The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 14, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 14, 1934
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fl& Served by tKt Jfr United Prea* VOL. XXXI-NO. 7(1 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND BODTHBABT MISSOURI HOME EDITION Blythevllle D*lly News BlytlievUlu Courier Mississippi Valley tende; BlythevtUe HerkM BLYTilRVn.l.R, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, ,IUNR H, 1031 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS TlB'fitlb On Way fov 70 Cenls iKe Dollar Settle- Oklahoma Candidate Gun Victim Initial Endeavour ment With Bondholders A il9'i,(X10 loan to Drainage DIs- Irici 1C viiis •authoriwd today by the necoastruction Finance Corporation at Washington. Cecil Slianr, local attorney and counsel for commss- skmerK of the district, has been ad- vlsod. Tlie loan had been sought. by Ihc district, in default on I us bonds, In an effort to reach a settlement with holders of appro>amalcly $2fiO.OOO In oiitsUinrtinji bonds. An offer of between 70 and If, per cent to uond- holder.s on I ho face value of their bonds will lx> made as a result of Ihc loan. Officials of the district have high hopes thai O'.'erturs to bondholders will be- successful iinil that Ir.e lax burden on landowners In llio district may nn lowered as a result. DisiricL IB, which includes Manila pr.d Lcachvllle find a large been In default oft bonds since 1D;10. farming area west of n% Kike, ha.> Retirement of approximately $60.000 in bo»ds hns been passer! up tax dciinqucnete.<;. since thai year because of heavy (lie Its outstanding -bond.:; on a Acceptance of a proposal to re- basis of in or 75 per cent would enable l!-e district. to re-finance its burden over a. long period of years at a lov; rate of interest, to rcimy the government, corporniioti. . TJ. O. Bywltiy and J. C. Hauls of Lecchvllle and J. M. Hullnn of Mahib. nrc. commte loners of the district. Okla.. June 14 N'mm, Democratic president of Ihc ii'iriciiliiire, dleil in of yiiir two tnen v;hn to MURKOOEE. i()|>l _ C. N. landidaic for Mute txiitrd of .1 hospital loday wound.-, inflicted by kidnaped him and trussed lilm a irce in tlie Orxiksnn hills. Tlie Kitmnen shot Nimn laic ycs- lerdny near his home ai i'orier. They picked up [tie. wounded man. drove him into the hills, nnd lied him 10 11 tree with wire. Until a few hours before his ric-alh Nunn kept :i promise he made lo his assailants and refused lo dcsciibc ihcin lo police. Police held little hope of apprehending Ihe gunmen. Nunn was a widely !;ni)uu farmer and slock dealer. Optometrists to Mteet Here Sunday Morning Optometrists of the nortlw?astern district of Arkansas will meet, in Blylhcville Victim of Unfair Discrimination, Is •Charge Pdce differentials under which Hiyihcvillc automobile owners are required lo pay from three to six rcni.s more \>er gallon for gasoline (liat is charged at. some Arkansas ixiint.s where taxes' are the same and transportation costs are prac- lirnlly identical were discussed at lasi night's meeting of directors of ilii» Hlylheville Chamber of Commerce.. While there was talk nf sponsoring- ilie organization of a local inderuTmlcnt oil company in an attempt to force down prices, no action was taken." A committee was named, however, io,look furi.her| into the situation ami seek means not one to cause (he American yachts; ]Pol! Tax Payments Here Still Lagging Wilhj'tlie .'.herltV nnd i-olleclor'r kO'cr-olii ditln;; a bri.'k bu^l- i'^s In-poll |:i\t'-i today, while dcpii- '•.-; in Ihe nMli'f here found Ihcm- c:, lav from oiCMiindenrd, II <:iifd possible lhal I'lerllon diiy i':hl Und as in.uiy i|i:alitled vol- .- In ihe O-'ivoln ril-.urlci of the "inly us iti 111.' more ililrkly popu- ivil Cl1lrl:iis»ul):i (llslrlel. Approximately -j.