The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on January 13, 1954 · Page 21
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 21

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 13, 1954
Page 21
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3 v i: 7 .' 5 Harbor Lights By VIC TIMONEB BIG MOVES IX BROOKLYN In two months the new $6,000,000 Port Newark terminal will be completed and all operation! of the Waterman Line In Brooklyn's Bosh Terminal 1U shift to the Jersey facilities. This, it'a reported, will definitely not be a blow to Brooklyn's waterfront economy as new lessees are ready to move Into the space on Pier 6 which Waterman will vacate. J ii Nt who the new occn tianf. will he 1 lias not jet been announced. M e n-while, at Port Newark, dickering are now going; on to get a "large Vb TImw steamship line" other than Waterman to we the facility. CHEESE A ship news photographer, legend has it, invented "cheesecake." In 1915, George Miller, covering the arrival of Elvira Araazar, described as a Russian diva, reportedly asked La Amazar could she please sit in a deck Chair and pose prettily. George thought she was very co-operative and tuttered that if she could raise her ankle-length ilclrt well maybe a few inches ebove the tops of her high leather boots, that would be Just fine! The story goes that Miller's editor, a gourmet, saw ,the picture and was thor- cughly delighted. "Why, this Is1 better than "cheesecake!" he's quoted as saying. SCHOONER From the Eaut Side's Our Lady of Morrows Parochial School, at 219 Stan ton St., the Rev. Celsus Repole writes abont a foar-masted schooner whichvwas bought for the Catholic Sea Cadets. The ancient, wood - bulled . vessel, "Star of the Sea," has been in lay-up ten years, In no shape to sail, is moored at the Cross, Austin and Ireland Pier In Brooklyn and serves about 4v 000 cadets of the city. Father Repole, who's seeking repair funds, says the schooner la an "historic romantio curiosity In this age of sleek liners and mighty warships (and) there- tore has a strong natural attraction for youth," NOTES Dr. Edwin A. Grif fin of Brooklyn is treasurer of the Pan American Medical A sociation, which is now hold ing a shipboard convention aboard the S.S. Niew Amster dam off Central and South America . . , (Towboat) Bill Cleary lowers the boom on the projected St. Lawrence Seaway at installation ' dinner of the Rudder Club tomorroio at Hotel St. George . . . About 100 THESE WOMEN By d'ALESSIO "I. hav exactly enough to pay this week's premium if you'll take this carton of pop bottlei!" biggies of Neio York State Chamber of Commerce visit and dine at Brooklyn Navy Yard Friday . . . Friends of Eugene F. Moran Sr. will fete him aboard S.S, Robert Trent on 'Friday. He departs from Erie Basin for South Africa . . . Erie Basin Iron Works bid $13,415 to win contract last week for voyage repairs on U. R. N. S. Rebud. A still larger federal contract vas won by Arthur Tickle Engineering Works of Red Hook, which bid $66,634 for voyage repairs on U. S. N, S. Henry Gibbons. The figures are from Marine News. Read the Brooklyn Eagle Woman's Page today, and every day , . . you'll like it! News of' BROOKLYN GIs JK Pvt. Walter Keenan, 1929 E, 3Hh St., is In the School Brigade at Fort Benning, Ga. He has been - in the service for seven, months and Is the son of Mrs. Rose Keenan of the above auuiehs. Pvl Wlil KtK1, MaJ. Clarence Schneider, 1750 47th St., has completed the orientation course in the Medical Field Service School, Fort Sam Houston, Teaxs . . . Aviation Cadet Frank Uelillo, 1002 E. 17th St., is training to become a pilot at Reese Field, Texas ... In the School Brigade 6t Fort Benning, (Ja., is Pvt. Ira Katz, 391 Schenck Ave. . , . Pvt. Vlnnie Laralu, 14-15 loth St., has been graduated from the Signal School at Fort Monmouth, N. J. Pvt. Gilbert Jacobs, H47 Saratoga Ave., has been graduated from the Ordnance Supply Specialist School at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md. . . . Seaman, Nat Marineili, 5109 20th Ave., was honorably discharged from the Navy at Norfolk, Va. . . . Yeoman James Leddy Jr., 157 Rchenectadv Ave., was re ported to be awaiting assignment to some other base at the Naval Receiving