The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on May 16, 1906 · Page 2
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 2

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 16, 1906
Page 2
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THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE. NEW YORK. WEDNESDAY. MAY 16.1906. Scrofula 5100J00 TO J liMi Mr. Gaynor They were next henr.l of from Orange Lake, it is said whoro Mrs McElvilly any disturbance during the whole period ot DAUGHTER!) IGNORED that Gaynor had fallen from a horse.; , lnldlood. which he was rldlug. He never regained It may then produce dyspepsia, catarrh. ' consciousness, it is said, and died on April manifestine itself in much cutaneous erup- Patrick J. GavtlOr Made Mrs I tion or elandular swelling. ... the bi It is best to he sure that you arc quite free Elvllly, His Neighbor the nephen from it. and you can rely 01 MeElvlllv b d Brooklyn, i e body of tl Hood's Sarsaparilla liuod's. Liquid or tablets, 100 Doses ! had of his death a loned to his funer i tptil Upper House Meets. The upper House of Parliament also met -.lay. Two ministers and Count Witte It vas decided to appoint a committee f eighteen to draft an address In reply a the speech from the throne. The com-nlttee was given entire freedom of action f Um n held at Will make con table, as II con-upon which th HIS WIDOW IS IN AN ASYLUM. BELMONT PARK ENTRIES. It Is Expected That Family Will j Fight for Estate of President e Street Resident. Belmont Park Race The will of Patrick J. years a resident of Broo at Orange Lake, near N M, leaving an estate o was filed for probate th leaves his entire fortnm McElvilly. to the exclui The terms of the will a le to me. In making her my si ily poorly reward her for her Dtl kindness toward me whil me. prosper and be happy. I have full ehargo of my funeral an I'burgh. on April ! I it least $100,000. '. I o a friend. Kate: I id. Kate' j In the Name of Sense, that good common sense of which all of us have a share, how can you continue to buy ordinary soda crackers, stale and dusty as they must be, when for 5 you can get Uneeda Biscuit fresh from the oven, protected from dirt by a package the very beauty of which makes you hungry. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY ii isilod hh nothing lr proper." i sy it Is, The will ie yield. The no petition i 1 August 23. 1005, ) Mr. Gaynor formerly the time of 62 y Catho- rougli. He St. Stephen's Roman and a member of the G. A. Kings Park; two daughti .1 Margaret. Jrt ami 34 years age. of 225 West Twenty-second stn Manhattan, and a nephew. William Gaynor. 01 11 Ijouglai Hired all their ability o prevent the luctlon of more radical expressions Is awry indication that the Emper- Concerned Over . who i wife's borne of the nephew this a of the Cattily that by the t y and the family cut off wltht J that Mrs. McElvllly and Gayn next door neighbors, the former li t 160 President street. A few wee LOST IN A BLIZZARD. How a New York Traveler Was Blinded by the Blasts in New Mexico. snow bllzaard Is bad, I've no i wht blizzard, that's a cinch." Henry T. Bor- l''l , den. of New York, who looks after ranc j,, ' mortgages for a big Eastern compan; 1 up- I thus commenced at the Brown Hotel t. ' account of a recent experience w hich, he Wht. j says. I responsible fcr a large majority of the gray hairs that poke nut from under . ioj . his hat, says the Denver Post. iut 30 miles s tlcally straight, I 1 ontlnued, "and I h ran h ef c position of Poland I - that kingdom of Pol?nd and tend to weaken the Constitutional Democrats in the country, where undoubtedly the predominant the integrity of the Empire. The group of peasants which supported the motion to postpone taking action on the address yesterday based their position on the al- it it meant the separation of P street hydrants in Edinburgh replaced by new appliances, and cost will be nearly $50,000. It Eagle Souvenir Post Card Coupon TWENTY-SEVENTH SERIES. This Coupon, together with five others, cut from the daily or Sunday Eagle will entitle the holder to anv series of Eagle Souvenir Post Cards, same to be presented at any Eagle Office. Name Address , City and State M For further particulars see advertisement on another page in to-day's Eagle. Adflress ali mail to Souvenir POST CARD There are some delightful automobile tours around New York to places which may be reached by good roads, with charming scenery on the way and good hostelries at the end of the run If you would know of the best, ask the EAGLE AUTOMOBILE INFORMATION