The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on August 14, 1960 · Page 16
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 16

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 14, 1960
Page 16
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J y ws CSV I . By C.EORGE W. SAVAGE 'but it's a cute thief. His special Horace Albright, former dircc-ltvne of banditrv calls for steal tor of the National Park Service ing pots and pans from valley and an honorary director of i residents' back yards. The dog's Death Valley '49ers Assn., writes 'mistress carefully gathers the Redlands Bowl Program Will List Donors Souvenir Will Be Distributed on 'Industry Night' REDLANDS Mrs. George Em 7,000 Persons at Bowl BALLET CELESTE CHARMS AUDIENCE Aur. u.. men SAN BERNARDINO SUN-TELEGRAM B-3 By CHAKLES D. PKKI.KE And a very satisfying cxperi- though they didn't always dance; REDLANDS Seven thousand ence was this Ballet Celeste evenly. j persons second largest crowd ol "Nutcracker"! Whereas other; ,- 'iMi wt.nn Redlands RnuTu niiTpnt 37th hallnt directors of vountr neonle ,. , , . r. i-., ! ir - ----- ..-... . . - romal.Kilnly HS lne sugar x'lum summer were obviously charmed are content to train them for an v h fnvniior was Pnin. to pieces (their strong applause evening of divertissements. Miss dcstert whosc spins and twinkle-! siiowtM iiuu; uy uic in.-iuuiiiiuu.-t; iauuvu 1 iiiiuscs ivm unui is nun Wpj.g most professional of the Ballet Celeste, the young the major companies perform. 1 ' " ' ' people's company of San Fran-i The costumes were highly cot Als , outstanding " Act III 1; v-u.... ;'u -..a .- ni,,,. t,.. uMii,. were the Ron-Bons and Mints a; HEWS OF THE INLAND EMPIRE TOP STORIES FROM All rOIMTS IM THE NATION'S UlSfST tOIIHTI from Austria that he and Mrs, Alright recently completed a rhiee weeks tour of Poland and Russia. He states: "We had many interesting experiences and are glad we made the trip, but would not want to do it again." They seturn to the United States this lhonth and expect to attend the Death Valley '49ers Encampment Nov. 10 through 12 when the new D$ath Valley Museum and Information Center will be dedicated. Whenever MpI Blane, the voice of Bugs Bunny who spends much of his time at Big Bear Lake, is in a parade dressed in his Bugs Bunny suit, he keeps a wary eye out for dogs. It seems that canines go ioji a barking spree whenever Jihey spot him. filched pots and pans, has stacked them up in her store, with a sign asking owners to identify and claim them. Folks come in but seldom is one of the items claimed. I once had a neighbor In South Pasadena who made use of Mark Twain's perfect answer to people who wished to borrow his lawn mower. Twain would say when a neighbor sought his mower: "Sure, you can use my mower all you want. There is only one small condition. I'se it here." Our hat is off to Sgt. Richard C. Chapman of the California Complete productions of Tschai-'J. Locklin added much to the eve- ePlse: ana mett Mullen, founder president of kowsky's "The Nutcracker" are ning. The music was tape-rrcord-:f: " h' y the Redlands Community Music a rarity. This is because the first ed and the dancers generally! luIKlsn num r ENTRIES SOUGHT FOR BIG BARSTOW PARADE the Candy Hamblen's BARSTOW Out-of-town entries that thp!two sections are likely to be bor- kept eood time to the rhythm. KhN TlMr.h will be welcomed in the Barstow souvenir Drocram will be distrib-,ing, even though the music is tiny CKEATl'KE I Miss Lanova's Ballet Celeste; Rodeo Days mile-long parade uted at Redlands Bowl on "Indus-1 que lovely ana unnacKneyca. Susan Owsley maintained a has appeared in tne bowl seven -cpi. 11, saia narrow umMmnc try Night," the final evening ofjine action is usually so slow mat steady characterization