Station, Norfolk, Va. . . . And the same for Quartermaster Rocco Puglise, 373 Graham Ave. Corp. Joe Senese, 157 Pros pect Ave., got his pair of stripes at Fort Jay . . . Sgt. Dean Mun- ster, 2331 Flatbush Ave., got that grade at Fort Campbell, Ky. . . . Pfc. Marvin Zelaznik, 25 Atlantic Ave., is arms artifi cer of G Company, 503d Air borne Infantry, at Fort Camp- Dell, Ky, The following Brooklyn sol oiers have completed basic training at the Anti-Aircraft Ar Pvt. Oca. Drae Fi. Marty DeUeukr tillery Replacement Training Center, Fort Bliss, Texas: Pvts George Drum, 20.E. 32d St.; Sal Ferrara, 2083 Nostrand Ave.; Marty Dolinsky, 578 Georgia Ave.; Howard Astor, 254 Legion St.; Herb Gallinger, 1746 E. 13th BROOKLYN EAGLE, WED., JAN. 13, 1954 21 Social Security Queries Answered Questions addressed to the Brooklyn Eagle relating to Federal Social Security will be answered in each Wednesday's paper or by mail. Address ail queries to Social Security Questions, Brooklyn Eagle, 24 lohnson St., Brooklyn 1, N. Y. Q. What Is meant by a "cov ered" job, xr "covered" work? A. Any kind of job, work, occupation, trade or business in which the wages or the self-employment income count toward old-age and survivors' in surance. Q. What is the Social Security tax contribution rate for wage earners and for self-em ployed persons beginning Jan. 1, 1954? A. As of Jan. 1. 1954, wage earners must pay 2 percent on their wages from $1 to $3,000 a year. Their employers con tribute an equal amount. Then too, the self-employed must pay 3 percent on their self- employ.Tent lncoma of J400 to $3,H00 a year. Q. I receive a small Social Security monthly benefit, but it is insuficlent for me to Uvt on. Is there any other benefit available to me? If so, where? ' A. An aged person whose Income is Insufficient for hii needs may apply at any of the local offices of the Public As sistance Bureau. These offices are listed in the telephone directory under New York City, Department of Welfare. Q. I was born in May 1889. How many quarters do I need in order to receive benefits when I reach 65- What are the minimum and maximum benefits payable to an aged wage-earner? A. A person born Nln May 1889 needs only 6 quarters to his credit in order to be eli-eligible to receive benefits at age 65. The minimum monthly benefit is $25 and the maximum is $85. St.; Charles Granowitz, 319 Remsen Ave.; Irv Hammer-schig, 275 E. 94th St.; Tom Ea-sop, 1163 Brooklyn Ave.; Stan Matyckas, 501 Rldgewood Ave.; Sol First, 98 Legion St.; Stan Eisenberg, 97 E 56th St.; Ray Dukes, 20O E. 19th St.; Jerry Cutler, 397 E. 96th St., and Al Furst, 556 Dumont Ave. At Fort Campbell, Ky, are Pvts. Aniirew Bove, 1408 Troy Ave., and Ken Bangel, 529 Ocean Parkway. . . . Pvt. Saul Rosen, 712 E. 93d St., has been graduated from the chemical school at Fort Campbell, Ky. . . . Airman Mortimer Blum, 1604 St. John's Place, got that grade at Colorado Springs. . . . Elliot Robinson, 1655 E. 24th St., is enrolled in the ROTC at the University of Miami, BUY U. S. BONOS AND SAVINGS STAMPS AUTOMOTIVE SALES Where 9 Out of 10 Brooklyn Auto Ads Appear 3n New Can FOR A 1954 DODGE OR PLYMOUTH CAR CB DODGE TRUCK son a wondlapul dkj LONDON IN BROOKLYN Aum. Dsdt-rinuuu Dealer 117 DiiloD An. ST.J-86O0 BTODE. 'S3 Champ: Brand Pew; $1,493 TR. -m ARM A UOTORB 7 PletbUSh AW. Ell. AUTO INSURANC1 AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE, all ', prompt action; licensed broker; 13 ttoulhl to pay. PI. 1-6016. 9 em-8 pro. ALL CAR INSURED PA3T KRV!C Al UECURIjtHO 60 COURT ST UU .-3888 ANY OAR Am URIV1R INSORH) II MONTHS TO FAT oh. i-ea8; evenings, pl, 4-7i 3 Vni Can Utsd Can (mm BUICK 1950 Super l; Djnsllow; mail Mil. At Tydol tlou, Rookaway Farkwal-FMler Ave., or call CLover-mlt 7-1353. Clxiverdaw V290. BUICK '50 SUPER RIV.; SACRIFICE Fully equipped; Immaculate condition, STNA WAREHOUSE, liaT Bedford Ave. BUICK 1853 Readmaiter Riviera, model 76 R, 4,200 mllet; lull enutpped; aacrlflee 2,9u. CLoverdale 8-38-14, .en:.:si- BUICK 1947, low mileage; estate; nijst tell; no rcaaonab.e offer re-lulL'i. SS. 6-6057, ES. 5-4245. Buick '49 2 Dr. Sed. Like New; J495 Eun Motore, 2500 ConejJJj. Ave., oorV BUICK4fl convertible, fully equipped, Dyna'low, whitewaMs, umiU!ly clean; j)793, SOUTHERN STA1B. OE. 8-9180 BUICK '46 convertible, r&h 8325 QOLIWTtlN DE SOTO-PLYMOUTH 40 Broadway, Bt lyn. IV . 