The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 14, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 14, 1934
Page 2
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BLYTUEVII4,E, COURIER NEWS • Sociai Calendar . THTOSDAVS EVENTS Mm*. A. M Church, Bon Wig- glnt »nd Qtorge Shanks entertaining with i kitchen shower and bunco' parly »t the §hanks home, 2:30 p. m., for Miss Imia Laura Banws, bride-elect. Lux or a Cemetery Association benefit iwrtv at the Uwora school U, being complimented with a number of parties before her marriage to Mr. nem««l McAfee Is solemnized June 24, was Rlvoi) with » miscellaneous tliowcr nml urldKc [tarty yesterday afternoon when Mrs. lx>tus Sccoy l^alrd entertained 20- guests. Colonial gulden -Mowers deconil- rd the wlih pi'tunlns, bachelor button, blncl; eyed susan and arrive this nlteinoon lor a wllli Mr. ajiri Mis. li. Cl. Wlc ni/j Miss Bew Hull. Lieut. HIU| Mrs. Thomas li. lelt nnrt baby, of New York will iirrlve tills afternoon loi f;al dnys stay with Mr. :iml II. G. I'nrllow iiml family. Ncblt'U, wliu Is In (he I .Stales Nuvnl MTVicp, ami his lly Ituvo been vl&UIni! his i> Indianapolis, Ind , motored to Men. phis this morning, accompanying Miss Mary Ell/abeth Bonnn, who lell for Monleaglc. Tenn., where she will intend sumnu-r camp for a month. W. M. I'ylcs, formr.rly of here and nciv of Hot Springs, UTM the (juesl Hires, No. 14, for rcsmatloi U. D. C. meeting wllli James B. Clark and Mrs. Otartlsh at Clark home. Mines. H. H. Houchlns, A. Conway and Harry Klrby having bridge luncheon for Miss Maty Ellen Stevens' at Klrty home. FRIDAY'S KVENTS Mrs. O. W. McCulchen having Thursday Contract club. First Baptist church W. M. U. (Mcutive board meeting with Mrs. E. F. eiomeyer, 1031 W. Ash St. L.jf^i'omnn won (list honors, a com-'Monday for a month 1 .-, vkit In Foil ptct. and Hie cut lirbe.'u wh;n- : Smith nnd Van Iliiii-n, Ark. not. went to Miss Ellzabcih J. C. Kinniiiijraii) led lasi nljh. K,, ,.H M c i- „ „ ,i< ''"' cnlc "XO whore he will attend Mr. viid Mrs. S. K. Vail will n w f!(lr f0r scvcr . (1 liBVb H , I motor to lie! Bprlniis Moiuluy for | 0 rotiirn Monclav An Ice course, with .tymcl lood » week's visit with tlic Rev. and cake, wns served. •,: • • . Mrs. Mnrlnn A nana* ttiink fianty, formerly- of libre Doris Secoy, of Mliscs Le' Davidson, Adopt Son fccoy. of Joncsboro, and lo Little. Uock Monda • lo spc-ml CKvisi In, friends herViS *«h France.* nticl Ete.bclh « week with licr parents. Mr. and Momlay S " "'"' i. of ^Plymouth, N. C. .Mrs. i>. . U . Umlciwod'. | Nfflx [ c Wells, of McriipSils. Das •-„ ! Mrs. S. J. Colicn und sun. Jerry. I <" 'rived to spend the summer'with F. eiomeyer, 1031 W. Ash St. —':' *?» j w , u to Memphis lodnv lor n few j His gramliarenls . ' i jvij, mid i\iJ4. on ic Poster linvu i (ii * L l\n ^•KEwT • S!0£ s ' '=-—^ Miss Eve Harwell, bride-elect,j To Havc u . f • M. M. ailllam riMimird to Jnnos- sl ">'- wns Hie guest of ;ionor at a lovely i (>(,.,„, s ) , boro yesterday after brief stay with luncheon shower given Wednesday, Thc , f , I cLs daunhler, Mrs. .1. Ncal Owrll. b }K MrS ;,, J °» SsW! r' i r> "' C " r - Methodls c u,"h i lm± >m Ye wl>0 ""ompanlvd him home, sho uthersvllle. Mo, and Ml« Martlm crca|n £OC |a t s cvcnlmf h cln wl » « tu ™ tlK; '«<• '" lllc ^ eck ' HohljBon, at the Rob nson home. ; nlng a , Ola0 '. c( ^ s cvcl t1 ^'" |n ^ 1 ": necompank-d by Mr. Clcsell. Pink and white gladioli, roft-s the church and Jiydrniigcas were In tall 1ms-, ' . . . kets and low bowls which