of thenics, but steadtastly she has re- uonaia w. raiuinge, paraae the 37th season, when Gounod'sitne audience is wondering wny;iittlo Clara, who adores the Nut-iiust to tane a bow as director, chairman. thoy came, but in this Ballet crackcr in her dreams and while But Friday night she surprised us me paraae win siring lis way Celeste offering Acts I and II awake. This tiny creature did a walking to the mike to make! through town starting at 10 a.m. 1 t 1: 1 : I . . ' t. - - , A ...ill kn V J oreanbations and firms who WL1C uvcl "-lulc u"c ".thrilling one-leg dance that i'i m vwy nice one ;ihi,"--"j i-""" " make the Bowl concerts financial-1" 1 ' 1 . un"t-1 c"ulu seemea quite impromptu. pnatnuiiK mid. ui-uie ciiuntu, """ ai iu:ju p.m., inasmucn as ma- jn ct I Gale Chargois, the!Alul,cn K0Wl iounaerpresincnt, jor scene changes were not need-Doll, and Louisa Galindo, the Toyiwitn V0 mums- 'dear friends of Redlands Bowl, ea. iSnlriipr stnnrwt thp shnw Miss Chargois was one of the most enchanting dolls I've ever seen. Ronald Poindexter. cuest artist. a good deal of her success in de-!and Linda Kecler were handsome $1,200. However, even though thP veloping young women and men as the Snow Prince and Snow i attendance has been the highest Calif., or left at the Associates ofTu" the hard "Iv while the flT K", , , ' TV' T m! " Redland., Bowl booths durinB !JH . .T'flak" were wonderful, even far below that of last year. So Bowl evenings. "Faust" will be presented. The names of all individuals, ly possible will be printed in the booklet, according to Mrs. Mullen. Deadline for inclusion in the list will be this Friday. Checks should be mailed by that time to Redlands Community Music Assn.. P.O. Box 466, Redlands HARD WAY Merriem Lanova, Ballet Celeste director, is a brave woman and Conant K. Halscy, Bowl finance chairman, gave the offering address and the ushers gathered the largest collection of the summer, make out a check right now and mail it to Redlands Community Music Assn., P.O. Box 466, Red lands! The Barstow Rodeo and Riding Club, sponsors of the annual weekend festival, is requiring that parade participants not only reg ister prior to midnight Sept. 8, but every participant must sign up and get a number at the assembly point. Partridge can be contacted by telephoning Barstow 2148, Ext. 19, or by writing 301 E, Mountain Ave. One of the world's largest open pit copper mines is located at Santa Rita, N.M. BARSTOW State Highway Patrol and his as- recital by Joseph Schuster, cel- during'Ballpt Russe de Mon,e Cark) would not think of doing the There remain four events in the;whole "Nutcracker" (the Ballet season. Tuesday will be the joint; Russe just does Act II Act III RIALTO list, and Marilyn Home, soprano accompanied by Ralph Linslcy and Marilyn Home, respectively, sociates who carried out their as signment last week of handling traffic during the Old Miners' Days celebration at Big Bear I s We alwavs eniov drivinir bv Lake. Traffic was directed ef- 'ijage's Del Rosa. The display ef ficiently and courteously in spite ;"Fantasie" and "Songs Without ! ;q .ouvic iu muitr rtiiii-'i juin ridj;sui inc icv.uiu uuung biuwuiiij;; mc J waving in the breeze along Del lake area. Chapman had eight S6sa and Highland Aves. is a men and two resident officers on in Friday's production), Miss Lanova produced the original Petipa-Ivanoff choreography, ex cept for three numbers by Lano The Los Angeles Gty Ballet will.ya where the original of six dec- perform "The Devils Belt,' jades ago has become lost. California Furniture Shops Beautiful Mellow Birch Furniture ! 20 off Country Engliih, Country Frnch, Niwport end American Coloninl. 