8-0400. BUICK '49, PERFECT; 1595 CORONET AUTO SALES 580 Cburch Unn Hwy. DI. -933 BUICE 1951 4 -door Riviera luper. two-fctne, complete, excellent; Army, tetuat aell TErraoa7-044. BUICK 1941. A-l condition; recent repair wort. Call NE. 8-5333. between 8-8 pm. BUICK '51 SUPER HARDTOP L. i. R. LANTERN MOTORS M 4th Are. (37th 8t.) BO. 8-2852 BUICK 1851 Roadmaster Bdvlera, fully equipped, electric, windowe. whitewalla; ' aile-laal owner. HYacinth 8-3576. j BOICK 1942 convertible, '46 motor, radio: need! ome work; eacnflce, 880; prlvaf. OEdpey g-6u. aaya. BuTcK l949Bcdmajtr 2-door, fully equipped, whitewalla, Ulta new; l'?5. BE 6-0500, 6-5. CADILLAC 1948 club coupe; tuny equipped; Rrdn-Matlc; lew mlleate: appearance liie new; $1,295. BU. 1- 7948. Come In and SAVE! '49 romi Y2p m 48CHEV. -U.S-5?5 '41 CHEV. a'h 495 51 DODGE c"r;J!ta 975 NOW Fluid '50 DODGE" F.ii "1095 49 CHEV. J '49 PACK. 895 945 '"PITM.-;H75 475 335 395 345 741 851 645 S95 13B3 48 Other Below-Market-rrlaw Can ta Cbeoaa e'rona All UnceBdltienally Gasranteew Trades Actpete) caiy PaymsnH UieJ Can Uid Can 1 UmJ Can V 1 at SHORE DRIVE'S BIG LOT ChoM from an Outstanding Salactlon of econdiiioned, Guaranteed USED CARS Priced to Plaai Your Purso! I FORD 2-Dr. SteUm, FiOw Equipped, A Uj I $175 ' I CHEVROLET 2-Dr. SeU, fmllr lqffA, Se. It 1 $75 'II rUKU LaiTertibU, rilte BqnliM, Real valu! 34S SAVE $650 on a 1953 P0NTIAC 1 Tone, blue aeaMiitntwr, Cbieftaib DeJua AS $2800 4-Dr. Seaaa, Radio; Healer, Dirictiwuli, Gen- ,1Fft WkiUwaJli, .nlr S5I win. NOW ONLY ZlaO raeten Aathertaed Penllae Dealer Sine 194 62nd St. Corner 3rd Ave., B'klya ht. i-4io oom m r.m., st. im 4 tM. BTaTaTJoafJawfJal la oad Nik natJaaeMMMI SPECIAL '51 CHEV. Club Coup lainrriD, immacilatb sec this sain TERRIFIC BUY IU Other "OK" Valuta Sl CHEV. l-Dr f MS "50 CHEV. Bel Air . 1150 'SI MERC 2-Dr. Std .MS '41 CHEV. 4-Di. . TS All Cart Equipped Said With "OK' Guaramw TRUCK SPECIALS 'SI CHEV. tt-T.. P...L72I 'SI CHEV. Sed. Deliver, 82S 50 CHEV. 2-Toa CC ISO 'a CHEV. 2.T.. CC 450 TRIANGLE CHEVROLET klyl'l DewMtwa Gkevrellt Oialw rutbaib Ate. Ext. al Myrtle iTR. " mam 6200 Fart Hamiltoa Pkway. (.1 (2d St), BrooUya ULster 3-8080 CADILLAC 1941 Hydra-Malic. bita aall tlroa. eleaii. A-l condition: lies. 73 Bay RllUe Are B. -2a. loaa "A9" convertible: new . top. saint and Urea: perfect all around. BEechvlew 3-7347. alter CADILLAC 1850 4-deor. lullr equipped Bayal Waiter Urea; low mlleaie; top condition. TXrrace -iBMS CHEVROLET '50. 4 DOOR, $875 RADIO. HEATER; BLACK BEAUTY McKEEVER BUICK, INC. 419 6th at. SH. 8-O103 CHaVHOLBT '50 eluk eoupe. radio, neater; perfect mechanically; aaerlllce. 8749. Munaae. 1374 Bedford Ave. ( wrier j A-1 Specials iL I 1 '40 Chew. 2-ir., tark455 1 'SOD.df 4-.r, rfik (4S f II '5lF.r 4-dr, r&k. (45 f : ll' 2-r, ri1045 ' GLADDING 1 Year Frleadry Ferd Dealer I 2065 Flortuth At If (Nr. Ave. rt II UU 9-2220 JeawOaMI "Ti-a"a'J' CHIVBOLBT 1948 4-door, fully quipped; A-l. Orlflnal owner, JLew nilleaaw, new ttrea UL, 8-1638, CHEVROLET 1S0 4-deor le lu, black, fully equipped, original owner VAIn 4-3845 until 7 P CHEVROLET 1891, orlrlnal owner a mA Mi hmiim. MiiJitinn ei inn Day, CH. -boOO; nljUl, MU,8-(ia3, CHEV. ' CLUB CPE. RSH; !75 OS AUTO OE. 9-S148 ORBVROLCT 1848 4-door; radio, heater; private owner; aacnnce, wsu. w, I-Q756; evenlnaa. BTaw 3-1535. OHtVROUT '48 aedan, fully equipped ' food ilrea, new ooveri; very clean 63, IN. 2-3208. cmvmourr i4e i-door, fully ejquippea. A-l conejiion, new virea, tiriglnal owner; 8490. BTerllnw 3-4550. "CHBVJUMJ1T TOR BEST DEAL KINNEY MOTORS 1039 CONEY ISLAND AVE. ES. 8-3703 tTHHYSLrn 1BSO: radio, heater; i font condition; 4-doer, 6-eyilnder. Wees 8-9 t in.. CO. 6-4381. CHRYSLER 1858 Saratoga 4-door ae dan. radio, neater, A-l eonaitian SI. 750. SHore Road 5-3924 evenlnga. .CHRYSLER 1948 WINDSOR SETVAN 1 PERFECT COKDmON; 1875. ES-PLAKADE 6-8141. IDE SOTO 1946; completely equipped 1 beautiful appearance, excellent mechanical condition: anv drmonatratiml , 8299. Lea: la Mount. 3821 Church 1 Av. PL. 6-5761. SE SOTO '4 cluk coupe, fully i eqtupBea, tfuarantaea. Mocarury-sern-j hard! Bulrk, 121 Coney Island Ave SE SOTO 1950 UM a-door, drive, fully aqupped, A-l; 1373. 