The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 13, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 13, 1934
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JUNK IS, 1984 BLYTHEVIU-H, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE SlCIION t Wants CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION AUTOMOTIVE by Save lime And Money ubinj our compkte stock o[.' Auto KtpUctment Parts The Ilev. A. S. Sniltli of lireachcil hi 1 re Sunday. Hubbard Hardware Co. Dally raic per vivo lascrllons: I (Five uvirruuc voids lo a lUie) One time per lino Me Two limes per iinc iwr Ony .. 080 •Jhrcc llinca per llni per day .. 06c Dx limes p«r lluo per day .. 0*c Vonth r»le per line iOo Mlnlmuin chsrge CDo Ads oruercd ro- tnrte or su nines mid slopped before cxplra t'on will be cluugw for the number of Uines the »d appeared ano Rdjustmcnt of bill made. ror consecu- AuUimullve l>tpt. - .- Phone. 410 All Advertising copy Aiibmlttcd by persons residing out (i'de of Iho city irusl be accom paiiled by cash. Elates may be easily ifflinimlKd frnni abovo table fl-cfc-1-6 1KKJS, PETS For Sale: Red Persian KITTEN'S, i-caigrci'd. Mrs. ClarK, phone 517F2. For Sale: Toy lyric, FOX TER- KIER puppies, ClItAi'. Koss Bcav- tis, i'i'i ft. Slh. Be FOR KKNl | birthday. Alirr name's and TOM-]end i;uesls o[ Mr. 'WreiuVs slslcr , U'sis Mr-*. Ncish was assisled'Mrs. I • by Mi::-, AInlld.1 I in.'him tils. : \ Mi:.. Iv If. rnwk':, ilmulny school I class li:ul it [limit: Sunday ul I th; 1 .school liinisi'. j Tlie yotniB lieople wi'it- tnl.'i-. Thv Kcv. \V. .J. l.clioy will nil. latncd In tlic hour.- of Mr. ami Ins ;i]>]:oimmi'iil lu-u- Sund.iy uf-! Mrs. W.. A. Nnsli SiUiiiilny cu'ii- UTWmn. and Mrs, Sinlili WIT dinner of Mr. nnd Mrs. J. F. EpjitMioii. 1). J;irnilt ami family, niuldvd liom Nashville, It ray gad ocw lln, of Mico'n, Imvo returned from hunting lilp In Hie'Ozarks. Mtis Eunice Dye was liikni lo Ihr niylhevlllp hospllal Monday for uplKiirttcllls oi>er.mon, Hhe Is reiwrlrd resting well. iiev. 111 Hi Mre. ciwker itmt ns in liunor of llirir twin dir.i|!)i-. lers. Misses larrua nnd Murcn.- t!;iiiKhliT Willi- ! Mm:ud I'fHIrr ot Mlcflla six'iil Friday nlulu will] linymoml tans Mr. ami Mi.-., w. A. Wrrnu mill . Frank lung jr.. Ji-II Frank Wlilk' OUR BOARDING HOUSE •w:'ck-' Wil'.ard I ."Us and Cluirlos 1). Frank liv AhcrL 1 THREE lioom unfurnished apart- mem, (J23-J. East DavLs, I'honc lie kl(i no rcspoii&iullUv will be 101 more than one In correct tn- eeitlon of any classified ad. Advertising oriieii-a for irregu- *r Insertions wko the one time Room With lUlh, $.50, f.75, S1.CK1. Or $2.50 up to $3.5» a werk. 1'ea- iHHly llot^l ovrr Ben Franklin Store, Main and broadway. 