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BROOKLYN EAGLE, OCT. 1953 Politics and People RECORD HIGH REGISTRATION IS EXPECTED By HAROLD H. HARRIS Halley Has Blockbuster Poised After Trotting-Track Checkup Registration for the five-way s' Fulton or Lawrence, Brooklyn ULrter 5-1600 yt I OIL I frM Mayoralty election opens to morrow and runs through Saturday and Board of Elec EXPOSK Kudy Halley reportedly Is ready to unload in the next few weeks a couple of political blockbusters that should set the town rocking. The Liberal-Independent Mayoralty candidate hag been sitting on some explosive intelligence affecting the trotting raceways and he's about to set off an expose of a key city department. To top it tions officials are prepared for a 2.50(1,000 enrollment, which would set a record for a "norr mal" municipal election.

Polls will be open Monday through Friday from 3:30 to 10:30 p.m. an hour and a half longer than in previous years and on Saturday from 7 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. By the end of the week po litical observers will have an answer to the question which. has been bothering them since off, Battling Rudy has his sleeves rolled up to go after Governor Dewey.

Halley's aides say their candidate will be able to make his strongest bid by slugging with the 0. 0. P. Strong Man. Immediate, ly after Dewey finishes his first TV campaign speech for Harold Riegelman, G.

0. P. hopeful, Tuesday" night, Halley will go before the video cameras to rebut the Governor In addition to his favored medium, television, Halley plans a Ktreptj'lrnnt Primary Day: Will the apathy reflected in the surprisingly small Democratic primary vote I. L. A.

LEADERS ATTEND PARLEY Leaders of the striking International Longshoremen's Association listen intently os President Eisenhower's fact-finding committee convenes. Left to right are August Idzik, vice president from Baltimore I. be carried over Into the general election Nov. In the 1950 election for Mayor, there were 2,808,594 Joseph Moriarity, vice president of the Atlantic Coastal District as well as Brooklyn organizer; Harry Hasselgren, secretary-treasurer of the N. Y.

union; Don Donovan, vice president of Boston union, and Patrick J. (Packy) Connolly, vice president of fMM WOHVM AT 10 A. M. voters registered in the city.1 There was also an election for Governor and U. S.

Senator that the I. L. acting tor president, Joseph r. Kyan. Hint T-H Use Changes Asked In Election Law year, however, so that was not a normal Mayoralty year.

Had Special Attraction The last regular election for In Dock Strike Mayor in 1949 was accompanied by a special election for U. Continued from Page 1 Ickj' if he has to "reach out to the prairies of Illinois and Missouri" for indorsement Riegelman a in a speech at the annual dinner of Rockaway Beach Hospital: in the Hotel Roosevelt that the Democratic city administration i Senator, which increased interest and attracted 2,783,308 registrants. by Adlal Stevenson and Democratic, Republican, Lib had permitted chaotic condi Continued from Page 1 up in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston and New York as stevedores stayed away from work and tugboat crews in NewTork respected picket lines. Ports from Portland, to eral and Experience party offi former President Truman. While praising Stevenson, Ma-guire said Wagner should tions to exist in the city's hos-l cials all see a high registration pitai system.

as a favorable sign for each of find Indorsement "closer 4. Rudolph Halley, the Lib EVERY DAY the drastic markdown froM all 12 Oppenheim Collins stores are gathered on our Brooklyn fourth jloott TOMORROW you 11 find an especially large selection hurry in for these timely value their candidates and all appear eral party nominee, railed on i to be working for a big turnout, Attorney General Nathaniel Hampton Roads, were idled by the walkout, staged by Many observers believe that home." 2. Wagner concentrated his attack on Harold Riegelman, Republican candidate, in a radio address. He accused Rie- Jj. Goldstein to investigate 000 members of the International Longshoremen's Associa the Democratic primary vote less than 550,000 out of a possible 2,100,000 was small be the move by parking lot and garage owners to Increase rates.

He made a similar re tion, which was ousted trom eelman of rontradirtine state- the A. F. L. for racketeering ments mad last SDring in quest of License Commis cause many Democrats had made up their minds to vote for another candidate prob and corruption. an ffort to eain votes sioner Edward T.

McCaffrey. Joseph May per, counsel fori ably Council President Ru the New York Shipping Association, was the first witness to dolph Halley, the Libera party Dewey Transfers Fay lo 'Siberia' nominee. appear before the three-man Manhattan Borough Presi board of inquiry named by President Eisenhower to rec Dannemora la about 20 miles northwest of Plattsburg, N. about 250 miles from New York dent Robert F. Wagner decisive defeat of Mayor Impel-litterl, who Is now running on the independent Experience party line, is regarded hope ommend action in the dispute Tne hearing was in the Gov ernor Clinton Hotel, City.