6-0500. 8-5. fluid DODGE '53 CORONET SED.; 51,695 "V-8." hilly qutpptd, low nlles, torque drive, ybltewallj. extru. , TrrVA WAREHOU3B, 1127 Bedford Ave. a JDODGB '40 Custom aedan. new Ur. t coven., ntlie, hter; hard ttertlntr Was U 0; 1938 Nash redan, $30. J-PL-.':838 kho 194ff CorwuH 4-door: fully quipped; excellent oondttJon and ytmrtpce; Terjr fewntbie. IV. 8-Wao. fcODGB 1950 CONVERTTBIJE, FFLLT gtynppKD; isoo. dickens a-3soi. feoboi '47 4-door. fully equipped; 39S T Pwtkird Atlintlc, Irvp. ' f 1050 Atlactle Av. MA. 3-J400. ENGLISH FORD CONSUL 1951 Orean, Heater, $525. Outh 1-M1I FOKV 'S2 V-t ranch vafon type couner, radio neater, aiejiai, ae iuu trim and tiiding wmacnvs; ww nueace; flO-day fuarantce; 11,203. TRI UNE USED CARS "The FrlMMllleflt Ford Deaiee in TQirn" 1727 Bedtord Ave., Bklyn, IN. 0-SdOO viCltNANden. NO DOWN PAYMENT Cars Wanted for Export PAY TOP PRICES JOHN D'EMIC e 4tk wore janu t. - Ava h SO. 8-1282-1283 II !aiineHwpB! r$5 DOVVNH , BANK RATES '88 FORI Raaak Waaea tyae, G eerier AM atetal bedy. Ferdemalic;. like eev '88 006 0'rt. ka'Ua, 'Syraaath '48 CHly- tally ea.ipaa.. KAHJMJ '48 0Hi, A-l wad'a, RAH 2H FULTON MOTORS I93S (altera Perkvay e 01. 9-8938 At Foltoa 8t. 4 (teae Ave.. 1'krya. AMERLING BUY ! '49 NASH 2-Dr. $47S Fully E.ulpped. Eveellent Baa Caovrelet OK Guaranteed i a'nij Illlll'"1" I 3 EMPLOYMENT-e-FEMALI U EMPLOYMf NT FEMALE 111 EMPLOYMIMT EMAU 1 3 Hl WBt6 f9Wl BOOKKEEPER, full enarfe, lor Broot-l in Jowisn canter- an noura incmairuj ianoa, aaiary aaauea. iwa laei, Qerianoi Eatle. BOOKKEEPER - TYPIST, f. C, Uior-(Aiih'.y experienced; l-alrl office; downtown General Chriopody Suppllea 10A Laiayeu At.. i Auto Sarrico Repairs HYDRA-MATIC UNITS--! We Ipeelallie ! Farlarr Teatei-iiuaranteed RECONDITIONED UNITS rar Meoaanlea 4 Car Dealara Anlomalic Trantmission PaearilKa, Nara-at, DyaaMew CoBTenlional Tranimiuioni d Front Ends ar All Make Lara Check ear law Brian We Deliver PENN MOTOR PARTS Dijf. o New d Debuilt Aato Peril 1118 Pennayfranla Aea. NI. 9-5060-4356 BOOKKEEPER, PULL CHARGE: UPHOLSTERED FURXITUKE MANUFACTURER. WRITE PULL DETAILS BOX 1508, EAOLE. IIOOKXEEPER ta aeneral ledier, 1-ttrl office light typing, mldtawn, 808. Mor-ie)Aency, 83 Kaaaau St., H. T C BCOEKEEPCR. full charte: ateedy; lood aalary; retail men'a wear .tore, Brooklyn. Boa 1514. Sella CASHIER HELP WANTED FEMALE KAISBRS anal WILLYS 1833 GREATLY REUUCEOI Kalaer-Wulya peeler, aona-3 riatDuan Ave., urooaiyn. L1NOOLM 18SI enall 4-deor, fully, equipped, mechanically perfect; aaari- flee, 81,150. CUeardaIeS-rai. MEHCPRT 18SS Monterey Uereomatle, J 1,000 mile.; eaaplwely eeuipped. wmiowaua; laauter maiaa; pirvi TAyloc 7-8888. MERCURYE, sew and uaad. Mr. Col-aert, HV. 1-50UU. Mercuiv Areney, 347 63th at. between 3d Al 4th Ave... Ptn. MERCURY 1950 aedan; Ilka new; CQUipped: price $765. Oaraae, 1823 Coney lalarut Ave. ES. 7-9182. NASH 1950 aedan gtateeman, eeautlfui 2-toai. biu.; aerfert; any daaawistra-tioo full price 1543, Kendo Motore, 5(17 Rematn Ave. learner Linden Blvd.). HYacinth S-3412. PLDB '47 aadarv- POB.D 1931 "8" 2-door aedan; 8898 i'ully equipped; excellent buy MID-COUNTY BUICK, INC. Empire Blvd. ay Franklin BU, 4-6918 FORD '52 CLUB COOPS, II 423 Wmlnaii&r.ifl ' hrunajaiiaia MERCURY '50 4-DR. SEDAX, $793 wtjjvkfi HGrmaa inc. 173 Coney I aland Ave. ' SaV 3-7780 FORD '50 SEDAN, R&H; J545 TERMS. 1 YEARS TO PAY Shea, 880 Coney lalead Ave. UL. 3-3830 PORD '50 4-door Cuatom 6e Lose, radla. neater, dlraetlonel atynala; lute brand new; apecMl $873. Main Auie Salea. 2400 Bedford (St. Mark i). lo 9 p re. FORD 1949 2-door. nlue, eieeltant oonaiurm. raoua. neater; Irlotl. s p.m.-midnlsnt. TRrraee 8-2942, FORD 185J 4-deor alatlea watan aaaenfvr, It. 3-3348. paaaenser, .Quippad. 2-tana, A-l. rt FORD 1951 4-doer "8." alack. xi.vm raiiea; reaaonaeia. After 8 pav, on. 0-voea. FORD 1931 V-8. 