Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on March 5, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1942
Page 1
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The Weather Slightly Warmer Tonight, ; * i s Beacon Fulls Bethany * ' Circulating 1 In- Bristol Terrace Cotton Hollow —— Middlebury*'- Millville • 'Platts Mills StraitsviJle Union City If It's News You Can Find It In The . NEWS . « f 0 I XLVII, jNojsa NAUGA^ Price Three Ccsti The Rev. Timothy A. Byrne Appointed Pastor Of Church In Poquonock ^ .. ' '' / .-•.... "^ •:••'• ;• •..'•'•• -•-..-.•;.• •...•••.:•.-.•.•.•.•. .v * .- : ' ••••••. • ' •• .- • ... - . ' • • . . • ."•. ;• • FORMER CURATE AT ST. FRANCIS CHURCH 0 -.., . ...... m Many Friends In All UCMnCDCnAT Religions Faiths During IlElWlHWUn B«rHore_ TELLS OF THE [ft JOHN J DILLON PIJRRVR SHORTAfiF NAMED PASTOR IN IVUDDEa JHUAIHUL EAST PORTOHESTER v. too M, Finn Elevated iil To RMit Rovorond Mon- a\^f A V O Clunks in lln' paslnriUflH of ww- M! Callinli" churches In Iho Ihu-t- IfoiM (llni'i'.-u' (ii)ii"uii('''<| lot In y by I,, HI, It'-v. Mum-In- I-', MuAulirro, ,i4lw|> ni 1 thf (llcoi'.-tc will pi'ovn Of ,,(,.ivsl i.. 11 urny rr.sldcnlM of Nuu- !.iUn«k of llio Culholle fill til, Ttu 1 lil.Hlinp uniifnuuM'd that HftV, 'jmnihy A, Hyi'w, u t'oniior curulu lit m Vi-aiu'lH 1 I'hnivh find who .I.- u lu'rtl of I'rk'iuM of jH'oplo ol 1 ivlluinuH I'ultln 'lui'lritf III**- H ^iV I.NVw llrUaiu to msuiii'i thi' pnstoi 1 * it- of SI. JoH..'1'ti'H L-liurrJi In 1*0- , Tin- iii'v. juhn J. union, very woll ixnvn HMil liki-il by NiiiiKfUuu c'-t; Iniiisr-riv.! from r.liiircti or (tur f-ady of Pci' In WaxliliiKton, Cunn,', to bo- ttiii paslur «>f thu CJhui'oM Of ' lib.! Stori'd llcurl in K«fll Ibr, FftllnT Ulllon will IM.I In Wurfhlnxlon I)J Rev. .liuiu'H J. o'Cuniu)!' who Is-bo- rrorii Mf MrAullffi- ul.Hn , H'-v. l.oo M. l-'l 11 n, a irntlvo lot WaU'i'lmry, pastur of St. Mary'a In Mrlil^-i'Oi'l and tho mi- ' llon,il dinpluin m 1 the KriltfhtH ol' . Ims liofn I'lovttUMl. lo a pl'J'lutv 01' HIM HolllU'HH, Plus XII, with th<; lUu of Ira IN IOWA ORDNANCE PLANT KILLS 15 PERSONS i, Iu., March f)—(UP) — ,... HUhi today thai u nild- Ijlxhl cx|ilimhui Ml Ilia JjKiO.OOO.OOO firilntiiH'c plant—tho' 8iM>on«:l llu'ct- iii(inUiH-"hiid klliod ul . - . I'l (H'l'MllllH, | ( Th.' Mast a! 11 iM laHt nlKlit, dm 1 ^k'-'l Hi" rial Iowa funuliiK uoun- ')' f"r mill's around and nilllod ''H'loW^ 1|| [|||v, ( .||y ( <4|x mllOM CKlHt f III" Ml.missippi i-lvor, App 1^1)' ID iin'ii worn Injuml, ISRITISH SHIP WIVES ATTACK BY JAP PLANES ||> fi'i'lKiiirp, tliii lanl whip to loavo 'civ, arrlvnrl ut. 'nil AiiHtraltan nlny laiuinud with 2,500 IroopV, ! > nini c-hlldron, II. hud HUf 1 " Dvu-hour hoinhlnn hy W I'litiH'H, Tho Hhlp'M n6rn'uil . An fiilii-n- of thi\ Al'Kylo Uiul Sulh- l rli '"l IlklduiKUu'H, Iho Soots V>JKl- j' !r| l \\ldi-h t'miKtil tlirouKhout. tho ! 