Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 28, 1897 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 28, 1897
Page 23
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Me, ia Limited, Airwigements have been perfected for a line of Semi-weekly Pullman Vestibuled, Double Drawing Room, and Sleeping •MS between St. Louis and Lo sAngeles, •hi., running through without change. These care will leave St. Louis every Wednesday and Saturday night at 9 :00 p. m., arriving at Los Atgles, Saturdays Md Tuesdays at 5:50 p. m. A Buffet Smoking Car and Dinnin,,' Car are attached to this train at Ki.nsas City, running through to Pacific Coast without change. Only three days from Logansport to Los Angcdes, via this line. For berth reservations etc., call on or address THR First National Bank L.offan8p»rt, Indiana. CAPITAL 1250,000 A.. J. MURDOCK, PRESIDENT. W. W. ROSS, CASHIER, J. F. BROOKMEYER, ASST. CABHIXH. DIRECTORS! A.J. Murdock. If. H. Brin«hur»t, Denoli UbJ, S. S. Hlce. B. F, Yantis. £ M. jUnrood. W.T. Wilson. Banklrjjr in all it* Department* promptly and carelully doce. Safety to Customers and stockholder nosgbt for. Strong- Keierve Fund Maintained. W ABASH R.R, Loganeporl, Do You Love If *o, secure one of the latest and prettiest »wo-6teps of t> e day. by m.iIlioK Ten Cents MHver or stainpfl) to cover nailing and pOBt- •ee, to the undersigned for a copy of the BIG FOUR TWO-STEP (Mark envelope "Two Step.) We are giving this music, which Is regular Bftj-cent shn -t music, HI this exceedingly low rate, for the purpose of advertising:, and test- iig the value of the different papers as adver- ttilBg mediums. E. O. McCormick, Passenger Traffic Manager, "Big Four Houte." Cincla- m»tl. O. Mention this paper when you write. EXCURSION Rates Via Pennsylvania Lines for Christmas and New Year. Following the annual custom. Ticket Agents ot the Penopyivania Lines will sell excursion ickets Dec, 24th, 25th nnd 31et, 1897, and Jan. st. ISiS, for tue Christmas and New Year Holidays. Tickets will not he sold to adu ts or less than 25 cents, nor 10 children for less ban 15 cents. Return limit of excusion will nclude Jan. 4th, 1S98. For ratea time of trains and further information, please apply to nearest Ticket Agent of the Pennsylvania Lines. ASK THEM, If You want Information About Home-Seekers' Excursion. Ticket Agent* ot the Pennsylvania Linus will furnish Information regarding 1 Home- Beekers' Excursions to various points in the Northwest, West. Southweai and Bnutb. It will pay to Investigate if you contemplate a trip. Apply to nearest Pennsylvania Line Ticket Agent, or address W. W. .Richardson District Pasfci (it-r Atent Indianapolia.lnd Tralne Jlua t>? Ctmtrn 1 . T AB rcutow» £>»4!r * Dslij, «=»i'i iSJuaar. CHICAGO DIVISION DAILY. Leave for Cb.lcnsro'S;05 a m:*U:00 a m;*l :25 p m *2-00 p m: *4:30 p m. Arrive from Chicago •12:^') B m;*12:80 pm; % l:00 pm: *l:40p m;*S:16p m. BBADrORD ASO COLUMBUS. Leate for Bradford «1:10 a m;t7:40am; '1:45 p m - t4:SO p m. Arrive from Bradford «2:J5ara; tlO:20 am; •1:20 pm: t4:5Bpm. KFFNKB DIVISION. Leave for Bffner -f»:15 a m; '9:06 a m- 12:05 p m 5 B m Sunday only. Arrive from Kffner '7 :8B am; +12:50 p m:<2:« p m ; 8:30 a m Sunday only. RICHMOND AND CINCINNATI. LMve for Richmond +12:55 am: +6:30 a m: *1:05 pm:+2:20p m. Arrive from Richmond *2:30am: +.U:OOam *l:BOp m: +10:50 p m. INDIANAPOLIS ASD LO0I8VIIZJ. Leave for Louisville 12:45 a m; *l:10p m. Arrive from LouUville *2:40 a m: *1:55 p m. J. A. MOCULLOTJGH, Agent, Logaosport, Ind. LCK1AHBPOKT NO. >ABT BOUKD, 8 Eastern Express daily 1 Mail and Express daily 4 Atlantic Express dally _ 1* Fort Wayne Acco Ex Sunday.... 74 Local Freight Ex Sunday wmgT BOIIND. Western Express dally Fast Mall Dally Mail and Express dally Pacific Express daily Decatur Aeco Ex-Sundav _... Local Freight Ex-Sunday — ut, BiTBm omaiOK. WBSTIIDB, LOaA«apo»l AMI> OHIU. W«8T BODII-D. Ho. 16.... JliTlve*-....