4-DOOR- PBRFECT ConuiTlOW; FULLY EQUIPPED; HXA-BONABLE. ES, 3-4588. FORD 1940 Cuttean "8", fully equipped. excellent, egee. Ocean, 2583 Oattey Ialand Ave. DBwwy 8-$73. FORD 1948 V-8 Cuauwi. radla. heater; Kooa conuiuon: onauial owner, call I'S. 7-2J44, 8 to Tueler, 13. LINCOLN '48 coamopolitan- CHEVROLET '48 PACKARD 'SO aedan . BUICK '46 convartlble- 1)E SOTO '47 eluk eoupe UncotJi '17 aedan RAH Sa Down 20 Montha to Pay ETNA WAREHOUSE, 1127 Bedford Ave. -8385 -3693 -8395 8245 J435 393 BAY FARKWAI ROTH ST. ymM -w 8-suil C22 AMERLING BUY!" '44 FORD 4-Dr. $295 Fally Eaalpped, Great Value Chevrolet OK Guaranteed BAT PARKWAT AVT3 i "aaaewT'l Hi nnncf . iwin laf "J2 MIRCIIlf 'j- J1395 Manner 4-or.. " u a.. (1295 "SI DODGE,--. SUSS j 51PLYIH. rM--1BS0 3 '51 HASH KlHi,H- $195 '41 BOBGE VaV S425 Ba II at ps Onen Evea. WAGENSEIL Autk. Oodta-Plyejeatk Dialer 522 65th St.. B'klyfl NOTICB TO JOB APPLICANTS The Brooklyn Bade does not knowingly accept Help wanted advertisement from firms covered by the Federal Wee. and Hour Law if the; oiler lees than the legal minimum wase. Firms enHAsed in tntcratste commerca or In the production of soods for commerce mui now pay at least 73 cents an sour and time and one-half for overtime under tha Federal Was. and Hour Law. Jobaeekera offered leea by covered firms should notify the Was. and Hour Division, O a. Department of Labor, at 213 Montasue Bt., Brooklyn. Telephone TRIanslo 3-7780. WE WILL TRAIN YOU EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY PuEABANT WORKINO COHIHTJONS kUMEROUS EMPLOYS BENEFITS APPLY PERSONNEL DEPT. ROBERT HALL CLOTHES 1141 BROADWAY. N T. 0. (SI IT) (l SHIER, office work. In reu.1 uub liKhmejk. In Brooklyn; , lrre naiional chain; pleamt working ctMiditlon; excel le tit sUrtinf wf. free i"u ranee, vacation with pay. Bon 1S1J, Segle. CASHIER, experience ilea red, nob t-Bei.uil: will trein If neceAMrr UiciUJis Broihen, 5i9 Full cm Bt, CLERICAL 3.1-30 years; experienced typing S days; free benefit; Mart 145. Ofeer Hydraulici .4Mlltb Bfe..Bklya. CLERK, YOUNG, BORO HALL; J4S Driver PomUmu lor UirU 11 Yean and Older: No Typing Required. JAUta AOKaNCT 36 Court 9t. Bort Hull Room 407 CLKRIt-TyHaT. VmnTlo dVt4H Uilng. lype pureliaaM ordv; 3-ejr weex; HoroufU UU VlcuiKy. MA It CLERK, 'beginner, luiunnce agency ruing, mtuiu.g poiielei, etc.; 33 bours JlfiO month. Prancts A. Doyle. Inc. 123 William Bt., N. Y. C. 13b Help Wanted Female) 0 1 Hi FRIDAY, take cherg of 1 -girl office, Greenpowtit teotion. Lantoti Pruoeaatng. 159 Or sen St. BV. 8-6517 GIRL foe table work In hind err. B-dtv 40-hour week: 4,2 ttart; Buah Ter minal are. Miaa JUMHiry, vr. si-j.iau JANUARY '54 GRADUATES APPLY HOW! ALSO INTERVIEWING SAT., JAN. li, 9 12 Enjoy Working In Our Modern Offices! INTBBESTIMa POSITION FOR: CLERKS ACCOUNTING CLERKS FILE CLERKS KEY PUNCH TRAINEES STENOGRAPHERS TYPISTS We Will Train You Excellent ogportunity for e, cirecr with advaj.cvment. Congenial co-ftorkera. ttiWc by MiiEitk. lively roof garden. Beautiful eoniuauiy dining cafeteria. Unusual ..octal proarsva. Numerate benefits THE HOME INSURANCE CO. , PER30NNM,-lth PLOOR 58 Uaadeu Lane (Cur Wllttam St. I. NYC INO Subwar to Bwaj-Kaaaau St. (Use William Bt. Eaitl 1KT but to ruitoa as. GIRLS TRAVEL Under 26; F'.a . New Orleang and r turn; tmeclal interview work: traaepor- tat ion, eaeneea paid; $7S-9100 vwek. Mr. u. uavu. oentury Hotel, ill W 40lh St., N. Y., 10-12; 1-9. 13b Hc4 Wawfwf UmmH BTBNOGRAPfreR, xperHticed. ftUng. riencal duUea: t---ty eeeiUeet with advancement; S daya, 35 boura. QBd nev D-B'tyo. STTNOORAPHOR. wxperierveedl, full tlm e ; ad v ance nie n t , benef 1 u ; 9ltsVBan aurimtndlnga. Kreigar aud Bawm Bhaea, 75 Rc8bl lng8 1. hTENO-TYPIfiT OfTICK sVaBlOTAirr ge 85-40, aocurau, rapid, neai; pkeea- i.nt office: 3 5-hour weak; parkiag fa rattle; Mlary open. N. l-tl57. fTtNooRAPHBR, ixpo ngudAjmn Fotmaa Co.. 189 Broadway, Brooklyn 8TIKO, I days; employw wtaette; r- manent poeitioc; interim lncreaaea, TR. 3-46i5a. STENOGRAPHERS BBOINHER3 OR EXPEBIEHCEO DOYLE AOEHCY 115 Moritaarue St. (Bore Hall I, BroeeJrS STENOS), TEMPORARY TYPIST1 EMPLOYERS OVERLOAD CO 18 Court St. (Bora Halll. aiA. 4-S8M SWBD, MULTIPLE, FEE PAID; ISO Lee Ascjr.,188 Jerateraoa St. (Baeo Ball) SWITCHBOARD OPERATOR. raHat and Ilia clerk. S lend are Uoaa Berv loe. 48 Koeeluafccj Bt TELEPHONE OPERATORS, wiuet here reiepnone AHaWKHilfO SKHVICK STX-PERIENCB. lull-part-Uste; fooal sal- ary, INsersall 8-080a. Trainees or Sap. IBM. 80-838 DAY3-1IIOUTS. PIHSBT CO. TRY OTJR PRTHWru.v STawe Kap Oareer Ar.. SHI Fultea. Bee Baal TYPIST BILLER