The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 29, 1952 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 29, 1952
Page 13
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TTJE8PAT, TOI/T BLtTHRVILLE (ARK.) COTJUIER OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with M«j«r HoopU £6 HERE. HOOPlE .' I'M, 5l)ST A PLAIN CITIZEN, •JOT DENT, BUT X kMOVJ RIGHTS/-- -ALL t C ;,\\ELL AROOUD ne is THAT eis BOM6S E6AD, 0A1CTER .' VOO A "PLAINS J UriDCRSTATeMErtT SIMPLE" WOULD WORD/ gORLV DEBATE: Oh! FOLJR- L6GGEO CREATURE6 OUT OUR WAY FRKKLIS AND HIS FtllHM WARNING OROKR ' In the Chancery Court. ChkM- »awh» District, Mississippi County, ArlcaniaB. George W. Freeman, Plf. vs. AHa M. Freeman. Dft. The defendant. Alia M. Freeman. Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court named In the caption hereof and ansv/cr the complaint ot the plaintiff, George W. Freeman. Dated this 14th day ot July, 1952. Harvey Morris, Clerk By Laverne Ball, D.C. Guy Walk, atty. for ptf. Ed B. Cook, ntty. ad lltem. Never A Dull Moment! DANCING NIGHTLY! 24 HOUR SERVICE! FOR RESERVATIONS PHONE HOLLAND 3241 or 9411 "Summer romances certainly are dangerous—look at my sister out in, that canoe, and sho can't swim a stroke!" Political Announcements Subject to Preferential Election July 29. 1952 For County .luilce GENE BRADLEY PHILLIP J. DEER I. D. SHEDD For Circuit Clerk GEHALDINE LISTON For State Senator SEN LEE BEARDEN HENRY K. HOYT WILLIAM H. (BILL,) WYATT For State Representative KENNETH S. ROLCER For Post No. 2 COMPLETELY AiR CONDITIONED All Popular Brandi 1| of Cigorets, per carton .. : . .. I 60 HUBERTSCLUB Hubert Utley and Wert Akin* HIGHWAY 61 HOLLAND, MO. Drift fences, Bunllar to 'o, S. snow fences, have been erected in Saudi Arabia to control the drifting desert sands which threaten to swallow up the railroad tracks built n the last three years. Television- Tonire, Tomorrow WMCT, Memphis. Channel TUESDAY' N1C-HT. JULY 29 6:00 Midwestern Hayride 6:30 Frank Clement 7:00 Boss Lady T30 Circle Theatre 8:00 Amateur Hour 8:4!> Rocky Palmer E>:00 Summer Theatre 10:00 I've Got a Secret 10:30 News 10:40 My Friend Irma 11:10 Citv Hospital 11:40 News 11:46 Sign Off WEDNESDAY, JULY 30 ? How Fast Do You Drive? H may be that you don'l really know—your speedometer can be defective. And THAT'S dangerous! Let us clteck it tomorrow. We give l-I)ay Service on Speedometer Repair for all makes oT cars and trucks. Then you'll KN'OW how fast you drive! T.!. SEAY MOTOR CO. Clirysler-PI.vmoulh Dealer 121 E. Main Phone *12' TUB *TORTi Johnny Hn-Ht \m* Inhrrllrd hU fnlhrr'B rjicl • lablr unit flOO.CKW 1m ritMx. R«* KOTNU. who hold* thr nn • ITftlitM the Rnmltlnn »lKlilc. VtvvM J n * * «i j tfcrre month* rnl>c t*e wionry. Bill Kovnlt hlrr4 Jo han j'n hrnt Jix-kcy • rrrnw rt«-(rrmInert t« lirrxk John Johnny, knwrvcr, hud fnllrn | OVP wltk Cnrol O'Slicn, Mirr JVjBtrom, tkt HamUion Irnlncr. J OHNNY HAMILTON told Nystrom the next morning about his taJk with Kovall. The trainer's eyes wore bieak, "tic's a tough one to fight, Johnny." He laid friendly hand on Johnny's shoulder. "You're kind of young to be making hundred thousand dolla decisions." "H you were in my shoes, wha would you le\] him?" "I'd tell him to go jump in lake." The trainer smiled. "Bui was never very sensible." Hi smile Taded. and he looke thoughtful. "You know, all you'v got is Goodhue.