- Wo. BT —Arrives • «£T BOUBT) S O. M..»...—«._~-Leave« o. M Leaves 3 I T & H 75 1:93 a 9:4* a n. 4:181> m 6:32 p m 4:1S p m ,10:24 p ra , S:1S p m . 2:40 p m ,11:S3 a m . 7:a-> a ni . 7:3o a m 21TWKBH 8:»0 a. a- .1:80 p. .8:06 a. .1:46 p. IT VANDALIA LINE. Time Table, In effect Dec 5, 1887. Ix»iu>»p»i't. No. » No.» Ko. 21 Ho. S FOR THE NORTH ................................ -- W:SS a. rn — ................ S:Si p, m, FOR THE SOUTH. 7:05 a. m 2:18 p. m ror complete Time Card, giving all tralnj and rtatloni, and for full information u to MM*, through cars, etc., addreaa J. a BDGBWOHTH, agent, Logansport, or I 4.. FORD. GeneraJ PaBsenger Agent, Ht. Lonli. Mo. A DAUGHTER OF INDIANA. Ill, Meb Cnlbertson, the Yonneand H*nd- .ome Sculptor. The state of Indiana nas sent into the world acd into the fierce glare of pub- icity many proud and worthy sons and daughters, brave soldiers and brilliant taiesmen — raec and women whose names are emblazoned on the arch of ame and shine brightly in the world of art and literature And now in these ater years iron; the grand old county of Wayne, which gave to the world and 11 s state the illustrious Oliver P Moron, a daughter of Indiana has come- orth. strong in her youth and beauty and God given genius Meb Culberrson e the only danguter of the late Dr J W Cnlbertsoii the eminent oculist. Her mother is the daughter of Major A.nthony Hilborn. a celebrated British officer Mrs Culbertsou prominently figures in the "Book of English Beau- ies" along with the Duchess of Lutheran d and other lovely and highborn women of her day. The one great sorrow of Miss Culbertson's life was the c^Jdeii death of her father, whose inseparable companion she had been from ior babyhood, and in the intense desire of her life to do honor to her father's name and country she has devoted all ,,-j energy aud resource of her great nnd 'ertile brain to her noble art—the art of sculpture Miss Culbertson has traveled extensively abroad in pursuit of her favorite study, and much ot her time has been spent in the Julian schools. She has ex- nibited in the Paris salon and the academies of America. One of her great works is a heroic head iu bas-relief of the multimillionaire Hackley oi' Michi- For the Christmus and New Year Holidays, the Wabash K. R. Co. will sell tickets for the round trip at greatly reduced rates. Tickets will be good go ing on date of sale only, good returning up to, and including January 4th, 1S98. Tickets cun be purchased December 24th, 25th, and 31st. 1867, and January 1st, 1898. For further particulars, call on or address. C. O. NEWELL, Agt. Wabash R. R. Co. Holiday Excursions Uia Vanclalia Line. OR the Holidays the Vandalla Line will eel Excursion Tickets at/redut ed rates 1rom all stations, to local points on its own line, am also to points on conneciintf lines. For 1'ul 1 particulars call on nearest Viindalia Lin< Ticket Agent, or uddress E. A. FORD, GenM I'assenger Agt, St. Louis, Mo Home Exciirsion.. FOR November and December'97 - -THR -- have authorized reduced rates to many points in the West, South and South west. Tickets will be sold November 2nd and 16th, December 7th and 21st For particulars, call on or address A FIELD jf OR WOMEN. HINTS TO THOSE WHO WANT TO MAKE The iMmestic Manufacture of Toyt !• Enormous and I? Cou«tantiy Growime. Device* For Amusing the Little Folk The Christina* Market. Why do uot women reap 3 lanrer share of the uronr tJicre is ": the mvi>n noa of toys'- Clnhireu s playthings £ir? imported m src-ar .rauurme.-. especially from Germany .iud Switzerland. As the old rhyme hus it. The children 3! Nurabcre :ake pleasure in ::;.ikl!'.K What the •.