'nyii iMnipuiKii, and WUH (ho i'^^' ! l|u>(| <•(' thu rolroul Lo BlnKftP 0 '* 0 • •M r;ist ofl 1 Iho IhiOH t'OI' tlHMihlp V 11 l«-fl, and romalnwl lo hooornc Hhlp c.lothi'M llioy woro. 7 1 "" IHH| ImhluH two wookfl old,. '^'iiKcr tuid (M'ow pralHbd lifl -OlllfH | wo IUU'H(!H Of tlU< AllHtm- .10 lin|,(.r| u | Korco, who wont lo the 11 °f n Kuiuinr, wounflod by nin- mid Hiiinldcil him with Miolr , iin hullolH from .fapanofto vn '<Mlh-M an they draKKccI liln Kim lo Hlioltni', wluu-o ho of t|,o oi'ow fmnt d - mithoritlos glyluK . ltlf "i or thn nui'Hcw' gallantry llmt (.hoy bo 'li' hruvory, ' Mni-oli H—(UP) — Pcloo AdmlnlHli'al.oi' F^oon llondoi 1 son pi'osonUul tliu snnalo dofonso In- voHtlgatlnK c.oinmlLton iofltiy \vlth (lulu showing Lho I'ubhnr roquiro- incnUB for lhf\ United Nations \vill not ''allow a slnwlo pound" i'or tires for Arnorlca'H JW.000,000 lUiMHongor on i 1 a, "In noiu! of tho c-nrnpul.atlona ol 1 tho I'oquh'omuntH for tlto United NatloiiH havo wo found — so wo (!ould l.Holnto It and nmko Is uvftll- alilo l.o Lho public—u single pound of orudo ruhhor for now tiros or for i-ooappliiH for any of tlio'80,000,- 00(1 autoinobllos with tiros \vhioh Ainorloa possossus" Ilondoi'son told tho r.Ofnmlttoo, . " not onough now to sustain tho riitn of military'prodiiQtlon nnd tho most ossontlal of tho civilian nocul.s." llondurson rissoi'lod the. opmmlltoo lias an opportunity to perform a "real publics so.rvloo" by. aiding in "bi-hiKlnK homo tlio gravity of this Hl|uaLloji." 'Ho Htild ho had . throe tn'blo.s 'wlilolr h'n- intondod -to .pro-.' Hont, outll.nlng United'Nations 1 .^re-, ,. . . ,. "But "the most slgnlfloant statls- tlc doc* not/appoar In any , of Lho^c thr'fln tables;" : ho 'said, "That is none of tho rori'ulrpmonta, ft» spoiled ,out,: allow n- '.single pound v of" rubbor fdlhor-'for MU.W, tires or for camel-' Iwuk for any, of .W ' . ills testimony opened tho com- public hourlngs Into the rubber •.situation, _ ^ pnoilucrrioS/ .INCHKASICO Hoslon', ''March /i— (UP)— Industrial procliieilbn in New lOngland in Jniiiun-y .Was .10 per cent higher' Uniii li'J JJUiui.iry '.iO/il^the New Eng-; ''''d today. FOR 194243TO BEWSCUSSED Board Of Education To Arrange For Sugar: Rationing At Sessipn Today The ma I. l.o i 1 of .I'd pa Irs to publio sohopl buildings..In Naugatuck thai, aro over 00 years-old -is expected', to again be brought before Ihh/niectjng of the Board of ;lts meeting this .afternoon.• a.t, 0 o'clock at : the Tuttla High-school o'n Nort|i_ TuuTi-ch slreet. The matter has been dl.soussod by/the .board at former mtjotl-ngs-but no .dennite action has been -taken. -The failure -to .act orT fcjic ''orb was called^ to.,ihe jit- to'ntlon of the board','scvcra.l,. we tilts ago and It Is believed that- part ot the work will be clone .this Vea'r ; ,and the other recommendations.made by Die state body will be followed'out In future years as funds for, the purpose arc available, •'• • ; . With: 1 only $3,557.23. the annual budget Tor 'tho' dper'atipn of the-public schools It Is quite-evident that the- budget will -be exceeded before'tho close -of- tlfc. fiscal .year on MarolV 31. -The; department/has oxpen,dcd ; $2|0,517;77 .of -its-'budget ;0i' JjigJ'/i.OTS to' date.'