aug. 6. Already crowds have visited the gallery to ioe the work of this San Bernar dino County resident who says t'l have made this my desert through the process of living in it for the past 28 years. I have pandered its canyons and ridges on foot and horseback, crossed Us ' plains with cars and jeeps, dug into its vitals for semi-precious gems. , I attempt to give something more than a photographic rep-Jlca of the land I love. A jagged p'eak starkly outlined against a gulden dawn it more than a mountain and a sky to me or a pleasant combination ot colors to please an interior decorator. It ii a symbol ot promise. II I paint that synilml in a convincing manner according to the laws ot optics, geology and aerial perspective and have weeded out the unnecessary details to point up the Important ones, . then I feel I have gone a step beyond the photographic; jet I want every viewer to know it is a desert mountain against a golden sky without the need of a commentary . to explain these facts. "My subject matter is cryptic and symbolic by its very nature and does not need more than a forthright presentation to carry its message." I Thanks to a letter from Wil-Jiam C. King, proprietor of the King Drug Co. at Beaumont, I have learned more about Hootch" Simpson's skull. Last Week I mentioned that this dessert character's skull was owned by (ieorge Fipkin of Trona, King writes: "In jour column... you mention the skull of "Hootch" ,8impson, now in the possession yt George Pipkin of Trona. My .friend, Harold Weight of Twen-Ijnine Falm, whom you perhaps know, has (so he claims) the original rope, with noose, used to hang "Hootch" at Skidoo. He also has a copy of the original print of the re-enacted hanging of this man as was used In the Rhyolite and Los Angeles papers at the time... I am an ardent devotee of Death Valley and its history and am tremendously interested in all these little facts picked up here and there about its early days." . . . Thanks, Bill King for your comments and your kind words about the column. Jim Barnes, capable secretary of the Needles Boat Racing Club, writes that plans are well under way for the club's annual Labor Pay cruise on the Colorado Riv er, Sept. 3, 4 and 5. There'll be a cruise down the river to Lake Havasu and return on Saturday. Sunday finds the group going up the river to Bullhead City (lovely name), and return. There is surprise entertainment planned for Monday. What especially in terests us is the word that on the river cruises there will be guides who will point out points of Interest. We learn that Charles Rose, who was the fortunate one to receive title to the new Hospital House at Bear Valley, is the minister of the Church of the Brethren at El Cajon, Calif. He and his wife had made a donation to the Hospital House on July 4 while they were enjoying their first overnight visit with relatives residing at Big Bear. Aron Abraham sen says: "What we don't know we explain to each other." That must be the reason for a lot of our political pot-pourri of speeches. - According to a recent article in The Inyo Independent, the Sierra Nevada in Inyo-Mono area and the Death Valley region are sites of increasing herds of bighorn sheep. Fred Jones estimates there are more than 390 sheep in the Sierra Nevadas. A different Species, the Nelson bighorn which is found in Death Valley, approximated between 550 and 800 in 1959, according to Floyd Wells, park naturalist. These wonderful animals that look something like a short deer, with curved horns, are fully protected by law. The Sierra Nevada bighorn once occupied about 20 mile of the Sierra Crest, a range reduced today to about 170 miles. According to Jones, In J9I9 five distinct herds could be found at Convict Creek, Birch Mountain, Mt. Baxter, Mt. Williamson and Mt. Langlcy, The Nelson bighorn sheep in California range eastward from the White Mountains, just east of Bishop, down through the mountains of eastern San Bernardino County. ' Both the male and female bighorn grow horns which ate never shed. Growth rings on the horns indicate the animal's age... In cooperation with the State Fish land Game Commission and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Park Service now is conducting a study of bighorn sheep in Death Valley and their range relationship to the burro, which is one of its chief competitors for food and water. A friend of mine says its a pity that folks can't exchange problems. Everyone seems to know bow to solve the other fellow's. Satellite watching seems to be the space age companion of the more earthly bird watcher. Ever since the Echo satellite balloon was shot into orbit, folks have been craning their necks skyward to follow the course of this speed ing man-made star. No longer does one blame a stiff neck onto a cool draft, or a sideways glance at a pretty girl walking along a windy street. Now you refer to it as "satellitus"...We watched the balloon satellite for about 17 minutes as it crossed the sky one evening last week. It as cended