The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 13, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 13, 1934
Page 6
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•:PAGJT; SIX Punching Champ and Nol Clubber Is Doinaiul of Fistic Faiuiom IIV JAC'K W.MlSI.V (As told 10 Harry firaysonl NEW YORK.-In iirUTiiational flavor adds interest to ihe l">- roiuid conies', heiivcen Prlmo Cnr- iwra and Max Biicr In llii 1 rifir- den How) on June H. but not us much as. Ihe cli[iiii|)'an Mim a foreigner riiould. A lighter 1m in lr" colorlnl In ilvaw llic people nu matter where the tujlh from. The funs demand :i iHinchlnt; heavyweight champion, nni. a clubber, mill, imloitunalely for Camera, he I:; a slnppcr-itoinnT. Prlmo .seldom scuds (he cmlnui- crs hoinc with sometlilnu to lulk fibont, wlilch Is why they haivn'i cottoned to tiim to any Brest extent. There Is no ttue.'.lion iml thai ft decisive mid sntlsfaclory vlcloiy by Haer would pin. buck «irnc of the old-time zip In Ihc itnmc. | I know how strong on attraction nn International tattle can Ije for Ihe fnus of this country. I remember HIP fiirnre over my contest with Georges Carpentler —Ihc HnlUc of (lie Cemuiy. Tex Rlckanl, prince of promolers, called It^ln Jersey C!iy nn July 2, 1921. It was America fiufliusl, France that murky afternoon, and Hick- ard and we principals cashed In handsomely. The spectacle was the real tnrnlns; point lowavd the (jolden era of piTifr.sslonal boxing. H brouRhl Ihe flr.M mllllnn- dollar.f.ilc. I never will fornci nicknrd meeting me at the arena he had pitched on Boyle's Thirty Acres. It. was one of lln> mlehly few times Hint I saw him nervous. Perhaps It was excili-mcnt. He let! me to the npixirinost Her. "Didn't I tell yofi!" exclaimed lil V'iiir.Vli I F. i,>.i:K j ri'inrUB?' ' MEW: Anws llic Sea JICEM OEFEfiT i', ./UNT Kt ififti r-[ I w^«ii*iW(ii^; r^Pi'WfBlr-^^^^^-: i T* ^a^iTiiii'^nS ¥' r>:>. !•!„ "I'll 11 LI/I.-, I.-! and vcnl (he team from -Smith MI!:! li- v.-;is K'lfoits K .j |:i r t:> !;„.,•; a 'PIJOiwii fnr Sunday hav;' iJllllh Muted. :n:.| ||' Ir.r.fc.s li • n:'r; on ihclr him,- -ip- 111 By Harry Gray son Seventeen SeekHlily Singles j - ; ~ Title In Tennis Tournament | State Bought Tugboat U. S. for $1 i li'ied (.-<• list t-] ••Knowing a leantic is lmportani,| iii; ( . in tiu> unmia: MI, bin not the. paramount problem | nnnicnl. Knlrli-s in; I would have you believe." s,nld vision of Holers Hnrnshy. who has Ihc last. pluce fit. Louis Drowns nf I03H IlKhllnv fni the li'ilil In tlii' wlltl- --. Ivi'.e :•!'.tin- sm-.;li-:i li-nlix loiir- ,, fi!l'!ll-S di- :'tl blil dtUl- 1)1 es : Uoblns'in. li^al .star, '.vll I III;! ;;in,'.l: . i lruii]iiinv.. i| cst Americiin l.eai;ii(! scnimbli- in Hc,b!ns,in. w ] llt wiiii !