The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on April 7, 1904 · Page 18
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 18

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1904
Page 18
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V is THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE. NEW YORK. THURSDAY. ATOIL 7.-1804. INSTRUCTION. full prttcuiMi. iothr Uis -.;( in -J, r'r-euar. .. : uu.wrf.Uirs. ev. hoots and M.ia: 0--. ! . r-t ;-J In t-r f'luinr.i mr rs 1 fw cf cMnr tjr r-rut.c U rr.i.K rr r r r v : v a r . o n " h t a l-. ff jnh f!. r. rri F"'!iimr For Beth Sxe. j ECTELS AND KTSOHTS. i Ths Ksrl Bnrai. J ) Fu.l frlH-u.r wi.viin.i. au ir.-t, rirculara ! , i ft . t.liiull u4 iiMiub4l till. UDrt wrd ' I i ii a r. ' n e. Bu.i4-n Hr. h ik . Ji Kat T. niy-(hlr4 Uiib.maa. j PRINCIPAL CiTHS. H0TEI.3 ASD RESOF.TS. HOTELS ASD REE0BT3. ATLANTIC CITY. LAKEWOOD. K.-J. In .11 ril A1.IVAS TO THB FRONT, he Cv-ainjeriai .'r:, .tl-a. Washington, D. C hKnWNF'.N IhlH Yr-flK. ; saH33 the WIIV MMb W IV I II tan i W M !o horeham 2 Ku.K-n nt. iri - i. n H-. .shta. Hl"t.rn CiintuO i.J v'tarK Tl?rhi-r. Mam Pr.icc tus mailed. ty n1 ewnir t'1.--it a ! -ar r ur.J l..Tkli-'r:r,f . ".; S:e-ni;r fy. th". TrWftTA fly. I'-O. htrt l'n.nnTih,v .'.. 1. I'a r-M. s. .-ho;arnH. in Su I..-;' ;;!.. to ."ft; F .! CewTM. IuuMe OvJiw 0 to IliO; 10 wt-k. M 57 A in cah Mill put u tnr. uih th o-ai-f nil rlete !irr iji. 1 1 : ' c-'UrM- tn 8TKNnj. IllJIl H A (' II Y , TVlTWCiriNii. UHK- BW KEKFIXii. 1'KNM NSHIH. TELr-A.-RAI'HY. &c. with the f:Mra u t of a pv nut -:.t ptuton. tr you ntnrt nM away. dy or night. Call or witr ;it u- for full pat U'-iUr GAFFEY'S RIG SHHnnL ICS WEST SOD ST. NEW TORK. HEFFLEY SCHOOL A ISIVLHSITY I SiroPK. Prepares tor nil profeaMonal B-hooli ano col-Ifitfi: alro fnr position as bock keeper and ten-oerurhr. dav nd "rnlr.e H-nin now. NORM P HKf'F'KKV. Pre . Rvtron t. FrrnkMn. 1 LANGUAGES. THE 1SEKI.ITZ srHOOI. OP LASGl AGES. T3 loorl St. Mrooklyn. Xfw term, tegin now Trl.l gsom tree. CURTIS SCHOOL, stenography. ducatlon. etc. 140 Ft. firee.e Tl, cur. 11. all t'lislneMt branches, neplected Individual instruction Dy New York Preparatory School. a Joraleuion St. Te-1. 1077 Main. BEt.KV I S en lerm lieulnn March SS. SE.NB W) "SUCCESS IX KKuJESTS. mliP-tf Rrianl Strnttou Biidiin?.. t tillejio And School uf Stenoritpby. CAT AXU EVEN I NO SESSIONS. C. CLAGHORN Principal. Pulton et. corner Bedfoi-1 av. 12TH A. D. WITH MC CASEEIT. ' At the montbly moPtlng of the Twelfth Assembly District Democratic Club, held at Its rooms. Ninth street and Third avenue, Monday night, the following resolutions wero unanimously adopted:' "Resolved. That this club heartily indorses the actions of the Houorabie Senator McCarren In his firm stand for homo rule for the Boroneh of Brooklyn and we therefore rerognize him as the Democratic leader of Hints County and pledge, him our united support. 'Tr the conimi.tee. JAMES T. BOLAXn, ' THOMAS MULLEN. "THOMAS MANNING, ' PATRICK M. OOWAN. "JOHN CUNNINGHAM.." Washington. D. C. American and European Plan. ABSOLUTELY FIREPROOF Within five minutes wslk of the White House, Treasury. State, War and Navy Depart, merits. Absolutely modem and high class In every detail. John I. DexJine. Prop. Atlantic City Tunrnl NEW THREE sri JERSEY HOURS T CENTRAL Phasing Through Lake wood . fMM Tostittnl Taltis. Ituffet far lor Car. Mae I fh-Miy -tr! nation S. H o V M. awl I. M. Wif ; hanaay).v A- H. tioutb i eiry &minuiesearUr. LAKiiUOOD. LAUREL HOUSE e.v rroot Octwkrr w Jun Laurel in the Pines .kASo.N Jr'HllM M.VKJiitH TO HAT. Dotb kotue anaw th. man.teai.Bt of D. a fLLMKK. k J. Ml-nPHT. Ant. Mfr. Laurrt Hc. r "HITS:. Ant Mer tjrel-l- the P n. rravoni. trail hr Mrs El.aNth ratler.on : raunrll rami, tli'ra a large gathrrinc of ih Iraalnf cTrimt, rl rcprcducul ' of member, ar tba anlrr Inrludlng f?urrni It In the form of blotter. Si flOO of ahleli Counsrlor J. T. Applrirale. Supreme Rerord-bave been Uinrlbute.l at an adTrtietne-. t er K. S. Prtter and 1 up re me Treaaurcr J. The plrture iu icada trout a .ketch taken H Rsbt, and aflor the orator bad collected ty tn artltt aortic year, sro in a lltliei u rard for th April attendance prl oraatnf ne'cailcd on tn Supreme Council or and Recorder, brlnatnf forth two atlr- THE COCHRAN, Washington, D. C. This first class bouse Is situated on corner FOURTEENTH AND K STREETS, L W., In the fashionable portion ot the city. It is accessible by electric cars to and from all directions, and in the immediate vicinity of two moat beautiful parks. Transient guests receive Bpecial attention. Baggage checked In the house to all points. EUGENE S. COCHRAN. Manager. LONG ISLAND. SCANDINAVIAN NEWS. ARDEN CITY HOTEL A rr.ognlflcent high clnss modern hotel In he Garden Spot of Lons Inland (IS trilled from N. Y.). HEOI'KS APHIIa 1G. J. J. LAWIN, Trup. 4. union City, L. I. Also prop, ot Summit Spring Hotel. Poland. Ale. THE PROSPECT HOUSE, SHELTER ISLAND HEIGHTS, N. Y. Wl( opn for the reception of Ruepts In June. HIGH CLASS FAMILY Ft K SORT. GOLF. TENNIS, SAILING, PRIVINTG. .Special rules for the SRason. Address D. P, HATHAWAY THK HAXOVKR, 2 East Fifteenth st, N. T. . It ANU ATLANTIC HUitL, Mrclma Av ndj Ht-ach. Atlantic City. N. J. t'apaolty. iiJ. Th; spacious bote! NOW OI'KN new ttiiir.iif initnt. Ctuiplvtely rtfurni.hcd and newly dec-oi ult-d. Location centtul, H.ljn-fnt to llcardwaik. Stttl Hier an1 all am Jt-emcnt. H. t and cold aea water baths. Sjn parloi tturruundlng veranda and steam beuted. Tel-(jhutn- In bedroom (tchrtri. Cuisine and service tinxcclltsl Cfe Attarhe4. ItAtes: American plan, HV 117.50, til tnd Up waekly; Kuropenn plan. Si SO day and up. liiustraied bookltL Coaches neet trains. A. C. MITCHELL A CO., Proprietor T. P. HAHTRR. Meaner. New York office. ?W Fourth av. Telephone, Gramercr. PALMEK HUU5t. LAKE WOOD, E. J. rrra season, octouer to jcmbv C. PALJIBR CLKAVER. THE LEXINGTON. fe.rIi."vT OPES ALL YliAK. hutuiy ronv open w.wd Hi, prtvata and public baiha, steam best, riectric llchtt. . Rata CM day and up, . A, I. LAHItABICB. THE J.AZTrV00L HOTEL i 1. the larfe.t aad leading hot.l of Lak.wood. : Vi YorR 'iftlee. l.M UriMdar. T.lephon. i.Ui Thlrty-lhth .t. THE ALBEMARLE. Virginia av, near tha Beach. ' This elegant and thoroughly modern hotel, new throughout, ecnialning loo large, sunny front room, thorrugi ly steam heated, has every equipment t.ta comfort for the entertainment of Spring guests. Including private and public baths, elevator aervloe, etc. Over 2,0)0 feet of beautiful aun parlors r f-ature. Offer for the Spring aeason s-ial term for superior accommodation:! and excellent tabte of tS. 110, $12 SO weekly; I up dally. Orchestral concert