120 S. Riverside GUTH Furniture Rlalto TR 5-4477 BARGAIN REFRIGERATED AIR CONDITIONER $2,000, Terms Lara (opacity rtfrig. olr conditioner wit dot water heating lyttem. IS ton Typhoon toit cont, unit with water cooling tewor and pump, oiio imsll o.o tirid hot wattr bailor and pump, coppor llnei In tin oporating condition. Can be loon oporatlnq drug (tore Twontynino Palms now. Romodoling for additional floor poco forcoi changa In type of equipment. Coll Commerford's Refrigeration Co. 112 W. William St. Barstaw, Calif. . Borttow 2907 Joeautiful sight to see. i;. e 'lMy friend and fellow Death jiValley '19ers director, Ray C. tilowles of Santa Ana, will soon Jnjoy a most unusual trip. For I several years he has managed , -a! women's baseball team known jas the Orange Lionettes, which tlj sponsored by the Lions Club. JPhey are embarking on a tour t -o Japan and the Orient where 4hey will play other teams, un-jder sponsorship of the United J States State Department. ;t We note that local horsemen and women are making plans for (Fiesta Days in San Bernardino, Sept. 15-18. There will tw t pa-r)ide, horse show, rodeo and oth-jer special entertainment, along rifith a Mexican Vaqueros ride and encampment. The place is Circle Arrow Ranch School on Kendall Drive. e e When the silver dollar place prizes were awarded during the recent National Btirro Derby, J. B. Quayle, manager of Big .Bear branch of the American National Bank, "and Deputy Sheriff Jack Miller kept guard ver the loot. George Pipkin of Trona, long 4 friend of the desert and an ac complished writer, has sent me 4 copy of his recent issue of Des ert Sands. In Volume 1, issue No. 3,-he tells the story of "Old Hootch's Skull." The skull of Joe (jlootch) Simpson, once a Skidoo bartender, is now in Pipkin's pos session, n seems mat someone a;t China Lake recently called Pipkin "a grave robber." He denies the charge, claiming he re oeived the skull from Dr. Homer Evans, who practiced medicine in Tfona for several years, coming there in 1914. ; ' e e Interest Is increasing in the jVIt. Whitney Marathon which will be held west of Lone Tine pn Sept. 7. We learn that Bob !A of Ridgecrest is the pre-nt holder of the men's record for the climb from Whitney Mortal to the summit of this great Sierra peak. His time Is 4 hrs., 56 min., 3.1 sees. His wife, Jerri Lee, holds the women's record and her time is 7 i lux, 56 mln. and 58 sees. Lee ,vtil manage the September ; Marathon which is sponsored ' by the Southern Inyo Chamber v of Commerce. Letha Bertolotti of Apple Val-ley owns a small cocker spaniel 'that has been labeled a "thief," duty Friday, Saturday and Sunday, including two extra two-man cars. The Patrol, San Bernardino Sheriff's Officers and special officers all cooperated perfectly. e Tombstone) Ariz., residents in 1884 took the law into their own hands and hung a Jack Heath when he escaped the death sentence for killing three people during a store robbery. The coroner's jury, sympathetic with mob action, brought forth this memorable verdict: "He came to his death from lack of breath." e We're glad to see that the Unit ed States Forest Service is car rying out additional fire preven tion promotion by halting all cars entering San Bernardino National Forest. In a courteous manner, an officer reminds motorists of the present fire danger and hands each driver a small four-page folder outlining rules of the forest. Thank goodness we don't live in Russia and try to drive an automobile. State Division of Highways Dist. VIII publication, "Profiles," tells what's Involved in securing a Russian driver's license. There you not only must know traffic laws and regulations but you also must be an amateur engine and auto mechanic. I'd fail miserably in this category. . . . License applicants in Russia must take 50 hours of instruction on major repair and learning to drive. They must be at least