-; word (ot all iht . Maybe you ought to check it more closely " "You mean get another lawyer?" Nyytrom tookca doubtful "Not y exactly It's pretty touchy, you tf know, one attorney checking on \ another They have their ethics 1 and it would tip our hand." | "Whal then?" : "1 could Jook up Judge Garry 'He was a friend of your dad's." i Td appreciate that," Johnny (sain : They'd be moving to At water jlhis morning. Johnny * - ent down to the stables to supervise the iprcpara lions while Nystrom went to town to see Judge Garry. They were taking almost the .entire slrmg, headed by Bella and Adonis They'd have lo sign a top rider Their one hoy. Rusxy Sloan. :was young, but learning fast, and could handle the cheaper mounts. icre. They would arrive at At- -ater Fields late that altcrnoon, e learned. Ed Nystrom was back by noon, nd the pale blue eyes wev bleaker than ever. He said, "The udge didn't like what 1 had' to ay. This Goodhue. it socms, ort of protege of his. He helped put him through law school. He •en landed him with your dad." "Yon don't even think I should sec another lawyer?" You'll have to deckle (or yourself. I've a lot of faith in Judge Garry's word. His judgment pretty sound." Johnny gulped, ant! his eyes went to the stables. "Okay. H's up to the horses then. I can't raise the money any other way." TF Adonis lived up to what they 1 had a right to expect, if llella continued the sir.cok she had enjoyed as a Uvo-year-old, then S 100.000 wasn't loo much to hope for in three months campaigning. But nothing is as uncertain a? horse race, and Adonis was exceedingly unpredictable, Some horses love lo win: fight every step of the way to win, outclassed or not. Adonis liked to run. bul^thcre seemed no impulse n him to answer a challenger's hreat. He'd had some thrilling vins. and some numiliating de- eats as a two-year-old. He was mpervious to the lash: deaf lo any pleadings ot his rider. Johnny could only hope that the winter's rest had changed his temperament He wrote a letter to Carol before leaving. He tried to express some part of the revolution she had caused in his plans for the future. And he told her that il everything went as he hoped, they could be married this summer. Nystrom rode up to Alwater Fields with him in the convertible and the purses generally high. Expenses would come out of the cheaper race?, Hie claimcrs. On the big ones, they'd have to shoot for the purse and whatever they could pick up at the mutual windows. This last, Nyslrom would have no part of. It was his boast that he'd never bet on a horse race, his claim that he never would. The entire string got a workout the next morning. Even in the elm-shaded stable area, the air \vas hot and lifeless. It didn't <;ecm to bother Bella, or the two- year-old Challenger, hut Adonis ulked, dogging his morning work- nit. feeding half-heartedly. Rusty said, "There was a time when vou could deal with a colt like this. But the S:P.C.A. would be on your neck in a minute if you tried it now." Nystrom's voice was reminiscent. "You can discipline kids the old fashioned way, but not a horse. 1 ' Isn't there some other way besides bcuting?" Johnny asked. Mayb: we could try a little psychology--" Nyslrom laughed. "You can call your .child psychologist, I'll have a talk with the vei." "N'o pill will cure whatevcr's wronff with Acionis." said Rusty. "It's in his head—like I've been telling you. 6:45 Test Pattern 7:flO Today ;:25 News 7:30 Today 7:55 News 8:00 Prologue to Future 8:30 Breakfast Party 9:00 Mrs. UJ3.A. 9:30 Strike It Rich 0:00 Storyland 0:15 Love of Life 0:30 Search for Tomorrow? 