-kildrcn of Xi>\v York take pleasure in brt'ak:u:r Bet the domestic manufacture of toys is enormous also ami IE constantly growing. Every Christmas season the m^ir ket- is flooded with toys, old and new. ingenious aud the reverse, and a genuine novelty is hailed with delight by the dealers. Where should the novelties come from if not from the brains of the mothers and aunts and big sisters whose inventive talents are kept on the rack day after day ro provide occupation for restless little uiies? That a larger part of the demand is uot met in this way is due iu part without doubt to the fact that women who have children to am use are too busy to market the ideas they may evolve. Usually they are not under the necessity of doing so. But women who are looking for a money mak ing occupation and who have a gift for the entertainment, of children ought to find iu the invention of salable toys a field where their sex will ielp them. Logansport, Ind. MANHOOD • The world adml«« the perfect MnnI Not t9ur»K(', dignity, or muscular development alone, but that »ubtle and wonderful force known M SEXUAL VITALITY woicnlsthe glory of ntanitood—the prlfle of both eld and younp, but there are thousands o( men fufTCTlns tha menial tortures of a ivenlcen.Mj miinnood, shattered nerves, and failing unl power who can be cured by our Magical Treatment which may be taken at hnmo nnder our direction! or we will pay B.R. fare and hotel bills lor those who wish to ccmo here. If we fall to core. WeUavB no free prescriptions, free cure or C.OJ3. faie, Wa bav e«230.000 capital and pu^raatec to euro 5Very case we treat, or refund every dollar yon pay ns. ot lee m.nv be deposited In any bfDt to be paid tu When a cure Is effected. Write forfnll particulars. STATE JfJEUlCAJL CO.. Omalia, >efc. LOOP P01SDH . & Time Table, Peru, Ind. Solid irftlni between Poorii. and Sanduskr and Indianapolis and Michigan. Direct con- ••ottoni to and from all point* in the United Itato* and Canada. iHRI>l SOUTH 3OTJH1) DEPART No n Indianapolis &xp daily 7:10 a m U:* am No 13 " Mail A Krp_ll:38 a m (dal'j- except Sunday) Ko » Indpl't Kxp ex Sun. _ S :26 p m •:>• « m No » PaMeusttr exeept bun No 151 KcchMter looal arrive Hi p m except Sunday, NORTH »OCND. :18am :S*pm . ••«• a M No » Mall A Kip Ex 3uu, ,.J*: iiVpn NO B Mlchte*nCItT«»Ur>, <: •;M p m Nc»l Detroit Kxp 1U 8uh Mo ISO ACCOM except Sun. . . 1:45 a m •jDon not ran north «f Peru on Sunday. MB ttakM r»Wi and t«neral Information call ./J rSthmw. t*o»« ••eat. ^ •• * w * * * ,orO.».DallJ, i«n«rml idiaMpolM. UML Mary BLOOO'l'OlSON pcns.jnentiy euredlnl5to35dsT3. You can be created 34 home f orsaiBG price nncier samejrnaran- ty. Ifyou prefer to pomeherawcwillcoa- tract to pay railroad f areand hotel bilis.and DOCbarpe. if Tre fail to core. If you faaretajtea mercury, iodide potash, and still Have aches and pains, MacoosVntches in mouth. Sore Throat, Pimples, Copper Colored Spots, Clccrs oa •ny part of thebody, 11 air or Eyebrows fall in c out, it ia this Secondary BLOOD POISOS W3 guarantee to cc'-c. We solicit the most obstinate cases and cnallense the world for 3 case we cannot cure. This disease his alu ys battled the skill of tne most eminent physicians. V50O.OOO capital behind our nncondi- tk>ual (ruaranty. Ab8olnte_proof4 senc sealed oa lication. Address COOK KEMKDV CO* Temple, CHICAGO, UJ. A bottle of Dr Wood 1 * Norway Pine Svrup In the house saves dot- tor'3 bills, saves trouble, and very often sftTes precious lives. Gives almost Instant relief in cases of coughs, colds or iuog troubles of any scrt. WONDERFUL MEDICINE FREE! PROMPTLY SENT TO EVERY MAN WHO NEED* A GENERAL BRACING UP. It Brings Perfect Manhood h AIL The Greatest Discovery of the Famous PHYSICIANS' INSTITUTE, of Chicago, III. GRATUITOUSLY, GLADLY SENT to all men who ne»d It and who wltl write for It. A large percentage ol the men of today are sadly in need of U>« right kind of medical treatment for weakness peculiar to men. M»ny cases w« due to early rices, others to excesses, while many of the cases are due to overwork, worry and cencr-.il nervous debility. It