dully and evening. Booklet upon rf.junt . J, P. CO PR. LAKEWOOD LODGE. S:Xtt,,drl lor; modern t rates. BEECH WOOD VILLA. Commodious house: rentrallv locwted: eofivea- lent to atl hotels and pines; well -pt: bnnk'et. - W. A. PAUL. l.ERfn.M rOTTACE. LAKEWOOD. First claa-s accommtxljtiiins: near hoU'ls and laka drive: In private residence section. . Mm. K I. HKHTHAXI GALEII HALL, ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. HOTEL AND SANATORIUM. New buildings with every comfort, including elevators, roof solarium and thrve aun parlors. A complete bath department, giving electrical, Niiuhelm, Roman end hydropathic, using eea watt-r. for ladles and gentlemen. Trained operators only, F. L. YOUNG, General Manager. MANOR, H THE FRONTENAC, A new hotel, as good o the beat, Kentucky a, 100 yard from beach: center of all attractions: direct southern exposure; will make special spring terms of JS, $10, $12 weekly; 1..V, $2 daily fcr large, pleasant ocean view room?; all metal beds, with excellent table and per vice; contains elevator, steam beat, baths and every comfort; spacious sun parlnrs. heated, overlook boardwalk and ocean. Booklet mallrd. Mm. H. T. MOVER. HOTEL IMPERIAL Ocean End alarvland Ave... Atlantic City. A Family Hotel of the Highest Clan. Admirably situated. Capacity 3Ci). Moderate tariff. Guide book. free. W. CHAVOLER STEWART. ETjDSON RIVER COUNTIES. The New York Scandinavian Grand Lodge, I. 0. G. T., has announced the following programme for thiti week: To-night, the lodge John Ericsson No. 3 will meet nt Grand Union Hall, 238 Court street, and discuss the matrimonial question, while the lodge Emanuel No. 8 mec's at Peer's Hall, "ft! Manhattan avenu--. to listen to music and oratory. To-night also the lodse Vort Land No. 29 will assemble at Its quarters, Court and Sackett streets, to entertain tho Grand Lodge, while the lodge Washington No. 13 meets at 118 Hamilton avenue to discuss local topics. The latter organization, originally Norwegian, uses the English language. Saturday night tho lodge Framat No. 2 will meet at 157 AdelpM street to decide "What Is Happiness," while the lodge Skandinavkn No. 4 will give a young folks eve at Columbia Hall, 10 Court street. The same night the lodge, Svea Bancr No. 12, meets at Columbia Hall, "25 Union Btreet, to confer the second degree on a number of first degree members, while the lodge Dovre No. 50 will visit tho lodge Midnattsolen of the Bronx. On Sunday the children's lodge Haabet No. -.2. will Rive recitations at Lincoln Hall, 118 Hamilton avenue, while the lodge Syslton-hemmit No. 25, assembles at Decorior Hall, 79 Gates avenue, to listen to "One Week of Barchi History, ns Related by the Press." The Swedish Democratic Club held Its April 'meeting Monday night at Its club rooms, 3S7 Atlantic uvenuc. The president of the club donated fr.0 to the use of tho house committee. The Ladies Auxiliary of the Swedish Hospital Society met Monday at the residence of Mrs. H. A. C. Dahl, 288 Schermorhorn street, and viewed some of the goods which have arrived from Sweden for tho hospital fair. Theodore Melander, an expert In Swedish gymnastics, has sent In his resignation as Instructor for the Swedish Sporting and Athletic Association. Ho gives as reasons that his time Is fully occupied and that it is too Inconvenient to come from Manhattan to Brooklyn to attend meetings. Ajfino concert is promised for this evening by the singers connected with the Swedish M. E. Church, on Dean street, where the entertainment will take place. Miss Alva Stenstrom, Mis3 Anna Cedarholni. August Ericson. Robert A. Lyman and William O. King will be the soloists. Beside these Professor Paul De Bourg's orchestra will play and tho church's choir of forty voices will render several numbers. The EweJiEh Ladles Chorus met Monday night and elected officers for the ensuing working yea,-. Mrs. Sabina Ericson was elected president: Mrs. Beatrice Alexlsson, vice president; Miss Thyra Johanson, secretary: Mis Hilda Colllierg. financial secretary; Miss Thercsia Collberg, treasurer; Mrs. Anna Wolf, librarian, and Miss Gertrude Lund'oerg, sergefnt-at-arms. Hans Carllng was asked to serve in the capacity as host at festivals and Mrs. Reims, Mrs. Newman and M.'s. Emily BJtirberg were eleeted auditors. Professor Arvid Akerlind was elected musical director. Captain A. II. Fogelhcrg has given a piece of tapestry with the picture of the Reliance galling Jn good wind to the Swedish Glee Club. The gift will be disposed of at the Swedish Hospital bazar, where the club will have a lnre booth. A number of Swedish veternns havs do nated cuilos from Ihe Philippines to the Swedish Hnspitsl haznr.nmf the tilings will be collected and disposed of iu a separate booth. At the concert which was given by the lodpo Fyrtornet cf 1. 0. G. T. much comment was made on account of two whisky ndverti'-cr.irnts In the souvenir programme. Tho lodge members were chagrined nt the many chafing remark? of the moderate tipplers who patronized the affair, ami the arrangements committee has been kept biu;y the last week trying tn explain away the mistake of a zealous advertisement solicitor. Dutcher House AND COTTAGES, PAWLdNR. Dt'TCHKSS COt'XTY, N. T. XIXKTY M1NCTKS TROM NEW YORK CITY. Large rooms, fine table. GOLF. TENNIS, FIXB DRIVES, LtOATINO and FISHING. PRANK LORD, Prnnrlctnr. AlfM Manager Hotel Quentin. Sin w. 5Bth at.. N.Y. ATLANTIC CITY. THE ATLAXTIC: CITY OFFICE OF THB EVtil.B IS LOCATED CORNEU OK ATLANTIC ASD PENNSYLVANIA AVES. I-' I'LL INFORMATION CONCERNING; ADVERTISING KATES Kill MS II ED ON Al"-I'LICATION. ROYAL PALAGE HOTEL, ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. Directly on the Kcach; tho finest location on the Atlantic coast; new and modern: open from March 26 lo October 1. 300 flue ocean front rooms, en suite with hot and cold fresh and sea water baths; exceptional Caplno service; American plan; special low Spring rates; send fcr Illustrated booklet. CHARLES B. PRETTYSVJAN, OWKEK AND PROPRIETOR. I. than .1. WATitous. si a ii a arts r. HOTEL TRAYMORE. Atlantic City, N. J., remains open throughout the year. Every known comfort and convenience. Golf privileges. Running water in bedrooms. TRAYMORE HOTEL COMPANY, D. S. WHITE, President. New York Rep. at 239 Feurtli av. S1A0D0N HALL, ATLAXTIC CITY, N. 1. Hot and cold eea water baths. Long distance telephone In every bedioom. Golf liuka. Write for illustrated literature. LEEDS & LIPPINCOTT. N. Y. office. Town and Country. 