empha- lkl (cr Films fommlUr* *kcd the two shades. The table, Sclfds liories "or M™ih arranged or the buffet menu, had, Th(! r^Ucr Films « centerpiece of roses and valley t ),o city coi, .ell of i " V. Wise and Mrs. wise's house-' ucil, Miss Nell lleiisicr, of St. jiils, are In M:mplils today. I Mr. and Mrs. Ollle Foster spent' ytitcntey In M«roj*ls, i Mrs. W. Leon timuh and children, Jack »nd Miriam, liave eonc to Pine Bluff to spend sereral weeks with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. nobbing nnd son. of Memphis, will arrive 10- day for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Stanley and family. Mr. and Mrs. Rose and sons, Donald and Stanley, of Columbus, O. ; will arrive tomorrow for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Wolf Arian They will be among the tjuesu at Ihu wiMiding of Miss Florence Arlan and Phil KcinbtTK Sunday. THURSDAY, JUNE 14, 1934 Maishmallows can be quiii'te and dissolved in tlic hoi cream. Tills is splendid lor an Icelcfs ro- fillicrator too, making Eclatlnc 1111- iircossiiry. HKAI, ESTATE Mis. Jaines Hill jr., Mrs. Lloyd SO auirr, ZO eltarcd, near Wlllfcrd, Ait,, 2 iprlnjr, small house; S.OOO lo 6,000 rrd oik ties on kind. 80 acres, 3 miles cf Hardy. Snvil IIOUEE:, S to 10 acres clrared. Nrar Sprint Kivrr. Kaeh For Sale:—Price ?3»0. Sraal Cash Payment, Ba'.ince, Very Kasy Terms. J. 0. CHAFIN'.. Manila, Ark. J. Cohen and Qulncy Oliver. Alexander lire ntiemllii; to bnsinriui In Missouri iwlny. | H. V. Petty, late of Kcnnell, Mo..; district maiui^cr ot the Ben Hur. .... ... * ^.vv i-uiincii oi 1'iirni ^-<,nri, n , ^^ Bssoclutloii ol CriiwforcUvlllii,' Wlct, flsnkert with pink tapers in nwoclnUom in " , i^lta^v • Ini '- «'"° <"»> Utrn in Urn cllv tor, Sr^T^^'l^J! 1 ,".™,!^ "«^..«Wrove<l movie, to l« itSl- lhc ^ "™ ^ to ' "» ^'^ committee of " Week End Leaders ... . ii i j , . : i ivlth individiml ices «nd cakes for! Sample and w. U. MuCHirkln. also defjerl. The hostesMi were assisted ., Mrs. C. 3. Stevens and Mrs. Edllli McCool. Alter lunch His guest of honor, was presented an array of miscellaneous (Ifts. Included in the 38 present were: Mrs. D. A. Harwell of Friendship, Tenn., mother of the bride-elect. Mrs. Jolin Sawyer sr.. and Mrs. Jack Hop'ke. of Caruthersvllle, Mo. 1 Mrs. Eugene Still of Plymouth. N. C., with, her sister. Miss Marv Kl- len Stevens. Mrs. Godfrey White .,....., .--v- 0111.1, an Wild Gold," on Wednesday, Jur 27. is recommended fo ===== Bits oj News •Mostly Personal Harvey Lynn Monis. Mm of Mr. ond Miss Catherine Harwell, of| nnd Mrs. Harvey Mori is, returned ~..»..v.*>.i_ *Lul\1<;jl, ul j «>IU I»LI^. I1UI Qsceola. and Miss Maxine Brown, I yesterday fn i Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Metr.enliiunn lhr> linvs ' " ml S ° "• Wlllllllll. Ol Hhaker ' • Heights, Ohio, will arrive Frlslay to ! visit, Mr. anil Mrs. Wolf Arlan, coining down especially for the wedding of Miss Florence Arlan nnd Phil Pelnbcrg, 10 be tolcmnlzed Sunday. Eugene Still, of Plymouth. N. C.. will arrive In Memphis Saturday where he will be met by Mrs. Still, who Is vlsltliii; her inrents, Mr. ami Mrs. C. S. Slovens, 'ivcy \vill go to Scimtobla, and Tupelo. Miss., for a of Luxora • * • Brhk-EIect Is G|nn Briutc Shewer where he vlslled friends lot a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Finis Kayburn and Oardwell. Mo, 1 week's .stay before returning here for the wedding of _Mlss Mary Ellen Stevens and I,, c. B. Young, of Os- ccnla, lo be solemnized June 