Sing Sing, at OssiningJ 49.9S-69.95 fall and winter coats, '18 casual and fitted pure wools, failles; 8 to 20, 7 to 15, 14 to 24. Continued from Page 1 happened to be passing by the prison. Visitors Restricted Under Dewey's order, the only persons who may see Fay in his new quarters will In is about a 35-mile drive up the! fully by Democratic leaders as To Ask N.L.R.B. Election Hudson. Confers With Aides the start of a swing in voter-interest to Wagner.

Relies on Rivals' Split Dewey order followed ai clude members of his family, Vtnctilv talToH Pntlnrnnin 1 1 I Mayper said the shippers were not certain whether the workers were represented by the I. L. A. or the rival union established by the A. F.

L. to seek control of East Coast Harold Riegelman, the Re tour of the five boroughs. Rudolph Halley He nants to go out and speak directly to the people. Halley pictures himself as a second LaGuardia who will drive the "punks, tinhorns and racketeers" out of the city, FINIS Disclosures that newly inducted Lt. Gov.

Arthur Wicks visited convicted extortionist Joe Fay in Sing Sing Prison virtually marks the end of the up-State leader as an aspirant for State-wide office, according to Albany observers. For years Governor Dewey tried to deflate Wicks, who has been angling to run for Lt. Gov. or possibly Gov. next year if Dewey decides to step out.

Wicks moved in as Senate majority leader by the slim margin of one vote. He became Acting Lt. Gov. last week when the veteran Frank Moore resigned. HORSES Wicks always seemed to be particularly interested in horse-race legislation on Capitol Hill.

Two years ago he took over the chairmanship of the Joint Legislative Committee to Study Horse Racing both flats and trotter9 and is a strong proponent of legalized off-track betting. Last Winter he led the fight to kill the city's 5 percent pari-mutuel on horse betting. In order to save face, Dewey moved into the legislative battle and ordered a bill passed to have the State take over the city's tax. Otherwise some $13,000,000 each year would've gone back to the horse-players and the track operators. Wicks also used his influence to help get a certificate of good conduct for Tommy (Three-Finger Brown) Lnchese.

PLUMS Two nice patronage plums Deputy Public Works Comm. and Secretary to Marine and Aviation Dept. are being kept open by Mayor Impy. These two berths were formerly occupied by B'klynites. Bushwick Leader John Valenti left the deputy commissionership to become a Supreme Court secretary and Lillian Murphy, 2d A.

D. co-leader, gave up the dock berth to return to the public school system. It's doubtful Impy will ask Dem Boss Kenny Sutherland for recommendations. Dave Hogan, popular former Dem headquarters aide, is believed to be in line for one of the first openings. ABSENT Angela Parisi, State Dem vice chairman, starts a weekly Sunday TV series for Bob Wagner Jr.

at 11 tonight over WPIX. Susan Wagner and Marie Harriman will be her guests Mayor Impy has been conspicuous by his absence from the World Series games Hizzoner Is now ready to blow the whistle on all his one-time "friends" who are taking a run-out powder and blasting him publicly One of the Citizens I'nion's fair-haired local boys is losing favor with the good-government crowd because of his recent DIZZY One of the top local politicos returned his entire batch of World Series tickets to Dodger Prexy Walter O'Malley with the biting comment that he gets nose-bleeds in the upper ozone Boro Works Comm. John Lynch went to the opener at Yankee Stadium as guest of the Bronx Dem organization. His seat was directly in back of a massive steel girder, 'way out in right field Democrats crowded G. 0.

P. Boss John Crews' downtown headquarters all week. Reason: He set up a TV set and seats for the Series. Atop the video screen was a large pix-blowup of Governor Dewey captioned: "The Champ!" A political tried to change the to 5.80 19.9S smart suits. clergymen, his attorneys and public officials "known to the warden," Dewey said.

Hairy J. O'Donnell, Dewey's V.V11.I. ll.Vl. I some of his chief advisers. He summoned his aides here fromj Albany for tht meeting after publican candidate, bases his chances in Democratic New York on a potential split of rayons, linens, cottons; 10 to 18, some half sizes.

piers. The attorney said that an press aide, released the Gov demanding that Wicks explain! rival voters among Wagner, Halley and Impellitteri, all ernor's announcement at the day injunction would give a his visits to Fay. cooling-off period during which It also was disclosed that Hotel Roosevelt, Manhattan. registered Democrats. G.