-ioo jjoll la\ re- n-lp'.s had been ivsued thrcmnh Ihe ofllce to:lay. fleporls from Os- cro! ; i urrc lhal well nvc'r 1.800 hail written there and tliul rlerks r were sl'lll' behind, with "outside" !jilri>ml"K Ijelni; press?;! Into service lo aid the clerical employes. The deadline ft>r payment of poll j! lax 10 qualify as an elector for tlie Democratic primary the end of business hours Frl- Getting His Gontee day. Uiiles.? lax naj/inrtil sharp Increase In comes, election daj , v:lll find r.'ls county far Ijolow its IjAllot slrciiRtli of two yours an n about- WOO votes vere cast. men to 'turn handsprings. Kor that fasi iraveling yacht yon see the foreground pulling away from her nearest competitor aL Hurlis T. O. M. Sopwith's-Eiidcavonr! which, will soon ,?OUJf. to (he United Stnles In an elfa: race was the ICndeiU'Ouv's Ifl -capliire tin.' America's Cup. dehui In raclns coniiwllUon. at iof ivlli'f from what -war, described | unjust tli.stritr^nntion from li both local dealers snd tlie Blylhevilie Sunday morning 10:30 o'clock for a program in which some, of the laiesl rosenrch work in modern optometric tech- |motoring public suffer. nlque will be presented and dis- i cus»rt by Or. Alva Wert and Dr. James I,. Guard. New York Cotton NEW YORK, June 14. (UP) — Cotton closed barely steady. open I'*s'n !ow close July .... 1203 1206 f!94 110-1 Oc:". 1237 1211 121fl 1210 Dec 1236 1211 1230 1230 Jan 1243 12-16 1235 1235 Mar 1255 I2.i8 12-lli 1247 May .... 1263 1205 12.V1 1254 .Spots closed n"lK W 1215. off is. NEW ORLEANS, June H. CUP) —Cotton traders \verc in a mo:d to I lake profits today and the market 14 lo 17 points lower in a The board also discussed pro- gr<-.--s of tlie nij'lhcville Relief Committee's scrip program, which h:is been losing niomenlum in retain- v.-neks, and adopted o resolution recommending to all local business concerns and the public generally that increased use lie made t>f ihe relief certifu-aios, to the end that a fund may be built. up lo insure continuance of rERA ivork relief activities during the summer months. The community is recall red lo furnish materials f °urc here continued to be a "de-1 for all work relief projects, nntl fendanfs term" yesierrtay. A directing is the cliief use to which pro- fd verdict for Vollmcr and Son, ceeds of ihe sale relief stamps dredging contractors. In a $1,200 I are put. Part of the money also damage action brought, by L. E. i-oes lo nid the Red Cross in pro- Rlddick, left, pirtito seeking judj- litllng direct aid in iho.=e umilile. mr-nts in damage crises yet to reg- tn work. jlstcr a major victory at the session | which opened Monday. Uidtllck soi!c;l-.t damages from Ihc I Returns in Role !Of Enoch Arden Court Directs Verdict for Vollmer and Son in $],200 Suii The sutnmer term of civil cli'cuit | " market selling 1 . July .. Oci. .. Dec. .. Jan. .. ivfar. .. May featured by fairly native open 1205 1320 1237 12-SO 1252 1560 high lox 1205 1196 122!) 1240 1217 clos< 11DG 1217 1227 nannjerl Auto CONNEAUT. Ohio (UP)-A skip" bicycle rider rode his j dredging contractors for injury to "hit- 111 «' c s«s'«!n«l whlle riding in a way boat to the scene of levee constnic- into a police conn hero. I. H. Bax- t! ™ lhe ' ' . ter told police the rear fender and wherc ", e lv!is employed. Il«ldie s at- 131! light, on his cnr were dam- « m P'«I "> hold the firm responsl- Spots clowd quiet at 1211, off 16. Closinrj Stock Prices NE\V YORK, Juno 14. (UP) — Tradinj; was dull with prices moving narrowly In the early afternoon dealings today on the -.-lock exchange. Most of the leaders fluctuated in a fractional area around the previous close. A. T. nnd T 115 3-4 Anaconda. Copper 15 1-2 iictli. Steel M 3-4 Chrysler 42 1-2 Cities scrlvcs 21-2 Coca Cola 124 1-2 den. Am. Tank 33 3-4 Gen. Eleciric 20 1-2 Citn. Motors 31 7-8 inf. Harvester 32 Montgomery Ward .... 