BUREAU FOURTH FLOOR, EAGLE BUILDING s of the Pecos Rive ; contentedly enough, ek the sandhills that ither a .va- habltation The Though it was things began to n great cutting els dragged fully a as .lead against til) good old horse. "However, we managed to keep our ourse In between the high sand dunes nd plowed on. I was so worried that I irgot to eat uutil early night overtook s. I had made up my mind that there as only one thing to do, and that was 3 keep right on in (Tie eye of the wind, r it had been striking dead down the '"Shivering, wearie COMING TO THE POINT. "Mortimer Jarvis, I hate you!" It struck him squarely between the f and he reeled as If from an actual bio The young woman who spoke t words sat in a Gibson girl attitude. opposite side of the table. "You you hate me'?" ho said, lng his equilibrium with an effort "Twigg. Do you continue to hate n Miss Twigg?" The stony glare with which she still r garded him appeared to indicate that s I will ask you now, Miss Twigg," he d, after the manner of a young Gibsor. yer conducting his first Important case with afe.zrce the Individual who no presumes" "That is the reason, sir." she interrupted. "You are presumptuous." "Pardon me, .Miss Twigg. Remember, "Ha! Then you yourself presume!" Hastily making a note of it on the m in of a newspaper that lay on the ta MISCELLANEOUS. nni i imq uiiii cmi uuLuud hill uniL MORGAN'S WITH TENNIS TEAM mineral WATERS Powers That Be Prevail Over V"h'.'' ! TV'''."'!" the Wishes of Mana- imliT rnn'"" ger and Players. fbo""'?' Jor'out-oMow SEND FOR BOOKLET. WESTERNER IN POOR FORM. john morgan. Ki'T Will Not Help Team, Say His AssociatesSingle Matches at Bay Hidge Abandoned. Misunderstandings f challengers for t Davis International brought about by t Kreigh Collins, the of Collins' failure to the form which will e authority night that Collins would not sail wit the others for London next Friday. tion begau to make their rile, is f.-l Ite the fact that two members I ; that he intended ti The olilcial whose hallensj.-rs ti that Collins ' mpelled suddenly ltzht. Consentient! ! Frederick G. Anderson said that Collins would sail as a representative of latches with France, Austria, Australia and England. That this tended to complicate the final Collins and It was said that their match Raymond V tittle also played Frederick (I. Anderson and Beals right 1 e only t "You take too much "For instance, Mortimer JarviK, you take for granted that I don't know why you a surprised and i d her, and a horrible susplel dace. Had she been unduly pi s herself? r lips moved, but no sound can mptly a Grazelli i of accepted dramatic had an aceompatiimen he main charge, hut I am g-ing to ethim; 'or granted now." ie for 9 sails. found in the fact that two members of practice with Collins, as they believe that O: . m th-he players expressed himself yesterday afternoon after having faced Collins as preferring to play against a wooden Indian Yet with the feeling aroused among players and officials, Collins will go with the team. That he cannot hope to play in any of the matches was indicated by George Wright this morning when he said .1,. i-Mln had aonarentlv fallen Hat. Wright watched Collins all through ptay. ine MAYOR PROTECTS PUBLIC. Sill to Give Motor Boat Club a Piecs of Riverside Park Property Vetoed. Mayor McClellan to-day refused to ac eept on behalf of the city a bill that wouli give to the Motor Boat Club of Americ: the right to fence off a portion of River side Park and use it for private purposes The Mayor filed the following memorau duni The i.hlerl of this bill is City of New York to enter I nicnt with the Motor Boat C lb "of .VllHT- iii. on tilling ' the land under ' this land, and a e of furthering ? legally be made of this pr will not confer a distinct bet public at large. "In approving a somewha permitting the city to enter with Columbia University. cause the proposition made by the university seemed to offer several decided advantages to the city. It not only promised to build an athletic field and sta dium, which t n agreemi ?d, at its own expense, m eon additional flelds to be devote the use of the public. Ther j for e West- of hance against the foreign players on his showing against In contrast to Collins was the dash of Beals Wright on another court and Anderson, who took his first set from Lit- Last year the politics of t'.ie governing association almost prevented Wright from becoming a member of the team. Finally his place wau yielded to popular demand, but he was not allowed to play against the Englishmen, although he was showing by far the best form of either Larned vernlng body i to interna- ) affai though In.