O. leaders feel a high registra Paul Troast, Republican can it might be possible for a decision to be reached. He said the A. F. h.

planned to petition the tion will increase his chances and are sending out special didate for Governor of New I Jersey, had urged Dewey to I He refused comment on Fay's pending move except to say that Clinton Is "less accessible' than Sing Sing. Clinton is in an isolated sec National Labor Relations Board commute Fay's sentence in I mail appeals to members of the .2.80 4.98-7.98 cotton skirts. party, urging them to register. for an election to determine who represents the longshore 1951, because the labor leader! had helped settle a labor dis-j In Brooklyn John R. Crews' Republican organization has men.

pute. The list of Fay's callers was disclosed as the result of an I Until a clear-cut decision is reached, he said, shipowners already sent out 250,000 letters. In addition, registration placards are being placed in tion of New York State's north country. It is classed as a "full security" institution for housing 1,600 of the State's toughest criminals. Sing Sing is a "maximum security" prison where short-term prisoners often are sent.

might be reluctant to ln a investigation of Yonkers Race-1 way following the slaying of I apartment houses and shop new contract with longshore Thomas F. Lewis, Bronx labor I 6.98 daytime dresses 2.80 no-iron nylon crepes; 10 to 20, 14 to 22. windows in the borough. In some areas polling places boss, on Aug. 28.

men. Patrick J. Connolly, vice president of the I. L. charged the A.

F. L. had been set up to handle last years Naval Air Reserve registration for the Presidential election may have been moved or eliminated. Information using "intimidation" to try to Dodger Win Lands! about the location of the poll Stations to Have Jets Within Year ing places can be gotten by .2.80 Fan In Bellevue keep the shippers from signing a contract with the I. L.

A. He said he did not think the A.F.L. had any right to send the owners a request not to recognise the I. L. A.

For them to come to the calling the Board of Elections at TR. 5-7100. 8.98-14.95 town suits. washable nylons, cottons. The World Series proved to All naval air reserve stations are to be equipped with jet be too much for Dodger fan planes by this time next year, New York Shipping Association William R.

Harris again yes Rear Admiral Daniel V. Gal terday. Gold Star Father Wants PWs Freed Or War Resumed and say 'don't sign a we say that's intimidation," Connolly said. Police found Harris, 29, hanging by his fingertips from Mr. Eisenhower's board asked lery, chief of naval air reserve training, said yesterday at Floyd Bennett Field.

He added that of the 28 stations, Floyd Bennett probably would re 4.98-8.98 fancy pantsJ 1.80 seersuckers, checks, nylons, denims; 10 to 16. a girder under the West Side 1 Highway near 42d St. at about I Omaha, Oct. 3 (U.R) Joseph P. Ryan, president of the I.

L. to appear, but a spokesman for Ryan said he was not well enough to do so. Ryan had been in French Hos-i Eugene R. Guild of Glenwood ceive the largest jet' allocation because it guards metropolitan 4 a.m. Alarmed residents had reported a few minutes earlier Springs, who sent back a New York.

Admiral Gallery made the pital recently for treatment of that he was dancing in the southbound lane of the express highway, and teetering on the scroll from former President Truman honoring his Marine son- called today for resumption of the Korean war if "the a liver ailment. statement after he and Brig. State Acts to Bar Accused Voters Attorney General Nathaniel's. Brown Jr. signed an order L.

Golduein yenerday acted both Spinelli and his strike from the registration 'if The office of the Collector nf iGen. Frank H. Lamson-Scrib- 2.98-3.98 smooth-fitting slips 1.69 nvlons, ravons, acetate taffetas; 32 to 40. edge of a safety railing. ner, chief of marine air resevre Patrolman Golden Fitzgerald Communists don't return all our fighting men." ran a trailer truck underneath 1 training, had reviewed 1,000 personnel and inspected the base.

Harris and Dlucked him down. rolls the name of Louis Spinelli Guild, president of "The Fighting Homefolks of Fight the same thing when Harris, Custonis for the Port of York said 123 ships were tied up In the harbor by the strike. The Andrea Porta, flagship of tne Italian Line, docked yesterday morning without the aid of tugboats and the 1,204 passengers carried their own luggage ashore. The 901 persons crossing the 37. who figured in the stuffed ballot box case in the Democratic primary Sept.

1.5. Supreme Court Justice Jame? who lives in Crisf ield, got I Is She? Boston, Oct. 3 (U.R) Margaret ing Men," offered the suggestion to the Congress of Freedom meeting here, and urged support of it by the Congress. 1.69 a little over-excited by another 3.98 beautiful blouses. sizes 32 to 38.

Diver, advertising director of Dodger victory in the Series the John Hancock Mutual Life Guild, whose son was and was found hanging from a why their names should not be stricken from the register of voters in the 38th E. D. of the 17th A. D. They gave their address as 1528 Bergen but actual occupants of the house disclaimed knowing them.

The case of the stuffed ballot bnx has been referred to the office nf the District Attorney for further action. 1 ANNOUNCEMENTS posthumously awarded the insurance Company, believeslraihng at 2oth St. she Is the only woman adver- He was sent to the psycho- Atlantic on the Swedish-Ameri Navy Cross for heroism, said la Public Notices and Commercial Notice ne kept the medal because "lt can liner Gripsholm were ex tising director in the life in-pathic ward of Bellevue Hos-; surance field. Ipital for observation. pected to land a day late be ATTENTION? Children tutored High.

