The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 14, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 14, 1934
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JUNE 14, 1034 BI..YTHEVILLE, (ARE.) COURIER NEWS 47 SMS FOR BJffiELI Vermont Is Sole Dissenter in Digest Poll; Rankers Oppose New Deal THREE Forty-seven Sluics vole in ol HnospvelL's acts and |x>l!cles us 875,313 ballois ore Inbiilntcd in the fifth rcpoil nf The Literary Di Best's New Deal poll, the returns of which will be published In this week's Issue ,of the innga Tlie. President receives f>34,R01 voles in sLiinxm a! hl« urlmlnlMn- Ii04i as ngulnsl :M0.3i>n (n tion, Tills gives him a majority 01 81.^1 per cent, of the total "vote 1 lo dntc. which shows nn iiivie..M- hi Ills popularity of 3.77 IXT ivm. over his !9'J2 election ratio and also nn increasr in hts majority over llu! previous week's letmn.s of the poll. Vermont Is (lie only Slute voting agaliiiL the Roosevelt imllcles so far, bill ilie ix)ll s\\a\\a an in- erca.'tfHl sentiment, now for tlie president over the 193:" election ratios 'he received there. Twenty-nine Stales give Ihe President n higher percentage of votes In this poll than they did III Ihe 10.12 official election while nineteen States, most of which tire in the asrlciilliiral regions, give j-'!ilm a smaller ratio than they did J dghtecn months a?o. An "analysis of How Voters In Tills Poll Voted In l!U3 and How They Vote Now" shows that nboiu 4 out of 5 who voted for Roosevelt then support his policies now. while more than 1 oui of 3 win: voted for Hoover mail; their tal- lots now in siippm-l of (he Deal. The heaviest, support for the New Deal comes from the *outli- i.-rn.'ller of Slnles which votes u average of over .1 to 1 for the Roosevelt acls and )5o)icie.s. The industrial centers continue to give the,President good majori- Collier a fnmlly flnnlly may be- Ironic n iKwertiil force. | Of when we come lo Ihe 1 :ery imoi 1 homes li Is move than \ewr up to the women; lor the imen, when they have wort, hsv* : rery little leisure nnd the wom«n jriiitsl work hord lo keep their families rioivntly dollied, elemi 'and fed. The poorer we nre the ,iiioic> education we need; mul yl. !o| romst 1 , llu- poorer Wf are the •livw 1'iliicallun vf usiiuliy have, so ixm 1 ix'oplc will often simple i blindly niiiiinsi i-ondllions whlrh 11 nilftht be well If \ve IhoiiBhi .i,nrt ihey I'.inr- to do thincs for , ll( , v hflvi , , lt) tflly „, cniilmllhiK. little about doing tilings which •.„„! Wl , tl ,,,, ch Mm . am{ , lu> ,,,. ; ( 1-||i(i flff ,.',,„! to lno ,,,„„.. would develop in our childi-en ww. snl , h [h . u ,,,,, f ^ n ( Si • „, [hr , ml ' lny v , n]m , 11 (n lhf , ^m-k' 1 bv f U,e Ho Oui : ' ">»>k i, i, wll. u : ™,,*. ...juwmnu hou^-s uhn. In spile of ente ^ of im » 'rT ii™. vrtviliPL- rv-.e rich or ! ciatlon, whcthei Ilicj aic rich 01 . 11's IL) p i o i h e W o m en RV'MRS. FRANKLIN n. RnnSRA'RI.T Women - - I Tav<]-Worked Bm Mrroic . ' '>»™» r.xnn tolntf Wind 1,1 • conditions which we would look '"" Us of ll11 ' >»e\n\ie^ of one's i »l»n us hopi-les... mnnngp to biin: , lionie'is ntn conslileml wn looked uixm as an oppov- . or imiiv for itevrlnpiiip. a •nllli »l IIIK « (rii'iuUhli). 1 con.-.lder one of tlu i Mie- po. t .sful women I have ever met, :L vormm wlin was lefi n widow wlih vf thililicii. four i>li'K and a baby KJ.V a liulc ovi-r u year olil. All •lie hud in the world w;is a rather" jelishifnl ronitiy old house, near | i nice old country village, with a ! r.omnnin :u. Ilic b:iik unit a tnc:\- . :\ow all ^lomij it. and a Carnc-ule : pension of li-ui than cue liundral ; :lnlhrs a month. .She lonfc her children lo Ihe j olri liouso. TlK-y iiur-nded the vil- r school, and she served on the I .ool lyvird. Her school unisi have - n '" 1 i'l:in will risp in I by winiien -who ll\e on farms or In l!l ," »"^^<l mcinbtr. I villages, becimt-c while we have lhls ls lloL a (i ' ml lllln8 |H '° ..... " lo """ k - 111 " 1 W m ^' .. ., ' l link of Mrerniil] In ll i : ;ill ol us. R is Imi .v.'hiii is i;ood iintl On the wliole a is inc. Answeiliw tin- ('.efeiKl the oilier i '.:l:ui is the ii'uli: i them; "' 11( ' ls id a lesson (or ^ lo '«* lxi!l ' <io «" those In oiir cities, there Ls niu|iieslk)nnlily r miieh liarilslilp in Ixilh villages houses mid the herole try lo praise. {and ftum more silniuhit- liyhl of immy women. piirlicnlni'Iy- natural mw to on Uolated farms where [hey feel iii'inlk-r.s of the ihe luci: of sustaining company, Dillon tluil by will i;ti down us one ol the tine cpiiilitifs we things wliich has often been over-. by clinging to-[looked. been a fairly one. fot children nil won scholarships at two ol Ihe best eollejes In the country. They worked their way j through. They biou^hl I heir! friends home for week-ends mid _ I hey had more friends and more | in a simple way than many of i the rich hoys anrl p.lrls in their I rhi^-v And yet .