Kxaarlenoed orel erred. tSA atart Congenial atmosphere. Friendly aaaoeial apiu "J' or eaii MA, 2-aiVl rujAr w soul i flea Pacific si. IRT-Bergen SH.reRMd $-2ZSl PLYACODTH I89B eeoverUkie, eeutspee: A-l eendllleei; low aallease; 1815: can rraare Ilwtiicins. NEpiune 4-4S0S. rOWTIAC 1848 8-CYUNDER. HYDRA- MATIC, 4-DOOR. FULLY SWUlffSU r50. NAVARRE 8-T71J. PONTIAC '48. f At 4-Door. Hrdra, (ltd Ftbuah Poutlao, 1334 Flatbtiah Ave. OE. 4-8800. Open Eves. Mon. Thru Prl POimAO Il. 8-erllnder, Hrora-Matto; aaeriftca, take over sayntenu; 8800. Call 8-8 p.e.,HY.l-4b1 PONTIAC 1850 CaUlina. whitawall ttrea. full eeulppeS; A-l aaatie; fl.OTS. SOUtH 8-8S3S. 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U-lneh ; Rhaln- aood A- I3 Implynt Agsncrss OFFICE POSITIONS " FROM PAGE TO EXECUTIVE MAKY OPrNINOS: A-l FIRMS GOOD LOCATIONS TOP SALARIES ATLAS AGENCY (818 5th Av.. (bet 5:id at 54th Sta.) BMT 3th Ave. Looal U 53d St. J COORT ST. ROOM 407 JAMES AGENCY AT BORO HALL 4TH FLOOR CLERKS, TYPISTS, STENOS BOOKKEEPERS, ETC. DOYLE AGENCY 815 Mnntarue St.. Brooklyn EXCELLENT OFFICE POSITIONS OOOD SALARIES LEE AGENCY 188 .leraleaion St. (Bora Kail) Pre 1008 EXCELLENT OFFICE POSITIONS CLERK TYPIST 5 dajri,$35; Box 1499. Sagle CLERJt - TTPIBT, OENKMIr OTflC- wyne., I'D, w tut-a,, hu. 4-t viiuiue ava, CLJtRK -TYPIST, monitor txttri: per manent: good oppoxtunity Gem Electric Manuiacuring, jv 37 u, St.. nrtxtkijn. CLERKS Touftg gl rka. sHnnanaiai. unnecsuatArr. ejcoeheuL Experience oyLKirtunHj S-dav week. AS hotir iUl1.V park avi. (33d t,. asui floor CLERKS BEGINNERS OH EXPERIENCED eioyi.w aatwf-T 115 alontasue at. iBoroHaU). Brooklyn CLERKS PART TIME) 75u hour, afiernoona, avea., Inclodlnf Mbuauay; naaauoaaie. bok uuv, sagia. CrRkaNOBipERirr(C Ma tvmne' will train: aansas Moriey Aaency, 82 Kaaaau St., M. Y. C. NOSTRAND 3 AhIos, Trucks for Hirt CALL BENNETT DELIVERY SERVICE; aeneral trucaing ana appliance deliv ery; dellverlea made to all borousha ana 1.011s i.iane; prompt aervlte. 'lit. 5-5378 dayi; BV. 8-8388 ivajunrv CARS TOO DRIV 11 TRUCKS Huua. war, visual sjr coen RACrT 1414 ATLANTIC AVI MY 8-830! 3 T necks, Commercial Csrs NEW TRUCK AVA 1LA RIM tmrkute moving, own or luit time; contract or reposition; maurea; reaeonaDle. CU uroixisitl I-0B83. PICK-UP and delivery aervlee, New Tors, new jeraey aud Lens Ialand. Id tin 4-5438. STATION L I O H T WAOON AND DRIVER. HAULINO DKUVEHIEal. ULsnaeoHBl &-eS67. VOUNU MARRIED MAN, 1 ",-ton eloeed aoay, aceauia accaun. waturaaya eluded. NI. 8-725. a! tee 8. CHEVROLET J0 WW PANEL; 1.55 EXCELLENT CONDITION SOLB) WITH AN "OK" GUARANTEE SPIEtMAN CHEVROLET tit lew Aj lionttoat Avea. EY. Y-01M 8T 88 per weekday aa mtleage cnaree. 820 Greeageiat Ave. EV. 3-4Ano cut rate. SL. 0-2130. aeareat deost. n v..ept. tstn St., NT. utt. 3-Bznu ikh aiaoeieaj CHEVROLET 1847 2-lan trac. excel-1 ten. aonanJolt; Beat alter. Boa roe , j Avw. K3planade 'V-9A54. OIBVROLtt 1848 lYt-lsa. van body: uli 1H40 I'a-ien. tranaooraiioi: bndy: (ally eaulpped: hotb lr 81.200. OIJBwiora 8-8781. OU 1-53.11 Aut Ssrvics Ispairs OHEYEOLBT 1848 ei-TON PANEL; OOOD CONDITION CL. 3-5881 CSlTBOtjn 1051 aniee; aqoo. TErrada 8-70: i. t.MO DIAMOND T 184T; raok kodj; m-W; taaat eev erase dlatrtsiitloa; loos euai-dltton; saertflee. TErraee t-0504. DODO '43 -ion panel. 8123. aoeara. 1501 Caaey Ialand Ave. POBDS 1848 '" and "8" equipped, euatorn, exoellenA Jay. 1713; Platkuatl Avw. KB. f -8 783 HENRY J. CYLINDER; 1595 fully equipped; goreeot-a througlMuft EPf Mmxisuk. inc. 15 Neptune Ave., ktelyn. NI. t-Keo HUDSON 1949 Super, fulky aulpped; a-: una 1 1 ib ; reaeonaoie. uicKena 6-0610. weekend; DIcAena weekdajr. HUDSON 1950 -ioot Sug-eff . de luxe 2B.0OO m lee. ik km. jaVmsussAwal $730. ULater 3-0400. HUDSON 1048 4-dar. 4vmirtve, U0 Kuje-A-war uaraeje. 271 a W. X& )V Cventngi, ULauer 4-8883. XxIbaB 1 door sedaa; all aooe. eeelee, Clerdal a-08ti4. ayf ter T P-tm- fcotXil '4 aedsvi, adl., nmd froom, Bicririce Is buyer, 45, SkU- M la-jo BiMlford Ave. ST. 3-8X83 frrODOB 1942, my good condition; ree.-lAonabl. Ca befrin 8, CTerl-Bg l-Waa, iailssr fi. STerUog S-5481. KAI5ER '51 SEDAN; Pully Eoulpiied. Hydra. A Buvt 1 PTJLL YEAR ODARAKl'lS MARATHON MOTORS SE. 1301 Autti. Da Soto Dealer. 