. •••• •••':•: •'•;";••:•.;!.:'; :?•;'. Other mattery that,;\yilf';comQ. b'e r 'fore the- board--today .are/: Clie discussion of, the' school''.- b'lklgefc -for' 1-n Naugatuck; -'"Ratloning(books'"\vlll 'be distributed 1 to all, lio'usehoUlers in 4he borough. Siipt: ofv'Sohpols, Harold'" E. 'Gl.xl.ttend'en aii'd bis staff NINE YEARS AS PRESIDENT I lar tf ord, Oon n,,• March• .5—'{-UP)— Harold SiK.lgi'ovo, 42,'.a flyman, was injured fatally laid yesterday when ho fell from a Ore -origlney^ it sped; to a minor fire. ,Tho; pumper .was turning a corner, at the scene of the blaze, when Snelgrpyo ,fcU> • striking his heacl .on the pavement, ,-I-Ie a native of Syracuse; It. Y.- Prpqeedings ; instituted To- : iday By Attorney : General Pallotti Late News Bulletins WASHINGTON, March' 5—(UP)—Issues bctwebn Iho United States and .Hie .'Vichy «f f^ ™«^ viewed today at a lengthy conference between-Acting Sec- rotary oi: State Siimner Welles and the French Arnbass^ do Gaston Henry-Have. -Henry-Ha-ye told reporters he alnxKOBBod^to AVelles his feelings of indignation agamst o Br ish bombing of indiiftrial .suburbs of Pans, which WolSi yesterday cToscribod as a perfectly legitimate war operation, . ^ '"OA'S" RATIONING CONSIDERED VASHINGTGN, March 5— (UP)-Definite,.,word may nii . . ' -, . -i. .1.1 ,., rt 4-^vni7iHn o-nsn mlfi By JACK ZAIMAN (United Press Staff Correspondent). - Hartford,-.- Conn;, -• Mnrch 5— (U.PJH Attorne ; y General Francis A. Pall.ot.ti today JriHtiluled .i-cnioval pt.'o(voi:'ilings ag'a J us L .suspended 1-1 ig-l i way .Com m w- ; si.bncr •William .I..Cox, clii-aglng "misconduct, material 1 neglect, ol! dul;y.;and incompetence;" ' •'.'. . - , ' [ • Pallotti set-Monday, March IGy as tlic date i'or a removal hearing vbe- fore Gov. Robert A. Hurley• nnd,-.I.iisv technical adviser, ChieG Justice,.Wii- Ham .M, Maltbic. -. Tlio ; iieai'in>; will, bd open to'the'press and .."oUi.eiv In- tcreslod parties. 1 ' •. •. Cok was'suspended lasl, month by- Gov; -Hurley when Pallotti brought .preliminary charges' against him In' conricctron. with ^Highway . menl- dealings -with -two (. ing. firms,-the Gammino and Savin companies. :' : . •. •; : Now,- following' an'.inl-onslvo I.\vo-.j week's' investigation of various (Contlnucci on Tage Bight) .. ilf])'f,fo,vd,^Conii., : !Marcli 5— (UP)— Tlie-'-.State'.Ijb'fei)s0 • .Council • plans-, to; p'uil- [i'surprise blackbut' of tlie ;en- t,lre''Miato!" : \vltili'iit/the 'near 'future,' II \yas clisfclosed- totiay. ;' '• ^ ' : : '...-.-••;. . Only'.ft-rp\v. : .SLaic Defense. ollVcials and.'•;i.'Army • auth'orities.- will: -know ".\vlleTi ; this' •jb'laclcoiifc'. will be called, it \yas : said. •;•- •••..-•••' •'. . ' •.-' Tifc "enLii'e^easi'eriV section -of- Con- necLicut VAvIll bTack out tortlKh.t' '.in 'tub .last diva.series oT regional blackouts: which Jiavc..covered.