259 Fourth av. THE HOLMIITJBST, Pennsylvania Av. close to Beach. Atlantic City. Central and select location. Enlarged, extensive Improvements and refurnishing Just completed make this a new hotel nnd one of the best. Equipped with elevator to street level, sun parlor, private baths, running water In rooms, etc. Special winter and spring rates. Booklet. HENRY DARNKLT THE ST. CHARLES, Atlantic City. N J. Directly on the ocean front. . RomAlna inwn throuuhout the year. Bell tele phone in rooms. High class music. Sea water In nit baths. G'Uf prlvllefips. N. Y. booking repre-imitative, GEO. S. FELL, 289 Fourth av, nea; Tttentv-thlrd st, NBWLIN HAINES- Dally 11 o 3. Telephone Oramercy, . HOTEL JACKSON, ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. An ahsntutely fireproof Bench front hotel at Virginia ev. The lineHt location. Adjacent to the famous boardwalk wnd a. eel pier. 200 handsome ocean front ronis. The finest chefs nnd cuisine. Muf-ical concert? dally and evening. Terms. American Han, $12. '.0, $13 and $21 weekly. Write fir lllustrait-d llternfure. N, Y. office. 8 Park place. CH AS. E. COPE. Prop. JOHN CItUaE. Manager. Also Klttatlnny Hotel. Delaware Water Jap. 1'a. Op4-n May till November. HOTEL ISLES "vVOKTH, ATLANTIC CITY. N. J. American and Eurouean nlans. Extensive In terior Improvements. Long dlatance telephone service In bedroom. Rooms en suite, with private bathB. Fresh nnd F-ult water In every haih. Pure wattr from our own artesian well. Elevator from street, sun pur lor si. Cafe ;md KrlU room. Orchestra. Capacity EH0. Booklet mailed. Personal representative at Iloiel Savoy, 50th at and oth av, N. Y., where rooms can be secured and general Information obtained. OSIlORNR & PAINTER BERKSHIRE INN, . - Ocean end Virginia av, ATLANTIC CITY. Special rntes. 2 to $3 daily; 8, Jlf), 112.50 and SIC wecklv. for lartre. sunny, steam heated rooms. Capacity 300. Unobstructed view. Excellent table and service. Elevator, private baths, etc. Book' let. Osteopathy. a" 30t J. O. & J. K. DICKlNaoy. THE DUNL0P, Board Walk and Ocean At, ATLANTIC CITY. European plan. Rooms en suite with private baths. Ocean view from every 'room. Restaurant of superior excellence, tea food a specialty. R. T. DUNL0P. HOTEL NEW ENGLAND, Ocean end South Carolina av. Atlantic CUt. Very convenient to boardwalk, piers and all amusements. Hoom "n suite, wttn private baths, Steam heat. Sun parlor. Elevator from street. rates for the Spring and Easter season. Booklet on application. B'lYAN A TV7LLIAMB. ATLANTIC CITY. N. J. Permanent bureau of Information at 1.3(14 P.road-way, above Thirty-sixth nt. where Information and literature concern I wr following hotels can he secured: Hotel Dennlw, Hotel Brighton, Hml'lon Hall. Hotel St. Charles. Young's Hotel, Wiltshire. Marlborough House, Dunlnp, lintel Seaside, Hotel P.u.iolf.The Chalfonte. Hotel Traymore, New Strand IMfl. Oalen Hall, lalenworth. Garden Hotel, Ho-trl Italetch. Royal palace Hotel, THE SAVOY, DIRECTLY ON THE REACH. ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. Running watr In all rooms. Rooms n suite with artesian and salt water bathH. Moderate rates for Spring, Easter and Summer season. Personal rep-rtriuitative, 3 Park Place, New York. S. M. HANLEY. HOTEL RALEIGH, Ocean end St. Charles place. Capacity 4M. Modern in nil appointment!; servlee and oulslno nYt cUss. Elevator to street level. Private baths. R -o in 9 tn suite. Electric bus meets trains. Hook-let. C. C. HHTNN. HOTEL SHOBEHAM, Ocean rnd Virginia av. Atlantic City. Puvroumleil by l-irge oeii lot, elevator to "treet. Sicum heat. Private baths. Telephones In rooms. TsiUlo and service itept at high stitn iaid. Special mtci for April and May, $lu. $':.. i7,, S17.,ii weekly. i:o..k!i-t. y. H. COTTE.V. HtJl'EL ri,.i:r-NKO.. YIRU1MA A v. NEArt Ileai h. Atlantic city. Newly Improved, large i.lHzzaf. sun pari'jr. spacious rooms, n suite, with tiled o.i:.lis. T i'Ljhonf. elevator, etc. llLokIe: mathu. M. u. N Bl MAN, Propr, ARLINGTON HOTEL, M'ehtrnn qv and Beach. Atlantic City. Open all ear. Steam ival EU-vatur. Sun parlcra. Kmnia I-n suite with b;itht. Hpvcial S-rlng rat'-s. Amrl- rnf F-ili (,.( :m plan. MoOKIet. 1 4. IL NA. AFRO-AMERICAN NOTES. At the regular inon'hly mnt'tinjf of the I-f, H. Ouvnci: ri-jii. in the ciubhoune. 4S Il'.r:.wMI plac. Iunt evening, a Uivs.- niimhr of im-mbeM ivero prefent iiu-i nd'"'p:f"l rrsoluttr.ti! of fvtni,ithy fnr e-l.fiit tiant "bis fviior Timothy I., Woodruff in the defith of h'.n wife "Hhcr fnturr-s included the eieriw.n of u tr-'tujurci' in th. i person of A. !"(. t'lnvlit;. Tht flint annua! fnlr "f th.. Conenrd f'hrlntinn Fni' .3. ,-etv H'i'.H fip'Te 1 In file t'Unt'in A rl- ttmlilv Hall. Kl .At;,-intie nvmif, i.t-.t c. eninw, trd will It" tMitin'i'd ltr'-'!i!!i tlii.i nn-i tn-m"ri',v evening. There w.n a fair a't'-n liiii. e, A "iv m t piny inlble.l "Th- 'ttack !.,t..r was tin HOTEL .LnSTO Directly on the 'Cuan Front. Atlantic City, M. J. t'n li.tnict.-l .jcean view. Room cn sulto, wltn prlvato biit hs. Ht and cold -a water In all i.iiibM. It unpins wuter in licdrocirs. N J. rni.UNS. pi-op. T MOTEL IROQUOIS, South Carolina av and Beach, Atlantlo City. An elesrant and uerfectly eouinDed hotel. Ca nneitv 4 1 if) with unt'S.cellcd location. - Elevator. sun parlors, private baths with suites, 'phones in rooms, steam neat. Amusement nan ar.; every appointment. .Now making special rates, j.z, jib, H7.Su weekly. Booklet mailed. Representative, Rooms euo-WHi l.lifl Broadway, iew iorK. W. F. SHAW. HOTEL M0ET0N. Ocean end Virginia av, Atlantis City. M. J OPEN THE ENTIRE YEAR. Homelike and cheerful. SPECIAL RATES lR WINTER. F1NTI TABLE. Rooms en suite with bath. Sun parlors. Els vator from street level. Mr. N R- HAINES. Owner ami Pro. HOTEL RUDOLF. Atlantic City. Open all year. American and Eurooean olan. Rooms with hot and col! sea and fresh water baths. Location direct on Ocean Front and Promenade. New York rep., t Park place. C. R. MYBR3. Propr. LAkewood. N. J. M. K. MOORE. VERMONT. UVTC SUDBURY. Vt. Special rates fot 11 i l,Uj June. uooKiei. pnotograpn via ground plans at Eagle office, of a. w. mi ft OWBfil id Munaaers. MASSACHUSETTS. WANTED. AT KENESAW PLACE. CHESHTRR HARBOR. MASS.. a few Summer boarders; splen did location; pure air and water and beautiful scenery; five hilnutes wa,Ik to steam cars-; electric ars pass the door. ?1 per day. Open all the year. For particulars address 1 1. M, MORGAN. Box PUS. Adams, Mara. VIEGINIA. VIRGINIA HOT SPRINGS. 8..SO0 FEET ELEVATION. IX THB VIRGINIA MOUNTAINS Where the Fnrly Springe Climate. Wateri, BnlliH, Hotel and Scenery haT. uu Kquai lu America, Hhiitnatt5ni, aout. obesity and nervous trouble. eured. New Oilf Club Hoiwp with Sriuaah Court. Lounging Hnoma, Cafe, PlnlTPonit, etu. Fin. Qolf Couire, Tennis Courta, Pleasure Fool, excellent livery and nil outdonr pastimes. TItE NEW HOMESTEAD la unquestionably the finest all-year-round reaort note) In America. Modern In the strictest Benae, conducted on tllu broadest lines and natronlzed bt tiio tiishcst ciasfh Iiroker'a otllce with direct N. x. wire. Pullman Compartment. Car via Washington leavea New York 4:& P. M., arrives Hot Sprlngi 8:25 A. M. E?'