Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 12, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 12, 1895
Page 5
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fillY THEEUHMSHKT THE-BEST-EvEd-PnODUCEO-FoR' THE-MONEV- PERFECT-FITTING GuAftRirrs5D WflMwrrm MirauH wo JoIGHT&tN HlINDRfiD blN£K fey by ONLY TOUR SAME Ki PBDiT. Items of a Personal Character Conctrmlai: iojt«nHportent and Their In the city yesterday: F. Albert of Wolcott. J. A. Bridge of Flora. B. Sruwell of Reserve. H. £ Johnston of Wlnamac; F. A. Meyer and H. R. Hopklni of Reniaalaer. DEWENTER, Tlie Hatter anfl Furnisher Save This Coupon No extra charge for it, but it is valuable. It bares our names, and that will remind you of the necessity of a New Spring Suit. Present this coupon with a nominal sum of money at our store and we will make to your order the handsomest suit of clothes that ever adorned.your body. TUCKER&YOUNG, THE, PEflRL STRBET Tf\ILORS. ESTATE & INTELLIGENCE bEElCE. JbOANS NEGOTIATED. 1 GEO. W. RODEFER, JlO Broadway, Over Hunk's Jewelry Store, H. E. TfiUAX, M. D. l attention given to Nose, Lang, Liver Cbronlo Diseases. jjOfflne and Residence over State National Bank. 10 to 12 . m., 2 to 4 p. m., mid 7 to 8 p. m. all t»U« promptly iittnnrted. JCOCKBURN BROS. "oney to Lonn on JlnrfRiiKe Socurlty on Easy Alontlily PuymunLs. fa Write Fire, Llfo. Accident, Plate Glnsa and Torniido [u.Minmco, Buy nml Sell Real Estate Call find See Us, Onica K«onus -2 and:) Spry Building. THE S TATE SOLDIERS' HOME. to r ANTED TO SELL he North Street House on North |reet between 5tli and Cth street. 7111 be solrl on reasonable terms, idress, MRS. CHAS, MARKLE, Hartford City, Ind. DAILY JOURNAL FRIDAY MORNING. APRIL 12 loKeen'a etoatn laundry—(food work |AH the new Rob Hoys in 50c bows at Otto's daily sale. baet baking powder In the arid at Ben Fisher's drug store. Don'i close your Ice contracts untlll m aee John Baker's canvassers. That tired feeling, loss of appetite d nervous prostration are driven 'ay by Hood's Sarsaparllla, which akea pure blood. Objections have been filed to the port of tho admlnletrator In the tale of the late Joa. Bel vie. Henry I«ry Is the administrator. Cut prices commencing April 8th: bite shirts, starched bosoms, 8 cents. &a per pair, 4 cents. Collars, 2 nti—Leo Wah Slog, 3d etroet. Revival services will begin at the irlstUn churoh tonight at 7:15 look. Dr. 0. R Lucas of Indlanap- t will deliver the sermon. All are rited. Awarded Ifhest Honors—World'* Fair. DR, ,'/ <7 ,*'••• POWDfR MOST PERFECT MADE IN Grip* Cream i'Tartar Powder. Free i : Ammonia, Alum o. viy other adulterant 40,YEARS THE STANDARD. Trimtee* ilo«t at Iii<llaiitt]>ollN Complete PrellmliiHry Arrunite- luoui*. Indianapolis News: The trusteei of the State Soldiers'Home were at the State House today, completing ar. rangemente preliminary to the active stops toward the establishment of the homo. In accordance with the provision of tho act of the recent legislature, the land given to the Grand Army of the Republic was deeded to the State. The State Auditor will have the deed recorded. Having conveyed the land to the State, the trustees drew from the treasury the money which had been raised by thu G. A, R. posts to be used In the work preliminary to building. Tomorrow tho trustees will meet at Lafayette and will advertisa for bids for the con. struction of the main buildings for which the General Assembly made appropriation. . The trustees have accepted the plans for the general buildings and the lay- Ing out of the grounds prepared by J. H, Alexander & Son, architects, Lafayette. The trustees believe the buildings can be erected whbln the appropriation of $75,000. The plans provide for a hospital and dining room for patients, a general dining room, old men's home and old people's home, a quartermaster's Building, a commissary building, and a power house and laundry building.' In the old men's home there will be a general reception room, and the remainder of the building will be divided Into wards. Two verandas, one above tho other, will be at the front of the building. The hospital will