27 3-4 N. Y. Centn! 30 Packard 37-8 Phillips Pel. 18 1-2 Radio 73-8 Simmons Beds 163-4 Standard of N. J 40 Texas Co 25 1-2 U. S. Sieel 41 U. S. smelting 127 Kin of Admiral Warship Sponsoi: $140,000 Pecan Point Settlement Upheld in Forrest City Decision . OSCL'OI,A. Ark., June 14.—Residents of i'ccan Point nre entitled .o damages of approximately $140,000. which tlie St. Francis Iievec District agreed lo pay them sev- ral years ai;o when a loop, con- d In the Mississippi River GVRC al that iwlni, left a large acreage of their land In a pocket .iibjeci to ovk'flow, according lo Chancellor A. (.. llnchlns of Forrest City. Chancellor Huchliv; rendered the. decision after a hearing at Forest, City Tuesday when he dismissed ihe complaint of R. L. Mtarn, Lee county resident, "who.sought lo'eii- loln lhc levee distrfct from paying' (he Peean ixilnt 'residents the agreed damages. The suit Is the latest of it -long series brought in chancery courts over, the district ami In federal courl, with decisions' In each suit, favonible to tho land owners. Tlie agreed selilpinftt was validated hy aetlon of ihe Arkansas Legislature after it .was Kgreed upon between lhe. district and the land owners but rejwaled court action. 1 ; by taxpayers over the district, have hek up actual payment, of ihe funds. Two prominent f.Iille Rock attorneys. Gen. U. Hose and Chas. T Coleman. were opposing counre for the litigants at the Forest Cilj hearing, Mr. nose being associated I with .1. T. Coston of Osccola a. iltorncy for Ihe land owners mil Mr, Coleman with the firm of DdK ;ett & Daggett of Marianna. representing Mr. Ivflxon. German mid Italian Dictators Lunch 1 oglher Near Venice VENICE, June 14 (UP)—Premier Hcntlo Mussolini, aggressive and oul.'iioki'ii . riilcT <>i fiLsclst Italy, apjmiled today lo Nn/l Cliiinceluir Hitler for the reliirn of Germany lo world i>cace ncnotinilrins. The two diclalor:;, rulitig between them moie iliau 100.000.000 people, met for the hrst lime m nn historic luncheon nt.Slia, neur Venice, lo dlsnts.s for iwo liours the coinpllcnled ixillliral nnd ec- ouoiuii' problems which tire, trnuli Hug .Kurope. Nfus50llnl nnd littler were extremely affable at the luncheon. Mnuoltnl s)X)ke Iliiently for two hour. 1 ; In German. Interruptions were present, .however. In case either dictator found difficulty Ir expressing himself. Twenly-flvi were at. the luncheon. Including* Dr. von Neuralh, Ck-rman foreigi mlnlsler. Fulvio .Siivich, Italliu foreign itnder-secrelary, Ilaron Poinpco Alolsl, Iinhjin dlsanna- nienl expert, and Uirich von Has-1 scl, German ambassador. Von've heard loll Hun Uncle Siinrs unllnp Keep In line: !Hin n: course. Well, Miss Nun navl-j Jiint tlinuKlil elu-'d iliul tills out for heraolf nt tho Knllomil S»\'y Club Ball In Mow York. Sn hero sliu la chlnnlriK wtlh ;>. A. ll:it- flcld of Iho cruiser New Vorlc, proud possessor of (No nlnuiio Four from 'This County Paroled from Tucker TUCKER PRISON FARM, June 14. tUP)— Paroles for 72 convicts were announced today by Sup!. A. i. Sleadman ot the stale prison. The, paroles were pn.wetl upon Monday by the slate parole Ixmrd. nce.llng In LJtllc Roc'n. Paroles grnniert to Mkakslppl qonnty prisoners Include: Andrew Jewell,, serving one year, grand lar- :c.riy. Bob Lane and Bob Jonn?on :iesrocs, thr'ec" years, manslaughter, Chicago Wheat open July 95 1-2 Sept. 00 Si 3-4 90 1-4 low close, 93 94 93 3-4 fM -,• A female Enoch Ardcn, Mr=. N'inn Aiao Crenno, 29. nliove, whose mother buried Ilie, lujcly oC a drowning victim in I9?S. believing it that of tier diugb- fBLUEIBilB Local Star. Turns In Card Of. Seventy-six for First Eighteen Holes OR PEr! FOR STilL Onlv Roosevelt Can