.ursion tickets at Chesapeake an. Ohio uftlces, 3fi2 Broadway, and oltlcea Pennsylvania R. K. AddreBs FRED STER11Y, Manager, Hot Springs, Va, Ti .CvilON INN. 1.1 HA V. VllKilNIA. Will t:ike Summer boordtrH at 25 per month and up. v nite lor lniormatlon. 3D WALTER CAMPBELL. tyv.aT near AmitrrJam, Holland. Comm.rdal High School Note Great Interest I. being ahown In IBO rhtm-pionsli p dcb.iinit aerie. lor the Mela Debating Cup. TV third debate took place at the regul.r Fridiv morning exercl.t. 0( Maroh 25. on th lower fljer. Rcwm IS. rvp-n-aented by C. S Roicnbaum. (Captain) W. Y. White, and A. E. Ludwtg. upheld the affirmative of the nbject: "Resolved. That It I. to the Intere.t of the I'nltcd State, to build nd maintain a lnrger Navy." rhlle G. W. Oliver, (Captain! P. Reciter and P. Oisanello of Room H oppo'ed them. Tba Judee.. Messrs. Todd. Cushman aad St. John awarded the decision to the nrsatlve. The subject for discussion at the last regular meeting of the Junior Literary Society waa. "Resolved. That wealth Is a gre.ter Incentive to crime than poverty." George Schctderaantle. (Captain) Leo Adler and Lloyd Mcgaw of Room upheld tho afflrmn-tiv. .Ide, and Edgar BoamUb. Albert Reiner, and Loul. Tannenholi of Room 7 oppoaed them. The Judges decided In favor ot the affirmative. The following bo rendered selection, on tho upper floor during tho past week: Lester How ley. Room 4A; William Cauphtll. Room 23A: Joseph Reynold., Room 7, and Ella-worth Bl.sell. Room 1. The Beta Chapter of the Omega Alpha Fl Fraternity reccn'ly Initiated Franklyn Biringer of Ront 21. Cn Thursday of Easter week the members of the Sketch Club participated in trip to ths Metropolitan Museum of Art. They hava, also been attending the Iccturea on India and Japan, given at Txatt Institute by Mr. Perry. ..... . The members of the Camera Club took advantage of the Easter, holidays to have an outing -to Bronx Part. . Wednesday was the day on which the trip was taken and many fine photograph, were secured. Boys High School News. It was college day In the large auditorium ot the Boys' High School when the student body assembled on Wednesday morning last. The college speakers were Mr. Kent of Cornell, who addressed" the student, on College Life 83 It Should Be and the Difference Between Theology and Christianity," and Mr. Mm. Cnmnii uhn rendered two vocal selections. The Mandolin Club, under the leadership of P. McGilbert, rendered a ae lMinn Hnrrv Reck, winner of former semi annual speaking contest prizes, made a most decided hit with "The Mysterious Looking Glass," a dainty bit of Japanese story, and Robert E. Samuels discussed justification of Japan's Action in the Far East.' Thn minimi dnnee of Eosilon Chapter, Al pha Delta Sigma Fraternity, was held at the Pouch Gallery on Wednesday evening, April 6, last. Representatives of the four other Brooklyn High School fraternities, Sigma Lambda Nu, Sigma Phi Upsilon,. Alpha Ze-tn nnrt finmmn Delia Psi. were there. The science division of the present senior class of Room 6 Is considering the question of having a class photo of their division made. The members of the division are Charles Marshall, Raphael Sink, John Balder- son, John Boyeg, Robert Peelc smitn, frann Strom, Horatio Peper, Daniel Poll, Jaspar Sprague Dunbar and Charles Henry raraais. iioocoooooooouooaoooooi Fraternal "Societies, MUSIC Furnished Summer Hotels, Larpre or small orelieatrnn, ns desired. All latent muKle u.i filayert In the "Sew York Theaters the past Winter. Address GEORGEWKETCHUM 3 Park Place, New York. MK3000QOC eoooo sooooocooooo; TKE CHETW00DE, I'nclflc and Illinois avenues, Atlantic City. 8t nm heat, sun parlor, private baths, with shower; sanitary plumbing; S to $; special rut eg. Capacity 250. EMILY M. TJEMPSEY. HOTEL BBAHRIOfIT, ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. Rh.ide Island av, second houw from Boach. Ex-tPUHively Improved, Kelect location. Excellent' cuisine. Open suiTounrtiiiKR. Special Spring rates'. Douklet. ' O. C. MILLER. SEASIDE HOUSE, ATLANTIC CITY, N,- J. ' Ocean front. Every comfort, Including sea water baths, elevatoi, sun parlors, golf, etc. F.- F. COOK & SOX, formerly of the Hotel Senate. Tin-; i, on aim:. Atlantic Cltv. N. J. On the beach. St. Charles placr. Fresh and sea water baths. Elevator, special Spring rotes. fJ.WHT.L WAGNER & SON. THE WESTMINSTER, Kentucky av. near Reach. Steam heat; sun par. Inr ; elevator from street ; baths; (8 to $12.50 vet My OHAS. BUHItE. HOTEL REX.aTK, Rhode Island av an I lleach, Atlantic City. L'nob-stiUftt'd oi'iin vIpw. Itooms en suite with bafh. Lonti distance teleubonvs in rooms. Sun parlor. LEWIS It, BCULU SCARBOROUGH Write Hrrcrinl rat' Reach Front of Marvliind Ave. now for oconn 'runt rooms, WALTER H. DAVIS, Mgr. THE ELW00D, ftn .-ml. St. James pbi'-e. A'l'LAN tli CITY. njEN nil '.he year. Fireiu'i.or; 51u p- r uv.-k mv upward. l.i.'Uf.It I M. .".Ml rH. hatiiie "f i-uif tidtte- liu-l'id'-r-: La Motte, Mrs. P-ifP- SCw net, r. L. h'lli-Mi. T.p annual tl"!!a! .unni-nt U . K. Tvl. A K.-r.rn iv, i If s Mi'.wn ..x"iVith-' f oni , I'hiiliPiitn; .I-'-.n Mb-: Adah. Ml!" M. Wnnni'lry and HOTEL MAJESTIC, Atlantic City. -L t'cenn anl 'lri;lnla av... Ft.nni lii-nt; 0 t week an I upward. Rlevntor Uim "licet level. PAMl'fX KI.MS. LAMOSTE, 23 South Ohio av. Atlnnllc City. Kxcellent table, steam heiit; centrr.lly mid very desirably located: i. in dully: to uu weekly nnil up. C0LW72I. 31 So. Mli liiunn At. Allnnlle City. N. .1. Oren all year; sleam heal: home comforts: tl ptr day; (0 Per week. F. C. VVAnFII.RTny. HOTEL PCMCE DE LEON. Virginia '', sfcond house from Oacii. S E. RWKKNKV. Owner and Proprietor. IU ITKL liirilMU.NI), OriO XN END XEN--tucky av, Atlantic C(ty. I'liobftrtictrd oi-ean view. MIoviitiM. vt-am liat, run parlor. J. I. 1'EAHE. II. I'EAHK. Maiutc-er, " a.T 2)t rh I'd fciuitn. vlmis yt-ar, Ivm the- .HI HUt fl NaJ'ir.iw ''Mirvtr.' . r-b- -vnt. h :l Tu-nday "v-ninn uf I v. v. '.h.i)-.Iut..'