The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1945 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 10, 1945
Page 3
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SATURDAY, FKBUUAUY 10, 19-15 BIA'TIIBVILLE COURIER NEWS ea Volunteers Jrged To Write Send For Application Blank Rather Than Apply In Person KANSAS CITY, Mo., Feb. 10.— oluntcers for the Mcrclinnt Mane were requested to write for irollcalions ralhcr tlmn apply in arsons al the recruiting offices In statement today by Unit. R. J. onncll, regional eniolliiiB officer ir tile U. S. Maritime Service. Said Ueul. Connell, "In order save volunteers' time niul excise in travel to and from the •cruiling offices, we are requester they write the nearest cnroll- ig office (either Kansas City cr l. Unils) or the nearest, U, S mployment Office for details on nine. We will then forward in- rmiitlon and proper papers for c volunteer to complete, alo% th instructions as to when to >)>ear at Hie enrolling office to be •orn in for transfer to training." "Although we arc not swearing unusually large numbers of men any one time," he continued, by no means indicates enlist- enls lire closed. Many, many ore will lie needed for tie Mer- lant Marine, but our requirements -e steady and of a continual na- due to the. fad that new lips arc launched at a s'.cady ice. Every application is kept on fe until the man can be sworn so one should not despair if jt called immediately." [Lieut. Connell concluded by stat- |g, "Large numbers of men from ils area arc responding to our 111 for men 17 to 50; we are >ud and pleased with their In- Irest in the Merchant Marine, [idwestcrners are among the Mer- icnt Marine's very best men." Convicts Sacrifice for G. I. Joe Offering Ihoir health, nnd perhaps their lis'cs, 400 prisoners at (he Stalcvillc Penilenliaii', Jolicli 111., have volunteered as human "guinea pigs" for Army physicians seeking new methods of combating malarial fever, which In many cases has taken greater toll of our'troops than enemy bullets.' Above, Capl. C. Men-it Wharton, Army medico, examines one of. the 'convict volunteers, as Warden Joseph liagen, right, looks or,., • iPSOHM WASHINGTON Congress and John Q. Public French Jews Find It Hard To Regain Homes By IHini.KY ANN HAKMON United Tress Stall' Corriwiiondcnl PARIS. (UP)—Forty thousand French foreign Jews who roUirned lo Paris to claim properly a!ler four years of persecution are disillusioned and bewildered because Ihc majority libd neither n home nor food, accordini; lo Arthur Grccnlelgh, IMS Anneles. Cut., director In Fiance of Ihe American Joint Distribution Committee. "The French Kovcrnment ruled that all who had taken over Jewish properly imisl (jive It up with three important cxrepltons," Clreenletkh said. "The exceptions arc families of deportees, war prisoners and members of forced labor battalions Such families form .10 per cent of the current occupants of Jewlsl property In Purls. GovernmenT May Aid '"The olliei' SO per cent are Ii many instances Frenchmen who re fuse lo Rive up possession. 'To ous them the lawful owner must (jo |i court which costs money and ma; take as Ions as two years. Under pressure by French organ izallons which distribute the join committee's money, the t;ovei union is now considering legislation to ex pedltc such cases. "Uut It still will be dlll'icult, Grcenleigh said, "l know u Je' who went to claim his furniture bi the concierge (old him the Gei mans had taken It. lie recount//? ".ount "o Keep Your ipouse BV PETER EDSON NEA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON, D. C.