Avert Walkout, Union Delegates Declare piTTsnunnn, June u. <UP>— . Four hundred delecales lo lhe con- ivenllon of the Amalgamated Association of Iron, Steel and Tin Workers Unions met here today lo decide Ihc question of peace nr war In lhe nation's p.rentest Industry. > If if' Is to ire pence, deifgnles were fllitiost unntilnlous In their oulnlon lhat it can only .te broii^ht nbouL through direct Intervention if President n nose volt. If it Is to l>n war, II will.come in tbe form of a strike which un- • Ion leaders claim will ile tip most of the country's steel mills. Drmaiul Rfcofnlflon Of the nation'.'! -100,000 sleel workers, Amalgamated claims to control 100,000. Union recowlllou or we strike." ' the union declared In an ultimatum lo employers last April, when they fixed tlie dale of ,,thc 6lrlke for June Ifl, first anniversary of the NRA. Today's mecllng, which mny continue through Saturday, svas to confirm Iho strike decision, or call off the strike If developments warr rant. As delegates gathered today they still fell* less than lukewarm".toward , t Administrator Huah 3. Johnson's proposed special three- man neutral board to arbitrate dls- . ., * putcs bet-iVccn Ihe men and their LITTLE ROCK, June 14. (UP)- cm pioy trs . FSnpldyers, ' represented Oirtls collier, of W>rl BmlUi, mfldc . b , hc It - on Rnli steel, uistitute, a now threat toda to win the sate )mvo MCC|>lNl th!s :- • . amateur golf championship with a I • rjclcuate.i were soincwlftl bcwll- !„.„ n r ni ,„. !!,„ nvcl ,B hnl,. n f - and John degree murder. IS years, second Trucking Companies Given State Permits MTTLE ROCK, June 14 (UP)— Pcvmlts were granted by the corp- low of 74 for the first. IB holes of Inn 38-hole .quallfyirif! roiujd..., , !fe was finalist last j'enr at Hoi- Springs with Steve creekmore. H. b. Nlemeyer, of Hot. Springs, turned in a lo. W. A. Dowel), )r, of Biytheville sliot.~n Id .for the flrsl- 13 holes. Qenc Erwrle. 77, and C. H. Wll- kin.'i, 78, of Utlle Rock, followed him. Seven Jonesboro golfers were among the. curly finishers of the omtton commi.yion today for two; nr st. round. They were Paul Barron, 91, Dr. R. M. Sloan, 88, W. T. Duncan, !»3, and W. C. Puryear, 95, J. W. Burzlck Jr., 62, W. C. Overstreet, 107, J. W. nmv.lck sr., 90. The Blythflville Country club \var, accepted as a member of the Arkansas Stale 'coif association and members of that club are compet- Irucklnr; companies to opertit« in Hie state. The Fugnle. and Person company, of Tirazill. Intl., will npt'rale an extensive state wide system which will include connections til Blylhe- ville and Forrest City. P. D. McGovern will haul beer from West, Memphis to Little Rock. )ffers Poisoned Whisky to Seven Before Suicide China Is conducting Intelltcence tests of her army officers, requir- colonel to take these tests time to time to maintain standing. Her husband, ot Muskepon Heights. Mich., remarried four a Shcrwln-Wiiliams company was \ awarded judgment for approxi-j mately $20 In an action against Lhc , Nfartln Taxi and Ti'ansfer companv- for damages to car growing out: 'er, has reappeared In of an accident in Crittenden coun- ! v f"e. N. V.. as a Invern waitress. ty. A cro>* complaint by tlKi defendant \\as disniisseil. Nelson and NoiiXm represented Hie plaintiff and i years ago and now face? Claude p. Cooper, .the defendant. \ blgamy-dlvaru tangle. i Oland Taylor was awarded judg-i — ' ment for five dollars In n damage i £( ,)| . . suit against George Wahl by a Jury | r milt tO this afternoon. The case had been . \ n A of . A rp appealed by Wahl from a municipal | JllOgCS Are court verdict In favor of Taylor) for atout S50. Neill IJeed appeared I Three well known cltiMni have as attorney for Wahl 'and Clande ! been selected as members of Ihc P Cooper was counsel