•:. H. years. Tin: only difference In 1 -- uf Minion bus II-T-II N,t:-lha->l Ar (ween Ihe mrijoi's and 111, 1 minors I Kansas doul)h-s t h:uii[i[uii tcr t'.v ts the lemjio. j consecutive yenrs. \\a.i civ: i n a bv "Nnlurally. ynu tutisl know how j In the Ihst loimrl p.i-riiv--. of Hi lo pilch to and play liltlors. bin j clly toum.-y. the nation lied Sox ' in llu- only American Icr.rme ' nlayed ye.tciday ivhllc tlm world iih:iiii|ilin and leading Gianis of tlie Hot [final ip.ifjiif hree?c,l | lluiitii'li lo r,h osu-.j ii-Iiinifili r.ver 11 lie lowly Cith'lnncul Tied:.. i The Tiifpis defeaifd jh, ,.Sus v.nii Tniiiiiiy I . iimiili 01 ill.- ..0,1..on. llridiji-.s'nl- I lu'.ii-d r.evr-n hits bin lippt ihem l.rMI.'red while llu- TliT-r.-: ,',-,t 10 I Rlir.ilf... nmt IVl,i,r n -k. ." ' ' 'I'ne riiant.--. hit the bull In,!it to ; bent Ihe i;edlp;%s al Cincinnati. j They connlcd 1!) hits for u 12 lo: | I vliinry ivilh Fred Fii/simmons' | ihc ivlnlnn hnrler. I'rey was the' ; lii.-inB pitcher. Travis Jackson iill 1 for 1 " p dri ' 1111 ' ' IKOM to the past this year, and The Brooklyn DodRers scored 'ten or them hnve roni|>e<i home i four runs in'the eii!tilh inning to; first. ... To a ball player, a ni id itefeat (he 1 Jishins; iriji" isn'i. .an exiwdiiioft in search of members of the fin- M!M . of nlplii fnr HIP pchliles col lee I. fi.iir hil.. m,| ,,i f,,i, r m,,, ,„ jilat.-. a ulplc. liiiuhli- ami ls ..o i.-f. Whiii' w:i.-: i hi- Irishij; piich- TELLING ME Wise Counsellor is rialnini; ;i '.oinc from Pitlsburfili Pirates 0 Voik '• lnil 'f-:"- Walle Hoy( that Isn't difl'ieiili lo learn If you ha IT IXTII hrout-'hl up proiM-rly. us 1 was—under snmvl liiifi'bull men the ordliuu-lly cold Hleknid. stomp-| f.v, and John McOr.nv. In;; his cnnc, n-i we stood proudly overlooking. llic trcincndq'.is tfirnrmi-. Tex. the ol<l pro^iicclbr. saw pay dirt miain. and fur the lir;,l (line I foil he tlnlll of strlh- in? a bonnn/:i. ' "This thin? Ir, just starting." ejaculated Rlckard. "Now hurry up and Bet dressed, It lonks lll:i< rain. Atid don'I kill tills fellow, or you'll ruin the inline." .' 1 want, .to tnkft ibis opivmiinliy to tell you Hint Cnvnonllor was as came a niilitci 1 as 1 ever have scon or met--or ever hoix 1 lo .".cc. Hp sUuply vfns too smull. ami i'liils!.' the flaming spirit. Mas willing enounli.. he couldn't C|iil(e tnl:e it'from a; blHgor-.muh. InU'iiinllonal hcavyveighl incei- in?s date 'way bank, the llrsi one of iiuporianco liavljiq LioiWbl out Jolin C. Hf!cnun. liie Bcnlrki EX>y oi Troy. N. 1'.. and Tom Bayers All ul ibi- lirsi ro'.md Norn;. MIVIII v:. Mill Oro'.ie. ,l:>hn Ciuulltl \i. I), n. Ciirtiiwln. Freeman Robin; on v-,. Carl ClansltP. I,. Q Tyione vs. fiti'.icr llarksiliile. .luck Kobinson, bye. l!"[nn Ebe-rlt v. : -. K. 11 Koilsoi.s, i:tt;;'ii vs. Max l.0;:aii. (;«,:-,.,. Hr-m-y v.