be arranged for one hundred pereons. The cooking for the sick will be done In the hospital building. The officer* and physicians will have their headquarters there. In the building there will be eight rooms set aside for the very sick. The commissary • building will stand on the Hide of a hill, and will have a large basement, In which can be stored two thousand bushels of potatoes. In front of the maim dining ball there will be a reception room. Over tho dining hall will be rooms for very old people. James R. Carnaban, of the board of trustees, today received from the Woman's Relief Corps of the State $587 • 76, which le to be used in the erection Of a cottage at the home. Provision hag been made for ten cottages to be erected by the G. A. E. of the State, and this one by tho W. R. C. The trustees' have plans by which they expect to secure twelve or fourteen more cottages. Tne general plan of grounds has been made with the ex pectalion that In tloia there will be one cottage for each county In the State. Mary Ray ia vUlttng at Marion this j week. ' Dr. J. W. Ballard waa In Delphi yesterday. Jordan Hecht was at Peru on business yesterday. Miaa Mame Beam is visiting friends in Syracuse, N. Y. Mrs. W. B. Westlake of Marion li visiting her parents. Madison Carter has returned from a trip to Detroit, Mich. Will Herr rode over to Kokomo on his wheel yesterday. Miss Erne Broker is the gueet of friends at Burnettsville- Mre. Ellen Ham Is visiting friends and relatives at Montioello. J. W, Parker and Linn Brooks are at Grass Creek hunting snipe. C. E, Newhouseof Wabash was a guest of Judge Bid<51e yesterday. Dr. C. L. Souders of Burrows, was In the city yesterday on business, Chas. Brigga left for Pansacola. Florida yesterday to regain his health. Mrs. Frank Tolley is 'at. Danville, I'L, where ahe went to join her husband. Wm Kroider and family are visiting relatives in Adams township this week. The Misses Hebel of Eighth street, have as a guest, Miss Nora Hoover of Pulaaki. Roy Garrett of Auburn, Ind., Is for a day or two Charles Snell'a guest In the city. Miss Mollio Buchanan lett last even- Ing for a week's visit with friends in Chicago. S. Casparis, the quarry owner of Columbus, Ohio, was in JjOgansport yesterday. Mrs. F. A. Klein of Fort Wayne is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Wefol. Miss Lena Meselcg-er of Chicago IB visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Messinger. The Rev. Father Koehne Is prepar ing to take a trip to Europe the com. ing summer. Miss Anna Field of Washington township is visiting her sister, Mrs. William Bcergor. Mrs. Owen Owen of Kokomo passed through the city yesterday en route for Danville, 111. K. G. Hert, of the Sentinel Printing company of Indianapolis, was here on business yesterday. Jos. Chersa of Kokomo. who W»B in the city yesterday, returned home early this morning. George A. Poague on his way to Cincinnati, was over from Flora, Carroll county, yesterday. Mrs. John Medarls returned yesterday from Brookuton where she has been visiting relatives. Mies Bessie Manning of Montlcello, Is the guest of her sister Mrs. O. - Boys sweaters :....lfc Mena " the $1 kind colors cardinal, blue, ecru 4Se Mens outing shirts,-cut large 22e Mecs and Boys percale shirts, laundried, with collar attached,|39c Boys shirt waists, finest French percale, launch led, newest designs...... ~.75c Mothers Frieod, unlaundried, all ••. 'strictly new patterns... • SSc Calico waists at half price:',..,. .....15o Childi tanand black Oxford ties...50o Old ladles serge congress gaiters...50c ' MensBalbrlggan underwear sold last summer at 59a 19c Mens 4.5o suspenders 15s? Mene 50a " g«Jd trimmed 35c- Beet blue overalls and waist 75c the suit for Tt<r. Misses kid button shoes f 1 kind...50a- Ladies Oxford ties, patent tip 50c Tan shoe*,. Prince Alberts, all . solid *1.00* Mens base ball shoes 50c-r L. A. W. bicycle shoes, mens boys and youchs _.:...fl'.3f» Unlauodried shirts, long and short bosom, pure linen bosom and. linen lined, all lengths of sleeves- worth $1 for 50e- The above prices are to change dull times into brisk. Dull