matters not. However, wnat the cause may nave been, the tact still remains that they all require proper medical attention IMMEDIATELY. Write us at once, giving a. description of your case, and we will prepare you a course of treatment specially adapted to your condition, and in* .t to you ABSOLUTELY FREE, in plain sealed package. Wo can give full strength, development and tone to every portion and crgr.n of the body, stop all drains and losses, and restore you to PERFECT MANHOOD. Failure is impossil-K- with our method, tte tove thousands ol testimonials from all over the world. READ WHAT THESE PATIENTS SAY: 'dans' InJttitutr, Chicago: BLA-S-CH-tRD. WASH., March 28, 1896 DEAR SIB*.—I hare neatly finished my cnurse of treattner.t, and find myself a ditferent man. I cannot and words eneragh M praisa nnd eipntiOM atwp eriititude I fool toward* you. Your treotmtfflt is simply wonderful. 1 »» 1"-f [ectly fared. :iad thank you a hundred time** and wili help you »H I J?°r? ;an. May God bless you and yonr work. lii-ians* Institute, Chicago: MY DEAH FBTESDS, Your.* truly, LOTEI. IA., Juno 13,1B36. _. . ,—Ple»M ttowipt my thanks for the kindness yon ha« Loams have entirely stoppsd and vigor has pituroed. I am all O.K. I aaj hotter f_hon 1 hare been f or 16 years. I do not feel like the sanw man, ill my friends when they miet mo, say, " What hiive you beendmng. -V>ver«awu cooie out like you." Ever your friend, M. P. C. rsirians' InKitiilt: HiVAXi, N- b., Jan. 59.1895. GESTLEMES —I wish to eir.TOw my hwrtfolt thanks for the rwmlt of n>j treatment. Uarine the last two weaks that I took your treatment the impnm. moiit \vns remarkable.- I have bad no emissions or other symptom* since Uunnc your medicine. My friends are all nurpriitod at the imprOTeme^nt in my Rener&i learacco. Hoping tiat you miy enjr prosper. 1 remain, lonrismoaroly. Hundreds of similar letters are now on file iu our business office, and all are bonn Bd» expressions of permanently cured n?fD. Do not, delay writing to us, and remember that we aw not, only a responsible institution in ;v£ry way, but ours is tne largest medical institute in America that makes a specialty of SEXUAL AND NERVOUS DISEASES. Inclose 8 cents for post»f» on medicine, which is always plaint sealed. PHYSICIANS' INSTITUTE, 1751 Masonic Temple, CHICAGO, ILL family playing at "going to tne fuon dike." A thought came to her. and she sat up late dressing .1 couple of Eski mo babies TLii-se she toot next morn i.' to the head of her department. He referred them to the buyer and the buyer to a manufacturer In two or three das-s they were on the market. The MIS.? MEB CULBERTSON. gan for the training school which he presented to his native state A recent work from Miss Culbertsou's studio, a medallion in bronze of a prominent Chi cago man, has been greatly admired Originality and broad conception of design nre marked characteristics of this talented young woman's work. Iu 1896 Miss Culbertson introduced in New York the fad of modeling hands and arms. Many celebrities were her willing subjects, notably Mine. Calve. Colonel lugersoll, General Lew Wallace and Ella Wheeler Wilcox. One of tho most interesting of her models is a east of the clasped hands of Elizabeth Carty Stantou and Susan B. Autbony The model was taken on the occasion oi Mrs Stanton's eiahneth birthday Socially Miss Cullvrtsou i- very much sought after and ; i genera! favorite She has been called the American Marie Bashkirtsefi' and a very lovable Mane Bashkirtseff indeed is she There is a strange magnetism in her winsome personality which is irresistibly fascinating. Simple nnd unaffected unspoiled by success and the glowing prospects of a brilliant future, she is still the same sweet personality of her studio days, the loyal daughter of the Hoosier Irate. MAHE A woman who has made a considerable success of toy suggesting and designing in the employment