-:. , Wlrnpy Hum.; llniWes leain, i.nlcird to il.Ur jiiu'lirlf: .John nii'iu-tip und Mmsh K.'iillawuy. (Jar! (lainke unit Oeon;:' :ll.'m'y, WINon Hniry un.l Nonis |M'ifiii. Chnilv..; ]|i<i':dr>n and Wlm-' in Ui.rns. Jiu-li itfili'iiscm mul l^iir- lo 7 ill PUIs- ClA'DK. N'. Y. iUF>>-Nrw Vmk • lmrf: "- Wllll(1 Ilu - v( W!ts tll(1 1( K- Slati- puitl $| for n tug which '"" P'tcher and Smythe (he win- .52r,.r.Di) lo build. j lm 'nil'.. Ihe cenlial Slales.j Chuck Klein's limner, 'his Ifiih (rlUe . Find hall. . 'i'rmc of Use Indian ball hnd n loi lo do with Chicago Cub's '. ','.' lo D triumph-over the Phillies. " II.SL ivniU'i-. Efforts to salvage lin'r proved unsuccessful. Because the : Male had ih,i equipment to i-aise : Klein's former team males. Tinner, Capt. E. I,. Keeler. supcrin-: ning's relief pitching also figured lendi'iil nf i hi- .stale Waterways! materially in Ihe Rub viqtory. DiiUnn, purchased ihe nt B from' The '. St. Louis- ' Cardinals heal ihe U. a. Government. tin., notion Braves with I'aul Dean The Central Suites nw is in N:r.lilllti- Vol.-, ilii-n(p(i a header al Nashville. The Ann I hi- first | : :,iui. » m •• hm ,!„. vnl- innk ih,. ...,vr,ml, -i t(t i; '•"'I:,- lias ihr n-iniiiii-r 1 u,i „ u hnrler ami siafloni the winiiin" Vnl hinier. ;i rep-; '[''"-'/ll'iiUa Ciackers and Knox- i ns n .sire of a-year-olds | u ' ''""ikies divided tivo mimes •rwcnly. of Ills offspring him- ','. A ! L ? J " 11 - 'flip Crax ua--e,l nut. he vigors in the ilrsi B!llllc .. 5 ,„. t nu,I (he Smokies came bad- ii.-J l!io second to win, o t o 4 Priilii jijirjocl .Hie Cracker. irliiuirm and HUP.VCI- Ihr- Knoxvillt ivln Claibni-ne nrymil of New Orleans and Clay Touchstone of Memphis engaged in n pitclierv duel at Memphis. -r ilf Pf]s „.„„ :' "' 1. Hunched hiL; ,„ n lf . Sf . v . entli anil eiphtl, j ari in,'s !„,.„ . . It's n swing at a . Charley Jamie.-.ou. Brealcsi of Cleveland oiilfieldcis. with a Mill playing semi-pro tcnm Piumon. N'. .1. ... Nordy--'-" 1 . """ Ritarrt on Knutc I '™''"-' 1 "'' ll; .- ilnjt'iiiun. star riiickne's jjreat, 1030 Jfolrc Dami' icnm, now is a .married mini . and the lucky uirl Ls the former Iluili McMillen. nf riits-iiui-'h - . . Wt-ih<iiiuhl Pitt, \vas n hor- lo anv Irishman 1 Kindles pl:iv musi Ijj, fompleted fore T. Krunier. .loini llnll.ind unil nil! i ne uentral blnle.s 11011- Is in ivrjisierinn I Hi llh triumnh of the n A , „ hydncl; and beins pm iiuo sluipe.' .-cason Dc.ii] held (he Braves to Sarpons.-ip-iibcr of thai - - .'- . three rims despite l:( blows cmmtcd llollk :>' wl!l E'« wrcstlin« tionpr. al- I!y lending more than H.OGO.OOfl.oH hi-j delivery. The Cards npde S ',' - K " l'. Ilvs . lcl:1 ". viollnisi. and Monday, June Hi. The dead- (;,O..M.. O ;c-ir l-Vndler -in-1 n»nriv Hire Miller lIUKlas. Hrauch nick- Hue for doimire inmc'l'.e.s of Ihe nisi | f-vudlc-r. He.ui,, ['livrdi -iiirl i m round will no! bi- .iniioiiiicpd iintir-i'iiiuplilns. j.inu-, iVn-ksdil • -m-' •All I neett is one KCK m a hH-j !lllp r eiurifj. an.