times^ are not a necessity and they should not exist. It costs us no more: to sell $25,000 per month than $5,000 per month. But the more^ we sell the cheaper we can sell; the less we have to figure orv the* dollar for cost. That's the secret of success of large Deparment Stores in the cities and that's why we can afford to sell so cheaper "Of Course" OTTO KRAUS does not enumerate one thousandth* part of his bargains--you may judge all bv the above. See the Showr Window for novelties in Ladies' and Men's Fine Shoes. OTTO KRAUS. Ike Of medicinal agents IB gradually relegating the old-time herbs, pllla, draught* and vegetable extracts to the rear and bringing into general uee the pleasant and effective liquid laxative. Syrup of Flgi. To get the true remedy tee that it manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. 00)7. For •ale by all leading dniggliti. Nichols in Loganeport. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Van Alstlne of tlontlcello were the guests of Geo. H. Shaver and family yesterday. Mrs. Thomas Tallentlre, a sister of Mrs. John Donaldson, is here from Indianapolis for a short visit. T. N. Hardin is here from Indianapolis In the interests of the yTorth- western Life Insurance company. Mrs. B. F. Keesllng will go to Max- iukuckee Saturday to spend Sister with her son Arthur at Culver academy. Mrs. Ted Irvine has returned lo Louisville after a visit of two weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Beamer. Henry KauSman left yesterday for his homa at New York after a vielt with his sister, Mrs. Jordan Hecht of this city. John Easty has gone with a car load of horses to England. Mr. Easty- iraa formerly employed at I N. Cash's livery barn. Ch&s. Hughes the electrician, is at Springfield, 111., where he will assist In the putting in of a ner Standard electric plant. Lemuel Ney is here from Dunkirk for a visit with old friends. He says Dunkirk IB enjoying the biggest boom in its history. Mrs. Lltell is visiting her mother, MM. L. S. Puroell. Mr. Lltell is the general superintendent of the ttreet oar ijBiem at Bufalo, N. Y. John T. Harrli was bore yesterday^ from Montioello and left for Marion after a Short call on friends, to make a few daya 1 visit with hia mother. Dr. L. A. Gottwald will come in today from Springfield. Ohio, and will be here for the special Easter services at the English Lutheran church. Mrs. Chaa. Benuneaur and Mrs. Joe Walla of Indianapolis, are ihe guests of 'Mrs. Walla's sinter, Mrs. Elmer Tippet? of the West Side. . • Thomas Booher of Walton called yesterday on friends here. Mr. Boohef has just recovered from a long . siege of ery&ipelaa, which aflucted h face. S. L. Murdock of Lafayette was her yesterday. Ho waa accompanied b Chas. C. Niebuhr of New York, wh Is interested wiih him in natural ga property. Mrs. D. P. Putnam has returnee from Michigan City, where she wa attending the aonual meeting of the Ladies Missionary Society of the Lo gansport Preabotery. Kokomo Dispatch: Miss Lizzie Blouserls home from a vieit with her sister. Mrs Minnie Thompson at Lo- gaosport.. .. Matt Massena of Logansport, is the guest of the family of his niece,-Mrs. .John Lappin, East Mulberry street. Robert Kreuzberger, Jr., will leave June 1st, Jor Europe, with the idea of remaining two years for the purpose of acquainting himself thoroughly with the business methods of the continent, and learning the details of the wine and export trade. Peru Chronicle: Mrs. Joe Merrill of Logansport and her sister. Mrs. Nellie Smith, of Omaha, Neb., arrived this morning and are guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Gray.. .. William Uhl of Logansport was in tho city this morning.,. .E. F. Keller, proprietor of the Murdock hotel, Lu- gansport, was the guest of W. V. Turpen. yesterday, Peru Journal:. Dr. Jared Spooner was In Logansport last evening on business... .G. Conradt was In Logansport this morning... .Mre. Ed Cook went to Loganspjrt this morning on a short visit.. . .Mrs. John Ream and daughter Addle and Miss Margue rite Henton spent she day in Logans port....Mrg. Polk Conradt has re turned to