Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on May 4, 1951 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, May 4, 1951
Page 8
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(CONX.). FBIDAY. MAY 4, 1951 J?«!i s £S? !iy ery Eirenln « (Except Sunday) by NAUGATUCK NEWS CORP., NAUGATUCK, CONN. Telephones 2228 and,,222&—AU Departments Entered ^aecona-classKniatter at the post office In -• ; Naugatuck, Conn. SUBSCRIPTION -RATES '• ". Payable^In 'Advance ...$1.30 l.Year .$15.60 Member: American Newspaper "Publishers' Ass'ri.; "N,~E. Daily Newspaper Pujbllahers' Ass'n.; Conn. Newspaper Publishers' Ass'n. FRIDAY, MAY 4, 1951 Milt Berkowitz, assistant ' supervisor of public sphool music in the borough, is "spending the spring; vacation at his home near Boston, Mass. .. Milt was somewhat disturbed, to find, that his favorite Boston Red Sox team is on the rpadlali this .week, and disgruntled, to think he'd have to watch the Boston Braves if he wanted to take in a baseball game. Mrg. Belle Conway, of. Tarry- towii,. JJV; ,Y., who 'hardly ever mlases j^laymaker ahow, directed by Her 'son, Jack, was right on hand opening . night of "Cry Hay.oc" . ; ;'>l»iri C.;: who recently wan quite 111, sayn she's feeling quite 'well these, days. Nice seeing. Mr., and Mrs. Hy- eell Brooks the 'other night ... Harriet doesn't have too, much time to cavort around, the /borough since assuming a state position tn New Haven, last November... the couple's daughter, Barbara, graduates, from Nprthfield School for ; Girts ..this year. -More information fcbout octogenarian Crcbrge ' Currier -who celebrated his .birthday last Saturday ...-hei served; for ,52 years as a mechanical '.engineer in the Rubber Co. . . . and was burgess it "'the time the late Howard Tuttle , was , warflen. Anderson of the News Sports staff Is pushing a new, to him, car,. . . A two-door Ford 'with three windows and. the fourth in the back seat. ' James Upright, a_ junior at Naugatuck High : " 'school, has been chosen' to" represent the Junior, Red. .Cross at ' ii convention. to-be hold in June in New York Pity. ' • Vifcg.1' .-«' ' One of the curious acts in the near-forest, fire Wednesday at .ForitffHIll. wa* that of i volun- ;*Wt, ..*% ngh'tfer v. . .ie^hrew his Mftted cigarette onto the g-roiina ' where the underbrush; was,' thereby creating "another potential fire r.. Anothsrilreman' J meanwhile sprftyed water, over it ' ' .Local police have appeared with blouses . and ' Alight-colored: shirts . .. most: of them wore anything but shirts, under, .their, winter uniforms. ' ' H you've qualified since April , r 2i^to; become a leJEal voter of the" borough don't forget to take the oath tomorrow at a session of .the selectmen and ' town, clerk In the 'town hall court, room ". ..the session is scheduled from 9 o'clock in the ; morning to 5 : o'clock In the af ternoon '. . . . and ihen. don't forget to vote Monday. ••' : "••' " - '.- ; . Have heard a few people say that they don't know whether or mot they'll bother to vote in the 'biennial election Monday.. .that's the wrong attitude ... no matter how you vote, take advantage of the franchise that's given you and VOTE., .remember the days when you could hardly wait until you were 21 years, old so you could vote? — *—4 Mothers will have their day very soon ...May IS is the day ... and then Dad's will be coming up June 17...we can almost hear some of, the men saying that they'll get clipped on the dough department both days. Atty. Max Traurig of Waterbury, in his usual rare form, humor that is, dropped into the towm hall the other day to take care of a little business, while en- route to Bridgeport. News Reporter Joe Rosenberg had himself quite a time hopping over Pond Hill Wednesday .afternoon, when the forest flre was raging in the area ...Joe was without food and water for several hours. . Naugatuck's Yankee fans were rather glum Wednesday morning, In spite of "the". Yanks'..Tuesday win over the White Sox ... the reason was "Spec"' Shea's difficulty with, .the Sale Kose "Spec".just didn't have it, as he only wont_ two, innings. Joe Stephens has ,been. hitting the streams and ponds around Naugatuck, now that the fishing season is in full swing ... Joe hasn't reported how he is making out,'but we can guess. Sneaking of. fishing, there are reports 'around ' thV bordugh' of some pretty large fish being hauled out of streams in these parts ...'must be some of those tame hatchery fish. "'."'' " Mrs. Theodore A. Schrader, wife of the Rev. Schrader, pastor of the Immanuel Lutheran church, and * dietitian for ,the Cross street school caleteria,_had a nice chat with Miss 'Madeline Linehah, food expert, who is conducting .the Greater Naugatuck Modern Cooking School,' sponsored by The News ... seems that both women; are graduates' of the Fanny Farmer Cooking School in Boston, Mass.; and although they weren't in the .lame class they have mutual friends. The Kuth Doherty School of Dancing \vill stage a review on June 14 and .is in St. .Michael's parish house, under the sponsorship-of the Men's club of St. Michael's Episcopal church are now available from.stu- dents . at the school or from Mrs. Doherty, 353 North Hoadley street. NTAL Anawer tq Previous Puzzle . '•v^lhstrumeht ,JM| ^sra — — •\-instniment l.Exchanged . jS.jPoeip - : ' ; • i5l?reek letter ;H;q<>ddfcss of. '• . :lrtf atuation 21 Snakes ' 43,Tab"" 24 Japanese city : 44.Nice. ~26.'Juicer.' .45 Redact 33 Joins : ^erRep'ose sSrt?"" 12 Gave -mass Sl.Beveragemadt 22 Diminutive of 17 s P cc i fic 36 Colors -witnmalt ; Edwarrt " gravity; (ab.) 3? Most painful 53 DirectionXab;} 23Ga*Hc 20 Legislators 42 We 55 Diphtho^e'' 25 Sea eagle 27 College officer 28 Marsh grass 29 Egyptian spirit " ' 30 Parent 31 Near 32 Type measure 33 Preposition ;J 35 Seines ' 38aose 39 Group of three 40 In the same t>teee(ab.) 41 Endures 47 Near (ab.) 10 50 It usually has SlEri 52 Enthusiastic - ardor.. " 64 Colorless . Butds -" '"-• 38 Mentally -sound i Scavengers, + JAGQBY ON BRIDGE + By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NBA Service N. T. Bid &i*ed Onen To continue our o-vvn discussion of no-trump bids, what do' you need for a jump response of two so-trump? Ydiir partner opens the Bidding with one of a sujt, and you respond with., two. nb-tru'mp. What does this bid show? j For one. thing, you show bal- NORTH (D) ¥ AKflO 8'4 • 763 *AX1094 '•9 52 8,8,42 EASI 4863 SOUTH •*.K72 *J1087. • AJ105 ,#A652 , "Both vul.' North ,E«.t south West ;J-Jf_ gass 2N.T. Pass a.N«.T. .pass Pass Pass Opening lead— * J i ancedtdistribution — no singletons, 16 .void, suits,' no very long suits. Moreover you show a. stopper in iach of the unbid',.suits. The .total strength 'of the—hand s about .the..same as that, of a sound ^opening 'bid — /but not as much as an: opening, bid of one lo-trump.. To be' more pre'cise it s a hand that contains from a iing to a. king, and a queen more han. average, strength. (Average strength ace, one king, one queen, one jack, and one ten. In today's hand, South has a model response 'of,,two no-trump. He has balanced distribution with trength in all the . unhid suits. He has average strength in the top three suits,, and his ace. of clubs represents his extra value. ' .'•'•" In the. p.iay,' dummy wins the first trick with' ;the queen of spades. Now declarer must de- v.elop nine tricks, without letting East gain the lead. "If". East were' allowed to lead .spades, West wourd win'-enough- tricks to r set the contract. However, there is no danger in a spade lead from West, for then South's king will stop the suit. The best plan is to .make sure of four, heart tricte while . shutting-East out. Hence a low.:heart is led from dummy at the second trick, and-, South: finesses the: nine. If this had lost West would be unable to ; set ,the contract, and South would be sure '.of four, heart tricks. .As it happens,' the finesse succeeds, 'and South' wins 'all five heart tricks. The contract is thus made with an.overtrick. CARD SENSE - • Q—With neither side vulnerable the player at your right deals 'and bids one diamond.