-'tlie 'entire stale, some •secl/itfns- several; times. It Is Believed Thousands j Of Enemy's Soldiers Wefe -j| Either Killed Or Drowned JAPS SMASH DEEPLY INTO ALLIED DEFENSES Their Advances Close Pincers Near Batavia Suburbs; Fierce Fighting, By < JOS ALEX MORRIS --. •TJ,. P. Foreign HMiJor Japan's invasion armies- .smashed deeply into stubborn 'allied. defense • lines >fn;,Tava and. Burma Ipday, foul. .apparently,, had . lost thousands . of 'troops In' a surprise* American air attack, on 'enemy .transports in Die •Philippines:' . . • ' • : •;•• . Dis'patche's -from "Ailed:, headquart- •e'rs. in- Java-; told ,,'onlyvof ciioniy advances .-that/closed'-a pincers, close .fo-.Uifl suburbs of •: Batavia; pushed through v tho \mountains, ; to wHliln 1 ess .tli an 30/ m i i es . of en g mi 1 i - 'tary >l)oadquarters.\ah(i : severed coni;- munioations ilines .to -.the , Soqrabaja 1 . ' ' FATHER'S NIGHT TO FEATURE P.-T. A. MEETING MONDAY Three Speakers To Participate In Discussion On . "Vocational Advice" .- • .. ... , . , . ,- Dutch,- .American ; and ?' British •forces yy^rq.^vni- 1 AgW'!n«..:.»fi;^ 1 ! lsL • s u per 1 or " tfiltf m i; v 1 ' ri u?ri b ei-e d , I b e' great odds' set ; up foy ;la; ah- control, .but- the... enemy: .Ignored mounting: casualties. ; to v ;pj>esV- forward .in a \drivc 'across, til e. 'middle or 'the '-island,"* s.upplpnle.otcd,, jby. bombing ..attacks on South' Coast 'ports. The enemy obviously was try Ing— and making progress—to isolate ?3a- tavia> Bandoeng anil S9or))aja^Avhilc lie slashed a path .thr'ouglv-'th^ niid- dle of Java! to. tH,e south coast arid thus, forestall possible; allied reinforcements'. • '_••••". i.. (Conllnuod .-oh Page. r .— V. ^ • tr PREDICTION AS TO ': Fathers' Night" .will'he 'colp-.brntod at the mooting -of th.c Niuipnluck parent-Teachers 1 Association iiv Ui* 'Salem School Auditorium ; on :}Mo'.n- sday evening,'-March. 0, at '8. o'clock. ••An excellent prpgram, particularly interesting 'fo-' the 1 parents 'of. high school students, has bc'en arranged '•and'.thG - l'arge,st. ; atlendanQC ,. ol v . the year iis-rihlfoiphfccl. -Tliere \vJ)l be h." panel discun.sion on "VocaUonaJ Advice" with throe spi3akcrs:par|,icfpatiT)k. ! The sponkoVs will' .bo ^osser Donloy, ihdbslrin.l relatJons. manag-er of the NaugatucU PliintS' of l.he'U. S. 1 Rubber Co.; Miss Stella McCann, 'assistant industrial relations director, and Mrs. Mary Dewoy, manager of tlio Connecticut State liiniploymenl. Service. Air parents in the borough are invited to attend the-meeting, HOMES OF ENEMY ALIENSRA1DED IN BRIDGEPORT ™omm,ncl«U« of the Pstr il, »hiolM.l»» to>nbn,it „ fln.l »l»rt tomo,, row or Saturday, . • ' ^ _ • . _-_ ' y ' ' SCHOOL FUND BALANCE 0 ,,. ; ss;sKS? «;ot";»;»»o "«• * «-»"««' '° «"-»- tional pxirp'osos. : • WILLIAMS DEOIDES"TO PLAY ^ -- TOBEMUHlEDi; ITISSTATEl Wnsiilngl.on;' March\fi '-— (UP); — Treasury Tax Consultant, RnnclolpJi p'aul..tok.l tire .House .