her home in Loganspor after a short stay in this city. of mowers, blnoerf and ntodinjr twine. A "sack supper 1 will bo c-iveo at ihe regular mtu-ting. April 12th. nf the daugh'-srs of Robekub. Misses Eva Ferguson itnd Loretta O'Connell of this ciiy. have been chosen as teachers for nexc year at Peru. Oicar Miebaella Is said to have an offer from Al. ft. Field for cextseason. His season with Hi Hdnry will close May 21st. The Christian Ettdeayorers of this district will meet In annual dimrtct convention at '.Winamac April 25ib, 26th and 27th. A big fire occurred yesterday at Wolcott. A livery barn, a saloon and an undertaker's shop were consumed. Tho loss was $S.OOO. Delphi Journal: Logansport Masons will build a temple that, will cost $60,000. Logansport is next to tho beat town on the WaDath. An old resident. '-Grandma" Black of east High street, was seriously hurt in a fall Wednesday and has since been confined to her bed. Mr. and Mrs. George K. Marshall .VQ taken up their residence at No. 3 West Broadway, moving from their late home in Clinton township. HonryMelzand Alooxo Mem, the former of Chicago and the latter of Palo, III., have been delivering; some fine horses to Cms county purchasers this week. Marion News: 'Logansport newspaper men held a meeting Tuesday lo arrange for the entertainment of th Northern Indiana Editorial associa ion, which meets in Logansport In June. 'The Journal, of that city ventures the assertion that the guests will be ' a handsome and intellectua 'Ody of men." EUGENIE'S FATHER CONFESSOFU. A Wi*ri:<rii Licrlf Mini \Thu Win Uiior m Court.i-il Clinrrh nisii!is»ry. An Austrian clerical paper gives an. interesting uvcouut of a rann who,, though once in the foreground of tho most brilliant court in Europe ;md still' Jiving. h:is entirely disappeared from, publiy notice. The writer saw him at. 31. de I/esseps' fuuer.il—n pale, wizened little ir.nn with snow-white hair aui beard. This umn is Bernard Uaueiv for a long- time a bishop, father confessor to Empress Kiigcnio and a fnmouff preacher. He pronounced the blessing 1 on the Suez canal, lie is by birth u, Hebrew and a HunB :ll 'Jiiu. lie took part in the Vienna revolution, was pub 1 - liely embraced for his bravery by Kossuth, then became a painter ami liually; allowed Father Augustine, who was nc'v other than the celebrated pianist, Herman Cohen, to convert him to.Catholic- ism. As Father Maria Bernard lie delivered' his famous sermons in Paris, which tho- tmpre.ss attended, lie was then particularly handsome, his pale face- framed by a dark beard, his bine eyes, full of expression. What was admired! more than all else was the use he made of his delicate, beautifully-formed". hands. The women raved of him, and lie sooci addressed all his sermons to them alone.. The empress named him her confessor,,, and to please her he was made a bishop.- He became so much the fashion that had he not defended himself he might have spent the twenty-four hours ic.- the confessional. When the republic -. succeeded the empire he gave up his- priestlvood and has since quietly enjoyed life. ADDITIONAL ITEiTIS. A meeting of the Drum Corps base ball team was held last night. To Mr. and Mrs. Wra Sidney of eae Market street a daughter. George Dykemaa of this city will open a new grocery at Aaoka today. AselDaggett is afflicted with a severe case of ligrippj. Judge D H, Chase has taken pos. session of his ground floor office on Fourth street. Miss Lizzie Sulliran is employed as bookkeeper at M. McCaffrey's grocery on Broadway. The Big Four quartette will slog for an entertainment at Young America today Edward Snyder ia employed as bookkeeper at ihe establishment of Col. Robert Kreuzberger. . Physicians recommend a pure wine as a spring tonic. Get Royal Ruby at Johnston's drug store. Wolf & Wolf, the street sprinklers, have bought the sprinkling nagone of Tbeo. Minncmsn and wife. Prof. C, F. Moore of Hall's business college, it unable to attend to his duller on account of sickness. , Charlei Martin and Bert Getty have formed a partnership with an office at No. 318 Fifth street, for the handling Wo