- ..'You" hold: Spades K-J-2,. Hearts .A-Q-J-9^8 Diamond 5, Clubs QTlO-4-3. \ What do you do? ' A—Bid one heart. You are not willing to support spades unless your partner can bid them without being cbaied''tb'-'ab^so.' ''Since a double would coax him to- bid a major suit, you avoid, the double. You, will rebid vigorously : it{•• partner bids when-his turn-comes. TODAY'S QUESTION With neither side vulnerable the player at-your right deals and bids one diamond. You hold: Spades A-7-5, Hearts ; A^Q-J-9', ',ipiamonds K-jr2, Clubs K-lff-4;': What do you ? . :•" •"••"..' ''•;'•'• - -."'••••'.".' Answer Tomorrow ON CANASTA By EDWWP. JORDAN, M. D. Written for JSEA Service , lake lips On Canasta Etiquette .pne.ijuestion. seems to plague have to finish a game in order to other. "Wh^sh F ouif r f'do^ hu£ fl ",o»t what ^he score is. Xikewise dreds of--'them' have' aSked me, m a tou ™ainent you would have to finish^the game. In a sociable game with no intake however, it should be possible to concede a game without having to .finish it out. When the opponents. : feel a different way about it, the question becomes one of politeness: Which side should yield? There might be many different seasons for following the^ wishes of your opponents ili a matter of this sort Tjiey ini K ht be older, 'or jerj disling-uishecl, or perhaps one of them is your JiusbaniVs boss All g-ood reasons, no doubt, but none of them have \anytnirig to do with the rules of card games. As far as the card ruling is_conr cerned, I would give ai constitutional ruling It is "cruel and'un- usual punishment" 'to make players finish out a hopeless _gam«—so I, would, rule that It is urihecessar} for them to do so. By a;i w pieans_nave your,friends r icr lor a Canasla Cession. Tell them,the game is played according to Uacobj's I^TTJEBNA- TIONAI, LAyfS OF CANASTA. Tt's the easy way ^to avoid em- barrassmg quarrels over rules. For, your copy, sena IS cents in coin t Oswald Jacoby, The Naugatuelt News, P. O. Box 438, T*ew York 18, , when new and strange rules are prung on me right in the middle f,. the game?" That's .easy. : Just be your natural .curious .'self, j If you're at a riend's ho.use,.' and .your friend vahfcs .yoii. to play. biljiaxds with a as'eball..bat-'instea'd,.p'f /a cue,: you umor him.-Kix;. the:-s'ame thrtg if .e; play- Ganasta in ; some eculfar "way. . • ' • : In your own home, you should nnpurice. .at;the /begiiiiiihg ofi the aiiie ',, that you. are',- following such- nd r such rules. uKatjjrally',' : ;I'' v sug- est you "follow th'el'bfflciali rjiles; nd I recoriiitiend^.that :you.:.haul ut a rule, v b.ppk''and put .it w^iere can be cphsufte.d: in case pf a iffepence'of opinion. ' •Hpweye'.rj.' if youX.iva.nt to follow ome different, rules go', ahead: and o:so. This is a- free country,-| and ^e Constitution gives every 'citi- eh the right to make f up his own anasta. rules. You owe it'to your guests, however, to, mention your ew rules before the game begins. Q—-We - were playing Canasta nd. the score became so hopeless lat we conceded the gaine to our pponents. They wanted'us to fin- ^h the ihand. out b.ecause they panted to see how high a score ley could. roll up. When we reused, they.become quite annoyed. Vho was right? A—This is another question for specialist on etiquette rather lan a games expert: When a take is involved you naturally Seeks To Remove Ban On Officeholders ' Harttore,.-May 4—CUP)—A proposal that New Iion,don modify its bah on political activity by officeholders; was subjected.;.to a- spirited legislative hearing yesterday afternoon.- i; i- S -,"•'-i : > ; : '/-"' ' ' Up ; for dis.cusiiion was a proposed ainendmerit to. the charter, permitting members of boards arid, commissions to be : active politically. -The. ban-would be continued as far a.s salaried city employes are concerned. City Manager Edward R. Hankie told the Cities arid. Borough committee that the present Kan, in his words, : ¥ TUts a very serious taint on political .activity." He said the ban ^had been on the books for 30 years," but had never .been enforced, He added that;he;;khew of no. one using-' a, city position for political advantage. Hehkle denied that the amendment ' would weaken the charter, saying that ho other city has such a. stringent provision. ." The. only' other supported of the amendment was Dr. C. John Satti, who described himself as "one of the guilty politicians." Satti, a member of a board, claimed the. recent insistence that the ban be enforced, is aimed at him, -with the imp!icatioi| that, as he put~"it, "I am a. ro«en, polluted politician." He added ! that the ban "stymies good government." 