into the firmament above us, rising in the southwest, pass ing "through" the constellation Sagittarius, traveling "over" the Evening Star, thence on across the night sky to set a few minutes later in the northeastf An hour and four minutes later it repeated its flight across the what we once thought of as a void. Now it's a passageway for Sputniks, Discoverers, and an Echo balloon. BALLET COMPANY IN FINE PERFORMANCE Marine Corps Exercise Will Start Today 5,000 Troops in 13 Reserve Units Will Toke Part Devil's Belt" (Dvorak). TWENTYNINE PALMS - Five COMMUNICATION thousand troops, comprising 111 It is to the great credit of Pan-iour day. He is the successor to tal attendance to 80,700. ..The eve ning was dedicated to the memory By CHARLES D. PERI.F.E I Miss Baylis, Anna Chselka,' Caucasian Dances; and Nigadoff REDLANDS Five thousand Vera Lee and Patricia Casey-! and Gary Grant, James Piersall balletomanes at Redlands Bowl- &orgema creatures-made land Myron Reynolds in the brcath-rnday mfflit to give resounding ap-! taking Slavonic dance. The gyp- plause, punctuated with bravo,, to XT very good, too, FrasV Michel Panaieffs Los Sanchez. Vss Monteil uty ballet as the remarkably ' ; V.oiiV Ciretchrn Goetz and Marjorie beautiful girls and handsome men:the fo ,r. T celebrated bailer- performed three of Panaicff's fair-jinns of the day I 'ECHO' TOO ly recent choreographies of "Glin- Panaieff himself made an al- "i;cho" appeared in the sky ka Fantasie," "Songs Without, most too-brief an appearance .sjconvpnicntl m before the third Words" (Mendelssohn and "The; the Devil (Salesman) in the Dvor- hj.llpt -nd ,.prpivod rhw,,.g frnm aK oaiiet, out ne is certainly one the audjen(.e... Friday night's at-of the greatest actor - dancers of tendance brought the season to- Aur 21. I960 HEWS OF THE INLAND EMPIRE TOP STOWS MOM 111 POINTS III THE NATION'S WISEST COUNTY ,-' O- rr . r ... rr . faV the Marine Corps Reserve units from aicif, the dancers and the audi- Leonide Massine. coast to coast, launch three days 'once that the three ballets were he fine two-piano accompani- of maneuvers today from the Ma-jso well-received, because not one'mcnt was pmvjclpcl by Mcl Dang- rine Base here at Twentynine.of the three had ever been per-cil and Phcbe Stanton. Palms. (formed in this area before. There. ,,, ... . nientj(m the namps Operation Charger, a coordinat-was truly soua communication De- . but there isn.t space. l, Bowl founder-president, ed air-ground exercise, will bc,lwf " f0? a'cer? "iio name a few others: Francinc conducted over an area 50 miles" H'e um-rauidniy w k Lida de Valer0 and .(jncguinirieijr-an! I Ua DECISION ON IONING REQUEST IS DEFERRED zone GRAND TERRACE The the proposed change of of Helen Cheney Kimberley, who County Planning Commission hasjW0lll(1 establish a finger of R-l created the first endowment fordpfprm, dodskm untll Sppt, 15! extending into the existing A4 long and 15 miles wide in the Mo-jave Desert. It will end Wednesday. The maneuvers will be held on a battalion landing team scale, with aerial, motor transport, communications, air delivery, artillery, tank and engineer supporting units taking part. The team will push 35 miles into the desert, starting from a point a few miles from the base. During ica has three days of fighting, they'll hit1 field. ReHlanHs rnmmunifv Music Assn. Mrs. George Emmett Mul l0" a ju,pst for a .-hare of zone Inn Rnwl fnnnrler-nresirlent nnrl I-m A-l-5, agriculture, to R-l for Wilbur H. Schowalter aPPeared-onja W;9rcc on the north side stage at the offering-time and worKs. some w ine music sHaldor de Bet-ker were superb in paid tribute to Mrs . .' ... t . -f .. I "Romance and the Lark (Glin- counts in bal et and it was viv-, . , T n. , in rinncintr ka); as were Jane Irwin, Roberta Th. dTnnW w r.i . Swing, Bcatriz Monteil and Alex-T. , lf! ande? Nigadoff in the Oriental and Kimberley and introduced her daughters, Mrs. Elbert Shirk and Mrs. Nath an Paine, both ardent Bowl sup- Quest by Zampese & Debenedet porters for many years. . 1 The citrus growers contended of Van Buren St., cast of Mt. Vernon Ave., in Grand Terrace. Citrus growers in the area have opposed the change of zone re- zone. Degree Ceremony Set ; COLTON Tne first degree will be conferred Monday at 8 p.m. bv the Colton Odd Fellows Lodge 236 at the IOOF Hall, 139 E.