The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1960 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1960
Page 12
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PAGETWHLV1 BLYTHCVTLLE (ARK j COURIER MEW» THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1960 langetop Souffle Bypasses Oven By CECILY BKOWNSTONE Fresh Vegetables Are Needed Daily By OAYNOR MADDOX Newspaper Enterprise Food t Markets Edttor Lots of fresh vegetables in the market. Let's enjoy them. Good for you and good to eal. Carnrt'Grcen Pepper Saute (4 servings) Wash 2 bunches (about 18 medium) carrois, scrape and cut in thin diagonal slices. Cook, cov- _ered in ',i inch boiling water and 1 teaspoon salt 5 minutes or until almost tender. Drain, if necessary. Add 2 tablespoons butter or margarine, ! .4 cup finely chopped green pepper, 1 teaspoon basi leaves and 1/16 teaspoon ground black pepper. Saute 5 minutes or until carrois and green peppers are crisp-tender. Zucchini Saute <4 Mrvins) Cut 1 pound unpeelcd zucchin squash into thin slices. Peel and hinly slice 1 medium onion. Melt tablespoons butter, margarine • other fat in large, heavy skil e(. Add squash and onion. Cook, uncovered, 5 minutes, turning occasionally wilh fork. Cover. Con- inue cooking until zucchini is lender, about minutes. (Add 1 o 2 tablespoons water, if necessary.) Season to taste with sail ind ground black pepper. Wilted Spinach (« to 8 servings) Wash 1 pound fresh spinach Tear into small pieces. Broil strips bacon until crisp in a skil let. Drain bacon on absorbent pa- i per. Add 2 cups onion rings (2 medium onions). Cook only until limp. Remove onion rings and add 'A cup cider vinegar, 2 fable- spoons sugar, Vt teaspoon sail. Vt teaspoon ground black pepper Bring mixture to boiling poinl: pour over spinach. Add onio' rings. Toss. Crumble bacon ovei top. 1 Auocliled Prew Food Editor THANK L1NGEIOUS cooki for ways to make the top of the range do double duty. Without ever turning on the oven such a dish as a high and dry souffle can arrive at the table vithoul having caught a glimpse of Ihe oven. When kitchen enthusiasts firsl started experimenling * iln range- .op souffles, they used the usual echnique of first cooking Ihe aasic sauce. Then they added the bealen egg yolks and Ihe main in- gredienl — for a main-dish souffle ihis might be cheese, meat, poultry or fish. Finally beaten egg whites were folded in and the mixture was cooked in a double boiler. Now comes a time - saving step. Even cooking the sauce has been eliminated in the following rec ipe. In this new method all the ingredients are mixed, the eg: whites are folded in last, and then Less Liquid Mokes Better Stew the Muffle mixtures rise* lo greatness over bubbling water. We think you'll appreciate the bonus in thl« double-boiler cheese souffle, the pimiento added gives wonderful flavor and color. Serve this souffle as the main :ourse for lunch or supper. Or f you want to be really elegant, serve it as a French cook might— as the first course for a company dinner. DOUBLE-BROILER CHEESE SOUFFLE Ingredients: 1 can or jar (4 ounces) pimienlos, 4 eggs (separated), 1 teaspoon prepared mustard, salt, white pepper, 1 cup pound) grated sharp cheddar cheese, 3 tablespoons flour, Vt. cup undiluted evaporated milk, 2 tablespoons mayonnaise. Method: Drain pimientos; dice one and reserve; mince remaining pimientos. Beat egg whites until they stand in soft peaks Without washing beater, b e a yolks with mustard and a dash o By CECILY BROWNSTONK WHAT'S WRONG with many salt and pepper until (hick and lemon colored; beat in checte, flour and evaporated milk.. Fold in egg whites first, then minced pimienlos and mayonnaise. Turn into ungreased double boiler top 8 cups or a little larger); cover ind place over boiling water until irm on top — about 1 hour. About > minutes before ready to take rom range, quickly remove cover from soufile; scatter diced pimiento over surface; replace cover at once and continue cooking for full time. If it is necessary to hold souffle before serving, keep covered over simmering water; it will stand up for about a half hour. Makes 4 to 6 servings. Note: Boiling water in bottom of double boiler should be just below top of upper saucepan. Midway during cooking period, rapidly replace boiling water that has evaporated. recipet for brown beef ttew? Plenty — from our point of view. They call for too much liquid. Conscientious cooks take time to blown the beet thoroughly, they they follow directions and drown ft in so much liquid that its rich color is washed away. Readers have written us that they like our Oven Stew, the recipe given some years ago, bcause it has only a moderate amount of liquid and hearty flavor. So now we offer Oven Stew again, this time wilh quite different