.w. r.. f.' i-i Ml ' f tit- l.'MMir-'r. Mi . W. i.iit iliii-i- h-.u !. i-n iin lucreaft-ill. in th" tlnnnci-i t v tin' pn- i the rln lf will great',- in' p-iiup r i 'it1 I nu.', ;in.i it'sn f ir the fun-inn niid"n'i' v 1- It v ;i -1. i id. il nv vnt t. i empty the tiPHPurv and t-fii.l th1 entt-.e reelfiiH. . . .vim iMn-.l'i''' Ktii''-1 iliitt. nfidc frtiiu Iti ov.'i I Work, the clrrle o flvf ;, ,-mly nursery In KImTI-da durlnir the pant fall. The nnlf-r nf tlio vnn- j nK Iri'diifled te rend itii; of h'ttf-r from the h'Une and fnreljrn mhf I'muries. d'-yriliiiiM 1 1 i r w-nk, i us veil h Mif nu niliein fnr (Viiitrlhuttinir-. . The president an mimiwil that, the Slate ll.aii' ii of the Worn. iris Mlfnidiiaiy Afsin'.atl'in would cin-vene in Kvnu HHe, Tie eleiti.n f ntlh-eis resulti d SM foil"'): I't 'l'l-iit. Mrs. Mutr'hie MarKlmll; vice preFpl'-nf, Mrs. M. VI Henry: senretarv. Mrn. R V. Not is; trenMiir.M'. Mrs. Mrbeivn Hi hinwii. iintn'TM'-im v-itc nf Minnies was tendered lr. Morton-J'WH. th retiring president, who ha ived In that rrtpat-ity f r threi- stit'i-SHlve yeain. 1 The annuwl vfiudevllte entirtninirient f Ah ram. rind Imrandfi was held In the ,l.,hn L, l.uiz. r.'s, Teuti'lila lin'.l, Hnirlion avenu' and Hnrtlr-rt street. Tuesday evf-nlnif. A larg" Katherlmr attend d and S gowl pniKramnip vat enjoyea ueiortj mi tjot was cUaied (u danui g. THE PEHNHURST. Oroan end av, A TLAXTfC ' ITY. Stenni bfil eh viit.-r to ttreet U vt-1, ro- m jtnlir-b.ith. U-f-klet mnlled. WM. R. ITOOO THE BERKELEY, K-nluckv nv, near Hfieh. The hoiei fr com-fmt K'ellent ciiiflne; caitclty i'n. Ter-iw m ..1-erate r.o.klet mulled. W. A. ARMDTRDNn. mllfc:!. AIIHa'l, CO It. JT. VKRXO.N A.NO Ya H""m en culto with (.rival, bntli.. vntrn, Btcrftn he;.t tlir'jui'.h"Ut. Amerli'jn ylan, i3 Ler day. Kuruimun !;in. l per d.ty up. JnllM T. UF.W.n. M.innir. I.V, New York av, nur Hunch, Atlantlo City, open .11 year, .ateam lieut, .levator, bnth, etc. Book-let. ' tl- KNAUEIt. I I'lllI.I.II's'llOUHE.' SO. (.'(l.VNF.rTICUT AV" AtlHntlo CMy. S.eaui ti.lll. Bond cllilne; modern, rot... p. p rmu.ip 'iiii'TvAvi'.iiirv. nv. nenr Ileuch, ATI.ISTH' OITV. N. .1. Ciipaclty 2'wi; S up wekly. rvellent tnhle, Kvery npnolnlment. Mr. A N TA Yf n " I'Hii.i.iPH iioi'SK.' so. "ivoNxi:rrii:i"r av. Al Ij. title City, fileam lieut, good t-iilsln.-; nMilernl. I rule,, r. i: I'Hii.i.ira ASBKRY PAHK. v U HflTFI ''"Irle l.lclila ; rlTnlc llnlli. n.JltL .i 1',,,-ior SA1KT JAMES It V I' AIIK, X. .1. KvenlPg IXhners Il-Mklrl F W MOi'K. Prop THE VICTORIA HOTEL. Third nnd Ocet.n nvi. Aatui-v Purk, N. J.: M yard, fruin ,urf: open Irom ll.i.ter to ThiinkHirlvliiit. ttvnin lieu t. sun p:irlor: all city convenience. l, KKMPK. NEW JERSEY. TUP. "(Til I'-CiTiTS AND EXCLITBIVKNESM Oi'' , 1'IIIVATK FAMILY MABLB020 IKN, Monteinlr. S. J. rDWAP.U Cllllri''ITII. Prnprletnr. (1AK--I!I. I AKK IIOIIHB. KStf KUVI'T. N. J. OI'i: tor auei'ti' M-iv I, excellent table; electric light, and r. nvrrience. a po.lal will brine; you dccrlptlv. clrcL,ur. v JtOltrtlS E, LAMB, Trop. ' Among the Schools, g a aooooooooscooo 0000000000007 Erasmus Hall Notes. The Monday Club meeting was honored by visits from a number of the alumni, among whom were two of the former presidents, Miss BlKley and Miss Ormsbeo. The pro gramme consisted of a story, "When the Play Came to Town," by Mrs. fenrtholomew; an original sketch, "The Little Mascot," by Miss Eldredge; "Spring and Fall," by Miss Waycott: "In the Garden of Delight," by Miss Williams, nnd a true story by Mis: Unger. After addresses by the ex-presldenti and Dr. Boughton, the meeting adjourned. The Qirls Debating Society is busy pre. paring for a debate against the boys on the subject for the intcrscholastie debate, "Re solved. That the trade unions are beneficial to the United States." The boys v111 take the affirmative, with Mr. Munger as captain, nnd Mr. Bernstien and Freundenberg.' The eirla will unhold the nceative. with Miss Stott; captain, and the Missos Roth and WIlklnRon. Thia debate occurs Wednesday. Liberal 2B7 gave a spread as a farewell gathering for Mr. De Fremery,' who has left school for a European tour, and on hi3 return ho will live in California. The party was entertained by . a recitation by Miss Jones, songs by Miss Ronback and several nlnnn aolns hv Miss Haeen and Miss Greg ory. Before the spread broke up the class presented Do Fremery with a fountain pen. The faculty members present were Mr. Wl.hl Ilr TtmlKP nnrl Mr. Edaell. The ' Roster holidays have brought any number ot the alumni back to school. On Monday the halls were crowded with old familiar faces, among whom were Miss Orms-bee. Miss Guyon, Mr. Knapp, Miss Bigley Mlsa Rnpera nnrl Miss Hart. Miss Florence Leonard, a popular Kappa Phi girl, and also the vice president of the General Organization, has' been forced to leave school because of IU health. Girls High School. " Chancellor Henrv M. MacCracken of the New York University was the guest of honor on Monday morning. He spoke In high praise of the memorial window, and remarked that while Alculn was the teacher Ilr. Felter had a similar charge nf two thousand nueens. His Interesting address, in which ho enlarged upon the high Bchool courso as typical of the career of the pupils in the outside world. wa listened to with absorbed attention, and his cordial Invitation to the school to visit tmversiiy Heights wan fully appreciated. Upon the platform were also seated his son, Henry N. Mai-Craeken, lately returned from Syria; William Harkness and Professor F. A. Gallup of the Packer Institute. Mrs. Lewis, a3 president . of the Loyal League, conferred prizes of books upon the nuccesHfiil competitors In the spelling matchi-a held Wednesday and Thursday, March 23 and 24. These were In Division la, Blanche Allaln of Room lib; Frances J. Taylor, lb, Room E; .Mildred Ostramler 2a, Koom 62; Elsie Meeker 2b. Room 42; Lillian Smith, 3a, Room 20; Florence A. Black, 3b, Room 10; Elsa Lolz, 4a, Room 17a; Henrietta A. Whitley, 4b, Room 13. Tho only recital ion of the morning was "Pilate's Monologue," a selection appropriate to the Raster season, recited by Mabel Broadley of Room 2, Division 3b. ' At the same time Florence A. Simpson of Room 17a was presented with, the prize of- 'n.l .nm time nirn for Ihe best pllOtOSraph of the memorinl window. The subject for the picture presented many peculiar dlffl-etililcs owlnit to tho circumstances qf location, light and shade, etc., but several successful photographs were taken, Mist Simpson', being considered the best. The prize was a $." sold piece. In a dainty box. Division la met In the lecture room, where the following programme was given: Recitation, "The Spider hnd the Fly, " Mnyhclle Orandell of Room D; piano solo, Fifth Nocturne, Mary K. Hng.n of Room 49; reclla- tlni, "t ndv rt.ien" Mamie 13. BrOWn, Room 40; vocal solo, Florence E. Beatty of Room Dr. James Francis Cooke of 70S Hnlsoy street, who Is greatly Interested In the musical work of Hie school, presented to the (lice Club at Ihe beginning of the term, 125 copies of his national hymn, "God lllesii America." fnr which ho eompooed both words and music. The mumbefs have hail several rehenrsnls of It. and on Monday sung it for the first