of a large manufacturing house says that here as elsewhere the iirst necessity is to keep up with the times. It was not a week after the Klondike gold fever broke out before Klondike dolls of a dozen sorts were for sale. Every little girl was supposed to want an Eskimo baby dressed in rabbit skins, aud her brother was imagined to be pining for a miniature sledce drawn by miniature dogs to take its place in bis endless procession 0? cans and trucks and drays. The inventor of one variety of Klondike babies has told me how she marketed her dolls She is a saleswoman ac rbe toy conntor of a department store. One chiy a c-usromcr asked if she coold recommend anything positively n-;w for a family of children who already had ••everything." She bad nothing in stock'to rill the bill. That night at toivie she found the htrie people of th# For & Clii;;!'s Party Supper. Apple snowballs make a pretty dish for a children's parry supper. The ingredients recmred are a pound of rice, sugar, milk and water, as many peeled and cored apples as niar be required and a few cloves. Boil the rice in the milk and water until nearly finished. and then strain it. Into the hollow oi: the apples put some sugar and stick a clove or two into each fruit. Surround each apple with the boiled rice and tie it in a small pudding cloth; then p:a«: Them all together in a vessel and boil from three-quarters of an hour to an hour, according to the size of the fruit. Apples thus prepared may be served by themselves or surrounded by a good custard. CARTERS ITTLE IVER I SICK HEADACHE Positively ctired by these Little Pills. They a!so rdkve Distress from Dyspepsia, ludigesllon and Too Hearty Eating. A perfect remedy for Dizziness, Nansea, Drow.it. •ess, BadTasreinthe Month, Coated Tongne Painin the Side, TORPID LIVES. They Regulate the Bowel*. Vuztiy Vegetable, •mall PHI. Small r imafl saleswoman received a modest sum. but cue satisfactory to her for her suggestion. The toy designer before quoted says that a common I'iiult of toymakers. but one into which women aro less ayit to fall than men. is the marketing of too complicated articles. A good many of the steam, gas and electrical engines and other pieces of machinery presented to enterprising small boys anxious to see "wheels go wound" are considered by the small bovs' mammas, justly or ' unjustly, too dangerous ro be exploited in thy* nursery Tlie opposite fault of offering toys good only to look at is evfiu more fatal to success Children want things ro wcrk with, and the especial advantage of the woman who makes a business of supplying this want ought to lie in her presumably more intimate kncwledce of small fours' taste? and temperaments than :au be acquired by men. There aro B thousand and one infantile instincts to be studied to this end. and women should be the readiest to interpret them with suitable toys. For example, a tvoman •who has no children of her own but whose devices for amusing other people's babies havo made her the most sought after person in her neighborhood was appealed to to suggest something to while away the long hours of J little girl convalescing slowly from a t,-i'::ous illness The resourceful woman visited the child and found her pulling flowers in pieces and looking at the different parts with apparent" interest The sight suggested botanical blocks, which have since made the youngsters ot that vicinity look upon sickness as something almost to bs desired. These amateur blocks are not big squares, but slips perhaps half an. inch thick, on which are painted petals, pis tils and stamens " ' . ' learns every part of the flower, its name and the- general construction of the blossom The girl for whose benefit the idea was developed delights iu putting together the big purple pausies. pitcher plants, ladyslipp«rs and some of the great orchids that make a fine effect. These blocks have required some