'Opposing the; measure were members of the New London Civic association. Peter J. Boras charged it would Weaken the,:government.' He added that if pbjitical activity of city employes is" to , be encouraged, the! amendment should apply also to paid workers. He decried the secrecy f with'which he said tfie' Qity Council proposed the amendment, calling it a "bolt out of the c.lear sky."-« Boras, urgedjthe committee" to , insert, > JRrjjyisidn for a? referendum.Tif,the. bill is approve^* A referenaum also was favored 1 by A A. Camassar and' Eugene Grieshaber. . Henkle agreed this would be a good compromise. George Lubow denied Henkle's statement that the city was having difficulty finding • persons ' to fill positions on boards and com missipns. Philadelphia—A device has been invented which translates human speech into visible patterns on a screen which can be read by deaf persons. '„ • •• Lodge Creates Civil Rights Commission Hartford, May 4— (UP)—The Connecticut State Inter-racial commission now is officially the Connecticut Commssibn on Civil Bights. Governor Lodge has signed the bill making the "name change law The new name is considered more appropriate for the expansion of duties _ of the agency from race relations to the broader field of. human, relations. A. patent ,W "reduction' activated pero^y CQinpoundv catajyzed thec ^ Bpfmeriza- has been awardedftwo,Chesh- ire men, Kaojfl L. Provost r and,f J Foster, accordmrto a, Bst.'of^Con- necticut patents compiled at the offices of Wooster & Davis, patent attorneys in Bridgeport. It has been assigned to U. S. Rubber Co Too ^ate ToClassify We Have Your J T.Y.SET —SeeUa— The Music Shop CHTJBCH 8T. PHONZ BJ87 DO YOU RliMEMBER? Ope r« IT Ago Mrs. John H Tifft, Cherry street, was, elected president of the Connecticut Master Plumb- ber's auxiliary. Mrs. Herbert Scullln was named chairman of the 1950-51 season of the Twilight Bowling .League. 30 Years Ago Wijliam EVWood, Field street, left -for New London for practice duty for 15 days. Principal Charles P. Slade was the main speaker at a luncheon honoring 12 honor high school students. + Questions and Answers Q—What is the significance of the emblem on the white stripe in the flag of the Republic of India? A—The flag, consisting of three horizontal stripes, saffron, white and dark green, has a 24-spqkc wheel in the middle of the white band, representing the wheel of law of.the Emperor Asoka who ruled India in the second century B.C. Q—Is India an important tea- producing country? A—4 n dte' s prduction of tea is over a half billion pounds a year. Q—What Is the real name of the horse-hialr bird? A — The Chipping Sparrow. Its nest, built in low trees or bushes, is always lined with long hairs. Hence It is often called the horsehair bird. Q—-:Hqw many mountain peaks in the Great Smokies exceed a mile in height? A—In the Great Smokies in North Carolina and ' Tennessee there are 40 mountain peaks more than a mile high. . .QT-:Who sank the II. S. S. Maine .re^JpiJating the , Spanish - American War? —-The court which investigated the sinking of the Maine concluded 'that , it had been blown up by a mine, placed under the ship. No evidence was; ;fbund as to'who was responsible for .the disaster. VJhat f sRight? You are sitting down to write a etter to.;a relative or friend you haven't, -written to in some. .time. -WRONG: Try to remember all he-bid: news you can and crowd it ntc);.;;t;he^tetter; ;'-.'.:-v' ; "?.:;; : ^. '.- ! - - ..f&lHari•'; See^Siow'csieerful you cannmak* ydiir.''letter: " : -•''.