ask every fair-minded person to ead the shoe advertisement headec •Hum, Humbug, Ham" in yesterday's ournal, to do so and draw their own onclueions. We can surmise what those conclusions will be: lhat the advertiser has been hurt, and lhat be finds tho trade lhat has been paying him enormous profits for years is deserting him and coming to the Sample Shoe Store where they can buy goods ai half price. When the writer of that article says that "sumple shoes are always small alzei S, 3J, 4 and A and B widths he is misrepresenting facts to you and be knows it, but when he says "E/ery shoe man in town bas so-called earn pie shoe?, job lots, old styles, etc." he tells you facts, as that is the kind of stuff they quote prices on. They dare not quote prices on their regular goods. This man. has the audacity to advise the public to adopi his way of doing hlngs and come to our Easter open- ,ng and ge- a souvenir and then go to for jour shoes "and you wont have to pay for the souvenir." What do you think of a man who advises you to adopt such methods. One One VFomnu't* llur^-Jiir Proof narrlc&de. A spinster, who is of a timid disposition, was asked receutly how she dare- to live alone as she did. "I haven't, much faith in locks and keys, nor in- bolts and bars," she replied. "I kno\v- that a genuine burglar would snap his- fingers at any of them. But I have a. better protection than any of those, or- tban a dog-that inig-lit be poisoned,'or- an alarm which I might have no opportunity to sound. My own sleeping- room is the only one 1 barricade in this, manner, but 1 defy the housebreaker to get in there. Every night I roll my heavy bed against the locked door, or else I pull the chiffonier over there. No. one outside could possibly push it to- one side. And no one could get in unless he did. So I feel amply protected.. 1 haven't a patent on this burglar-proof; arrangement." Difference Uctwecn Jlall ami Slnot. We are apt to speak of hail and sleet as being very similar phenomena, but, in fact, they are v.-idely different. True, hailstones are composed of alternate ' concentric layers of bard opaque and transparent ice. In the latitude of Missouri bail seldom falls except in summer. Sleet, on the contrary, always falls in 'winter or late fall or early spring, anu is composed of minute purt- icles of transparent ice. It is caused by ra.in falling from a high, warm. cloud, which has a stratum of eold air directly beneath as a rule, but this cold airstraturn may Ue immediately above the earth's surface. In this, event, it will be noticed that there is a mixture of rain and ice particles whieh. 'all and S- vc everything an icy coating— A C'omforta!>!r» ^qucalc. "Squeaky shoes," raid Mr. Gratebar;.' •I. don't like: but I rather admire a.. .queaky rocking-chair, if it i.s old and oipforuiblc. I sl'iculdn't 1 :-:c to have a, new chair hqu'tak, but with ;;;j old chair it is different: that has earned a right to .s/iueak. Or course. I shouldn't like to have it squeak too much, for that would imply that, it was insecure, and without securitv there e-nn be no combing we can trulh'ully say wo have a j f 0 f t 7b ut i Hke to have it squeak gen- clear conscience. Sever In our 'lives tly, with one arm or one lejr just a liv- lave we over charged you for shoes and tben become cooscifence-otrieken ana advertise for jou to "come back' 1 and get gome of your money back. We don't do business that way. We o a f&ir. square, le^itmiate buslne&B ,nd that IB what Is bringing us euch mmeni-e trade. 2* M*nager. tie loose. It doesn't squeak at all unless you rock back jnst so far, and then it squeaks with precisely the same; Bound always, a rbytlunic squeak that, has rest and comfort in every note." Can't Afford It. , April 11.—As a result ol the strike of the coat-makers in Cincinnati. S10,000 is being- lost daily by a class of wage-earners which, probably less than any other, can afford it. The latest estimate of the number- thrown ont of employment is 9,000, with a probability that it will be increased to 10,000, within the next honrs.

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