Wi years of age, completed their 10th year in school or have a substantial job; they must have a passport, pass a medical examination; must present two photos and evidence, that they can pay for the driver's test. Maybe this is why there are fewer autos in Russia. Words" Friday. Hairy Farbman will conduct the Redlands Bowl Symphony Orchestra in an all-Gershwin concert Tuesday,, Aug. 23, with Edith Schiller, pianist, and Helen Thig-pen, soprano, as soloists. "Faust," starring Dorothy War-enskjold, will be staged Friday, Aug. 26, ending the best-attended Bowl season in history. Medical Aides To Convene at Mission Inn i ONTARIO Mission Inn, Riverside, is to furnish the setting Aug. 20 and 21 for the semi-annual meeting of the board ol trustees of the California Medical Assistants Assn. That was the announcement yesterday of Mrs. Arthur Storms, president of San Antonio chapter, which, with San Bernardino chapter, will assist Riverside County chapter in hosting the event. Mrs. Ralph Cole of Santa Bar bara, president of the state organization, which has a membership of more than 2,000 in 42 chapters, will prseide. The weekend will be devoted to Steeltown Twirlers Sel Dance Tomorrow FONTANA Joe Lewis, popular square dance caller from Dallas, Texas, will be featured at a spe cial dance of the Fontana Steel-town Twirlers at 8 p.m. Monday, All dancers in the area are in vited to the event in the Kaiser Recreation Hall. Lewis, now on If - " & J1RS. RALPH COLE . . . state president business sessions, workshops and addresses. As luncheon speaker Saturday, several recordings. Refreshments will be served by the 4-H Boosters Club of Bloora-ington. COLTON mi on an extended tour of the western !n FHu.rH w u9l1rh ft PnmJ states, accompanies himseltt on wm have "Gastroenterology" as5 me eiccuiL- nwuiuiun. cm,his lopic Dr peter j Maturfi of San Bernardino is to speak on "Hypnosis" at the Saturday evening banquet. James E. Krieger, Riverside attorney, is to address Sunday's luncheon session. Among dignitaries slated to attend the weekend session are Dr. Stewart Smith of San Diego, adviser to both the state and national associations; Mrs. Anne Reece of Stockton, immediate past president of CMAA; Mrs. Mary Kinn of Santa Ana, state and national past president, and 1 Mrs. Lillie Woods, national vice president. Officially representing San Antonio chapter besides Mrs. Storms will be Mrs. Dorothea Vivian, vice president, and Mrs. Bea Pit-tenger, immediate past president. Miss Ivy Trowbridge of the local chapter, is slated to open the session with singing of "The Star- Spangled Banner." Picnic Scheduled Former residents of Georgetown, 111., now living in San Bernardino County are invited to a picnic Sunday, Aug. 28, at the South Gate Park. A potluck dinner will start at noon. Coffee, tea and lemonade will be furnished. Ml ! lf? erry f STATIONERY AND OFFICE SUPPLIES 385 N. 8th, Colton FONTANA FACTORY DIRECT Boats, Glass Deluxe SEE US FIRST Pricei I ght VASSAR MFG. 18 I The Inland Empire's Most Complete Shopping Center Makes all your Back to School shopping easier. You'll be sure of finding just what you need at the prices your budget calls for in value-packed Greater San Bernardino. to 1 vliOV 5"f h ST"ts si'1 SELECTION The hundreds of Stores in Greater San Bernardino make shopping more fun. your The shopping parking facilities in every ea in Greater San Bernardino make your shopping PARKING easier. VALUES Value-Packed Greater San Ber-, nardino will stretch your budget dollar for back to school buying and every day of the year. I THIS IS ONI OF A SHIES OF ADVERTISEMENTS SPONSORED 1Y THE RETAIL DIVISION OF THE SAN BERNARDINO CHAMBER OF COMMERCI WIS? ion trrnordltio Ae. Fonfonoi ..!. e fc. . e j

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