for Taylor.! Mississippi county committee to f Chicago Corn open high low dose I Julv M 1-8 58 1-4 W 1-2 57 7-8' Sept. M 1-8 60 1-3 58 3-8 59 3-4 Wlier, the U. S. S. Destroyer Dewey, named after Mio Admiral Dewey of Spanish war fame. It launched at. Datli, Me., n descend- «nl. Miss Anna M.newcy (above), n'lil «ct as Bpoiisor. Bhe U a real- dent ot Quecbeu, Vu I judge farms in the Commercial Appear's "Plant to Prosper" $1,000- pri?e campaign. Tnej- are: J. Louts Cherry. J. U. Smart jr.. and Herman Matthews, all of BlytheviliP. Much enthusiasm is'being shoMi by lhe 30 farmers entered In the contest. Nfost of these entrants are ycinig, progressive fftrmers who were formerly members of the Boys 4-H clubs. What they learned about diversification under J. E. Crltz Hcme and Farm Aulhoritv branco and s D carpenter, county a^ente. fre:n en B atfng in competition with j | s to be used In gicir prograrns far the plaintiffs. I ma i;ing the beat, use of govern• Tlie ^ suits also were directed , ment-rcnud cotion land in devel- agains.. the Alabama Power com- oping a permanent system of dl- pany because of Its alleged accept-1 versified aarlciil'ure nncc of Ihe T. V. A. electric appli-; •'• ance saks program and its schcd- Sue to' Block T. V. A.'s Appliance Sales Program BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Julio H. (UP)—RcTScsentatlvps ot coal and ice industries in Alabama today n!- cd suit In federal court in an at- I tempt to prevent the Tennessee Valley Authority and its Electric RENO, Nei-.. June 14. (UP)—A •oung man who apparently became suddenly demented and offered poisoned whisky to seven persons, only cne of whom acccpled nnd died, and who drank the lalal mixture himself, was identified lod/.y as Ramon Starr Wilson, former Stanford university student. Tlie identification was made by Chief of wlice Jack Kirkley from finger print classification furnished by the United Press. i Kirkley said [.lie classification and ! description fitted the. 27-yeor-oid | man who committed suicide at Lovelock, Xc'v.. last night after giv- 1 Ing (he poisoned potion to Dana j Booth. 23, » laxi driver. Manila Bucket Brigade / Saves Editor's Garage MAINLA.—Fire destroyed n small house owned by Jack Fanner here Wednesday evening about 7:30. The origin of the fire was undetermined. The house was being used us a | storage place for hay. Uoyd Horner had atout 2 or 3 tons of hay stored there. The damage was estimated at tlOO. That famous Manila "bucket brigade" saved & rja- ragc owned by Kendall Berry that was 20 feet from the nre. from their The children of un-fmp)«y(d uarrnts need food. If we don't feed them one way we must fecit them another, Ing in the tournament today the fir.U time. for Brown's Spur Infant Is Victim of Colitis Chosen to Head Doctors of U. S. MANILA.—nillie Ray Romine, 2 lied Wednesday at, the home of his parents al Drown Spur, 3 miles west of here. Cause of the baby's death was coliUs. The baby will Iw buried at Pocahonlas today. lie Is survived by his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Boyd no- mine, and one sister. The Howard-Thompson Undertaking company is In charge of funeral arrangements. uled sale of north Alabama utll- Hy prope'tllca ( 0 the T, V. A. No woman Is permitted on Mt. 