0:45 Morning Meditation 1:00 Film Featuretts 1:15 Garry Moore 1:45. Guiding Light .2:00 News 2:15 Farm News [2:30 Homemakers Program 1:00 Big Payoff 1:30 Johnny Dugan 2:00 Manhattan Matinee 3:' Hawkins Falls 3:15 Gahby Hayes 3:30 Howdy Doody 4:00 News 4:05 Berl Olswanger 4:30 Space Cadets 4:!5 Hartoons 5:00 Film Featurette 5:15 News 5:25 Weather 5:30 Those Two 5:45 News Caravan 6:00 Youth Wants to Know 6:30 Juvenile Jury 1:00 TV Theatre 8:00 The Unexpected 8:30 Dar.srerons Assignment 9:00 Gordon Browning 9:30 Boston Blackie 10:00 The Hunter 10:30 News 10:40 Rocky King 11:10 Industry on Parade 11:30 News 11:40 Sien Off PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores THE ONLY GRAIN BIN 4 "ITH 6-PLY RIBS EVERY 22V> OF HEIGHT FCtR EXTRA STRENGTH They walked the horses some ^quarter mile lo the siding where .they were being loaded, and I Johnny conferred wilh the agent and Rusty Sloan followed in the pick-up. The rest of the crew wen by train, with the hordes. It was a well-managed track, VV71IKN the Irnincr lint! left them Hu>ty sriid. "You find another boy yet. Mr. Hamilton?" Johnny shook his head, scniti- ii?.ing Kusty. He W.TJ a thin youth, bony, with .1 freckled, serious face -ind a mop of niiburr, nair He was. fohnny knew, a potentially great rider, lie had the hands, the poise, the courage. Johnny grinned "I'll probably have to strins alon? wilh you, RiiFty. Think you can handle them all?" "I can try. If you can't get another boy. I'll have to." Rusty looked down at his big hands, his freckled face screwed up in thought. "Mr. Hamilon. if it'd help, I'd work tot le^s. We could keep it to ourselves." Johnny milled the youngster's hair. "You let me do the -.ferrying I around line-" I (To Be Continued; EASIEST BIN OF ALL TO ERECT! •Stop in soon, while v/e still have famous -SIOUX- Steel grain bins! iJlSTKIIiUTOK Blythcville Soybean Corp. ISOO West Main—Hlythcvillc I'hones fiSnR & (1857 R5C. ME? BUT fAY DADS BKOKE .' I KTMOW--- HtTgLlA Mf KfXXX Off! I WAMMA HEiR. SOME WELL, 1 WON'T GO TOWN TO TH IN PEP.SON KID---SAV, WASMT THAT A YOU'RE: CLIP HOPPER, PUBLIC ENfMV NO-1-A- 6 HEA,Ott> rowftRp WE LAKff ROAD/ COMMERCIAL. ABOUr ME ? HOME STRETCH' Benefit by Reading and Using Courier Ntws Classified Ads VOU0E £O CdtAI/ PG. Sl/PP 7 /* HOSTILE FECV.1 OUTER 5PKG PROBABLY HAS LAK OH 'THE EAKTH. • CAN COPS WITHir, WELKIN ALL ALOH6 A6AmfT WE- ' EXPEK/IMEN771L FUL --- ANYTHtHd COULP HAPPEN 1 . NOT YOU, DEAR I'M TALKING ABOUT OUTBOARD MOTOR! WOW i THAT'S WHAT I CALL EXPENSIVE, PERHAPS, BUT WORTH EVERY CENT.' WHAT MORE COULD ANY MAN WANT? I Mi NOT REALLY 5O EXPENSIVE' CWT WOKKV, KH7. I'LL KEEP PEACHES OFCTH6 PHON6. I WANT TO 66E VOO STRIK6 Olt LITTLE H6IRSS5 RETURN YOU fT^ay ALON& WITH MB OM A LITTLE KIPNAr*J<S NO MATTEL WHAT HOrUTWEW VK COMMITTED -^ MK.POIGUARD. HEtOVED WORK, ** TO PNWT MORS WtLU HWB THE FREKM POLICE PICK BIM UP MOW &ND THD AkKEE WA* W< THIS (S Owe Of- THE STOLEN KEf*«>iWOT&, OFFICER'. THE- OTHEK OH6 IS STU.L f*RT»l CM*OUFL(XSEO WITH McKEE'S SlCKLV C».U»5, WHICH THE GIRL Wft* KEWPWUG »«6fJ SHE/CLEAN I m iv x-_ tnrr-t70im-rr-r*t\ _/"-N _^^.—— A All OCC *KN 5HOmDCOIMHTT£0 NO CR1MC! ee HUWG! W^S 1MTEKRUPTED! 'OUR FRIEND SEEr O BE HAVING \ ROUGH IIME... HADN'T VOU BETTER SO GIVE HIM A KM-JD? HE COE3. HERE'S WHERE I STAY I WANTA CHECK OUT O' THEM TUMEJUIN MATS. DOC; O-OOOOH V.'. vov\o GWOSASl'S SOU VJK>OW ft

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