\Vnys and Means Go'inmittoe today 'that it would IJG impossHjIe to preserve during tlio war tho present living 1 standards of •AnVerlcans — even ol'.th'psp groups oi Americans who now must spend.ev- ery cent of their earnings for... «o- callpd,necessities. ,' . . " j ...Paul said in .reply to. cfuestionins that evc-ivif Goiigroiss' slibul'd' seek,, to. do so for ; polillca'i reasons, if, wan impossible to'prevent lowest inconip fainilips from'sinking Jo\yer, In. l.helr. : scale bf living. • .. : . . >; '.; '•'. -.One exiiinple-suggeslcd'by Hop: A. Willis Hobertson, D;V.ya., was ,a tom- lly ol' four earning'$2,360 ^-.yenr, ; :> .Such a -family.:, Ja.-c.onsUlei'edi lo have so urgent a 'use .for Ha- fiiiul. 41 that, it would, not, bc'.r.equirGd to pay income tuxes, under the TKMSiiry'f- stilT new proposals,-V ; ; - . ; .Robertson;, arguing Mint- inflationary prices" would'destroy the living standards' of such low-i-n'como- groups If "taxes .didn't,. suggested that, person- al'•••Rxcmpifphs :bo.'lo'wered-'from. $750 to.$500 for a s.ingle'.perso.n and from $1-500 to $i,,00d for ; a.married ..couple : ii Tnxes on the' high"brackets vvpn'l prevent these inflationary .prices, 1 '. Robertson 'said. -/'They, may give,up their yachts, and .racing';stables bul th-ey will continue to;,.ixay.e the .food Vnd^ cloth i-ug,; tliey'v,e,.;;..b ; e'en ; ^ ^acc tomed io." ' LAST WIGHT AT MaisseS At 5 :30 And 7:30 And Evening Services Will Be 7:30 .: ';•,-•";'-";• ; The nine-day rioycna coiuluctcd by ' Rev, Frederick 13ailcy,;. S. •.''•!.,.. of the .Icsuit Mission Band, oL 1 Pom fret; opened. af'St. Francis's church last evening' with . .services at 7:30 o'clock. Special .instructions for parochial and public school, children were given,. th is afternoon .and will .J3C 'given tomorrow at 3:30 and cpn- 'rossionVbf the children were, hoard tlvis afternoon. '^hey will ;. receive communion at the 7:30 o'clock-.Mnss toiiiorrow 'morning,, the first 'Friday of •the'- month';. . ' .. " •.. •Morning Masses for the novcna will be v ' celebrated each day .at; 5 :30 and 7:30 o'clock and evening, ser- .vices will be hGld"at 7.:30 p. m. . • , •"'.'•' — — - "».* » - : - .,/•;. •' TREASURY BALANCE • Washington, -March 5~(UP)— Government expenses and .receipts- for the current .nscal .year through. Alar. 3, • compared ..with a year ago : , •r- THIS YEAR-- —LAST YEAH;',-'• • .'..':'' ; • Expenses .-..•" . VVnP Spending :'.-... . .1^751,507,350.® '•••• ' ' ^99/1,062,291.67 .' :; • •-,- ..'. ; '• -Heceipts; . . •• :.;•>• • ;. • • -.5 1 G03,957,199 1 .67- >•••'•/• -. .-3,86.6,096,155.83 '. .,/': ;•'.' ,' ; Nfit Deficit, ;'..;' ,;-«- • • - 1 J ,427,8^623,46; ;• . i 3,^8(3,606^96.71 -, ' Cash nalaiivtc, .,,.>; : : v 'r v i',671 ,556,534. 50 RUBBER MADE Cambridge, Mass., March 5— (UP) — Eventual development of synthetic rubber; "far superior to the, natural grafle,"- was predicted' today Prof. Avery A. Morton, director -of the research laboratory of organic chemistry - at Massachusetts Institute 'of. Technology; .