—Of all Oie proposed reforms of Congress, those which would seek to change Ihe rc- lationshtps between Congress and the people are most controversial. Basis for the belief that some change is needed Is the' fact thai Congressmen have to run too many errands and do loo many, petty chores for llieir constituents. This Is supposed to keep the Congressmen so busy they don't have time to legislntc in the national Interest. Yet if all these tasks like helping their people get jobs, pensions, war contracts, or settlement of claims against the government, were taken away from Congressmen aiid given to some other agency, there is possible danger that the whole system of representative government would be weakened. After all; Congressmen are elected to represent the people of their district in Washington and look out for Iheir Interests. If Congressmer By RUTH MIU.ETT lA Delaware judge claims there Inild be more happy marriages if lisbands ' and wives limited con- Irsatlons lo 100 word.-, u (jay. It j)ks as though the judge Is spcak- I" from a man's point of view- Id a strong, silent man at that. |For marriage would lose most of ; appeal to women if they had to bp talking to their mates when j their constituents, they ley had used up n scant 100 re-elected. Most of the |>rds. It takes a good 1000 words reformers of Congress forget that. don't look.after the Interests o! don't get would-be 1000 words get a husband in an expansive moO(j to be told in an off- ind manner, "I bought a new Ir coat today." |Few men could limit- themselves 100 words a day at home, eith- How would -they- get-by -when ley came home after winning a llf game, or after telling the boss |f, or .-topping for a before-dm-' drink that lengthened into |ree. So cutting conversation down to |0 words a day each for hus- Ind and wife is just one man's Via of an ideal marriage relation- lip- •UAMTY NOT QUANTITY •But something actually could be Ine to • keep the. conversation in 1 h6rhe ;from so often leading. to le'divorce court. In the first-.ycnr marriage 'a-conplc"is'i5ur'e to ake many conversational blund- But after that, they ought to able lo keep their conversation om getting them into trouble. |For within a year's time both lisband and wife should be able to pure out which topics to label, Kever Discuss," which ones to ho Ea,-y Here," and which ones to Vel, "Choose Exactly Right Morat for Bringing Up These." •it's quality, not quantity of con- •rsatton Hint matters. For with 100 words any husband or wife luld start a family fight. cuial plices adouUnt, hei moms ul Jews alter four yours ot per millon aic chary about lunklni! rouble," J.!>.('. Huns 15 Canteens Mnuy Jews are living live in u oom. Horn use life Is easier In (he ountry, Ihe smaller-towns commit- CO has warned other Jews against dinning here for (ho llinu being, 'he M.OOO foreign Jews In INirls uivo even mme (Ull'IciiHy KcViirlng ood than the French because thev i' nu ii'luttvos to send them pur els from the country The I'ommllli'c Is operating (hive lostols and 15 cnnloens for homo ess Jews lu'i'i 1 . H Is Mipporttm liousinuls wlm caiinol gel jobs he iiuse iif uucmployincnl cmilcd by ack of fuel mid raw materials. Tin 1 committee has opened a vocational ruining school and established 11 •est camp In Ihe soulh for nerve- shattered Jews, Givonlclgh suld that In 10:111 then were liOO.UOO Jews In France. An additional 50.000 camo from ocouplei countries during Ihe llrst yeur o »ru I IK Cjciaiansjti polled IJIOOO Jewa of whom 10000 tteit sliol 01 died l» conrentriillou camps. An addltlimnl r>0,000 cmtcraled to oilier countries. Col. Robertson Heads Highway Association PINK m,UFF, Ark., I'd). ID lUl') —Colonel Klgln c. Robcrtaon of Mnrinnmi Is (he new president of Die Highway 70 Association. He was elected at the awocla lion's rcovgaiitmilion meeting at Pine niuff Wednesday. Some 100 dele gates from counties along the rand In Arkansas attended Ihe session. Robertson succeeds W. C. Me News Of Marine Corps Heroes Pleases