4th At. a Seek 84 KA1SEW11 ALL 47s AND '4Ba MOST RAISE CASH 3285 Pineal eeeeloe dev.. ' Sfaaiar-WUlye1 Dealer. 3023-35 nattaak Ave, Buys. MORE . . MORE . . LiOOE CARS TO CHOOSE FROM MORI AUTO ADS APPEARED IN THE BROOKLYN EAGLE DURING 1953 THAN IN ANY OTHER NEW YORK CITY NEWSPAPER AUTOMOTtVR AD COUNT TEA 1S1 - '" n, y. Timws nin "tins , 55.419 JournoI-AmweTCwn, H. Y. Past HtrwM TribiiM -50,476 -30,617 WwtM-TalsevAwi It tati 5.14J M" APi MCHII UtADERS MORE RESULTS SOURCE: Actvsrtlsirifl Llrwqga Sawvics, Nsw York City AUTOMATIC - CanvenUonal Trananla- aione. rtoot snoa. saeondllloned. Oaar aiiteed. Pettn Mieor Parte, 1118 Peaa-avlvanla Ave NI. S-SOdO. CRACKED OR PROZRM Ct3nTER BI.OClt7 OUAHANTEEU JOB. PKAN-SON, OEDNEY 8-04O4. 3 Rwbaflt MwSwei POR ALL MAKES ears, tdrma At Bona 220 Beofor Avw., at Ckareh Ave BU. 4-7008, OB. 4-8018 W flaaitce; wark swaraateaaT. loaWw WlBwl tajejIBBMIS BOAf EOS SALE aad urese eaalp aieaa. awvartlalDS I Ike Iparla rasa. AUTOMOTIVI WANTED Aytwaasbilaw. 2.CC3 Cars Wanttd PAY YOUR PRICE BBIYI IN NOW (POT CAM) tc. e-esoo BROOKLYN AUTO SALES 6tk Ave. cor. 65th St. IXETtES-SECRETARIES-BOOBl'EEPERfl JAN. OH.4DS RSXilSTru NOW 44 COURT ST. ROOM 318 ACME EalPLOYalENT AGENCY Ste- aosraahera. aookkaepera. typlata, tile clerics, awilcliboard ooeratera. cueaaner- clal-lnduatrlal; excellMit pweitlone. 5o5 otn Ave. Mrs. jeasen BO. a-rjea. Jew Satoprxire' Raven Pree Relreriimenta! COMPETENT AGENCY JOB PARLOR 356 Fulton m. . 1 Uooiu from A&S BROOKLYN PERSONNEL AGENCY 18rl JORALEMONST..ROOM1205 """ the friendly" agency JONES at CLARK, 88 COURT ST. WHY WALK OR WAIT? PHONE WORTH 4-0760 POR POSITIONS Aaaiene Aaency. 145 Naaaau St., NYC lib Hsla WsatadV Femala ASST. BOOKKEEPER i deya. ftvMt at tiiurea, opportunity earn NCR 3OO0: atart 845. MA. 8-8100. TUdew Brakes. 1030 Ai. anile Ave. Blclya. ASSISTANT BOOKKEEPER, food el- rrv wrae or oail star uverail urv CcanlAS Lariadrr Co.. 137 Jaaraliam ht., Broeklya. BY -3300. ASSISTANT BOOKKEEPER Fxptrieocetf. cctMio'e rvcelrxbl en- tial, lypm f -eai iwi. a a. o--toat , A US I. "T A NT BOOKKBtm. trput; ViU coUs.:dei brigub beginner, niut be gocd at l.guree. exce;ien. opforiuuitj w learn bookkeeping. ALgonettrn 4-1186 i"5SIi?TAVT BOOKKEBTOR. V.ILumji- iiug; will train, aptitude for fig-" nAU. Money Anc W T. j;ity: ASSISTANT BOOKKEEPER , aecmintf pk able experience; ge to as; ij.ry Vw J . LSfTOSEIi L, OO. AJUI, AUhfflC. BANK POfllTlON.'S. ctreer glr!a to be gin es teiien witn apponuni.; ror then osiiei for those who hurt tiitelli- Uaf aad Mem; cxenenoe preferrea not!. aLoeuat ft-a-wtta. Clerks. Typist!; Day ir Night; S4i-S50 net Ota AST, JW 1 rmtoat IP'o H II BKn. CLERKS TRaTnESH S 0 .7 45 TRY OUR PRIBNTO.T STAPT Key Career Aso.. 3S1 Pulloei, Bora Hall COIL WINDERS, 11.20 HOUR Capitol Ataner. aa Court St.. Bioaalyn COMPTOMETER OPERATOR EXPERIEarCBU ALL CVtrftATlONa Tyotns rveceaaar?. Oood aalarr Cua-sanlal atmoapliare. Pnendlr aeaoefitee. Apply D-12; or ceil MA, j am ROAN WELL OORPOHATIOH 681 Peeilia Bt. I. H. T - Bergen COOKS, HOURS VARY MBJUPPTS. S8W.J.1D JJT.. 1IY DICTAPBOrTE OPERATOR TO 40 YEARS; EXCELLENT P1RMS; $S5-eti0. Morler Asertep, 89 Naaaau Bt , N Y c kelp a fl .a ase aver 28 Call Hrooaiwi Ho. BY. 8-788. ' GIRLS 18-38; factory work; BSe hour start, Inoreaae after trial period. B. U. Reevee Oo , 268 37 th Bt.. Brootlm OIRLS. TV WTRIRS; 850-9rib TRY OUR ITtlENDLY STAPP Key Career Aicy.. 381 Pulton. Boro Hall OIRLS PACTORY; $38-850 WITH. WITHOUT EIPSHIENCE Service Aaency, 44 Coort St.. Room 80S HAlRDRBSaSR. teens. 5-aar week. i-iuo noura, aieaay. closed Monday 2485 65U1 St.. Brooklyn, man school feb. graduates Write now (or apslteaUaoa; Ule and c.rncai. permanent postuona; downtown, Manhattan firs ineurenoe company, k daya; atata ase and aaiary de-alrad P. O. Baa 1072, Ckarrok St. Annas, N Y. S. . Y. lES. SSI.L OOAR NYLOH8 OAU&E3: 35e PAIR HorjSEWtVEB. ALL Alas Skeela. Ptllavoaaee; Paoiorir Prlees wniba ana comreo B.ARK TO IH0 WEEKLY AT HOME WE REFER CUSTOMERS. B(. 8-3415 KEYPUNCH. ALPHA OR NUMERICAL Lee Aswy- 188 Jeralemen St. (Bare Belli NURSE, practical ar naraa'a aids, far 8-riaur. k-day weak In strains Jteaae. CaU Baplaaatta 5-4543. - NURSSaV. RN's and licensed praetleala. aamaruan noapitai. las rreetderu ew., Break Ips. . Y. NURSES, resiatared. looal -11. 