'is. V.V" -_•-•- "••-"« daughter, Mildred Evelyn, and Mrs.I Mrs. Edgar liormn. accoiiiiianlcd Miss Irma ljura Barnes, who Annie Bealo, of Allandi, Gu.. will'by her aunt, Mrs. Joe Olezcn of MEW ECONOMY SHOP JUNE SALE You have thre« more months to buy summer goods. We mo olYerini; you up-to-dnlc, high class riglil in the lirart of the season at almofl one-half of the regular price. Our policy i.s nut to cany over mercliiimlidn from one season to (he other. If culling our seasonable merchandise almost half means nnylliinj; to (he huyiiij: public of this trade territory no\v is the time to buy at a liig saving during this sale. We give votes on trip to the Chicago Fair Dresses and Suits £~^~ Acetate and Sheer Crepes in Priutu. Stripes, Wfl/^/lC Navys, White and Paste"! -Shades. S8.75.S12.75 Cjffl/*5o and 516.75 values. "Spnrl Town Frock" line. June Sale §5.95 §8.95 S 1.0.75 One Group Sport Dresses & Suits In Srreer Crepe. Prints and Solid Co'.or^. i-olka Uot.s .and Strips. $7.75 (n S12.7."i values June 1 Sale R95 85,95 86.95 OHC Group Spori Cn-pes, Knit Dresses and Suits 55.95 (o $7.7f> vaino.s. June Sal» 33,95 84.45 S4.95 AH Whllr Vil.iUly $^.95 Lace Dresses In'pastcl shades. Navy and Browti. 35.95 to $6.90 value. June Site $3,95 84.45 4.95 Voiles and Eyelets -M.D3 to' J3.35 valiiu. Jnr,! Sale S1.69 81,98 One group OrRandie, Net and Chiffon Sunday Nite a|rf EveninR Dresses at Close Out Trices. One Group Crepes S3.8S to S7.75 values. June S»Vs $1.98 $2.98 Millinery Thret troops, H.69 to St.95 Sff car ifflucUcm on Silk Umlcrwtar »nd Kaho Corset!, imd CcrsttMls. Vanett Hosiery 89c 'Values - - - 7!)c 51 Values .- - - 89c $1.25 RingksH - - $1 Si.35 Ringkss -'SJ.1 5 One group -$l Values to Close Out at 69c Gloves Grtttly. Rolacrd All qllur mikrr- In Miilr. 5S.5D an:l 55 valuta. $0.95 One kl of \Vhtk Shwi, biok- en tlies. 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Remember us when in need of:— Mexican Heal Powder - - 25c Slillman's Freckle Cream - - -Me Glaze Nail Polish - - 25c Hind's Honey & Almond Cream - - 2f>c & 50c DuBarry Facial Kit - - $1.00 Marvelous Facial Kit - - 5fn- Me Ipana Tooth Paste 39c 75c Fitch Shampoo 75c Glovers Dandruff Remedy 69c Fletchers Castbria 34c 3tc Porters Heal Oil " 5c 2(Ic Bayer Aspirin At The Fountain • I- Ren .Miller Ice <>ejinMhe rii-he.^ Ice Cream shipped inht Hlytheville. 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Now i.i Uio time to lay in ;i full f-cti- wb M mJ^P Romper Cloth Ciiiaianterd last color gingham lonipsd clotli in a go'.ici r.rlcclion of paitsnii. Per yd. 6£ SoliU Color Voile A\sn .'.'ilici roltir oi?.ir.tly. All pa'.icl colors KliHo. IB i.icl'.r.v v.idi; In u regular l»o gr Per Yq. Ujc Stock Up On Hose Wliile They Are On Sale! KuH F'nshioncd Chiffon Here IG a Sheer and Cloar quality liosc that will ,TIVC cxccllciil t?rvicr, n n il is rlio'AU r in all of UIP i\?w r-unmicr fliatlss. Aciually r< C3r value for II I 11 UJl 44c Chiffnn or Service Weight Clear, .heft Cli'.nnn or S?r- v]c rt^ls 1 .. lull lAshionPti licx- lliyt will w?nr nnd wrar. All nr.v .•.lindr;-. ot co^.r.-?. mirt l.cli'vr nr, ivlirll wp *av the value i, mirqnal- lul -it II LJ^II I 56c 15JK Yank, Jr. Coveralls Hickory stripe, full cut. strongly ;-eived and will w;ar Ukp lion. Size 3 to c. 98c values for 62c fllcn's mid Hoys' Work Shirts Full ciit and welt niari'.. Two pcckels. coat :tylc nnri triple stitched. Men's 44c 39c Lace Trim Broadcloth SLIPS 24c Remember-Salc Closes Saturday, June 23rd

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