gravy. What's new? The liquid used here is tomato paste plus water. And we're not dogmatic aboul seasonings. You can change ours to suit your spice and herb shelves or your whim. Use basil insteai of marjoram, oregano instead o thyme, seasoning salt instead o celery salt. You can even do awa wilh the garlic if you must. SAVORY OVEN 2 pounds stewing beef 3 tablespoons fat 1 large onions 3 medium-size carrois 1 package (10 ounces) frost* jn was (slightly thawed) Vi cup tomato past* l'/i cups water IVi teaspoons salt Vi teaspoon pepper liable spoon Worchatcrshif* sauce 1 clove garlic Special Seasoning* Have beef cut in about 2-ind'i chunks; cut away any fat frotti edges. Brown thoroughly in hot at in large skillet; remove beef .0 3 • quart baking dish (about 10 by 1 inches). Add peeled and quartered onions, sliced carrots and peas. To drippings in skillet add tomato paste, water, salt, pepper, Worcestershire, crushed j garlic and Special Seasonings; stir over low heat to get up browned particles. Pour over beef and vegetables. Cover tightly and bake in moderate (350 degrees) oven until beef is tender — IVt to 2 hours. To remove excess fat easily: cool and chill covered stew; turn over large pieces of solid fat at top; wilh a fork take off any peas adhering; discard fat. Reheat. Makes 6 servings. Special Seasonings: 1 bay leaf, Vt teaspoon celery salt, >/4 teaspoon dried marjoram, Vt teaspoon dried thyme. CLEAN IT FIRST Moths are not attracted to manmade fibers but they like certain types of soil. Even if a garment to be stored ;s not woolen, b« sure to have it cleaned before storing. MOTHS LIKE PART WOOL, TOO If a garment to be stored hat only a small part of wool in it, the treatment in storing must b« the same as with an all wool garment. Moth larvae will get to the wool content and can badly damage the fabric in doing so. Good winter salad: fresh spinach leaves tossed wilh French ifressing and crisply cooked crumbled bacon. A Ro!y-Poly, by Any Name Is Good By CECILY BROWNSTONE Associated Press Food Editor MY, HOW the Roly-Poly has been given the run-around. This famous pudding, the heritage of all good little English girls and boys, is made traditionally from paste spread with fruit It's boiled, steamed or or jam baked. A recipe for the dessert was given by Miss Leslie, the famous American cook-book writer of the 1850V But how sedate Miss Lesli? was! She changed Roly-Poly's delicious name to "Rolled Pudding." It's hard to forgive her. Fanny Farmer did no better. When her cook book first appeared ii, the 1890's she called Roly- Poly "Steamed Apple Pudding." But (hen this is no surprise —Miss Farmer was very serious and slightly austere. It wasn't until the 1920's and *30's that we find Roly-Poly's recipe given under its delightful, rightful name. But lasl, Ihese days Roly-Poly recipe and name have gone out of fashion. Standard modern cook woefully. Let's reinstate the Roly-Poly. Children will love its sweet and hearty qualities as weti ac its came. Here's a variation on the basic recipe. We found R tine to serve were feeding them chowder and salad. APPLEMINCE ROLY-POLY 2 cups biscuit mix Vt cup sugar 1 egg (slightly beaten) tt cup (about) milk 1 can (about 1 pound) or 1 cups apple sauce l ! i cups drained mince meat Spicy Syrup. Stir together biscuit mix and sugar; add egg and enough milk to make a stiff dough. Roll out to 12 by 14 inches. Heat apple sauce md thick mince meat; sprea< iver dough. Beginning at narrow side, roll up; cut into 12 cross wise slices; place on greased baking pan (13 by 9 by 3 inches). Bake in hot (400 degrees) oven 10 minutes. Pour hot Spicy Syrup over rolls and continue baking 20 minutes. Serve hot. Spicy Syrup: Mix together % cup sugar, 1 tablespoon cornstarch, a dash of salt, 14 tea- books neglect it spoon cinnamon and Vt teaspoon nutmeg; gradually add a cups apple juice, stirring until smooth after each addition; cook and stir constantly until thickened. Stir in > | 2 tablespoons margarine until melted. When a chocolate sauce recipe calls for water, try using fresh strong coffee instead for a de- cur family on a night when wejlightful mocha flavor. TONIGHT 3 NtXON-KENNEDY DEBATC 6:30 The nominee* meet fee third historic debate. ZANE GRAY THEATBI 7:30 ANGEL Angel, the vivaciou* French bride, causes her American architect husband more trouble as she opens their home a« a potting place on Election Day. ANNSOTHERN 8:30 PERSON TO PERSON 9:00 JUNf AU.YSON 9:30 10 O'CLOCK NEWS-fRH> COOK The Late Movie. . , 10:10 "JEZEBEL" ••X^t>*£^*» r ^ SLICED BACON SWEET SMOKE TASTI TENDER CHOICE SLICES — QUICK EASY OPENING PACKAGE * RHOADES Gro. & Mkt. Phone 3-9940 549 E. Kos« Carl Brannum's Food Center (Formerly Joe Miller's) 2016 W. 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