Keaciir.f c.irilc. Alio fall time ftrnool. iow lesrnen; approved school. UL 8-8823 cause of tie strike. The shiD was presented to me by a Marin." But sent the scroll from Truman back in protest of his nation's Korean war policy, he said.

83d will dock tomorrow and pas 2.98-4.98 cotton shorts. BLIND LAW STUDENT urfrrtlr nfedi for couple hours rtedlnf weekly; Boro Hall. TJLatT 8-1! 11 sengers debark Tuesday. The heavy cargo will be left aboard. sizs 8 to 16; also women's sizes.

SWEETSEX Brooklyn Our Only Store- BRICKLAYTRS UNION, LocaJ No 9. will hold ipecial quarterly meeting Tueaday eve-rnnf. Octeber 6. to Oucum important Dual- Anthony Capitollt, Charlee PfUiun, President. Secretary.

Mail Your Check or Money Order Doctors' Outlook Bleak Concord, N. Oct. 3 (U.R) It's estimated that 174,300,000 apples will be picked in New Hampshire this geason. The crop, of approximately OZNTLKttAN from Benaonhurat would lUte paaaener service to downtown Manhattan daJiy lewvlnc 8130-10 a.m. Esplanade 2- 4404, evenings.

89 2.98-3.98 cotton knit T-shirts. T.TTxm-,rcT.art1ir Wan. Hi-a Margaret Lund and Rudolph bushels, iS the third largest bom about IBM Estate matter. W. C.

cox. in a Lasaiie. Chicago in Hampshire history. 01 to start earning this profitable rate on your savings! Or, come in person. Other plans up to 3Jii.

Accounts marriages pERroRM id, ciVti or rtiifioui, i The harvest will provide enough through MuilcT's Bureau. 93n Wasfur.rton in nil QiQ fnP pvppv HoboHen. Tel. HOboken 3-2403 St Saturday 1: Sunday 10-12. daily resident of the State, 0 MEN'S SUITS MADE TO ORDER.

fibrlra: 2 fittinis; W5. Geraoo's, 2005 Piatbuih Ave. 1 Ik 9.90-12.95 bathing suits 3.80 sizes 30 to 36. MEXICAN LAWYER. REG.

CONSULATE Ire migration. LCIH ROJ AS do ia TORRE 50 42nd St. MU. 2-078G. insured up to save by the 10th of any month and eam from the Is.

Legal for trust funds'. Corporation fund invited. The prrfeit letting for the happy bride in memory-making Sweet-ei creation. See our breathtaking collection prices range from 39.9.5 to $195. Yeili from $16.95.

Bridesmaids gowni and graceful gowna for the mother of the bride from $19.95. Hati from $4.95. Flower girl gowni from S17.95. Gowna on short notice for furlough brides. MEXICAN LAWYFP.

REO MEXICAN Contulata, advuse Mexican lav. LORENZO ROEL, 149 Broadway. BArclay 7-4797 MIAMI BEACH, two paasenfeni wamrJ 1v1btC Vot. 13, return In New Tor Nov. 20; 1933 car.

ULKer 3-W04. aiiaa 1 SELLING ALL OR PART 180 ARTHUR MURRAY LEASONS fl 50 each. Box 9753, Eg). 1IMONTZE YOTTR CAR. 10.

DEWEY 2-6227. 13.95 children's coats 7.00 sizes 3 to 7. 1 I LOOKING FOR A NEW OR USED CAR? SEE TODAY'S WORLD SERIES AUTOMOTIVE HIT PARADE ON PAGES 33 and 34 EAST BROOKLYN Saving and Loan Assn. TUTORINO. reading, arlthmt.e, Entinh; children, adu.U; home or reaaontble.

excellent reaiiltB. ULeter 7-9047 liaaiteel quantitica aot tizt avery aty! YOtNO GENTLEMAN desirea dancirn -anna Wl! vaj 12 0f hour. Aiao ietnon 998fl. Eagr Lotf and Found SORRY, NO MAIL OR PHONE ORDERS NO C.O.D.'i 1012 GATES AVE, BROOKLYN 21, MV (Neaj- Broedway) Leo more J-77W DtUj, 9 MONDAYS TO 7 PJL, 20 De Kalb Brooklyn, N. Y.

Jm) FaRM final IvMlaat ill t.iiF fin 11 wn nrnvrBiri L'w. Irish setter. rem. 6t. 2" B5tn9, "Rusty." 3, Ridft.

TTrrace 7-2609 400 Loit, eolha. brown. tfUar walla pawa. 3 yaara; rewttna. Silt ttlesiMoi Road.


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