8-ck-l-H USED CARS W11V srr.NI) MONKV ON THE OLD CAIt WHEN VOU CAN 1 K:\DL M 1 ON' ONE OV OUK LATE MOIJKLS, (iUAKAN- •riJl.I) AND ItKAIlV'I'OGO FURNISHED 5 room houso, servant house, garage. Very COOL, shady yard. Mrs. H. Cl. Wkkham. Call 2 7-ck-tlf '•« FOHI) V-S Tl'DOK. Cumlition A-l $313 '32 C'llKVItOLEl CO.VCII. Luuks and Kuib Good .. S3-3 '2U 1-'«KD Tl'BOIi. New 1'aint S 07 A lte.ll REGARDLESS OP WHAT TI-\EV SW, WE WILL WORK 'THIS MINE— START IN,BOYS-—-WHILt I 60 INTO TOWN AND ORDER A SUPPLY OF GROCERIES f HAW —ARE WE IX3WN HEARTED?" NO, -THE 6REATER THE OBSTACLES, THE GREATER the weekend 'with licr sLMcr,' Mrs. J. D. bye. , Mlw Doris llunlcr l fi 111. Mnllurl May Is ill. Mre. Kruwk'y mis Uiken to Hie lilylhcvllle hospldil Monday to ri> Kev. Urottji. ol Piulnttcvlllo, sjioiil |«.'clvc Irculmiit for Sunday and Siuidnj- nlKlH with Mr. I Honurd Uusscllc lefl Monday for nnd Mrs. Her! sklmirr. Memphis lo vhll his mollK'r nnd MUs Niiosnl Doilil ol Ik'iiton inltciKl lo uuslui'ss. oln-ln-thc-^loV typewriters are available for visitors In public writing rooirus of EVIHU Berlin rnfes. UJHIII Insertion of a Einulj fohi, valuc'd nt nbotit .two cents, 100 letters nnd space.s arc avall- uulu lo the user. I-'OO/V (JICTS IT IN THK NKCK! Uncle Snm'.s lirst ix'nrl funn Is locnti'd ill Kuncohc Buy, Island 'of Oiiliu, In the llnwnlUin group. l!y Hamll» FURNISHED Apartment, 108 West, Kentucky, Phone 683. 5c KM Furnished BEDROOMS. Mrs. Ed Hnrdln, 1017 W. Walnut. Call 102. Ick-tf MODERN 3 room furnished or un- ! furnished apartment, over Kiruy! Drug Store. F. Simon. Call 764. 30-ck-U furnished APARTMENT, private bath. Lights, water free. 19 W. Main. Call 332-J. " c KM 'ZQ POSTIAC COACH, tiuy SKUAN. A llar- SI 55 lUUtli Sl'KL'IAI.S '?.$ CHK\KOIjKl' TKUCTL Hinl 'i IV.AII.J-.U. itcauy tu *-,o . S '3; KOKD l'.~ 'iON Titl'fll. •31 fOHD fLOSKl) CAB I'/CK- i-i. itc.ii oouii Buy , 5S29 PHILLIPS mm UNFUIWISHED 5 room aparliiii'iit 1013 W. Walnut. Call 303. 5-30 c ktf room house; with bath. Nicely lur- nishcd. Vacant June 1. Ill Division. Call 650 or 068. COOL BEDROOMS, REASONABLE MRS. WERT, 212 W. MAIN. FURNISHED apartment, 305 Douan. Phone aTO-J. 18c ktf Ncely- Furnished BED ROOM. Mrs. Ncleri, 310 West Waluul. 30o R6-30 WANTED TO RENT WANTED: ik'rvanl short (llsumce. of sawlja. Call H78-W. room within 1100 Cliicku- tt LyMv I A/1 r J^l A: \Vnlnut Sts. I'lioic bio - on NOTICU TO THE I'UBLIC a:]i u.ti'K ILL llic li.Uu and junk uubini.^0 in no fa. itanruaa Street CLEANERS, TAILORS uo 1-ndi.u dtatlon lormLL-,.. UJJ>K JlKS. i,. ni. HIMtSiil'l't annuunccs uiiLiuui; of hummer ca In iy|ii" r . buuriuanii, uuOKk«t i an ».<.,-<\. i"; VI'K ckan and store winter clothes and bfd covers. Moth-proof, hre- fiaal vaults. I'ay ntxt fall. Unique Cleaning Service KEA1, ESTATE COUNTi' WCKKERS UNION lor men ami wonien over Itf Dues. SI PIT year zlpk 6-24 Slip Covers Approved by uouil ilousEkctpine Choice of guoil milerials. Til Guarantc.