Rescued Leathernecks MAvJII/A, Feb. 10 (UP) — Th, itht'r diiv an Ami'vicnn Muilue s»t ilmsi'K down lo talk some history, mil Ills muni' nmllr-ncc was IS (d- low Marines. For 1 tin 1 first time shirt 1 their lU'i'olo Ftand oil llnlann and Cor rogldor, those lf> Murlncs hoiud what they had walled'so lon^ to find out. They hoard tlir hlstoi'y of (he Marine Corp* since Moy IIM'2 when Ihe Japs look Corrogl- din' Sergeant John Klocuiu of Grcut Neck, l.oui! Island, told the Mory and II \vii.s a I'ueliinl one, for Hln cum Is a Marine Ciir|xs cuntlm corivspondcnt. Tho slory hud to Jilart lit Din be r.lmilni;. iKii'iiiisn thesi' men omili not lii'lli've whnl tlic' .liipu lolil them, mil Ihev lienvd so 1111 Ii' over Ihi'lr own >'nillo. [ Ikr kills !lsll!lllUL! Ill II fllll'i ale. they sal and listened to the '\plnlls of MnjHi 1 ClrcKory llnylug Ion, Mnjor iloe I-'O.'LS, and the raltl' groups led by Colonel Kvan 1 - Carl'on and colonel Merrill Kdson They liraril about (luudiilcauul Hinifiiilnvlllr, tho Marshulls. Si\l ran, Tlnlan, Ihen Clliiun mid l'i' li'lln. Once in a while Ihoy lnlenu|)l ed In ask If the folks back liomi liml ever heard liovv'Hi'ivi'inil Ki'il nclli Ml/.c slii(;lo-hiniik'dly Kcultloi Ihe Aini'i'lcnii cruiser lioi'liester lie Clinv I'lnc dent of (Jinnden. T. II. Oveon illufl was elected vice prcsl »nil J. Kd Allen of Hughes wn )i'c (he Jnps could gel II. Or If eople back In Iho Slales know lat Private JHrsl ClaM Fred Vln- m of Jackson, Mich., destroyed aluable malcilal at OlongniK) uc- ure the Ja|» could reach It, Kul the liberated Marines also sloni'd cMigeily lo news about tho omen's reservu of Ihc Miirlno oilis, and Ihc Job they IIIUL bctn oliH! •ri;eaul filociim's .story of af- alrs must have been u convlncliii 1 ne for Private First Class Jitck Oslrom <if Wiiahlniiton, 15. C.-onc, if, Mil! liberated men—hud this lo Just MVO nu a mi iid let mi gi.1 buck KiU'.ss I won't go home for a flu 1 all. 1 ull niul a rltlt at those Japs PAGE THREE' tiling Ho said Ilia 1 his argument cstcd on procedure i|ie sought to nlroduco' through Ilolmnn's :testi- nony. Woolen hai petitioned Judge ockrlll to delay final disposal o( ho case while he seeks a wrlt'vbf namliuiHi', fiom the Supreme ^ouit lo tompi.1 the ciicult judge to ndmit the testimony; Hearing; on " the pclltloii was held Mils morning. Wassel/ Appeals Ruling In Suit Against Sprick 1.TITLE ROOK, Tub. 10 (UP) — Ham M. Wassell has npiwalcd to tho Arkansas Supreme Court » ltiK by Pulaskl Circuit' Court slrlklnir «nl Hie (estlmoi)y ot ft witness in his liehalf, Thus Mayor-nominee Dan I fiprlck lias won the Initial victory hi Wassell's suit contestliiK Biiilck'6 nomination lo the mayoralty of Little Hock, Judge J. MIlclH'U Cockrlll Wed ncsilny ruled out testimony of Wassell's first witness William n llolninn. Wassell'N lawyer, Jmio : P Woolen, declined to present fur ther testimony following Cockrlll't. Paratrooper Bound Over ' In Holly Spnhgs Slaying HOLLY BITONaH, Miss,, Feb. 10 (U.P.)—A Kansas City paratrooper has been bound over to.the.grand Jury In connection with Ihc 'kill- hit? of Ihe Holly Springs town:marshal Tho soldier, !>vl. George M. Tab'- ler, Is accused of fatally healing Marshal A. 1>, Hill. A preliminary hearing: was concluded Thiirsdity for lS\blcr, and ic was ordered held without'bond- 'or tlic February grand'Jury. In WAUNING tlic <!li.ini'cry ' uln DhtrUI 'V OKDK.I1 Court, "Ghlclia'- Coun John Dudley Neecc Jr., Plalnllir, vs. No, D001 Anne Hellg NCOCQ, Dcfemlant. The defendant Anno nolle Nccce 1 hereby warned to appear within thirty (lnyti In the court named In Ihe cupUon<hcrcof. and answer Ihc complnlnt of Ihe plaintiff John Dud- Icy Ncece Jr. IMtctl Ihls 5 day of February, 1045. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk IJy Doris Mulr, O, O. Percy A, Wrlghl, Ally, for Pllf. 0. !