•'• + TH E DOCTOR ANSWEftS By EDWIN P. JORDAN, M. D. Written for NBA Service Your Skin Does Well Covering YouUpr-But Strange Things Can Happen To It The skin does its job remarkably well but strange things do happen to it once in a while. Q—My 8-year-old son- has a skin ' infection called Pityriais rosea.' ' What is the remedy and how long does it lost? ,Mrs. C. D. A—Thi? is a mild condition whlcl'i usually requires no treatment. It generally clears up in a few weeks ;and. should be gone by the time .this.appears in print, o o o Q—I have cracks along the edge Of the bottom of my feet. They .are. rather painful but seem to go away after I cover them with adhesive.' However, they come back, though not always in the same spot. What, if anything can be done? M: W. 'A—This is possibly ringworm or some other fungus infection. It .would, be 'best 'to have- scrapings made for diagnosis and :try to get rid ofyit permanently rather than just using, adhesive tape indefinitely. o q O : A—Once a year or so I find a 'bald spot on my head, each time "in a different place. What could this toe? Mrs.J. C. K. A—This is probably a condition hnwn as alopecia areata. Cssa- sloiially it involves all the hair of the head, even, the eyebrows. The hair usually grows 'back- but sonic professional advice would not be amiss. . ' o o o Q—I had a fall 30 years ago and hit the- lower part of the spine. Now it pains me so much at times I can't sit down. Could this cause trouble in my older age? Mrs. Tt> A—It seems to be causing en. c.ugh trouble now. The chances 'are'there has been an- injury to the coccyx which is the lower section of.the spine. Since it Is giving so much difficulty why not liave an X-ray and consultation with an orthopedic specialist? o o o Q—Docs' thyroid trouble have anything to 'do "with an uhde velopcd bust? Mrs.N. A—Probably not, at least froiii the practical angle. o o . o Q—Is it true that "after an operation for gall bladder or any other you will have to go back m about six months for. an appendix operation? Is the appendix more liable to go bad alter one has been operated on? .'" ' MissJ. M A—The answer to goth questions is "no." If.appendicitis develops in a, few. months after another operation, it must be ascribed to coincidence. o o o Q—You reccnly discussed retaid ed children. What I want to know is. .whether the value of grlutamic acid, as, a."brain food:' has been established, and-'whetherr -the results ; are laisting. ; ?"Vr; ; ITrsV C H K : A—It is too scion to know.all the answers about glutahiic acid. At present it is only possible to Bay .that.some interesting studies with : glutamic acid have been " reported and more are Agoing, on. Ita pracH- = .cal value, as a brain food has not yet, been "established." o . o . o Q—Please say .something about sinus tachycardia, I. have been told that the cause is unknown and also that is' comes'from the nerves. I; opt-,die from; it but it, is uncomfortable to live with. : • •>•..- Mrs.L. L1S. A—This is a condition in which the .heart beats!fast, usually Inter- .mittonly." Both answers arc more or less right since the cause U not always clear and yet the nervous system may play a part. Too. much smoking, chronic, infections, excitement, and .the like sometimes bring on an attack. Some people have this for a few : months or : yean»-jMid .then it. may disappear of Itself. Fortunately, as the writer remarks, It is uncomfortable gather than dangerous. TVOTK ON QUESTIONS • Dr. Jordan ,is unable .-to answer directly Jndivldualkiuewtion* J|»m readers. However, once a week, in this "Q & A" column he will . answer the most: interesting and .the most frequently asked: questions received, during the week. RE-ELECT FOB TOWN CLERK RAYMOND 3. ST. JOHN -^-CAPABLE— ,-SjgOtJIfTEPCS— " ,—EEFICltfNT— ,Y(C>TE'DEMOCRATIC THE SECON WHERE ELSE? The MUSIC SHOP —FREE iRIAL— MONTH FREE SERVICE CONV€NIENT TERMS AM M* It XM tmft Mi* Id* ''oc.d.rn" look »f th* Newport, i«yl*d,wlth,b»vlr •ni)^cbmp«iln«ii. Atk for Km fewpwt, CW»I 7T103) todoyl Expeirt Service Guaranteed With Each T-V set Sold ByjS Mu,sic Slhop Which Has Its Own Television Experts Operating: In NawgatacKs L^gest -T-V Service Department. All Work Done In Our Owji Store... 88 CHURCH STREET -EVERYTHING MUSICAL

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