-I St. Noble Grand R. M. Myers will preside. Peggy Baylis, Esther Jordan, Beulah Morgan and Lila Zali were out of this world. This is a company that is so good that it deserves to tour the world as representative of what Amer- to offer in the ballet several "aggressor" units in the attack route to reach the final ob It is hard to say what number fcas more outstanding than the jective, a landing strip dubbed other, but I must remark first "Sears Field." about the exciting spins of Me-re- A firing demonstration will cnddith Baylis in "The Devil's Belt"; the exercise. and also about the dancing of Miss Baylis and her partner, Perry Brunson, in the "Fantasie." Both of these outstanding dancers are members of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo and how fortunate we were to have had them here! Miss Baylis, by the way, made her debut in Red-lands Bowl a few years ago as a young dancer with Panaicff's Ballet Intime. County Men In Service Army Pfc. Simon M. Fuentes, 24, whose wife, Alice, resides in Chino, is a member of the Sth Division's 16th Infantry in Germany. Cadet Robert P. Yavis, son of Mr. and Mrs. John C. Yavis, Highland, has completed a four-week training assignment with the 7th Army in Germany. Marine Pvt. Vernon C. New-lin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon R. Newlin, Colton, has completed four weeks of individual combat training at the Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton. Tommie L. Brown, torpedo- man's mate seaman, U.S. Navy, son of Mrs. Mary F. Brown, Cuca-monga, has returned to San Diego aboard the Pacific Fleet radar picket destroyer USS Southerland after a five-and-a-half month tour of duty with the 7th Fleet in the Far East. Midshipman 3.C. John A. Can-tele, son of Mr. and Mrs. D. T. Cantele, Upland; is taking part in this year's annual midshipmen training cruise aboard the attack aircraft carrier USS Lexington operating out of San Diego. r ' ' - - - ""Jit" " i ' " .'" - - I "f A L 71 ORANGE SHOW EXHIBIT Marcia Mcrherson of Corona shows off citrus fruit which helped the National Orange Show of San Bernardino win third place Jn competition at the Farmers Fair at Hemet. Display may be seen in the community features building. The annual fair comes to a close today. Hesperia Zone Request Okayed by Commission HESPERIA - The County Planning Commission has recommended approval by the County Board of Supervisors of a requested change of zone from R-l, single family residential, to R-3, multiple residential, on a tier of lots on the north side of Sequoia St.j between Apatite and Santa Fe Aves., ih the north Hesperia area. John R. Fuentes told the planners he planned to develop one of the lots to multiple use. Variance Granted For Rialto Kennels RIALTO - C. H. Hughes has been granted a variance by the County Planning Commission to have training and boarding ken nels on the west side of Allen St., north of Ameron Way, in the south Rialto area. The variance was granted for a two-year period. The motto "In God We Trust" first appeared on U.S. coins in 1864. F0NTANA FONT ANA FACTORY DIRECT Boats, Glass Dluxt SEE US FIRST Pried Right VASSAR MFG. 1484t So (rnardlno Avi. Fentmo RIALTO California Furniturt Shops teaufiful Mtllow llrcN Fvrnittr '!;; 20 OFF te1." Csuofry English, Country Frtneh, Ntwport and Amanean Colonial. m S. Rivartida GUTH Fumimra Rialto TR 1-4477 FOR SALE TO BE MOVED i GOVERNMENT SURPLUS BUILDINGS AT : MARCH AIR FORCE BASE In vary good condition. Ona story sita, 30x30 to 30x90 sitas. f Suitable for warahousas, churches, civic organisations, motels, etc. FIXAXCIMi AYAILAHLE U teoro Marshall at lullding 113 or shor March Air Ik, Ext. 7141, I to 4 every day, or VA 2-9847 and TR S-4798. S rtfi REASONS TO BUY at HENDRICKS NAME BRANDS Hendricks is the largest wilton dealer in Southern California. All name brand carpets are featured. Name brand assures you more carpet and guarantee tor your money. FIRST QUALITY is a must! "Seconds" are more than a color defect and can cut carpet life in half. Since the day Hendricks opened their doors they have NEVER SOLD second quality carpet. LOOK FOR THE LABEL Beware of imports! Quality carpet is woven in the U.S.A. The new labeling law requires carpet to be labeled as to fiber content, origin and manufacturer. PERSONALIZED SERVICE Mr. Hendricks will gladly show you how to get the most carpet for your money, and how to compare fiber, quality and price. GUARANTEE All Carpets Sold by Hendricks Floor Fashions Are Factory Guaranteed to Be First Quality FINEST QUALITY CARPET! LARGEST SELECTION OP NAME BRAND CARPET IN THF INLAND FUPIDP i ic Downs Mage t ic Callaway Aldon i jlr Artloom -sV Roxbury i ic Custom Hand Woven J Indian Carpet S GMDCEC Carpet Iir3IH)S Famous Movieland Animal Stars "Me" and "My Shadow" Owned by the Hendricks Family Say Don't Miss These Outstanding Values at HENDRICKS FLOOR FASHIONS DOWNS Rich, tweedy, tiiclc-pile quality all wool wilton broadloom. In prairie beige, russet, sage green, desert rainbow, hazel er bark. $16.95 Value MAGEE An Interlacing block texture of multi-level loops woven from wool yarns in royal blue, shadow green, cocoatone, champagne, wheat, baigewheat or beige nutria. $8.45 Vout 595 DOWNS Filament Nylon Extravagantly-loomed eut-pile, embossed wilton carpet. Expensive, lush-looking, definitely elegant leaf motif in fine rich-looking tones. $72.95 Value SO" Durable and easily cleaned, in solids and tweeds. $ J95 YOUR CHOICE OF: Wool and nylon candy stripe, sq. mm plush pile cotton or looped cotton. .... yd. No Monty Down 36 Months to Pay 1219 Sierra Way uloor Faslilon? $ ) VQuality Carpets Open Daily M Sunday 10-6 TUr 9-1654 III

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