- C!HMH| on 'I'iinrs- ; tuitler Iliul;«!ali' er. Ix- In- rlfihl or left-handed, j ''"V. .lime II. —. \'hen in dtMibl.. jiiicli loiv and' Teams tle.shin^ t,; IMIUT tiie dan- . awiiy [rom him. If lie ronMslently ' hies CDinr-elHInn may rnnl.i.M Wll- | caches uvor find liims lhn 1 . |-lnil.' son Henry f'i- John liunii'lie (o' : ulx 'em ii|>—liiuh. lew. In unil out.- make oltlchil i-nivy. that doesn't, u-ivrk. all a First round slnu.lcs iiinli-he.i are | ntcher cnn do is iieril and dncU." us follows: [ Wilson ller.ry v.i. Cliarli 1 :. nrn;-.- | don, John Dmii'lie v. 1 .. Old: Tip-ion. Jm'k 'I'i.nmL'..-in V:.. Mmr.h ' Callnivay, J.ime--. liatk '.I il' 1 vs. i Ilenny I'Yndli-r. C. T. Rrani:-;- vs. R. E. Kendler, .John llollami i.:. ; lla'.d.iway, C.i.trlc 1 :, ln:okb iinniiiilly. ihc Cliicni',) public 15 hits coiuit for seven runs Col- hbrary has Ihe world's larcest 6ir- j lins/niid Mnrtin or the Cards each I '''ilali'"'. ^ ^ ' made three hlls includinc n homer. soloist. ..... . s •• | Head Courier News Want Ads. i General ' Fnrncf s Agency Insurance thont 197 ul FarnborouKh, Eiielnud,' in IMO, bul It Is wlih pardonable prUle tliai I bay that it took.ihe f-ar- peiHler-DeniDsey duel to give thr flELs-acro.;s-lhe-sea Idfa a good shove lowavd fnianclnl prnr.|M'riiy atid Icelinlenl succrr.^. . -When Carpeiuicr came over'here (o fishi me the Ulcn of the heai-y- wcioht^ title golne lo Europe i ridiculed. England had seni it-- btst bit; men—tall and handsome Bombardier Wells, rocked into lullaby by poor Al Palrcr and Gunboat Smith, 11:10115; them. Australia had floprxd with biild-hcad- cd Boshtcr Bill Snulrcs. OI Franco failed will Carpoiilkir, iiml (hen Arfleniin; loil oul with Luis Angel Firpo. Little did we dream then tlut. Cermuny, of all places, and Italj would lake a hand in Ihe siiim- ilon and cop ihe chamDlonshlp in the not far distant, future. However, Germany cnpiurcd the crouii with Max Schmcllnc, who happened (o find coir, wilt ton a bit down on this side. Then .lack Sharfcev took the litie from Scbmelintj. and most people nr.- ured the eood old U. S. A. ivas back on top to slay. But Camera, the Italian glum, developed fast and furiously. ,ind lllggrr (iiins hi Junior 1,rar;iu* llnrnrby sissened that the only irnnonncrd 'difference Ih'lu'een thr- American I.eaBuc. in whirh lie nadc his bow last August, nntl the National, in which !«• syenl Last Time Today Mai. 2:M. in-:>5r Nile 7:15. 10-'35c wewe&t 18 summers. Is llu' junior loop's vs. .lhn Tnmpklm. O.-.rar l'.-iitl!tr| c .u]ierlorlty In lon^-riinge hitllnij. jvs. .lum".-; Terry. The ttujah lias been singularly • - ........ iiooPssfnl as -a pilot, iillhmtrjh It...]- , . ,-, ,. i> n i.; no secret thai he is disliked by JlMCl 111 >l 11> ^Oll l>Mll initin-rons ulhlrles, lanifly ihic 10; F p ' ,. f|r his dornihecrlnii atliiiule. iintl dc- • i.OUill i\l('('l> I CI'l'V o.