- tloual form. Ever since Collins joined the team last week in Philadelphia he has displayed onlv passable form. He was taken 111 last Thursday with stomach trouble, due, It is believed, to the change of water, and he was in a considerably weakened condition when he first appeared on the courts of the Knollwood Country Club last rri.iay a.-tenonn against Raymond who i f the team. ight n official in authority said on Monday 5 that Collins would his failure to do so be explained to him tmablo t. 0 $800 to e.lucilinnni institution, and may garded, therefore. as conducive public wlefare, while the other a privilege on a private nssoclatii: no re, lilting b-nefit to the public. ELECTED NEW OFFICERS. J. W. Van Cleave, President, and P. H. Stillman, Treasurer of National Association of Manufacturers. Immediately after the convention of the National Association of Manufacturers had been called to order In Manhattan this morning, to begin the business of the third and last day's session, Charles W. Post, chairman of the nominating committee, which was appointed yesterday, stated that ,t full attendance was present at Its private session during the morning, and. after carefully considering for an hour and a half the names of a number of candidates, had finally unanimously " agreed upon the names of J. V. Van Cleave, of St. Louis, for the office of president of the association, and Francis H. Stillman for treasurer. The announcement was greeted with hearty applause by motion, the secretary was Instructed to of praise, suitably engrossed, that the might be handed down to his children an his children's children, was unanimousl carried. Mr. Post offered a humorou amendment that a copy of the resolution be sent to the American Federation c AS THE FIBEMEN TELL IT. The Fighters of Fire Are Modest Over Their Exploits. Their own accounts of their performanceswhen they can be persuaded to give y rattled, I j , "From Greenland's Icy Mountains To India's Coral Strand" N there isn't a newspaper that devotes more space to religious news than the BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE x Every Monday it carries two pages of sermons preached from Brooklyn pulpits by prominent preachers. To every one interested in religious thought, this issue of the Eagle will be exceptionally valuable. We will mail it to you for tone year at $1.50 per annum with the buggy b dozed off awhile. a Is I determined to I will never forge after that. The to turn round and kicked and cuffed e started. On and c he continued, with a desperate attempt pull out the flute stop In his vocal org "Why. bless your dear little heart. I the shyest, tlmidest, most self-deprecat mortal on earth! Been devoting myself you for three years, have I? Grazeila Here he thrust the table aside Witt masterly flank movement of his free ha as being easier than stepping around it "If I hadn't been the biggest coward al struggling. yo?hink!" erfeetlv right, dear, i an you did right to ; 1 Little Is coming gradually liancy which he displayed practice before the in flu's, he will prove him valuable acquisition to the team ii g either Wright or Ward agains to Jimmy on the ladder she b When one of the most famot "Him!" he said, n the better. He morning t The horse OPEN-WORK WAISTS FOR 1906. whose husband had been saved by a hook-and-lader man, visii Jured fireman in the hospital a make him tell her the whole s "thrilling" rescue. "And wht say to him when you wanted Jump?" she asked. The firemi "Well, ma'am," he apologized, ry of the did you t blushed. y O'Higglns In the A THE SERIOUS MOSQUITO. if Carlsbad. The wind h Patrice Oh. I happened i SHRUBS FOR SMALL GARDENS. The Lilac and the Flowering Blackberry Are Desirable. ! The person who plants shrubs should be pressed. He said, with a 1 " You ought to hear th place in Bunapte. Before g at night. I stick my head o Uric Acid! DRINK VICHY In the morning and at meals. bill appropriating $ n mnd. however, to ey on killing hatched CASTOR I A For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of t Prevents Formation OF Uric Acid Ask your physician. Genuine never sold in siphons. upended would have hoi is whose merits entitle i ig popularity which does vrrtlsins puffery. We do sight'of that fact. What kinds would 1 advise tl to plant? First of all, the HI ura'shrub,'wlth flowers more 0 tructlon of their 1 Natural Food Wins Golden Health. Use POSTUM FOOD COFFEE

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