-.lie in ver h:i(! M j iiiii'd. She nnd hei children did • all ihe work on the place. There were always plenty of lxx)ks and ,ly of jicod plain food bill vc;y else. AH her children aro ties. All of New England and Nowjiiiiie ...... ,.„ ,„, ,.„ ^,. Yoik. Nev; Jersey nnd Pensylvnnlu jlinc characters, anil to me she Is j return larger ratios for Hid ,Prosl- the oiiistaiKlint; example of wlv.u dent in tills New Deal ]>ol] than they did for him in 19:12. A special balloting conducted leal success in life Of, the real advantage In - liavhi(> lltile money Is thai film- | the bankers ol the United lilies diaw cln,ei- tojethiT: lhey : You'll Enjoy iht Cool Comfort oj our PERMANENTS T-IfEVUK dilVercnt—sonir wilb the ctirlt * liltnvn »|)w;tr(is MS if you'd luvncil yntir Ititcl; lo the Iji-cozc. The youiiKur set— .and their older sisters Jtre iilrcaily prceii- iii).: llicmsi'lvps in our Riimntor niocbs. Margaret Deen Beauty Shoppe Ingram lildii. Phone Remember June 17th is Father's Day; \Vc have gifls •ihal' will please him. Our [irii-cs are lower ill ;ill limos !ml pvicc-s on YOUR DIMK: CALIONOAR arc uiuisually low. \Vi' :ire Ihrilk-d \<i offer UieM 1 iiiiusiially low prices hefause our store is always well slocked with new standard merchandise. Stales irjxm the ,same ciup.stioti:jliave lo depend ii]>on each o'.hrr _ "Do You Approve on ihe Whole . ^-7 . — r. the- Acts and Policies of Roosevelt's First Year?" shows a .majority of "noes." Of the 21320 post-card ballots received from the,bankers of forty- seven slates to date, 10.1145. or 47.12 per cent., vote for the administration, while 11.275, or,52.1i8 per cent., register opposition. About 1 of every 4 bankers who voted for Roosevelt in .1932 now oppose his acls nnd pou'cits, white 18.26 pci- cent, of the bankers who | voted for Hoover .favor the New Deal, as shown by the special poll tabulations. The southern bankers clve.n substantial vole for ihe New Deal, n'veraulng about the same majorities as the popular vote,of the poll in the various states. "In the filth report of ihe main poll,.twenty-three hitherto unheard from Stale.s make their firsi appearance," The Literary Digest will stow editorially tomorrow. "The most impressive entrance is made ,by Caiifornia with 25,356 ballots. Of those ballots n^O-i were east for the New Deal and 7,102 against—u favorable rnlio of 60.27 per cent. In 1932. California gave noosevelt a 58.41 per cent. lead. "And in the south, Alabama shows up with a 5-1 majority. Georgia 5-1. Louisiana practically 4-1, Mississippi 4-1, South Carolina almost G-l. "Maine provides n real sensation In .returning o larger majority for Ihe New Deal, relatively, than Massachusetts or Nebraska. Vermont Ls isolated 1 in her npixisi- thm to the.New Deal, with forty- seven SMles ajjainst her. ''Pennsylvania returns Tjj,!Mf: 'Yes' votes against 3I.443 'No'.' Long a Republican State .of im- mcPJ* industrial wealth, it remains the leading Roosevelt Stale in ihe casi^and perhaps in ihe whole .country, all things considered. Helium gas was first recojnixcd in the sun during a total eclipse • in 18G8: it was named from Ihe * Greek word for sun. Not until 1835 was helium pas discovered on the earth. CUT THIS OUT AND READ IT DAILY This Is Your Weekly Drug Calender (Jive l c 'alher some- Ihinjc June 17(h even if i('s nn in- cxi>ensive (jift. He will love 25c I'ecchee Shoe Polish 19c St.OO Alahrine Tablets $1.29 t'hill WASH OUT 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES Wk B«dr Pep ... Visor . . . Vitality XtAu) «tierit3« acrpe thtt jour fcid- fi«n cenUln U MtLE.S of ILDJ tubes or hrlD to purify the bl^d awl si.nn Louis Phillips Lip Stick 2;u- (iriffin White Polish 21 c Friday June 15 White Shoe Polish Day Shu-Milk 19c 2"ic Whitcwori; Whitt ' 17c 50c Groves Chill Tonic 37c S1.10 3 Flowers Toilet Water 83c Saturday June 16th Full Pint Kntiliin Alcohol 17c Sunday June 17 Toiletries Frens Sanitary Napkins 2 for 25 c 5flc Armani! Dusting Powder 37 c Sl.SO SupcV 0 Cod Liver Oil $1.19 ' .85.50 (luerlain Perfume $4.69 10 liars Palmolivc Soap 39c Yodora 14c If you bare IroaMe with too frequent tlfcldtr rauagtt nith sracty Air.our.: c*ut- icff fcurniBg ir.d di!comfcr:. the Ij >:ILES of kidney luVi neul naihin;: OTIT. This dan- ccr dvnu mtj he the beffinnine o[ r.32zine MelitcKe. Its r»ta=. tosl of rep anil vi(aiit>. •<hlftz up nightr, h'—. ^woltjn ttti Md ftnkltr, rheumatic I'ftEn) «ml dii:inesi. 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