\ TIM; ST,V(;I-: —IK I'MIWON'— ' ,pile the faci that certain irnil.s julsldc of Ihc gninc may have had something to do with his tr«|0inu • of scenery. Hotraby steered Ihe Kt. Louis Cardinals I o a uennaliL mid world •ilisnuplomhlp . In 102,1. When the Rajah snbMliulctl for MiOruw. who took slcl:, i lip Nr-iv Yoilt Olnnu captured nearly every E"me pluy- ed nn (heir finul western (rip In 18^7. The lacllf« Texan btlill Ihc Chirago Culr. who won In 1932 and Ixxwl them uiiill - the i-!n',ln(i weeks of tin- Oiiuip:ili:n. InslglK on MiHiisby Syslein (Hub Here Terry'.: KMIC l.lui-r.-: meicliil .''.uit b.nll le.iei nulslde Hie loop for for Ihc iMrd liii,, 1 tu they iiu-ei tin- Me] 4 Bracki«'s Show' if ih" Tom- I .( ii- will step' competition ; iiioin \ilu-n I .\u ,1,1,-n and " Slnee .O:\tCS ll':,hl 01 Mi'inpli-:. T.-lill. The- Ssuti- . islll isike on ' I hi- Meui;jhis i-lnli sit" i-i|:lii •>',-liii-i: i lit Ihili-y -Fli-lti.- No aflm!-,.u,ii will Terry's i-lub ha:. ahc.i,ly moi , C,-/ok anfl frnn]ii,ny »r Memphis j twice (his .M-a.-,on, once us Mem- I phis unil once lu-re.' Tin- l.v.iLsi jivcre mi Ihe lo.--lu^ i-ncl oi\biilir : " ;illnM naiiencd Sharkey. wlio. I am afraid, wns not much of n tiilc- holdcr, the years finally having told ou a boser ivbo never could take iv any loo well. The nc-xt thine we know there will be a Ja'|>anese or a Chinaman bidding for the crown. They have .done enough fighting over there to develop 3 champion. "Yon play a different pimo against ilifferciu clnlv; and under! . varylnc conditions and switch your! Eat Fish for Benefit niitck on the mud. There is no , , . '•> r) .. lueslion that Ihe home club ha-, ; Ot LeglOil S Hall in ailvantnRe. When you aiv r, ; l.-i(or. the ollit'i- leiail 1 .-; l:,.si 111111 .\ t.n, imti nu; M bill always i.-; hanRlni; over your. p,-np!i- uiii-iidi-d 'it-ad. (he Drowns have R- i.c-|.'ioi5'.s t'f.h !iy iiarkable pitching, which rioin. we play for~ bi vhile traveling. "Nowinlay.s, wilr- fel- ul ihc niythevilii cr innliv.':.' :U 'IlnK-y Field late . Despite tin- Liutu^la.'-m .lackmbblls iihieh th.iv In altcntlnnce .\lfi-/ti lion! niH'rtvi]| t"i-iim All Olhcr.s ON THK SCKKRX .IO-\.\ 111 ONDl'I [ WAIiitKX '\VIl.l'!A.\!S n 'i, "SMARTY 3 I'iif.'iuiaiiiK Xi'ivs Mom- .Mclntiy {'iii|, m i, "1'i'tlln 1 in ifio |';i,-k" Odilily C'omnli "[••|vin,. IliutlciV 1 i" Ill's KiU keeping one another company In e,l ihe ncliipvcmcni of ih:- I: '.W/L •he boll. It usually If. advisable lo culinary e.sivit.s. Uu-y failed iii 'ct the opiTOiinp pilcher have Iwtli. cnmplciely einpiv llie hn-ji- rcs- ' for the first live tnnliw.s, | £?K of hoi li-.h. C.nlls fur iwiiik-:,! wlu-revrr bnpix'n to be. Fly; candidate... \\t\,, iiirnrd out al Thursday & Friday! Btretchine from to the Azores, a tapelitic 12C4 miles Jong vrns r«Ied out from 3 cable steamer to obi sin an accurate measure of ihe dUlence between the Iwo lands. The Upeliiic con- flsled of a fine steel piano wire. thru lime .von have « line on your i IIIOM in ;i nun. te, mount ., bn-r wn pitcher, nmt c:in reach :i dc- ; cnse and lukln-.v. the ilsluMu-;-.,. -iiion ns lo whi'tlicr you niii'.ht be tnilrd to produce a .