• ' ,. :\Vriting in the Technology Review, Pr.of. Morton, said 1 tbat "the needs ol. 1 -the day will • stimulate a small army of chemists '-to < a'clilcve gi-cat results." . •• : ••• • "Tbe synthetic variety of rubber' is here -to stay," he- :. added. "It eventually . will -be 'superior to the natural 1 grade. >'.."'« : ' : ' • ELKS LARGE CllOWD AT DANCE MARCH 14 Music Will Be Furnished By Al Smith And His Boys- Big 1 Time Anticipated Edgar Leach, co-chairman with Edmund O'Nell of >the committee ar- ranging'the St. Patrick's Dance at the-Naugatuck-Elks- Home Saturday evening, March '14th,' announced today that'at least 75 couples will attend. ' ' , • ' Music for the dancing, which will be enjoyed from 9 : p.m. until 1 a.m., will be furnished by Al Smith's Community-Band Orchestra. 'A buffet lunch' will-be' served:, at midnight. Tickets are only $2.00 per couple and members of the: order planning to attend are requested • to mnke their table-reservations at. an early date. ' ' '-.-" '•' • , -In,• addition' 1 ;to Messrs.;.Leach and O'Neli; other me'mbcrs of the committee arc Edward - Ryan; BdwaVd Hanleyv Andrew Holland;-Luke Coin- iskey,' -.Edward ;Aurish. .-and -,.1/puis Triano, Bridgeport, Conn., March 5—(UP) —Federal Bureau of Investigation agents and local-police made a major raid on 138-homes, of enemy aliens in this area last night and early today, seizing quantities of contraband. Outlawed material was found in about 50 homes, the HBJ said, nnd each case was presented before government attorneys immediately. Names of violators will be sent to tho United States attorney at Hartford for possible action. . The contraband seized In the raids totaled 30 short wave receiving sets; one transmitter; 26 cameras; and several shotguns, pistols, rifles and ammunition. At Darien, meantime, -Tsuneo Koyama, 45, a Japanese, was arrested hy the U. S; immigration department on a charge of overstaying n three-month's passport to inspect lls'hcries in this country. Ho has been here for nearly 12 years, police said. FIVE PRISONERS ESCAPED IN FOG South Windbam, Me., Mnrch 4— (UP)—Police today scorched for five state reformatory Inmntos who took advantage of a heavy fog to escape from the paint shop where they were working. , . All were, serving terms, for automobile thefts. Four of them escnpcd from Bath jail lats October-whiles awaiting arraignment, but were recaptured within two days. Alfred J. Le Belle 21, of Biddeford was sentenced two months ago. The others were Charles Boals, 21, of Brunswick, Lester Thompson, 2G, of LewistonAVerber Fields, 20, and Everett Mo wry, 22, both of Bath. .••: . 1*-*-*. •' , . CHANT I>AV INCKEASE Auburn, Me M .March " 4—(UP.)— About 5,000: shoe workers in Auburn and' Lewis ton: have been granted a Mper cent pay rise effective March '!{},„. the.;. Shpcwork'ers' 1 Prolcetivc. association announced today. Not One American Ail Damaged In Surprise At;, tack Over Subic Bay • MORE SURPRISES AT ENEMY'S EXPENSE ^ ARE PRBDIOTBb Enemy Plane Dropped Sey> eral Bombs Near Honolulu; No Damage By KVKHKTT H. HOLLMS (United J' Staff Correspondent) •Washington, March 5— .