'Athos, with Its I4« monasteries. All Parts of Dakota to Get Arkansas Aid forma llyc-bptofo ..epuzress,» ; would authorise-'' president r veil to appoint mediation boards to handle any Industrial : disoute, ncludlng the present steal fight. . Stfslonc Are Secret ' ' Thev were bitter against Hie Iron- ' and Steel Institute for a .slntement ssitcd in New York last night, claiming that 85 wr cent of the vorkcrs in' tlie nation's malor sled -, plants favored tlie present corii- iany union system and were opposed to tlie threatened strike. Leaders, who declined (o be quoted, said the ins'llutc's statement was misleading. The mere fact thai workers vi*?d in elections for rer> rcscnlalion In company unions, Ihev said, did not mean necessarily that, they approved the company union system or that they would refuse to strike. Tile convention, dominated hy the left wing "rank and file" committee, convened at 10 a.m. (eastern daylight 'lime.) Proceedings will be secret, with official announcement the only public word. LITTLE ROCK, June 14. (UP)— Every area of South Dakota In need I of drouth relief will have at least i one carload ot feed for Its livestock from Arkansas, lhe slate relief commission said today. Twenty-two cars already have besn shipped nnd 21 more will be on their way by tomorrow night. Dr. Walter Blerrlng ot Des Moinea hero greets tho world with a broad smile, as he Just has received one of the highest honors ol the medical profession— the presidency ot the American Medical Association.' The Iowa physician was Inducted at the srinua] convention la Cleveland, succeeding Or, De*m Lewis. Non-NRA Mills Hurting Cottonseed Oil Industry MEMPHIS, June 14. (UP)—Foil- lire of the cottonseed oil mills in the outlying district 1 : to adopt the NRA has worked a hardship on otlicr mill owners, J. P. Ulclcimon. Memphis, president of tho Tri- States Cottonseed Oil Mill Snw-'n- lendenls association, to!d the delegates today at the eleventh annual convention. The three day convention opened at 8 a.m. today. "Mills that hast continued on Uic old system of 12 hours a day. not trylnj to live up to the prcsl dent's volunteer code, have great ly handicapped the mills under the NBA that arc following an eight- hour day system," Dickinson told the convention. • He urged the mill owners to Un prove the quality of their products, explaining that the past season wa very unsatisfactory from the mill operating standpoint, as very few mills, If any, got sufficient seed. "The Code as Pertaining to the Oil Mill 'Industry" will be the subject of an address by R. V. Madden, of Osceola, Ark., who will speak at 9:30 a.m. Friday. Five-sevenths oE the estimated coal reserves of lhe world are In North America. More than half Itrpublicaiis Attack Roosevelt WASHINGTON, Juno H (UP)— resident Roosevelt's four-point irogram for lalxn- disputes leglSr lalion. alMcd prinvjrily at the Ihrentened steel slrikc, was sub- • iecled to sharp attack from senate Republicans today. The president's proposals would be substitute for the disputed Wagner labor bill. A wide variety of suggested changes were advanced at a Republican conference to pass on the legislation. A republican sub-committee of five senators, headed by Senator J. J. Davis, Pennsylvania, former secretary of labor, was appointed (o consolidate Republican Ideas and put lhe proposed changes into ' legislative form. Twenty Republicans attended the party conference, which de- - veloped such a confusion of Ideas that Minority Leader Charles McNary found it irnpossiWe to settle them without resorting to the subcommittee procedure. Davis, "Puddler Jim" of the steel mills, was appointed lo head the sub-committee because of his knowledge of the steel industry, In which the threat of a general strike was approaching a crisis at a Pittsburgh convention of ,steel workers. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy, probably thunderstiowers In northwest portion tonight and Friday. Cooler in north portion Friday. • Memphis snd vicinity—Pair tonight. Friday thundershowers and cooler The maximum tempsratiire here yesterday was 8S, minimum 56, of the bituminous coal of the clear, according to S»mu«i P. Kor- world Is In the United 8t»t«. 'rlj official weather observer,

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