-ivakci. M,,s, •ible to win will) :i run or uvo. It. nl thoin nope.ircd fcnrful of maich- 'hen is lime enough 10 sticrllice. j In? iheir poliik-ai oratory nc^in^ "I'ltehlnn detcrniincs your al- : lhc nltmrtiuii of the fls!i-|wt. '.ack. Take the Oiants. of last A n:nr):rd Kinicliiy, nn t:-.e p.m •ear, for example. They could pby' of ilinse who usunlly Mnvl me iml! 'he old nrmy yamc bccaiwe ihcy I rolling on niuilicr custoinnry :ii-i- 'ir.d four chuckcrs. Hubboll. fichn-.lviiy of a (i.-h fry. becnu--e tin macher. Pitj.Miuinoiis nnd Pjnun-! event VM. st:i|;rrl 'on ihe s(h,«i 'cc, any one ol wlTSm cenerallv! urounds. linr.lly failed Newfoundland| :ould cop with Uo or thiv* runs"' llvtr. 1 W I .^:ln_' OPPORTUMITX 'ANT-ADS Sllll Crjzy About Horses I Horn. 1 by will IK satli-tlcd if thr' Browns flnijh In (he first four, bin •uids that "you never cnn tell sny-i '.hlng about basehall." i As for lilnifelt. the n.ijah od-l iiiltrd he slIll liked lo play the hoi-sos. and ihal (he only reason' he hftsn'i t>cen ploying \\\t\ n O f 'ate is that he'i afford to. Much of the turbulence ot his stormy career has Ixcn attributed to his fondness (or the gec-Gcet hut he explained thru hl.s favorite recreation hadn't cost him nearly' js much as stock market ii;« vol- ! Jiuccrcd by bankers anri baab.ill magustes j "And nobody k gohi c to toll me how to Uve. or run my ball club" cas the pnrtlrp. fhoi of one bs.«- oall man who jptaks right out lu class. EXPERT RADIO REPAIRS Phillips Motor Co. Ily llornce WakrflcM |>OWELL MANHATTAN MELODRAMA Chevrolet proudly pr*- the new Sport the most beautiful model ever ht\ili by any manufacturer of low-priced curs. On a long chu«M rnihoilying Chevrolet'* combination of cxrlugive fealnres — enclosed Kneo-Aciion, an 80-tnile-an-hotir, 80- rable-controUtd uid -ls the je*rt (, - - , * body that combiner fiv«-p«wenger t f«, - capacity, exceptional luggage «p«c«, •<IKH»-^ and more de luxe louche* thjuj Vfl' i A'°- i hare «p«ce lo tell about. If appear- Read Courier N«w s PeadThe WANT-ADS To-day t Ottdily Comedy C':lVtoou "IJiiiidv "N'ipiius" s Trollev «nce and conveoienoe come fir*i with you, and you wish to utay iu tlws low-priw field—htrt, beyond a doubt, u your cw. CHEVROLET MOTOR COMPANY, DETROIT, MICHIGAN ro»u>nw CAtiTofir'j /oir Micrrtd pricn md Mr>- G. .«..<. C. itmi. -4 Gminl Mtucrt Valiit engine, who have an e\c -lor liandsome lines will .i,iini r( . t bc way tbe ^lacions trunk mrr^ into ihc !mil)- lines. And make no mUiako about it-handsome ag this Irnnk is. it i* a decidedly fcalur,\ Coined j "TiM\elin s the H.i. with Alexander Grcv SHOUSE-LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Blytheville,

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