(UP-)— Ocn; DoiiKlos MacArthur's '.surprise air? at- lack o'n ' Japanese ' vessels -ft) SUblo Bay cost the enemy three heavily-. luden troop trans'porl,s ; und • thousands* of- Jives, the Wttr'pcpkrl-.' ment said , 'today. .•"•••: •' .' ' , > A' communique revealed '.-thai; Mac?; Ai'tluir -had; identified'' three- of 'ilyc .Japanese -vessels sunk in' lhc>M«rch' 4 raid- as transports -aiKh l >J I,-, isi'bc-, Jleved thousands of enemy <8o)jc|iterH^ oh •them 'either. \vm ; c i • ,'drp>vned} •',$' killed. ••:- . .. .'•••.•-...•'::•;- ^W .;«)' •; be) icvO'cli '' Avwr'e" euusod- Avhen anVniuiVl- Uoj) a'boai'd, ihts- ships -exploded as.n result, of Ibc bombing.;, ; . -'-.-V- ,': .» /Die comm,u»).iguc '.. oiDphnisJxcdv' tho surprise w'J;th _ wbJcJi.; MacArthur ? 8 airmen," lyresuwably / Hying , small l^-iO /Ightei's not designed' fpr homh- ing, hit the, invaders. N,ot a -single American -aircraft was damaged, the communique said, and for the first time since Dec. ,7 no enemy pianos* wore in Diction during ah air oporav Lion, ( . . " .-.•."••'•:'• The fact that no .la pan esc planes took the air against MacArthur's attucker.s may be. because the enemy' is employing the bulk of 'its air- strength in .lava. and Burma, obscrv-' ers hare believed. ; . There also have been signs, mill-* lary men said, that the Japanese are losing front ; , line planes faster than thehv factories are tar.niiig them out. From the -Philippines earlier this week came reports thai, the enemy was using some Gorman- typo bombers in thai' theater* and interpreters her-3 believed the enemy. may have been forced to dip into' reserves. • . ' .,' Tbe additional details on -the March (Continued on Eight) WARDEN ANXIOUS TO GET QUORUM AT A MEETING Warden Leo .1. Drophy dny that there was an erroneous impression In the borough l-hal. no niore regular meetings of the-Board of Warden and .Burgesses would be held for the duivitlon of the wor. Mr. Brophy said that it was dirfi- 'oull, l,o secure n quorum for meet- I'ngs duo to the fact that .several of I lie members of» the lioard arc'•employed -at'night; And cnnndt aif^nd regularly, lie snid Uia when It f* nccessnry to ndjourn a meeting'for Inrk of a quorum he must then call n special mooting later when a majority, en n arrange to attend. •>/ There 'tire several important mntters to be acted upon by the board including a budget for the borough's expense for the year.",of l'J42- / i3. The warden 1 is, making every effort to get the hoard.mem- bers, together^ to discuss the budget before the end of thc-flsciil year 'on March 3ist. ' •> » NURSING REPORT FOR FEBRUARY Catherine .B. Brooks, IV N., of Naugatuck chapter of the American Red 'Cross announced today that a total of 280 nursing calls were made b'y the chapter during the.month,of ebruary, Seventy new . patient* prft reported arid-51 patients were dismissed. Tweiity-Hvp attended baby conferences last monln.

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