-'i— ;i Usual 1'rlce Mts. C. Jl. Gray, agrnt How nould )ou like 3 home ol }our own in the beautiful Oi- arks? A 40 acre farm, 10 minutes (turn t<mn and IS minutes trom a KOOrt fishing hoit, e»o<5 house ann plenty of fruit trees. Can uougnt CllbAl*. Small cash pay. merit, balance easy terms. Wn. consider trading lor merchandise stock. J. C. CHAI'IN, MANILA, Ark. See me for 3, '$, 10 or 15 acre tracts uonting on franklin Street beginning at Missouri Avenue, north E. M. -rERBV Ftione «17 or 346 Second Har.d LUMBER. At, old i;irain;ry Package Go. oak. Gum, Pine nooring; buck; tin rooinvj. iS-je J. McH tirootC5. C. M. I3axier, o.~ City engineer ij. E. Tuii. FURNITURE LA\VN CHAIRS (Junpalntea Punned •1HK ARK.MO LUMBER. CO. Scronrl furniture bought and !,o[d. Inline I'.irhtiural Cu., luu . Main. iHylhcviile, ArK. ic-ki-l BARGAINS in go»d. clean, used ice boxes. Everett li. Occ Sales Co. CHEA1'—2j acres groiving alfalfa near Blyllieville, Everett B. Gcc. LOST White Rat Terrier, black spot nca tail and black £j>oto on ears about Thursday morning, for return. Phone 72-M. DARK CANARY BIRD. Return tl Couiier NG\VS for Reward. 3ckl For S.ile— 1 used Dclco light plant, 1 uanciy radio set, I used cLrcmc relngerator, new vt u&ea e;cctnc f;ins. Kvcrctl i!. Gee Sales O'o. 2i ck 6-2't. WANTliO Job War.'trt by boy just graduated liom Slish t^iiool. Not afraid ol wotk. Will d:, anything. Write Box J Care Couiicr News. 23xxtl NOTICE Annual reeling of stockholder of Blythcvillp Cotton Oil Mill wll be held at iu:w A. M., 'fuesday June 12, 133^, at oiflcc or W. A Gage & Company, Falls Biilldlne .Icinpliis. Term. Among other mat ers to be considered will be x>sed change of By-Law provittin or amendments of By-Laivs o hminating therefrom necessity Io lotice of pruiwsca cnangc. \V. E. Oiigc, Preside n I. H. Fleming, Asstotaut Secretary. . 8c-kC-l RKl'AIRING IN GOOD REPAIR When it needs a prcscrintion Fliunc U. D. Ferpaison, •The House Doctor." Plronc 100. Teniifs lUckels Kestninit OvcrniRhl .vrvicc, 1 grades Illllibard Hardware Co. a-ck-7-6 1-TiKi; II O I, C Eslinulcs Hoofinj, I'iiintHiB, Repairs THE AitKMO LUMUETt CO. 10-ck-G-IO TypcwrlUr and Adding Maclilnr HciMlrin,. U. S. Blank- eiuhip. llii K- Kobe. Call 155-J. 32ck6-22 POULTltY « EGGS Milk fed FRYERS for salo. PICK- AHU'S Store. 1044 Clilckasawba 17-ck-6-l SALESMEN WANTED TWO MEN WANTED topper's Farmer, introducing but well-tried sales plan in Ar Kansas. Men now using declare th best ever. Car required. Reference For details write H.. B. Pigmai Tfpt. <534, 8th and Jackson, To peka, Kans. CAMPAIGN WftS A, SUCCESS • AUCV OOP'S GOT HIS OlMOSftuR BftCK-WC KNOCKED Til OUT ft TIV LEM1AN AN' KIMS T.UNW IS CXin - PfilSONER - 50, IM ,•' QUITE RIGHT, TVI' MORiWifi Wii ( vouf? WC'RC CCNEPEO W\TM GlonV,'31EAD OF OE1N6 ALL BIOOOV AN' GOW - OH.VE5 -VOU'RE Of FICER f VII1H ME ON GUARD. AN" SET SOME. " EXTRA P\CV< HANDLES TOR AM" A T-W SWATTER TOR A^-LopKS LIKE: TIM AN' ARE SONNA 'BE TH X -BE.ET- OPTH1S MINE OFTtV OAV TONIGHT,SO VEtt EVE ON TH' PRISONER - DON'T LET 'IM GET AWAV I'M HERE 10 SAV.THIS BALD-HEAOEO VION'T VEH -AN GET SOME DYNAMITE / TVAV5 \S ' SOUD ROCK HERE, AS WELLT5E US1N' A ., NUT PICK / SL STARTINf BACK HOMC TO MOO- ISAHOOPLE BOV, VOU'QE i\ o MORE, RUT A SLAVE TO in ONACJCH or MOO —UL'LL MAKE YOUR LIFE AM AWFUL aiorce AN' W GlVH-S'LL 1HROW STONES AT OP THE LITTLE PHOEBE" GOLD Til AT GUILTY KKKLIN'! .TWO -v-i\cv.o BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES fX flNEVi VE\AA '. 1 \-i>, DOT THIvY'VK SHIvN IIKR 1 VASH TUB15S BV THE WAV/THI5 IS HftS BAB£ DIAMOND, MR. LANE'S SECRETARV.J THIS WAV, I EXPECT VOU'LL WANT TO SEE WHERE; MR. LAHt'S .x _^ FOOrgC> - /MAKE IT CLEAR TO THE > EOVS,W1LL YOU, BLflKE?' '[" THSMAPOUIIt). ESTABLISH COMFIDEMCG. StETHATTHEV'Rt SPECIAL INVESTIGATOR?. NOT COPS, UNDERSTAND— ; INVESTIGATORS. THEy Cf.-'lLDN'T ARK.GGT IFTllEY V/AMfED TO. /AM HA» THE ( FACED OLOND6 TH \ OLD BOY WAS \ SWEST ON. *•— ** ~ — SALESMAN SAM N,~FLOUMPE$ RUDV ME A Ci-UE,. ftLCSAD'/l ft COUPLft') FLOUMDERJ GU45 DIDTH' 30B, MR.: JRUCOLPHUS, FER SHO«.T, ON THU TI5AIL! 'AM' rr's NV HUWCM, MISTER, BETTER PUT A 6cOli[>- HOUWD DM TH 1 TR/lllJ COMET ERE, PERSIMMOM COME TA UNCLE S Bf-OODHOUhJp M^/EVE' /WHEM FISH flRESToLEW \, THERE'S A serreR PLW I THflM USING ft DOGI • GIMME A HUMKA ' Rope i FRECKLES AND HIS FOUND CAR KEYS IN JOE .ISAAC: STORE. Owner may have Ran by calling at Courier, and payii for ad. EXCITEMENT HAS CALMED DC SOM6 NBV^ YOU 0 ? JOB TO HAVE To STT3UCg'_E ALONG WITHOUT -i. . You ' Kaly's Klrst Fast Trnlltr URDANA. O. lUPl-A world record for a half mile (rack vns established licrc Mcmorlnl Day when Kaly's First, trotted a mile in 2:M',4 from n MandinB start. In the flrsli clash. Senator McKlyo, with a 90-fool handicap, tied the record of 2:10 from a standing .'tart. A-U.LtM/E <. ^ JJ 5 FOR you... ) t-'fAW IS GOi^-a J • I'M /.I,' ^i FIRED |fi» V^^'x 7-f/C^JV; YOJ LET S NOT BE £0 CRLOE ABO<JT If.... LET U3 SIMPLY SAY THAT I GTOPPC3 YOU 1 ? PAY, AS'U / YOU GOT MAU ) ' APfi YCU LGTTIMC r !<;L : GO cxj ACCOUNT ^ OF TJt:' D;RK ^S-y. BUSlWESij 015T! ^SS^vs^s^ IP YOU CAW TW^k: UP '' / GOOD PEASOM \VMY I SttSULD kEEP YOU ILL LISTEN II IN THE FIRST PLACE, 1 SnouLDN'r HAVE BEEN SUSPICIOUS OF HIM, AKIR1N THE SECOND PLACE, I SHOULWT HAVil ' HAD HIM ARRESTED IN THE FIRST PLACE.., BJT, WERE ARE TWO aoes TO EVERYTHINi;, HR. MASON il VE5 / A!JD THERE ARE TWO SIDES TO A KMEET OB FLY-PAPS? , BUT IT MAVE5 A DEFERENCE TD 7HS FLY WHICH SiM IT SITS DOVVH ON !!

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