•'. Cooper, Ally.- ad Lltcm. J|IO 17 24 33 [ergt. Anderson rresented Medal 'ith Clusters •A U. S. TROOP CARRIER BASE lance.—Al an air strip in hirer led France, the Air Medal with l p o Bronze Oak Loaf Clusters lesented lo Tech. Scrgt. Harold F, ^dcrson, son of Mr. and Mrs. W , Anderson. Route 1, Box 454, Bly- fcevillc, Ark., 'for meritorious Ihicvcment while participating ir zarclous aerial fliglit against ar •envy." His wife, Mrs. Alba An- Irson. resides at Dell, Ark. |T-Sgt. Anderson, aerial cngincei one of his squadron's C-41 Da |las, was one of the first Amcri- flyers to cross the Cherbourg l-ninsula in the early hours d j-Day and has participated in tin Iralroop and glider operations ii imthcrn France and Holland. H laduated from the Blythcvtllc. liigl piool in 1936 and was employe the Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. a Isalcsman before entering the scrv in November, 1942. He attendee le Airplane Mechanics School a lilfpori, Miss., nnd Douglas Fac Iry School. Long Beach, Calif. If he duties of his squadron In lidc Ihc hauling of gasoline an Ipplics to newly constructed land |g strips at the front lines an lacuating wounded by air to hos 'als in England and France. |Hts nnit, awarded the Distinguisl Unit citation, for its work in Nor landy, Southern France and Ho Ind, is part of Maj. Gen. Paul L illianis' air component df II rwly formed First Allied Alrborn l-niy. AT FIRST Yet it is seriously proposed lhal all routine requests for information sent by voters lo their Congressmen he turned over to ai "Inquiries Service" set up in tlii Library of Congress. That mlgh ruin one-of the-Congressman's-bes contacts with his people. .AIMS COMMITTEE WAIUFEI) Since the Federal Government n't tie sued without its consent, ivoiiB with a claim ngninst trie vernmenl must have his Con- cssmnn introduce a private bill Ills relief. These private bills akc up about half the number of Is: pttssed by Congress each ses- oii. 'Some are reintroduced year ter year..Thpi -Claims..•Committee Ii'. L - • he hd Ics ••'.':11 i t'rii •' ; ; is; :'•: ustially ramped.' To remedy ItrYis 1 'situation 'is proposed.Ihat'thc'.Claim? Cpni.' iittce\be..ftboirshed-'Bnd-'thls' ; w6rk irncd over to the Claims Com- littee be abolished and this work irncd over to the Claims Division i the Department of Justice for I claims of under $5000. .For ble- er claims, relief, could be sought rough the U. S. Court of Claims. To relieve Representatives of-the eccjsslty of running. for. office so 'cquently that it amounts to all he time, it has been proposed that icir terms of office be lengthened rom two to six years, like Sena- ors'. It would take a Constitution- 1 amendment lo put this over, and lie chances are slim. It • can be rgucd that forcing Rcperscnta- ivcs to run for office every other •ear makes them watch their step nd behave belter, keep in closer ouch with their districts than if hey were cut loose for six-year crms. Other ideas for improving the re- alions belween Congress and tnc eoplc range all the way from hav- ng Congress hire a press agent lo oiug a much betler cdlling job on lie daily Congressional Record and ultlng Congress on the radio. JONGKKSS ON TIIE AIR This last to particular!