mechanical skill aud considerable ingenuity to unite strength with fidelity to the original models iu their making. There is probably more money in a game or a trick that makes a hie than iu any other toy. The person who invents a taking thing in this line and who is able to keep hold of it aud to make and sell for his own benefit may count himself lucky. As a general thing, however, the women who have toys" to market use much the same methods as tha=e adopted by the designers of Christmas cards—that is to say, they submit their ideas, accompanied so far as possible by model, to the toy manufacturers. Sometimes a toy dealer will give an order for a novelty that promise.? to please the public to the person who brings ill the original model. In several instances that could be cited women have opened np for themselves ID this •way profitable lines of business. In one instance a woman at her wits' end for something to contribute to a church fair made a number of copies of a simple toy she had contrived to please her own children. The toys sold so well and attracted so much notice that the inventor's husband afterward >mannfac- tuied them on a larger scale au% realized a profit. New toys are brought ont as far at possible in season for the Christmai market, and this is a fact that women with ideas should bear in mind. ELIZA P. HKATOM. Notice ofElectiofl. The annual meeting of the share holders of The City National Bank of Logansport, Indiana, for the election of nine directors for the ensuing year, will be held at their office on Tuesday, January llth., 1898, from ten o'clock a. m. to four o'clock p. m. F. R. Fowler, cashier. The Central Passenger Association 1000 Mile Interchangeable Rebate Ticket ]£ formic at principal Ticket Ofliceio The Pennsylvania Lines. It IB honored r,ne year from date of wUe, for Exchange 'I icktiB over either of the following named Lines: Ann Arbor Baltimore i: Ohio. Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern, Chicago & Eastern llllcoU, Chicago &;west Michigan. Cincinnati & Mugkingum Valley. Cincinnati, Hamilton it Dayton. Cleveland & Marietta, Cleveland. Canton & Somhern. Cleveland!, Cincinnati, Chicago * Bt L Cleveland, Lorain «c Wheeling. Cleveland Tern>in«l & Valley, ColnmbuB, HocKingValley*Toledo, • Columbus. BanduBky * Hockinir. Detroit;* Cleveland Steam Navigation, Detroit. Grand BapldB & WeitBrft, Dunkirk, Allegheny Volley 4 Fltubiirt. E^anevllle & Indianapolla. Kv«MTilie & Terre Haute. _ r r ± . rcndUy, fort Wayne *We«t«r». In this way the child (Flint * Pere Marquette. : Grand Sapi-te t Indiana, Indiana, Decatur & Western, Lake Bbore & Michigan Southern, Lonttvflle t Nathvlile, Between JUraJivill* * Cincinnati and between St. L and ETuwritt* LouigTillc, BvangviUe & 8t LOttif Ixjuljville, Henderson & St Ifluill, Michigan Central, New York. Chicago & St Louit, Ohio Central Lines. Penngylvacia Llae« West of Ktwbiwf. Peorla, Dccatur & Kvanrrtlle. Erie, PitUburj: & Western, PltUburg. Lisbon & Western, Toledo, St Louis It. Kantae Cltr Yandalia Line, Wabasb Bailroad, Zaneiville ic Ohio river. The price r-f tin tie tickets are Thirty Dollar* each. They are not tr*n«f erabto If ua ticket is used in iuientiietj and exclusively by tk* original purchaser, a rebate of Ten Dollars to paid by the Commissioner of the Central Pa* senger Association, E. A. Ford, Gen. Paw. Agt. Fittsburg, Pa Sept 30,19W All the way From the Missouri River to Buffalo, the Wabuh Railroad Operates Trains over its Own Tracks. letied the traoki ot tfc Trunk Bailwar between Detroit ud atonBi«i«andthoieofthe KrteH. R, Srupetuion Brld«« 10 Buffalo, the Wi wlUrun iti own traini from Kan* Omaha, D*« MolUM, 8L I-oula, QiilMgr. bal. Keoknk and Caiomjo to' __lj mill fun ¥lii I iiil point* havta«ittown Itoe and traiM nu> Buffalo. TtooQtk eantrom Bt, LonJ* md Cktoafo t* mm CM*

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