11-7: tlx nurvee lev hit. NAvarre 8-4800. hospital. omcB ASSISTANT addreeatas ad-lerdMos. films. Mlllnj. typma, knowl- edss aterio; 0-day week, steady. Kokrta, ar m. atroaaway, b kirn. iind. p trala t Broadway auuoo) OPERATORS nient or twoiasOwt vork: itey. Mo4eim. VMi SOtti work; MesMtr; guod avw. TYFItT ELECTRIC TJnderwoetl, billing and varied clerical work, goo work-wig condltlona and berieftu. Acma Quilting Co., 7 -t4th si.. I-rookljii, (Buah Terminal). STeriing 8-1313. TYPVBT-CljIRiaC, bright beginner . siirered; ecnnlal oJflee, atmeflU; t aays. 31 houn J. Roee, fa jaj ItidepeosMnb gut)ajr J IraU York St. itatioo. TYpIST-CUntK, kQaw ledge oi book-keeping, beginner emMeretf ; ST i hours, near Grand Central. &traUaed Credii Oorjt , 37Q Lexington At., Y C. TYPIST, part time, tome dictaphon or eaipnone experience; 1 25 hnr tart; artenauiBi taouoau Jrvargiege. 9-6260. TYPIST BILLING CLERK rl Days; experienced. Slarlalr Piib-llahnu, 85 tiaaeau Ave., awwaklya. TYPIST . CIJBRIL SMALL OPPIOBh BRO. unasn o-e7ee. SOW aVTYNO. XjsKn. bybr. TYPIST, sealer studeat. kwavrledsa atenorepky; Ban Hall; state detalia, hourly wase dealred. Bos 1500. Basle. TYPIST-OLBRat, 18-28; 80 aUrt; t oaya. aa neurs. paaellr J nrvina at TTI3T, ll(ht rasokkewplns; ndel 50; Platbuah raaMam. 37 4i aveauaiial Ave.. urDosivn TYPIST, dawntowai uaauranae eoat- pany: 5-day week. ktr. lacNaliy, UL. TYPIST, knowledsw downtown tuauraooa oo - 5 ear, sacnaily. alArclay 1-8T08 af atetiasiaphy; TYPIST, experienced ned at fldn was; a-oay weea; pen, arawute S-ISJS TYPIST. OENERAL OtjmlCAA, WeORA; W1LL1AM1SBUHO VlClkUTY. STA1K 2-ieoo. TYPIST, snwrel of floe wort; S daya. 8 30-4 pa. am. Qordau, Baaaa Tit, aaouuiaua ei. TYPIST CLKS., PERSONNEL: 141 ST. Lea Aaoy , IS Josednaawa 8A (Bare Baalk) TYPISTS J45 DIETARY AIDE, capable worker. viHi armya, nepeneanie; aalary "rriv. araJiiua ase aver ar .a araratatan pi tat BDIPRONB OP BRA TOR-TYPIST. ler aowntewa new Yerk insurance brokera: 8-4 45, 5-day week; aaiary 856. Boa 1411, Basis. EDIPHONE OPERATOR Seaaa knewlaAjM nam u a arA Uerauthaier Linotype 00. DL S-0300 FILE CLERK Yo. ns hlsh actiool .'ad. opaartunlly: 5-day, 3 1)1, -hour week: free luncnea; looa eeiaoni 1513. aetabiiahed ceaaaaay. Apply stoeee 49 Wall St.. ft. Y. C. 83 Naaaau SI. BARMAID, experienced reference.., 30- 3 yean eld. Call FVergreeaa-dt)2S BAR MA ID-SHORT ORDER COOK, fe- Ireriencee;, 48 noura: 1U tree GLenmore 5-0573. 9-11 am. BEGINMERSTRAtM IBm7142-!4T Heisrlis Asey, Sfll PuHm (B'o H'll Bkn CARS WANTED FOB JUKK. WW pay more; days. NlskUnral 8-0SS1; eve- ninsa. nvatiiua vuil IP IT RUN WE RUY IT 1,008 can, 80S Troika, 1840-'81s Jaok'a, toa Ulica Avw. PR, 8-8798 TOCB OLD CAlt rUK PARTS 10HEST PRIC7SS PAID MIOHTINOAU S-SiOS 'aeetl Oar Caewaw ftwdatnt Ceeaaaaa ha Ctaaaifted Daisy DINNERS GET HIGH PAY t raleee firet year aa telephone eewrabar. Me enperieuee aeeAnd, fu.. par wliile la training. Can earn up to 61. Steady work, paid TaaaUoni, other benellte, Jeba near horn may ntlll be) open so apply In peraon now. 1U1 WllWughbf t.. Breaklyn 74-11 S7th Ave., Jasbeon MaigUte 1 rat- ive. (Id llear), Manhdieati 199 PtilUsn Are.. Keneiea4 NEW YORK TELEPHONE COMPANY fill CLERKS; 140 TO 15S Lee Act 18S Jeralemoai at. (Bora Rslll Fll. Cierka. No. kip Keceaeary 840 TRY OTJR PRIENDLY STAPP Key Caraer Ascj .81 Pulton Bora Hall rLOOfl OIRL, esperianeed aw fcraeuawraa- come for interview Carnival Creations. 3830 K 18t 8 YOUNG LADY ' Ase over 181 TALL, ATTRACTIVE PHASING PERSONALITY TO BE TRAINED AS ELEVATOR OPERATOR Pennanent yPa.d While Training Immediate, iLwy Diaswuntdt Haita;iatlon eUsepetiw CaJetaMia Appiy Daily K 4 , lUi finer MARTIN'S PULTON St BRTDOB STB . BBXYR. employ met omra 2r DtlPPIELD BT (OONVENlEAiT ALL SUBWAYBI OIRL-WOMAN. saneral efflre work typ. m Srwokryn Supply Co., 375 WycteSt Ave. Apply la paraaa. Mm by ww aiptmiv tke CUtSSIPlIB BOSiNEM SEStvici coLtrarNB OPERATORS, kraeateree; experienced s neeaie. tap and bottom: alan alnsie; will teach II exDSrlenoed athar naaa OOOD PAY. 1853 Crapawp Ave. OPERATORS, ladles' dreseee: piece wore, cevriue uveee uo , 131 auearae art . vnira llaer. ULater B-S387. OPERATORS, expatleaeed. to learn eap trade, j. 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