} inti'lgu- ig.' To watch visitors come Inlo :ie galleries, linger a lew moments, :ien leave in disgust gives a faint dca of how fast listeners mlg'it pin the cllnl if they liappencd lo unc .in on the Congressional frc- iicy. Al the other eml of the cale, Iherc is the thought ot how Congressional spellbinders might be erupted lo make political speeches or home comumpllon, if they tnew they were on the air and it iisn't costing them anything. The whole question of improving •elations between Congress and the jcoplc really boils down to a piob- em for the electorate, not to men. I has been proved time and again .hat most people don't know who their Congressman Ls. Too lew ;ood men \vant to make public ervlcc u career, considering the risks too great. There are many able men in Congress in spite of this situation, and it is the opinion of some of them that Congress could be made much more efficient, even under its own nnti(|uated rules and procedures, if only the voters would elect better Congressmen. And that puts the responsibility for the primary Congressional reform right where it belongs—on the people who cast the ballots. U. S. May Get Sugar From The Philippines WASHINGTON, Feb. 10 (UP) — A government sugar expert says hat as much as 200,000 to 300,000 ons of sugar may be shipped from ,hc Phlllp.nines to the U. S. before -he year is out. But the War Foo<l Administration warns that there will be a soap shortage if unpatriotic Amcr- caiis try -any:.hoarding. The WPA i reduced,the : amount .of fats and oils' tliat, manufacturers !, may Use 1 in'milking 'civilian' sonji. And military. lencl-Iease, and relief requirements for soap arc increasing every day. Army To Sell Gloves WASHINGTON, Feb. 10 (UP) — Docs anybody want a pair of rubber gloves, or maybe 530,000 pair? The Treasury Procurement Division has that many to sell. The OPA describes the 530,000 pair as superior quality surgeon's glove;. Tlie Army says they were made to wear - over cloth gloves in chemical warfare. And the Army thinks they may be too thick and large for real surgical use. So, Mrs. Housewife, if you've been looking for 'sonic rubber gloves to keep your hands lovely, here's your chance. And the Ol'A says llley will cost you only 49 cents a pair. Powder of precious stones, and the ashes of gold, silver and copper, are used in tonic medicines in India. REFRIGERATORS and RADIOS REPAIRED 324 EAST MAIN City Radio Repair ACROSS'FROM LILLY STKKKT NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may be ruining your property. Call me to check up without cost or obligation. RATS, MICE AND ROACH CONTROL GUARANTEED. W.ORK H.C BLANKENSrfrp 30Q E. Kentucky Phone Z350 Full Stocks of DODGE & PLYMOUTH AUTO PARTS and DODGE TRUCK PARTS- We have a completely equipped service department and efficient mechanics. We service any make car or truck. BLYTHEVItLE MOTOR CO. SH E'S STI LL YOU R BABY ! And she's sotno baby! ... niiiely million dollars worth of mass and might and majesty . . . and a mighty handy thing for Uncle Sam to have around. She's yours—all yours. Your War Bonds helped buy and pay for her. So don't let her down now. Doii't sell her out by selling out a single bond you've bought. For she still needs your dollars. Needs th'em for food. And fuel. And ammunition. Remember— she'll keep on fighting for you! You keep on -saving—for her! . , KEEP FAITH A BUY WAR WITH OUR BONDS FOR FIGHTERS KEEPS This space is a contribution to America's all-out war effort by 119 W. Ash Earl Stone, Service Mgr. . Phone Arkansas Grocer C*. L. K. Ashcraft Co. Joe Atkins Machine Shop L. H. Autry, Burdette A. S. Barboro k Co. Barksdalc Mff. Co. Blytheville Water C«. The CraUon Co. Delta Implement!, Inc. Loy Eich Chevrolet C«. Gay & Billings, Inc. Guard's Jewelry & Optical Store Halter's Quality Shoe Shop Happy Hour Grocery & Mkt. Hardawty Appliance C«. Herrick's Jewelry , Kubbard Furniture C«< Hubbard Htriwini C*. Huddleiton ft Ct. Jicdel's Langston-Wrotei C«. Charles S. Lemons > Planter? Hardware Co., Inc. The New Yqik Sttre Pat O'Bryant Palace Cafe ; J. C. Penney ft, Phillips Motor Co. Robinson Druf Co. I. RosenthtJ, Inc. Tom W. Jacks*! Rustic Ina A. G. Shflbley Wholesale Grocers C. G. Smith Floyd A. White Zellner's Slipper Shop ' HUitt tC*BMtYil~*AI UtllU tTAfr-mtiJT Mil MMIHU

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