time beforo the school. Tho Joseph Dixon Crucible Company of Jersey City ha. talien- ketc1i In colored DOOCKMi 'X r oaf sooooocoooo Order of Eastern Star. Stella Chanter No. 20. O. E. S., Miss Jean R Flemlm worthy matron, presiding, held an enthusiastic meeting In Commonwealth Hall Saturday evening. The evening was devoted to thn star degrees. Mrs. Marie An derson and Mrs. Ida B. Obermayer being the candidates. Tho seventeen officers partici pating gave a careful interpretation of tn. standard ritual and received numerous encomiums for an excellent exemplification. The second .itaff gave the floral work with na exhibition of 'the popular marches. Five candidates' received the degree. A largo delega-. "tton QiijEael Lodge memberB, headed by John t ... fi,VWtri,I,, riiool.i- nlltnd the rthnnter. At the meeting to be held April 16 tho star degrees will again be conferred, the candidate being a daughter of one of the members 61 tlommonwenlth Lodge. ,'' Fortitude Lodge, " The next stated communication of Fortitude Lodge No. 19, F. and A. M will be held this evening at 8 o'clock, at which the second degree will be conferred. A number of eminent brethren will assist In the work. Visiting members of the craft will be especially welcomed on this occasion. Honorary membership testimonials will be presented at this meeting to R. W. Joseph B. Jones of Central Lodge No. 361; Bro. John J. Duval of Ezel Lodge No. 732, Wor. Bro. Allan McLain Rodgers, Kedron Lodge No. 803. The master Is pleased to announce that Wor. Bro. Abel Crook and a delegation from Commonwealth Lodge No. 409 will, visit Fortitude at this meeting. ' - Mark, Past and Most Excellent Orient Chapter will open. its session In the Johnston Budding on Friday evening next at 7 o'clock. At 7:30 the mark toaster degree by the scribe? Comp. Chaa. H. Lum. At 8:30 o'clock the past master's degree will be conferred by the king, Comp. A. M. L. Rodgers, and at 9:30 the most excellent master's degree by the high priest, Ex. B. V. W. Owens. The officers will wear the new costumes and the music Will be by the Orient Quartet. Royal and Select Masters. Brooklyn Council will convene on Saturday evening and the royal and select masters degrees -will be conferred In full form. Merchants Lodge. The ' six hundred and fifty-third stated communication of Merchants Lodge No. 709, V. and A. M., v,'ill be held In ltd lodge ruoms, Nod. It and 16 Graham avenue, this evening, at 7:30 o'clock sharp. On this occasion brothers fellowcraft Qeorgo E. Loefflcr, Albert Markert, George W. SchwlllJ, Arthur R. Koch, Charles L. Becker, will ho mined to the sublime degree of mas ter mason. The historical lecture will be delivered by R, Wor. Bro.-James H. Rollins, P. D. D. G. M., BI the Hocona Masonic District. Heptasopns. On Monday evening Bcnsonhurst Conclave wa3 Instituted at Bath Beach, with forty charter members. Deputy Supreme Organizer E. L. Clark, assisted by D. S. O. Edward. Sheffield and D. D. William P. Pickett, per formed the Initiatory ceremony and the following officers were elected and Installed: Past arohon, Thomas E. Clark; archon, Edward H. Avery; provost, Charles E, Hunter; secretary, C. Stryker, Jr.; financier, F. W-. Dressing; treasurer, I. Goldsmith; prelate,. Q. J. 8tlnachcr; inspector, O; It. DInginan; warder, L. W.'Lcnt; sentinel, M. W. Mahler; trustees, Dr. J. A. Voorhees, Villlam G. Morrissey and H. Wyckoff. Under good of tho order IntcrPBlIng ad-diwsses were made by visiting brothers, after which refreshments and an entertainment closed tho evening. Commonwealth Council, 642, R. A. Commonwealth Council No. 542 held a rousing session on Friday evening and over 800 ot tho brethren were present when Regent Roney called the meeting to order. It wa. expected that at thia meeting an election for a third representative to the Grand Coun-rll would be held, but. this has been postponed until next year when the council will, no doubt, have 601 members nnd b. entitled to four representatives. That Commonwealth is standing up to Its record Is shown by the fact that an unusually large number of applications were turned In on Friday evening and the prospeetB for 1904 ore exceedingly bright. Five candidates weru initiated Into the mysteries of the Royal Arcanum, all under 30 years of ago, and It I. expected that eight or ten will take the Jo-' grees at the next meeting. After the session the members marched In a body. to a rcarby roBtaurnnt nnd partook of a collation and held a JcHlfieiiHon. . . Kingshoro Council Entertains. The annual entertainment and reception ring addreue. The recorder gave to the Columbia member, thinr. to think ot when be ran Into figure, and explaining why the Loyal Association wa. th. atxonge.t fraternal order la cxi.tenc. from a financial standpoint. , Th. meeting wa. also attended by the Past Councilor H. B. Merrill, th. first pre-.iding officer of Columbia. After the meeting the orator led the way to the banquet hall, where after refreshment, .p.. -he. wer. made by Bros. Rlc, 8tarett, Wooden-berry and Butler. Royal Arcanum Euchre. Ths Women'. Auxiliary of FaJton Coun cil No. 29'j, Royal Arcanum, will hold a euchre and reception in aid of charity on Monday evening, April 11, at the Pouch Gallery. 245 Clinton avenue. Senate Lodge Entertains. Senate Lodge No. 1,133. Knight, ot Honor, gave a concert and reception in Schwaben Hall, at tho corner ot Myrtle and Knickerbocker avenue., la.t night. The hall was well filled and the vaudeville programme that preceded the dance wa. well received by the audience. The dance which followed was most enjoyable. Park Slope Council, R. A., Enjoyed Picture Play. Park Slope Council No. l,8Sfi, R.A., gave It. third annual entertainment and reception at Acme Hall, corner of Seventh avenue and Ninth street, la3t eveniog. The feature of the programme was the presentation by Alexander Black, the well known Brooklyn author, of hts picture play, "A Capital Courtship." Though not his best, this Is one of Mr. Black', most entertaining conceptions. The adventures of "Viola" and the "Count," and "Miriam's" flirtations with the "Colonel," Interested the audience mightily. Mr. Black's well conceived and artistically executed picture, make a beautiful complement to the story as he tells it in words and servo to leave the vivid, realistic impression of a Btage presentation. And as a story teller, Mr. Black has the right and privilege to make It all end happily, much to the satisfaction ot his audience. Ho has been giving his picture plays for some years, but their popularity Is as great as ever. Following the entertainment the guests present enjoyed a programme of thirteen dance numbers. Knights of Honor. The ninth annual hannner nf th. iaa nic. tators and Veterans Association takes place next Tuesday night at Fulton street and Flatbusb avenue. The affair will be a first class social event. Tho regular monthly meeting will take Dlace next Satnrdav at Wilbur Hall, Fulton street and Brooklyn avenue. The Knights of Honor Reporter for April has Just -been Issued and many interesting items -aro to her found in it. A meeting of Grand Lodge officers, member, of Grand Lodge standing Committee and deputies of Greater New York was held last. Monday night in Parlor A, Grand Union Hotel, Manhattan. Grand Dictalor Henry A. Powell presided and Grand Reporter John R. Pope recorded. Many views were Interchanged regarding progressive work in this section. . . Moltka' Lodge will have a picnic at Felt-man's, Coney Tslahd; on June 12, to celebrate Its twenty-fifth anniversary. Grand Dictator Henry A. Powell is now devoting time and energy In pushing forward the good work of the Knights of Honor and pinna to cause increased growth. Ivy Lodge will hold its concert and reception at Decorior Hall. 879 GateB avenue, on Thursday evening, April 19. senate Lodge will give a comnl mentarv banquet to Grand Dictator Henry A. Powell on Friday evening. April 29. The family summer outing will be held at Distler's West End Park on Saturday afternoon and evening, August 6. The Senators' stag outing occurs at Max Zehden's Hotel, College Point, Saturday afternoon and evening, August 27. rasTBOOMwn IN THE FIFTH HUB HEBE 96 Democrats, I Republican and 2 Reporters Listen to Ad dresses by Spellbinders. HEARST THE MAN OF THE HOUR. Hailed as a New George Washington Who Is to Save the Country a Second Time. ; ,:. The Third in Tuscan. Although there were many attractions elsewhere the rooms of Tuscan Lodge were well filled on Wednesday evening last, when Wor., C6rl Otto Green conferred the third degree. Wor. Bro. Kelk presented the working tools, R. W. William H. Sutton presided in the second section and R. W. Oscar G. Ohlstrom gave the historical lecture. The first degree will be conferred at the next communication. The Deputy at Star of Hope.' . One of the largest gatherings of Masons of the Second Masonic District assembled on Monday. April 4. at Star of Hone Lodee No. 430 to honor their district deputy grand master, Rt. Wor. Everett E. Wheeler, on his official visit to that lodge. The Wor. Master. P. C. Schmitt, received the representative of the grand master on behalf of tho lodge and visiting brothers with a warm and hearty welcome and congratulated him upon his successful careor. The district deputy responded with an address, using the name of the lodge (Star of Hope) as his subject and the applause accorded him at the conclusion was proof of the good effect upon Ihe as-aemblage. During the courso of the evening Rt. Wor. B. Frank Wood, district deputy ot the First District; Rt. wor. James H. Rollins, pa3t district deputy of the Second District, addressed the brethren, and Rt. Wor. P. Hcrrschaft, P. D. D., on behalf of the lodge, presented the guest of the evening with a beautiful cut glass rose bowl Iri his usual eloquent and interesting way. An entertainment was enjoyed by all present and refreshments were served. of Klngsboro Council No. 1.979. R. A., wa. held last night at the Borough Park Club House.Thlrteenth nvenuo nnd Fiftieth street, nnd thn affair was a big miccesa. There were many downtown people present and the members of the new council and. tholr frlondt had on enjoyable time. Klngsboro Council U young but Is making rapid strides. Loyal Association. At the last meeting nf Columbia Council Loyal Association held on April 1 at the Entered Apprentices. Tho thirteen hundred and twelfth stated communication of Baltic Lodge No. 284, F. and A. M-, will be held at Its rooms, 1,256 Bedford avenue, Monday evening, April 11, at 8 o'clock prompt. Work, entered apprentice degree. A cordial welcome accorded to visiting brothers. Crystal Wave Lodge. Crystal Wave Lodge No. 638 has had many red letter nights during the last year and Wor,. J. Henry Ruwe, tho present master, seems determined to uphold the reputation of the lodge during his term of office.. Tho next stated communication will be held Wednesday evening, April 13, and promise, to be an interesting occasion. The work o Ihe evening will be the third degree, conferred on a full team of fcllowcrafts and will be In full form. The historical lec'ure will be delivered by Wor. William S. Lewis of Joppa Lodge and will be Illustrated by Btereoptlcon views by Bro. Isaac, during which Bro. Henry Magruder of Crystal Wave Lodge will sing the "Holy City," and Bro-Henry Brown of Montauk Lodge will sing the "Perambulation." During refreshment. Bro William J. Atherton of Crystal Wave will entertain the brethren with solos. Other prominent craftsmen are expected to be present and take part In the work. Visiting craftsmen are always made welcome la Crystal Wave. Master Masons. At tho next stated communication of Hyatt Lodge on Friday evening next, the master mason degree will be conferred. Wor, A. K. Thomas will explain the working tools and R. Wor. C. W. Hubbell will give the historical lecture. Lqng Island Council, 173, R. A. Arrangements have been completed for the annual theater party of Long Island Council No. 173, R. A., and It will materialize nt Keeney's, at Fulton street and Grand avenue, on Thursday of next week. This "annual" will be held In honor of Bro. C T. Wlegand, who will be one of the "head liners" at that time. Bros. Fisher, Mitchell and Howard will gladly assign tho few remaining sitting upon application. It I. ux pectcd that fully 100 of Bro. Wleg.nd'. fcl-lcw members will participate. Rings County Lodge Ball. Kings County Lodge No. 1 will hold a reception and ball on Sunday evening, April 10, at Arlon Hall, Arlon place, near Broadway. Knights Templar. Tho next Btated conclave ot Morton Com-mondery will be held on Monday evening, April 11, in the asylum, Masonic Hall, Sixth avenue and Twenty-third street, Mnnlinttnn, at 8 o'clock sharp. Sir knight, are requested to appear In full uniform, In order that the orders may be conferred in an Impressive manner. Work, Order of the Red Cross In short lorm. Order of th. Temple and Order Of Malta. , Nln'ty-.lx Democrats, out of the S.453 voter. In the Second Assembly District who voted last fall for Mr. McClellan; one Republicanat least be admitted he was and two reporter., gathered together la.t Bight in Kearney's Hall, Bridge and High streets, to listen to apceches by several member, of tha Hearst Bureau of Publicity, alt tending to prove that William Randolph Hearst is tho greatest living American and Democrat, the only original "trust buster" and friend of Labor, with a capital L, and ought to be President of these United States. The meeting had several features. In the first place, it was the funniest political meeting ever held in that rock ribbed Democratic stronghold, the Fifth Ward. The list of speakers abounded with colonels. Oh, how they loved William Randolph Hearst! They rolled the name about a. an exceedingly sugary morsel in the mouth and incidentally kept their eyes on the official representative of the Hearst Bureau in an effort to see whether he waa getting It all down so that it might appear iu Hearst's newspapers this morning and afford proof positive that they were earning their salaries. And, while they were speechifying, tho ninety-six Democrat., one Republican and two reporters sat mute save here and there an ardent Hearst admirer, under tho stimulation of numerous potations, shouted for his idol. When it was ail over and a typewritten resolution read and adopted, the crowd departed their several ways, their curiosity Batisned and with the assurance that thero was "nothih' doin'." Hearst', invasion of the district had been well planned. The hall had Wen hired and a band of six places was :b'n" hand. Shortly after 7 o'clock, at the corner of Bridge and High streets, to draw the crowd together. Tho first selection brought out all the children within hearing of the band, but the voters were slower. Upstairs in the hall sat Robert M. Campbell, known also as Colonel Bob Canipbell. Ho was the master of ceremonies and to him the Eagle reporter Introduced himself. . . , Well, said "CdlOnel Boh," lie didn't" know whether there was to be a Hearst club organized. They were going to talk It over, any way. If it wa. organized It would probably be known as the "William Randolph Hearst Club of the Second Assembly District." He was a newspaper man -himself, in a small way, said "Colonel Bob," Ha then gave the Eagle reporter . all the information possible In advance, 'i Soon the leader of the band put' in -an appearance and suggested that it would be a good Idea to march the band upstairs, "In that way we can get 'cm in," he said. '"Colonel Bob" assented, but warned the leader that some one must be on the lookout to prevent "the kids from coming up," . Some one was stationed at the door, the band marched and thirty-two men followed curiously into the hall and seated' (hslves. By this time the other members of the Hearst bureau had put in an appearance one by one and an official representative arrived to see that everything was as it', should be. The band played again and a dozen or so men entered. It played again and the number in the hall was swelled to sixty as "Colonel Bob" stepped upon the platform. "We are not here to antagonize anybody," said "Colonel Bob," "but simply to declare as Democrats that our party should, in choosing a standard bearer, act with wisdom and discretion, and place at the head of the ticket a man who can lead us to victory." "Colonel Bob" then asserted that he knew Just the man, the only man that could get away with the election if he was nominated. All the other Democrats were on the side of the trusts. "Colonel Bob" then asked for the nomination of a chairman, and William Hayes and Joseph Kearney were named, the young man nominating the latter admitting that he was of another party than the majority of those present, but pleading his groat love and affection for William Randolph Hearst as the reason for being there. Kearney received the nomination and Introduced "Colonel Bob" ns the first speaker, and .the "Colonel" again asserted the claims of William Randolph Hearst for the nomination. "Colonel Bob" was followed by Jerroid O'Keefc. The latter was a thin fellow with a shock of hair that stood ur straight from bis head and Just about old enough, from appearance, to mss being able to voto at the next election. What he lacked iu age, however, ho made up In voice and he bestn with the Pilgrim Fathers landing "on the bleak New England shore," down through the battles of Lexington and Bunker Hill when "days of darkness" abounded and tho "hearts' blood" of the patriot was poured out to put intd effect Ihe principle that no nation could long exist without tho consent of the governed. Jerroid was pretty good except where he got his figures of speech Involved, showing that with a little practice ho could become a first class Hearst spellbinder, and he proved to his oin satisfaction that the history of the United Sta'es naturally led up to tho aeleotion of William Fandolph Hearst as a new Georp, Washington, who was to save the country a soeend lime by leading the people out of the clutches of the money power which was slowly "crushing the proletariat." After Jerroid got through the audience recovered enough to pass without protest resolutions protesting against existing political conditions in the country and announcing that with a proper leader victory would lie perched upon the Democratic emblem; that William Randolph Hearst was the Moses to lead the party out ot the wilderness, because "Organized labor recognlzos In him a tried and true friend, who can always be depended upon to fight their battles," therefore. It was resolved that a committee be appointed to visit every district leader to urge upon them "the absolute necessity of uniting the Democratic party by bringing about tho nomination for President of the United States, Representative William Randolph HearBt." Colonel A. M. Gray, formerly of Texas, but row of Jersey City, made a short address, In which he .aid that everybody in Texas nnd the other Southern nnd Western States were getting on the HearBt band wagon and that It behooved New Yorkers to get In lino (julckly, too. Colonel John T. Martin, Ownn J. Ktndelon and George Strassnerr also addressed tho meeting. SCHMIDT EOTHATJG. At St. Benedict's Church, Mis. Anna Rothaug, daughter of Mrs. Lucy Rothaug, and John Schmidt, wero united In wedlock yesterday, by the Rev. J. Hnnselmann, pastor of tho church. The Mlsse. May Lang and L. Schmidt were bridesmaids, while W, D. Rothaug, Dr. Briggs and William Gut-mann were beBt men. A family reunion was held after tho wedding ceremony, at 2,039 Pacific .treat, where the hapny couple will reside after their . return from a trip to Niagara Falls, If ' ' CONGRESS tLTJB ELECTION. Tho annual election of officers of the Congress CJub will take place at tho club house, 586 Bedford avenue, this evening. The new ofilcers will bo Installed on April 21, DOWN-TOWN TAMMANY CLUB BALL Tho Downtown Tammany Club will hold It. annual ball on Monday evening, April 11, at Saengerhund Hall, corner ot Schermerborn and, Smith street., - - 0 i e US

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